Wealth Consciousness

October 2007 Edition Of "Enlightened Journey" Ezine

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Wealth Consciousness

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Creating Wealth...REAL Wealth Is As Simple Or As Difficult As YOU "Allow" It To Be.

"It's ALL About Consciousness"

It "Truly" Is That Simple

"ALL Things Experienced In Life...Physical Health, Monetary Wealth, Relational Fulfillment, Emotional Well Being, and Spiritual Wholeness Are The Result Of Consciousness"

"There is but one thing that keeps people from experiencing the kind and quality of life that they desire to experience…Themselves. More specifically the kind and quality of their consciousness." - Chuck Danes

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Contrary to majority belief, the events, conditions and circumstances experienced in the physical world...or to put it in a more personal light...In YOUR life, aren't merely the result of what you do in a physical sense, but are the result of something much deeper. There is a widespread misconception that it is strictly physical activity that create whatever results you may be currently experiencing. Although true to an extent, there is something that precedes physical doingness that is essential to recognize and understand if you ever hope to be truly successful and then hope to sustain that level of success once achieved.

What is that something? The simple fact that ALL things in your life, including whatever it is that you're doing in a physical sense, are the result of consciousness. The kind and quality of your consciousness will determine the kind and quality of your life.

That's what we'll be focusing on in this edition of "Enlightened Journey." We'll be delving into and discovering a quality of consciousness that will assist you in fully understanding and hopefully as a result experiencing "Real Wealth" in your life, whatever that might mean for you individually.

At the conclusion of this edition, it's my hope that you'll not only understand the important role that consciousness plays in how your day to day outcomes unfold, but that you'll also understand the necessity of acquiring a "wealth consciousness" that will enable you to begin experiencing what we'll be referring to as "real wealth" for yourself.

First, allow me to clarify what I mean by "Real Wealth." Although many "perceive" wealth to be the result of some accumulation of monetary or material gain, the kind of wealth that I'll be referring to is experienced as the result of experiencing harmony in EVERY aspect of life, physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

Choosing to adapt to a "Wealth Consciousness" will enable and empower you to experience that harmony for yourself.

What exactly does it mean to acquire a "wealth consciousness?" It's my hope that by the end of this months edition of "Enlightened Journey" that you'll understand completely, but more importantly that you'll become empowered to recognize, internalize, apply and most importantly of all benefit from what you discover.

Before we delve into what wealth consciousness really is, let's first establish and clear up any misconceptions as to what "real wealth" is. What it "truly" is.

Many believe that acquiring and experiencing wealth means having a lot of money. I've got something to share that may confuse or even baffle you...Having a lot of money doesn't make you wealthy. In fact having a lot of money isn't wealth at all. Having a lot of money is simply that...It's simply having a lot of money.

Although money is an important aspect of wealth, it is just that...an aspect.

Real wealth is an internal thing....material or monetary wealth is an external thing.

Acquiring wealth..."Real and Lasting wealth" encompasses MUCH more than acquiring and accumulating a given number of those little pieces of paper that people "perceive" as money.

Did I say "perceive" as money? Yep...The only reason that those little pieces of paper are money in your perception is because you've been programmed to "believe" that it has some intrinsic value. In fact the whole monetary system that we count on today is only able to continue the way it does because the masses "believe" in it.

It is merely an illusion that you have bought into and based on the perception that you hold with regard to it, your "belief" in it collectively joined with the "beliefs" of the mass majority is the ONLY thing that allows our current monetary system to exist.

If you knew the "Real Truth" about money it might just scare you to death so we won't get into that here. This newsletter isn't designed to scare you, it's designed to assist you in acquiring a wealth consciousness so you can acquire "True Wealth", so you won't ever have to be afraid of anything EVER again, including money.

The bottom line is, regardless of what you may currently believe, there is NO amount of money that can or ever will make you wealthy...But having a wealth consciousness will.

Not that acquiring a certain level of monetary comfort isn't an extremely important "aspect" of wealth in today's world, because it is, but it most certainly doesn't equate to wealth. You can attain a lot of money without a wealth consciousness simply by having a "money consciousness", but as you'll soon understand, that in and of itself doesn't equate to being wealthy and MOST CERTAINLY won't provide fulfillment in life.

There are many people who have a "money consciousness" and have acquired money as a result but have a "poverty consciousness" in the areas of relationships and health. They are NOT wealthy. They can make a lot of money but not have any time or energy to spend it on the things that bring them joy which in reality is dis-harmony. They can make a lot of money but not have someone to share and enjoy the things that money can buy. They can make a lot of money but experience ill health. They can have an amount of money and be in continual fear of losing it. That's NOT wealth. Not even close.

In fact if you were to find and talk with someone experiencing some or all of the above, and they were to be completely honest with you, you'd find that they are not only UN-wealthy but Unhappy!!

Wealth consciousness and money consciousness are two VERY different things and it is my hope and intent in this months edition of "Enlightened Journey" to provide some clarity pertaining to what "True Wealth" really is.

If wealth is what you have a desire to attain, "True Wealth" then first of all you're going to have to understand what "True Wealth" really is. You can no more hope to acquire true wealth without fully understanding what true wealth is anymore than you could hope to hit a bulls eye on a target if you didn't know where or what the target was.

In the same way it's also necessary to know and fully understand what wealth consciousness is and how to acquire it, if you expect to experience "Real Wealth" in your life. So...Are you ready to find out?

True wealth means having harmony and fulfillment in EVERY aspect of your life physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually, and acquiring a wealth consciousness is what will be necessary to attain it.

Now you might be thinking to yourself..."Forget about all that wealth consciousness stuff...just give me the money so I can be happy."

If you ARE thinking that then you TOTALLY missed what was shared above and we REALLY DO have A LOT of work ahead of us!! Here's an ABSOLUTE and unwavering fact. One that you may or may not be ready to accept...Money will NEVER make you happy, NO WAY NO HOW. Sorry, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

Without recognizing the crucial nature of acquiring a wealth consciousness you will NEVER be truly happy or wealthy and sustain it for any length of time. You might experience some temporary emotions that make you "feel" happy for awhile but that isn't being "truly wealthy or happy. Fleeting emotions are physical and temporary. Money is physical and temporary. True Wealth is eternal. True Happiness is eternal, NEVER temporary. True wealth comes from the inside and happens as the result of a state of being. "True wealth" is holistic in nature. No not religious....holistic. There's a BIG difference.

True Wealth is experiencing complete and total harmony in life physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually. Now THAT will make you happy. In fact that will enable you to experience TOTAL joy and fulfillment.

Long story short...Wealth will make you happy but money will NEVER make you happy...period end of story.

If you get nothing else from this months edition of "Enlightened Journey" I hope you'll grasp the fact that until you acquire a Wealth Consciousness you will NEVER be "Truly Wealthy" and you will NEVER experience "Total Joy and Fulfillment" for any length of time.

Understanding and accepting that one simple fact could save you MUCH unnecessary struggle, strife and heartache in your life. Applying it GUARANTEES it.

Ok, now that we have a clear understanding of what real wealth is, let's figure out what's necessary to develop and acquire the wealth consciousness that will enable and empower you to begin experiencing this "Real Wealth" in YOUR life.

So are you ready to discover what it takes to acquire this wealth consciousness? Let's cover that now….

Wealth consciousness is attained through developing an awareness of self….A "true" sense of self. To discover this sense of self, a "True" sense of what you are and have the ability to achieve in life it is necessary to expand your consciousness....End of newsletter....See you next month.

Ok just kidding....but it really is as simple and complex as that. Wealth consciousness is simply recognizing and establishing a high value in yourself, learning to love yourself, discovering who and what you truly are, discovering and letting go of much of what you've been "taught" that you are and recognizing the limitless potential that you already possess to achieve ANYTHING that you have a sincere desire to achieve.

If you're looking for some long drawn out process for acquiring a wealth consciousness, there's not really a lot to cover with the exception of the need to delve deeply into discovering more about yourself and the infinite potential and possibility that has been made available to you which is necessary to establish a keen sense of Self Awareness.

Establishing this level of self awareness goes much deeper than just the physical aspects of you.

Self Awareness isn't just knowing what your name is, what kind of career you have, how many kids you have or anything else in your external physical world. The kind of Self awareness I'm referring to is about discovering and knowing who and what you truly are...the true essence of you at your most basic level...At a heart level.

Real Self awareness isn't about accepting what someone has told you that you are based on their "perception" of you or what they might believe is possible in your life...meaning what you can or cannot accomplish in your life but rather unlearning much, and in some cases even all of what you have been told, taught and led to believe that you are.

The first crucial step in gaining self awareness is recognizing the fact that what you may have been taught with regard to who and what you "truly" are may be flawed and recognizing the importance of finding out for yourself. Rather than taking someone else's word who may not have known any better, who may have taught you based on a very limited perspective due to what they were taught and have developed beliefs about, it's essential that you find out for yourself who and what you "Truly" are.

Should you make that choice, you'll find as ALL do, that as you begin to explore and discover, that MUCH of what you have been taught and have established beliefs in is precisely what is keeping you from experiencing what you have a sincere desire to experience. Once you have this clear picture, this wealth consciousness will become much easier to acquire and enable you to begin experiencing real wealth for yourself.

In fact, acquiring a wealth consciousness will come naturally once you make the choice to develop the self awareness of who and what you "truly" are, internalize it and discover the limitless potential that you already hold. Once you discover, recognize and make the choice to utilize the power provided to you, to become a "conscious" and purposeful creator of ANY event, condition and circumstance that you have a sincere desire to experience in ANY aspect of your life, rather than continuing to "unconsciously create" what so many currently believe that they have no control over, you'll have discovered the "true" essence of you and the "real power" that's been provided to you to create "real wealth" in EVERY aspect of your life.

It's really as simple and complex as that.

In reality you don't even have to acquire this wealth consciousness. Why you ask? Simply because you already possess it. You only need to be reminded of the fact that you do and awaken it within you.

Everyone's born with it, but the majority have been reprogrammed with "Fear based" and "self limiting" beliefs which are responsible for burying that initial "inner knowing" resulting in lack, limitation, discord and struggle in some aspect of life which we'll cover in a little more detail in a few minutes. To undo this programming you only need to be re-minded and you'll re-discover who and what you "truly" are.

A quote that comes to mind that explains it very simply is...

"We were born into greatness and conditioned into mediocrity."

Here's a very key point to understand...

Consciousness is the "Cause" of everything in your life...Your physical outcomes are the "Effects."

That is lesson number one in "Acquiring a Wealth Consciousness 101" class.

I truly wish I could write hundreds of complicated pages on the subject of attaining this wealth consciousness, but I can't plain and simple. If you have a desire to rediscover and awaken your wealth consciousness, just become self aware and it will be as natural and flow as easily as you'll "allow" it to. Once you truly grasp and recognize this simple yet powerful fact, "True Wealth" will begin to flow to you.

That's why most people have difficulty acquiring wealth. Because it's FAR too simple. Most have been programmed and conditioned to believe that the attainment of wealth is a difficult and complicated process that requires years of "hard work", that they must "be good" or in some way it must take physical strain, struggle and excessive effort to receive it. That's become SUCH a dominant belief in today's world that many DO find themselves having to work hard and struggle for it in order to feel worthy of receiving it.

It's due to those types of beliefs, those perceptions and preconceived notions that make it a physical reality in your life...NOT necessarily because it's true. It might be YOUR truth based on YOUR belief which WILL create exactly that in your life, but I have come to know and believe that there is a "Higher" and much more "simple" truth that once understood and "consciously applied" provides, without fail, FAR GREATER physical results.

Amazingly, over the years I've discovered that it is the most simple and obvious things that we begin to discover once we make the choice to become self aware, that produce the "greatest" and most "profound" results IF we'll just choose to recognize them...not write them off as too simple to be effective based on what we've been "taught" and established beliefs around...and then learn to "consciously" and consistently apply them.

Once you develop a "true" sense of self, the level of Self Awareness that establishes the "inner knowing" that you are an infinite being existing in an infinite and limitless Universe where everything you could ever possibly desire, conceive or hope for has already been made available to you and once understood by simply simply asking for it in the "proper" way, remaining open and willing to receive it, the ways and means will show up, and the simplicity of it all will become VERY apparent.

If that sounds hokey, out there or far fetched to you, then we've got some work to do...A lot of work!! That's precisely what having a wealth consciousness is. Discovering, being willing to "accept" and internalize the truth about yourself and the limitless power that has been provided to you.

If you're not currently experiencing this power, it's only because you haven't yet discovered how to tap into it. It's there. Always has been always will be.

If you EVER hope to acquire the wealth consciousness that is an absolutely essential aspect of acquiring, experiencing and holding onto "real wealth" it is going to be necessary to undo the self limiting and self sabotaging programming that is and has been responsible for keeping you from it plain and simple.

Simple yes...easy NO. Why? Because if you're like the mass majority who have been conditioned with and bought into a predominantly held "poverty mentality" as the majority has, then we've got some serious "reprogramming" to do IF you ever hope to acquire and experience real wealth and harmony in your life.

But one thing that I can assure you is the short term effort required to attain a "wealth consciousness" is minuscule in comparison to the long term payoff. Once you fully understand that acquiring "real wealth" and everything that comes with it doesn't require all the physical "doingness" that you've been led to believe is necessary, such as working hard at a job that you dislike and any number of other "traditionally established FALSE beliefs" you've been inundated by and programmed with, you'll wish you had discovered it a long time ago.

Let's Look At Some Statistics

Why do you suppose that 97% of the American population retire in what are considered poverty conditions?....Programming in the form of previously and traditionally established "False Beliefs." A poverty consciousness. Why else would it be like it is? Do you think that 97% of the retired population DIDN'T work hard?

I can assure you that the vast majority of them worked VERY hard, AND for a VERY long time. The reason they are in the situation they are in is because they followed the status quo, the mindest of the mass majority, the "traditionally established false beliefs" acquired without ever choosing to venture out and discover for themselves whether those beliefs were true or not.

They focused all their effort and attention on the physical doingness, which they were "taught" was the way to acquire what they "needed" failing to ever discover that "real wealth" is created NOT as a result of "doingness" but rather as a result of beingness. As a result of all their "busyness" they never took the time or initiative to work on themselves, more specifically their quality of consciousness, which would have provided FAR greater results.

If you would like to end up as the majority do, keep listening to and doing what the majority does and you will. BUT...if you would like to discover a lot more simple, rewarding and pleasing way, the way does exist. That way is being revealed to you right now. Whether you choose to utilize it or not is your choice but I can assure you it is MUCH more rewarding, FAR more fulfilling and MUCH more simple way than the way those 97% have attempted to do it and STILL ended up as a sad statistic.

The simple part is creating wealth. The complex part is choosing to discover and recognize what I like to refer to as a "Higher Truth", deprogramming you just enough for you to begin to grasp and recognize just how simple the acquisition of real wealth is. Although simple it will take some self discipline to achieve it initially. Not hard work discipline...consciousness discipline. The "undoing" of the self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs that are keeping you from experiencing it.

Creating "Real Wealth" in your life isn't so much about learning how, it's about unlearning what has kept it from becoming a part of your reality. Wealth and abundance is the way of nature. It happens effortlessly.

Nature isn't bankrupt...nature is Infinitely abundant. You being a part of nature are as well once you make up your mind to be and choose it for yourself.

Before we get into that I'm going to ask you to do a few things.

First of all I'm going to ask that you not look at this newsletter as THE way to achieve whatever it is that you may have a desire to achieve. In fact I'm going to ask that you NOT believe a single thing I say. Too many have been doing that all their lives, listening and believing what everybody else "tells them" without taking the initiative to explore and find out for themselves which is precisely why so many, the majority in fact experience FAR LESS than what's "Truly" available to them.

They have listened to others who, in most cases with all the right intentions have instructed them in how to be as happy, fulfilled and secure in life as possible, when the one who was doing the teaching had no more of a clue about what that meant or how to go about it than the person or people who taught them. Forgive the analogy, but it's much like the blind leading the blind.

What I WILL ask is that you do your best to temporarily disarm and dispel any beliefs that you currently hold and keep an open mind just long enough to consider a perspective that I believe will assist you in enhancing your quality of life in EVERY aspect and once that perspective is revealed, make the choice and take the initiative to verify it for yourself even if it's with the intent of "disproving" it.

It's not my intent to change your beliefs or ask you to believe me, but my intention as well as my passion is to contribute to you in the best way I currently know how and assist you in the process of raising your awareness as it pertains to acquiring a wealth consciousness so YOU can begin experiencing "Real Wealth" in YOUR life.

What I share in each edition of "Enlightened Journey" is a perspective, what I have come to believe truth to be. That perspective has shifted dramatically over the years from a lack and limitation mentality that so many choose to hold onto today, to a "wealth consciousness" mentality. Unlike years past my current perspective is based on limitless potential NOT lack, limitation, struggle and discord. It's based on the fact that I have come to know and believe that we each have available to us the ability to achieve whatever we can conceive in our minds. These beliefs weren't established based on some woo woo esoteric nonsense. They're based on a number of various and credible avenues that I've researched and explored for years combined with plenty of actual experience, much of which I found to be "unpleasant" initially.

They're based on an intensive search of hard scientific facts, studying the human physiology, how the mind works, how the brain works, being mentored by some profound spiritual teachers, wealth creation masters, researching and being actively involved in various cultural religions, searching intensely through spiritual texts and finally believe it or not, through the simple observation of nature. They're also based on years of doing it the "wrong" way, venturing down the "wrong" path and personally experiencing the struggle and gut wrenching outcomes experienced as a result.

Based on that exploration combined with PLENTY of personal experience, I have come to know and believe that EVERYBODY already possesses EVERYTHING that they need to experience "Real Wealth" and there is no need to continue frantically scurrying around in the external world futilely attempting to fulfill themselves in a "useless and disappointing" attempt to find whatever it might be that they're looking for to bring them fulfillment.

I firmly believe that EVERYTHING that you desire, hope and wish for is already inside you. For some of you that might be a stretch to grasp at this point. Where you are currently in your understanding makes absolutely ZERO difference. At one point I didn't believe that AT ALL!! What is important is that you are willing to keep an open mind long enough to gather enough information to make an educated and informed decision for yourself and then decide whether it's time to begin discovering the quality of consciousness that may be limiting your results and replacing it with a quality of consciousness that will enable you to experience "desired" outcomes above and beyond what you may currently "believe" is possible.

Amazingly enough, what I teach today was presented to me well over 33 years ago but "unfortunately" at the time I wasn't ready to accept or believe it. In fact, at the time I thought the guy telling it to me was wacko!! Amazingly enough, come to find out, I was the wacko one for not being open and willing to listen to what he had to say based on what I "believed" to be true at the time. I've since discovered that what he shared with me on that day was precisely what I've since discovered after going through and experiencing many of the disappointments and at times gut wrenching outcomes that I've experienced at various times in life since. I suppose you could say I've come FULL circle.

Lets' quickly touch on specifically HOW I know and why when I was FINALLY ready, I set out eager and admittedly, at times frantic, to learn A LOT more about what I didn't know when I first began. I share this with you not because I want you to know about me but with the hope that by doing so YOU might get to know more about YOU. That it might help you to take the blinders off with regard to what's "truly" possible for YOU regardless of where you currently are or where you've been.

Although I'll make some references to me, more specifically my experiences, this isn't about me, it's about you. It's about providing you with knowledge and wisdom gained as the result of my "perceived" successes as well as my "perceived" failures in the hope that it might assist you in clearing and shortening your path to acquiring "Real Wealth" in your life without having to go through some of the same painful experiences that I have.

It's the best way that I currently know to convey to you that it doesn't matter where you currently find yourself in relation to your life in general, what your past was like, what your life is like now, your level of formal education, how much money you do or do not make, how old or young you are or any other excuses that you might currently "believe" are keeping you from experiencing everything that you have a desire to experience.

Perhaps you'll discover as I did that you don't know what you don't know until that which you don't know is presented to you.

Due to much of what I had been taught, developed beliefs around and based my "doingness" on at that time, thinking I already "knew" everything there was to know, which by the way didn't hold much promise, it wasn't until I discovered and began to apply many things that I "didn't" know that I began to realize that life had MUCH more to offer than what I "thought" I knew and things began to change.

Perhaps you'll discover just as I did, that it's some of the things that YOU know that are keeping you from discovering and experiencing what's "truly" available to you.

As personal and difficult as some of these things are to share, that's why I do it, to hopefully enlighten and empower you to see that it's not the external doingness or acquisition of "things" that will make you wealthy, but that real wealth comes from the inside as a result of your beingness which WILL provide all the externals that you desire to have.

With that established, here are just a very few of those experiences condensed into the Readers Digest version...

I grew up in a single parent home. I experienced abuse beginning at the age of about 4 years old. I was moved to another home where although the personal abuse stopped I observed someone that I loved being consistently abused. I grew up around alcoholism and dis-function. Basically, a portion of my earliest years were spent in fear.

When conditions improved I was moved back into a single parent home. The primary source of income in that home was welfare. Although I always had a roof over my head and something to eat, with the exception of essentials, money was non-existent. As a result I established beliefs that money was hard to come by. That it took hard work and struggle just to survive, that life was hard, that money didn't grow on trees, that having money was for the lucky and fortunate few, yada, yada, yada.

As a teen I took those beliefs forward with me. I got involved in some of the wrong crowds. I dropped out of school. I adopted the belief that fun was getting high on whatever I could get my hands on. Based on my beliefs that money was hard to come by which conflicted with my unquenchable desire to have some, I made the choice to get what I felt was owed to me from those who had more than I did without their knowledge. I was arrested more times than I care to think about.

I made it through that stage mostly unscathed with the exception of gaining some street smarts. Thankfully I advanced beyond that point and decided that it was best if I made my own way...legally. At the age of 16 I began working as a welder for $2.89 per hour. I remained in that profession for many years. Through the years I've started businesses, built and grew them phenomenally and crashed and burned them. I've started over built them again and watched them crash again, in between times going back to work as a welder.

For the life of me I couldn't figure out why this was happening. I was a hard worker, dedicated husband, loving Dad, I cared about and did the best I could to help people and on and on and on.

At the time, based on my "beliefs" established based on what I was taught and "thought" I knew, I blamed it on externals. Things that weren't within my control...It was this event, that person, this circumstance...That's really what I "thought."

After a few times of that, what I "perceived at the time as "failing", and going back to welding for awhile I entered into corporate America, advanced quickly through the ranks, made millions of dollars and lost it. I entered into relationships that I thought would never end and had them come to a painful close. I've filed bankruptcy not once but twice. I've watched the repo man hook up my toys in the driveway and drive off into the darkness. I've wondered how I was going to pay the mortgage, the electric bill...and on and on and on.

I came up with every conceivable excuse. The bottom line is that I wasn't ready to accept responsibility. Based on what I had been taught and had come to believe, it WASN'T my fault. That's just the way life is. You just grin and bear it, do the best you can and go on down the road as displeasing as I found the road I was traveling.

But since then, as a result of making some different choices, I've gained a whole new perspective. A far more empowering perspective.

The bottom line is....These things happened as the result of a "Poverty Consciousness" that I allowed myself to be conditioned by and chose to hold onto. These things happened as a result of fear and lack based beliefs. Although during much of that period I made money, A LOT of money, I didn't have the "Wealth Consciousness" that would enable me to retain it. Based on beliefs that it took hard work to make money and that money was hard to come by, the sacrifices that I "thought" I had to make in order to make this money and have these toys based on what I had been taught and established "beliefs" around, created "Dis-harmony" in the really important areas of my life.

I had acquired many of the temporary externals that many equate to wealth but I lacked the internal "beingness" that I've since discovered is essential and required to achieve and retain "True Wealth."

Basically, because I "believed" at the time that it wasn't my fault and I had no personal control over any of it, my life was a roller coaster, and NOT the fun kind that you ride at the amusement park. I believe that the only reason I hit the peaks I did was out of shear desire to create monetary wealth, but when I would get there it would come crashing down. What created those crashes? Poverty Consciousness.

My hard work produced results...hard earned temporary results I might add, but the quality of consciousness that I held at the time didn't allow me to sustain those results long term.

I don't share this with you in an attempt to get pity or to tell you how "Bad" I had it because their are those who have had a much more difficult time than I, but rather to let you know that regardless of where you are, what you're past was like, what you've been through, what your current beliefs are in relation to acquiring "true wealth", IT DOESN'T MATTER!!! That is unless YOU "allow" it to matter and keep your focus on what's wrong, continually coming up with all the excuses why something "external" is blocking you and believing that because of that, whatever THAT might be, that you can never succeed in a BIG way and achieve "real wealth" and phenomenal success in your life.

Just like you are right now I had heard about this "self awareness" and "wealth consciousness" stuff. I'd heard it but never really took it serious or applied it. Actually I never really gave it much thought until about the 3rd time my life took a downward spiral. (I'm a slow learner) I didn't need that stuff. I was making money, had all the toys, traveled to exotic places etc., and based on my level of consciousness at the time, I was successful...so I thought. I was successful based on what the majority "perceive" success to be which as I would soon discover was a "VERY Limited and Temporary" form of success.

Granted, it was my "perception" of success based on what I was taught that success was. But as I would later discover it wasn't success at all. Not even close. It was temporary monetary and material gain based strictly on external means like hard work, grueling hours and sacrificing in the really important areas of life to make the almighty dollar...actually A LOT of them. But when it was all said and done it came crashing down a whole lot faster than it took to build up to it due to a mindset, a poverty consciousness.

Finally I'd had enough. Somewhere down deep I knew that there was more and I set out to find it. I began searching. It wasn't a half hearted search... it was an INTENSIVE search. That search started many years ago and what I've gained and learned as a result, I've discovered has lead me to my "true" purpose and passion in life. What I "truly" love to do. To share what I've learned as a result of that search and personal experience with others so they might gain some benefit from what I've experienced and might "learn" from my experiences and not have to go through the same experiences, or take the amount of time that it took me. I've also learned through it all that contributing is A LOT more rewarding and fulfilling than taking.

I've also learned that using people and loving money is a very short ride to pain, and that by turning that mindset around...loving people and using money is a far more fulfilling way to be and will produce MUCH more pleasant results.

Giving and providing value to others is what will determine how much you get in return. The more you give, the more you get. If your predominant mindset is all about taking, then you will experience those repercussions in your life.

In a nutshell, what I've discovered as a result of ALL those experiences, all that searching, all that doingness, ALL the analytical and intellectual brainstorming, all the looking around in the external world for fulfillment for all those years is that ALL things in the physical world traced back to one very simple thing....consciousness. ALL things. The money, the health, the relationships, the fulfillment, the pain, the pleasure...ALL of it.

Through it all the biggest lesson learned was this...

All things physical come from the metaphysical. All things seen come from the unseen. All physical things come from the spiritual realm. It doesn't matter which avenue you choose to explore, whether religion, science, spirituality, quantum physics, or through the simple observation of nature, the answer is EXACTLY the same. What brings the physical aspects of life from this unseen realm is Consciousness, plain and simple. Consciousness is the seed...your physical results in life are the harvest.

You can use whatever phrase you feel comfortable using whether Cause and effect, What the mind can conceive it can achieve, As a man thinketh so is he, What you reap you sow, As you believe, you receive, or any of a hundred thousand more, they all describe and lead back to the same beginning, the very same source...consciousness.

The events conditions and circumstances which happen in EVERY area of YOUR life are the result of consciousness. The quality of life that you experience is the result of consciousness. The amount of money that you make, the kind of car that you drive, the house that you live in, the job that you go to each day, the business that you operate, the quality of the relationships that you are in, the quality of your spiritual connection, the things that you will or will not accomplish....ALL a result of consciousness. YOUR consciousness.

There is NOTHING external to you that is responsible for where you are regardless of your current perception. It's your consciousness...the quality of your thought.

I've also learned that after observing and working with countless people throughout the years that MOST are "Unconscious" of their consciousness. Just like I did, they walk around in a fog "unconsciously" creating EVERY event, condition, and circumstance in their life feeling helpless and hopeless to do anything about it.

Amazingly enough, the ONE THING that is THE most important thing to have for creating "Real Wealth" in your life and the majority are asleep to it, unconscious of it, claiming they don't have the time or the resources or whatever other excuses there are as to why they can't elevate their level of consciousness and discover a "higher Truth" than they currently hold which would enable them to experience a much higher and grander life experience. Why? The main reason is that what creates "Real Power" and "Real Wealth" isn't taught in conventional educational systems. Because of much of what they're taught in our structured education systems and from any number of well meaning people in their lives, they develop the belief that this is just how life is and never take the initiative for that or any number of other reasons, develop the level of self awareness that would awaken them to the "Real Truth" which would enable and empower them to experience "Real Wealth."

The mass majority are unconsciously scurrying around in a frenzy, anxious and stressed out fully believing that they are at the mercy of some capricious set of external circumstances, short of time, short of money, not understanding that it is "their own" quality of consciousness that is creating it.

I've learned that without acquiring a "Wealth Consciousness" that although you may attain levels that many "perceive" as success based on what the majority "perceive" success to be, that it can be and often is lost far quicker than it was gained.

All gain is the result of consciousness. All struggle is the result of consciousness. All loss is the result of consciousness. Sustainable and lasting wealth..."real wealth" is the result of a "Wealth Consciousness." Lack, limitation, disharmony and discord in life is the result of a "Poverty Consciousness." Loss is the result of a "Scattered Consciousness." Those I discovered are the bare bones true to life facts.

Choose a scattered consciousness you choose loss and pain...Choose poverty consciousness you choose disharmony and discord…Choose a money consciousness you choose material gain…Choose a wealth consciousness you choose harmony, fulfillment and unshakable joy in every aspect of your life. - Chuck Danes

If you make $5.00 per hour it is the result of your consciousness. If you earn $2,000,000.00 per year it is the result of your consciousness. To the person that earns $5.00 per hour $2,000,000.00 might seem like A LOT of money but in the bigger scheme of things, in comparison to what I have come to know and believe is TRULY possible, even that amount is minuscule. In comparison to what is available to anyone willing to develop the quality of their consciousness enabling them to tap into "Infinite Potential" and possibility, even $2,000,000.00 is a finite sum which too is limited only by consciousness.

While many believe that the person who makes $2,000,000.00 per year is somehow smarter, luckier, more gifted than the person who makes $5.00 per hour, in reality it is none of these but rather a higher level of consciousness. Perhaps just a money consciousness, but a higher quality of consciousness just the same. The person who makes $2,000,000.00 per year is no better than the person who makes $5.00 per hour but only holds a higher internal monetary value of themselves. It's their quality of consciousness that enables them to make the $2,000,000.00 the same as the $5.00 per hour workers quality of consciousness, what's on the "inside", allows him/her to make $5.00 per hour.

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying. I'm not implying that someone who might make far less money than another is any less fulfilled in life. In fact, I know people who make very little money who are totally fulfilled and content. It's a matter of individual perspective. Money isn't a desired outcome for many people.

It's simply a mindset, a quality of consciousness that sets those who are content and fulfilled apart from those who aren't.

Not a consciousness acquired through traditional forms of formal education, but a consciousness acquired at a seed level, at the level of the "True Source" of ALL that is, whatever you might perceive that Source to be.

It doesn't matter where you currently find yourself or where you've been and what you've experienced in the past with regard to your finances, your relationships, your health, the country you live in, your age or ANYTHING else that you might think of.

It doesn't matter what happened to you as a child, your level of formal education or lack of, what's going on in government, the economy or ANYTHING external to you. All that matters is consciousness. YOU have it. We ALL have it. One person doesn't have access to any more of it than another. The ONLY difference is that some choose to heighten and become more "aware" of how to properly utilize it than others do. Yes it may take stepping outside of the box a bit, developing a little discipline initially to raise the quality of it, to undo the previously established "False" and self limiting beliefs that were picked up throughout life, but it is the "key" to achieving "real and lasting wealth."

I personally found the box to be quite uncomfortable and overpopulated. Based on the beliefs of the mass majority it got REALLY crowded in there.

But anyone can get out of there once they accept responsibility for where they are and make the "choice" to do so. I can assure you it's a FAR less crowded place.

If there is any lack, limitation, discord, or disharmony in your life it is due to the quality of YOUR consciousness and can be changed by merely making the choice to do so. If you are currently making a lot of money but are experiencing disharmony and discord in other areas of your life it can be changed by making the choice to raise the quality of consciousness that is creating the discord.

It might require developing a deeper sense of self awareness, becoming brutally honest with yourself about how and why discord is occurring, but without fail elevating the kind and quality of the consciousness will elevate the kind and quality of your life.

Fretting about what has happened in the past and being anxious and fearful of what might happen in the future based on what you've experienced in the past is the best and surest way to remain stuck and never achieve "Real Wealth." Measuring your self worth based on the possessions that you have now and establishing a belief system that reinforces it will keep you trapped in it and NEVER allow you to experience Real Wealth.

Wealth consciousness isn't focusing on what you see around you in the way of events, conditions and circumstances that you experience in your life today and fretting and fearing what tomorrow might bring. Wealth consciousness is fully understanding, grasping and internalizing the fact that what you see in your life today is the result of the quality of consciousness that you held at some point in the past and awakening to the fact that YOU have the free will as well as the ability to change it anytime that YOU choose to. How? Simply by changing the kind and quality of the consciousness that created it.

There are NO endings, only new beginnings. You can begin to BE something different right now than you were at some point in the past and create different outcomes for tomorrow.

That being starts with your quality of consciousness. How specifically do you do that?

You begin by first having and keeping focus on the goal, the desired outcome that you have a "desire" to experience keeping in mind that what is here now is only based on what you have "unconsciously" created at some point in the past based on the quality of consciousness that YOU chose then. That was then....this is now. Focusing on, stressing about and beating yourself up concerning undesirable conditions that you brought into existence then won't change now and will only ensure that those conditions will repeat themselves in your tomorrows.

All that matters is now....the quality of consciousness that you have now...the choices you make now...choosing to adapt a wealth consciousness now. That is ALL that matters. Developing and adapting to a wealth consciousness now will enable you to experience "real wealth" at some point in the future.

Consciousness is the seed. Wealth consciousness will produce a much more desirable harvest than poverty consciousness. Developing YOUR knowledge of how to create a wealth consciousness now is what will change the undesired into the desired.

Not an external form of knowledge that conventional education provides. Traditional forms of education are absolutely useless unless and until you acquire the internal knowledge of who and what you "truly" are. External knowledge, like external wealth is finite and temporary. Internal knowing and wisdom creates a wealth consciousness which is "Infinite" and eternal.

All things on the outside are the result of what's inside.

One of the teachers who's work I've studied, Denis Waitley PHD, who has trained Olympic athletes, astronauts, and is one of the top self empowerment teachers in the US can be quoted as saying that his PHD stands for "piled high and deep." Why would he say that? Because he understands that conventional forms of education are useless until you have the internal understanding, the wealth consciousness that enables you to create "Real Wealth."

Another of the great spiritual teachers, John Harricharan can be quoted as saying that his MBA is kept in a glass covered frame with a little hammer and a note on it that says, "Break here in case of emergency." Why does he say that? Because he understands that wealth consciousness is FAR more important and will produce FAR GREATER results "long term" than conventional educational systems could EVER provide.

Both of these teachers understand that wealth, real wealth doesn't happen as a result of doingness, but rather "Beingness." Conventional forms of education teach doingness. Wealth consciousness education instills and teaches beingness.

Beingness creates "Real Wealth, Infinite wealth. Doingness creates temporary, physical and "finite" results at best. Doingness without beingness is futile and will have you scurrying around in an external world seeking security and constantly fearful about what the future might hold, continually fearful of what external event, condition or circumstance might happen to take your "perceived" security away. Doingness produces mediocre and temporary results at best.

Doingness might provide a temporary and finite supply of what many equate wealth to be but without the beingness will NEVER provide you with the lasting harmony and fulfillment in EVERY aspect of your life that so many are futilely attempting to find and create only through their doingness.

One of my most influential and all time favorite mentors, and the one who has made the most profound and dramatic impact on my life, Leslie Fieger, who is the creator of the Delfin Knowledge System, instilled the following in me....

"To achieve real wealth you must first 'Be.' To first "BE" you MUST establish a wealth consciousness. A wealth consciousness enables you to BE wealthy on the inside before you SEE wealthy in the physical world. Wealth consciousness enables you to attract and DO the correct things so that you can tap into and HAVE an Infinite supply of real wealth. The correct formula is Be, Do, Have."

If you'll internalize, apply and begin to live by that statement you'll soon know what it is to experience "real wealth."

Wealth consciousness is an internalized understanding that you must first "Be" wealthy on the inside, which will attract the correct things to "Do", so you can "Have" whatever it is that you desire to have. Poverty consciousness is believing that you must first "Have" something, so that you can "Do" certain things so you can "Be" somebody.

Wealth consciousness isn't "I'll believe it when I SEE it." That's poverty consciousness. You'll NEVER see it. Wealth consciousness allows you to clearly see it on the inside so that you can see and experience it in the outside. Where do ALL things come from? The unseen. What brings those things into the physical realm where you can SEE them with your physical eyes and experience them with your physical senses? Consciousness. YOUR consciousness. "Faith is the substance of things HOPED for, the evidence of things NOT seen."

The first step in acquiring a wealth consciousness is developing a "true" picture of yourself through self awareness and recognizing the fact that all that matters is now. Just NOW. The quality of consciousness that you have now.

There are many today that claim they have "tried" to do things that they loved and were passionate about and "failed" so it must not have been meant to be. Because of this "failure" they have internalized a "fear" that keeps them stuck doing what they feel they have to do to "survive." That's why so many are unhappy. They do what they feel they HAVE to do rather than what they're passionate about and would LOVE to do. Why?....because they've been taught to fear failure and as result they go through what they "perceive" as failure.

Let me share something with you....

There is NO SUCH THING as failure.

Sure, you can quit and call it failure if you choose, but that doesn't mean it's failure. It's only a perception. Your perception. It doesn't mean it's true.

Failure is only a perception in the mind. Focusing on failure will only keep you stuck. Focusing on and fearing failure will only insure that you continue to fail in the future. Failure is only a "perception", a WRONG "perception" at that and the result of a poverty consciousness. It's not based on a wealth consciousness. Wealth consciousness CANNOT fail. The real truth is that you CANNOT fail. What you say? Well sure you can fail I have failed!! No...you haven't failed...you CAN'T fail. You can have a "perception" that you failed, but you can't fail.

Here's why...

Everything in the entire universe exists as a result of consciousness. EVERYTHING. There is nothing that has existed, currently exists or will exist that is NOT the result of consciousness. Everything physical in the room you're sitting in right now exists as a result of consciousness. EVERYTHING originated from a thought, an ideal. EVERYTHING you own, your house, your car, your job, your computer, your TV, your phone....EVERYTHING began as a thought. A thought is consciousness.

So what's that got to do with failure? What you perceive as failure is the result of consciousness too. But what you "wrongfully" perceive as failure is really a successful creation, the kind and quality of which is determined by the kind and quality of the consciousness that created it. "Poverty consciousness" creates what you might currently "perceive" as failure. Wealth consciousness recognizes "perceived failures" for what they "truly" are which is a creation that YOU created based on YOUR quality of consciousness which can be changed by changing the quality of consciousness which created it.

Wealth consciousness is about accepting responsibility for what you created, making adjustments and going forward. "Poverty consciousness" is about quitting and "believing" that it was unanswered prayer or just wasn't meant to be. It's about giving your power away to someone or something other than yourself. It's a failure to accept responsibility and will keep you stuck.

You are always successful in creating something, REGARDLESS of how you might "perceive" it. If you desire to to be successful in a different way, shift the consciousness that will automatically and effortlessly shift the result. You are creating every minute of every day. Eliminate a consciousness of failure and you eliminate failure. Shift your consciousness to success and wealth and you create success and wealth. Choose to focus on fear and you'll draw to you and create more of what is feared.

A poverty consciousness is successfully creating lack, limitation and what you perceive as failure. A wealth consciousness successfully creates wealth..."Real Wealth."

Creation is constant, absolute and perfect 100% of the time without fail. You can NEVER mis-create. You can choose to be and remain "unconscious" as to what you're creating, but you can't mis-create. It would violate every law of nature. In other words it simply can't happen.

A crabgrass seed planted can only create crabgrass, but it successfully creates it. A seed that grows those pesky little burrs that get stuck in your foot can only grow those pesky little burrs but it successfully creates it. A seed of poverty consciousness can only create lack, limitation, discord and disharmony but it successfully creates it. You only need to become "CONSCIOUS" of WHAT you are creating. You only have to become keenly aware and conscious of your consciousness and you'll CLEARLY see that whatever you're experiencing, YOU are successfully creating.

Failure is merely a perception. You only need to become aware that you were created in the image and likeness of the Source, the Creator, whatever you might perceive Source to be. You only need to become aware of the Universal Laws also known as Laws of Nature put into place by the Source to govern creation perfectly, precisely and with unwavering certainty and adjust your consciousness to change what you're creating and harmonize it with what you have a desire to create so you can experience it in the future. Whatever it is, it is YOU that is creating it through your consciousness...perfectly...precisely...without fail EVERY TIME.

You might very well be doing it unconsciously, but you ARE doing it.

A poverty consciousness is unconsciously creating undesirable results in your life. A wealth consciousness will consciously create "Real Wealth" in your life. Both are seeds planted that MUST produce a harvest. A lack of money is successfully created by planting seeds of poverty consciousness which can only produce a lack of money. An abundance of money is successfully created by a money consciousness. "Real Wealth" is only created and experienced by acquiring and holding onto a wealth consciousness. The kind and quality of the seed ALWAYS determines the kind and quality of the harvest.

The process is immutable, unwavering and absolutely perfect 100% of the time.

The only thing that's not perfect is your understanding, your "perception" of what's happening. Attempting to create a desired result, WHATEVER it might be with a poverty consciousness is like putting a biscuit in the oven and expecting to pull out a German Chocolate cake. THAT is impossible!!

The point being...Failure is impossible. To change what you perceive as "failure" into success, you only need to become conscious of what seeds you're planting, plant new seeds and you'll produce a different harvest. The quickest and simplest way to know what seeds you've been planting is look at your current results and you'll know what you've been "successful" at creating.

If you don't like the kind and quality of your success, change the kind and quality of the seed that is creating it. Shift from poverty consciousness to wealth consciousness and you will reap a harvest of "Real and Lasting Wealth." Shift from a broke consciousness to a money consciousness and you will harvest a crop of money. Are you getting this? No I mean REALLY getting it?

Real power lies in consciousness. Real power lies in the kind and quality of consciousness that YOU choose to have. Real power isn't found in ANY thing external to yourself. Real power isn't found in money, traditional forms of education, government, in armies. Those are merely a form of external and very limited "finite" power.

Real power is found within you. Real power is "Infinite." Power that is limitless in nature. Acquiring a "wealth consciousness" will enable you to experience that power for yourself both internally and externally but it ALL starts from within. Wealth consciousness will enable you to experience the joy, harmony and fulfillment in life "regardless" of what's going on in the external world around you.

Most people have it ALL backwards. They try to do it from the outside in. It will NEVER work long term. Attempting to create wealth that way can ONLY produce temporary and limited results and is operating from a poverty consciousness.

The kind and quality of your consciousness determines the kind and quality of your life in the physical world. The kind and quality of the consciousness that YOU possess the inalienable right of free will to acquire, whether it be finite in nature or infinite and boundless in nature will reflect the kind and quality of the life that YOU choose just as a mirror reflects back at you perfectly and precisely what you project toward it.

Your inner beingness, your consciousness is what you're projecting outward and the mirror symbolizes the Universe reflecting it back at you perfectly and precisely just as you ask. "Ask and you shall receive."

That's how the Universe operates. That's how God, Source, Higher Power, Universal Intelligence, or whatever you may perceive Source to be created it. "As you believe, so shall you receive." What you sow, you reap. As a man thinketh so is he.

When you wipe out all the self limiting and self sabotaging filters, all the beliefs, all the perceptions, all the preconceived notions about what's "logical", what is or is not "possible" for you, what your "limitations" are, you will discover the infinite power and potential that has been freely provided to you.

The quickest, simplest and least painful way to do that is gaining self awareness. Gaining a "True Sense" of self will provide you with an inner knowing and a power that is untouchable and "Infinite.". This form of power isn't based on what MOST perceive power to be, that someone must lose so someone else can win but "Infinite" power that is boundless and limitless in nature where EVERYONE wins.

Real power let's EVERYONE win. Real power is based on love and contributing, not fear and competition. External "finite" power is based on fear and taking.

When you shift your consciousness to that which you love rather than that which you fear you will discover that you "truly" are an "infinite" and limitless being existing in an infinite and limitless universe with infinite and limitless potential who has been provided the ability to be, do and have ANYTHING that you make the choice to be, do and have.

"True Power" isn't based on competition where someone must lose but mutual cooperation, respect and LOVE where EVERYONE wins.

It is SO simple...It is SO real...It is SO you. You only need to awaken and rediscover the "REAL You" establish a level of Self Awareness that enables you to see it and to become "conscious" of the fact that it's true. I can't do that for you. No one can do that for you except YOU. YOU must make the choice to do that. When you do you will have acquired a wealth consciousness that will enable and empower you to experience real power and "Real Wealth."

There are so many things that people "unconsciously" do today that keep them from acquiring this wealth consciousness fully unaware of what it is that they are doing.

To provide just one quick example...Seeking Security. That seems harmless enough. That seems like a "logical" thing to do. That's what the "majority" have been taught to do. That's what I was taught to do. As far as I know that's what NEARLY everyone is taught to do. What could possibly be wrong with seeking security? That seems honorable enough. It MUST be right, correct?

WRONG... Let's see why it's NOT correct and based on a "poverty consciousness"....

Under the umbrella of consciousness, which I think we have discovered and agree is responsible for EVERY conceivable outcome, there are only 2 possibilities...Love or Fear. Every thought every action ANYTHING that you do in the physical world is based on, the result of, ONE of these two dominant aspects of beingness. Anything and everything that you do or think you can or can't do is categorized under one of these.

What could seeking security possibly have to do with Love or fear? Seeking security is "based on fear." How so?

Seeking and desiring security is a fear that at some point in time you will not have enough. Why are you seeking and desiring something that is already available to you? In fact why are you seeking security that is already yours? IF you are not already experiencing it, it is only because of the kind and quality of your consciousness. It is only because of the filters, the perceptions, the beliefs, the preconceived notions that YOU have attached to it which is blocking it from you here and now.

It is merely an illusion that YOU have created and which YOU have the choice and the ability any time that YOU choose to change it. How? Change the kind and quality of consciousness that is creating the illusion. Seeking and wanting security is based on a poverty consciousness. "Knowing" that you already possess it is based on a wealth consciousness and the result is that you will experience it.

You cannot create something that you desire by placing your focus on the fear of not having it. You must place your focus on the LOVE of it, of already having it. YOU are creating the illusion of NOT having it by "believing that you don't have it. When you change the belief you hold with regard to it, you change the illusion that is keeping it from you and you will have it.

To have security, "Real Security" you don't seek it. You don't WANT it. You don't need it. You tune into it. That's an inner game NOT a physical external "doingness" game, although that is how MOST attempt to secure it. External security is "finite" in nature and can be lost MUCH quicker than it's won. External security is based on fear.

Want + Fear = More of what you fear.

Desire + Love = All you ever hoped for.

Internal security is "Infinite" in nature. It's acquired through your "beingness." It is "true power" based on love. It can NEVER be lost or taken away. When you develop the ability to tune into this inner security, external security falls into place.

Most people seek "financial" security. Seeking financial security if you'll dig deeply enough is based on a fear of not having enough money. You already have FAR MORE money available to you than you could ever hope to spend, you just haven't figured out how to get your share. To get it you have to eliminate the fear you have of not having enough of it. To retain what you have you have to eliminate the fear that you might lose it. The point being...Contrary to popular "belief" seeking security is based on an underlying fear which equates to a poverty consciousness.

When you make the choice to establish a "true sense" of self awareness and discover who and what you "truly" are, you will develop and acquire a "wealth consciousness" enabling and empowering you to plant more "conscious" seeds and the "poverty consciousness" will dissipate. The result? You will become wealthy. "Truly wealthy."

Wealth and poverty cannot co-exist any more that Love and Fear or light and dark can co-exist. Think about the times that you feel fearful. When you feel fearful about something you cannot feel love for whatever it is. Love and fear are on 2 ends of the same spectrum. It is within your ability to choose which end of the spectrum you will place your consciousness on. The closer you are to the end of "fear" you are projecting a poverty consciousness. When you choose to shift your consciousness to the Love end of the spectrum you are experiencing wealth consciousness.

Fear restricts you and doesn't "feel" very good.. Love sets you free and "feels" incredible!! They both produce an outcome...a harvest.

Neither is right or wrong but only determines what you will experience based on the choice that YOU make. You have the free will to choose. You have the choice as well as the ability to choose which end of the spectrum that you will place your focus on and as a result reside on. You have the free will to choose fear or you have the free will to choose Love. Focusing on fear will draw to you what you fear. Focusing on Love will draw to you what you love. The process is identical. The only difference in the outcome is one of degree, what you choose to focus on.

Focusing on fear is poverty consciousness, focusing on love is wealth consciousness.

Let''s look at it from a different perspective, a more physical perspective by using the following analogy...

Let's assume for a moment that I guide you into a room. You are standing in this room and it is pitch black. You aren't at all familiar with this room. You have no idea what's in there. There are no windows, You can't see anything except darkness. There you are standing there with absolutely no ability to see anything except this pitch black darkness wondering why I have asked you to come.

You have no fear of it but you are really curious about it. You're not sure what it holds.

I tell you that I know this room. That I've been here and experienced it. I tell you that I know everything about it because of my experiences in it.

I tell you that this room is fairly small and limited in size. That there is nothing in here except you, I and a few other things that I need to share with you. I tell you that there are a few good things but there is also all types of danger in this room. More dangerous things than good things. A few good things too, but MUCH danger. I tell you that if you are not very careful and listen to everything I say you could be very badly hurt or even killed. You start to become fearful but you and I are friends so you trust me. You know that I care about you and am only looking out for your best interest so you listen to what I say...very closely.

I tell you that there is a switch in this room, but first before I show it to you there are some things that I must share with you because I care about you and I want to do everything within my power to keep you safe. After all you're my friend.

I begin to tell you all about my personal experiences in this room. I warn you where the danger is and the best way to avoid it. I tell you that you can remain safe in this room if you'll follow my instructions carefully. I tell you that I've been in this room and know based on my experience where the safe spots are (the good things) and where there are things that can harm and hurt you.

I do this for awhile making sure that you understand how important it is that you listen to me. I set the limits, tell you to the best of my ability about this room and feel you are prepared to venture out to see and experience it for yourself.

Then I tell you if you'll raise up your right hand about 2 feet you'll find a switch. I tell you that if you'll flip that switch up you'll see that everything I've shared with you is true. You do it and this dim light comes on. As you look around you see that everything is just as I told you. You're glad that I'm your friend, because you see that it is true, that my intent is to keep you safe. Although the lights a little dim you can see that everything is laid out in the room just as I said.

Next I tell you that I must leave. I have some things to do. I warn you again about the dangers in this room just to make sure you understand and I leave.

You fumble around in this room for awhile just kind of experiencing. Because the light is a little dim you stumble from time to time and a couple times you even fall down and hurt yourself because you can't see everything clearly due to the dim lighting. It causes you to go in a few areas that I told you that you shouldn't and you stumble and get hurt. This further validates in your mind what I told you, what I warned you about was right. You think to yourself, wow I'm glad Chuck told me all these things. What he said is exactly true.

So you stumble around for awhile longer staying as safe as you can. But then you look up close to where the switch that I told you about was and you see a little round knob. You're curious what it is so you walk over to it and discover that it's a dimmer switch. You turn it to the left a little and it gets darker so you stop. You turn it to the right and the light brightens a little. You turn it a little further and it gets brighter, a little further it gets brighter and brighter and brighter until you've turned it as far as it can go.

You turn around and you are literally AMAZED at what you can see. You see all those things that I had told you about but now you can see far beyond them too. In fact there are SO many things in this room that you can't see where the room starts or begins. You discover that there is MUCH more in here than you "thought" there was due to what I told and "taught" you.

It looks TOTALLY different in here now!!

You're all excited and you begin to explore a bit and start discovering that there are some really incredible things in this room. Things that I didn't tell you about. You walk up to them pick them up and find that they actually excite you, make you really happy and bring you joy. The more you explore the more you find that's available to you and the more joyful you become. You begin to explore deeper and deeper into this room and the more you explore the more you find that this room continues forever.

In fact you find that it contains ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you have ever wanted and even more. It contains things you have thought of or desired in the past. It even contains things that you never thought of or could even conceive!!!

This room contains EVERY conceivable outcome.

You look around and see that some of those things that I warned you about are still there and because of what I told you, the fear is still there a bit so you bypass them and go to another part of the room. With the light on you can clearly see your way around them and find only those things that YOU choose to experience. You can easily stay clear of those things that had you stumbling and falling a few minutes before. Although there are things behind them that you would like to pick up and hold and experience, you bypass them because you don't want to stumble, fall and get hurt again.

The more you discover and experience the more excited you become. But you become a little frustrated because some of those things you fear are blocking those things that you truly have a desire to experience.

Then it dawns on you...But Chuck told me that there was much danger in here. He told me that I must be very careful or I could get hurt. Although he was "partially" right, there is MUCH more good in here to experience than what he told me.

You're a little angry at first so you call me on your cell phone and tell me all about your experience. You tell me about finding the dimmer switch and everything available in this room.

I'm as amazed as you are!! I tell you that I didn't know there was a dimmer switch, that the person who took me in this room never showed me that. I rush back and sure enough there is... WOW!!! This is amazing. I apologize to you and assure you that I care about you and only told you the best I knew because I am your friend and only wanted to keep you safe. You understand and we begin to explore this place together with a whole new set of eyes in a whole new way enjoying everything that is in here with the exception of those things that are being blocked by those things that we both fear. We bypass them because we don't want to get hurt, stumble and fall.

But then as we explore further we begin to think about how badly we desire to experience those things that are being blocked by those things we fear. So very cautiously we walk around the undesired things, get the courage to walk beyond them and, although a little apprehensive at first, pick up those things behind what we feared and find that they can't hurt us unless we choose to pick them up. With the light turned up, we can easily go around them and experience the things that we desired. Wow, this is incredible!! We find that those things we feared only blocked us from those things we desired because we chose to allow them to.

Ok, what does all this mean?

The dark room represents you when you were born. You know nothing of the world. You're unafraid of the darkness and unafraid of the light. You're neutral and curious but totally susceptible to outside influence.

The directions I gave you initially, represents the teachings from your parents, relatives, all your teachers, your siblings, your friends, clergy etc. who most times unknowingly, with all the best intent and with your best interest in mind shared with you what they "thought" was right and true, what would keep you safe in life because that is what they were taught as right and true, but it wasn't. There was A LOT more that they "didn't" know. It represents your current beliefs, your fears, your perceptions, your preconceived notions concerning what is right and what is wrong. What is safe and what is danger.

The dimly lit room represents a poverty consciousness, your view of the world based on much of what you have been taught. It represents what you should fear, what you should watch out for and represents your apprehensiveness of venturing out too far for fear of getting hurt. It represents a very limited life. It blocks you from experiencing what you desire and love because of what you've been taught to fear.

The brightly lit room represents your choice to develop an expanded consciousness and begin becoming more aware of all that you are and all that's available to you in the Universe. Every conceivable outcome is is here. All things grand and all things painful. All things that you love and all things that you fear. There is nothing that is not in here. Even more than you ever conceived possible. You can clearly begin to see everything in here and you begin to understand that you get to choose whatever you like.

But those things that block you, those things that you fear that have caused you to stumble and fall down in the past block some of those things that you have a sincere desire to experience.

The experiences you had with these feared things in the past based on what you were taught and as a result experienced, has made a strong impression on you and although you are now becoming more aware of how much more is available to you, that fear still pops up from time to time. But as you become more conscious of what's REALLY available, more self aware, you begin to acquire a "wealth consciousness." You begin to discover that with this new light you can see alot better and begin to think that perhaps you can get around and bypass what you fear to experience and gain access to what you love.

The light switch and the dimmer switch represents your choices, your ability to stay in total darkness of fear, lack and limitation or in the light of love where there is only wealth, fulfillment and harmony. It represents your ability to choose to flip the switch up or flip it down any time you choose.

The dimmer switch symbolizes your emotions and your ability to choose which you'll allow yourself to feel ranging from apathy, grief, fear, anger, lust, pride, courageousness, acceptance, peace, joy and Love. Turned all the way to the left is apathy and fear and all the way to the right is joy and love. Anywhere in between represents all other emotions. You get to choose which setting it is set on. There is no right or wrong setting, only where you choose to put it which determines your ability to see what's truly available in the room. It's based on these settings that you get to choose lack, limitation and discord or "Infinite" potential.

You have the ability to turn it to whatever setting you choose to experience. When you turn it to the left the light is dimmed and you can only see a very limited perspective of what's "truly" available. You get to see a few of those things desired but mostly those things that can cause you to stumble, fall and hurt yourself due to what you have been taught to fear. When you turn it to the right as the light brightens you can see far beyond the fearful things.

Although they are still here and they make you a little uncomfortable you can see all the incredible things that are here and you begin to lose sight of the fear. Beyond these things that you feared due to what you experienced as a result of the dim lighting, the things that caused you to stumble fall and get hurt, you can see all that is, ever was or ever will be. You begin to see Infinite possibility. You see that this Infinite possibility is available and maybe, just maybe it could be yours just by dispelling the fear, by walking up to it, facing it and accepting it as such, recognizing it for what it truly is and then begin to gather the strength to go around it.

As you explore deeper and begin to gain wealth consciousness you discover that those things that you fear can be easily bypassed and that by carefully going around them, taking your focus off of them and placing it on the things behind them, the desired outcomes that they block, you get to experience those things that you love and desire and the fear begins to dissipate even more. You find that there is NOTHING to fear as long as you choose to keep your focus on what you love.

You finally have discovered that not only is there infinite possibility and potential but YOU get to experience it because you made the choice to venture out a bit and discover for yourself, a light that those who taught you weren't aware of. Yes the things that you were taught to fear and look out for are still present, but you have discovered that if you'll just keep your focus off of them you can easily bypass them and choose to experience only what you love.

You have evolved from poverty consciousness to wealth consciousness.

The point of this analogy boils down to this....

Wealth consciousness enables you to see and choose what you love without limit. Poverty consciousness enables you to keep the light dimmed down or even off, enabling you to see only what you fear and you continue stumbling, falling and sometimes even getting hurt.

There is no right or wrong in this room any more than in your life. Only choices that, based on your inalienable right of free will you get to choose whatever experience that YOU choose to experience. Whatever that might be is honored and you are granted your wish unconditionally.

This edition of "Enlightened Journey" boils down to one simple truth....

There are only 2 things required to tap into and achieve Infinite wealth and Abundance. Self awareness and Wealth consciousness. Once you discover the "real truth" concerning those and begin to "consciously" apply what you discover in your day to day life, you will never have to fear anything EVER again. You'll know what it means to acquire and experience "Real Wealth" that no one will ever be able to take away from you. Once you discover and internalize that there is nothing to fear, all else will become illuminated and fall into place.

Whether or not you currently realize it, we exist in a perfectly constructed Universe that NEVER wavers. It is constantly creating based only on love. "Unconditional Love." Whatever we choose, we get to experience. There is no judgment or condemnation, only outcomes...creations...experiences based on the kind and quality of consciousness that we have the inalienable right and the ability to choose and project.

In a perfectly constructed Universe, faith and abundance is all there is. What you have faith in, what you place focus on, whether the things you love or the things you fear, your prayers are answered unconditionally. You get to choose. What you choose, you receive and experience, perfectly and precisely EVERY time with unwavering certainty.

You also get to choose whether you will have a wealth consciousness or a poverty consciousness. There is no right or wrong. Whatever you choose is OK but that choice WILL determine your outcomes in the physical world. There is no judgment only physical outcomes, a harvest based on the choices that YOU choose to make...the seeds that YOU choose to plant.

Regardless of your current perception of reality or the current results you're experiencing, EVERY second of everyday is a miracle. A creation unfolding precisely and perfectly based on what YOU choose to create.

Wealth consciousness allows you to attract and experience the events, conditions and circumstances needed to achieve real wealth in every aspect of your life. To do and experience what you Love. Poverty consciousness has you scurrying around in the external world dodging what you fear, attempting to fill a void, fearful, anxious and stressing about what tomorrow might bring continually worrying and anxious that something outside of you that you "perceive and believe" that you have no control over might cause you to stumble, fall and even get hurt. It attracts to you what you fear...perfectly and precisely.

The real beauty of it all is that you have been provided an inalienable right of free will. YOU get to choose. You get to decide whether you like the way things are and if you discover that you don't, you get to choose to change them.

Changing them doesn't require a 50, 60, 70 or even a 100 thousand dollar piece of paper called a diploma. It doesn't require 50, 60, 70 hour work weeks stuck in a career that is unfulfilling. All it requires is an internal shift, a paradigm shift, a knowledge that will enable you to clearly see and know at a deep level who and what you "Already" are and the limitless power that you already hold to Be, Do and Have whatever you desire to experience in your life.

If you truly desire change then it's going to be necessary to do something different than what you've been doing. The best doing that I've discovered thus far is acquiring a depth of self awareness that will enable and empower you to make the internal shift from a poverty consciousness into a wealth consciousness. Wealth consciousness turns the light switch on and the dimmer switch all the way to the right. Wealth consciousness is Love and Infinite potential. It is an internal doing that makes all the other doing in the physical world MUCH simpler, FAR more pleasant, even joyful and fulfilling.

Making the shift from a poverty consciousness to a wealth consciousness isn't a complicated process once you have the knowledge, wisdom and the precise steps needed to instill and awaken it within yourself. Your choice to enhance the kind and quality of your consciousness will enable and empower you to enhance the kind and quality of your life...exponentially.

Modern day Science has proven it and the greatest and most insightful spiritual teachers in the history of mankind have taught it for thousands of years.

Wealth consciousness isn't as much about learning how to create wealth as it is "unlearning" the previous self limiting and self sabotaging programming and removing the baggage that is keeping you from accepting and receiving the wealth that is and always has been yours and has always been readily available to you simply by asking and remaining open to receive it.

Wealth consciousness is about shifting focus from the "seemingly" real external focus, internally where "higher truth" and "true power" lies enabling you to experience a "desired, fulfilling and joyful" life whenever YOU choose to.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change, oftentimes in what "appears" as miraculous ways.

In reality every second of every minute of everyday is a miracle. Creation NEVER rests. Most are just unconscious as to what it is that they are creating, fully believing that they are creatures or victims of circumstance. I can tell you that you're not. I can tell you from many years of trying it the wrong way and believing that same thing that you can experience a life of joy, fulfillment, inner peace and prosperity when you make the conscious choice to do so.

Choose to develop a wealth consciousness. Set your intention. Remain unattached. Wait for the ways and means to show up. Take action.

Wealth Consciousness is a powerful ally and the ONLY way to EVER acquire, retain and fully enjoy what I choose to refer to as "Real Wealth"...physically, financially, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Wealth Consciousness WILL draw it to you without fail.

The Higher Truth is that you can Be, Do and Have whatever you choose to experience.

I hope that what I've shared today will somehow assist in turning the light switch on and the dimmer to it's brightest position.

I am going to introduce you to something that provided me with the level of awareness and provided a depth of understanding that made that shift possible for me. Something that was instrumental in changing my quality of consciousness from a poverty consciousness to a wealth consciousness. What enabled me to escape doing what I thought I had to do to doing what I love to do.

Here it is...

The Delfin Knowledge System

In 1999, after spending literally tens of thousands of dollars on numerous personal empowerment products, seminars, books etc. I discovered a system, an extremely powerful personal empowerment system called "The Delfin Knowledge System" created by Leslie Fieger that not only provides an IMMENSE value, but provides timeless wisdom, profound insight and an uncommon depth of knowledge and understanding that will enable you to awaken to and discover your individual ability to begin consciously creating for yourself the desires that you hold as sacred but may have previously considered to be "unrealistic" and/or out of your reach.

The Delfin Knowledge System also provides you with all the tools necessary and a profoundly powerful step by step plan which enables you to make the necessary internal shift from a poverty consciousness to a wealth consciousness.

As it has done for me and countless others it will enable you to clearly see who and what you are and the limitless potential that you do and have always had available to you but have allowed yourself to become blind to. In addition it will provide you with the simple steps and all the tools necessary for becoming "conscious" of and discerning if the current beliefs that you hold as well as the actions that you are taking, are serving or working against you in the fulfillment of your desired outcomes.

The Delfin Knowledge System provides everything necessary for exposing and changing the underlying subconscious beliefs which are creating disharmony and which keep so many stuck in less than desired conditions throughout their lives.

The Delfin Knowledge System will greatly enhance your level of self awareness enabling you to acquire the wealth consciousness that will change every aspect of your life if you find that you're at the place in your life that you're ready to make the choice to allow it to.

The Delfin Knowledge System includes what I consider to be THE most powerful and effective tools EVER offered or created based on countless numbers of others that I've utilized over the years, and has served me in ways that would take numerous books to properly convey. (The first of those will be out in the near future by the way)

It will quite literally enable you to achieve life/self mastery through discovering how and providing the steps that will enable you to master your mind. There are 2 types of people. Those who master their mind and those who allow their mind to master them. Those who master their mind are conscious and purposeful creators. Those who allow their mind to control them are those who believe they are victims or creatures of circumstance.

The Delfin Knowledge will enable you to transform from where the majority find themselves allowing their minds to control them and enable you to begin to consciously control and master your mind which will change the physical aspects of your life.

Here's a Brief Overview Of The Contents That Make Up The Delfin Knowledge System

The first module of "The Delfin Knowledge System" known as The Initiation, consists of 10 CDs and a book which provides a "profound" depth of knowledge, wisdom and insight that makes it crystal clear as to who and what you truly are and will awaken a wealth consciousness that will enable and empower you to become keenly aware of and reach your "true" potential. In addition it provides an extremely detailed and clearly defined plan providing precisely the steps and direction needed, to instill and apply what you discover at a subconscious level, enabling you to begin consciously and purposefully creating desired results in your life.

In addition it consists of 2 additional modules known as the Journey and The Quest which build upon the previous.

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy which is quite literally at the university level (PHD) of self empowerment/self awareness/life enhancement systems. In fact it's FAR GREATER than ANY university education. How so? Because Universities don't teach you how to acquire a wealth consciousness. Universities and so many other "conventional" education systems teach you a whole bunch of things that aren't even necessary for you to know that will NEVER benefit you in any form or fashion in the physical world.

Universities teach you how to manipulate effects with effects that can and will produce only temporary results at best without the necessary "Inner Paradigm Shifts" that are essential for experiencing change in your life.

The Delfin Knowledge System provides a depth of knowledge, wisdom and a profound understanding of you, the "real" you, the unwavering process of creation and how you fit into the bigger picture which enables and empowers any individual to rediscover the truth with regard to what's "truly" possible for themselves through awakening an uncommon depth of self awareness that so few today possess.

The Delfin Knowledge system will enable you to establish an unshakable faith or belief concerning what's "Truly" possible for you which is an essential aspect of making your desires a physical reality and dramatically raise your level of self esteem and/or self worth allowing you to open up to and accept what is and always has been your birthright to receive.

It instills an unshakable internal power, "Real Power" far greater than any external power that can NEVER be taken away. It will shift your self limiting paradigms from the mentality of the majority, Have, Do, Be to Be, Do, Have. It enables you to recognize and instill the necessary shift from what most "perceive" power to be which in reality is extremely limited and finite physical power based on fear, to "real power" that comes from within which is a limitless and infinite power based on love.

The educational portion of the Delfin Knowledge System provides the transformational system that enables you to make the internal transformation to BE wealthy inside which is essential to DOING the correct things and taking the "correct" actions which will lead to HAVING and experiencing the physical aspects of wealth on the outside in the physical world.

It doesn't matter how good any business model might be, how grand or spectacular an opportunity might "appear." Until you have your inner being in alignment and harmonizing with success, success will continue to elude you. Remember the correct formula is BE - DO - HAVE.

The Delfin Knowledge System provides EVERYTHING required to BE - DO - and HAVE EVERYTHING that you have a desire to attain. The internal paradigm shift which you become enabled and empowered to experience as a result of internalizing the wisdom and knowledge gained will.

The Delfin Knowledge System in and of itself instills the necessary mindset needed for maximizing results in ANY career or business endeavor and as I have come to know the most effective system in existence for instilling and achieving "true wealth", providing FAR greater value than ANY personal empowerment system that I've ever utilized in more than 28 years of searching.

After those many years of searching and tens of thousands of dollars spent on a countless number of personal empowerment type products, seminars, books, etc. throughout the years, The Delfin Knowledge System provided a depth of understanding, the "inner knowing", and the clearly defined steps which enabled me to recognize my "true" worth and value and internalize a wealth consciousness that countless other programs couldn't even begin to provide.

If you are "Truly" serious about creating a wealth consciousness, The Delfin Knowledge System provides EVERYTHING you'll need to accomplish it with the exception of your choice and willingness to utilize it and apply what you discover.

The Delfin Knowledge System is in and of itself a "Total Transformation System" providing everything you'll need to begin producing and experiencing the kind and quality of life that few experience or ever discover is available to them simply by changing themselves.

The Delfin Knowledge System will show you how to do precisely that in a way that will transform your life.

For those that might be a bit apprehensive, let me first say that I fully understand. I know and understand from personal experience that there are numerous claims made that are exaggerated to say the least. But don't confuse strong words with hype.

What I share concerning the Delfin Knowledge System is an understatement if it is anything. What I have gained from this system and Leslie Fieger the creator of the Delfin Knowledge System, who I have come to know on a personal level and deeply respect, FAR SURPASSES ANY and ALL of the personal empowerment programs and seminars I've ever utilized over the years combined. It, combined with another system which is also included in The Wealth Consciousness package truly did open my eyes and change my entire perspective regarding life in general and what's "Truly" possible.

It is what gave me the insight as well as the courage to discover my "true" purpose and enabled me to do what I am passionate about, which is contributing to you.

If I didn't believe it could do the same for you, I wouldn't be making this offer. I not only believe it can, I KNOW it can and will IF you are serious about seeking change in your life and willing to internalize and apply the simple process provided for doing so.

Our world has become SO complicated. There is FAR too much stress, anxiety, lack and limitation. There doesn't have to be if people would just make the choice to "awaken" from their slumber and take the time to discover the simplicity of it all. Depending on your current perspective, that may be a baffling statement for you to grasp right now, but the Delfin Knowledge System was instrumental in opening my eyes to the simplicity of it as well as providing the inner change that would serve to change my entire life, physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually and it will do the same for you.

Acquiring and retaining wealth, "Real Wealth" is FAR more simple to do than most have been taught and as a result believe is possible. That's precisely what keeps so many from ever experiencing it in their lives.

Only you can decide if you're ready. This is the ABSOLUTE best way that I know how to contribute to you, your health, your wealth and your fulfillment in life. Delfin DOES provide EVERYTHING needed to shift your paradigms, dramatically enhance your level of self awareness and will instill the wealth consciousness that is absolutely essential to experiencing true and lasting wealth IF you make the choice to utilize it. For your own sake, I hope you will.

Follow this link which will take you to a page that provides all of the additional information providing an overview of The Delfin Knowledge System and the additoinal tools which I have personally utilized and found to be life changing.

I know those are strong words but they are based on truth. Don't confuse strong words with hype. They're MUCH different. That is not hype, it is based on fact through my own personal experience as well as countless others who have experienced the same benefits. If it sounds like hype, chances are you are not at the point where you're ready.

It's not my intent to sell you or convince you to take advantage of this offer. It IS my intent to contribute and assist in enhancing your quality of life in the best way I currently know how. This is that way.

No hype, no pie in the sky promises or theories, no professionally written sales pitch, only a "Wealth Consciousness Package" that I know can and will transform your results and your entire life if you choose to allow it to.

Whether you decide that you're ready or not ready, remember this....

"Real power comes from within. Finite power comes from without. As within so without."

Should you decide that the time is right for you, The Delfin Knowledge System can and will assist you in stirring and awakening the "inner power" that you already possess and provide you with the specific steps to utilize and put into practical application the wisdom and knowledge gained, in a way that creates "Real and Sustainable Wealth."

For those that ARE ready, follow this link for all the details about
"The Delfin Knowledge System"


I Look Forward To Meeting and Visiting with those of you who choose to take advantage of this offer personally and contributing further to your success and fulfillment in the future.

To ALL of you...

Have An INCREDIBLE and Prosperous Month,

Chuck Danes
Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, Ok. 73099

PS : Always remember that you "truly" can be, do and have ANYTHING that you have a sincere desire to experience. If you're not, you CAN make the choice to learn how.

PPS : Discover your greatness...I Believe In You!!

Timeless Wisdom and Insight To Enhance Your Understanding Of This Months Edition Of "Enlightened Journey Newsletter

Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look there. -- Marcus Aurelius

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. - Psalm 82:6 - The Bible

“We simply act as our level of consciousness dictates. If we want to change our existence meaningfully, then we must change our level of consciousness. Talking, thinking, arguing, hoping and praying for a better life only satisfy a superficial level of the mind, and hardly that. When real change occurs, it is real; it is not a mood. It has nothing with keeping wary over your problems or trying your best to control your impulses. They are your reality.” — Deepak Chopra M.D.

"The Kingdom of God is within you" - Luke 17:21 - The Bible

“All the greatest and most important problems of life are fundamentally insolvable... they can never be solved, but only outgrown. This 'outgrowth' proved on further investigation to require a new level of consciousness. Some higher or wider interest appeared on the person's horizon, and through this broadening of his or her outlook the unsolvable problem lost its urgency. It was not solved logically in its own terms but faded when confronted with a new and stronger life urge.” — Carl Jung

'Truth alone is eternal, everything else is momentary. It is more correct to say that Truth is God, than to say that God is Truth. ... All life comes from the one universal source, call it Allah, God or Parmeshwara.' - Gandhi 1869-1948

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe; a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts, and his feelings as something separate from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of consciousness.” — Albert Einstein

“The light of the body is the eye; therefore when thine eye is single, the whole body is full of light.” — Jesus of Nazareth The Bible - Luke 11-34

“Most people live in a very restricted circle of the potential of their being. They make use of a very small portion of their possible consciousness, and of their souls resources in general. Much like a man who, out of his whole bodily organism, should get into a habit of using and moving only his little finger.” — William James

“Affluence, unboundedness and abundance are our natural states; we need only to recapture what we already know.” — Deepak Chopra

The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing. - Michael E. Gerber

“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you, and you don’t know how or why.” —Albert Einstein

If the doors of perception were cleansed man would see everything as it is; Infinite. - William Blake

“Genius is a man who has discovered how to increase the intensity of thought to the point where he can freely communicate with sources of knowledge not available through the ordinary state of thought.” — Napoleon Hill

"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. - Matthew 6:33 - The Bible

"We fail to see that we can control our own destiny; make ourselves do whatever is possible; make ourselves become whatever we long to be." - Orison Swett Marden

"If you don't change your beliefs your life will be like this forever. Is that good news?" - Dr Robert Anthony

Energy is the ultimate currency. Many focus on the physical currencies but ultimately if focus is placed on the Ultimate Energy the physical will become automatic. - Johan Taft

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