39th Edition Of "Enlightened Journey" Ezine

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Discovering and Navigating
The Narrow Path

Part 2 of 4

Charting Your Course, Accepting Responsibility
and Heading Down The Conscious Path

Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment, and learn again to exercise his will - his personal responsibility. - Albert Einstein

Ok, we covered a lot of ground in in Part 1 so let's quickly recap what we've covered...

  • The difference between "problems and symptoms"

  • The "perceived difference" between the Big Players from the small players

  • The importance of harmonizing the Utopian and mechanistic aspects of life

  • How what we know can keep us from what we want

  • What "stuckness" really is

  • The "Ultimate goal" is Real Freedom

Now let's talk about what we can begin doing to eliminate all the undesirable symptoms, begin to "feel" like one of the Big Players, consciously harmonize the Utopian and mechanistic aspects of our lives, enhance what we know and move through any "stuckness" that we might be experiencing to achieve the Ultimate Goal of "Real Freedom" for ourselves.

Let's take the first steps toward "Real Freedom."

Vital steps that we can and MUST take individually if we "truly hope" to eliminate undesirable symptoms, move into the big leagues and win the game.

Step #1 has to do with accepting responsibility.

We've covered a lot about choices determining results, but in case you may have overlooked the importance of that, we'll address it in a very direct way.

It's coaches hat time again so give me a second while I put that on...

OK...I'm ready.

"We MUST accept responsibility for everything in our lives IF we truly hope to take conscious control of our lives and create "Real Freedom."

In fact the first and most essential part of consciously creating "desired change" is understanding the importance of and making the choice to accept personal responsibility for where you are...where you've been, wherever that might be...and moving toward wherever it might be that you have a desire to get to.

The reason accepting responsibility is so vital is because if you truly "believe and perceive" in a way the vast majority does, that what's going on "out there" in the mechanistic world of shape and form is determining what you can or can't have, it WILL keep you from getting whatever it might be.

Your undesirable symptoms will continue due to looking at and focusing on all the "perceived problems" going on around you.

And although you can DO things that way if you choose, it's nothing more than a choice to overlook, relinquish and give your power away.

Your TRUE Power.

There are ALWAYS going to be problems in the world. The reason being is because like you...EVERYONE has a free will and the ability to choose what they'll do and how they'll act. The choices of others "out there" are always going to produce outcomes that won't always jive with our individually held desires.

And we can "allow" that to affect us or choose not to. It's simply a matter of how we choose to "perceive" things.

But make no mistake...it's US that must "allow" anything that's outside of us to steal our joy. Unless we "allow" others to impact our beliefs, perceptions and actions which ALWAYS determines our individual results REGARDLESS of what's going on "out there. They can't plain and simple "unless" we ourselves "allow" it to.

We can if we choose to create and exist within our own little personal "safety bubble" if you will where we choose NOT to allow anything out there to rattle us.

So, regardless of what you might "believe" currently, and whether or not you're ready to accept it, you are responsible for what's happening in your life individually. And unless and until you choose to accept complete and total responsibility for that, shift the perceptions where necessary and stop judging by appearances the undesirable symptoms are going to continue showing up.

It's your perception and your chosen focus based on those perceptions that determines without fail what you'll attract and experience.

The bottom line is, it's you and you alone that has, is and will determine how much you have or don't have. And unless and until you choose to accept that, your "belief" combined with your focus will continue to create the fact.

If that "hurts" just a bit or even a lot, and you'd like to learn and understand how to begin choosing "consciously and intentionally" just say OUCH, let's move through the brutal and sometimes painful truth and get into how to do that.

Accepting responsibility isn't about blame or beating yourself up. It's about coming to the place of deciding that what you've done in the past...your chosen way of BEING hasn't created the kind and quality of results that you "truly desire."

We can't and never will be able to control what's going on "out there" but we CAN control ourselves.

We CAN control what we are choosing to be. Emotional mastery is the KEY to "Life Mastery."

We can either choose to respond or react to what's going on out there which will without fail determine what we receive back.

It boils down to one of two choices really...

Love or fear. All emotions fall under one of these headings. ALL emotions without exception.

We can respond out of love or react out of fear.

It's about reclaiming the power that's been provided to each of us and taking "conscious control" of your life.

Once you've done that, it's time to take step 2.

Step 2 is taking "Conscious Control."

Let's Define and Get Clear on The Kind of Control That Enables Us To Utilize Our "True Power"

Taking "conscious control" of our lives is vital.

But it's not a form of control that many perceive control to be. It's really more about relinquishing control than it is "taking control."

It's about allowing and surrendering really more than it is about taking control.

It's about becoming keenly and consciously aware of what you think about and focus on most of the time...allowing whatever it might be that you're thinking to be OK yet at the same time recognizing when that way of "being" is directing you toward or taking you further from where you "truly desire" to be, simply and subtly making "the shift" and getting back on the right "thought" or consciousness path.

Choosing the "Love Path" and overlooking and moving through the fear.

So really it's as simple as learning to "consciously direct" your thought processes.

Should you discover that your chosen thoughts are taking you further away from where you "truly desire" to be, it's as simple as making the shift and refocusing in a way that turns you around in the other direction.

Toward The desired destination.

No more can you expect to walk in the opposite direction of an intended destination and arrive there can you expect to consistently think thoughts that conflict with what you want and expect that you'll attract and get that thing.

So accepting responsibility and taking conscious control are the first vital steps we must take if we hope to win the game and become what so many refer to as and "perceive" as being one of the Big Players.

As we touched on briefly in Part 1, there's ZERO difference really between the Big and the small players. We all have the very same capabilities to make our "desired outcomes" real and tangible" regardless of how BIG or small those individually held desires might be.

The only difference is that those who win the biggest prizes accept responsibility for their outcomes, take conscious control of their thought processes, remain focused on what they Love and consistently move toward that "desired" thing.

Those who "settle" for the small prizes and get by in life don't. In most cases those who get the consolation prize choose to "perceive" that the world is random and chaotic. They choose to "allow" what's going on "out there" to determine what they can and can't do.

They take a "fear based" approach to life.

They allow the fear of all the "perceived" randomness and chaos to determine how they think and feel individually.

Often times they point fingers and judge and blame others for their "condition" or simply wait on someone or something outside of themselves to drop it in their lap and choose not to "do" anything to create the results they desire.

But either way of being we choose, determines what we have or don't have.

In the bigger scheme of things you'll always have. You'll ALWAYS receive. What we receive...the kind and quality of the result is determined by a predominant focus that we ourselves choose. A focus of Love or fear.

But we each DO have unique gifts, passions and desires. And what we have...the physical us regardless of our individual shape, size, form, age, country of origin, gender, level of education or WHATEVER is everything we need to turn those unique gifts, passions and desires into "tangible results."

Results that we Love.

And it doesn't matter what's going on "out there" unless we choose to allow it to.

And we can...and must utilize those gifts and passions in such a way that provides and contributes value to others...provides enough others with what they Love and desire IF we truly expect to create and experience "Real Freedom" and live like the Big Players do.

Which leads us into step 3. Consciously engaging in what we Love.

Step 3 is choosing to provide "value" by "consciously engaging" in what we love

Contributing and Providing Value In a Way That We Love That Enhances Others Lives

We each possess something unique to contribute to the world individually that provides value to others. Innate gifts that are unique to each of us. In the same way that we each have unique gifts and passions, we each have our own unique hopes, dreams and desires that we would love to see materialize for ourselves.

And we have EVERYTHING necessary to create that for ourselves should we simply make the choice to do so.

We only have to choose to harmonize the 2.

So we are unique and individual in that way. That's what we all have in common yet at the same makes us unique. Meaning we each have unique gifts, talents, passions and desires that vary as well as the ability to choose and engage ourselves or not in any way that we ourselves choose.

We DO have the ability to think and focus on what it is that we want individually...engage ourselves in such a way that harmonizes and aligns with our individual passions. That's a common thing. That's what we all have in common and have the ability to "do" anytime that we choose to do so without exception.

And I DO mean without exception. Admittedly there are those who don't think so or who don't "believe" that's true or simply choose NOT to do so "consciously and intentionally, which if looked at under the surface is nothing more or less than an individual choice to believe and without fail attract and create the polar opposite of what would bring them what they "truly desire."

It's a form of fear. It's a fear based focus in a sense.

And that's a choice that will without question and with unwavering certainty keep those who "choose" that way of doing things from experiencing whatever it might be that they do desire.

Their focus and intention remains fixated on what they "DON"T Have"...what they CAN'T DO...how limited they are...how unfair the world is...and their outcomes reflect that choice.

They get to be right. They draw what they "believe and perceive" as being true from the Utopian side of the veil and make it "real" in their lives.

And that is where we have a choice to discover, tap into and begin "consciously, intentionally and purposefully utilizing, initiating and experiencing our "true power."

Or we can if we choose continue utilizing our "true power" unconsciously.

If we choose NOT to but we'll be really really honest with ourselves and look closely enough, we'd discover that choosing not to is a choice to continue utilizing our "true power" unconsciously creating more of what we don't want.

That's where whatever level of "success" or "the lack of" we desire for ourselves individually begins. That's the starting place.

A lot of people don't think so but it's only due to envisioning and perceiving a limited view of how "desired results" come to be. We each have the ability to engage ourselves and contribute our unique talents and gifts. Talents and gifts that we have the ability to do really really well. Talents, gifts and abilities that we Love engaging in.

We each have the ability to engage ourselves in things we love and are passionate about or choose not to.

And YES...that includes our vocations.

A lot of people don't see that and as a result don't "think" that's true. And for those who choose to "think" that way, they get to be right. This all too common way of thinking keeps people stuck in fear, doubt, worry, lack and limitation mode and they never move forward.

They stay stuck DOING what they feel they must do and never experience the "Love" of what they "truly desire" to do.

They never engage in what they love and are passionate about and experience the rewards that follow simply because they don't "think and believe" they can.

So they don't. As a result of that "choice" many feel stuck and unfulfilled. They ARE stuck and unfulfilled but it's only because they are choosing that for themselves.

But think about why. Really think about this because it's a vital part of attracting and creating more of the "desired" results that so many in the world today hope, wish and pray that they could but at the same time don't "think" they can and as a result NEVER do.

And it's really simple actually. So simple in fact that we tend to "unconsciously" use the simplicity and perfection of the process against ourselves rather than to assist us in getting what we want and don't even realize that we are limiting and self sabotaging our hoped and wished for results.

We are unconsciously keeping ourselves from experiencing "Real Freedom" which is what EVERYONE wants.

Which leads us into step 4.

It begins with awareness. More specifically becoming "increasingly aware" of what awareness REALLY is and how we're using ours to create our results.

The Limitation of Filtered Awareness and The Vastness of Ultimate Awareness

A lot of people overlook the power of awareness.

Awareness is everything. What you'll have or NOT HAVE in your life stems from your level of awareness. And awareness isn't just part of it. It's not limited to some aspect of it. Awareness is ALL of it. Awareness is everything.

How "aware" you are determines what you are able to conceive. Your ability to conceive an ideal combined with a willingness and ability to believe it determines your ability or inability to "perceive it" as being available or not available to you.

Those "perceptions" determine if you'll DO anything about it.

Because it's your perceptions that shape your reality. Your perceptions ARE your reality. Just look around you and you'll "see" just how "true" that is.

Your perceptions mold, shape and determine the "paradigms" that you exist within which also determines what you'll "do" or not do which in turn determines the kind and quality of results you'll experience or not experience in tangible form.

Your awareness can enable and empower you to experience "Real Freedom" and win the game or keep you stuck in your own self created prison.

Most people just don't make the choice to see how simple it is. They choose to remain unaware. They often choose to stay stuck due to a "limited awareness."

Awareness isn't limited as most people "think." I talk to a lot of people who "think" that awareness is what they're "aware of" individually.

That's NOT awareness. Ultimate Awareness that is. Awareness is infinite in nature. Individual awareness is whatever you choose it to be.

Let's look at the difference...

Your individually chosen thoughts...what you imagine as being possible or not possible...what you "believe and perceive" to be true or untrue is filtered awareness.

Put another way, your individually conceived thoughts are determined based on your individually held "beliefs and perceptions" about life...about yourself and about the world.

These "beliefs and perceptions" serve as filters which limit and block out Ultimate Awareness.

Filtered awareness limits what you're able to "conceive" or not conceive.

Whatever you're individually chosen belief and perception filters are, regardless of how grand or limited they might be, the end result already exists within "Ultimate Awareness."

Another name for Ultimate Awareness could be compared to what scientists refer to as the infinite field of probability. The "place" where all probabilities already exist.

It's the Utopian side of the veil that we discussed in Part 1. You could refer to it as The Kingdom or The Field of Love.

Whatever you choose to "believe and perceive" is drawn from this field.

The quality of your individually held "beliefs and perceptions" ignite emotions which lead you into or keep you from doing what you love and are passionate about.

And sadly, in more cases than not it does limit. It does so because we have bought into the myth about how limited, hard and complex everything is which filters our understanding and perceptions about what's really available, true, possible or not possible for ourselves.

And ALL of those choices already exist within the field just waiting for us to ask for them...to call them forth. Our beliefs and perceptions communicate that and we get what we ask.

Whatsover we ask when we pray (communicate) we receive.

It's really quite simple. It's the "mind, body, spirit connection" you hear so much about. It's the conscious, subconscious and Super Conscious aspects of mind that determine what we're "aware of" which determines what we communicate and ask for which determines the quality of our results.

Your individually held and chosen thoughts about things...these filters can and do limit you. They can and do limit you in both tangible and intangible ways.

In the "intangible" kind of way they limit you because they restrict your communication. You can't conceive or believe so you communicate and ask for something less than you "consciously desire."

When you receive that, those results create emotions...less than joyful emotions that ignite and determine how you feel. They initiate an electrochemical process in your "physical body" which create and release various "naturally produced chemicals" which create additional "not so feel good emotions" that determine how you feel.

It's the non-physical...thought or consciousness...being transmuted into physical form in the body.

They limit you in physical ways because these emotions...how these emotions make you feel, impacts and affects what you do or don't do.

That is what determines your "individual awareness" for sure but Ultimate Awareness contains and provides you with whatever you choose to become aware of regardless of how limited or expansive that choosing might be.

Let's look at a practical and tangible example of how filters can keep us from seeing what's "truly available" to and possible for us.

Take a look at the graphic below and do your best to find the arrow within the graphic. Don't scroll down until you've found it or can't find it.

Did you find an arrow?

Is an arrow even there?

Is it possible that an arrow doesn't even exist in the picture?

Take another look and make sure. Do your best to find it.

Now scroll down a bit...

There it is. It was right before your eyes the entire time.

If you couldn't see it...why? How is it that it was right in front of your eyes but you were "unaware" of it and "unable" to see it?

It's due to filters. Filters that we all have. Filters created based on how we've been taught to look at and see things.

It was right before your eyes the entire time, yet if you're like the vast majority you simply couldn't see it.

Your filters limited your awareness.

It obviously doesn't mean it wasn't there. You just "perceived" that it wasn't. But now, anytime you see a Fed-Ex truck or any Fed-Ex logo, you won't be able to NOT see it.

The filter has been removed, a new neuro pathway has taken form in your brain and now you're well aware that it does exist. You've expanded your awareness in just a few minutes.

Cool huh?

What does that have to do with getting what you want?

Here's how it applies to your life.

And it's no different with any area of your life. It's no different in the area of money or health or relationships.

Unless you can conceive it and see it...unless you "perceive and believe" that its possible for you, you'll NEVER find it.

You MUST elevate your awareness so you CAN see it...So you CAN see it as possible for you...So you can "receive it" and have it.

You can want and want and want and look and look and look, but if you're unable and/or unwilling to see and understand that there are an infinite number of ways to make what you want real, unless you're open and willing to open and expand your mind, it's quite simple to overlook and never see the very thing you were looking for.

It requires a willingness to learn and grow and expand your awareness. To remove the filters.

That requires being open and willing to "allow" others to show you sometimes. To open your eyes and reveal to you how awesome, creative and powerful you "truly are."

It's what enables you to recognize, see and act on opportunities that take you closer to what you "truly" desire. Opportunities that are ALSO right before your eyes all the time that you may be blind to due to self limiting and self sabotaging filters that create self limiting "perceptions."

Your individual "perceptions" that are limited by the filters you have...filters that you choose to remain limited by determine and unfold in your reality just as you choose.

All probabilities exist within Ultimate Awareness. An abundance of money is every bit as "real" as a lack of money. Both probabilities exist in the field...The Kingdom.

Vibrant and radiant health is as "real" as illness and disease. Wholesome, harmonious and fulfilling relationships are just as "real" as hurtful and destructive relationships.

ALL probabilities exist.

And what those are and become for us individually is dependent on what we're aware of...what we look for...what we focus on AND what we do or don't do as a result of those CHOICES.

And that's what we receive. That's what we get.

But you can expand that reality anytime you choose as well. It simply requires a choice.

Now let's relate it to life...your life specifically and see why your life is what it is.

Just consider what you think about most. Really observe and become consciously aware of what you think about most of the time.

What do you think about and "perceive" as being true based on where you are currently? What do you believe and perceive as being possible or not possible for you? What do you "perceive" as being rational, logical, feasible, practical and realistic?

What are you open to?

What are you cynical and pessimistic about?

What do you "perceive" as being the reason for whatever results you might be experiencing?

I'll assure you that if you'll do this...if you'll think consciously...if you'll be really really honest with yourself, you'll discover that where you are and what you're experiencing is a direct reflection of what you "think about" and "perceive" as being true.

You'll begin to see that those very choices define your actions or in-actions. You'll see those very "perceptions and beliefs" are what keep you from or open you to whatever it might be that you truly desire.

You'll see the connection. You'll begin to see and understand why you're experiencing whatever it might be that you're experiencing.

It becomes "blatantly obvious." The simplicity reveals itself.

And the field...The Kingdom...Love...always provides it.

Choose to do that. Choose to become brutally honest with yourself.

It will point to the very areas and assist you in understanding why you might be experiencing "undesirable symptoms" even though you might be hoping, wishing, praying and WANTING something different.

Once you're "aware of that", then you can begin asking yourself "Why am I thinking that?" What keeps me fixated and focused on "thinking, envisioning and perceiving" things in that way?

That leads to uncovering and sorting through the many "layers" and "filters" you've acquired throughout your life revealing what you "believe" to be true. What you REALLY believe.

Not what you WANT or WOULD LIKE to believe but what you "truly" believe.

Your awareness begins to expand and underlying beliefs surface.

Then once you become "aware" of that, it's necessary to discover and become "conscious of" why you believe what you believe. Where did those "beliefs" come from? Why do you believe what you believe?

Is it because it's "true" or because someone has "told you" that it's true?

Is it because of past experiences that became real and if so is it possible that they became "real" because of an underlying "belief" you held which made it real?

And, more important, "What would happen if you began thinking and believing something else?" What would happen if you chose to expand your "awareness" and enhance your beliefs?

What would become possible for you if you chose to do that?

Here's EXACTLY what would happen...

Your awareness would expand enabling your beliefs to expand enabling you to melt away and disarm the filters...think "different thoughts"...conceive different things...better and more "pleasing things" which in turn would ignite and generate "different emotions" which in turn would enable and empower you to take "different actions" that align and harmonize with what you want which in turn would enable you to begin creating and experiencing "different results."

Results that you Love.

Desired results. Results that enable you to win the game and experience "Real Freedom."

Results that you "truly love" and always wanted to experience but to this point may have blocked out and "perceived" as being irrational, illogical, not feasible, impractical and impossible.

Desired results that you've hoped, wished and prayed for but limited yourself to only because of the choices that YOU choose to make or not make.

Because the truth is...the Higher Truth...you can't out believe or under believe Ultimate Awareness. You can't escape the fact that ALL probabilities ALREADY EXIST on the Utopian side of the veil.

WHATEVER you believe already exists there and the Law of Attraction will deliver it to you just as you choose.

And that is the difference between "individual awareness" and Ultimate Awareness. Ultimate Awareness contains every conceivable outcome prior to you conceiving it. It already exists there as a probability.

And the ways and means to make what you Love real and tangible are Infinite in nature as well.

The higher conceptualizations you "allow" yourself to have and your willingness to take action as Ultimate Awareness provides the ways, means, circumstances, people to make those individually chosen conceptualizations real and tangible will determine your having or not having in "tangible form."

In essence this way of doing things is choosing to harmonize or not, the Utopian and the mechanistic aspects of life that without fail and without question determine the kind and quality of your individual experience in EVERY area of your life.

And that INCLUDES the material aspects of your life.

And when you "get that" and choose to "apply it" you can and will experience results that harmonize with "WHATSOEVER you desire." Whatsoever you Love.

Results that are more in alignment with what you want. What you "truly want."

What limits are there to that?

Whatever limits you choose for yourself. Whatever limits you allow to blind you to and filter out "Real Awareness"...the "Ultimate Awareness" which is Infinite in nature and contains within itself EVERY conceivable outcome.

A Closer Look At The Game of Life

Let's revert back and look at life for just a minute as a game. Let's also go back to categorizing and defining those who win the game in a BIG way as the Big Players and those who don't as the small players.

The only difference between the Big Players and the small players is how they each choose to play the game. It's all the same game and we all have the right, choice and ability to win just as much as the next person.

The game begins in the mind...NOT the physical plays.

There is NOTHING that we cannot be, do or have.

We all have access to the same field. The "playing field" has been leveled.

Winning or "perceiving" ourselves as losing and lacking the ability to play is only dependent on which we choose.

Some simply choose not to win. Sometimes they choose unconsciously without even realizing that any choices are being made, but they are choosing nonetheless...without exception.

Let's look at the different aspects of the game and the various parts that are each equally necessary to play.

We'll refer to them as levels.

Level 1 is the field itself. The field of awareness. "Ultimate Awareness." The Utopian side of the veil.

That's where ALL probabilities exist. Nothing that we can do about that. It is what it is. It's EVERYTHING.

We can't impact or change that fact. The field is what it is.

The foundational choices that determine our lives individually begin at level 2 which determines the kind and quality of activity that we stir within the field.

Level 2 is our quality of consciousness which is made real due to our level of awareness.

What we choose to believe, perceive and conceptualize determines the quality of that consciousness. Those choices determine how we feel.

Level 3 is the underlying and often overlooked 1st stage of "physical activity" which takes place as a transmutation of consciousness into "physical form"...ie...emotions which determine how we feel.

Emotion is created due to an electro-chemical process in the body which creates emotions that harmonize with our chosen quality of consciousness.

How we "feel" at level 3 determines how much or how little we engage in and play the game at level 4...the "doing" level.

Our doing is level 4.

Our choices at level 4 determines the score at the end of the game in a "tangible" kind of way and determines the size of the trophy which is level 5...results.

We can play the game in fear or choose to play from Love.

And it's ALL drawn from level 1. All choices we make beginning at level 2 determine what we'll experience...what we'll have or not have on level 5.

Big players "consciously harmonize" all 4 levels so level 5 aligns and harmonizes with what they "desire." What they Love.

So you could say Big players get things done. Small players don't see the bigger picture, the field and have no idea about how the game is played or if they are they simply don't DO anything about it.

Small players hope, wish and pray that things will somehow magically happen or they "choose" to get things done "someday", but due to their choice not to move forward and "do" anything about it now, someday never arrives.

Their "intentions" are good, they just choose not to "do" anything and "things" don't get done. Someday never arrives and as a result neither do the "desired outcomes."

Or they choose fear as their focus. They "imagine" how hard and unfair the game is.

What they desire at Level 5 remains "wishful thinking." "Real Freedom" never becomes REAL.

BIG players make the time to master their skills and the small players can't find the time. They "perceive" it that way at least. But they ALL have the very same amount of time. It's nothing more or less than individual choices that we make individually that determines where and how we spend our time.

Some prioritize their time to get what they want and others don't.

Big Players spend the time in a way that harmonizes with what they want which makes things happen. They fully engage themselves on all levels.

Small players spend the majority of their time on things that are "disharmonious" with what they want. They spend the majority of their time DOING what they feel they MUST DO, not liking it and their "chosen" struggling takes all their time and there's none left.

They never tap into and consciously utilize where their "true power" is found and is derived from.

They set their sites on the one in 377 GAZILLION odds of hitting the lottery "someday" or waiting on some rich relative to pass on to the other side so they can "hopefully...someday" experience the life they "dream of."

Not that there's anything wrong with buying a lottery ticket or receiving an inheritance. But some people bet their entire futures on such slim odds. If the odds don't work out in their favor they end up settling. They end up in "getting by" mode thinking that's just how life is. They "perceive" that something must happen external to themselves before they can experience results that they so hope, wish and pray they could.

And whichever we choose, we get to experience.

That's why in the bigger scheme of things there are no Big or small players. Some just choose to play big and others choose to play small.

The same rules apply to all of us. How we think, what we believe, how we perceive the game of life determines our life.

It determines the score.

We're all just people with the very same ability...the very same potential exists... the very same power is available to each of us equally. And anyone who chooses to recognize and consciously utilize it get to win big.

They get to experience "Real Freedom."

So in a nutshell some recognize, choose to tap into and consciously utilize their "true power" while others don't.

And those who choose not to, receive the results that solidify the myth that life is hard, random or chaotic. That lack, limitation and "settling" is just the way the game of life was intended to be played.

That "Real Freedom" just isn't possible for them. And they get to be right.

But it's only a choice. An individual choice based on a very limited awareness of what's truly possible for and available to each of us. Possibility and potential of INFINITE proportion that we each have the free will as well as the ability to choose for ourselves or not.

And that "Truly is" the ONLY difference. Small players depend on a very limited form of physical and finite power and Big Players understand where their "true power" is derived from.

But it ALL begins and it's all made real due to what we choose to remain aware or unaware of.

The Law of Attraction, Cause and Effect, Sowing and Reaping Is Active on ALL Levels.

Many overlook the fact that Cause and Effect happens on 3 levels.

The most vital and foundational level is the "spirit you." The next level "consciousness"...individual awareness. The next level...doing.

When you choose to understand that and consciously engage yourself in harmonizing ALL of these 3 levels...in that order "consciously and intentionally, what are often "perceived" by the masses as being "miracles" begin to take "tangible form."

You start "winning the game" and getting what you want. WHATEVER you want. You begin "attracting" people, events, conditions, circumstances and ideas that make getting what you want quite simple and enjoyable.

You start winning and doing like the Big Players do.

That's when you "know" you've moved into the Big Leagues. It's when you start "seeing" the undesirable symptoms melting away and "real Freedom" becomes real.

It's when you begin to see and understand that you've tapped into and are "consciously utilizing" your "true power."

In reality...or should I say in Actuality...where "Ultimate Awareness" resides...the Utopian side of the veil where ALL probabilities already exist...contrary to many "perceptions" about what's happening, we're all using our "true power" ALWAYS.

You can't not use it.

Some just use it "unconsciously" and the miracle created...the "tangible outcome" that shows up simply doesn't harmonize with their "consciously held desire."

They're just using their "true power" unconsciously and "perceiving" that desired miracles whether of a physical, financial, relational, emotional or spiritual nature happen only for the lucky and fortunate few.

They "perceive" that "results that we Love" are reserved for the Big Players.

But the outcome, whether "consciously desired or not"...whether consciously or unconsciously created is ALWAYS a miracle.

Creation always is.

And what does that mean?

It means that you are a "miracle worker" my friend. Yes YOU.

You only have to perfect your game consciously. You only have to elevate what you "perceive and believe" about the game.

The "unconscious"...those who choose to remain asleep and oblivious to the "Higher Truth"...those who choose to remain limited by the widely held "myth"...those who choose NOT to open themselves to an expanded awareness...those who choose a cynical and pessimistic awareness just don't see, believe and "perceive" things that way.

But they ARE miracle workers too.

They simply aren't creating "desired" miracles.

They can't "conceive it"...they can't "believe it"...they can't see it so they can't experience it. They ARE perceiving and believing something. It's just "less than" they want. Less than they Love.

They CAN...they just "choose" not to. But they are nonetheless and always will be miracle workers. They're just "unconscious" of that fact and "unconsciously creating" undesirable miracles.

They see and "perceive" themselves as creatures and/or victims of circumstance rather than what they "truly are" which is creators of circumstance. They just can't "see that" because they choose to remain asleep and unconscious of the fact that it's their chosen way of "being" that is creating these miracles as undesirable as they might be.

They simply choose not to look below the surface....beyond the mechanistic aspects of life and understand what's going on at the "unseen level." They choose to overlook what's going on within themselves that is without fail determining and defining what's going on in their lives...in EVERY area of their lives.

The level where EVERYTHING that is within our control begins. The level from where ALL miracles are asked for and received just as we choose the kind and quality of which is determined by our own individual conscious or unconscious choices.

Some choose never to take the first step which enables them to clearly see that. They never get to the place where they understand the importance of accepting personal responsibility for EVERY outcome which is the VERY FIRST step necessary to reclaim their power and begin "consciously creating" desired miracles.

But they, like anyone else can choose to wake up and become conscious anytime they choose. They have every bit as much ability to consciously walk their chosen paths as anyone else.

They can if they choose to walk the Love Path.

Some simply "choose not to."

Most don't even realize that's an option that's available to them.

Why? Simply because they choose NOT to venture outside of their "getting by" comfort zones to explore and understand it or if they do, they "perceive and believe" it as being too "simple" or too good to be true and never DO anything with it.

Which is a choice. Just not a choice that will enable and empower them to have their "hearts desires" fulfilled. The "consciously created" and "desired miracles" remain as hopeful and wishful thinking.

"Real Freedom" remains unattainable. They never become "fully conscious" of and experience Love in a desirable kind of way.

Because the "myth" that most have bought into is that life is hard...requires struggle...and that we must DO, DO and DO and that we must "settle" for whatever hand life deals us.

The myth that says "getting by" is just the way life is. It's a "fear based" path.

And although we CAN choose that, it's not a choice that will enable us to consciously tap into and "consciously, intentionally and consistently" utilize our "true power" and experience "Real Freedom."

True Power is tapped into by understanding and consciously applying that understanding to determine the kind and quality of life experienced at the mental, emotional and physical levels.

And it all reverts back to where we began. It's realized when we make the choice to harmonize the Utopian and mechanistic aspects of life. It makes Love whole in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of the game in a way that we Love.

True Power... a form of power that has been provided to each of us without exception is realized by becoming aware of and consciously harmonizing these 3 "levels" if you will, to begin attracting, creating, receiving and experiencing "desired results."

And because EVERY conceivable outcome already exists on level 1...level 2, 3 and 4 are more about "allowing" than anything else. It's not about struggling and working really hard. It's about engaging yourself for sure. It requires some physical doing but when level 1 is opened up to...when we choose to expand our awareness as to what's "truly possible"...when we expand and engage ourselves consciously and intentionally...when we're aware of what we are choosing to engage in at the level of "consciousness" and we consciously and intentionally engage ourselves in a way that harmonizes with what we "truly want", level 3 and 4 become quite simple.

We "love" how we feel and what we do.

Then at level 5, we see and get to experience what we want. We make Love real and tangible in a way that we Love. We see and experience it in "physical form."

In fact, level 3 is automatic and level 4 can seem effortless.

What we attract to us to make our desires real and tangible align and harmonize with what we love.

Yes it requires some "doing" without question.

But let me ask you...

Doing what you love doesn't require struggle and hard work does it?


If you "truly" love it, when you engage yourself in it, you LOVE it. It's NOT work and doesn't require sacrifice and struggle. It's "play" more than work.

And when you do what you love with the intention of serving and contributing to others you get to play at what you love, acting out of Love and the outcome without fail is receiving what you love as a result.

But you can't overlook, skip and choose to remain unaware that ALL probabilities already exist on the 1st level and expect that level 2, 3 and 4 will take care of themselves because they won't.

Well, they do, but when we choose that way of doing things...when you choose to engage in these levels "unconsciously" or do so with a limited "awareness" of what's "truly possible" for and equally available to us ALL without exception, they don't always take care of themselves in a way that we "consciously desire."

We play the game with a focus of fear.

We limit ourselves. We get in our own way and block what's "truly available" to and for each of us.

We unconsciously create outcomes...tangible outcomes that are disharmonious with what we "truly want."

So let's work on removing another "layer."

Let's take a bit deeper look at why you do what you do and if that way of DOING things will enable you to experience "Real Freedom" and win the game.

Ask yourself and really think about your answers to these questions...

  • Do you do what you do to avoid loss?

  • Do you do what you do to achieve gain?

  • Do you do what you do because you "perceive" yourself as "having" to do so?

  • Do you do what you do only for self serving purposes regardless of what it might be doing to others?

  • Do you do what you do because of the money?

    Are you doing what you do with a focus of fear rather than a focus of Love?

If any of these are your underlying intention, you'll experience "less than desired" results REGARDLESS of how hard you might "try."

Because the one "pure" intention is "love." Doing what you do on ALL levels with the underlying "intention" of love.

Let's recap and take a look at what that "looks like" on all levels.

Level 1 is the field. It is Love. ALL probabilities exist there and love provides us whatever we choose.

Level 2 is our chosen quality of consciousness. When our intentions are pure and we think "love" and conceive ideals that project "love" we automatically ignite level 3.

Level 3 is emotions of "love." They feel really really good which enables and empowers us to "consciously engage" in level 4.

Level 4 is what we do. When level 2 and 3 are "consciously chosen"...when our intentions are "pure based on love" we attract the ways and means to engage in what we love. We provide value and fulfill the wants, needs and desires of others providing them with what they want...love...as we do what we love.

Not for the sake of gain...not for the sake of not losing...not because you believe that you have to. Only because it's what you "love" to do.

And when you do that with the intention of contributing value to others...when you share and contribute your "true and natural gifts" to enhance the lives of others, the "love" that you send out on ALL levels is projected back to you.

You begin "attracting" the ways, means, people, etc. enabling you to engage in and DO what you love.

The value returned at level 5 harmonizes with the value given as you engage in Love and you get what you Love.

But to do that...to get there...you MUST recognize and disarm the filters that keep you from "doing so."

Contrary to what the vast majority "perceive" and "believe" as being "true"...

Doing a "little bit" of what you "truly love" with a heartfelt intention of contributing to the lives of others (loving others) will yield a FAR GREATER return than struggling and working "long and hard" at what you "settle for doing" and feel you "must do."

And since I'm well aware that MOST don't "perceive" themselves as being able to engage in what they love, I'm going to put on my coaches hat again for just a moment.

I'm going to be "brutally honest" here for just a minute. Not because I'm brutal or because I have a desire to beat anybody up, but rather because I care about you and have a "sincere desire" to assist you in winning the game and doing all I possibly can to assist you in getting what you want.

To assist you in fully experiencing the Love.

So, with that in mind I'm going to cover the 3 most common reasons why people fail in their business, career, relationships or pretty much any area of life.

And it's also why those who desire to achieve material wealth DON'T.

  • Reason #1 is Unconsciously Held Excuses

  • Reason #2 is Consciously Held Excuses

  • Reason #3 is Beliefs and Perceptions held about ALL the "Seemingly Justifiable Reasons" they CAN'T DO something they love which ARE in Actuality nothing more than excuses.

These "seemingly justifiable excuses" disguising themselves as "reasons", begin and take place at level 2. The level of your individually chosen "awareness" which determines the kind and quality of your consciousness.

The number of these "excuses" are derived from and are directly tied to your level of "awareness." The level of "awareness" that you choose for yourself and have the ability to enhance and expand anytime you choose to do so.

Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 are made possible and the quality of which are determined by whatever YOU choose to put out there, project into and draw from level 1.

Level 1 is the foundation. It's where it all begins and it's the most important to be aware of. Once that is in alignment and harmonized with what you want (love) level 2 (your chosen quality of consciousness) initiates level 3 (the emotions ignited that determine how you feel) which automatically takes care of attracting the ways, means, people, circumstances and ideas enabling you to effectively engage in level 4 in a way that you LOVE.

It's simply a matter of staying open, receptive and willing to take action when they do. It's a matter of disarming the cynical and pessimistic filters that keep you blind to the ways and means.

When level 2, 3 and 4 are aligned and harmonized with what you want, you draw from level 1 anything and everything you could possibly need to begin "effortlessly creating" the "desired tangible results" and do so in a way that you LOVE.

And they become real at level 5. The "tangible result" is transmuted from the unseen world of probability to the world of shape and form...reality.

Real Wealth...Real Harmony...Real Success...Real Fulfillment...Real Freedom...becomes REAL.

It's SO simple my friend.

Success is available to ANYONE and EVERYONE who chooses it for themselves! We are all designed to succeed and the only thing standing in the way of your success individually is a bunch of excuses. Excuses that you and you alone make and can stop making anytime that YOU choose to do so.

Many don't achieve the success they "truly desire" simply because they don't develop the understanding of how to build on a firm foundation that enables "success" to become real and tangible.

They have all these excuses as to why they can't which is the only thing that keeps them from DOING what's necessary.

And the first step in that process is making a "conscious and intentional choice to quit making excuses and start choosing right here and right now to STOP expending so much energy making excuses and START to make a life for yourself.

Start projecting and using your energy based on "Love" rather than fear.

Start focusing on, remaining open and receptive to and take action on all the reasons that you CAN. And you WILL create and experience a kind and quality of life for yourself that harmonizes with what you want.

A kind and quality of life that you love that contributes and projects "love" to others which ALWAYS delivers "tangible outcomes" that you love. When LOVE is the focus and you harmonize with LOVE on all 3 levels that you DO have control over and ARE responsible for, you'll create and experience measurable results at level 5 that you LOVE effortlessly.

Miraculous things start showing up. Physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony becomes "real."

"Real Freedom" becomes real.

But you MUST start by becoming consciously aware of and opening yourself to and "allowing" yourself to remain open to receive what level 1 sends you. Level 1 is the foundation.

Just as you wouldn't expect to build a home on a shaky foundation, you can't expect to build your life on one and experience pleasing results long term.

You can choose the Utopian view and meditate, visualize, pray and then kick back hoping and wishing that things are just going to happen on their own. You can and do "attract" the ways and means to make your "envisioned outcomes" real and keep "doing that" for sure, but unless and until you recognize them...unless and until you choose to remain open, receptive and take action on these "ways and means" that you attract, and consciously, intentionally and purposefully initiate levels 3 and 4 nothing is going to get done.

You're not going to see any tangible results that harmonize with what you "truly" want.

Something gets done. But what it is the passing of the ways and means to provide what you hoped, wished, prayed for and envisioned. You can choose to do things in that way if you'd like, but I don't think you're going to like the results.

The "tangible and measurable results" that is.

And I also "know" in a number of cases that many of the ways and means that are attracted to you due to self limiting and self sabotaging "belief filters" that disguise themselves as cynical AND PESSIMISTIC ways of seeing and perceiving things...filters that we've "allowed" to be formed throughout our lives...cynical and pessimistic ways of "being" that we've allowed others to program us with...perceptions that WE OURSELVES choose to hold, keep us from taking the action and the "tangible steps" that would enable us to create and experience what we truly want.

We attract them and write them off as being too simple...too easy...too good to be true we say. We label and call them scams, scamsters and an infinite number of names when the "Higher Truth" is they were the very ways and means to make our "desired outcomes" real and tangible.

You want but don't harmonize what you DO and GIVE to make what you want real.

Because regardless of what you might currently "perceive", you can’t take out of life more than you put in. And what you put in is determined by and measured on ALL levels.

The mental, emotional and the physical. The mind body and spirit. The conscious, subconscious and Super Conscious.

Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Harmony
and Real Freedom of a "Tangible Nature"
is Determined By "Measurable Results"

Let's talk about "tangible results."

In life...in "physical life" success or failure is determined by "measurable results." Tangible results that enable us to engage in and do what we love...what makes us "feel good" individually and experience a kind and quality of life that we "desire" to experience.

And what that is for each of us individually varies. We have different passions. We each possess different desires. We each have hopes, dreams, visions and goals that are unique to each of us.

But what is common and pertains to each of us equally is that whatever we may hold as dear to our hearts...whatever desires we might have individually...their materialization or the lack of is determined by and begins at the level of "consciousness"...our individually chosen quality of consciousness.

That's the first level in the "creative process" as it relates to you individually.

But it's vital that we not limit our awareness to the ways and means that exist within "Ultimate Awareness." The ways and means are Infinite in nature that enable us to get what we love.

When you have that aligned with attracting what you want....when you make a conscious and intentional choice to remain open and receptive to the ways and means that show up....the opportunities...the people...the guidance...the ideas...the flashes of insight or any other "countless" numbers of ways, then you take action and experience the "inevitable results" that ALWAYS follow.

Measurable results.

And when it's done this way the attracting and creating are every bit as fun and pleasing as the experiencing of whatever the desire might be. In fact, that's a vital part of experiencing the joy and fulfillment that follows.

It's Not What You "DO" That Matters, It's How You Feel About What You Do

It's not WHAT you do that matters nor what you receive individually as much as "loving and enjoying" what you do which also determines the kind, quality and quantity of what you receive.

Doing what you "love" and are passionate about "doing" is what's important. That's how "Real Freedom" is experienced.

It's not about dollars and material stuff.

And that's where our uniqueness comes into play. We love "doing" different things. We have different expectations and desires for ourselves. We all want more but what we want more of individually is unique to each of us.

What you feel about what you do is vital for experiencing harmony and fulfillment. A lot of people think that harmony, fulfillment and happiness comes from acquiring a predefined amount of money but it doesn't.

Not everyone has a desire to be "materially wealthy." Material wealth in and of itself doesn't define nor create "Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Happiness and Real Freedom.

Ask someone who's "been there and done that." I have. I worked in a career that provided me with A LOT of money. More money per month than the vast majority make in a year. I was considered, based on the worlds standards of what wealth and success is, as being in the top 1%.

I was what most people define and "perceive" as being one of the Big Players based on "material stuff."

But I didn't "feel" like I was. It didn't "feel good" at all. Why? Because I didn't love it. I didn't even like it. It didn't "feel right." I didn't love what I did to make this "money."

I didn't like the time it took to make all this money which kept me from engaging in things I did love and were much more important to me than spending all my time and energy making money.

In fact I found myself as so many do, in a "money prison." I was trapped in a "seemingly" inescapable cycle. Money prison is no more pleasant or desirable than REAL prison.

And although it DID produce a lot of money...it DIDN'T enable me to experience harmony and fulfillment. In fact it created disharmony. It conflicted with and kept me from engaging in what I "truly love" which resulted in a sense of emptiness...a void that NO amount of money could bridge or fill.

It didn't matter how much money I had. It didn't matter how much "stuff" I had.

And it won't you either unless you are doing what you love and are passionate about.

But don't believe me. Don't take my word for it. Ask others who have "been there and done that" as well and they'll tell you the same thing. Or, you can if you choose take "the long path" and discover how "true that is" for yourself. That's your choice and 100% up to you.

But just like success in the way most define it, Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Happiness and Real Freedom leaves footprints. Those who have walked both paths can assist you and save you from taking the "long path." But you have to recognize those who are willing and able to assist you it's vital that you remain open and receptive and "allow" them to.

That's where "doing" comes into the picture. Doing of a physical nature. A form of "doing" that you love that harmonizes with what you envision, dream about and "value" most.

But that happens on the 4th level. The "physical doing" that is made real and possible by getting levels 2 and 3 in alignment and harmony first.

It begins by understanding the importance of starting and becoming aware of the first level. The level where all things both desired and undesired are derived from. It's the foundation...the field...the "Ultimate Awareness" that determines everything else.

If we choose a shaky foundation, likewise everything preceding that choice will "seem" shaky as well. And eventually regardless of how high we might build the walls at some point, regardless of how much "stuff" we might get, it will all come tumbling down.

We create and experience shaky and less than desirable outcomes. We become "fearful." And then we begin to see and perceive life as being random and chaotic. And we truly believe it and "perceive" it as being factual.

And without fail our lives unfold and reflect our choices unless and until we choose something different.

There is no limitation as to "what" can be experienced. The potential is "infinite in nature." As I ALWAYS have and always will share, as 21st century science has discovered and made VERY clear...ALL probabilities already exist.

If you prefer a more Utopian view and spiritually focused reference...

"As within so without...as above, so below."

As one of the most widely known "Masters" shared...

"I have come that you might have life and have it in abundance."

Abundance is the nature of the flow. The flow always provides abundance.

But abundance doesn't mean only the things that we "desire." What determines what we receive an abundance of? Where does it begin? At the 1st level...the field of "Ultimate Awareness" where EVERYTHING does. An abundance of EVERYTHING exists there as a probability.

And what determines what you receive an abundance of?

As a man thinketh so is he. As you believe you shall receive. What you sow you reap. As within so without.

There is nothing that currently exists, has existed or ever will exist that didn't first exist as a probability. A "wave form" as scientists call it.

The wave form is consciousness. It transmutes from the unseen into emotion...how we feel...which transmutes into what we do, the quality of which is determined by how we feel and determines what we do and what we'll have.

Regardless of how spiritually minded you might be...to produce "tangible results"...measurable results that you love you MUST do.

Which leads us into another profound tidbit of wisdom...

"Faith without works is dead."

Which brings us back to what people often "refer to" and "perceive as being" the Big and small players.

The Big Players are "doers" on all 3 levels. They consciously, (or in some cases even "unconsciously") intentionally and purposefully harmonize all 3 levels that they have control of and are responsible for.

And the small players are hopers and wishers.

Big players live the life they desire, doing what they want, where they want, whenever they want. And although granted they may in some cases be engaging themselves "unconsciously" at the consciousness level, they are doing so in such a way that harmonizes with the flow. Maybe they've been raised differently. Perhaps they've been taught and hold different "beliefs and perceptions" than the small players.

Why doesn't really matter. But inevitably whether they are doing so "consciously or unconsciously" they are doing something right. They're harmonizing with the flow even though they may not be consciously aware of the technical aspects and mechanics of the flow.

They're not waiting on the world to change. They're not waiting for their ship to come in. They understand that for change to become "real" they must create whatever change they desire.

Small players don't think they have any say so in the matter, don't think they can and/or they simply choose not to do anything at all. Or in some cases even, they "think they know" what's necessary based on what they've been "taught" to be the "right way" and remain unwilling to learn how to "do things" differently when they find that what they "think they know" isn't producing the "desired result."

Then once they've "tried" everything they know to try they quit and fall into the "knowing" that life just delivers what it will and they have no say so in the matter.

So they settle and get by.

And they experience "stuckness." They reside and exist within fear.

They "perceive" themselves as creatures and/or victims of life's circumstances and as a result experience outcomes that harmonize with that choice. Life becomes "seemingly" random and chaotic.

But here's the news...everyone can be a miracle worker. As I touched on, everyone IS a miracle worker.

YOU are a miracle worker.

That's not woo woo feel good airy fairy stuff...it's "TRUE."

There is an exact and well documented science behind it. That same science only serves to support and substantiate what the mystics, sages and masters since antiquity have always taught and shared with those who were willing to listen, "get it" and DO something about it.

Once they "get it" and DO it enough, it becomes second nature. It becomes automatic...effortless if you will.

It becomes a subconscious belief that enables you to DO things without having to "try."

How is it that sometimes you do something...tie your shoe...drive to work while chatting on the cell phone, etc and sometimes not even really remember how you did it?

Because, you do it subconsciously, like an autopilot.

That's exactly how the BIG players consistently attract abundance, harmony and fulfillment in EVERY aspect of life. They go through their lives and make all the right turns and do all the right things effortlessly.

That's why the "rich get richer and the poor get poorer."

So really in a nutshell the only difference between the Big and small players is that one group doesn't accept responsibility...they choose not to define and plan their futures all the while believing and perceiving that life just unfolds as it will based on fate, luck or chance.

They fully believe that they're "creatures and/or victims" of whatever hand life deals them.

And "Ultimate Awareness" provides it just as they choose.

Due to their choice, they get to be right. But it doesn't make it true for everyone. It only becomes "true" and happens that way for them due to what they "perceive and believe" as being true.

But it's not based on a "Higher Truth", it's only true and becomes real for those who choose that way of "being and doing" for themselves which without fail determines what they'll have or not have.

One group "consciously creates" and the other doesn't.

The Big Players do so "consciously and intentionally" and the small players choose to remain "unconscious" of the fact that they're choosing and/or creating at all.

Nothing "wrong" with either. One just yields greater and far more "pleasing tangible results." Measurable results.

One way enables you to experience "Real Freedom" and the other way enables you to experience "stuckness."

Change Your Being and You'll Change Your World

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the Big Players. He understood and he freely shared that understanding with those who are willing to listen and heed his advice.

He clearly understood and conveyed where ALL results are derived from. He clearly understood the 1st level. He understood it was the foundation that was most important and the place from where everything else would be built upon.

Here's what Mahatma Gandhi said that can, if we choose to allow it to, enable us to move from the little league and graduate into the Big Leagues...to "do" what we love and begin producing "tangible results" that we love.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

And I might add, it's GREAT advice. Profoundly empowering advice that will yield many more of the tangible results you "truly desire" and far less of those that you don't should you choose to remain open and receptive to it and just as important, "apply it" consciously and intentionally.

Advice that can enhance EVERY aspect of your life REGARDLESS of where you currently are or what your past has been should you choose to recognize, internalize and "apply" it.

Big players keep their focus on the future and where they're going. They keep their predominant focus on the "desired target" rather than on what they don't want. They engage themselves on the "mental, emotional and physical level" consistently taking steps that move them toward their desired destination.

They remain fixated on what they Love.

Their way of "being" is harmonized with what they want on all levels.

Small players look back on the past in remorse and regret. They worry about what might happen today or at some point in the future due to what has happened to them before.

They enable and allow fear, doubt and worry to become their predominant way of being. They focus on what they "don't want" which instills even greater fear and keeps them from "doing" anything at all. And that chosen way of being always...ALWAYS creates additional effects that harmonize perfectly based on their choices.

Where you are doesn't matter. Where you've been doesn't matter. Even if you're in a place of fear of the future currently, even it doesn't matter should you choose to acknowledge and move through it by harmonizing with and keeping your "minds eye" on what you love and taking action when that way of being attracts the ways and means to make what you Love real.

Because love ALWAYS overpowers fear. Love enables you to choose. Love enables you to become and remain conscious or continue down the "unconscious" path that so many walk.

Past and future doesn't matter. That's all "immaterial" stuff. It doesn't matter...unless WE ourselves choose to "allow it" to matter.

Love is the dominant force and can lead our lives if we choose to "allow" it to. We "allow" it to by choosing to utilize it and "consciously engage" it's power right here and now on all 3 levels.

So how do we do that?

We focus our attention on what we love. We speak in a way that harmonizes with our focused attention. We act out in physical ways, a kind and quality of action that harmonizes with love.

We express that action in "tangible ways" by contributing...providing "real value" in "tangible ways by doing things" that we love that fulfill the wants and needs of those whose paths we cross.

When we choose to do things in that way we are consciously harmonizing with love on ALL levels and the rest becomes automatic. We begin "receiving" what we love. It's automatic and begins showing up in ways that many refer to as "effortless."

Past, present, future doesn't matter. Where we've been, where we are and what the future holds doesn't matter. What matters is what we are choosing to "be" now...what we choose to "do" now.

All that matters is what we choose to allow to matter.

And what we "allow" to matter becomes "matter" at some point. It's transmuted from "wave forms of probability" into particles of "matter." It becomes "real and tangible" and unfolds in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of our lives.

Not allowing it to is a way of being just as allowing it to is a way of being. Both ways of "being" boil down to an individual choice and it's you and you alone that gets to make it.

And those who choose to become one the Big Players follow that advice whether they do so consciously or unconsciously. They simply don't "allow" where they are or where they've been to matter which is how they've gotten into what most categorize as being in the Big Leagues.

They "choose" a certain way of "being." A way of being that enables and empowers them to move through and beyond the fear enabling them to reach, create and experience what they love and desire.

That's the foundation. That's where it all begins. Our chosen way of being. It's what determines all the stuff that follows. It becomes real or remains a figment of our imagination. It's what separates those who have from those who don't have.

That's what limits most people and keeps them from getting what they want. They fail to see the power behind "being." They overlook and downplay the power of Imagination. They choose to do, do, do in a strictly "physical kind of way" and without even realizing that it matters, or due to "fear based beliefs" they "do" what they "perceive" as being necessary to survive and get by regardless of how much they might dislike or even hate what they do.

They "imagine and envision" the worst.

They're chosen way of "being" harmonizes with their "doing."

And their "tangible outcomes" reflect that choice, just as they choose. Results become difficult...hard earned and in many cases "seemingly" impossible. But when it "seems" that way, it's only because we haven't yet chosen to recognize the way of "being"...the first essential level of being that's determining the result.

We've simply built on a shaky foundation. We're "unconsciously" moving away from what we want...what we love.

The small players are "unconscious" and choose to remain "unaware" of that fact.

They "perceive" something as being "true" regarding what's possible or not possible for themselves when in the bigger scheme of things it isn't really true at all. But only a limited "perception" based on limiting beliefs acquired throughout life which in turn limits the kind and quality of their "tangible outcomes."

They buy into and base their lives on the "myth" of how hard, unrealistic, impractical, illogical, irrational and impossible it is to create our lives by design rather than by default.

They CHOOSE a cynical and pessimistic outlook rather than an I CAN and WILL outlook.

And they get to be right. We ALL get to be right. What most fail to grasp and understand is that our rightness...the choices that we each have the same ability to make or not make are quite literally INFINITE in nature.

They "perceive and believe" something to be true which is reflected in their life just as they choose yet greater probabilities exist. Probabilities that are infinite in nature. They are always there. They always have been. They always will be. And they can choose them whenever they choose to. They're just choosing something different.

They simply "choose" to have limiting "beliefs and perceptions." Their chosen way of "being" is disharmonious with attracting, creating and experiencing what they "love" and "claim" they want.

Sometimes this "perception" of what's possible or not possible happens due to what you feel and "perceive" as being true about yourself. Sometimes it's about what you "perceive" as being possible or not possible based on the size and scope of the desire. Sometimes it's what you "believe and perceive" about others.

But regardless of how real you might perceive your individual desires to be...regardless of what you might want more of individually, it MUST all harmonize with Love. And to do that consciously, intentionally and consistently...to get it you MUST know and clearly define what that is.

Let's go to Part 3 and explore that next...

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