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Discovering and Navigating
The Narrow Path

Part 4 of 4

Navigating, Mastering and Consciously Initiating Your Ability To Attract and Create "Material Abundance"


"An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea."
~ Buddha ~

There are a lot of unsettling things happening in the world not the least of which is wonder, curiosity and in many cases outright fear with regard to what's taking place in the financial arena.

With that being "true", although we won't be placing any focus on what's "wrong" due to what's going on "out there" we ARE going to talk about creating "material and monetary wealth." More specifically your ability and/or "perceived inability" to create and experience it for yourself.

First and foremost, if you find yourself in the "mindset" of the vast majority, based on what's going on in the global financial arena currently, you might "perceive" the concept of becoming "materially wealthy"...or just financially comfortable and secure even...as being irrational, illogical and just flat out impossible.

One thing is certain...

If you're "thinking and perceiving" that, you'll get to be right. You'll experience just that. Not because it's "true" but only because YOU are choosing that as "your truth" and as a result of that choice you'll experience just that for yourself.

And although it will, without question, make it and keep it "true" for you as long as you choose that for yourself, it's most certainly not because it HAS to be "true."

I suppose the simplest way to put it in a way that anyone can grasp is to say that it's not based on a "Higher Truth" that enables and allows us to choose and experience life in whatever way we choose.

The fact of the matter is, we can choose as puny and limiting or tremendous and abundant a truth as we desire. We've each been freely provided "the gift" to do just that as well as the creative power to make that choice "real and tangible."

And it's that very power that enables what we choose to become our reality.

Because the "The Higher Truth" is every conceivable outcome, regardless of how grand or "seemingly unbearable" it might be is available to us and the Universe, God or whatever the Source of your understanding might be can, WILL and DOES provide us what we choose.

WHATSOEVER we choose.

And that same Source can provide poverty, lack limitation and discord just as simply and easily as He/She/It can provide us with material abundance, plenty, fulfillment and harmony.

The ONLY thing that determines what Source WILL or WON'T do is based on YOUR inalienable right of free will to choose, decide, do and receive as a result.

It's my hope that this months edition of Enlightened Journey will enable and empower you to "clearly see that as well as enable and empower you to choose more "consciously" and get more of whatever you aspire to be, do and have in your life.

In case you're unfamiliar with what my personal definition of Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom is, let’s be clear. It entails MUCH MORE than acquiring some predefined amount of money and material stuff.

There’s a ton (maybe even 3 tons) of misinformation about wealth and prosperity circulating out there. Real Wealth, Real Prosperity and Real Freedom is multi-faceted. It includes radiant and vibrant health, wholesome and fulfilling relationships, inner peace, and a strong spiritual connection.

But make no mistake. It ALSO includes the money and material things that bring joy to your life.

Some so-called prosperity and spiritual teachers claim that money isn’t important. And as you gathered from Part 3 there are a number of people who, for whatever reason choose the same mentality.

That’s just flat out silly from my perspective. It’s pretty hard to feel prosperous if you’re struggling to make a car payment or the rent. There are also those who focus on the materialistic side of things and ignore the spiritual side.

That’s just as shortsighted.

Point being, Real Success, Real Wealth and Real Freedom requires experiencing harmony in ALL aspects of life.

And contrary to many teachings circulating today, to manifest true prosperity, you have to do more than sit in your easy chair watching ‘The Secret” over and over. It requires more than kicking back and visualizing your dream life into being.

Don’t get me wrong. The Secret was a great production. It’s introduced the law of attraction to millions of people around the world. And visualization is a great tool too, but you need more than that.

Creating Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom requires consciously harmonizing BEING and DOING.

I know based on many years of working with countless individuals that MOST choose to settle and get by and as a result of "doing so" make settling and getting by a way of life.

Not because having to settle and get by is "true or necessary", as in that's what we HAVE to do or settle for.

We CAN but we certainly don't have to although many DO believe that they DO have to and have no choice in the matter. But it's not based on a "Higher Truth." It's a filtered awareness that keeps many from seeing the Infinite possibilities and potential that exists within Ultimate Awareness.

Settling and getting by only becomes "true" because some choose it as their truth.

It's most definitely NOT true based on what I've spent the better part of 3 decades "consciously exploring, studying and experiencing" which has brought me to the conclusion, with the "measurable results" to back it up, that there does and has always been what I now refer to as a "Higher Truth" than most choose to become "aware of", harmonize with and live by.

And that Higher Truth makes it VERY clear, apparent and should we choose to become "consciously aware of" it's infinite scope, become EXTREMELY excited and empowered due to the fact that because every conceivable outcome ALREADY exists within it, we can have as much or as little in life as we ourselves choose.

You simply cannot out believe or "under believe" Source. WHATEVER you choose as YOUR truth..."Higher Truth" provides.

Ultimately there is no "truth" or "untruth." Truth is eternal and Infinite in nature. You define your truth for yourself and Source provides your experience as you choose.

Science, Spirituality, Nature, The New Biology and Personal Experience ALL Point To The Very Same Empowering Truth

This "Higher Truth" I refer to isn't based on some "newfound Secret, hype or airy fairy nonsense. It was acquired through exploring and walking down a number of paths.

It's based on years of studying and exploring what the most brilliant minds in modern day scientific circles have discovered, explored and found to be an "infinite wave field" of probability. And as far as they've come, they haven't even scratched the surface.

It's also based on what the mystics, sages and masters since antiquity have taught and attempted to get those who followed them to see. One of countless thousands of bits of transformational insight and wisdom that supports what modern day science has discovered is "The Kingdom of God is within you."

It's also based on and supported through studying and developing an in depth understanding of psychological, neurological and biological functions of the human body.

It was also derived in a very simple, practical and logical way by taking a deeper and "conscious" look at the abundance of nature and the unwavering and never ceasing cycles that create, sustain and continue to expand life throughout the Universe.

And in a very simple, down to earth and very easy to substantiate kind of way, it's based on what the most influential, successful and HAPPY people in the modern world utilize to become and remain one of a very small minority who due to their "uncommon" choices and way of viewing the world, experience Real Wealth, Real Harmony and Real Freedom that MOST believe and perceive themselves unable to experience...

...Which Source provides them just as they choose.

But probably the most important, convincing, enlightening and beneficial path of any of those paths I chose to walk during my "exploration process" is the path of personal experience. It was that path that clearly showed in a "measurable kind of way" that "consciously" harmonizing and "applying" what I discovered as I walked down and explored these various paths, provided some "profoundly pleasing and transformational results.

Some of those experiences were quite profound and indescribable and some were quite logical, practical and once I made a "conscious choice" to see them, discovered just how "stupid simple" it all is.

Collectively...through conscious and intentional application they enabled and empowered me to understand that I, you and everyone else on this planet CAN become a conscious, purposeful and intentional creator of your life anytime you choose to.

You can and in fact ARE creating every second of every minute of every day. Most are just "choosing" to do their creating "unconsciously."

We have the capacity and the ability to create in a displeasing fashion as well as the ability to create results that are harmonious with what we "truly desire."

Very Pleasing, Fulfilling and Measurable Results.

And much to my amazement, once I understood that and began "applying" what I'd discovered, more of those desirable results began "showing up" in the most "simple, amazing and almost mind boggling ways." Ways that I was previously unable to "conceive" which is the VERY THING that kept them from becoming real and true for me.

And because of my own experiences, I "know" if you're experiencing anything "less than" you "truly desire", are serious about and committed to making whatever desires you have "real and tangible", the same can become "true" for you IF ever and WHENEVER you make the "choice" to "allow" them to.

But make no mistake. Doing so requires some doing. It requires a commitment on your part to learn and understand how to DO the right things in the right order and once you know how, following through to DO them.

The same rules apply to all of us.

You could say that my current state of "BEING" and a greatly enhanced quality of life was made possible through many years of "DOING" certain things in such a way that most choose not to.

Yet because of that...combined with the fact that I've made it my mission and purpose in life to share what I've learned and experienced to assist those who are open, receptive and willing to internalize and "DO" what I've discovered through those many years of "path walking", it doesn't have to take you the many years it took me to discover how powerful and transformational what I've discovered is.

That's why I share and continue to DO what I do. I love it and I'm passionate about it.

I can, do and will continue to show and teach those who are "truly seeking and desiring" a greater quality of life for themselves with the "mind boggling simple" process I've discovered, utilize, have found to be and choose to call "the short path" that will enable those who are serious and committed to experience just that.

And as you'll soon discover, I'm going to be doing that on a much more intense and personal level with a select group in the coming weeks and show those selected just how real, true and powerful what I've discovered and experienced is. (More about that in a while.)

But the sad fact is, as many as there are that "claim" that they want more in their lives, the vast majority won't and/or don't DO what's necessary to experience just how capable and powerfully creative they are to create whatever MORE they desire for their themselves.

They never take the first step simply because they "believe and perceive" that what they must do and how they must do it is quite complex and difficult. You could say they refuse to take the first essential step due to "unfounded" and quite "untrue" beliefs and perceptions that keep them venturing down the "long, hard path" fully believing and perceiving that's just how life is.

The reason for that is quite "simple" as well. I "know" how simple, due to my own experience which I'll share with you in the hopes that it might turn on the "lightbulb" enabling you to see not only why, but how "simple" it can be to "choose" something better for yourself.

The single greatest thing I've learned through all of my personal experiences and "path walking" that "could" prove to be immediately beneficial to you is this...

Coming to the realization that MUCH of what I had learned and developed a "knowing about" throughout my life was the very "knowing" that had to be undone to begin attracting and experiencing the results that I personally "desired" to experience.

And once I made that choice and commitment to "enhance and elevate my understanding regarding the simplicity, perfection and unerring nature of "Higher Truth" I began to "see in tangible form" just how simple and "pleasingly transformational" that choice was in both tangible and intangible ways.

And the VERY SAME simple truth applies to you. Or it CAN at least.

I'm not one to sugar coat things, so I'll say this in the most "loving" yet direct way I can...

If you're not experiencing a kind and quality of life that you desire for yourself, it's simply because of limiting and self sabotaging choices that YOU are making based on what you "perceive yourself to know" or there's an unwillingness to apply what you know to "allow" the shift to work for you.

Because the Higher Truth is there is NOTHING...NO THING that you cannot be, do or have...period.

Whatever that might be for you individually.

Let me preface that statement with this...

There are NO limitations or exceptions with the exception of the limitations you place on YOURSELF.

That's THE KEY to creating desirable change. Being open, willing and receptive to accepting the fact that what you know "may be" the very thing keeping you from what you want or it's that same "knowing" that you "perceive" as being "true" that's making what you "truly desire" hard, difficult, seemingly complex and in a number of cases impossible to acquire.

If that's the case, making "the shift" is really as "simple" as choosing to learn and understand who and what you "truly are", the power provided to you and the simplicity and the perfection of the process that makes "heartfelt desires" real and tangible or keeps them from you.

And in the vast majority of cases it requires nothing more or less than choosing to elevate and enhance what you "know."

It's MUCH more about "unlearning" than it is learning actually. We don't have to learn anything really. We ALL already KNOW this stuff. It's ingrained in us. It's an inherent part of who we are.

That's a vitally important point so I'll repeat...

We ALREADY KNOW anything and EVERYTHING we need to know to create AMAZING...MIRACULOUS and measurable results in our lives.

We only have to be open and receptive to being reminded (RE-MINDED) so we can remember (RE-MEMBER) how to begin "consciously utilizing" what we know already.

And ironically...at least it seems ironic due to the way I'd always been "taught" to do things...the greatest, most empowering and profoundly creative thing you can do, which BEGINS at the mental level is to stop struggling and "trying" so hard to DO and develop the ability to "consciously BE" which in a "seemingly magical kind of way" opens the floodgates and "allows" things to flow to and happen for you.

Because as I've since discovered through my many years of "path walking", it's an indisputable and easily verifiable fact that any "perceived" lack, limitation, disharmony and discord in any aspect of life is the result of "unconsciously choosing" the polar opposite of what is desired.

And in 9 out of 10 cases these "unconscious choices" are being made by those who are really good people, work really hard, do the best they "know" how to do yet due to their focus and clingy attachment to "outcomes" sabotage the attraction of those outcomes in their lives.

So, I would ask, before making any dis-empowering and self limiting decisions to allow a "settling and getting by" mentality based on any "perceived truths" you might be choosing to keep you from creating and experiencing a "Higher Truth"...namely a quality of life limited only by YOUR choices, I'd ask that you read, internalize and if you "resonate with" and "get the transformational power behind it", make a "conscious choice" to "internalize and apply" what I'll be revealing here.

It will clearly reveal to you, in a tangible and measurable kind of way, the power and necessity behind "consciously harmonizing" your chosen way of "BEING" and "DOING" in such a way that produces what the vast majority "perceive" as being miraculous results.

Let's Digress a Bit and Start At The Beginning

In Parts 1 through 3 that was sent out on June 7th we covered a lot about BEING. We also touched a little on the "right kind of doing" and the importance of harmonizing these 2 EQUALLY IMPORTANT aspects that determines what you'll have or not have.

Hopefully you've read that and gathered the fact that whichever way you choose to "do things", which you do have COMPLETE and TOTAL control over, will always in ALL WAYS determine the kind and quality of your "tangible results."

If you haven't read it or have forgotten and need a refresher, I'd highly recommend reading it again.

It could and perhaps will make ALL the difference for you.

What I'll be sharing here will enable and empower those who "get it" and see the "value and power" behind it, to engage themselves in both tangible and intangible ways (mentally, emotionally and physically) enabling and empowering you to begin "consciously and consistently creating" and "getting" more of the desirable "stuff" that you aspire to create in your life.

It doesn't matter where you've been, what you've experienced or where you're starting from. The only thing that DOES matter is what you choose for yourself starting right now which will unfold just as you choose at some point in the future.

It's my hope and intention that you'll choose Real Wealth, Real Harmony and Real Freedom although ultimately that choice is yours.

As you'll soon "hopefully" see and understand, you'll have everything necessary to make Real Wealth, Real Harmony and Real Freedom of both a tangible and intangible nature real and true for yourself.

A more accurate statement would be that you have everything you need already. Most just need someone to show them why in a logical and practical kind of way and point out just how "true" that is.

That's my intention for you.

We're going to be focusing and placing a bit more emphasis on the "doing" part of the equation as it relates to acquiring "monetary and material wealth" specifically, although I'll mix it up a bit to reinforce and re-mind you just how important the "being" aspect is..."consciously being."

And although we'll be predominantly focused on the "doing" part of the equation, I'll ask that you keep in mind that all "doing"...all tangible results of a tangible nature originate, are derived from and are a direct reflection of what we are choosing to "BE."

And to eliminate any possibility of confusion I'll begin by clarifying that our chosen way of BEING begins at the level of "consciousness." What we "choose" to think and HOW we "choose" to think.

Simply put...BEING is an internal thing...something that we have complete and total control over and the externals...the DOING as well as the events, conditions, circumstances, relationships, money, stuff etc. that we attract as a result are in essence a mirrored reflection that ALWAYS harmonize with that choice.

BEING is the 1st and most vital step in "consciously creating" desired outcomes and "doing" follows.

Most get it backwards. A more accurate way to describe it would be that most are "unconscious" of what they're being or they're choosing a way of "being based on a very limiting "truth." As a result they often place most or in some cases ALL of their time, focus, emphasis and energy on a very limited and "unconscious way of doing things" which is the very reason so many "perceive" that desirable "tangible results" are so difficult and in a large number of cases impossible to acquire.

Rest assured they're not unless YOU choose for them to be.

Mediocre, hard earned, difficult and impossible results are created in the same way "seemingly effortless" and extraordinary results are.

It's only necessary to become aware of the fact that simplicity or complexity are nothing more or less than individual choices as well.

The Most Significant and Profound Changes Are Made Real and Tangible Through Consciously Applying The "Simplest" of Concepts

There's a saying...a very simple yet profoundly transformational saying that's been around for thousands and thousands of years. It's an extremely transformational tidbit of wisdom that supports and validates just how "true" and important it is to become conscious of your chosen way of "being and doing" things.

It's been said so much and in so many different ways that it's become a cliche and perhaps because of that, most overlook it or don't pay it any mind and all.

That's also the very reason that so many experience lives of lesser quality than they truly desire and often "perceive" the world as being random, chaotic and both "perceive" as well as attempt to justify that their "less than desired" outcomes are in some way, shape or form dependent on what's going on "out there" in the world around them.

That saying in essence is...

"What you "think about" you become."

That statement is for the most part true. But there's more to it than just that. Thinking...more specifically conscious and intentional "thinking" combined with "doing" what we're led to do (through ways and means that we attract) when "conscious and intentional thinking" is utilized is what makes "extraordinary and "seemingly miraculous tangible results", tangible.

In other words Real Wealth, Real Harmony, Real Happiness and Real Freedom begins inside.

When we make a "conscious effort" to enhance and elevate what's going on within ourselves...when we "choose" to initiate "measurable changes" within ourselves, we enable and empower ourselves to enhance and "allow" the externals...the money, health and relationships that we "desire" to become measurable as well.

We literally attract them.

As "true" as that is, it's also important to make another clarification.

Our minds which are the creative tools provided to us, giving us the ability to think and reason, also determine what we attract as well as enable us to choose which kind of "actions" we take or don't take in a "tangible" kind of way.

You could say that "mind" serves 2 purposes...

It serves as the gatekeeper between the "seen and unseen" realms and determines what is drawn from the "unseen" where EVERYTHING tangible is derived from which science refers to as the "infinite wave field of probability where ALL probabilities already exist.

The mind also serves as the "software" or the navigation device for the brain. The mind "feeds the brain data" that's responsible for and determines what we do or don't do as we go about our lives in the "tangible world" of shape and form.

How we choose to use that tool is the deciding factor in what we experience in both tangible and intangible ways.

The jury's in. EVERYTHING in life...in yours, mine and everyone elses is a product of mind. ALL things, both seen and unseen were derived from and are the result of "consciousness."

As "true" as that is there's another VITALLY IMPORTANT clarification that's necessary to become "aware of"...

Contrary to many of the shallow, superficial and just flat out "wrong and misleading" teachings circulating today and the flood of "Get Whatever You Want" cookie cutter approach Law of Attraction products, courses, etc. that have become so prevalent since the release of the blockbuster production "The Secret"...any aspiration, hope, dream, goal or vision you might hold, regardless of how much you might envision, affirm, visualize and regardless of how "strongly" you might believe in it's materialization, if it's not followed up with and supported by inspired, focused and consistent action, you cannot and WILL NOT produce NOR receive the desire.

You can, as so many have recently, buy into all the rhetoric and marketing hype claiming that you can just "Imagine" your dream life into being and "POOF" there it is if you choose.

I can and will assure you based on my own "path walking" as well as many others who have "tried" such an approach, it's not a choice that will provide you with a kind and quality of "measurable results" that most are "trying and working and DOING so hard to get.

I can't begin to count the books, programs etc I've reviewed where I've heard or read that you get what you want.

It's obvious that those who teach and/or write about such jibberish are people who have read some Law of Attraction book who jump on the "marketing" bandwagon to capitalize on how FAST and EASY it is to get what you want by simply being introduced to and becoming aware that what's recently been labeled as the Law of Attraction.

It's all but implied that once you're introduced to and made aware of this "Newfound Secret" you begin getting what you want.

Understanding that, let's make 2 additional VITALLY IMPORTANT Clarifications!!!

1) The fact is you don't get what you want in life...you get what you choose.

2) The Law of Attraction is not, never has been and never will be "A Secret" and is most definitely nothing NEW.

You CAN get whatever you want but you DON'T get whatever you want unless and until you begin "consciously choosing" what you want and DOING something to get it.

It's been that way since the beginning of time itself and will continue to be that way long after we're gone.

Consider this...

If we got whatever we want by simply "knowing" about the Law of Attraction MILLIONS upon MILLIONS who saw The Secret would be "getting anything and everything that they want.

The sad fact is they're NOT. Not because they can't but rather because they're not "consciously choosing" to. In fact, the way that so many of these so called "Law of Attraction teachers" are telling people "how" to attract what they want is the VERY THING that is attracting the polar opposite.

I'm not going to go off on a tangent about that. That's a whole other newsletter.

Point being...

To get what you want requires "consciously choosing" it and it goes well beyond simply "knowing" and being aware that the Law of Attraction, as it's being called now, is real.

It's been real and you HAVE BEEN using it your entire life, ever since you arrived here. Knowing about it and simply becoming "consciously aware" that it is here and working in EVERY aspect of your life isn't going to "change" anything unless additional "conscious choices" are made.

Consciously choosing begins by making the choice to become conscious of the quality of your consciousness. And as crazy as that might sound...most aren't consciously aware of what they're "thinking about" which determines the quality of their chosen way of "BEING", which in turn determines what we get.

In fact 95 PLUS percent of the daily thoughts the vast majority think are quite "unconscious!!"

Each and every minute of every day, we are carrying on an internal dialogue with ourselves. We are constantly thinking and talking to ourselves in every waking moment.

In fact, the experts claim that we think an average of 60,000 thoughts per day.

Why is that relevant?

Each and every master of the past can be quoted as saying that...

  • "Our thoughts create our world."

  • "As we believe we receive"

  • As a man thinketh so is he

  • Faith is the substance of things "hoped for" the evidence of things not seen."

  • ...and HUNDREDS of others.

Modern day science has come to the very same conclusion although they describe it in a bit different way...

  • And thought struggles against the results, trying to avoid those unpleasant results while keeping on with that way of thinking. That is what I call 'sustained incoherence.' - David Bohm

  • "Imagination is the greatest creative force in the Universe. Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." - Albert Einstein

  • "Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. It forces us to change our thinking in order to find it." - Niels Bohr

  • "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

  • ...and HUNDREDS more

When you "think about that" and really consider the implications and how your inner dialogue is the starting point that impacts every aspect of your life, it becomes very apparent that it's important...vitally important in fact to become and remain conscious and aware of the quality of the thoughts that most think "unconsciously" 95 PLUS percent of the time without even being "consciously aware" that any "thinking" is going on or what the quality of those thoughts are.

It's especially important considering the fact that the vast majority of those thoughts are in some way, shape or form negative, conflict with and are resistant to what we "claim" we want due to various factors, the primary factor being what we have been programmed, conditioned and indoctrinated to "believe" and "think we know."

Our "unconscious" and "less than true" thought processes become habitual. We "unconsciously engage in habitual thought patterns that we're "UNAWARE" of and EVERY sage, mystic, master, scientist and numerous other VERY SMART people clearly tell us it's the most important foundational thing to "know" and BE aware of.

Here's why most are unaware of the majority of their thoughts...

Habitually focused and repeated "unconscious" thought processes run under the radar like a continual tape loop at the "subconscious level" and have become ingrained habitual patterns that often times escape our "conscious awareness."

Although "knowing that" and becoming aware of what they are is a very important and vital first step, there's more to it than that.

Consciously choosing and "consciously creating" DESIRED results happens by having a clearly defined target, becoming "keenly aware" of what's going on within yourself at both a conscious and subconscious level, making the necessary adjustments when you recognize that your chosen way of "being" conflicts with the desire and following up in a way that harmonizes with whatever is "desired" through conscious, focused and intentional action.

When you harmonize a "heartfelt desire" with conscious and intentional focus and combine that with conscious, intentional and consistent action, while letting go of any anxious or clingy attachment to the outcome you DO get what you want.

And it NEVER fails.

I know based on both personal experience as well as well as working with a number of people globally who have bought into and "tried" the "woo woo" wave the magic wand approach that have discovered first hand just how "true" and necessary each of those "steps" are.

The "fast food" and the "I don't want to have to "DO" anything" mentality...although appealing to the "I want it and I want it now" crowd and quite "profitable" for those who choose to capitalize on it, isn't and never has been an approach that will get you what you want.

You can certainly walk that path if you choose or you can observe and learn from those who have "been there and done that" already and shorten your path.

Those who experience extraordinary "tangible results" in life "know and understand" that conscious intention combined with focused, consistent and INTENTIONAL action are both vital and necessary components for "seeing" tangible and measurable results.

It's nothing more or less than understanding and developing the clarity to "choose consciously"...hold the proper INTENTION....remain focused on and moving toward the "desired outcome" and as you do remaining open, receptive and willing to take "inspired action" when the ways and means reveal themselves.

It's really as simple as learning how to "consciously and consistently utilize" the tools that we've each been provided.

Which brings us to another VITALLY IMPORTANT clarification...

There's a fine line...a razors edge if you will between what most "think, believe and perceive" they NEED or HAVE to DO in the way of action and the kind of focused, intentional and "conscious action" that actually produces extraordinary and "seemingly miraculous" results.

That includes attracting more money and material abundance than most can "conceive" or "perceive" as being rational, logical and/or possible.

There's a HUGE and Powerfully Creative Difference Between ACTION and Inspired Action

We're ALL taking some form of action every day. Even inaction is action in a sense in the same way that not choosing something is also a choice.

There are an infinite number of actions that we can take. We can take forced action, no action, fearful action etc. etc.

Inspired action is the kind of action that produces MIRACULOUS results.

"Inspired action" ALWAYS "feels good." It's pleasurable and enjoyable. Inspired action aligns and harmonizes with "love and passion."

Passion is "BEING" expressed through ACTION which is VITAL for producing "desirable tangible results."

Although "BEING" is where it all begins...the seed level or the foundation if you will, from where ALL "tangible results" in life come from...whether "desirable" or otherwise...Consciously "BEING" combined with harmonizing what you choose to DO with "the proper intention"...namely LOVE and engaging yourself in a way that you Love and are passionate about, is an essential and equally as important part of the equation necessary for those who "truly expect" to attract, create and receive "extraordinary, desirable and long term" tangible results.

Consciously choosing and acting NEVER feels bad. In fact it "feels" incredibly good.

Which brings us to yet another vitally important clarification...

When you "feel bad", contrary to what many "think they know", those aren't feelings at all. They're "emotions" triggered by anxious and/or fearful thought patterns in the mind that ignite an electrochemical process in your body.

This electrochemical process releases naturally created chemicals throughout the body that create "reactions" in the body that serve a very "good" and useful purpose when eminent "physical danger" is present that could prove harmful to the body.

But when this process is ignited "unconsciously" and is engaged in "long term" it can and does make us "feel bad."

But in 99% of the cases the danger isn't "real" at all...meaning there is no "immediate danger" but only "perceived" danger or a "perceived threat" of some form, that's only "perceived" that way due to "less than true information" we've acquired throughout our lives.

When this strong emotional response occurs, regardless of how "true or untrue" it is, it further supports, solidifies, creates and embeds self limiting beliefs at a "subconscious level" that were initially imprinted within it because of "less than true" "beliefs and perceptions" about what "danger" truly is.

Our subconscious triggers ignite this "automatic response" based on beliefs and perceptions that danger is present when the "Higher Truth" is, there exists NO such thing.

Let's define danger so you get how important a point this is.

Stepping in the path of a fast moving vehicle is "danger." Physical harm that can harm the physical body in some way, shape or form is "danger."

Anything less is "perceived" danger. Not enough money in your bank account is "perceived danger." Something that "may" happen in the future is "perceived" danger.

In these cases, there is no "real danger" present with the exception of our choice to "perceive it" as danger which initiates the very same electrochemical response which makes us "feel bad" and blocks out the attraction of the very ways and means that would enable you to quickly overcome this "perceived danger" which isn't really dangerous or threatening at all UNLESS YOU choose for it to be.

This "reaction" is only made possible due to fearful and anxious "thought patterns" that have become ingrained at a subconscious level.

Fearful and anxious thoughts are derived through data acquired at some point in the past that conflicts with and can never produce "desirable outcomes." They ALWAYS make you "feel bad."

Many times this "less than true" data has been chosen, believed and is "unconsciously utilized" by us to create "less than desired experiences" in the past of a tangible nature.

It doesn't make the past experience true or untrue. It doesn't make it right or wrong. It doesn't make it good or bad even. What it does do is points to our judgments and opinions of the experience made real due to our "perceptions and beliefs" regarding the experience and enables us to decide if it's something that we would "love" to experience again or not.

If it's something that we feared and we "allow" it to, it can and does become further ingrained and solidified at a "subconscious level" which determines our reaction to the same "outcome" at some point in the future igniting the same "fear based" reaction. That reaction then determines what we "receive" at some point in the future.

We create and fall into undesirable cycles and patterns and "believe" we can't change them. It doesn't prove that we're less than capable to get what we want. It doesn't show that the world is random and chaotic.

It DOES mean that we have allowed some disempowering "subconscious beliefs" to form that we can...should we choose to rewrite.

It DOES show how "perfect, precise, unwavering, non-judgmental and immutable the process of creation is. It DOES, if we choose to "look at WHAT'S truly going on and choose to see it" enable us to see and understand just how powerfully creative we are.

We only need become "conscious and aware" of the simplicity and unwavering perfection of the process and learn to choose consciously. We only need learn and understand that our choices to engage in fear even though no imminent danger is present is the very thing that creates more of the events, conditions and circumstances that we fear and makes what we "don't want" real and tangible in our lives.

Because the process...more specifically "the laws" that govern the process makes it real, true and tangible in exact proportion to what we chose for it to be.

It's VERY simple, elegant and it's ALWAYS perfect.

Experiences are always "true" in a tangible and experiential kind of way and the kind and quality of the experience enables us to know if we we're using the tools that we've ALL been freely provided "consciously or unconsciously" which made the experience what it is.

Consciously creating "desirable results" requires us to become keenly and consciously aware of ourselves. As Socrates so wisely stated..."Know Thyself" and choose to begin "consciously utilizing" the creative power that we ALL use every second of every minute of EVERY DAY is VITAL if we "truly desire" to begin getting what we want.

Everything You Do, Everything You See, Everything You Perceive, Everything You Receive and Experience Is Nothing More or Less Than Data

Let's look at the mental, emotional and physical aspects of our choices as data. Because they are only that, although most aren't "consciously aware" of that fact.

We won't get into all the mathematical and scientific facts that support how true that is.

We will use it as an analogy to simplify understanding that you DO get whatever you choose based on the data that you choose.

If we have experienced or are experiencing something less than desired we can know that the data that we used to create it is flawed or "disharmonious" with what we "consciously desire" and claim we want.

To create something else...something that is more in harmony with the desire, we only need change the data. We MUST use different data if we hope to create a different outcome.

What keeps so many from experiencing the harmony and fulfillment that Higher Truth ALWAYS provides is a choice to continue relying on and re-using flawed data and choosing "fear" as our focus due to the results that originated from and was created by the "flawed data."

It's quite "simple" to get into and get "seemingly trapped" in an undesirable cycle by "doing something" based on "flawed data" which creates an undesirable event, condition and/or circumstance.

Many times we use this "less than accurate" data which creates an undesirable outcome that we "choose" to call failure. Creation never fails. When it "seems" it does we are only utilizing data that conflicts with the desired outcome.

Then at some point in the future, due to relying on the data derived from the outcome (the "perceived failure") we often never "try" again due to fear.

Here's why that happens...

Fear, which is a very powerful emotional response becomes programmed and stored at a subconscious level. It's later recalled for future use by the conscious mind when a similar situation comes up.

When that happens as a result of the "past experience" a fear response is triggered which has become a habitual response and we "allow" the "recalled data" to determine our action or inaction.

In essence we "perceive" that since it happened in a less than desirable way once, it must be true. We also often "perceive" ourselves as less than capable or any other number of "less than true" perceptions.

But the Higher Truth is that the failure ingrained at the "subconscious level" which created the habitual response was created due to false data to begin with...NOT a flawed system and certainly not because YOU are flawed and unable to make corrections.

The system...the process and YOU are in the bigger scheme of things "harmonized" and creating something perfectly and precisely ALL the time. If it's a less than desired outcome, although it's often called "disharmonious", the Higher Truth is, it's simply an outcome made real due to less than true data. It's only necessary to "become conscious and aware" of what's happening and use different data than you have.

The process is ALWAYS harmonious. Creation is always harmonious.

You cannot and will not EVER create a different result by depending on and utilizing your past "fear based" data. You're in essence depending on past data that is based on other past data that is based on other past data, that created the "polar opposite" of what you want.

Part of the "becoming conscious process" is making a conscious and consistent choice to forget your "past experience" and look directly at the experience you are having Right Here, Right Now for what it truly is.

It's also necessary to become "conscious of" and begin questioning why you believe what you believe. Why does fear come up in situations when there is no "real" physical danger present?

Is it REALLY true or do you "perceive it" to be true based on what you were taught and have been led to believe is true?

Are you perhaps keeping yourself from being, doing and having something you truly desire due to undesirable experiences of the past that were created due to "less than true" data that you received and allowing that to keep you from what you desire in the future?

If it's a semi truck approaching you at 80 miles per hour MOVE and get out of the way!! It's obviously "true" that if you "allow" it to run over you, there is going to be a displeasing result.

If on the other hand it's a lack of money, less than desired quality of relationship, less than desired state of health, use the creative power provided to you...MOVE and "consciously utilize" the creative power provided to you.

Fear of anything other than immediate physical danger is "false data." Many often confuse fear with "intuitive feelings" but fear is always a programmed response. And fear is the very thing that often keeps us from what we want.

Fear is nothing more than a perception. We can and often do choose it yet it NEVER provides what we want unless we face it and choose to move through it.

Choose to lock up in fear, doubt and worry and Source will provide an outcome based on your choice. Choose to see fear for what it "truly is" keep your mental faculties open, receptive and free as intended and Source will provide an outcome based on your choice and you'll "attract" the simplest, quickest and most "profound solutions" that many "perceive" as being irrational, illogical and in some cases flat out impossible.

There is where Higher Truth takes over in a pleasing kind of way and enables you to create or if you prefer co-create a different quality of experience.

Your Perceptions and Beliefs Without Fail Determine and Create Your Reality

The foundational principle that ALWAYS differentiates and "seems" to separate those who have from those who don't is "perception." Your perception which is the same as what you're "being" at the level of thought or consciousness determines without fail what you'll attract, acquire and see in your external world.

Put another way, your "perception" creates and determines your reality.

It doesn't matter if you explore the latest in scientific research and the discoveries made that "clearly proves it" or choose to acquire your understanding through what the mystics, sages and masters since antiquity have always taught.

How you perceive...what you believe and what you DO or DON'T DO based on those foundational factors determines the kind and quality of your action which inevitably determines the kind and quality of your "tangible and intangible results."

But it ALL starts by what you're choosing to BE and Source ALWAYS says yes. Choose to BE fearful, anxious and afraid and Source says YES...your request is fulfilled.

Choose to BE assured, empowered and certain and Source says YES...your request is fulfilled.

In Law of Attraction lingo, you attract what you're choosing to be.

When you have the right data...when you choose to acquire and utilize the right data you begin to understand and personally experience that there is NOTHING to fear.

It's only necessary to become and "choose consciously."

I can't even begin to count the discussions I've had with people from all walks of life over the years...perhaps even you...who have become disillusioned, frustrated...some just flat out discouraged who have developed doubts and apprehension with regard to their ability to reliably manifest what they want in life.

So let's address that next and make another EXTREMELY IMPORTANT clarification...

You, I and EVERYONE else on this planet are attracting and manifesting something ever second of every minute of every day.

You simply can't NOT attract. It's impossible. What you're attracting and experiencing, Source is providing based on your request.

If what you're "consistently attracting" is less than desired it's only necessary to become conscious of and shift what you're being, doing or in some cases both when you become "aware" that what is being experienced is disharmonious with producing the consciously held desire.

That's a KEY understanding!!

To master and begin consistently manifesting what you want rather than what you don't it's vital to grasp the importance of and the willingness to "consciously align" and harmonize the quality of thought with whatever the desire might be.

That's why becoming conscious of the importance of perception is SO crucial. Your perceptions and beliefs determine the quality of your consistent thought patterns which create and determine the quality of the cycle.

Every Choice You Make and Every Action You Take Is Based On Love or Fear

Every choice we make in life whether at the level of "consciousness" or through our "physical actions" are based on one of two ways of "BEING"..."Love or Fear."

There is no way of being...NO thought, no emotion, no action that you take or any experience created as a result that doesn't fall under one of these 2 headings.

Frustration, disillusionment and discouragement are "chosen ways of BEING" grounded in "fear." Choosing doubt and apprehension as your focus are "chosen ways of BEING" grounded in, based on and derived from "fear."

These "chosen ways of BEING" serve as the "attraction mechanism" at the "unseen level" as well as are the foundation which determines what you DO or DON'T DO which in turn determines what you'll HAVE or NOT HAVE.

Think about how that plays out in "physical life." FEAR initiates a fight or flight response in the body. It ignites a neurological as well as a biological reaction. When a fight or flight response is initiated do you run away from what you "fear" or toward what you "love" and desire?

The answer is obvious.

Yet the same thing happens at the "unseen" level whatever you might "choose" to call that. We hope, and wish and pray and desire this thing or that thing but we have all these "subconscious processes" running...what we "know" that says we "can't have" it.

We get to be right and we don't attract it. We attract, but what we attract "harmonizes" with our choice and we "GET" to NOT have whatever it might be.

Or if we "believe" we can have it and are operating "somewhat consciously"...we project the desire (love)...we attract the ways and means yet due to some "past experience" become fearful, cynical and pessimistic and never take the action on what we've "attracted" which is necessary for producing the "tangible result."

Due to what we "know" based on indoctrination or through previous experiences created due to that indoctrination (flawed data) we become "fearful, cynical, pessimistic and run away from the very thing that we asked for.

Please see this!! Please "GET" this!! That's how "simple and perfect" it is.

By the conclusion of this edition you'll not only have everything necessary to "clearly see that" you'll also have the "tangible tools" necessary to begin creating measurable results which I "know" based on personal experience are quite powerful and transformational which can and WILL...should you choose to "allow them to" enable you to begin consciously creating an extraordinary quality of life for yourself.

We're going to be looking in depth at and delving into how to make the necessary internal shifts to a "conscious way of BEING" that will enable and empower you to begin attracting, doing and having whatever desires you might hold individually including but not limited to material and monetary wealth.

Since so many are "unconsciously repelling" the attraction of monetary and material wealth due to what's going on "out there" yet hoping, wishing and praying they could experience a "greater result", that's going to be our primary focus.

Before delving in, let's revisit and quickly review what we've already covered in Parts 1, 2 and 3...

Part 1 of Navigating The Narrow Path

  • The Fact That "Perceived Problems" of a Tangible Nature are Really Nothing More Than Symptoms of a Deeper Problem

  • How Focusing on "Perceived Problems" Can Only Attract and Create More Undesirable Symptoms

  • The "Short Sighted Perceptions" Many Hold Regarding What Differentiates The Big Players and Small Players (Measured by the "stuff" we have or don't have)

  • The Importance of Consciously Harmonizing the Utopian and Mechanistic Aspects of Life

  • How What We Claim To Know Often Times Keeps Us From Receiving What We Want

  • A Few of My "Personal Experiences" Walking The Long and Short Path

  • How Unconsciously or Unknowingly Settling In ANY Aspect of Life Is Camouflaged Stuckness

  • The "Ultimate Goal" That Encompasses EVERY Desire is "Real Freedom"

    In Part 2...

  • The Necessity of Accepting Responsibility To Enable Us To Reclaim our "True Power"

  • A Kind and Quality of Control That Enables Us To FULLY Utilize Our "True Power"

  • How Contributing and Providing Value In a Way That We Love and Are Passionate About Greatly Enhances Ours as Well as Others Lives

  • The Vast Differences Between Filtered Awareness and Ultimate Awareness

  • The Fact That The Law of Attraction, Cause and Effect, Sowing and Reaping Is Active on ALL Levels

  • Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Harmony and Real Freedom of a "Tangible Nature" is Determined By "Measurable Results"

  • It's Not What You "DO" That Matters, It's How You Feel About What You Do

  • How Changing Your "Way of Being" Changes Your Entire World

    And In Part 3...

  • "Knowing" and Clearly Defining Where You Desire To Go Combined With Focused and Intentional Action Is Vital For Getting There

  • How an Entitlement and What's In It For Me Mentality Limits The Flow and Won't Get You What You Want

  • Why The Vast Majority Experience Limited Results Due To Choosing A Sheeple People Mentality

  • How and Why Your "Issues With Money" Will ALWAYS Lead To Money Issues

As we covered in Part 1 harmonizing...more specifically "consciously harmonizing" the Utopian and Mechanistic aspects of life is VITAL and ABSOLUTELY necessary to experience the desired "tangible results"...MEASURABLE results that enable you to experience what I define as Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Harmony and Real Freedom in life.

And there are 2 words that sum up how to do just that...

Congruency and Consistency.

Consistency is KING. Once you make a "conscious choice" to reach a certain outcome, it's going to require some consistency to make the "internal shifts" necessary to begin BEING and DOING things in such a way that provides whatever the desire might be.

More specifically it's going to require a willingness to make the shift from Fear to Love if what you have been "choosing" is a way of being and doing things based on a "fear based" focus.

It's NOT a part time thing. Choosing to become and remain conscious of what you're "BEING" and harmonizing that "consciously chosen" way of "being" with what you DO is vital for experiencing "desirable and sustainable" results.

MEASURABLE and what are often "perceived" as being Miraculous results.

That's where "Congruency" comes into play...

There needs to be a "CONGRUENCY" between the 2. In other words, making a conscious and intentional choice to begin "consciously harmonizing" what you want, what you do and remaining aware of what you are choosing to be as you move toward fulfilling the desire.

BE congruent with who you are. Choose to think, speak and act congruently with who you are. In essence, DO what's congruent with who you are.

To do so effectively requires first of all discovering and understanding who and what you truly are.

As "true" as that is, it's perhaps THE MOST VITAL STEP that most overlook and skip which is why so many don't experience a kind and quality of life that they "hope, wish and pray" they could.

They choose to remain "unaware and oblivious to the creative power that's been provided to ALL of us without exception.

They can't see beyond the physical. They "perceive" themselves as a sack of skin, bones and organs that must DO, DO, DO and struggle, struggle, struggle to get what they want which is a very limiting and shortsighted way of "doing" things that can and does only provide VERY limited, mediocre and hard earned results at best.

They place all their "focus" on what's happening around them, choosing "fear" as their focus based on what they "see" and find themselves consistently "reacting out of fear" rather than "responding" based on Love.

Choosing Love as your focus produces results that you love.

When you choose to do that, although initially it requires some "DOING" and may initially seem difficult for some, through consistency it becomes second nature. It doesn't require effort. It's becomes a very natural and free flowing part of who you are.

It becomes just as simple, effortless and automatic as inconsistency and in-congruency which many find to be their natural state currently. They don't "TRY" to be inconsistent and in-congruent it's simply that's what they have learned and "believe" to be true about themselves, are programmed to "DO" and as a result choose a long, hard and difficult path without realizing any choosing is being done.

You're ALWAYS in ALL WAYS choosing something and the outcomes experienced...the tangible results that show up in life are ALWAYS congruent and ALWAYS harmonize with that choice or choices.

We are in essence already using the power we've all been freely provided although most are choosing "unconsciously" and are totally oblivious to the fact that there does exist a much more simple way that produces FAR GREATER results with FAR LESS physical effort.

When it seems that results are disharmonious and in-congruent with a consciously held desire it's simply a matter of developing the understanding and accepting the fact that you're "unconsciously using" your power by "unconsciously choosing" something other than you "claim" you want.

Our internal map of reality...what we've been conditioned and programmed to think, believe and perceive with regard to life and ourselves has become second nature.

Our conscious intentions are more often than not "incongruent" with our subconscious programming which determines what we "get" or don't get.

Making conscious and intentional choices, in the same way can and will become second nature once you understand that and "choose" to adopt that as your way of being.

It's as simple and complex as making a conscious and intentional choice, remaining consistent and developing the congruency with the "desire"...the internal way of "being" that we choose and the tangible "actions" that we take.

Consciously choosing enables you to make "the shift" from limited, poor and/or mediocre results made "real and tangible due to "fear" to extraordinary, unlimited and "seemingly effortless" results which are made tangible through becoming congruent with "love."

We're going to be covering why that's "true" as well as touching on how to create these extraordinary results in a measurable and tangible kind of way as we progress.

At the conclusion you'll have anything and everything that you could possibly need to do so. The only thing left to "do" at that point will be to make a choice as to whether you'll internalize, "consciously utilize" and apply what you've discovered or not.

And I do mean EVERYTHING...the tools, systems, training as well as a level of personalized coaching, support and guidance of both a tangible and intangible nature that is lighting the Real Freedom path for those who choose it for themselves.

Most importantly you'll clearly understand that it's your philosophy about life that determines the kind and quality of life that you'll experience.

Your philosophy is always consistent and congruent with what you have experienced, are experiencing and will continue to experience unless and until you choose to change the philosophy that has created it.

Now Let's Look at How To Begin Attracting and Producing "Desirable Tangible Results" Specifically In The Material and Monetary Aspect of Life. Measurable Results That Align, Harmonize and Are Congruent With What You Want

I would highly recommend re-reading and reviewing parts 1 through 3 before delving in to this final installment.

It lays the necessary foundation regarding the vital nature of "BEING" specifically in the area of money and material wealth and sheds light on why so many who hope, wish and pray that financial abundance or any other desire for that matter could become a way of life, yet due to their "unconsciously chosen way of being" never attain or experience it.

It's MOST DEFINITELY not because we can't....it's simply because many don't choose to. It goes back to their oftentimes "uninformed and/or misguided philosophy" about what's necessary that without fail determines the kind and quality of tangible outcome.

More specifically they don't choose to "consciously and intentionally" which in the vast majority of cases is the missing ingredient....what many today are "referring to as "The Secret" to experiencing Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Harmony and Real Freedom in their lives.

As I always have and always will convey, there are NO SECRETS to making whatever "heartfelt" hopes, dreams and desires real, true and "tangible" for yourself unless you consider becoming "aware of" combined with "conscious and consistent" application of a "Higher Truth" that has existed since time itself began to be a Secret.

The "Real Secret", (at least what most "perceive" as being a secret) based on my interactions with countless people from around the globe "seems to be" that you CAN get whatever you want if your philosophy is harmonious, consistent and congruent with whatever that is.

WHATEVER we want. INCLUDING more money and material "stuff" than most can possibly "conceive." And that is precisely what keeps so many from personally experiencing it. They're simply unable to "conceive it" as possible for themselves.

An inability or unwillingness to "conceive" it as possible is nothing more or less than an individual choice to NOT receive it. Our inability to "conceive" it and "know" that we're capable, worthy and can have WHATEVER it might be that we desire for ourselves is the one and only thing that keeps it from us.

"Perceptions" of unworthiness, incapability, it's too hard, and countless other "excuses" that we either consciously or unconsciously come up with as to why we CAN'T is nothing more than "choosing" to focus on and/or operate in fear.

Our choice to hold "fear" around whatever the desire might be, changes the quality of what we receive into the polar opposite of what we "consciously desire."

You Can't Control Nor Change The World At Large But You Can Control and Change Yourself

We certainly can't control what's going on in the world at large. We can't individually "cure" the symptoms that are clearly evident in the world. We can't single handedly solve the worlds monetary issues.

But we most certainly CAN solve our own. We can if we choose to that is. Choosing "consciously and intentionally" begins by understanding the importance of "consciously controlling" our mental and emotional states.

That may seem a "difficult and complex task" for many initially, but with a little practice, you begin to see and understand that it's VERY VERY simple. Our habitually focused states become habitually focused on being, doing and having more of what we desire.

Doing so is simply a matter of reprogramming ourselves at the neurological level which puts us in a habitual state of choosing Love over fear.

Every single choice we make in life falls under one of these 2 headings. There are ZERO exceptions. We are either focusing on and as a result of that choice doing whatever it is that we do out of love or fear.

It's no secret that the vast majority DO things with an underlying and "unconscious focus" of fear.

But WE CAN and MUST rise above and transcend the predominantly held "perceptions and beliefs" that the world holds if we "truly hope" to experience a kind and quality of life that THE VAST MAJORITY in the world DON'T.

We must change the "outflow" if we truly hope to experience a greater inflow.

It's vital that we opt out of the global "think tank"...to make a conscious and intentional choice to start "BEING and DOING" things differently than the world chooses if we hope to attract and experience the "desires of our hearts." It's crucial that we understand the importance of and are willing to DO what the vast majority choose NOT to do.

That choosing BEGINS by becoming "conscious and aware" of where our predominant focus is.

It's vital that we "Be the change we wish to see in the world" if we "truly hope to SEE it.

Put in a more "personal way" before we can SEE change in our tangible world and in our life individually we must first BE what it is that we desire to see.

That begins INSIDE. It's vital that we become aware of what's happening within ourselves, make a conscious choice to change things if we discover it's in-congruent with the "desired" outcome and we'll see the change that happens as a result.

And we can...IF ever and WHENEVER we choose to do so.

Point being as it relates to money and "material stuff" and what's going on in the world currently...

The vast majority of people in the world are choosing a "fear based focus" in the material arena.

Money is a VITAL part of life. It's necessary to fully engage in and play the game. And most people don't "feel" very secure or play at their peak if they don't have enough money.

And that my friend is no secret either. How we "feel" determines what we're being which determines what we project. Our focus of attention combined with the emotions that our focus creates determines our chosen way of "being."

A focus of fear and insecurity based on a "perception" of lack and limitation ignites and creates emotions of fear creating a projection of energy which attracts and creates harmonious energies resulting in an undesirable cycle that makes "not enough money" a consistent reality.

It's only necessary to break the "unconsciously projected" and "self created" cycle.

If the words money and material gain makes you cringe a bit...or even a lot due to beliefs you hold about money being evil or unimportant or not necessary or whatever and you're unwilling to see beyond that, there is nothing that I or anyone else can do to change your money issues.

It's not my desire nor my intention to change your beliefs. It is my desire and intention to assist those with the desire to be, do and have more to get it. Including money.

And contrary to widespread "belief" we're ALL qualified. We have EVERYTHING we need already. We just have to become aware of it, "see it" and learn to "use it" consciously.

As we covered in Part 2 AWARENESS is EVERYTHING.

What we're "aware of"...how we choose to "see things"...and how we choose to utilize what we're aware of and what we see determines what we'll have at some point in the future.

As I shared in Part 3, there are those who honestly believe that money and material stuff is somehow "non-spiritual." The reasons are many but the BIGGEST and most common is due to indoctrination.

This indoctrination determines our level of awareness...how we see and view the world which in turn determines what we'll have or not have as we experience the world.

That's only one of many issues that keep so many from experiencing "financial security." They've been taught and believe as a result of that "teaching" that money is something other than what it "truly is."

Many hold "unconscious beliefs" that money is in short supply...that money is hard to come by...that acquiring money requires hard work etc. etc.

Many have been taught and "conditioned" to believe that "rich people" are somehow scamsters or dishonest or blah blah blah blah blah.

And one of the BIGGIES that many have been conditioned at some level to "believe is that Money is the root of all evil.

So understanding that, let's clarify something...Let's clarify 2 things actually that may assist if you are one that is choosing this as your point of focus.

Clarification #1.) Money is NOT the root of all evil.

The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. When you LOVE money more than people and choose to USE people to get money that CAN and DOES lead to "issues" eventually...it doesn't make MONEY evil.

It simply points to choices..."underlying issues" we'll be referring to them as, that will ensure anything but a life of harmony and fulfillment which requires MONEY to exchange for the things you DESIRE which is a necessary component for experiencing harmony and fulfillment in life that EVERYONE is looking for in the world of shape and form.

Money is VITALLY important for survival in a world that uses money as it's medium of exchange and for acquiring the extras in the way of luxuries that make life more enjoyable.

Loving money and using people to get it is MOST CERTAINLY NOT an intention nor a way of "doing things" that will harmonize with creating "Real Wealth and Harmony."

It may and often does produce some "money" but it most certainly doesn't and NEVER WILL enable you to experience Real Wealth and Harmony in life.

Money in and of itself CANNOT and WILL NOT do that. Ask any number of people who have walked that path and they'll tell you the same thing.

But when you shift that "perception"...when you see the power behind and make the "paradigm shift" to loving people and using money...when you contribute and provide value to enough people with the "heartfelt intention" of making life better for them in ways that are "congruent" with what you yourself "love, desire, value and are passionate about"...money flows.

You give and project love in the form of contributing and providing value and you get back Love in the form of money from those who appreciate and value your "valuable contribution" to exchange for things you love and value.

It's automatic. It's a bi-product if you will. It becomes effortless.

Which leads to another VITALLY important "awareness" to grasp and understand that MOST have been conditioned, indoctrinated and programmed to believe to some degree...

#2 - What EVIL Truly Means

It's no wonder people who have underlying beliefs due to indoctrination that money is EVIL have underlying issues about money.

I mean Who wants to be thought of or be associated with what they believe and perceive to be evil?

I certainly don't!!

Yet that's one of the many "underlying" beliefs many hold about money or people who have money due to some form of indoctrination at some point in their lives.

And there are MANY who have a desire to attract and acquire money that at the same time have these underlying "issues" with regard to what you become if you have money that is the very thing that keeps money from them.

So let's clear the air on that.

The word EVIL was derived from the Hebrew word Ra. The meaning of that word in it's original context means calamity/disaster/adversity.

It certainly doesn't point to some horned little red guy running around attempting to make life or worse the afterlife an eternal hell.

Show me how having money in a world that requires money to exchange for creates calamity/disaster and adversity when used to assist and help others when it's acquired through "Loving people" and providing what they want and I may rethink my position.

You can't, so save yourself some time.

But if you DO perceive money as being "evil" or people who have money as being "bad" in any way shape or form you might consider educating yourself...enhancing your awareness...quit listening to everything your "told" is true, become an independent thinker and at the same time enable and empower yourself to attract and experience a greater quality of life for yourself and those who you might serve with your financial increase.

Now, I will say that if you "use people" to acquire money it most certainly can and will create some calamity, disaster and adversity in your life.

Although I have no desire to change what you or anyone else believes I DO challenge the "perception" that money or people who have money are in ANY way, shape or form "bad or evil" in the way that most "perceive" evil.

In fact, when you have plenty of money to keep your "physical body" and physical life full, you can place more focus on your spirituality. You can "give and contribute more" to others...better serve others rather than "settle" for mere survival and "getting by" hoping, wishing and praying that nothing goes "wrong" next week, next month or next year so you can keep food on the table, pay the bills and the mortgage.

Talk about disaster, calamity, adversity!!! Choosing a focus of continual fear, doubt and worry about money, worrying about survival can and most certainly will create some disaster, calamity and adversity in your life and it stretches well beyond and is NOT limited to money.

What's more..."choosing that" way of "being" whether consciously or unconsciously will certainly keep you stuck there.

You're better able to focus your attention on what "truly matters" which is shining your light to serve others. To contribute your unique gifts and talents with the world in a way that you "love and desire" which intensifies and increases the "outflow" thereby increasing the "inflow" enabling you to give and serve at even greater levels.

It creates and sustains a "desirable cycle" that serves you, those it assists as well as the collective in both "tangible and intangible" ways which is what a fulfilled, happy and harmonious life is "truly" about.

But it's NOT limited to money

Although we're focusing on money as our topic, it's not about money and stuff at all really. It's about flow. The more you contribute and provide "value" the more open and "free flowing" the "inflow" becomes.

Money is an effect. What we buy with the money we receive are effects. What we do to acquire the money we receive are effects.

With that in mind, let's take a bit "deeper look" at what money and material stuff is so you'll clearly see, understand and grasp that it's not about those things at all really...it's not REALLY about "money and stuff"...it's more about contributing and projecting value and receiving value back that harmonizes with the outflow of value given.

Hopefully you'll "get that" at the conclusion of what we'll be exploring here and clearly understand the correlation as well as the difference between "contributing value" and "material stuff" whether it be money or something else.

Because although money does not equate to wealth, as we've covered in detail, in a world that uses money as it's medium of exchange, money is important for survival and the stuff that we exchange money for is without question a vitally important "part of" experiencing "Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Fulfillment and Real Freedom" in life.

Are you truly ready to opt out of the "Recession Mindset" and start creating an "Abundant Inflow" and the sense of security and "peace of mind" that doing so can assist in providing?

If so, what we'll be covering in the upcoming paragraphs is immediately relevant and VITALLY important for everyone and IF you'll choose to keep an open mind and "allow it" to be will enable you to do just that.

In fact it could prove to provide you with the insight, understanding, answers and perhaps even, "the lifeboat" you've been looking for.

First let's address the importance and the "true nature" of money. What I "perceive" and believe to be The "Higher Truth" regarding money.

And it doesn't matter how "spiritually minded" you are or how "earthly minded" you are or what you currently "believe and perceive" to be true about "money and stuff".

If getting more "money and/or stuff" isn't a desire you hold individually...that's OK. You'll still gain an IMMENSE amount of insight should you choose to internalize and APPLY what we'll be delving into here.

For now if you have any "issues" with what money is or what it represents, simply replace the word "money" with something that you do desire for yourself.

As I hoped you've grasped in Part 1 and Part 2 of the newsletter, the very same rules apply regardless if it's in the physical, financial, relational, emotional or spiritual aspects of life.

But since "money" is "perceived" as being so "valuable" and important with so many and the current events happening globally with regard to "money" have so many feeling uncomfortable and in many cases "fearful", we'll be addressing the area of money specifically enabling you to make conscious and intentional choices that will provide you the opportunity to dispel the "fear based mentalities" that so many are allowing to impact and effect them as it pertains to money.

Due to what's going on globally...the shaky and unsettling economy...the rapid shifts in the way the world is doing business... and the number of communications I receive from people around the world, I think it's a very relevant, necessary and EXTREMELY important topic to address.

VITALLY important in fact based on what most are sharing with me with regard to how they're "allowing" what's happening out there in the "external world" to adversely affect their financial lives as a result.

Especially in the area of MONEY and security.

And with the many changes taking place globally, the "perceived" global chaos in the world's financial structure, since it is a subject that's so "near and dear" to everyone's heart, due to so many placing their predominant focus on what's going on "out there" being so scary, not certain what to do about it and in so many cases feeling quite certain that there is nothing that you can do about it, it's got a lot of people shaken up, feeling quite "afraid and unsettled."

And some are even quite "freaked out" by it all.

Yet it's that very choice...a choice to engage in a "fear based mindset" that only serves to intensify the "undesirable" result both individually and collectively.

Look, let's face it...in today's world money is an emotionally charged topic. But a very KEY understanding to come to is that most aren't becoming "emotionally charged" as it relates to money and security in such a way that enables and empowers them to attract money to them which they "perceive" as being necessary to "feel" a sense of security that so many "hope, wish and pray" they could experience.

Due to a predominantly "fear based focus" there's an in-congruency between attracting and receiving the desired outcome and what is actually being received and experienced which for the most part is lack, limitation or at best "getting by."

The way of "being" most are choosing...the predominant focus most hold with regard to "money"...conflicts with receiving what they want. It's a self created dichotomy if you will. Many are "unconsciously" self sabotaging the attraction and manifestation of what they "claim" they want which is an "inflow" of money.

In fact, the way MOST are choosing to do things...the fear based focus most choose when things "out there" seem disharmonious...has quite the opposite effect and they are "unconsciously" repelling money and "attracting" the polar opposite...namely A lack of money.

They're "unconsciously impeding the flow" of money. They're resisting and pushing it away rather than attracting it.

They're so emotionally attached to the "fear of not enough"...the fear of parting with what they have...the fear that someone is out to get the little they have...the fear that there's not enough to go around...etc. etc. etc. that without even "realizing" or being "conscious of" what that chosen way of "being and doing things" creates, they are doing things in such a way that keeps them from "getting" what they want.

And the process of creation...the "laws" that govern the process in their simplicity and unwavering "perfection" are providing outcomes of a "tangible nature" that harmonize perfectly and precisely with what they are choosing.

And so, as a result of "choosing" to do things in that way...as "unconscious" as those choices are and being unaware as to why, it's impacting a lot of people...they're unnecessarily feeling the pain. Their "feeling" the fear. They're experiencing "less than desired" symptoms due to that "chosen way" of looking at, perceiving and "seeing things" and in a large number of cases, wondering why.

They're "perceiving and believing" themselves as helpless...as being hopelessly trapped within "undesirable cycles" which is the very thing that "creates the fact" and sustains the cycle.

But NO ONE has to. In fact if they are...if YOU are...it's only because there is a lack of awareness combined with some "underlying issues" that need to be addressed.

Issues that once understood and addressed shift the self repeating cycles from "undesirable" into "desirable."

There's a misunderstanding or an "unawareness" on the part of those who are or will "allow" what's going on out there to affect their lives individually including but not limited to money.

And it's either because they're either stuck in the Utopian view of life hoping, praying, wishing, envisioning, imagining and wondering if the Source of their understanding is going to say yes or no or they might "know" that whatever they desire is available to them but they're not DOING anything to make the desire "real and tangible."

Or due to choosing and remaining in the strictly mechanistic view, find themselves DOING, DOING and DOING, "seemingly trapped" within the limitation, struggle and hard earned results that choosing that way of "being" and "doing things" ALWAYS HAS and ALWAYS WILL provide they "perceive" that it's "one or the other that they must choose from.

And choosing the "money path" limits their time freedom, their health, their emotional states, etc. They are in essence without being "consciously aware" choosing to keep themselves bound by a money prison.

They are in essence choosing money over a wholesome and fulfilling quality of life.

In other words they DO and DO and DO to make money and due to what they "perceive" as being necessary to "do that"...WHATEVER it takes REGARDLESS of how they "feel about it"...they sacrifice in other areas of life and never engage in and DO what they Love.

They are unconsciously engaging in a "fear based" mentality and wondering why they have to "work so hard" with little or no time left to simply "get by."

Hopefully this portion of the newsletter will point either group toward the "narrow path"...the razors edge if you will that will enable everyone to "clearly see" what's going on "under the radar" and begin to "consciously and consistently win" even in this intense and emotionally charged area and at least get a glimpse of the the "Higher Truth" that we can have it all.

The money, the freedom, the health, the wholesome and fulfilling relationships...ALL of it.

And we're going to start doing that right here, right now so the uneasiness, the pain, the fear, the worry, the wonder and the "less than desired results" can go away...for those that choose recognize, internalize and consciously apply that for themselves.

Because like EVERYTHING else in life, whether in the area of money or any other...whether an abundance of or a lack of, it IS, ALWAYS has been and ALWAYS will be traced back to ourselves.

As we covered previously Ultimate Awareness is everything and accepting responsibility for where we are and what we're experiencing is the 1st vital step toward "choosing consciously." It's NOT a step that can be overlooked if we "truly hope" to reclaim our power...a power that we've ALL been equally and freely provided to begin "consciously and intentionally attracting and experiencing greater and more desirable outcomes.

Our Life, Nature, Our Universe and Everything In It Big and Small Clearly Reveals The Never Ending Cycle of Abundance

I'm going to ask that you consider something here that most don't give much thought to. The Universe and EVERYTHING within it consistently creates ABUNDANCE.

Creation and the process is NEVER "not abundant."

As it pertains to you and your life "Faith and Abundance" is all there is. We can't see the "abundance" if we're focused on lack limitation, settling and getting by for sure but consider this.

What does that focus say about our inner state of being? What does that chosen quality of consciousness point to with regard to our "beliefs?"

What do those "beliefs" point to and tell us about ourselves?

What we are "choosing" to have "faith in" correct?

We are creating or if you prefer co-creating an abundance of whatever we're receiving.

And in the vast majority of cases it's NOT Real Wealth...Real Success and Real Freedom that MOST are attracting an abundance of.

So in this section we're going to be touching on and addressing some of those "issues" and discussing Financial well being and security.

More specifically YOUR financial well being and security and how you can begin "consciously choosing" and secure as much or as little financial well being and security as you desire for yourself...should you "choose" to do so...regardless of what's going on "out there" and still experience the Real Freedom everyone "claims" they want but so often don't and won't DO what's necessary to create it.

First let's digress and re-clarify something we touched on earlier...

There's nothing going on "out there" that can affect or impact you and your individual results in the area of money or any other unless and until YOU choose to "allow" that to happen.

Including your finances and/or your sense of financial security.

And I mean that literally. If it is impacting you and your results it's only because YOU are choosing to allow it to. "Unconsciously" perhaps, but it's a choice nonetheless. A choice that you and you alone are making.

You don't HAVE to choose it, some just don't know or understand how to "choose" something different and so don't realize how "true" that is.

They're making choices based on a filtered awareness and receiving an abundance of less than desired results or in some cases EVERYTHING they don't want.

Out There cannot affect you. YOU affect you. What you choose to "perceive" about what's going on out there enables and allows what's going on out there to be reflected back to you.

I know a lot of people "think" their lives revolve around what's happening "out there", yet it's only due to that...what they think and "perceive" that enables it to affect them. It's only due to what they choose to keep their predominant focus on...the fear...the doubt...the worry...the lack...the limitation...the wonder about what has happened in the past...what might or could happen tomorrow or at some point in the future with regard to money that "allows" what's happening out there to affect them.

The "outflow" of focus precipitates an attraction that harmonizes with that "choice" which makes it real.

Out there doesn't determine your projection. What's going on within you DOES. It's important to not "allow" out there to shift what's going on within yourself.

As profound and transformational as this statement is, most tend to ignore or go against the "timeless wisdom" that clearly states and instructs us to...

"Judge not by appearances."

They get "freaked out" by what "appears to be so real and "allow" that to shift the "projected energy" that they have control over to that of a "resonance" which can only "attract" more of what they DON'T WANT to themselves.

The fact that many "out there" "perceive" that money is in short supply or hard to come by or must be hard earned doesn't make it "true."

They simply choose that for themselves. And that choice...a choice to look at, believe and perceive things in that way makes it "true" for them. It doesn't impact or affect others, it only provides a mirrored reflection in their life that harmonizes with their choice.

They get to be right and see just that unfold in their lives just as they choose.

So understanding that let's look at money for what it truly is from both a "tangible and intangible perspective with the hope that you might make the "internal shift" enhance your awareness and get as much or as little "money and stuff" as you choose.

First we'll look at the "tangible aspects" of money and set the stage for what's truly important and believe me when I tell you it's NOT money or material "stuff."

It's only the "perceived value" that money represents. More specifically the "perceived exchange value."

An Under The Surface Look
At What Money "Truly Is" In A Tangible Sense

I'm well aware that a lot of people place a lot of value on money. But "money" in at of itself isn't what's "truly important" or valuable at all.

It's the "exchange value" that money represents. Money is nothing but worthless paper really. It only has value because we have attached a "value" to it.

Our current monetary structure has only lasted as long as it has because the vast majority "believes" in it. That's the ONLY thing that's kept it afloat for so long.


There is no "intrinsic value" in today's money.

Our currency "used to" have intrinsic value when it was backed by gold and silver but it's not backed by anything today and hasn't been for many, many years.

The largest percentage of today's "money" is nothing more than a computer entry with no "paper or ink" at all.

Talk about making something from nothing!!

And what makes this nothing, something? The belief of the collective that money has some form of value!!

That's "tangible proof" of how powerful "beliefs" are.

Today's money only has "value" today because we as cultures and society's have placed a "perceived value" on it and believe in it.

We believe it has value which creates the fact.

But money has NO VALUE in and of itself with the exception of the cost of paper and ink used to make it and NONE at all as an entry into a ledger.

If and when the belief in it's value ceases so will our current monetary structure.

And your having money in and of itself, regardless of how much or how little that might be, doesn't and won't make you wealthy or poor either. Neither of these makes you a Big or small player either.

Being wealthy or poor is an "internal thing." A way of "being." It's the CAUSE from where EVERYTHING in your life comes from.

The acquisition of MONEY or the lack of is an effect.

You can certainly "believe" that money determines your wealth and value if you choose yet it doesn't make it "true."

Case in point...

If I sent you a million dollars today but told you that one of the conditions attached to it was that you must store it in a safe and couldn't use it, how much VALUE would it have? How much VALUE would that million dollars provide to you?

NONE!! If you couldn't exchange it, it's worthless. It's just paper with green ink on it sitting in a safe.

Wake up call #1...

Money does not determine wealth. It's when you "exchange" the money you receive through providing value to others which you in turn exchange for something you want that provides it with a "perceived value."

When you contribute and provide value to others through your unique gifts and talents that equates to and represents "true value."

When we receive "money" (worthless paper and ink) for what we contribute...the value we send out, we "perceive it" as having value only because we and others place a value on it. Because of it's "perceived" value we choose to accept it as payment for the value we provide as do others who we exchange it with as we receive it in exchange for what we want.

That's the ONLY thing that provides "money" with any value.

Money is a tangible exchange of value for tangible things you want, need and value.

But it has NO real value in and of itself. Money only has a "perceived" value.

It's what people exchange their money for...the value we put out that are of value to them which is where the "real value" is found.

Money is just paper that due to the value that most people "perceive" it to have provides it's "exchange value."

You are what's valuable. Your chosen way of BEING is what determines exchange value. It's how you choose to contribute and distribute that value that determines how much paper you'll have to exchange for things that you want.

We ALL...each of us without exception has the ability to utilize our unique and individual value to contribute to others.

The ONE and ONLY thing that may keep YOU from doing that is your perception and belief. In the same way that paper and ink is only "valuable" because people believe and perceive that it is, it's NO DIFFERENT with YOU.

Your belief and perception in yourself combined with your individual desires is what determines how much or how little

Regardless of what you believe to be true about yourself the "Higher Truth" is that you DO have something valuable to contribute...something unique to you.

There is no one any more valuable than you are.

And that's a VERY key point that's worth stopping and looking at a bit more deeply for just a moment.

What money and everything else in the "tangible and "intangible" world "truly is."

An Even Deeper Under The Surface Look
At What Money "Truly Is" In A Intangible Sense

As many of you clearly understand EVERYTHING is energy. Nothing more nothing less.

Like everything else, money in the same way is nothing more than energy. The things you exchange money for...the houses, boats, cars etc. etc. is made of the same stuff.

Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are energy. The energy projected...energy that we ourselves choose to project determines the kind and quality of the attraction.

Here's a bit deeper look at energy that may prove helpful that many Law of Attraction teachers aren't talking about. Energy is vibration. ALL energy resonates or vibrates at a certain "frequency."

At the "energy level"...energy is attracted to other "energies" that harmonize or resonate with other energies that harmonize, resonate, or emit the same "vibration."

The "energy" that makes money...money, has a specific vibration. It doesn't change. It doesn't have the ability or capacity to change. Money has no reasoning ability. It has no mind. It's resonance or vibration is a constant.

The vibration that YOU emit on the other hand can and does change. You do have a mind. You have the ability to think and rationalize and make decisions. The quality of the thoughts created through your rationalizations and decision processes changes the "quality of the vibration" precipitating "a shift" in what you attract or don't attract.

To make the shift from a "lack of money" to an abundance of money is as simple and complex as consciously and intentionally shifting the quality of thought that resonates or vibrates at a given frequency to a frequency that harmonizes with the attraction of money.

It's no different with attracting an abundance of or a lack of money than it is anything else.

The quality of energy (value) that we choose to project through our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, words and actions (the outflow) determines the kind, quality and quantity of attraction (value) we receive back. (the inflow)

Those who "choose" a poverty mindset attract and experience poverty. Those who "choose" a wealth mindset attract and experience wealth.

That's why the "rich become richer" and the "poor become poorer."

It's not because those who are rich or poor were destined to be that way. It's not because that's just the way things are. It's because of how the rich and poor think and "perceive" things are and what they DO or don't DO based on those perceptions.

The rich "think, perceive, believe, feel and as a result "DO" different things than the poor do.

The tangible outcome...the inflow...ALWAYS harmonizes with their choice which represents the outflow.

There is NO difference between the rich and poor. At the level of cause we are all one and the same. What determines the outflow and the inflow is what we choose.

Our beliefs and "perceptions" align and harmonize with wealth and/or poverty. Those with a "getting by" mentality provide enough value to get by. Those with a "more than enough" mentality provide an outflow or projection of value that precipitates an attraction and they have more than enough.

Those who "believe" that money is hard to come by and in short supply get to experience that.

The outcome is always harmonious with whatever they choose.

And due to a "lack of awareness" combined with a "misunderstanding" about what money "truly is", many "perceive themselves" as being stuck. But they're not. They're only stuck because they "believe and perceive" that they are.

The energy they project regarding their "perceived" stuckness attracts and creates "tangible outcomes" that harmonize with their choice.

They get to be right. YOU get to be right. I get to be right. We ALL get to be right. ALWAYS in ALL WAYS.

But the "opposite" is also "true."

The flow harmonizes with our choice and brings us whatever we choose. The Source ALWAYS says yes.

The energy WE choose to project reflects back to us energy that harmonizes with our choice. When we "consciously focus" on what we want it reflects back to us the ways and means to make our "desires" real and tangible and we must expend the "physical energy"...the "DOING" in a tangible kind of way to make the "desire" real and tangible.

Things and stuff don't have the capacity to change what they resonate. YOU do. Becoming "aware" of that fact and choosing to "master" that aspect of yourself "consciously and intentionally" enables you to attract all the things and stuff that you choose.

But energy and vibration doesn't just exist at the "unseen" level. It's what enables ALL levels to exist both seen and unseen.

Energy exists and is active on ALL levels. Energy flows on ALL levels. When we get the foundational aspects aligned and harmonized with what we want, (the mental and emotional levels) the ways and means that show up to take physical action on...the ways that require us to expend "physical energy" are congruent, aligned and harmonized with our underlying intention and are "pleasing" to engage in.

We love what we get to do in a tangible way to create the "desired" tangible result which in this case is MONEY which is nothing more or nothing less than energy as EVERYTHING is.

We can't change or control that fact. We can't control the outflow of energy on a Universal scale or the inflow that the collective receives based on the outflow.

So what can we do?

We CAN control the energy that WE CHOOSE to project individually which automatically determines what we get back REGARDLESS of what's going on "out there."

Let's Look At The Forms of Energy
That We DO Have Control Over

Ok...so everything "including money" is nothing more than energy. Now let's look at a form of energy that we choose...that we project which determines what we "receive" back.

It has to do with our belief...mindset, receptiveness and application. ALL of those are within our control, are key in "getting what you want" and the monetary and material aspect of life isn't excluded.

But it DOES require ALL of them to experience desired "tangible results." The kind and quality of the "tangible result" is only dependent on the kind and quality of the ENERGY projected...belief, mindset and level of application that WE choose and I might add, are "personally responsible for" as we touched on in Part 2.

And make no mistake...it REQUIRES ALL of them. It's necessary to engage ourselves at each of these levels "consciously and intentionally. There must be "congruency" if we "truly hope" to get what we want.

Choosing a disharmonious belief, a "stinkin thinkin" mindset and a forced or undesirable kind of application or none at all that ALWAYS proceeds and harmonizes with those "individual choices"...meaning what we choose to do or not do as a result of our chosen way of "being", ALWAYS provides and delivers to ourselves outcomes that are "harmonious" with them.

The value we provide and project determines what we receive back.

Choosing a harmonious belief, a can do attitude, and a choice to remain open and receptive to the ways and means that are attracted as a result followed up with APPLICATION that both "feels good" which supports the "belief and desire", provide VALUE and contributes to others ALWAYS produces the desire.

And it CAN'T fail. NOT EVER.

As I ALWAYS share and have mentioned a number of times...

It's vital that we learn to harmonize the mental, emotional and physical aspects of ourselves with Love to consciously and consistently get what we want.

When Love is harmonized on ALL levels we experience and get what we love.

Energy flows where attention goes and that applies on ALL levels. The very same holds true with money and material gain as it does with ANY and EVERY aspect of life.

The acquisition or the lack of what we want is the mind, body, spirit connection being either "harmonious" or disharmonious like we touched on in Part 1.

It goes back to congruency or in-congruency.

When they're "congruent" with Love...when thought, word and deed are aligned, harmonized and CONGRUENT with LOVE, what we get and what we experience ALWAYS harmonizes with that choice.

When they're all in alignment, when they're all harmonized based on "love" and contributing VALUE in a way that "allows" EVERYONE to win, we attract the ways and means which leads to attracting, creating and experiencing results that we "love" and desire...Harmonious results.

When they're not aligned and harmonized in that way, the "tangible results" we receive can "seem" disharmonious.

But when it does...when it SEEMS that way, it's not because the creative process is broken or flawed. It's NOT because there's something going on "out there" that's responsible for creating our less than desired outcomes. It's NOT that the creative process is EVER random, chaotic, "flawed", or "disharmonious" in some way.

It's NOT because YOU are unworthy, unlucky, or flawed or broken or need to become smarter, more gifted, get a formal education, be younger, older or anything else. It's NOT because money is bad or evil and you shouldn't have any.

And It's most certainly NOT because there's any LACK OF MONEY or that the "pie isn't big enough" for EVERYONE to have as much as THEY choose!!!

Does what scientists refer to as an "Infinite field where ALL "probabilities" ALREADY exist sound like a small pie to you?

Does "The Kingdom of God" which is The Alpha, The Omega, The Beginning, The End, The ALL in ALL sound like only a small and very limited piece of the pie is available to you?

When you look around at nature and see the effortless abundance that continues year after year at a microscopic as well as a macroscopic level, point out ANY indication that only small serving of the pie is yours?

The UNIVERSE is infinitely abundant!!

The "perception" that the pie is limited is a widely held and VERY LIMITING "MISCONCEPTION" for sure but it's CERTAINLY NOT because it's true.

Let me rephrase that for those who "believe and perceive" that it is "true" and are experiencing the repercussions and less than desired outcomes due to choosing that way of thinking.

It's NOT based on a "Higher Truth."

It may be "true for you"...you might be conceiving and perceiving things that way which will create just that condition in your life just as you believe but it doesn't mean that it's "true" for everyone.

It's certainly not true for me and a number of other people that I know very well. It's not true for those who create and have created millions and even billions of dollars in economic downturns.

When it "seems that way" something is simply out of harmony within ourselves at a mental, emotional or application level. There is incrongruency or disharmony in play in some aspect of our "being" creating outcomes that we DON'T WANT and which are often "perceived" as being disharmonious.

When lack, limitation and "perceived chaos" in the world becomes our "reality" something is out of kilter for sure.

And that something points to "fear based beliefs and perceptions" around money or an unwillingness to do something when the ways and means are "attracted" to you that could and would provide the "desired" tangible result.

And that's precisely where the vast majority of people find themselves. But it most certainly doesn't mean that it has to stay that way and it's MOST CERTAINLY not difficult to turn things around should you make the "conscious choice" to do so.

And it's a VERY SIMPLE and PROFOUNDLY TRANSFORMATIONAL choice yet many don't and WON'T make it.

Creating lives of harmony, fulfillment, joy and peace are just as "simple" as creating lives of discord, lack, and limitation.

We just need to "tweak things" a bit. We simply need to expand our awareness, become "conscious" of and choose to bypass our limiting and self sabotaging "belief filters"...filters that are creating our self limiting and self sabotaging "filtered awareness" and do what our "hearts" lead us to do.

We have to get out of our heads and into our hearts. We simply need to become aware of the self limiting and self sabotaging conditioning that we've "allowed" to be programmed into our heads...tune into love and bypass the fear that we've all been conditioned and programmed to "believe" is so real and move forward.

Because both Love or fear is really nothing more than a perception and Ultimate Awareness, God, The Field, The Kingdom, Source Energy or whatever "label" you choose honors that without fail.

There's nothing to "fear" but fear itself. There's nothing to FEAR except "allowing" the past conditioning that is responsible for creating the "perceptions of FEAR" to dictate how we think, live, what we do and what we have.

And when we really "get that" we can clearly see there is nothing to fear. We only have to become conscious of our disharmonious "fear based" perceptions and move "consciously forward" with love.

Because it's only due to these "disharmonious perceptions"....our choice to "project energy" that is "disharmonious" with what we want...choosing fear, doubt, worry, unworthiness, grief, lack of application...we attract to ourselves events, conditions, circumstances, situations, people etc that harmonize with our choice and we inevitably get trapped in these "seemingly inescapable" cycles that we "claim" we don't want to be trapped in and spend so much time and "physical effort" attempting to escape from.

Who determines that?

YOU do.

Those are ALL chosen ways of "Being." That's where EVERYTHING begins. And WE each determine individually what WE are choosing to be at any given moment.

And that choice and that choice alone determines our tangible outcomes individually.

Choosing "consciously and intentionally" only requires "remembering" and consistently "applying" 3 very simple yet "profoundly transformational" principles...

  1. Our thoughts are creative

  2. Our choice to focus those thoughts on "love or fear" attracts harmonious energy and creates our "tangible and intangible" results

  3. "Love" is the Ultimate Reality that provides us with WHATEVER we choose.

I know what it takes to win the game. I also know what's necessary to assist others in winning the game.

I know because I've walked the "unconscious and less than empowering path" personally that didn't provide the desired result. I also made a "conscious and intentional choice" to switch paths and found one that did.

It's as "simple and complex" as this...

Choosing "love" on all levels is the path that provides what we want. If we allow "fear" to dominate on ANY of those levels, the results can, will and DO "seem" disharmonious with what we "consciously desire."

I can, will and DO assist those who "allow" me to, to win at their game. I can, do and will point you toward a path that enables you to win too.

But it's a choice that only you can make.

I can't nor have any desire to MAKE you or anybody else walk that path but I can, do and will continue pointing out the path that I KNOW based on personal experience will enable you to experience and enjoy the most desirable scenery I'm aware of.

I can, do and will continue assisting those with a "heartfelt desire" to be, do and have more for themselves with the ways and means that I KNOW based on my own experiences NEVER FAIL or waver.

And I'll continue doing that in the hopes that you'll "get it" and consciously apply the steps that will enable and empower you to play and win at your game as well.

And as we've covered numerous times, it's really really simple. So simple in fact that most overlook it.

There are steps to take but those steps are really really simple, fun and "profoundly fulfilling" too.

What's better is that once you become aware of them...once you understand the power behind them and once your aware, understand and "consciously choose" to take them...you get to experience Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom too!!!

Here's the 1st "consciously chosen step" necessary for Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom to become real...

Ralph Waldo Emerson understood and stated it best when he said...

"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself."

Emerson understood the fact that helping others...contributing to others...providing VALUE to others is a "projection" of value which in turn returns to us "value" that harmonizes with that choice.

Fully winning and experiencing harmony and fulfillment in life comes from choosing to provide exceptional value to assist others get what they want which in turn attracts the ways, means, people, events, conditions and circumstances to provide that "value" to others enabling you to attract and achieve and experience physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony.

Here's Some Profound, Timeless and "Unfailing Wisdom" That Will Enable YOU To Get Whatever You Want Should You Choose To "Apply It" Consciously and Intentionally

As I sow I reap. As YOU sow YOU reap. It's no different with you, me or anyone else. It's no different in the area of MONEY than it is with any other area of life.

It's your intention...your chosen beliefs...what you are choosing to BE which determines what you attract and what you do or don't do with what you attract which creates the "tangible result" that you'll experience without fail.

The seeds you choose to plant will determine the harvest that you receive. The kind and quality of that harvest is only dependent on YOU which is determined by the kind, quality and quantity of seeds that you choose to plant.

And YOU, I and EVERYONE else are planting seeds on ALL 3 levels every second of every minute of everyday and receiving a harvest that harmonizes perfectly, precisely and WITHOUT FAIL with whatever those choices you're making consist of.

There are no "wrong choices" in the bigger scheme of things. Only choices that determine the kind and quality of harvest that you'll receive.

If you're receiving something other than you "consciously desire" there is an incongruency somewhere. There is something conflicting internally that is making the less than desired outcome...the harvest "real and tangible."

The most basic and fundamental "seed" level begins at the level of consciousness. Your consciousness, your intention, your willingness to serve and fulfill the "desires" of others which equates to providing value and determines without fail what you'll receive back.

It doesn't even matter what the seeds are. They can be physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual seeds. Those we choose to plant determine what we receive. The kind and quality of our harvest (what we receive) is only dependent on and determined by "whatever seeds" we choose to plant individually.

Once we learn to consciously and consistently plant the right seeds on "all" levels, "the flow" takes over. The harvest matures. The cycles of life that are CLEARLY evident in every aspect of life automatically do what they were created to do.

When we understand and "consciously align and harmonize" with the effortless flow of nature, the immutable and unwavering cycles take over and things in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives begin to "flow" effortlessly.

You begin "getting what you want."

You begin "receiving" the desired harvest that always harmonizes with the "consciously planted" and nurtured seeds.

It becomes second nature. It becomes EASY and then it multiplies exponentially.

Let's stop for just a second and "think about" how that plays out in nature.

One seed planted matures, blossoms and produces additional seeds. Those seeds turn into MANY harvests. It multiplies itself effortlessly a hundred fold, a thousand, ten thousand, hundreds of thousands and into millions.

The immutable and unwavering "flow of Nature" makes sure it does.

The process never stops. The flow never ceases. The process is ALWAYS perfect, precise, unwavering and immutable. The harvest is ALWAYS a miracle as ALL of creation is.

But we must PLANT those initial seeds consciously and intentionally making sure that they are the kind and quality of seed that harmonize with the kind and quality of "miracle" that we want which without fail WILL produce the desired outcome.

It's SO vital I'll say it again...

"If we really and truly hope to receive the desired harvest...if we "truly expect" to consistently produce "desirable miracles" we MUST harmonize the seeds we're choosing to plant with the "desired" harvest."

That takes some doing initially. "Consciously Doing" at the Mental, Emotional AND the Physical Level" which transmutes the ideas, hopes, dreams and desires that you are excited about...passionate about...LOVE and that "feel" REALLY REALLY good to you into tangible form.

And once planted they require some nurturing. Sometimes you have to "prune" the harvest a bit. Sometimes it's necessary to do a little "de-weeding" to make it just like you'd LOVE it to be.

If the harvest is something "less than desired" altogether, it's necessary to plant a different kind of seed. It's important that we STOP planting and nurturing the seeds that are producing the harvest that we don't want.

Ok, enough about "seeds and nature." Let's look at it form a bit "different perspective." Let's look at getting what you want as a game.

The rules of the game are quite simple and they're fixed. They're immutable, unwavering, omniscient, and ever present.

They don't change. Not ever.

In the bigger scheme of things, although we may choose different plays and strategies individually, we're all playing the very same game.

How we play the game...the intensity at which we choose to play and the choices we make to follow the rules determines the size of the trophy.

In life we all play by the same rules. The "rules" apply to all of us. They don't change from one person to another. The only determining factor as to our individual score in the end is how "aware" we are of the rules, how we choose to engage ourselves and our willingness or unwillingness to adhere to, harmonize with and follow the rules.

To win we have to learn and understand what the rules are. We MUST adhere to the rules. We MUST consciously apply the rules. We MUST master ourselves so that we follow them "consciously, intentionally and consistently."

Then guess what happens?

We win the game. We win the playoffs. We make it to the Super Bowl. We get the "trophy" that we so desire.

We simply have to become conscious of the importance of knowing what the rules are and choose to consistently follow them.

They're not "rules" really in a lawful sense of the word. It's just that the better we understand them...the better we get at harmonizing with and following them, the better we're able to play and master the game, the greater the "desired results" we receive.

Choosing to become aware, conscious of and harmonizing ourselves with the rules enables and empowers us to win the game.

The Higher Truth is You're a Super Star. We're ALL Super Stars.

The portion of the game we happen to be focusing on in this months newsletter is money and security. It's not the whole game by any means, but it is an extremely important part of it and necessary for experiencing Real Wealth, Real Harmony and Real Freedom.

And the sad yet "true" fact of the matter is most aren't aware of just how capable they are of winning at their chosen game.

They simply don't believe that money, material abundance and success are their birthright.

How worthy do you feel about getting whatever amount of money and/or success you desire and what are you doing and/or willing to do to receive the money that will enable you to exchange it for what you "truly" value?

And if you "truly do" believe that you're worthy...if you KNOW you can have as much as you wish but don't have it...why?

But first let's reveal, address and deal with the doubts, cynicism and pessimism that the vast majority have about ways to make money as well as "issues" many have about feeling worthy of receiving the amount of money they "truly" desire.

Those are the 2 most predominant ways of "being"...ways of "being" that are disharmonious yet so many "unconsciously choose" for themselves which keep so many from getting what they want specifically in the area of money.

A lot of people ARE feeling unworthy of receiving even though they may not express it outwardly or even be "consciously aware of it" for that matter.

Or perhaps you DO feel worthy...perhaps you DO understand that you can get what you want yet you're not getting it and can't understand why.

Just as many if not more are projecting cynicism and pessimism regarding the ways and means they attract to make money even though they may not be "consciously aware" that they are.

They often "believe" they're being careful and discerning when in fact they have developed "intuitive blindness" and don't even realize it. They can't see it because cynicism and pessimism has become a "programmed response" which blinds them to it.

They simply can't see and move beyond the "belief filters" formed due to indoctrination.

There are an "infinite" number of "excuses we have for not creating what we want. Many will call them "reasons" yet there not. There excuses provided a label that make many feel better about not achieving their dreams.

Regardless of the infinite number of "excuses" that are as unique as the people who "choose them", sometimes it requires digging through and removing some "layers" before we can clearly see and understand why we don't get what we want.

That like everything is a choice. An individual choice.

Here's Some Real World "Tangible Proof" That Clearly Reveals Why So Many Overlook and Fail To Take Action On Financial and Material Abundance

Let's take a look at some "tangible proof" to show you just how "true" that is. It will enable you to see in tangible form that it is "quite true" in the case of the vast majority.

There was a recent study done by the Harvard Business School using the USA Today Publication as a part of it's experiment.

They did a test where two ads were placed in their newspaper to see what kind of response they got.

Here are the very the ads that appeared...

So what's the point and what does that have to do with you?

Well, maybe nothing and maybe everything.

The ironic thing is that both ads were for the exact same position with the very same company!

And yet "the vast majority" of people applied for the position that offered far less money.

Why do you suppose they did that?

I'll tell you why...

It's either because they didn’t think they deserved to make the kind of money that one of the advertised jobs paid or they held an underlying belief that making that kind of money is just "too good to be true!"

This is a perfect example of how people, through their own limited beliefs, fears, doubts, skepticism and cynicism cut themselves out of so much opportunity in their lives.

But it's NOT limited to money and material stuff!!!

They want it...they visualize it...they pray for it...they even attract the ways and means to make it real...then when it shows up they overlook and/or "unconsciously" sabotage the very ways and means that were provided and would enable them to have it.

The main question and perhaps the most important as it relates to you is, which ad would you have responded to?

It Is Your Birthright
to Have an Abundance of Money

Look...we can't possibly reach the heights we truly desire in life whether it be able to serve in greater ways through our unique gifts and talents, enhance our spiritual lives, contribute in a monetary and material way to others or get more of the "stuff" that we desire for ourselves and families without enough money.

And yet it's a sad but very real fact that at some level, the vast majority of people in the world feel like they don’t deserve money or for any infinite number of reasons "believe" and "perceive" that the many credible, viable and extremely lucrative ways to make money...large amounts of money...are just "too good to be true."

We attract them and self sabotage through our own fear, pessimism and skepticism.

And chances are good...almost certain in fact that if YOU don't have all the money and material abundance that you "truly desire" you are in some way...at some level in one or both of these "groups."

That's not a judgment, it's an observation that I KNOW through communicating and working with so many people globally that keeps a lot of people from getting what they want both materially and otherwise.

Here's the "real point" that's vital to understand and be aware of as it relates to material abundance...

People often let their limiting beliefs and the perceptions control and limit their lives ESPECIALLY in the area of money.

And it ALL goes back to indoctrination.

They've allowed outside forces like the media, friends, well intended family members, trusted confidants, colleagues, clergy, etc. etc. etc. feed them thoughts that they buy into, believe and "perceive" as being "good advice" which only serves to imprison them into a self-fulfilling cycle of doom and gloom, lack and limitation, less than they they "truly desire" all the while "perceiving the world as some "random and chaotic jungle"...that MONEY is in short supply and that they must just settle for whatever crumbs life throws their way."

And that's why most DO settle. But it's only because they choose to. Unconsciously perhaps, but they're choosing just the same.

In a number of cases this "symptom" of having to settle is made real in life due to fear, doubt, worry, cynicism and/or pessimism. In SOME cases ALL of the above.

We want, we hope, we wish, we pray, we visualize, we meditate, we affirm that "We are abundant" and then, when the ways and means show up to make our hopes, wishes, dreams, desires and prayers "REAL", we "perceive" it as being too simple...too easy..."too good to be true."

We want it...we really and truly want it but based on our underlying "beliefs and perceptions"...beliefs and perceptions based on a fear based mentality, we overlook, shun and/or dispel the very answer that we asked so diligently for.

We either choose not to "see it" when it shows up, perceive ourselves as unworthy or we "perceive" it as being "too good to be true."

And one that I see SO MUCH of the time is, if it offers the potential to make A LOT of money we think...

"Ah...it must be a scam."

So many people "truly think" they're being discerning and careful yet what's really happening is that they've developed "intuitive blindness."

They've become conditioned to "allow" previous programming...less than desirable data...to be hard wired into their "brain" to override what they "feel" and know in their hearts.

They're unaware of, don't recognize or choose not to acknowledge their "true power" which is attracting the very ways and means that will enable and empower them to make their desires real and so they don't "do" anything when those ways and means show up.

They either don't see themselves as able or worthy or through their cynical and pessimistic perspectives never DO anything with the ways and means that DO show up.

So they create more of the same. They get trapped in a cycle...they trap themselves in a cycle and continue doing and being the very same thing that has them where they are...where they SO claim that they DON'T WANT to be...and they attract and create more of what they don't want in their lives.

They often overlook the lifeboat that they hoped, wished and prayed would show up.

They "perceive" themselves as trapped in seemingly inescapable cycles that they honestly "believe and perceive" are outside of our control.

I see this EVERY SINGLE DAY FOLKS!!! And it's frustrating to say the least.

I write, teach and share what I do so you won't have to get or remain trapped in "undesirable cycles."

For the past 5 years I've provide information, understanding and the tangible tools for anyone who chooses to opt out of the lack, limitation and hard earned mindset that the vast majority choose and create an extraordinary quality of life for themselves.

And I STILL receive a FLOOD of contacts through e-mails, phone calls etc. from those who want and/or need personal attention and guidance.

Here's my all encompassing answer...

Let Love lead. Tune into the lead of the heart and tune out of your head where all the self sabotaging and self limiting programming is stored.

Make LOVE the intention...Get focused on Love...find something to DO that you Love...ENGAGE yourself in it...provide value and contribute to others in a way that fulfills their wants and needs and you'll get what you LOVE back.

That's how SIMPLE, perfect and precise it is.

Look....I could write and write and write about this. There are an infinite number of analogies, examples and things I could share and teach about money, creating "Real Wealth", "Real Success" and Real Freedom and what enables and empowers as well as keeps so many from creating and experiencing it for themselves.

Doing so is VERY simple once you "choose" to sort through all the "perceived" complexity. But rest assured, the ONLY reason it "seems" complex is due to what so many have "learned", accepted, perceive and "believe to be true" about life.

They "believe" it's complex and complicated and so it becomes that.

I've spent the majority of my waking hours for the past several years writing, freely sharing my insights, personal experience and wisdom gained over the past 3 decades since choosing to walk the "conscious path" for myself.

I've done the best I know how to educate, enable and empower those who desire a greater quality of life with everything necessary to do so.

I've done everything I possibly can to "reveal the simplicity" of "consciously creating" a quality of life that harmonizes with the individual desires of people globally.

I founded Enlightened Journey Enterprises, created abundance-and-happiness.com and send out this newsletter to educate, enable and empower anyone with the "sincere desire" to discover, awaken to and begin "consciously utilizing" their "true power."

I've reached and assisted literally millions of people globally from every walk of life since choosing to do so and I might add it's been an extremely exciting and fulfilling ride.

And I've Loved every minute of it. It's quite fulfilling actually.

But I've also become increasingly aware lately that how I've been "doing things" isn't enough. A number of people have requested more "personalized interaction and attention" to effectively apply the success principles I teach.

So, to honor those requests, I made the decision recently that I was going to make some tweaks in how I do things.

Here is one of those changes that is going to assist a select group in making Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom REAL and tangible.

I'm Going To Be Hand Selecting and Working Personally With A Small Group Who Have a "Sincere Desire" To Create "Real Wealth"

As my initial vision unfolds...as I expand...as the Enlightened Journey community grows and as my team grows, I've since realized that I've taken on a HUGE undertaking.

There's just no way I have the physical time or the mental energy required to accomplish this massive goal at the level I've envisioned.

It's simply too much for one person to do effectively and still provide the level of personalized support and guidance that so many who contact me request and "perceive" themselves as needing.

Let's face it...assisting people on a global scale in "consciously creating" Abundance and Happiness in life is NO SMALL TASK!! In fact it's HUGE!!

My primary focus is shifting. to those who are "serious and committed" to creating more for themselves.

I've decided to create, place more focus on and offer a more "personalized approach" for a select group who are "serious about" and "committed to" creating more for themselves.

These changes will enable those selected to receive more personalized attention in both the tangible as well as intangible aspects of enhancing their lives and results.

I'm not going to provide ALL the details today. I've shared A LOT of information and I'm going to ask that you "allow it" to soak in a bit.

Here's a brief overview...

In a nutshell the coaching, mentoring, personal support and guidance will encompass "mindset coaching" as well as EVERY tangible tool necessary to create greater financial abundance.

Here's How A Select and Hand Picked Group With A "Sincere Desire" To Enhance Both The "Tangible and Intangible Aspects" of Their Life Will Benefit From These Changes

By integrating a much more "personal touch" with regard to the "tangible and intangible aspects" of coaching and wealth mentoring and shifting my focus a bit, I'll be enabled to place more focus and attention on a smaller group to ensure they are headed down and staying focused on the path that will lead to the attainment of their "desired outcomes."

And due to a recent expansion I've got some "incredible assistance" from what I believe and have found to be the most complete, well structured and AWESOME systems and processes to make certain that anyone who desires to enhance and create the material and monetary aspect of wealth are provided what they require to do so. no one gets left behind.

Here's the overview...

I'll be taking a much more personalized approach to mentoring, coaching, and teaching the success principles that I have for the past years. Let's call it "enhancing and/or elevating awareness" with regard to "getting more of what you want."

I've integrated some additional resources which you'll learn more about tomorrow, and will be personally coaching and mentoring those selected on the "DOING" side of the equation.

Although I won't go into great depth, I will say that the people behind the creation and implementation of these tools, systems and processes are very caring, sincere and knowledgeable coaches/mentors that know, understand and are very good at implementing and teaching the "tangible" aspects of wealth creation to best leverage, capitalize on and benefit from the tools and systems I'll be utilizing.

If a more hands on, personalized form of coaching/mentoring combined with the tangible tools to create greater financial abundance is something that resonates with you and you feel you might be interested in joining with me as I introduce those selected to the be, do and have more path, keep your eyes peeled for tomorrows e-mail.

I'll be providing all the details, tell you about where it's headed, how the selection process will work and the next steps to take if you feel you might like to walk with me.

The steps that could, if you're "serious and committed", make Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom "Real" for you.

Stay tuned for tomorrows e-mail.

In Closing

It's my hope that you've grasped the importance of and the power behind what I've shared in this edition of Enlightened Journey.

And I also "truly hope" it's assisted you in some small way to see the importance of taking personal responsibility for as well as "conscious control" of your life.

That it has, in some way, assisted you in seeing the power behind consciously, intentionally and consistently engaging yourself on the mental, emotional and physical level...opting out of the lack, limitation and mediocrity mindset...getting out of your head and into your heart and starting right now...this very moment being, doing and having much more of what you desire and deserve in your life.

Abundance and Happiness is your birthright. It's simply a matter of reclaiming it and making the choice to align and harmonize what you're "BEING and DOING" in a way that enables and empowers you to see for yourself just how "true" that is.

Chances are certain that there's MUCH more available to you than you're currently "aware of" and you CAN have it WHENEVER and IF EVER you choose it for yourself...WHATEVER it might be.

That my friend "I DO Know."

If you're serious or even curious about how you might "know" too in a measurable kind of way, and would like to learn more about my vision for the future, the changes taking place and what the future holds for those we select, keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's email.

Whatever you choose, I wish you ALL the best always in ALL ways.

To Your Health, Wealth, and Success,

Chuck Danes




Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099

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