39th Edition Of "Enlightened Journey" Ezine

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Discovering and Navigating
The Narrow Path

Walking The Razors Edge For Harmony, Fulfillment, Joy, Inner Peace and Tangible Results

Part 3 of 4

"If a man does not know what port he is steering for,
no wind is favorable to him."
- Seneca

There's absolutely ZERO question that we ALL want something more in life. What we want individually might vary, but the fact that we want more is Universal.

We've looked at the big picture view of what's necessary to get whatever our more might be. Now let's get into specifics. Simple steps to create more.

To have more you must know what it is for yourself. You MUST define it.

Yet as true as that is, believe it or not, most don't and in many cases simply "won't" take the time to define what that is for themselves.

I don't mean define it based on what you feel you must do or limit it based on what you currently feel you CAN have but rather what you would LOVE to do and experience.

That's why those who experience "Real Freedom" are so few. The vast majority define and base their lives on a very limited perspective and that's what they get all the while hoping, wishing and praying for something better. Something more.

You have to know where you are going in order to get there. You cannot possibly hope to hit a target that you can't see and you most certainly can't hit one if you "perceive and believe" it doesn't even exist.

That may seem obvious and perhaps even simplistic. It "seems" that way because it is.

Yet as simple as it is most don't DO it which is the very reason that many people have no idea where they are going in life, how they got where they are and more importantly where they're headed and will inevitably end up at some point in the future.

Yet these are things that are VITALLY important to decide and define, not discover as they "show up." More importantly they must be "consciously and intentionally" decided and defined if you "truly hope to arrive at the "desired destination."

And that's another reason why the path to harmony and fulfillment is so "unpopulated." Most don't DO that either because they don't "think" it's necessary or simply don't know and understand the power behind it.

Too many people are waiting to discover what they should decide, leaving to fate, luck or chance what they should be "consciously choosing."

Those that have a sincere desire to be in the Big Leagues and play the game of life like the Big Players do that is.

So, let me ask you...which one are you?

  • Where are you currently and what have you done to get there?

  • Are you experiencing harmony and fulfillment in every area of your life?

  • Do you have anything and everything that you "truly desire" or do you find yourself settling, rationalizing and making "excuses" as to why you can't?

  • Do you "perceive" the world as being random and chaotic and that it just delivers whatever it will?

  • Do you see yourself as a victim or creature of circumstance?

  • Have you ever really defined what you want?

  • Do you keep your focus on what you Love or what you fear?

Those are vitally important questions to ask yourself and become aware of. Keenly and consciously aware.

Then once you're aware of that, it's necessary to become aware of where you're headed now which will determine what you'll have or won't have at some point in the future.

  • Do you have a crystal clear vision of where you're headed?

  • Do you have a clearly defined plan about how you're going to get there?

  • Is your focus and attention fixated on what you love or what you fear?

  • Or are you going to allow the random wind to blow you wherever it will?

Those are important questions to ask yourself also if you "truly desire" to wind up in a "pleasing" destination. A destination that "harmonizes" with what you "truly desire" for yourself.

And once you do that...should you "choose to", then it requires putting what your envisioning and what you've defined into action.

That's where level 4 takes hold and becomes VITALLY important.

The "tangible" level where "physical action" and a conscious choice to move forward is necessary. And hopefully it's become very clear to you now, if it wasn't before, that moving forward and DOING something is just as VITAL and necessary for "getting what you want" as the first steps are.

As I mentioned in Part 1 and can't stress enough...It begins by "being" a certain way for sure. No doubts and no questions about that. But then it's necessary to harmonize that chosen way of being with doing.

Take it from a very wise man who "knew"...

"Nothing happens until something moves." - Albert Einstein

In the remaining paragraphs, we're going to be covering in more detail and with a bit more focus something that I KNOW is near and dear to everyone's heart.

Well...scratch that...MOST everyone that is. It has to do with Money and Material Gain.

For some, although I believe "very few", it "could prove to be a bit or perhaps in some cases even, "quite" controversial.

So as you progress, if you "begin" to feel that way...if you begin to feel somehow offended or that controversy is my intention, I'd ask that you stay with me as long as you can.

Doing so may be the very thing that is necessary to begin moving beyond what's keeping whatever it might be that you want from you. It may provide you with the understanding that will enable you to experience "Real Freedom."

It may on the other hand offend you.

Here's why I say that...

I receive MANY incredible e-mails each and every day from those who appreciate and benefit from what I contribute. They see and express their gratitude for the value I provide.

So, Thank You for those. They are "truly appreciated." They support and substantiate that what I'm doing and committed my life to is making a difference. They "feel" really really good to me.

And it's because of those that keep me going. It's what drives me to continue writing these "mini (and in some cases NOT so mini) book" newsletters.

It's why I do what I do. It's profoundly fulfilling for me.

But occasionally I receive some "less than appreciative" contacts as well. Very few, but I can't help but think that for those who take the time to write and express their "ungratefulness" and anger...in some cases "Judgment even...there are also a number of you out there who "feel" the same way that don't acknowledge it via e-mail.

So, before we move on, let's address that first. It obviously won't and doesn't apply to ALL of you and perhaps, although doubtful, even "very few" of you, but please entertain me for just a moment and allow me to vent a bit, get something off of my chest, express some "authenticity" and hopefully assist those who "choose" to see and/or do things in the way that this person who contacted me does, to make the shift, see things in a bit different way and hopefully enable them to get more of what they want.

It will provide benefit to those of you who it DOESN'T apply to equally as much as it could for those who it does apply to.

I'll be using a contact that I received as a "tangible example" NOT because I want to make an example out of anyone but rather so you might see how our individually held beliefs and perceptions can and do keep us from getting what we want.

But I'll also warn you up front. This portion of Enlightened Journey probably isn't going to appeal to the "thin skinned" or those who choose a strictly Utopian view of the world. It may not sit well with those who choose a strictly Utopian approach to life or with those with an entitlement mentality.

Not the first part anyway.

If it applies to you, you'll know. If not I appreciate you and I'll express my gratitude in advance for allowing me to both vent a bit, address something that's on my mind and hopefully at the same time assist any who might occasionally "feel" the same way.

Here's where I'm coming from...

Earlier in the month I sent out an e-mail allowing the community to purchase The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation at half price.

I did that because of a number of communications I received from those in the community who wanted it, but didn't have the funds to acquire it at the normal amount.

Many appreciated that gesture. They "perceived" the gesture as intended and took advantage of it. They experienced the value as intended.

However some didn't. And that's OK. It wasn't intended to "resonate" with everyone nor for everyone to take advantage of. Just those who it did resonate with and who "felt" led to take advantage of it.

As a result of "doing" that, I received a few contacts (2 actually) that "perceived" that what I did I shouldn't do and "shouldn't have" done.

Here's one such example of an e-mail I received from someone who "apparently" either has issues with money or has an entitlement mentality...

i should have known......i knew.....all this was not....freee......there was a catch.......i was soooo INTO this....thought you were like some kind of.......??????? and now...its all about money...just like a baptist preacher......

Perhaps you'll recognize and immediately see the "disharmony" in the few sentences that were written and why chances are good that this person is about as far away (and will continue being) from getting what he/she wants as anybody could be.

They apparently have an "issue" with an exchange of value.

They apparently had some kind of issue with me asking for an "exchange of value" for something they may have wanted and apparently would have valued but didn't for whatever reason agree that I should ask for an "exchange of value."

In fact, let's not sugar coat it and allow me to be really blunt...

They are either stuck in a strictly Utopian view of the world or have an entitlement mentality, neither of which is going to provide them with what they want.

That's not a judgment it's an observation. I share it because I think it might help others who have a desire to receive may be "unconsciously choosing" a way of being that keeps it from them.

Namely a willingness or an unwillingness to exchange value.

First of all because I provide abundance-and-happiness.com as a predominantly "free resource", this person apparently "assumed" that everything I provide is and/or "should be" "free."

Point #1 - Wrong assumption

Enlightened Journey Enterprises is a company. Like any company it requires capitol to operate and keep running. Granted it's a company that focuses on assisting people globally in getting what they want, but it is still nonetheless a company.

Any successful company provides value and requires an exchange of value to become and remain a successful company.

If there is no exchange of value the company would cease to exist...the "free" website would go away and so would this newsletter.

They go on to say that they were "so into this."

I can only assume since they were "so into this" as they mentioned, that they had received some form of benefit and "value" from what I provided and contributed to them for free as I do for millions globally which is a lot.

In fact it's taken the better part of 5 years and countless thousands of hours to offer the understanding, insights, direction and the "free resources" that I do which are the culmination of many years of experience.

As long as it was free, It resonated with them...they were "into it" and it and apparently received benefit from it.

But when it came time to offering a form of value that required an exchange of value...something that wasn't "free"...when it had to do with them exchanging something of value for something that I offer that wasn't "free", all of a sudden it didn't resonate with them anymore. They somehow saw it based on their individual beliefs and perception as "wrong or bad."

When it came to them giving something in return, now all of a sudden they didn't see the value and apparently weren't "into it" any longer.

They valued it until an opportunity to engage in an exchange of value was presented to them.

They didn't have to reciprocate. I didn't say you MUST buy this or I'll kick you off the site and take you off the newsletter list. I wasn't "twisting anyone's arm." But for whatever reason, they got pissed.

Obviously this person who I'll leave anonymous for the obvious reasons had an issue with me offering something of tremendous "value" and asking that those interested in receiving the value that the 7 Hidden Keys provides reciprocate far less than half of it's actual "value" in return.

Even at the "full price" The 7 Hidden Keys is FAR MORE valuable and far exceeds the exchange of value necessary to acquire it.

What's shared in it if internalized and applied can provide "priceless results" in EVERY area of life that extends FAR beyond the material aspect of life.

But apparently this person expected to receive The 7 Hidden Keys for FREE. They "assumed" I suppose that since I provide so much information free that it should ALL be free.

That happens occasionally. Not often but occasionally. Perhaps, because I base and support a lot of what I share on spiritual principles...or if you prefer holistic principles...some people for whatever reason "perceive and believe" that my asking for an exchange of value is somehow "wrong."

They have beliefs for whatever reason that the subject of money should never come up when it has to do with teaching holistic or spiritual principles that support what 21st century scientists are discovering today.

They have a mindset that the 2 are somehow unrelated or that they shouldn't co-exist.

Point # 2 - Limiting and Potentially Self Sabotaging Belief

Because they're not unrelated first of all and like everything else they do co-exist. There is NOTHING that doesn't co-exist. There's nothing that exists that isn't "spiritual." That's where EVERYTHING comes from. That's the 1st level that we mentioned in Part 2.

If you prefer a more scientific version than the words "spiritual or holistic", it all comes from the infinite wave field of probability.

That includes money. There is NOTHING excluded.

Whether you choose to look at it from the scientific perspective that everything is energy and there's nothing that energy is not or whether you choose to look at it from the "spiritual and Utopian perspective" that God and/or The Kingdom consists of everything and there's nothing that God is not, you arrive at the very same conclusion.

Point being there's nothing "wrong" with money or anything else. Love created it all.

Then they go on to say, based on their "limited perception"..."I thought you were like some kind of.......???????"

So, point #3 - Wrong Perception.

I'm no different than anyone else that's reading this newsletter.

I'm just a guy that lives in Oklahoma City that walked some undesirable paths for a number of years that created A LOT of what I DIDN'T WANT...engaged in MANY YEARS of exploration, research study and experience to "undo" much of the self limiting and self sabotaging "perceptions" formed due to indoctrination which I was taught regarding life and our individual potential and eventually found and chose to walk down a path that creates MUCH more of what I DO want.

A path that I love.

I've since I've found it to be something I LOVE immensely, am extremely passionate about....find to be IMMENSELY fulfilling and I choose to contribute and share it with those who it resonates with and appreciate the value and guidance it provides.

And at times I'm going to ask for an exchange of value.

My purpose and intention is first and foremost to assist those who choose to benefit from my studies and personal experiences enabling me to point those with a desire to experience "more" in their own life to what I've found to be the short path for creating "more pleasing tangible as well as intangible results" for themselves.

And I might add that it's a REALLY REALLY cool job. The BEST in my opinion.

And I do that because I love and am passionate about it. I do it in the hope that others might become enabled and empowered to engage in and experience more of what THEY love...move beyond and bypass the long path...choose the short path I discovered and arrive at their "individually desired place", wherever that might be, without all the trial and error I personally experienced.

So, in a nutshell I'm nothing more or less than a "guy" with a desire to assist others.

I'm NOT a "master"...a "guru"...a saint...or anything other than Chuck Danes, the founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises who engages in and does what he loves and is passionate about and assists a lot of people along the way.

I choose to "do" what I love...do so out of "love" with the "intention" of assisting others and receive back based on what I choose to contribute. So you could say I receive results that I "love" through "doing" what I love.

And then finally...the one that admittedly "got under my skin a bit" and precipitated me "unsubscribing them from any further "free stuff" was that "it's all about the money."

Well, obviously it's not or I wouldn't have spent the better part of 5 years and countless thousands of hours creating and providing FREE content that more than a million and a half people from around the globe are "attracted to" and benefit from annually.

This "free" edition of Enlightened Journey took a month of my time to write and it showed up in your inbox for free.

But at the same time, it is my job if you will...Enlightened Journey Enterprises is a business...NOT a soup line and YES, occasionally a return of value is asked for and expected for doing my job.

I'm quite sure this person or anyone who might choose the same "perception" doesn't do their job for free.

I'm pretty certain they expect a return of "value for value provided."

But I'm also quite certain due to their chosen "perceptions" regarding the exchange of "value" being "wrong or bad" that what they receive in the way of "tangible rewards" is quite limited and at best hard earned.

And for whatever reason they see something "wrong" with me providing value, doing my job and expecting a return of value as well.

And I can't help but think that maybe...just maybe there are a number of others out there who "perceive" the same thing which is precisely why we're going to face it head on and address it in this edition.

I know from working with countless individuals that blocks with regard to exchanging VALUE keeps them from experiencing "Real Freedom." And it "blocks" the flow.

So, if you are one of those who thinks in the way this person did, let's spend a few minutes clearing the air and hopefully enable you to understand that an exchange of value is a necessary and EXTREMELY important part of achieving Real Harmony, Real Fulfillment, Real Success and Real Freedom in your life.

First things first regarding me contributing, providing value and expecting to receive value back

I'm not a religion. I'm not a non-profit organization. I'm not a martyr that dedicated my life to allowing those who choose a strictly Utopian view of life or those with an entitlement mentality to mold, shape and determine the kind and quality of my life.

I'm a teacher, coach and mentor who does the best he's able to enable and empower whoever is open and willing to internalize and apply what I share to create and experience a greater quality of life for themselves.

I personally enjoy money and material things.

I'm not a monk who sits in a cave. There's no steeple out in front of my house. I'm not listed as a non-profit organization with the IRS.

I provide value in the form of guidance that I know from many years of personal experience can and does on a VERY LARGE scale assist people in creating more of the "desired results" for themselves. I provide a form of value that FAR EXCEEDS any monetary value that most "perceive" as being so important which helps people enhance ANY and EVERY aspect of their lives.

And the amount of value I receive back is based on the amount of value I send out. It does require "asking for" value back occasionally to make the "desired result" real and tangible.

And based on the "vast majority" of communications I receive the value I provide is much more "valued" and appreciated than this person "perceived" it to be.

Let's make no mistake here...

I expect to receive value back for value contributed. That's why I do receive back. It's not a "clingy expectation" it's a "knowing" kind of expectation. It's based on an understanding of how the flow works, providing value and receiving value back.

And then "finally" this person "obviously has "issues" with Baptist preachers for whatever reason. :)

Can't be sure what that's about but what I do know is their individually held "judgments" whether toward me or Baptist preachers, anybody or anything else for that matter, including their apparently "fearful perception" surrounding money certainly won't serve them nor assist them in attracting and "getting what they want." What they apparently "fear" someone is trying to take from them.

And it IS expressing "fear" as subtle as it might be.

In fact it will only serve to take them further from it. What they perhaps Love but fear losing.

I use this as an example because I know from communicating and connecting with so many people that "part of" what happened here is happening in the vast majority of peoples lives. At some level at least. In the vast majority of cases "unconsciously."

Granted, it's happening at a "subconscious level" in a number of cases, but it IS happening nonetheless.

Specifically in the area of money and security. There's a lot of "fear based focuses" surrounding it.

And the REASON this fear exists and is impacting so many is due to indoctrination of NUMEROUS types whether it be that "money is bad" or money is hard to come by or money must be hard earned or the INFINITE number of other beliefs someone may have in the material arena.

And before we progress further, although I have no desire to step on anyone's toes...if you feel that way also, have no desire to get to the "root of the problem" make the necessary shifts that enable you to get more of what you want, then please simply opt out of the value I provide.

Apparently some don't see the "value" in that and that's OK, just keep your limiting beliefs and mindset to yourself or share it with someone else who resonates with your chosen way of "being" and/or thinks and believes the way you do.

I personally don't. Admittedly, I did once which is precisely what kept me in a seemingly inescapable "trap" doing what I literally despised doing, fully "believing" that I had to in order to make the money that I did.

But I discovered as so many do that it was a very limiting and self sabotaging "perception" that wasn't "true" at all. It was based on fear really. I feared losing if I didn't DO what I perceived as being necessary which I didn't Love.

It doesn't have to be your truth. You can believe whatever you choose. You have that right.

I always have and always will honor your beliefs, choices and "perceptions" and ask...rather "expect" you to provide the same courtesy.

Fair enough?

But I'm not asking that you do it for me, but rather for yourself. What you share with me or anyone else for that matter out of anger, rage, resentment or judgment or any other way of "being" that you choose can't and won't affect me unless I choose to allow it to.

And I don't. I don't allow what's going on "out there" to impact my life. That includes limited beliefs, perceptions and a limited awareness that some choose.

Not in a personally focused kind of way at least. But admittedly, it does "somewhat" bother me simply because I care about people and spend the majority of my waking hours doing the best I know how to assist the greatest number of people to "get what they want."

I personally love to see people get what they want. If you wonder why, for me to explain it would require much more time than I care to take. I spend the majority of my waking hours writing about and teaching what I teach so people can.

I literally LOVE seeing that. I love it even more when someone contacts me and tells me that I've somehow contributed in such a way that enabled, empowered or in some way assisted them in the process of getting something they desired and it became "real and tangible" in their lives due to that contribution.

So, prior to delving any more deeply into the subject matter, with that in mind...if that is the case...if you have issues with the value I provide and my receiving value back for the value provided, please understand I have no desire to debate or argue the point, listen to why you think you're right and I'm wrong or have any desire whatsoever to attempt to change what you or anyone else believes.

As I make VERY clear in EVERY issue of the newsletter and throughout abundance-and-happiness.com, that's NOT my intention.

It IS my intention to enable and empower those who are open to what I share with information that I personally know provides both "incredible value" and "desired results" should they choose to internalize and apply it.

In fact, It transforms lives. It enhances the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of life for those who choose to understand, internalize and apply it. It assists A LOT of people around the world from EVERY walk of life in getting more of what they want.

It opens the door to "Real Freedom."

It doesn't mean that you have to believe it or "choose it" for yourself.

Most "see and benefit from" the value I provide but some don't. And that's OK...I promise. :)

We're each entitled to our own perceptions and choices. At times, it's possible that my perceptions aren't going to and won't harmonize with yours.

I've discovered since I've chosen this "path" that even as much as I'd like to be, I can't possibly be all things to all people.

That's a fact.

We each have a free will and the ability to choose what we'll believe and what we won't.

That is an INCREDIBLE gift folks!! And by the same token, we each have the right and the ability to both choose and walk our own paths.

I don't expect nor ask that you walk my path.

What I would encourage you to do though, is take a close and honest look at what you're currently experiencing, compare that with what you "truly desire" and decide for yourself if the choices you have and are making is providing you with what you want.

I'm not going to get MAD at you or write you a hateful and angry e-mail because you choose not to believe or walk the path that I and many like me personally know provides desired results. I'm not going to "judge you" because you choose a path that may not "resonate" with my chosen path.

My personally chosen path is experiencing harmony and fulfillment in EVERY aspect of life...that includes the physical, FINANCIAL, relational, emotional AND the spiritual aspects.

What I "personally believe" is necessary for experiencing "Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom."

It's not my intention nor my purpose to "push you" toward a path nor tell you that the paths I've walked are THE path. Only "point you" toward paths that I've personally found provide some incredibly pleasing and desirable scenery in the quickest, simplest and best way I currently know how.

It's direction that "I believe" points those who it "resonates with" toward what I personally believe to be the "the short path." In fact...I "know it does" due to the fact that I and so many others who apply it have experienced the benefit. Those who it resonates with and choose to apply the understanding.

Let's take a closer look at why I know that's "true" personally...

I know because as I mentioned in Part 1, I've walked both paths.

I've taken the apathy, grief, fear, doubt, worry, anger, judgment, blame, cynicism, pessimism and resentment path and the Love path.

I took what I often refer to as the long path which eventually provided me with the insight and understanding that enables me to both navigate as well as point out the shortest path I'm aware of to those who are looking for it and have a desire to walk down it.

I've walked a lot of paths personally. The long path I refer to actually consisted of a lot of paths.

And I do mean A LOT of paths.

I've also listened to "plenty" of well intended advice and personally experienced "less than desired" results by following it as well as observed the "less than desired" results of the many people who earnestly and with all the best intentions freely shared theirs.

I grew up like everyone does. In fact I grew up in a FAR less desirable environment than most do. And I won't go into depth about that here but I recall being told and taught things that were about as far away from Higher Truth as any teachings could be.

And initially, like everyone does, due to my naive and open nature, I believed them. And many of these were well intended teachings for sure. They weren't, in most cases taught to hurt me. They were taught because those who were teaching me "perceived and believed" that it was the good and right thing to do.

They "believed and perceived" that it was the rational, logical and practical thing to do.

You could say that for the most part they taught me in the best way they knew how based on what they "perceived and believed" to be true.

They did the best they could based on what they "perceived" and "knew" to be true. They did the best they could.

And as I walked that path, this limiting path, I experienced scenery that harmonized with my choice.

And I didn't like the quality of the scenery.

But as I began my "path walking"...consciously I mean...I began to discover that what I was taught even by these "well intended" folks...ESPECIALLY by these well intended folks, was that they had simply adopted the beliefs and perceptions of those who taught them without ever taking the initiative to discover if what they were taught and developed "beliefs and perceptions" about were "really true."

And believing that it was "true" and experiencing the results that doing so provided, provided them with a perception of limitation which kept them from reaching heights that they hoped, wished and prayed they could yet "perceived" as being irrational, illogical and impractical which made it "true" for them.

Their hopes, dreams and desires never got beyond "wishful thinking" mode and so they chose to "settle." They "thought" they HAD to settle.

I also became quite "conscious of" the fact that many of those providing their "well intended advice" weren't experiencing outcomes that harmonized with what I truly desired for myself.

And as I would later discover, that advice, as well intended as it was, never could or would.

After "doing things that way" for quite some time, (a number of years actually) I finally came to the realization that listening to those who didn't have the results that I was personally seeking was quite "shortsighted" on my part which, until I came to that realization, didn't enable me to "foresee" many of the dis-empowering and less than desired paths that this well intended advice led me down.

But guess what?

Ultimately it was MY responsibility to come to that realization. At some point I had to come to the place where I had to accept responsibility for the paths I walked and choose a different path if I "truly wanted" to see my individual desires fulfilled.

Yes, I was taught these things. Yes, I trusted and believed what I was taught which inevitably led to my less than desired results.

But they didn't lead me down them. I chose to listen and walk the paths they suggested. That's ultimately my responsibility.

Granted they may not have led me where I desired to go in the quickest and least painful way possible, and I did walk some pretty painful and "less than pleasing" paths as a result, but guess what?

It's ME that chose them. Granted, I was choosing "unconsciously" for the most part. I was choosing limitation rather than abundance without a doubt, but it was me who was doing the "choosing" nonetheless.

Actually I was choosing an ABUNDANCE of limitation and I didn't like it.

And I've since discovered that the vast majority are choosing the very same path...listening to and believing everything they're told and taught fully believing that it's "the right and only path."

Point being...

I've already walked down the path of listening to, believing and allowing others to mold and shape my beliefs. I've also experienced the "less than desired" results of "choosing" that way of doing things first hand.

I also made the choice to switch paths about mid-stream, become an independent thinker, engaged in MANY years of intensive "self education' followed up with "practical application" in a VAST number of areas, got brutally honest with myself which enabled me to get to the core of and reveal what was creating my "less than desired" results.

And I think you already know what I discovered as a result of that choice.

Care to take a guess?

If you guessed the self limiting and self sabotaging "beliefs and perceptions" that I had adopted and "chose" to engage myself in, you'd be absolutely correct.

And it's the VERY same with you and everyone else. That's THE one and only thing what determines the difference between those who get what they want and those who don't.

And if you're not experiencing the level of Material Wealth and have the stuff you "truly desire" there are beliefs and perceptions that are blocking that and keeping them from becoming real.

The ONLY thing. It's the foundation...the 1st level from where everything else comes from.

And what is available to you is limited only by what YOU choose for yourself. Limitation and settling is a lie. You don't and never have had to settle and NEVER will unless and until you choose that for yourself.

And what you choose at this level WILL BE without fail reflected in your life.

Whatever someone may choose to "believe" individually is carried over into and reflected in their lives in levels 2, 3 and 4 and determines what they get or don't get at level 5.

The "Higher Truth" is you can't NOT GET. You're always getting something, but the way most people "perceive and do things", what they get is hard earned or far less than desired and they "perceive" themselves as NOT getting.

I've walked the fear path and I've walked the "love" path and I like the results the "love" path provides MUCH better.

So, you could say I made a conscious and intentional choice to discern and decide what was "true and untrue" for myself and experienced MANY MORE of the "desirable outcomes" as a result. Results that are made "real and tangible" as a result of doing what I love, assisting a lot of other people in the process and experiencing the "harmony and fulfillment" that follows as a result of "choosing" to do things in that way.

And due to those choices, today I get to DO what a recent poll revealed that 86% of the people in the U.S. don't believe they CAN DO which is engage in and DO what they love and are passionate about.

I chose to recognize and eliminate the self sabotaging indoctrination that the VAST MAJORITY "allow" themselves to buy into, follow and sometimes carry through their entire lives.

The same self limiting, dis-empowering and self sabotaging "advice" that so many "perceive and believe" as being "true" and as a result adhere to which is PRECISELY why "I believe" those who experience a kind and quality of life that they "truly desire" are so "few" in number.

It's why the "Narrow Path" remains so unpopulated.

But it's only because they've allowed others to choose their path for them. They "allow" others to dictate what they should believe and perceive." They don't choose their own path.

They walk somebody else's.

But ultimately, just as was the case with me, it's THEM who's choosing it. Whether those choices lead to experiencing an extraordinary quality of life or a much less than desired quality of life.

They choose which paths they'll follow. And I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but it's ALL about the choices that WE make or don't make without exception that determines what we will or won't experience.

It's as "good or bad" as we choose.

And what there is to experience is LIMITLESS. It's infinite in nature and only limited by the choices that we make for ourselves.

Which leads into something else that I've since discovered and "believe" to be true which may poke a "soft spot".

Entitlement and What's In It For Me Mentalities Limit The Flow and Won't Get You What You Want

I'm not a big political guy as many of you know and rarely do I address political issues. But due to the nature and the subject matter of this edition it's important. It has to do with entitlement mindsets, entitlement programs and the growing number being made available.

And regardless of what you might "think and perceive" to be true about them individually it's a travesty that they're growing.

Some of you will agree and some of you won't. And that's OK. It's only my perspective but it's a perspective that I know based on personal experience can, does and will enable those who "perceive" themselves as being trapped within the limitation of an entitlement mentality, whether consciously or unconsciously to step through the veil into Ultimate Awareness.

Entitlement programs do have their place. They're not a bad thing. In fact, they can be a good thing. When they become "bad" is when we choose to become dependent on them and allow them to limit what's "truly available" to and possible for us."

When we "allow" them to blind us to what's truly available.

They can be a much needed "safety net" if you will when a safety net is needed temporarily. But some people don't use them for a safety net but rather become dependent on them and get stuck in the limitation they provide.

They also develop an entitlement mentality in many cases and when the entitlement ends they get mad...they get violent even. Look at what's happening in Greece. Perfect example and it's spreading into other countries quickly who have excessive entitlement programs in place as well who can no longer provide them.

Why can't they? Because the blockage of the inflow can't sustain the outflow.

Entitlement programs create a what's in it for me mentality and "allow" people to become dependent and settle for mediocrity. They often get "stuck" in a quagmire of mediocrity.

They relinquish their power and depend on others "out there" to "give them" what they need to "survive and get by."

Let me assure you that depending on others or what's going on out there will ALWAYS leave you with FAR LESS than what's "TRULY AVAILABLE" to and for you.

And is MANY cases will leave you WITHOUT altogether.

John F Kennedy made a most "profound statement." Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

He understood the flow. He understood that a harmonious "flow" that sustains itself long term requires an outflow...a willingness to "give" to experience a harmonious inflow.

Entitlement programs are about gimmee gimmee gimmmee. What's in it for me rather than how "the flow" was created to work.

The same holds "true" in nature. Nature abhors a vacuum.

The flow is effortless and it never fails. When it seems that it's failing...which it's obvious that it is based on a number of current events happening globally...it's because there's imbalance...the outflow has become disharmonious with the "desired" inflow.

Something is disrupting the "inflow" which is showing up as "undesirable symptoms."

When the inflow is disrupted...when it "seems" disharmonious, it can always be traced to the "outflow."

Who determines the "outflow" as it pertains to you individually which in turn determines your inflow?

You do. You and you alone.

If it's all about what's in it for me and gimmee, gimmee, gimmee with no outbound giving the flow can appear to be blocked. We can "perceive" it that way. We certainly have that right. But it never is. We only "perceive" it that way sometimes. But when we "perceive it" that way, it's only necessary to take a bit "deeper look" at what is hampering the "desired" inflow.

And it ALWAYS points to "ourselves." It's a perspective based on "fear" of some form.

Let's revert back to nature...

If you plant a seed can you expect a harvest? Yes.

Does the harvest always "harmonize" with the kind and quality of seed planted. Without fail.

If you don't plant a seed can you expect a harvest? NO.

That's how nature...the flow was constructed to work. You can stand over a field all day long and say gimmee, gimmee, gimmee and nature is going to provide you with a harvest based on your choice.

An empty and barren field.

There's nothing wrong with the field. There's nothing "wrong" with the soil. There's nothing "wrong" with the process. You just chose not to "consciously participate" in and harmonize your way of "being" with the "process" that without fail produces a "harvest" based on whatever choices you choose to make or not make.

You Must Give to receive.

Take social security for example. Although not an entitlement program in the literal sense of the word, In my opinion it should have been called social limitation but it is what it is so let's work with that.

It benefits a lot of people, no question. But it's also the reason that so many become dependent and never move beyond the limitation. In today's global economy, with the leveraging power that's been made available to ANYONE who chooses to utilize it via the internet, it's quite possible to make more in a day...in an hour even, than social security pays in a month.

But people often fall into "fear based" mindsets afraid that if they make more than the government allows, they're going to lose some or all of their social limitation...or I mean "security."

And although it's been a safety net for many years, I can assure you it won't be long before it doesn't exist anymore. This year it goes in the red. There's not enough "inflow" to support the "outflow" and it can't and won't sustain itself for long the way it's currently structured.

Now granted in the case of "social limitation" many people paid for many years to make sure they received theirs. It's due to mismanagement that's created the current "issues" with it.

But it's demise (if and when that happens) and the repercussions those experience due to depending on others for their "security" are going to bear the brunt of choosing to do so.

Welcome to the world of change. We can if we choose point fingers and blame and get mad but that isn't going to resolve the issue. It's only going to intensify the issue on a collective scale which only further impacts our lives individually in a "not so desirable" way.

It is what it is and getting mad isn't going to resolve anything. Choosing the right mindset and "doing something" that harmonizes with what people want will.

Bear with me here as I put my coaches hat back on...

The Results The Vast Majority Experience Do So As The Result of Choosing A Sheeple People Mentality

I don't share what I've shared above to make anyone mad. I share it because it's "true" for A LOT of people who hope, wish and pray that they could experience greater and more pleasing results.

Most people in the world today choose and have a sheeple people mentality. They're not "independent thinkers" and "unconsciously allow" others to determine what they should and shouldn't believe...What they should and shouldn't do...What's right and what's wrong...What's good and what's bad and in the case of entitlement programs and an entitlement mentality limit what they'll have based on the choices of others.

They're the very people that come across an opportunity that could provide them with every desire they ever held financially and "allow" the "well intended advice" of someone else to keep them from engaging in it because due to it's potential it must be "too good to be true" or it must be a scam.

They can't "see" beyond the limitation.

They follow the indoctrination that most receive without understanding that it's that very indoctrination that THEY have allowed to "mold and shape" their beliefs, and what THEY themselves choose to follow which is creating WHATEVER results, whether desired or less than desired that THEY are experiencing.

And that's OK if you choose that.

That's not my call, that's yours. I honor and respect that. Again, it's not my intention nor my purpose to tell you what you should or shouldn't believe. I have no desire to make you do what I have although, I've found the way I currently "do things" to be quite empowering, extremely fulfilling and profoundly rewarding for me personally.

I personally don't depend on others or what's going on out there. I personally chose to become an independent thinker...followed my heart...and now I do what I Love.

I don't depend on "out there."

It "feels much better" and at the same time provides FAR GREATER results than the way I used to do things.

And that's why I share what I do. So others might experience the same. So YOU might experience the same.

I just do what I do to provide others with the ability to choose consciously. If they don't choose that, that's OK by me. I've personally done everything I can possibly do.

I've done my part.

And anyone who chooses to do that experiences the same. In really simple terms it's nothing more than choosing to bypass the limitations that have been programmed into the head and choosing instead to tune into and listen to the direction of the heart.

What I do and what I write about comes from my heart. I do what I do because I love and am passionate about it. I know it impacts and changes lives and serves tens of thousands of people around the globe from every walk of life in a big way.

And I share what I CAN "freely."

I spend MANY hours a month to make sure you receive this newsletter and that it contains PROFOUNDLY valuable information that can assist you in getting more of what you want and less of what you don't.

And, I provide it FREE. I provide a number of FREE things that "I know" enables and empowers people to be, do and have more.

And I LOVE doing so. It's my contribution. My way of giving back.

But here's a "wake up call" for those who have an "issue" with money or engaging in an exchange of value for whatever reason and choose to get pissy, judgmental and/or angry when I ask that you exchange something that you value for the value I provide.

This is for those who might choose to remain stuck in the Utopian view of life based on indoctrination or those who might have an entitlement mentality.

And in the hopes that you won't take it in the wrong way due to the fact that it's going to sound very direct, I don't share it out of anger or resentment or for any other reason rather than to assist you in seeing through the veil and getting more of what you want.

So Point #4 - Everything ISN'T free.

The world doesn't owe you anything. I don't OWE you anything. You don't OWE me anything. I contribute what I choose to contribute for FREE because I choose to do so. You're not entitled to what I share for free. I don't do it because I HAVE TO. I do it because I choose to.

And there's a VERY GOOD reason why I choose that way of doing things.

I understand that the more I give the more I receive. The more I assist you in getting what you want, the more I get what I want.

The greater the "outflow", the greater the "inflow." That's how it works. That's how it was designed to work and that's how it will continue to work into infinity.

The more I "give" to the world, the more I receive back. The more YOU give to the world the more you receive back.

Choose not give, don;t expect to receive.

Denis Waitley PHD. who was an AWESOME Olympic Trainer, author and one of the world's top personal empowerment coaches describes it best...

"If you focus your attention strictly on your own needs, you will grow weaker and compound your needs. But if you focus your attention on something outside of yourself, you will grow stronger and feel better."

When I founded Enlightened Journey Enterprises I did so by going against the advice of MANY people. MANY very smart and savvy business people I might add. They felt I should "charge" for what has now taken me more than 5 years and thousands upon thousands of hours to create.

They also "instructed me" to follow a narrowed down "niche" path.

Let me assure you that Abundance and Happiness isn't a "niche." It covers FAR MORE than I possibly could alone.

But guess what? I chose a different path. I didn't "believe them" just because they said it was "true" and the only way to do things.

I didn't see things that way.

I wanted this information to reach those who might not otherwise be able to "afford" what MOST charge for this information. To provide those who "truly need it" with a hand up so they might benefit and learn to lift themselves back up so they might experience more of what they Love.

I did it because I chose to follow my heart. I have a "sincere desire" to contribute and make the world a better place. I truly desire to leave this world having made an impact. A meaningful and lasting impact. An impact that remains long after I'm gone.

Whether you believe that to be "true" or not really doesn't matter to me. You're entitled to your opinion.

Point being, if you don't agree with what I choose to contribute and choose not to agree or participate, that's OK....REALLY...it's OK.

We don't have to get mad and pissy. We don't have to exchange nasty and judgmental e-mails.

Let's simply agree to disagree. No need to get angry or judgmental or pissy or write me some long drawn out angry e-mail judging and questioning my motives...attempting to convince me how right you are or that "money" or my expecting to receive value for value provided shouldn't be a part of my subject matter or a part of my personal game plan.

You can choose that path if you'd like. You have every right and I'm OK with that. "TRULY" OK with that. That's your choice and I accept and honor that.

But it most certainly doesn't have to be mine and NEVER will be. And "I KNOW" from personal experience that should you choose that path for yourself you will limit your results.

I've already walked that path. I've "been there and done that" and have no intention of returning to that way of "doing things" nor experiencing the poor results that such a choice yields.

And I "know" as a result of having walked that path, I know from experience that it doesn't and never will provide the desired result.

It can't and never will. That's why I quit walking it. It took a lot of "less than desired outcomes" before the light bulb came on because I'm a slow learner but the important things is, I learned from those lessons and moved forward.

I've made the choice to share what I've learned with those who resonate and are ready to benefit from what I share.

Look...I care deeply about everyone that this newsletter goes out to and have no desire to step on any toes, even those who choose to get "pissy" and judgmental but if you disagree and don't like it...if you don't see "the value" in what I share and feel your toes are being stepped on, it's VERY easy to unsubscribe.

It's not my intention nor my desire to contribute to or feed your rage, anger and bitterness. I have no desire to hurt or offend you. Only to assist those of you who are open and receptive in getting what you want.

There's no point nor need to get upset, angry, cast judgment and go away mad. If you don't agree with what I share....if it doesn't resonate with you...if you don't see the value...if it makes you angry and you feel led to do so, if the way I do things creates some form of "distrust" due to your self limiting perceptions, there's no need to go away mad...just go away. :)

I'm OK with that if that's what you choose to do. It's your choice.


Should you choose to stay a part of the community and receive what I for the most part "freely share", please spare me the nonsense e-mails attempting to support what I "personally perceive" and have personally found to be very limiting and self sabotaging perceptions and beliefs.

You're certainly entitled to them but don't try to convince me how right they or YOU are...please.

But don't do it for me. Do it for yourself. It only hurts you. Your chosen way of "being"...the kind and quality of "value" that you project determines what you get back. What you project determines the quality of the attraction that you'll receive back.

And it NEVER fails. It's always perfect and always precise.

It's not attracted to me unless I choose to react to you. I choose not to do that. I'll respond as I'm doing out of love, but I won't react out of anger or fear or judgment to the foolishness because then It can and will impact and effect MY results.

And I don't "allow" that to happen anymore. I did once but I learned as I walked that path, became "keenly and consciously aware" of what follows...what we attract to ourselves as a result...that it can't, doesn't and won't reflect back to me what I want.

So I quit doing it. When I chose to do that I chose to begin experiencing "greater and more pleasing results."

And those who choose that path for themselves also find how powerful it is in getting more of what they want too.

Do you "get that?"

Here's how it relates to YOU and "money" specifically...

Your "Issues With Money"
Will ALWAYS Lead To Money Issues

One thing I know that I know that I know is that if you have "issues with money" you're ALWAYS going to have "money issues" unless and until you choose to resolve them.

Plain and simple.

Any form of "fear" surrounding money will keep MONEY from you whether it be fear of giving, receiving, losing or the 3 gazillion other probabilities and beliefs people have with regard to money.

And that's certainly your choice. It's a very limiting and self sabotaging choice from MY perspective, but that doesn't make it right or wrong.

It's just my perspective.

It doesn't have to be yours. I've been there. I've done that and it didn't yield the kind and quality of results I personally desired.

That's why I chose the perspective I have. That's why I share what I do and do things in the way I do them. That's why I walk the path that I do today. It provides me with more of what I want and less of what I don't.

Ok with that very direct not so "feel good stuff" out of the way, for those of you are still with me, who "get" the fact that value provided yields a "return of value"...that nature was designed to work that way, let's delve into that and get to the core of this months subject matter.

For those that what I shared above doesn't apply to...Forgive me and thank you for bearing with me through that, but I felt it was EXTREMELY important to address.

Due to the many thousands that this newsletter goes out to and the many varying perspectives that we each have "the right, the ability and the choice" to hold...combined with my desire to assist as many people as I possibly can, it's sometimes necessary to address an issue that doesn't pertain to everyone.

And actually, to be quite honest that "felt" pretty good. As a matter of fact it felt REALLY REALLY good and now I "feel" a lot better. :)

So now that I've cleared the air, my head and perhaps some of those who don't "recognize and/or appreciate" the value I provide, let's get to "the heart" of this months edition.

I know from personal experience that if it resonates with you and you'll absorb it, choose to "believe it" and equally as important, "apply" it you'll benefit in FAR greater ways than you may currently "perceive and believe" as being possible.

That includes receiving more money. As much or as little as YOU choose.

And based on the many e-mails I receive that are asking about how to produce more ABUNDANCE in their lives combined with the facts concerning what's happening in the world globally, we're going to address that "head on" next.

If you'd like to know how to produce more of it...if you have a sincere desire to learn and understand how it serves us and was designed to be utilized, you'll enjoy and benefit from the remainder of this edition.

So, next, needless to say, we're going to be delving in and talking about money and abundance. Not so much money really, but rather value...both the giving and receiving.

How to provide more value and receive more value back.

They're both vitally important if we "truly hope" and expect to get more of what we want and experience "Real Freedom."

And we're going to be looking at and addressing that in really great detail and putting it into perspective in a tangible kind of way based on Part's 1 and 2.

You could say we're going to be looking at money and security on the surface and "below the surface" in the hopes that you'll be able to get as much or as little as you'd like.

And below the surface is the level that most "choose" to overlook which is precisely why more don't get as much as they "truly want."

So next, we'll be looking at the best tangible as well as intangible ways that I'm currently aware of to do that...

And, we'll be doing that in part 4 which you'll receive soon.

Let this soak in for a bit and keep your eyes open for Part 4 in the coming days.

If creating Real Freedom on all 3 levels is a "heartfelt desire" you have for yourself, it could provide you with the answer you've been seeking and SO much more.

Here's To You Being, Doing and Having More of What You Want,

Chuck Danes

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