39th Edition Of "Enlightened Journey" Ezine

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Discovering and Navigating
The Narrow Path

In A World of Constant and Ever Increasing Change, Uncertainty, and Wonder How Can You Possibly Experience Harmony, Joy, Fulfillment, Inner Peace and Self Assurance?

By Simply "Choosing To."...And You Can Anytime You Choose

Navigating The Narrow Path

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

You know there are without a doubt a lot of "less than desirable" things happening in the world today that have a number of people...the vast majority of people in fact...in fear, doubt, worry and HIGH anxiety mode.

They're "perceiving" a number of events that are unfolding currently on a global scale as "wrong or bad."

The "biggest problem" that we're hearing so much about appears to be in the area of money and the world's financial systems.

That's got a lot of people "shaken up" a bit...some A LOT.

They're seeing all these "perceived problems" that are going on globally and most are "allowing" it to impact and affect them individually.

We're going to be addressing that head on in this edition of Enlightened Journey.

Although we won't be focusing on the worlds financial problems, we will be focusing on how it can, can't, will, or won't affect you individually.

Hopefully, by the conclusion, you'll have a much clearer understanding...an expanded awareness if you will that will set and/or keep you free from fear, doubt, worry and HIGH anxiety mode as well as discover and clearly understand that regardless of what's going on "out there" you can experience Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Harmony, Real Fulfillment and "Real Freedom" if ever and whenever you choose to do so.

Rest assured it has absolutely NOTHING to do with what's going on in the world around you unless you make that choice to "allow" what's going on to affect you personally.

It's really nothing more or less than a choice which will without fail determine if it will or it won't.

When you get to the place that it doesn't impact and/or affect you, you'll know and personally experience what an "unshakable form" of Real Freedom "truly" means.

The "Real Freedom" I'm referring to is "Peace of Mind" which underlies and is at the core, the Ultimate Goal that every desire we have is conceived from.

Peace of Mind is the Ultimate Freedom that enables us to make the internal shift which attracts, enables and empowers us to have all the stuff that so many believe they must acquire first before "peace of mind" can become real.

Namely...the "tangible stuff."

And although a widespread perception it's backwards and why most "perceive and believe" that attracting and experiencing the kind and quality of "tangible results" in the material world they so desire to experience is difficult or impossible.

But it's only a choice. An unconscious choice.

That includes the material and monetary hopes, dreams, desires and wishes so many have.

Even if "money and material things" aren't a concern or a "perceived problem" for you, or you have beliefs and perceptions that money isn't important or money is bad or the root of all evil or whatever, I think you'll find IMMENSE benefit in what we'll be covering this month. We'll be taking a surface look at money and material things specifically as well as a deeper under the surface look too with the hope and intention that you might see that lack, limitation and "perceived disharmony" is nothing more or less than a choice that you change if ever and whenever you choose to do so.

Although the material aspects of life are going to be the primary focus this month due to so many of the questions I've received recently, the benefits can extend far beyond.

Each of these questions are addressed and answered in this edition regarding how to get more money using the principles I teach.

If you asked the question it will be necessary to read the entirety of it to hear my "perception" and what I personally believe the answer to be.

And hopefully you'll soon understand that although the material aspects of life are important for experiencing "Real Freedom", money isn't nearly as important nor acquired in the way many "perceive it" to be but rather is a bi-product of what's TRULY important.

Once we "get that"...once we understand how "true" that is and choose to make the shifts, we can have as much or as little money or anything else that we choose.

So, if money isn't a "problem", or having more of it isn't a desire for you individually, just replace the word money with whatever it might be that you DO desire for yourself.

Because it really doesn't matter where you are in relation to your current results materially or otherwise.

We each, without question want something more and although we can have it...whatever it might be...regardless of what we might currently "believe" with regard to getting or not getting it, unless we're made aware and develop the knowing that the path exists that leads to that thing, we'll choose and continue to walk the "populated path" which always leads to "less than desired" or "mediocre results" at best.

If you really and truly have a sincere desire to walk the "less populated" path and experience WHATEVER it might be that you have a desire to experience individually, I'm going to ask that you take the time to DO something that those on the populated path "perceive" themselves as not having the "time" to do.

I'm going to ask that you read, internalize or at the least strongly consider EVERY single word that this edition of Enlightened Journey conveys.

I don't ask that for myself. I'm not asking that you do it for me but rather for you.

I believe those that choose to do so and "apply" what is shared will be rewarded in ways that most "perceive" to be outside the realm of possibility.

Consider that an "ethical bribe." I will say that should you be one of those that does, you're going to receive something that those who choose not to won't and hopefully come away with a much clearer understanding of how to benefit both yourself and the collective in both tangible and intangible ways including but not limited to money and material "stuff."

I know based on many years of personal experience that it can and will point you toward a path that will enable you to enjoy, savor and experience a kind and quality of life that those on the "populated path" so often perceive themselves as unable to experience.

And it doesn't matter if your individual desires are of a "tangible or intangible" nature. The very same rules apply.

The kind, quality and quantity of these tangible and intangible results will depend on what you choose to do or not do with what I share.

What I can say, and what I do know is that playing full out will both enable and empower you to have it all...whatever having it all might mean for you individually.

First and Foremost Let's Dig Down Just A Bit and Get To The Root of "The Real Problem"

In order to resolve any "perceived problem" effectively, whether in the area of money or any other, it's necessary to get to the root of it.

So first, to do that effectively, let's start by eliminating the word "problem" with what a "perceived lack" of anything in the world and in your life individually "truly is."

You may or may not WANT to hear this but, since I'm not in the "popularity contest business" but the personal empowerment and assist you in getting what you want business...someone with a passion and a deep caring for people and assisting as many as I possibly can in "getting what they want", unfortunately, that happens occasionally.

I sometimes have to say and clarify some things that don't resonate with everyone.

First of all there are no "real problems" going on externally. They're often "perceived" that way but they're not. At least they don't "have to be."

"Perceived problems" are really nothing more or less than symptoms that, if we're open and willing to recognize, acknowledge and shift, we can and will get to the core of and correct the "perceived problem."

And as you'll soon understand the "Real Problem" can be found within yourself. A willingness on your part to accept that and DO something about it can, does and will without fail, eliminate all the "undesirable" symptoms.

And I mean that literally. When we harmonize...really and truly become willing, take the time and make the choice to "consciously harmonize" what's going on inside with what we desire on the outside, the things on the outside change...they literally CHANGE.

Harmony, Real Freedom and Peace of Mind become a way of life.

And although in this edition we'll be using "money" as the topic, it's NOT limited to money or ANY aspect of your life.

Since that is my intention and focus this month...to assist in eliminating symptoms that so many "perceive" to be "money problems", bear with me here and hopefully we'll be able to do that effectively without offending too many people or "stepping on too many peoples toes."

I'm finding as the community grows larger and larger and the more I connect with and deal with people on an individual basis, sometimes I have to tell people what they may not "want or like" to hear but often "need" to hear.

At least from my perspective.

But I don't share it to offend or step on any toes. I do it because I care and have a "sincere desire" to assist people in getting what they want.

I'd be doing both you and myself a "disservice" if I didn't "do things" that way. I'd be a terrible coach and mentor and quite ineffective in assisting people in eliminating undesirable symptoms and getting what they want which regardless if our individual desires might be in the money, health or relationship category is a healthy, wholesome and fulfilling lifestyle.

Being a coach that cares and being extremely passionate about what I do, sometimes I have to say some "unpopular things."

Sometimes that requires saying and doing some things that may touch on a soft spot.

Let's relate it to sports...

The really great coach's don't always make the players happy, but they do EVERYTHING they possibly can in the best way they know how to assist the players in recognizing, discovering, tapping into and fully utilizing their full potential to win the game.

They have a knack for helping their team members to become Super Stars and tap into, recognize and utilize their unique gifts and talents.

And whether you understand and believe it yet or not, you're already a Super Star and you already have everything you need to win your game.

Sometimes the players just have a tendency to allow the numbers on the scoreboard...what they "see" and how things can "seem" sometimes...to throw them off their game and keep them from focusing on winning and playing full out which in turn keeps them from winning the Big Trophy that they hope, wish and pray they could take home.

And this is a "serious game" we're addressing here. It's called the game of life and there are no replays...funzies...do overs...or take backs.

And since I made an unwavering commitment a long time ago that I was personally going to start playing full out, be the greatest coach I could possibly be and assist as many as I possibly could along the way to win at their game, sometimes I have to put my coaches hat on and on occasion I make a few of the players unhappy.

I vowed a number of years ago that I'd share my "perspective" based on my own experiences to hopefully enable and empower as many as I possibly can to win more prizes...to hold the BIG Trophy if you will, whatever that might be for someone individually.

So, with that said, if I do touch a soft spot this month, please understand that it's done out of love and caring and not criticism, judgment, condemnation or an attempt to question, judge or change anyone's beliefs.

It's not my intention to make anyone feel bad, or angry or unhappy.

Quite the opposite in fact. I do what I do to enable and empower as many as I possibly can to create "desired results", win at their chosen game and feel really really good. To experience a kind and quality of life that those on the populated path wish they could but "perceive" themselves as unable.

That's what we're going to be doing in this edition of Enlightened Journey.

We'll be looking at the game from both a surface and under the surface view. I'll be showing you some plays and strategies that I've found to be extremely effective and hopefully lay out a game plan that will enable and empower you to get where ever it is that you truly desire to be.

I believe, based on my own experiences and the experiences of many like me, that it will assist you in winning the game if you choose to allow it to.

Since the primary focus is going to be on the money game, let's address what so many are "perceiving" to be the problem which is a lack of money or some form of "fear or resistance" as it relates to this emotionally charged area.

A Focus on The "Perceived Problem"
Can Only Create More Undesirable Symptoms

Ok, so we've covered the fact that "perceived problems" including a "perceived lack of money" is not a problem but rather a "perceived problem" that is creating some undesirable symptoms for a lot of players.

Once we choose to see that the "real problem" goes deeper than "a lack of" money we become better enabled to eliminate the symptoms.

And I hope you'll see and understand soon, a lack of money is nothing more than a myth that a lot of players have bought into, "perceive" to be real and are as a result, experiencing the kind and quality of results that ALWAYS follows that choice.

We're going to be taking both a superficial as well as an in depth look at money, the "perceived problems" surrounding money and how ANYONE can have as much or as little as they choose.

I do it with the hope that it might enable you to choose more "consciously" than you otherwise might and lessen the chance that you might be making decisions and unnecessarily experiencing symptoms based on a very small and limited view of a much larger yet widely "unknown and/or misunderstood" picture of what's "truly available" to and possible for you including all the money, toys and material stuff you could ever hope for.

And although money isn't "the whole game" as many perceive, it is an important part of the game. Without it, we couldn't buy the equipment that keeps us safe and secure as we play the game or fully celebrate the victory once we master the plays that enable and empower us to win it.

So it is without question, a vitally important part of the game.

But it really and truly doesn't matter what's going on out there or in your life currently whether in the area of money or any other.

You CAN win your game physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually anytime you choose to do so.

First it's important to see the whole playing field. That can sometimes be difficult to see when we're in the middle of it and have all these mean looking 350 pound linebackers attempting to block your path and knock you down as you move toward the goal line.

Put another way, it can at times be difficult to see the forest due to all the "trees" that we often "perceive" are in our way.

But it's only this limited perception...although it can be expanded anytime you choose to do so, which can and does only serve to limit your "desired outcomes" whatever they might be and at the same time is creating whatever "undesirable" or "less than desired" symptoms you might be experiencing whether they're of a physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual nature.

And rest assured there are ZERO exclusions.

But again, to show you how to do that effectively, it sometimes requires that I touch on a soft spot or two.

So, understanding that, you with me? I mean REALLY with me? Are you open, ready and willing to play full out?

Because regardless of how BIG or small our individually held desires might be whether financially or otherwise, they all exist already and once we get to the root of and address the "real problem" we can eliminate all the symptoms and get whatever that might be.

Rest assured, making the BIG and desirable plays happen in life is no different or any more difficult than making the small blunders that set us back a few yards once we know how to do so consciously and intentionally.

By the same token, experiencing hardship, discord and "less than desired" outcomes (symptoms) in life is no different nor any more difficult than creating and experiencing the "polar opposite."

We just "perceive" things that way which makes it true...for ourselves individually that is.

But it's only "true" because we choose to "perceive" it that way. We ourselves choose to "look at and see things" that way which in turn "allows" it to keep showing up just as we choose.

EXACTLY as we choose.

What I'll be sharing in this months edition of Enlightened Journey will show you clearly and precisely how to consistently win at your game and move you into the Big League.

You'll know the rules of the game and how to play it effectively to begin winning the Big Prize without all the pain, struggle, fear, doubt, worry and undesirable symptoms that show up as a result.

What the prize is for each of us individually is really immaterial. We all want different things. We all possess our own unique desires.

But one thing that's common amongst all of us is that we have a desire as well as the ability to win.

But it's the very same game and the very same rules that apply which...without fail also determine if we get the Big Trophy (the fulfilled desire) or choose to sit on the bench and watch everyone else play the game.

Should you choose to follow along all the way through, all that will make much more sense. I personally know based on many years of personal experience, it's a choice that could benefit you immensely, eliminate any "less than desired symptoms" and enable and empower you to experience a "healthy and wholesome" lifestyle.

But like all things it's a choice that only you can make for yourself. And the quality of that choice will determine the quality of your individual results.

Hopefully, if you don't already, soon you'll grasp, understand and "really get" just how "true" that is.

Let's Begin By Looking at the Game
From the BIG Picture View

In today's world, due to many factors, it's not uncommon that many people overlook the fact that experiencing the fullness, harmony and fulfillment that life has to offer each and every one of us has absolutely nothing to do with what's going on outside of themselves.

Many think so. They really and truly believe that it does. They perceive it as being true which without fail creates the fact.

They get to be right all the while "believing and perceiving" that what they're experiencing...the kind and quality of results that show up in the various areas of their lives due to that choice is "wrong, random, chaotic" or at the least "less than desired" and have no idea how to turn things around.

They feel stuck and in some cases "hopelessly trapped."

Sadly, many choose to keep their focus on the economy, the stock market, the government, their company, what their boss is going to do or not do, their spouse or significant other and whatever other external event, condition, circumstance, might be happening in the world around them.

They honestly believe that the good, bad, OK and not so OK times in their lives revolve around and are dependent on what's going on "out there", "perceiving" that to be the problem.

But that's nothing more than a symptom.

Here's the "real problem"...

When things "out there" aren't that great, many choose "fear" as their focus and wonder why so many "less than desirable" things keep happening and showing up in their lives.

So, that's the real problem...a "fear based" focus that shows up in the various areas of our lives as "less than desired symptoms."

And admittedly, based on what's currently going on in the world...if we choose to look at and and focus on it, it can be a bit unsettling...VERY unsettling...downright scary even...if that's what you're choosing to place focus on and are depending on to determine our own quality of life.

And you can do that if you choose. You have that right and you have the ability. We've all been provided a free will to pick our own paths and do as we ourselves choose.

But I can assure you that "fear" is not a path that will lead you where you desire to go. It will without fail create some undesirable symptoms. Making that choice will without question keep you on the "populated path", experiencing the kind and quality of life that the vast majority who choose that same "fear based" path experience.

And I can tell you based on personal experience as well as working with a very diverse group of people globally that the vast majority DO choose the fear based path and wonder why all these undesirable symptoms keep showing up.

But think about what that choice does. It only feeds the negativity that we wish we didn't have to experience. It only serves to create more of the events, conditions and circumstances in life that we claim we don't want.

And it does so on more than one scale. It happens on all scales...all "levels" if you will. It impacts and affects your life individually...it impacts the lives of those you love and on a much larger scale only serves to intensify the undesirable energy on a collective scale...a Universal scale where all this "stuff", whether good or bad comes from.

To get and experience the "desirable stuff" is as simple as consciously choosing our individual path. And the path that leads to all this "desirable stuff" is a narrow and less traveled one.

There are an infinite number of paths that we have the ability to choose from and walk down in life. Put another way there are an infinite number of choices that we can make which determine the kind and quality of our lives.

But all these choices that we have the ability and the right to make boil down to 2 paths really. Every choice we make falls under one of two headings.

At the core...the essence that determines what choices we make or don't make are made based on a focus of Love or fear.

Whether you currently believe it or not, experiencing the fullness, harmony and fulfillment that life has to offer each of us without exception is as simple as choosing a path that most don't which is simply harmonizing the mental, emotional and physical aspects of ourselves with Love rather than fear.

But it's more than simply harmonizing in the way that most perceive harmony.

Everyone does harmonize in a sense. Everyone without exception is harmonized with whatever they're experiencing regardless of how grand or how bleak we might "perceive" things to be.

And that harmony is evidenced and being reflected in our lives based on whatever we're choosing.

The process of creation...the perfection, awe and magnificence of the process always reveals what we're harmonizing with which shows up without fail in "tangible form" in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.

Since it's such a BIG focus right now and so many are expressing "fear" around it, let's use money as an example.

Most "perceive" disharmonious results financially simply because the "tangible outcomes" they're receiving are harmonized with fear based mentalities.

They consistently look out for what might or could happen....avoid what they fear might harm them rather than choosing to harmonize with a sense of assurance that the highest and most pleasing thing is going to happen.

And then based on that "fear based" mindset one of two things happens.

Either they freeze..."fearing" they might "DO" the wrong thing and as a result don't "do" anything to create a different "tangible result" or they keep doing and doing and doing with the same "fear based" mindset...doing whatever they do to avoid loss or fearing what "might happen" if they don't and creating "tangible results" that harmonize with that choice.

And the tangible results received by choosing to do things in that way is much more "limited" than necessary. But what is being received is always harmonious with that choice.

So harmonizing in the way I'm suggesting here means "consciously harmonizing." Conceiving the ideals that harmonize with the greatest possible outcome we can have with regard to ourselves and the quality of our lives.

Put in really simple terms...Harmonizing with what we want...with what we "Love" rather than what we don't want or what we fear.

Those that choose that path...the "love" path...know first hand what it means to experience a quality of life that most don't.

They know, understand and experience "Real Freedom and Peace of Mind. They clearly understand that's the only determining factor between those who have and those who don't have what they "truly desire." (love)

Do You "Perceive" Yourself as Being
A Big Player or a Small Player?

Most "believe" that whatever it might be that we're experiencing in life...meaning the tangible or intangible outcomes that we find ourselves experiencing as we walk down our chosen paths is what defines and separates us.

We have a tendency to judge and categorize ourselves and others and believe that what we have..."stuff" of a tangible nature determines who and what we are.

We honestly believe that those who have are somehow more gifted, smarter, luckier, more blessed etc etc. than those who don't have.

We perceive and as a result label ourselves and others as one of the Big Players or the small players.

And from a strictly Newtonian perspective, based on what most look at and perceive as necessary to win the game, it's true. Well sort of at least. It's a fact that some have more "stuff" than others. Many "perceive" that the more "stuff" they have the better they are or if they don't have much "stuff" that they're somehow "less than" those who do.

But it's that very "perception"...that others are somehow "better"...that we're somehow "less"...that will keep us from being one of the BIG players.

Our "belief and perception" creates the fact.

But it's a very limiting "perception" if we "perceive" ourselves as being one of the "small players" who isn't good enough, smart enough, talented enough, gifted enough, educated enough, unlucky etc., and the very outlook that will keep us from getting and having more of the "stuff" we'd so love to have.

We "truly believe" in a number of cases that the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual experiences that we have in life regardless of how good or bad they might be "perceived" are the determining factor regarding our ability or inability as well as our worthiness or unworthiness to receive what always is, always has been and always will be equally available to and for us all.

Yet it's that very choice...that way of looking at, "perceiving" and judging ourselves, others, the stuff we have or don't have and life in general that so often determines and dramatically limits the kind and quality of life that we have both the ability and the right to experience individually.

The reasons why we hold these various "perceptions" can be traced to our individually held beliefs, the number of which are infinite in nature yet unique to each of us.

But underneath all the possibilities...beneath all the layers as to why we think that and believe that way individually...at the core of it, is due to nothing more or less than individual Judgments that we make based on those beliefs.

Judgments that we ourselves choose to make.

Judgments about ourselves...about our circumstances...about others...about what we have or don't have...about what we can and cannot have...about what's right and wrong...what's true and untrue...what's possible and not possible...what's fair and unfair, etc.

Although many of us have heard that we "can" be, do and have whatever we choose, the vast majority of people don't know how to make it a "tangible reality" in their lives.

Many don't even believe it's possible. Regardless of why, the vast majority of people in the world don't grasp or understand the power made available to them by choosing to limit their judgments to "love and gratitude"...regardless.

There are also those, although far fewer in number, who are aware...who do know based on personal experience how "true" that is...who have experienced the power behind choosing to do so for themselves, but simply need a reminder.

I can't possibly know where you are currently with regard to your finances, your health, the quality of your relationships, your emotional state or your views, beliefs and perceptions about what's possible or not possible for you individually.

But here's what I do know...

Regardless of what you've experienced individually...regardless of what you believe to be true regarding where you are, what you've experienced in the past or are envisioning for yourself at some point in the future, rest assured you've experienced just that due to what YOU yourself have chosen.

What's more is that you'll get to re-experience just that over and over and over again unless and until you choose something different...more specifically until you choose to expand your "perception" about what's possible for you, "believe" something different and put that enhanced belief into ACTION.

Regardless of where you might currently find yourself. Aside from what you currently believe or not believe to be true regarding your individual experiences, your capabilities, what's possible or not possible for you, what's going on in the world around you and how you "perceive" that these occurrences have a direct impact on your circumstances, entertain me here for just a minute.

Answer these questions in the most honest possible way being mindful of your initial response and /or reaction...

  • What if you COULD live the kind and quality of life that you TRULY desire without exception or limitation of any form?

  • What if it were possible to have each and every one of your heartfelt desires fulfilled? What if you knew how to make every hope, dream, goal and vision you've ever had for yourself and others "real and tangible?"

  • What if you had someone that was willing and able to show you how?

  • Would you?

  • Would you make the commitment to yourself and DO what's necessary to make that "real and tangible" in your life?

  • How serious and committed are you about making that "real and true" for yourself?

  • What if you "truly could" start living a wholesome and STRESS FREE lifestyle no matter what was happening in the world around you?

  • What if you could live every single second of every moment of every hour of every day of your life in total assurance, with a profound sense of inner peace, feeling safe, secure and unaffected by anything that's going on "out there" in the world around you?

  • What if you could have all the money, toys, peace of mind and sense of unshakable security that you could possibly conceive and live the rest of your life that way?

  • Would you choose that "path" for yourself? Would you walk down it and do what needed to be done to make it real?

  • Do you believe it's even possible? Or do you "know" that you can't? Are you quite certain that it's impossible?

Now stop for just a minute and really think about how you answered those questions and look around you.

Observe the results that you're experiencing in the various areas of your life and you'll see a mirrored reflection of what your beliefs, perceptions, conceptualizations and "judgments" are in each and every area of your life.

If it's anything less than desired, don't beat yourself up. Just allow yourself to become aware of why and how it's happening.

Because regardless of what "appears" to be going on around you currently, there's really great news about what's "truly" going on and why things are the way they are.

And that "great news" is, you are choosing whatever it is that's happening.

How can that be great news if you're experiencing "less than desired" outcomes? Simply because since you "are" choosing them, you CAN whenever you choose to, choose something different.

And guess what? Regardless of what you might currently "believe and perceive" as being true, you can. And you CAN whenever and IF ever YOU choose to do so. That's the only thing separating those who have their desires fulfilled from those who don't.

It all boils down to Choices. YOUR Choices.

If you're not currently experiencing everything you desire for yourself, getting from where you are to where you want to be is as simple as making DIFFERENT choices than you've made to this point.

That doesn't by any means mean you've made ALL the wrong choices. Whatever choices have been made to this point were made for a specific purpose. Anything and everything that we've experienced in life can be seen and utilized for "a greater good" if we look deeply enough and choose to see how "true" that is for ourselves.

For some of us the choices we've made have brought us to the place that we understand the importance and necessity of making different choices.

If we've been choosing "unconsciously" and ended up in a "less than desired" place, those experiences can enable and empower us to come to the place that we recognize and understand the importance of making more "conscious choices."

That's REAL progress if we choose to look at and see it that way.

And although there are no "wrong choices" in the bigger scheme of things, it's important that we understand that if a greater good is to be experienced "different choices" must be made.

Choice that change the course of our progress.

All choices boil down to progress. All choices are creative. The process of creation never digresses. The flow never stops or rests. It ALWAYS moves forward. Creation is ALWAYS happening.

It may be that you just need to "tweak things" a bit...to enhance your progress and harmonize yourself with greater progress...progress that is more harmonious with what you want.

And I can tell you based on MANY experiences FAR GREATER in number that I'll share here, that the most subtle and simple "tweaks" can and often do create the most profound shift in results.


And due to the fact that making these subtle tweaks is far more "simple" than most understand, most don't see the power behind it and as a result don't choose that for themselves.

And it's that choice and that choice alone that keeps so many from experiencing thse "profound shifts" for themselves.

If that's true, if it's so simple, then why aren't more people experiencing that quality of life for themselves?

That's quite simple also. VERY VERY simple in fact!!

They're simply not choosing to. Not "consciously" anyway. They're choosing yet they're "unconsciously choosing" something different than what they claim they want.

But making "the shift" from choosing unconsciously and experiencing what we don't want to consciously choosing and experiencing what we do want is quite "simple" as well.

Here's how SIMPLE it is, why more aren't aware of that fact and why those that experience the kind and quality of life that's equally available to us all are so "few" in number.

It's as simple as what we believe, perceive and "know" to be true individually which is the only thing that's determining what we're choosing to BE and/or DO which determines without fail what we'll experience.

But most place all their focus on "one or the other." They choose to place the majority of their attention on either "being" or "doing."

Here's what I mean by that...

The Majority Choose Either The Utopian View or The Mechanistic View Of Life

There are primarily 2 groups that make the majority the majority. There are those who choose a predominantly focused Utopian view of life...those who envision, imagine and see the infinite potential available in their "minds eye" and those who choose to "perceive" and "do things" based on a strictly mechanistic and limited world view.

And it's one of the main reasons why so many "perceive" that the Law of Attraction (what's being referred to today as The Secret) doesn't work for them or why so many others work so hard and receive such limited results.

And it's simply because many get stuck in either a "Predominantly focused Utopian View" of the universe or a "Predominantly focused Mechanistic View."

Put another way, they focus the vast majority of their time, attention and energy on either doing or being.

Wake up call #1...

It requires BOTH. It requires "consciously harmonizing" both....the mechanistic world view AND the Utopian "Infinite potential and possibility I AM view."

They overlook and never "consciously engage" the power behind harmonizing the Utopian and mechanistic aspects of life.

And that's where the "perceived problem" lies for the vast majority and why so many experience less than desired "symptoms" leading to a kind and quality of life that's "less than" truly desired which so many "refer to" as problems.

The key to experiencing what I so often refer to as "Real Harmony...Real Fulfillment, Real Wealth and Real Success in life is both understanding and effectively harmonizing yourself with both in such a way that consistently moves you toward what you want rather than moving you further away.

Doing so requires becoming "consciously and keenly aware" of what you're being and doing.

It's the less traveled path and precisely why the path that leads to Real Wealth, Real Harmony and Real Fulfillment is so unpopulated.

It's why I refer to it as "The Narrow Path."

Let's look at the Utopian and mechanistic aspects of life as one big field. The only thing that divides and separates the 2 is a veil.

The Utopian side of the veil represents what we're "being." It also contains everything conceivable. All probabilities exist there. Every conceivable event, condition or circumstance that we could possible "imagine or conceive" exists there.

When we understand who and what we truly are...which is "spiritual "beings" having a physical experience we can see and clearly understand that ALL probabilities exist on the "spiritual or unseen" side of the veil.

Being enables you to see the limitless possibility and potential that exists on the Utopian side of the veil. It enables you to see and conceive the infinite probabilities and potential that exists there.

Doing "consciously and intentionally" enables you to bring those conceptualizations from the Utopian side to the mechanistic side. Transmuting them from conceptualizations to real and tangible things simply requires taking action on...harmonizing your actions with whatever you conceive which makes them real.

Doing so requires nothing more and nothing less than a choice. A conscious and intentional choice and once that choice is made...once you're able to "imagine and conceive it" simply follow through and make it "real and tangible."

A lot of people on the Utopian side of the fence "know" they can...they envision, imagine, dream and conceive what's possible...what it might be like to experience their fondest hopes, dreams and desires. They "know" the probability exists but for any number of reasons they don't DO what's necessary to make it real and tangible and experience the benefits when the way shows up for them to do so.

They set the process in motion...they "attract" the ways and means to make their conceptualizations real, but simply overlook and/or choose not to DO anything with them.

It's one thing to know, understand and believe that the path to Real Success, Real Wealth, Real Harmony and Real Fulfillment exists and "truly is" available to each of us but it's quite another to consciously and consistently walk the path that enables you to experience that in your own life.

Then there are those who lean predominantly on the mechanistic perspective who work really hard and do, do, do without being consciously aware of what they're being as they do what they do.

In other words they overlook their true potential.

They create and experience limitation that happens by "doing exclusively" without a conscious focus of what they're "BEING" and how their chosen way of "being" is impacting and limiting the kind and quality of their results.

They ARE "being", but their limited conceptualizations regarding what's "truly available to and possible for them" is limited. Their chosen way of "being" is limited due to a limited "perception" of what's "truly" available and possible.

They see the mechanistic side as "real" and all that's available to and for them. They see everything going on around them as what's real, right and true about life. They see the limitation, struggle and hard earned results as all there is.

It is after all reality. But they've never stepped through the veil that enables them to see that what's happening on the mechanistic side all begins and is all drawn from the Utopian side.

And what exists there is INFINITE in nature.

Anything that currently exists or ever will exist on the mechanistic side was and is made real due to a conceptualization.

And it ALL exists on the Utopian side. EVERY conceivable outcome both the good and the bad.

There is NOTHING...NO THING that doesn't exist there.

The vast majority...those who walk the "populated path"...those who "get less" than they "truly desire" simply don't "harmonize" the 2.

One group "sees it" but doesn't DO anything about it and the other group "sees" a very limited picture of the field and do in such a way that makes struggle and hard earned results "true." It becomes their reality.

The reason why is quite simple and logical.

Here's why that's "true"...

As humans we tend to be either predominantly "left brained" or "right brained." Left brained being the "masculine, down to earth, intellectual, rational, logical, have to figure it out and do type" are those who lean predominantly on the mechanistic view.

Then there's the predominantly right brained folks being the feminine, imaginative, intuitive, mystical, spiritual and dreamy type."

The vast majority are one or the other.

So you could say for the most part, the vast majority take little more than a "half brained approach" to life.

The key to experiencing the harmony and fulfillment that EVERYONE desires is choosing to consciously and consistently harmonize both of these halves, the "left brained" masculine and the "right brained" feminine enabling us to "become whole" which enables and empowers us to "conceive, imagine, see and believe" in what's "truly available to and for us" and once seen, "fully engage" ourselves as we take a "whole brained" approach to life.

We begin "attracting" what we love, take action and love what we DO to make our heartfelt desires real.

Choosing that path harmonizes what we're BEING with what we're DOING in a desirable kind and way and our HAVING becomes quite simple, natural, extremely enjoyable and "profoundly fulfilling."

That's what I mean by harmonizing the Utopian and the mechanistic perspectives.

A conscious choice to do so enables and empowers you to experience both tangible as well as intangible results in "physical life" that make every aspect of your physical life quite fulfilling, pleasingly harmonious and profoundly rewarding both tangibly and intangibly.

But make no mistake, it does require both.

And that's where a lot of people miss the boat. That's why most...the vast majority in fact...find themselves either "seemingly trapped" in the frigid and turbulent water, "frantically swimming against the current", doing their best to keep their heads above the water regardless of how much they might DO...DO...DO all the while overlooking the fact that it's this "fearful and frantic state" that they themselves are choosing...a state that clearly reveals what they "believe" to be true about what's possible or not possible...which keeps them from experiencing the kind and quality of life that they "truly desire" for themselves.

And those on the Utopian side of the fence imagine, hope, wish, pray, visualize and "do" all the right stuff at the unseen level but don't integrate the mechanistic level to create the "tangible result."

That's where "myths" such as "unanswered prayer", "perceptions" of unworthiness, etc. etc. etc. come into play.

Those that choose to believe such myths remain unaware and oblivious to the fact that it's that very choice that's keeping them from "getting what they want" all the while believing and perceiving that because of what they're experiencing...the outcomes that this chosen way of being "attracts" to them...they can't have and get what it is that they DO want.

But the "Higher Truth" is, they are attracting it. Due to their "limited conceptualizations" they are bringing it from the Utopian side of the veil...the place where EVERY conceivable outcome already exists into the mechanistic side and experiencing tangible outcomes that harmonize with their choice.

In essence, they're unaware of, overlook and are "unconsciously utilizing" their "true power" which without fail delivers precisely what they're choosing.

They're harmonizing with and attracting what they fear rather than what they love.

Because they're using their "true power" unconsciously and creating what they "don't want", they focus on how bad, limited, hard, scary and futile everything is all the while "perceiving" themselves as powerless.

And since EVERY conceivable outcome DOES exist on the Utopian side, they "attract" what they "conceive" and get to experience it.

They get to be right.

They "unconsciously" repeat the same "undesirable patterns" due to their chosen focus and without understanding that they're unconsciously utilizing the power that we've ALL been provided without exception, they get trapped in undesirable cycles.

This is why so many "left brained people" "believe and perceive" that they're powerless or that "tangible results" must be hard earned and predominantly right brained people "perceive" that unanswered prayer, unworthiness etc. etc. are real.

They find themselves "seemingly stuck" in what they "perceive to be" inescapable cycles. But they're not. It's only a matter of of fine tuning our choices.

To interrupt the cycles and change the self limiting and self sabotaging patterns is as simple as understanding that we do without exception each have this power and that by either shifting the focus or the quality of our "doing" we shift the quality of the outcomes.

And make no mistake...we ALL without exception were provided with and are...every second of every minute of everyday utilizing and seeing the "tangible results" of this very same power in EVERY aspect of our lives.

And we ALL have access to and the ability to consciously and intentionally tap into this very same power any time we choose.

I know a lot of people that don't think so, but it's due to that way of thinking...it's because we choose to "perceive" things that way that keeps so many from waking up..."consciously" and fully utilizing their "TRUE POWER" and experiencing the harmony, joy, fulfillment and infinite probabilities that are available to each of us without exception.

And doing so requires nothing more or nothing less than consciously choosing to harmonize the Utopian and mechanistic aspects of life to experience everything I mentioned.

It's as simple as harmonizing your way of being with whatever you're doing which can, does and will create "seemingly miraculous" and profoundly pleasing results.

It's Often What We Know
That Keeps Us From What We Want

We each have these preconceived notions, ideas, beliefs and perceptions about what's possible and necessary to create what we "truly desire" for ourselves. Yet what we "know" and try so hard to initiate in the various areas of our lives is what so often keeps us from creating what we "claim" we want in our lives.

It's the nature of "left brained" analytical people to force, struggle and "make" things happen rather than "allow" them to unfold. They consistently attempt to "force things" to happen fully believing that's how we're "suppose to" do things.

Let me share something with you...

Force isn't power. Force creates resistance and keeps what we want from us or at best makes receiving what we want quite difficult to acquire.

"Allowing" is where our "true power" is revealed.

"Allowing" eliminates resistance and opens the flow to receive what we want.

We're DOERS by nature. We've been predominantly conditioned to do, do, do and aren't taught for the most part that everything we do is determined by and a direct reflection of what we're choosing to be.

Which brings us to those who are predominantly "right brained." They know and understand that potential and possibility is "infinite in nature." They know it...they sense it...they feel it...they see and understand how real it is.

They know the power of "allowing and being."

It reveals the infinite potential and possibilities available to each of us.

And they're right...SO RIGHT but often times they don't DO anything about it through "action" of a tangible nature which doesn't complete the cycle in a way they desire and know they can.

That's why consciously harmonizing what you're "being" with what you "do" is so vital in getting what you want.

It "allows" the cycle to complete itself in a desirable kind of way. It enables the dreams, desires, visions, imaginings and conceptualizations to become "real and tangible."

Being is an internal thing. It's where your "TRUE power" is found and can be consciously utilized anytime you choose to do so. It's what we conceive and imagine.

Doing is an external thing that makes our conceptualizations and imaginings real and tangible. When we consciously harmonize what we're being with what we want, the doing is automatic. We begin "attracting" the ways and means which enables us to engage in what we love and we begin to create the "tangible results" that we love.

There is no force necessary. We attract what we love, engage ourselves in a way that we love and make "real and tangible" the events, conditions and circumstances that we Love.

It becomes SO simple. Effortless even.

We only have to become "aware of" who and what we "truly are" and the power made available to us.

You Are Much More Than Just Your Body and Your Mind

We tend to and often do overlook the fact that we are all 3 part beings, each aspect of these 3 parts playing a vitally important role in determining what we will, won't, can or can't experience individually.

For those who prefer the Utopian outlook, these 3 parts consist of mind, body and spirit which collectively make up the WHOLE of who and what we truly are individually.

For those who prefer a more mechanistic perspective you could say it's the conscious, subconscious and Super Conscious which in the same way collectively make up the WHOLE of who we are.

For the more "religious minded", it's the Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

They all define the "Trinity." The 3 parts that make the whole...whole.

Same thing...different terminology.

Experiencing anything less than harmony, joy, fulfillment in life is only due to misunderstanding, not believing or in some cases simply "forgetting" the fact that choosing to harmonize these aspects of ourselves consciously and intentionally enables and empowers us to experience a kind and quality of life that provides WHATSOEVER we desire individually.

Because unless what we are "doing" is choosing to harmonize the mind, body, spirit or the conscious, subconscious and Super Conscious aspects of ourselves consciously and intentionally, we consistently fall short of creating and experiencing whatever our desires might be individually in "tangible form."

We end up experiencing "less than desired symptoms" in various aspects of our lives.

And it doesn't matter if you're the most "spiritually minded" person in the world or the most worldly kind of person, unless and until you understand and choose to harmonize all of these aspects that make you...you, your results are going to be non-existent, quite limited and/or hard earned.

"Perceived" disharmony becomes real. "Perceived" lack and limitation is made physical.

Those that choose the strictly Utopian way of "doing" things might "feel really good" for a bit until they realize that they're not creating and receiving the desired "tangible results."

Their body at some point says...

"Hey something's not working here."

Those that choose the strictly mechanistic way of doing things might work really really long and hard and do, do, do (often times doing what they don't like and "feel" they have to do) making their results hard earned and sacrifice in other areas of life that keeps them from experiencing real harmony and fulfillment.

They never discover and experience "Real Freedom."

Case in point...

I know A LOT of very spiritually minded people and I also know a lot of non-spiritually minded people.

A lot of the spiritually minded people I know have very little "tangible stuff" but wish they could.

I also know a lot of "worldly minded people" who work REALLY REALLY hard, have a lot of "stuff" but are stressed out and worn out most of the time.

But I don't know of ANYONE who are in either of these groups exclusively that can honestly claim to be fulfilled and prosperous physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

And I mean NONE...ZERO.

In the vast majority of cases, it's one or the other. But it doesn't have to be that way. Because we CAN, whenever and if ever we choose to do so have it all.

We CAN experience "Real Freedom" ANYTIME we choose.

Because one thing I know that's "ABSOLUTELY TRUE" based on walking both paths personally, and experiencing "less than desired symptoms" as a result, is that regardless of what you might currently "perceive and believe" to be true regarding your individual ability to be, do and have WHATSOEVER you desire, is that when you choose to understand the importance of harmonizing both...and you choose to DO that consciously and consistently...you CAN have it all.

You WILL have it all.

You CAN and WILL have whatever desires you may have fulfilled in both tangible and intangible ways.

You'll LOVE your life. EVERY aspect of it.

That's when you begin experiencing Real Wealth, Real Harmony and Real Fulfillment in life.

And doing so is as simple and begins by making a "conscious choice."

And when you choose to do that...when you choose to align, harmonize and "consciously choose" to DO that, you WILL have the "desires of the heart" fulfilled and experience in both "tangible and intangible form" the harmony, fullness, joy and profound sense of peace, assurance, security and all the stuff that life has to offer each of us equally.

And ANYONE can...YOU included, whenever and IF ever you make the choice to do so.

But it does require choosing consciously, intentionally and consistently to experience and maintain these "tangible as well as intangible results."

As "true" as that is there are a lot of people that don't simply because they choose to remain limited by and depend specifically on the mechanistic understanding of life. The aspect of life that I often refer to as the Newtonian world. The world of shape and form.

What most refer to and define as "reality."

That's the part of life that we all learn so much about in school. The very reason that I personally believe is why so many experience such limited and hard earned results.

Because most who choose not to move beyond that understanding...those who choose to "believe" that such a limited form of education is so valuable and necessary to experience happiness in life...what we should follow and base our lives on don't ever come to the realization that such teachings are the very limited forms of indoctrination that so often leads to and keeps them stuck later in life.

The reason being is that this form of education is worldly in nature. It doesn't teach us the Utopian view and leads us to believe that we're all separate. That the world is a mechanical machine where things that are "broken" need to be fixed.

They engage themselves and try really really hard to do and "fix things"...what they've been taught is the practical, rational, realistic and logical way to do things from a strictly mechanistic perspective and experience very limited and hard earned results.

There are just as many if not more that, due to what they believe about how "hard" creating desired results from this strictly mechanistic perspective is, they don't try at all.

There are equally as many who have "tried" really hard based on this "limited way" of doing things, who fully engage in a DOING kind of way, perceived themselves as failing and gave up prematurely.

"It's just too hard" they say.

There are also those who have worked really hard, reached a certain level in life and "truly think" that's as good as it gets.

But the real truth...what I refer to as the "Higher Truth" is the fact that regardless of how good or bad it gets...whatever plateau that we reach and "settle for" individually is only dependent on the choices that we ourselves make or don't make.

Those choices determine how high or how low we go.

Because the reality is, the Pinnacle is never reached. It can't be reached. There's always more to explore...more to know...more to understand...more to have...more to experience...a higher plateau to reach...and the climb never ends.

The "Higher Truth" is there are no borders. There are NO limits either High or Low. We get what we choose.

What exists on the Utopian side of the veil is LITERALLY INFINITE in nature.

By the same token, the climb can be whatever we choose for it to be. It can be grueling, tedious and hard or it can be simple, effortless, empowering, invigorating and extremely fulfilling.

And what it is for you individually is nothing more than what you are choosing for it to be.

Discovering how "true" that is, is as simple as making the choice to explore and understand the knowledge that's readily available to all of us, whether through exploring timeless wisdom or through the new understandings being explored and discovered in 21st century science both of which support and substantiate just how "real and true" it is.

We all have our individual "perceptions" as to what Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Fulfillment would mean for us individually. And we can all have just that whenever we choose to do so.

But doing so doesn't require force and struggle as so many "perceive." In fact quite the opposite is true. It's more about "allowing and surrendering."

It's about doing your part "consciously, consistently and intentionally...harmonizing the Utopian and the mechanistic aspects of life "consciously and intentionally" and "allowing" the flow to take care of the heavy lifting for you.

All that's necessary to do that in such a way that brings about "desirable results"...results that are literally "infinite in scope" and limited only by the choices that you choose to make or not make, is understanding how to do the right things in the right order and once understood choosing to "do them."

The MOST ESSENTIAL part of that "doing process" begins by understanding the importance of "consciously being" first and foremost and then "consciously doing" and following through with the ways and means in whatever way your consciously chosen way of "being" attracts to you and directs you to do.

And when you do so consciously and intentionally you'll find yourself "loving" every minute of it. ALL of it.

Loving what you do, loving what you get, loving how you feel and what you experience as you do and get whatever it might be that you "truly desire."

My "Personal Experience"
Walking The Long and Short Path

I can tell you from "personal experience" that choosing anything less than harmonizing the Utopian and mechanistic aspects of life is choosing to take the "long hard path." Although that is a "necessary" path for some people...a path that many "unconsciously choose" and DO take...it's not required.

It's "chosen" by some granted...by the vast majority in fact...but it's not required, predetermined nor necessary.

In fact, It's a path I walked personally and didn't find to be very "pleasant." I didn't like the climb nor the scenery.

But as I discovered as a result of choosing to walk down both paths, it's not necessary. There's a much shorter and far more pleasant and much simpler and more enjoyable path.

Granted, it's a narrow path that many don't choose for themselves, but at the same time there's room for you and everyone else who chooses it for themselves.

In essence, it's finding and choosing to walk the razors edge that you so often hear about.

And I can tell you as a result of many years of engaging in my own balancing act, that it is a razors edge. And initially it can "seem" really really hard to get your balance.

But it's ONLY because of what we've come to "know to be true." The ONLY reason. It "seems hard" initially due to what we've been conditioned to believe and how we view the world.

And that's precisely why it's not a crowded path. Most won't do what's necessary to venture out, cross their self limiting boundaries, explore, seek out and discover a "Higher Truth." A greater truth than they currently hold which would enabling them to master their ability to get their balance and walk the razors edge.

They "perceive" it as being too hard. They "perceive it" as taking too much time so they end up settling and spending their entire lives both struggling and settling.

But finding it and walking it isn't near as difficult as most perceive. In fact, it's "profoundly simple." So simple that many never discover it nor choose to walk it simply because of how they choose to do things.

The "left brained" mechanistic types "perceive and believe" that life is hard due to what they've been taught and that the simplicity is "just too good to be true."

That's why it's not always easy to find and navigate initially. In fact at first it can "seem" really really hard.

But it only "seems" that way due to what we've been taught...what we've been programmed and conditioned to believe.

It's due primarily to what we've learned to be true and when it becomes really really easy, simple, enjoyable and profoundly rewarding in EVERY aspect, is when we choose to become conscious of, recognize and make a conscious choice to "unlearn" all of the self limiting and self sabotaging nonsense that is inevitably responsible for making life "seem" so hard and complex.

It's not that we have to "learn" so much. It's a matter of "unlearning" and remembering who and what we "truly are" and choosing to "be" that...to see it...feel it...know it and harmonize what we DO with that understanding.

Because at our core...the essence of who we are prior to learning all we have that conflicts with the higher truth...is the fact that we are love and were derived from love and can whenever we choose experience what we love.

We simply need to discover the simplicity and engage ourselves "consciously and intentionally."

Because as many "left brained" people will quickly and eagerly tell you...the vast majority in fact...life is hard. Life is scary. Life is difficult. Life is extremely complex. You must strain, struggle and sacrifice to get what you want.

And for those that choose that way of viewing life, life becomes just that. It unfolds just as they "believe and perceive" that it will. And it will continue to be and unfold just as those who choose to exist in that "paradigm" believe that it will.

But it's not true. At least it doesn't HAVE to be. Life ISN'T hard or complex. Getting what we want isn't difficult or complex. In fact, It's quite simple. It's profoundly simple. Getting what you want is as simple as making the choice to consciously harmonize the Utopian and mechanistic aspects of life which both play a vitally important and necessary role in making life as we know it possible.

And if life as "we know it" is anything "less than truly desired" we can change it anytime that we choose to do so.

So I guess you could say, the razors edge is really nothing more than finding a harmonious balance between being and doing.

It's as simple as harmonizing the left and right brained aspects of ourselves.

Yet most don't know how to do that and for very good reason. And the reason why is because many...most in fact...have been predominantly conditioned in one area or the other.

And due to that conditioning...due to "believing" everything we've been told and taught, we've lost sight of the simplicity and perfection of the process.

And the process ALWAYS provides abundance. Because the "Higher Truth" is, abundance is all there is. Faith is all there is.

What we have "Faith in" we receive and "Abundance of."

Yet the conditioning that we receive determines what you envision...how you perceive, what you do and how you "feel" about ALL of the stuff that you ALWAYS receive an abundance of.

And that includes both the tangibles and intangibles.

So in reality you can't escape the fact that both of these "sides of the fence" determine our experiences, we just simply "unconsciously" utilize them...unconsciously harmonize ourselves with what we get, which in more cases than not provides us with outcomes that we don't want.

And "stuff" in the way I'm referring to it here means ALL the stuff. The tangible things...the toys...the money......the relationships and the intangibles which is harmony, joy, fulfillment, inner peace and ALL the things that are equally as important to determine a quality of life that equates to "Real Wealth and Real Success."

And the only difference between those who have it all and those who don't is only dependent on what you think, believe, perceive, imagine and the choices you make as you engage in what you DO which creates the cycle and makes the tangibles...tangible.

And depending on what's going on in all of these areas...the "tangibles" that you are choosing and creating unfolds and determines how you "feel".

And that's precisely what determines what you'll have at some point in the future. It's a self repeating circle. A cycle that repeats itself over and over again.

And we are creating it. We are "allowing it." We are "asking for it" and we receive it just as we ask.

But due to a lack of understanding...due to our own choice to take a "half brained" approach to life, we get "stuck" in undesirable cycles.

When what we don't want shows up we judge it, condemn it, label it as "bad" which makes us "feel bad" which attracts more of the same to us and we consistently create the same "undesirable" cycle perceiving ourselves as "stuck."

That's why the vast majority "perceive" that Real Wealth...Real Success...Real Harmony and Real Fulfillment is outside of their grasp.

They're able to "conceive it" as being possible for themselves. They hope, wish and pray that they can have it but don't do anything about it or they "conceive" a very limited approach as to what's "possible or not possible" and work really really hard to get it and sacrifice in other areas of life.

Where those who have difficulty moving from where they are and getting to the place that they "truly desire" to be is seeing the whole playing field.

Seeing above and beyond what was, what currently is and becoming aware of what's "truly" available enabling them to rise above their chosen "fear" about what might or could happen in the future.

And that's why it's SO important NOT to "Judge by appearances."

Because a vitally important understanding to come to is that the fear only exists due to the beliefs and perceptions formed which in turn created our current and past experiences. Choosing to hold onto these same "beliefs and perceptions" which determines what you imagine...how you "perceive" things...which also determines how you "feel" in the here and now, determines your chosen way of being attracts to you a quality of life just as you choose.

And that chosen way of "being" is ALWAYS without exception either based on Love or fear.

And at the core it's that choice and that choice alone that without fail and with unwavering perfection determines what you'll experience in the future in both tangible and intangible ways.

And how you feel now is the most vital. How you feel about the various aspects of your life meaning your chosen beliefs and perceptions with regard to life determines your chosen way of "being" now, which is the seed level that impacts and determines all "tangible as well as intangible" aspects of your life that will unfold just as you "believe and perceive" they will at some point in the future.

How you feel determines the quality of your doing which in turn determines the quality of your having or not having.

And more often than not our chosen way of being in the here and now is derived and experienced due to "myths" that we've been predominantly conditioned with throughout life, accepted as and believe to be so real, right and true.

I know sometimes...most times in fact...that self limiting indoctrination and "fear based perceptions" can keep us from "doing" what we feel led to do and would "love" to engage in based on fear based mentalities.

I know because I found myself "stuck there" once.

At least that's how I perceived it. But it's my "perception" that kept me stuck.

I and many like me honestly "believed and perceived" ourselves as being stuck. And I was stuck until I decided that I was sick and tired of being stuck and made a "conscious choice" that I wouldn't be anymore.

After making that choice I walked both paths.

I took the "left brained path" which did produce results that were hard earned and I took the "right brained path" that felt really really good for a time but didn't produce any tangible results.

After walking both paths individually and not "receiving" everything I "truly desired"...a sense of joy, harmony, fulfillment and "real freedom"...I came to an eye opening and extremely empowering conclusion.

I realized the importance of and the power behind harmonizing the 2.

Then guess what happened?

As soon as I made a "conscious and intentional choice"...as soon as I changed and "shifted" and elevated what I so "believed and perceived" as being real, right and true, based on what I'd been told and taught...once I made the choice to look above and see beyond all the less than desired outcomes that this chosen way of "being" created in my life, I got unstuck.

I began to focus on what I love. I got to engage in and do what I love. And then it got even better. I began receiving outcomes...outcomes of both a "tangible and intangible nature" that I loved and desired.

Love took hold on all 3 levels.

That "felt good." In fact it felt fabulous. The better I felt, the more I did and by choosing that way of "doing things", I got to experience even more of the "tangible rewards" that followed. The kind of rewards that I always wanted but at one point "believed" I couldn't have based on what I'd been "taught" was true, rational, logical and possible.

But I had to do something which was as simple as harmonizing LOVE on all levels.

LOVE became whole as soon as I chose that for myself. LOVE in both the Utopian and mechanistic aspects of life became real.

As long as I chose a fear, doubt and worry based way of "being" I got to experience outcomes that reflected and harmonized with that choice. Although admittedly it didn't "feel like" I GOT TO but rather that I HAD to. But I didn't HAVE to and neither do you.

As long as I chose to focus on what I felt I HAD to do, regardless of how I "felt" about it, I remained stuck and trapped just as I "perceived and believed."

I, as the vast majority do, was operating within the confines and limitation of the "myths" that I was taught were true. That is until I discovered that they were in fact myths and began choosing my own path.

A conscious path.

And so can you should you ever "choose" to do so.

I believe if you'll choose to stay with me through ALL the sections that follow, this edition of Enlightened Journey will both enable and empower you to see just how "true" that is AND enable you to experience the same for yourself.

In fact I know it can.

But what I know is immaterial with regard to you unless you choose it as your knowing as well. Because it's what YOU know...It's what you do or don't do with it that will determine if it will assist you in "getting unstuck" or not.

But before we get into that, let's define and clarify what I mean by "stuckness."

Unconsciously or Unknowingly Settling Is Camouflaged Stuckness

There are a number of people who are "stuck" just as I was that aren't aware of the fact that they are so let's look at that a bit deeper.

Stuckness doesn't mean that you don't have an OK or even a "far above average" quality of life based on what most "perceive" a great quality of life to be.

Quality of Life goes WELL BEYOND the material.

The "Ultimate" quality of life is "Freedom and Peace of Mind."

I had a lot of money and a lot of "stuff" when I chose "DOING" as my predominant path.

But I wasn't fulfilled nor happy.

I know a lot of "professional people" who make a lot of money but are stuck in careers that they don't like. They're "slaves" to their businesses.

They desire "freedom" but "perceive" themselves as unable to fully experience it because of what they believe they must do to get the stuff they want.

Being stuck means not seeing yourself as having the ability to progress beyond where you are. And as I always share, it doesn't matter where that is. It doesn't matter if you "perceive" yourself as being at the bottom of the barrel or having achieved a multi-million dollar lifestyle for yourself...what there is to experience is INFINITE in nature.

Anything less than "Real Freedom" is stuckness.

Regardless of where you might currently be...regardless of how grand you might "perceive" your current "tangible results" to be, those results are infinitesimal in comparison to what's "truly available" to and for you.

There's always more to do, more to give, more to learn, more to experience, more to get.

We get as much or as little as we choose to get.

And if you aren't experiencing freedom, total harmony, fulfillment and "peace of mind" in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life and "perceive" yourself as being unable to, you ARE stuck, are NOT experiencing what's "truly available" to and for you and may not even realize it.

Getting "unstuck" required nothing more or less than choosing to expand my "awareness" regarding what was "truly available" to and possible for me and then "choosing" to move in that direction. It required expanding my understanding beyond the many myths that so many "perceive" as being true about themselves, their capabilities, the potential and possibility available to them and how the "tangible aspects" of life "truly" unfold and come to be "real and tangible."

And "doing that" revealed many things that I previously "believed and perceived" as being "unavailable", impossible and outside of my reach which based on my chosen "paradigm"...what I was choosing to believe and perceive about life and myself...showed up in my life just as I believed and perceived" they would.

Until I made the choice that I wasn't going to "allow" it anymore.

But the greatest most enlightening and most empowering realization I personally came to was...whether it showed up in desirable or undesirable ways, it was showing up in each and every area of my life just as I was allowing it to.

I was "allowing it" and choosing it for myself. Both the fulfillment of as well as "the lack of" what I really wanted.

And so are you an everyone else.

But as I've since discovered, the same applies to EVERYONE equally. It applies to You, me and everyone else equally. No one is excluded.

And if you're feeling "stuck" in any way, shape or form and don't want to be...if you "believe or perceive" that there's nothing you can do to change things, rest assured there is.

You just have to choose it. Consciously choose it.

Because no one is "really stuck." Stuckness only becomes real due to the fact that we "perceive and believe" that we are. And when we choose that we become that and will remain that way until we "choose" something different.

We're in essence "allowing it" to be whether "stuckness" or harmony, fulfillment and Real Freedom.

And if YOU are experiencing ANYTHING less than you "truly desire", if you are "doing" anything less than you truly LOVE and receiving anything less than you TRULY DESIRE, it's because YOU are choosing and allowing it to be as well.

And it doesn't matter where you're starting from. It really doesn't matter if you have millions or even billions of dollars or your flat broke and as miserable as can be.

You can have whatever you choose. You CAN experience "Real Freedom."

We all want more. We're all striving or at the least have a desire to become more. It's ingrained within each of us at the deepest levels. It's a part of who we are.

And WHATEVER that might be for you it really boils down to a desire to experience "Real Freedom."

Regardless of your individually held desires whether of a tangible or intangible nature, Real Freedom is the Ultimate Desire.

And if you're SERIOUS...truly SERIOUS about getting more of what you truly desire for yourself and those you love, let's progress to Part 2 and begin exploring how to begin harmonizing our way of being and doing in such a way that will enable you to DO just that.

Lets explore, learn and understand how to make Real Freedom a way of life.

Proceed To Part 2

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