Chi Energy (Qi) - The Essence of Life

Chi Energy (aka Qi Energy or Prana) is the Life Force that Drives, Creates, Sustains and Consistently Expands the Entire Cosmos
and Enables You and EVERYTHING in Your Life to BE

chi energy

Chi energy (qi) takes, has, and appears in many forms. An infinite number of forms. ALL energy regardless of appearances,
individual labels, or perceptions, and aside from which form it takes, is One and the same. Electricity, prana, qi, or chi,
are the "essence of life" and at the same time, make up the intangible as well as the tangible and material world of
shape and form that we live, breathe, exist and navigate within.

To see things in the seed, that is genius. - Lau Tzu

Let's discuss energy matters. It's a vast topic...infinitely vast in fact. Although you may or may not be aware of it currently, it's a topic of vital importance. It's of vital importance that is, if you're sincere and serious about aligning and harmonizing, in more and greater ways, with what you Love so you might begin doing and having more of what you truly desire in life.

You could say, energy matters. A LOT!! Ironically, energy matters because energy is matter. By the same token matter is energy.

So why does that matter?

As it pertains to your life, it REALLY matters because energy (what we'll be referring to as qi or chi energy) is what enables and allows EVERY aspect of life to be. It's also the "stuff" that determines the kind and quality of life that YOU experience individually and that we experience collectively.

Confused? As crazy and complex as it sounds, it's a VERY real and true part of life and really quite "simple" too. Once you discover for yourself just how "true, simple and all pervasive energy is", it could prove to be the most eye opening, exciting, pleasing, and transformationally true thing you've ever discovered.

The fact of the matter is, depending on what you DO or don't do with what follows, it could prove to be the knowledge that turns your life around regardless of how grand or "seemingly horrific" you might currently perceive things to be.

Because it can sound so crazy and "seem" so complex on the surface, let's take a brief, rational "under the radar look" at chi energy so we can simplify things and perhaps (if you're not aware already) reveal that it's not "crazy or complex" at all.

In fact it's quite rational, logical, and mind boggling simple too.

What is Chi Energy? (qi)

There really are no English words to accurately and fully describe qi energy. That's understandable though. How can you possibly describe something of infinite proportion? That would be kind of like trying to describe Love. Poets, writers, mystics, sages, masters and philosophers alike, have been trying their best" to do that for centuries, yet as much as they've written and had to say about it, they've barely scratched the surface.

Like Love, attempting to define chi energy and put it in a box, is no different and certainly no exception.

In the same way, I definitely can't even begin to fully nor accurately describe chi energy in an article, (or 100.000 articles for that matter) but I'll do my best to present it in an "intellectual kind of way" so you might gain a general idea of what qi energy is, the role it plays in your life and how it can be consciously directed and utilized to enhance the quality of your own life as well as the lives of others.

The Origin and Meaning of Chi (qi) Energy (pronounced chee)

Translated as accurately as it can be from it's Chinese origin into English language, "Qi" (also spelled Chi) is frequently translated as "natural energy", "life force", or "energy flow. It's form is often described as "breath", "air", or "gas".

It is the essence of everything. You could call it the Life Force that breathes life into, molds, shapes, creates, sustains and continually expands the cosmos and EVERYTHING in it.

The term qi can seem complex because of it's multi-dimensional, multi-layered nature. Intellectually speaking it "seems complex and mind boggling, yet EXPERIENCING it reveals just how simple, profound, awe inspiring and all pervasive it truly is.

Point being, attempting to describe chi energy in an "intellectual kind of way" is Intellectually inefficient as well as insufficient, but learning how to transcend the limitations of the intellect and personally EXPERIENCE the awe and grandeur of chi energy could be referred to as EXPERIENTIALLY sufficient for SEEING and KNOWING, in an unshakable kind of way, the simplicity, perfection and unerring nature and flow of life.

Infinitely profound is the simplest and most "accurate way" to describe an EXPERIENTIAL encounter.

Chi Energy Unites, Unifies and Makes Whole What Seems to Be Separate, Divided and Fragmented in Physical Life

Qi energy is the common denominator that ties the seen and observable tangible world of shape and form to the unseen/metaphysical/spiritual world. They aren't "different worlds, but rather one and the same energy that comprises and coexists simultaneously in both the seen and unseen world.

You could say it has both physical as well as metaphysical (or spiritual) properties.

Chi energy contains within itself what could be looked at as cosmic yin and yang. Male, female, good, bad, right, wrong, positive, negative, etc, all exist as probabilities and become possible because Qi (or Chi) is.

Although many outcomes in life are often perceived as being polar opposites, in qi there are no opposites per say, but rather one energy without "dual properties" that serves to provide balance, harmony and fulness in life. What we "perceive" to be opposites are really nothing more or less than a quality of consciousness that has learned, believes in and perceives duality which leads to individual judgements and labels regarding the "tangible outcomes" we experience.

Qi energy exists and remains in a non-dual, yet at the same time a harmonious yin/yang state.

Rather than seeing chi energy as having different properties or being dualistic, it exists in what eastern culture refers to as a yin yang state. Yin/Yang could be viewed as "made whole, harmonious and balanced."

Yin Yang is the concept of duality forming a whole. We encounter examples of Yin and Yang every day. As examples: night (Yin) and day (Yang), female (Yin) and male (Yang). Each is necessary to form the whole of life.

The yin yang properties of chi energy can at times "seem out of balance" in physical life.

To clarify, let's use a system as an example.

A harmonious system is comprised of everything that's necessary to create and sustain it. Everything within any harmonious system is both interconnected and interdependent. If all of the parts of a system are in harmony with one another, then the whole system is in harmony and works as it should. Disturb one thing and you create a disturbance that ripples through and effects the whole system.

The same rule applies to any and all systems. For example, it applies equally to YOU as a human being as it does to a family, community, the environment, or on a much larger scale the cosmos.

When yin/yang becomes weighted more to one side than the other, disharmony, struggle, discord and even illness is experienced in life. That's why at least a basic understanding of chi energy is so important. Through an enhanced understanding, we begin to see the importance of carefully considering (and in some cases carefully examining and shifting) what we believe, think, say and do. A careful and conscious examination reveals the importance of EACH and EVERY one of our actions and how it impacts not only our own lives but the lives of the collective as a whole.

Although the concept of duality is (or at least "seems") VERY real in physical life, the "perceived realness" of whatever form chi energy takes, varies from person to person based on the quality of "consciousness" that we hold individually.

Put simply, the perceived duality that stems from qi energy is based on our individual beliefs and perspectives regarding life. At the essence level, where the Life Force of chi energy exists in it's purest and most basic form, there is no such thing. The essence of chi energy is a non-dual state that exists at the seen and unseen levels simultaneously.

Chi energy in it's purest form could be considered waves and the form it takes when it becomes matter transforms it from waves to particles of matter.

Science refers to this phenomenon as wave/particle duality. In layman's terms, what scientists have labeled wave/particle duality, is nothing more or less than energy flashing into and out of form. The kind and quality of form it takes is dependent on and governed by "consciousness."

We'll discuss more about the science behind chi energy and consciousness soon. (see more at Quantum Physics)

sensing chi energy

Even though you may not be consciously aware or realize you can, we ALL have the ability to sense and actually "feel" the chi energy around us.

This ability to "sense and feel" chi energy stems from, yet at the same time is an inherent part of consciousness. The simplest way to describe it would be to say that chi energy is infused with "consciousness." The fact that we're "conscious beings" is what gives us the ability to "sense" and make judgements and determinations based on the yin, yang properties of chi energy that both surrounds and permeates us.

As an example...

Even without any conscious awareness or understanding that such a thing as chi energy exists, we can often tell when we enter a room if the energy in that room "feels" relaxed, dynamic and vibrant, or tense, heavy and restricted.

When we're standing face to face with someone, we can often sense and feel the difference between someone who has “great energy” and those who we receive a “bad vibe” from.

We're able to sense, feel and read this energy because we are each an integral part of the One Consciousness (whatever label you choose to define and describe that) and were provided with what could be looked at as "individual consciousness." It's because of this interconnected, all pervasive nature of "consciousness" that we each have an inherent ability to sense, feel and discern the differences between the various intensities (the vibrational resonance) of the chi energy that flows through and surrounds us.

Our ability to sense and feel this energy is often referred to as utilizing our sixth sense or intuition.

Intuition and/or Our Sixth Sense is an Attribute that We ALL Possess

While the sixth sense and intuition are often thought of as being "special gifts" that only a select few are gifted with, we ALL without exception possess the same "gift" and each have the ability to strengthen and fine tune these attributes that are and have always been an innate part of us.

It's simply a matter of choice as to whether we choose to do what's necessary to develop and utilize it or not.

Although at birth, the degree as to how skilled and adept we are in tuning in, sensing and feeling the energy that surrounds us varies from person to person, our inherent ability to sense, know and feel these differences can be purposefully and intentionally enhanced, fine tuned and amplified.

Through proper training, we can become quite adept and able to tune in, sense, "feel" and discern the level and intensity of qi energy in EVERY life situation.

Becoming Keenly Aware of and Consciously Directing Chi Energy Can Be Likened to Bending Reality

You, being an integral part of the cosmos, can learn to consciously direct the "chi energy" that permeates and surrounds you to mold, shape, create, sustain and consistently enhance the kind and quality of your life into one that that aligns and harmonizes perfectly with whatever your "heartfelt desires" might be.

directing chi energy

Contrary to the many shallow and superficial "new age" teachings that are so prevalent today, that doesn't mean that you "get what you want." The key words in that phrase are "heartfelt desires" or as the Judeo Christian Bible states, "Desires of the Heart."

Although I'll stay on topic here, I will say WANTS and "Heartfelt Desires" are often times 2 VERY different things. The fact of the matter is, WANTING and/or "anxious and clingy surface level desires" are more often than not repelled rather than "attracted." (See Wanting What You Have for more clarification as to WHY that's true.)

Point being, chi energy can be consciously directed to "enhance" quality of life when "heartfelt desires" are the intention. By the same token, you can choose to remain "unaware", unconsciously direct this same chi energy without realizing that you are, and continue on through life in such a way that it "seems as if" life is random and chaotic, that finding lasting peace and contentment are futile, that expansion and forward movement though life is impossible and the "heartfelt desires" you hold are nothing more than novel ideas.

Consciously Directing Chi Energy Requires a Very Specialized Form of Training that Leads to Emotional Mastery and Ultimately, Life Mastery

Serious students of life who are sincere about mastering life are those who make a conscious choice to become keenly aware of the "seed level", enhance sixth sense properties and through consistency, master the ability to not only sense, but consciously direct, at will, the chi energy that surrounds us.

This phenomenon is often referred to as bending reality. The term "bending reality" is really nothing more or less than developing your inherent skills and ability to consciously direct and move chi energy.

Short Sighted Judgements and Perceptions Stemming From a Lack of Awareness and Deeper Understanding Can Make Life "Seem as If" It's Problematic

While we often think of, judge and label various outcomes in life as problematic or free flowing and easy, at the seed level neither of these "perceptions" are definitively true.

Any "perceived problem" in ANY aspect of life is an "energy problem." Any free flowing, pleasant and easy experiences we might go through is often referred to as energy in flow, harmony and alignment.

Whether it be physical healing, a kind and quality of which transcends the limited perspectives that are so predominant in Western culture and more specifically western medicine, or the financial and relational aspects of your life, Qi Energy is the essence that enables and allows life to be and what lies at the core of it all.

The fact of the matter is, what Chi Energy is and does, extends well beyond anything physical, whether healing or financial or relational matters. You could say it exists within and encompasses an Infinite territory without borders, ceilings or any form of limitation or confinement whatsoever.

Simply stated, Chi Energy is everything, is IN everything and is everywhere ALL the time.

The reason WHY that's true is because every thing that is, was or ever will be is comprised of "energy."

Your thoughts are energy. The beliefs you hold are energy. Your emotions are energy. Your body is energy. Your house, car, lawn, the clouds, planets and anything else imaginable and conceivable, whether seen or unseen, is comprised of energy.

Put simply, there is nothing that energy is not.

Although an intellectual understanding of energy is widely known and understood at a surface level, a deeper, under the surface understanding of Chi Energy is still quite "uncommon" in western culture, although awareness is growing.

But the fact remains, in MANY cases, chi energy and it's yin yang properties are still often considered as being esoteric, woo woo and as having no practical benefit or application in "physical life." Although a widely held "belief", it's a belief that stems from ignorance and one that couldn't be further from the truth.

Chi Energy Holds the Answers, Solutions and The Secret of Life

Qi Energy, (also spelled Chi Energy) not only enables and allows life to be, it holds, within itself, the "seemingly elusive" answers to life that many spend their entire lives searching for.

Do you know what's crazy about so many in the world who consistently seek out, search for and are constantly trying so hard to make things happen?

That's part of the problem. In MOST cases, the ONLY problem.

Many have been, are and will continue seeking out, searching for and trying really hard to find these "seemingly elusive" answers and solutions to their "problems" without ever realizing that we already have, and in fact ARE the very answer and solution that so many are blindly, frantically and futilely looking for.

How so? Well, again it all points back to Chi Energy....sort of.

I say sort of, because chi energy, in and of itself is nothing more than energy. Chi energy is directed, molded and shaped by consciousness. The kind and quality of tangible results that we experience which stem from chi energy are determined by the kind and quality of consciousness that we choose to hold and focus on most.

The fact of the matter is, a "consciousness" focused on problems, seeking out solutions, or trying really hard to "make things happen" whether the focus is on finding the solution and attempting to FIX the "problem itself" or with the intention of "solving a problem", at the energy level, the focus on and giving attention TO a problem, only serves to feed, intensify and grow the "perceived problem."

At the very best, a consciousness focused and fixated on attempting to FIX a problem will create an "outer event, condition or circumstance that WILL require "fixing."

That's quite "understandable" since that's what MOST of us have been taught, learned and BELIEVE is necessary.

While everyone is doing their best to navigate the many paths in life based on what they believe and perceive as being "true" about themselves and life in general, it's due to and because of WHAT so many have been taught, believe and HOW they perceive reality, themselves and life, that keeps so many "needlessly seeking" out the various answers and solutions in life, yet without being "aware" and doing so unintentionally, are actually creating the "NEED" to fix or resolve the problem and in the process are actually pushing the desired solution and/or outcome away.

Many continue on throughout life with the very same beliefs, always looking in the same places, doing the same thing over and over, experience the same "less than desired" results and sadly, at some point, many give up on the idea that life can be whole, harmonious and abundant. It's these cases where they never do find the long term answers and solutions they've spent so much time, energy and effort looking for.

Unbeknownst to many, the only reason these answers "seem" so elusive and that long term solutions are difficult or impossible to find, is due to the fact that many in the world are oblivious to and unaware of what "the seed level" is, which Lau Tzu, the founder of Taoism spoke of and eluded to thousands of years ago.

Each avenue of understanding, regardless of which you choose comes to one and the same "definitive conclusion."

It's this...

"As you think in your heart, so shall you be."

What you believe and perceive to be true about life and the world, determines how you choose to see and show up in life and the world. Those "choices" and those choices alone, determine without fail and with unwavering certainty, precisely the way your life and the world will be for you.

Put simply, your world and the quality of your life, physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is a mirrored reflection of you and it ALL stems from the kind and quality of the beliefs that you hold which determines the kind and quality of "consciousness" that you project.

Regardless of the quality of consciousness that you choose to hold and aside from the infinite number of events, conditions and circumstances you experience as a result, ANY and EVERY outcome is chi energy reflecting back upon itself.

It's not because ANY "seemingly elusive" answers are difficult to find or can't be found, but rather because MOST are either completely "unaware of" what the "seed level" is, what makes it up, and/or what determines the kind and quality of harvest that comes from it.

Your "consciousness" IS the seed, chi energy joins to create the "harvest" which you reap and experience in life.

Although the seed level defies description with the limitations of human language, most are never shown where to look or what to DO so they might EXPERIENCE what defies description. Truth be told, at the level of chi energy, most are unaware (predominantly in western culture) that such a thing or "place" exists.

But it DOES exist and at varying degrees, we're ALL aware of it. We're ALL certainly a "part" of it as well, yet few are aware or ever become "conscious enough" to find out for themselves just how "real, true, powerfully transformational, life enhancing and expansive their awareness can be.

Awareness and Conscious Application of That Awareness is What Creates Real Power

Perhaps the biggest reason that MOST use for not expanding their "awareness" is quite simple. It's due to how we've been programmed, conditioned and indoctrinated throughout life. Although we are EACH born into greatness, we've been conditioned into mediocrity. Because of this form of self limiting and self sabotaging "conditioning" receieved, we've evolved over time and find that we've not only lost sight of who we are, what's truly available to us and what's "truly important" in life, we've come to the place where we're unable to trust our own feelings which serve as our "navigation system" and ultimately, ourselves.

This lack of trust has resulted in apprehension about tuning into, understanding and following our intuitive guidance system via the "feelings" we experience.

Let's take a look at a few "real world" examples...

  • Have you ever had (or often feel) this nagging feeling that you're not DOING what you should or could be?

  • Do you ever sense that your life could be different if you could only discover, engage in and begin living your highest purpose?

  • Do you often "think of" heartfelt desires that you have, yet your mind seems to be plagued by limiting beliefs and restrictive thoughts which create emotional tailspins that keep you "seemingly stuck"?

  • Have you ever experienced those days when you feel ten feet tall and bulletproof, totally on your game and ready to conquer the world while other times you feel depleted, drained and everything you do seems to block the forward flow of your life?

Deep down, everyone who has experienced, does experience, or at some point will experience the same, wants to find the answers and solutions so they might fix, enhance or improve what's going on. Everyone has a deeply embedded desire to feel great, do what they love and stay on course to achieve whatever it might be that they have a desire to achieve.

As true as that is, few ever make the choice to slow down long enough to figure out why they feel what they feel, why they do what they do and often times, why they don't do what they claim they want and would love to do.

Although most everyone WANTS to understand, few ever actually DO what's necessary to get below the surface and pinpoint what is "truly affecting" them and keeping them from what are "perceived as being" the "good things" in life.

In EVERY case, it's energy. Sometimes conflicting energy and other times aligned and harmonious energy. It's what many call Chi Energy.

The journey toward enlightenment, enhanced awareness and experiencing an extraordinary quality of life begins with understanding Chi (Qi) energy in an EXPERIENTIAL kind of way.

It's one thing to understand what chi energy is in an intellectual kind of way and quite another to EXPERIENCE an immersion in what's often referred to as The Life Force, aka Chi (qi) energy.

For the sake of simplicity, you could think of qi energy as the stuff that makes up the "seed level" that Lau Tzu spoke of. Although the labels used to describe qi energy are many, whether you're preferred label is chi energy, qi energy, prana, life force, subatomic particles, etc., this energy is all pervasive, the essence of life, or as modern day science refers to it, chi energy could be viewed as waves of infinite probability comprised of "light", both of which exist in and make up what scientists often refer to as the field of infinite probability.

The avenues to explore chi energy are many. Few ever choose to walk the path. Perhaps due to our views, beliefs and perspectives regarding the "seemingly complex nature" of life and/or the energy that enables and allows life to BE as we know and understand it.

Our lack of understanding and "perceived inability" to see and understand chi energy stems from the fact that our educational systems in western cultures seldom (if ever) teach our youth what Chi energy is or that it even exists for that matter. The fact is, how and what we've been taught to be "true" about life has many believing, and as a result habitually perceiving the world in terms of solid shapes and forms.

Science discovered LONG AGO that things which seem and are viewed as "solid" are nothing more or less than vibrating energy packets which gives the energy which makes them up, the "appearance" of being solid.

We are for the most part, taught that the world is a mechanical machine and as such, we learn and are taught how to navigate the mechanical world we live in, in "mechanical ways."

That's why the seemingly unanswerable questions in and about life can "seem" so elusive. It's due to the simple fact that most are never taught nor shown where to look to find them.

But, there's more. SO MUCH more than meets the eye.

The eye cannot "see" chi energy simply because at the atomic level, this "energy" that can be otherwise seen, heard, touched, tasted and smelled at a "molecular level" is 99.9999999% space – a vast (and infinitely intelligent) emptiness.

Ironically, it's because of this "emptiness" that enables and allows us to experience the "fulness" of life.

Learning about, becoming aware and developing a deeper than average understanding of how to tune in, amplify our non-physical senses and master the ability to consciously direct qi energy is the place to start.

A Scientific Look at Chi Energy

As science advances in their understanding, leading edge scientists and institutions globally are coming ever closer to discovering, understanding and documenting their findings in scientific journals, revealing in a tangible and measurable kind of way that heart based emotion combined with belief, produces outcomes that have always been considered and labeled as being miraculous.

What's somewhat confusing, for many quite frustrating and certainly ironic, is the fact that, the opposite also holds true.

The quality of emotion which is "heart based", impacts and affects the life of the individual as well as the collective.

A growing body of scientific evidence is revealing that we as individuals add to the collective energy field, and that the energetic field of the heart of each individual, connects with the earth itself.

The Institute of HeartMath, the foremost authority on the study of "heart based emotion" is one such organization.

Translating the esoteric into an intellectual and scientifically based formula was, in many ways, achieved many years ago.

Translating the intellectual and scientifically based discoveries in such a way that "clearly reveals" that science and the mystics, sages and masters who have taught and written about esoteric concepts for centuries are "singing the same song", only in different language, is no small task.

subatomic particles = chi energy
"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter." - Max Planck

That formula is known today as E=Mc2.

Qi energy is unseen in it's purest form, yet also seen in everything that exists. In other words, qi energy is present at the molecular, atomic and sub-atomic levels.

The quality of the beliefs held followed by the kind of emotion that stems from those beliefs, determines the vibratory rate of the energy which determines the quality of the "unseen" energy we project into what scientists refer to as the field.

The quality of energy that we emit and project collides in a sense with the energies that exist in the field creating an "interference pattern" which provides us with our "tangible experiences" in the world of shape and form that qi energy reveals itself as in our tangible reality. The varying vibrational intensities of this energy determines the kind and quality of our tangible results.

While some choose to look at, believe and refer to some "outcomes" in life as bad or horrific and view others as profound and miraculous, the Higher Truth is, ALL that takes tangible and measurable form in life and each and every experience we go through in life is a mirrored reflection of our choice to believe, think, feel and do.

Regardless of how you slice it and aside from how you might judge and label the various outcomes individually, creation is, always has been and always will be a "miracle."

The quality of consciousness infused within Chi energy is the cause and at the core of EVERY miracle regardless of how it's perceived and defined individually.

Due to what we've learned, believe and think we know, the kind and quality of each individual experience that we go through is perceived and labeled in different ways, yet every experience is made real and possible because of this One Energy.

The energy that creates the "good, extraordinary and awe inspiring" is the very same energy that creates what we often judge and label as bad, mediocre or horrific.

The only difference is one of degree. The determining factor as to what degree these differences are, is determined by the quality of consciousness that you choose. That quality of consciousness is dependent on and determined by the beliefs and perceptions we adopt and hold (both consciously and unconsciously) which determines the kind and quality of the "tangible outcomes" we each experience in life.

Energy itself is "miraculous." Each and every intangible as well as tangible and measurable result that we experience in life, regardless of kind, quality or quantity, is comprised of and made possible because of Chi Energy and as such is too, a miracle.

The kind and quality of each and every miracle that we witness and experience, (whether viewed as "good or bad") is only determined by the beliefs we choose to hold and the emotions that we choose to "enable and allow" ourselves to experience as a result of these beliefs.

Balanced, Aligned, Harmonized & Free-Flowing Qi = Health

Understanding Chi energy has numerous benefits, not the least of which are of a physical nature. The health benefits experienced and provided by those who look below the surface, are quite prevalent.

Watch the video below and witness for yourself how a few Eastern medical practitioners in a medicine-less clinic in China dissolve the cancerous tumor of a lady that western medical practitioners "claimed" to be fatal and inoperable.

As you watch and listen, you'll notice that these practitioners chant that a healing is "already done." Watch closely as this cancerous tumor the size of an orange shrinks and disappears right before your eyes.

What's more, it ALL happens in under 3 minutes!!

Tangible proof that an understanding and conscious projection of energy, whether Chi Energy or otherwise, plays a vitally important and significant role in EVERY aspect of your life.

The fact of the matter is, energy IS life. It's what enables and allows life as we know it to BE at all.

Chi energy is the VERY thing and the ONLY thing that determines the kind and quality of our lives. That kind and quality as well as the quantity of which we experience this "infinite number of possibilities" that we each encounter and experience in our lives, is only determined by and dependent on your ability or perceived inability to align, harmonize and project the the quality of chi energy that YOU emit through your "consciousness" with those people, places, events, conditions and circumstances that you'd LOVE to see in your life.

Since that's true, wouldn't it be more than worth the time, attention and effort necessary to explore, learn and understand more about Chi Energy and how YOU can begin to "consciously, intentionally and purposefully use it to do "good" things in your life and in the world at large?

That's a choice only you can make, but a "wise one" to make if you have a sincere desire to experience a quality of life that MOST "unknowingly and unintentionally" refuse to explore, understand and master.

We live in extremely exciting times my friend. What has so often been considered as illogical, irrational, impractical and in a number of cases impossible, is being shifted as the minds of those who are open, receptive and willing to accept the fact that what we have always been taught, believe and DO as we construct and move through what many call reality, is only as limited or as expansive as we "believe" it can be.

In more cases than not, we limit what we could BE, DO and HAVE based on what those before us have "taught us", which they, in MOST cases "thought and believed" to be true.

There's more. An infinite amount of more that's available to ALL of us. We CAN experience MORE of of what's perceived, believed and labeled as the bad and horrific, or MORE of the awesome, grand and magnificent.

Making a conscious choice to discover and understand what the ancient Chinese master, Lau Tzu referred to as "the seed level" is a choice that will clearly reveal that each of our lives and each of the events, conditions and circumstances we experience in life are limited only to and by what we ourselves choose for ourselves.

Life isn't nearly as "complex" as we've been led to believe, although it's quite true that YOUR life is ALL about and becomes what YOU believe.

Heart based emotion determines the rate and quality of the vibratory output that Chi Energy emits and when those beliefs and emotions are chosen consciously, intentionally and on purpose and accompanied by an underlying and "unconditional" intention of Love, it's a choice that creates what so many have always "believed, perceived to be and have judged and labeled as being miracles.

Miracles happen, not in opposition to nature, but in opposition
to what we know of nature. - Saint Augustine.

One thing is certain...

Chi Energy healing is a reality and it's happening all around us. It CAN happen for YOU too, if ever and whenever YOU choose to enable and allow it to be.

How do you do that?

One sure, quick and certain way is learning and practicing the art of meditation.

Meditation is often thought of as nothing more or less than a stress reduction technique. But it's SO MUCH more. Meditation is the "tool" for enhanced awareness.

Enhancing awareness isn't an option, it's a requirement for enhancing belief, understanding and becoming able to see well beyond where most choose to look.

Meditation is the tool and the technique for enhancing awareness and enhancing quality of life.

Choosing to become still in the way that ONLY meditation can bring about, is the often overlooked key to SEEING, KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING in an EXPERIENTIAL kind of way, that "consciousness", Chi Energy and the Laws which drive and sustain it all, are VERY real, VERY simple, VERY precise, VERY on target and NEVER fail, err or waver.

Consistently engaging in the art of meditation opens your eyes, your heart, expands, and at the same enables and allows you to transcend the limitations of mind to such a degree that seeing beyond and transcending the often times scary illusion of reality, is what's necessary to KNOW, FEEL and EXPERIENCE the Love that is all pervasive and "truly the essence" of ALL energy.

Be assured of and rest easy in that.

Open your heart, expand your mind, become keenly aware of and discard the limiting beliefs that without fail limit what can be and if you choose, WILL BE experienced in each and every area of your life and you'll know in a very up close, personal and EXPERIENTIAL kind of way, what it really and truly means to experience Inner peace, contentment, joy, unwavering assurance, love and unlimited prosperity in each and EVERY aspect of your life.

Some refer to this state of being and quality of life that follows as "Completion."

Call that what you will. It's what I personally believe, perceive and choose to refer to as, Abundance and Happiness.

I'm Finsished With Chi Energy Healing
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A Profound Spiritual Journey, the Evolution of Your Soul, Answers, Solutions and the "Completion" You Seek, Is All Right Here in One Place...

HBI's Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Advanced Spiritual Development Series
Core I thru VII

(Click on the appropriate Link Below to learn details about each individual Higher Balance Advanced Spiritual Development Module, Core I thru VII)

Core I - Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System

Higher Balance Institute Core I - Awakening Dimensional Consciousness
Core I - The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System

Core II - The Secret Key

Higher Balance Institute Core II The Secret Key
Core II - The Secret Key

Core III - Phoenix Rising

Higher Balance Institute Core III - Phoenix Rising

Core III - Phoenix Rising

Core IV - Mind Mechanix

Higher Balance Institute Core IV - Mind Mechanix

Core IV - Mind Mechanix

Core V - The Unknown Door

Higher Balance Institute Core V - Unknown Door
Core V - The Unknown Door

Core VI - The Navigator

Higher Balance Institute Core VI - The Navigator

Core VI - The Navigator

Core VII - Circle of Masters

Higher Balance Institute Core VII - Circle of Masters

Core VII - Circle of Masters

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