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"Control vs Influence"

Are You Ready To Begin Consciously Reclaiming Your Power Or Continue To Unconsciously Give It Away?

Addressing and Answering the Question..

Are We Truly In Control Of Every Event,
Condition and Circumstance In Our Lives?

This Will Shed Some Light On The Answer As We Explore...

Control vs Influence...Resistance vs Acceptance
Conscious vs Unconscious Creation

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We exist in a world where, we each have been provided the "incredible gift of "free will." The result is that...

Control...Power...Force...Influence...Deception and Manipulation...

...are "perceived" as very real in a "physical and finite" sense and are consistently being utilized to create "undesirable" physical results that the vast majority "choose" to react to and "perceive" themselves to have no control over.

As "true" as that is the polar opposite also exists and is equally "true."

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness,
Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control...

...are also existent "probabilities" that we have the choice to exercise for ourselves "regardless" of the current events, conditions and circumstances being created based on the "free will" exercised by others.

The difference is subtle, simple, profound and CAN prove to be transformational physically, financially, relationally, emotionally AND spiritually...should you choose to become "aware" and begin to "consciously choose and apply" what you discover.

We'll be covering numerous "probabilities" in this series as we progress, but in this portion, we'll be addressing free will in general, raising individual awareness and how your choices specifically can and do make a "profound" difference in your individual experience regardless of the choices of others and irrespective of what "appears" to be happening in the world around you.

"Men and women are not prisoners of fate, but only
prisoners of their own minds."
-- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Control vs Influence

There’s some mixed opinion in both the personal empowerment arena and around the world in general as to whether we as individuals are “truly” in control of our lives and the events, conditions and circumstances that we experience or not.

The answer is both yes and no. Although we are in control we’re not in control. That may be a bit confusing and sound contradictory at this point, based on the predominant "perception" individuals hold with regard to their individually "perceived reality" but in "Actuality" as you’ll soon understand, it’s not contradictory at all.

It’s how things are…from “my” perspective at least. That perspective comes from many years of exploring how our "individually perceived realities" come into existence from both a scientific as well as a spiritual or metaphysical vantage point combined with even more years of personal "experience" and "consciously observing" how each of the events, conditions and circumstances that I've personally experienced in my own life came into physical being.

To fully grasp and understand how it works and why, it's sometimes necessary to look a bit deeper than the "physical" appearance of things and explore how the "perceptions" we hold with regard to what these physical outcomes "truly" are which determine without fail the quality of the experience.

Here’s my perspective and a bit of "depth" as to how and why I believe that to be “true.”

The no we’re not in control part of the answer stems from the fact that we cannot control certain aspects of the creative process. These things we can't control are...

  • The fact that all of creation is the result of energy

  • The Universal Laws and principles which govern this energy

  • The fact that we've each been provided an inalienable right of free will

  • The choices that others make.

  • The resulting creations made physical based on the choices of others.

So, in a nutshell, we can't control or change the creative process nor the choices of others.

We ALL have been provided an inalienable right of free will to make individual choices and the right to choose whatever path we choose to follow. Those who choose a path that create what we perceive to be and label as "bad" CAN...if we "allow" them to create what many "perceive" to be adverse conditions in life. Those choices we have no control over.

We can be and are exposed to many of these outcomes that others create due to their inalienable right of free will and the effects that those individual choices create. They, like each of us have been provided that right…an inalienable right that can never be stripped from them.

The yes we are in control portion of the answer is this...

  • We have the free will to judge and/or "perceive" physical outcomes as we choose

  • We have the free will to choose whether we respond or react to the physical outcomes that we and others create

  • We have the ability to "become conscious" of what we are asking for and as a result influence what we create for ourselves

Although we are not in control of the choices of others, we ARE...or at least have the ability to become in control of ourselves…more specifically, we have an inalienable right of free will and as such an individual choice to make every moment as to whether we will respond or react to the external “physical outcomes” that others create and that we encounter in the various areas of our life due to those choices.

Based on those choices...how we choose to exercise our individual inalienable right of free will, we have the ability to determine what our individual experience will be both now and at some point in the future.

So…yes, we are in control and no, we’re not in control. BUT we DO have the ability to respond or react to those outcomes which do influence what we will experience personally regardless of others choices by becoming aware and making conscious and intentional choices of our own.

Choices that can, do and will shield us from the effects of the choices that others make which create external "physical realities" that we choose to "allow" or "not allow" to affect us personally.

It’s these moment by moment choices that we choose for ourselves which influence our future and determines without fail what influence they have in our lives and the outcomes experienced as a result of those choices regardless of ANYONE or ANYTHING outside of ourselves.

This creative process and the effects experienced as a result, whether through our individual choices or through the choices of others ALWAYS begin at the level of consciousness and is made "real" and physical based on those choices.

To clarify, let’s start out by using a practical “physical” example…

Imagine yourself driving down the Interstate in the right lane and all of a sudden someone who is right beside you in the center lane begins merging into the lane you’re in and almost cuts you off. You are provided the opportunity to make a choice at that moment and the moments that follow.

You could say that you are at a critical choice point.

Assuming that you're alert and "aware" of what's going on around you, you can respond and get out of harms way or react adversely, freeze up, panic and create an outcome that could prove to be detrimental.

You couldn’t “control” the fact that someone “chose” to drive into your lane…you can only control whether or not you choose to be aware as to what's going on around you and your response or reaction to the situation.

The most essential choice in this case initially is the "Awareness Factor." A choice to remain open and alert to what's going on around you.

For the sake of this example, let's assume that you were aware and were able to take the necessary action to avoid an accident.

Once that choice is made and you're clear of the danger, you have additional choices to make immediately following. You can choose to be grateful that the incident didn’t result in a serious accident and go about your day or you can choose the alternative which is to react, become angry, start yelling and screaming and use whatever hand gestures someone might use when such a thing happens which is essentially allowing your emotional response system to get out of control.

Each of these are critical choice points (causes) that create an effect.

The best possible choice in this situation is to effectively respond get out of harms way and then choose to get as far away from this guy as you can.

This is where the "Control vs. Influence factor" comes into play.

Could you control the fact that someone wasn’t paying close attention to their driving? No. Like us, they have a free will as well and every right to exercise it as they choose just as you do. We have no personal control over that choice or the outcome it produces.

What we can control is how aware we are of what's going on around us and whether we react or respond to the occurrence which does “influence“ the outcome for us individually in the moment and determines what we‘ll personally experience in the future based on that choice.

What we choose determines more than the obvious and immediate physical outcome. Our choice at that moment serves as the cause at both a physical and a non-physical level as to what will be experienced in the future as well.

How could it affect the non-physical?

The consequences of our physical responses or reactions do effect the underlying aspects of creation and do play a role in future experiences.

Let’s look at it from both…the physical perspective…the “physical outcome” experienced and from a “deeper” non-physical or unseen perspective to see how it influences us and our outcomes.

From the obvious “physical perspective” our choice to “react” and express anger toward the guy that chose to come into our space could result in flaring tempers and result in a fist fight on the side of the highway depending on the choice of the other driver to respond or react to your reaction.

At the very least, your choice to react in anger can only serve to make someone feel badly, embarrassed etc.

It’s this predominant way of reactive thinking and “doing” that creates a form of competition. It creates an atmosphere where one must win and another lose. It’s based on dominance and a need to control which is a very limited form of power…physical and finite power. It creates a "perceived" separation.

Although you might perceive yourself as being the “winner” initially in this situation, the reality is that in the long term you don’t “really” win at all, and a choice to react in anger can, will and does affect what you’ll personally experience at some point in the future.

In this example, the “physical” effects may be minimal and subtle but there will be an effect.

Let’s look at why this is true and why it’s so important to become "aware" and understand from a “deeper“ perspective if you ever hope to consistently attract and experience desired outcomes in your life...

Becoming "Consciously Aware" Of
The Underlying Cause Of Our Individual Experiences

As we’ve covered in depth in previous newsletters and throughout the Abundance-and-Happiness.com portal, everything that happens in the physical world and everything that exists in the physical world exists, happens and is made possible as the result of energy.

EVERYTHING both seen and unseen at it’s core…in it’s purest and most basic form is nothing more than a vibrating mass of energy or if you prefer subatomic particles.

This unseen level can be and has been labeled by various names. Depending on your individual choice it is spiritual, metaphysical, subatomic or “unseen” in nature.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to call it individually it’s all the same, only given different labels. For the sake of understanding it in the simplest terms we'll refer to the unseen as energy.

Physical things that already exist as well as non-physical things that we are unable to comprehend and experience with the limitations of the 5 physical senses are ALL at their core comprised of this same energy or subatomic particles.

As modern day science has discovered it’s this energy that makes anything and everything possible. Without it nothing could exist. Energy is the building blocks of everything. Without it's existence there would be literal nothingness.

We’re all quite aware of that right? Next let's look at why this is true and how we come to experience the "physical outcomes" that this energy creates.

All energy vibrates or resonates at a given frequency. There are no “good or bad” frequencies in the larger scheme of things but only our individual judgments with regard to what’s happening around us at any given moment which makes them either “good or bad” for us individually.

We have an inalienable right of free will to choose how we “perceive” and as a result judge each of these outcomes. It’s our individual “beliefs” with regard to them that create these “perceptions and judgments.”

Let’s eliminate our individual judgments, perceptions and labels for a minute regarding any outcome and look at these things that we “perceive” and judge as good or bad as simply energy.

We’ll differentiate the two by looking at them as the higher frequencies being “good” energy frequencies which attract and create “good or desired” outcomes and the lower frequencies as “bad” energy frequencies which attract and create “undesired or bad” outcomes.

Put another way to make sure that you’re following me, the lower frequencies attract and produce what we “don’t want” and the higher frequencies attract and produce what we “do want.”

We now know thanks to modern day science that these frequencies whether they are “high or low” frequencies gravitate toward and join with harmonious frequencies. In other words a high frequency of energy cannot and does not gravitate toward and join with a “low or bad” frequency of energy. It gravitates toward and joins with energy that‘s a vibrational match…with energy that resonates and projects a frequency that harmonizes with it.

Lower energies gravitate toward lower energies and higher energies gravitate toward higher energies initiating the process of creation.

This energy then changes or transmutes from this “frequency” form which is unseen, metaphysical or “spiritual” in nature, referred to by scientists as energy in “wave form” (photons) and transmutes to “particle form” which becomes physical and observable in nature.

It's simply "wave forms" of energy transmuting into matter (subatomic particles collectively joined to form matter or atoms) and once the process is complete and enough of these “particles” have gravitated and joined together, we have physical experiences, the quality of which is determined by the kind and quality of the collection of these energy particles.

As you can discover through any physics 101 class, subatomic particles that collectively join together create atoms.

What is formed is determined by the frequency of the energy that was joined together…high frequencies joining with high frequencies and low frequencies joining with low frequencies which determine the kind and quality of the atom.

These atoms then gravitate toward and join with additional atoms that vibrate, resonate and project the same frequency which collectively join to create molecules which collectively join to eventually create physical things, events, conditions and circumstances which we can see and experience with the 5 physical human senses.

It’s a transmutation of energy beginning in the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual realm which is created in the physical world or what is often referred to as the 3rd dimension.

It's at this physical level that so many become affected and disillusioned by what they see. Regardless of what it is or who's choices it was that created this "physical thing", the vast majority "perceive" this physical event, condition or circumstance to be real and as a result allow it to affect them at the very core of the creative process...at the level of consciousness.

Although these “unseen” energy frequencies have joined to create “physical things”, that “appear” to us as being real and solid, at their core these solid things still exist in their purest form as vibrating frequencies of subatomic particles.

We see and “perceive” these “physical things” as solid and real, but when placed under a powerful microscope we find that they are not solid at all. They are living, subatomic forms of micro life that continuously vibrate and due to our individual “perceptions” about them, “perceive” to be solid and based on our individual perceptions, judge and label as either good or bad.

The energy doesn’t discern if it’s good or bad energy, it only gravitates toward energy that resonates at the same intensity and is harmonious with it’s vibrational match.

This is where we...more specifically our choices come into the picture and now it becomes very clear as to how we influence this energy and determine how it can affect or not affect us individually. It's at this point where we get to choose whether it affects us in a desirable or “undesirable“ way which also determines what we'll experience at some point in the future.

Let's look at why that's "true."

Energy Responds To Thoughts...The Quality Of Consciousness Determines The Quality Of The Creation

In the same way that EVERYTHING in existence is comprised of energy in it‘s purest and most basic form, the thoughts that we choose to think from moment to moment are energy as well. The quality of the thought that we choose determines the vibrational intensity or frequency of the energy that these thoughts emit and project. The energy that WE choose to emit and project based on the quality of the thoughts that we choose to think.

It's important to understand that ALL of creation...anything that currently exists, has existed or will exist in physical form is only able to exist as the result of consciousness.

Without first thinking about something, energy has nothing to respond to. There could be no creation without consciousness.

Let's shift gears a bit and change the name of this energy to consciousness.

From a deeper perspective that's all energy is...pure consciousness. It doesn't matter whether you look at it from the spiritual perspective or from a more scientific perspective.

Science has discovered that ALL things at their core are comprised of energy. The Field which is unseen in nature and that MOST "perceive" to be separate from the physical or observable world, are all comprised of the same stuff.

The Copenhagen Interpretation, the Double Slit Experiment, as well as numerous other experiments performed by modern day science have clearly shown that this energy responds differently when it is being observed based on the thoughts and perceptions of the observer.

What is this observation based on? Thoughts and perceptions. What we "believe" we think and "perceive" to be true. What we "believe" determines our perceptions regarding a thing which makes it "real" to us.

Now let's look at the process from a "spiritual" perspective.

Spirituality refers to all things as God, Source, etc. which is ever present...is the Alpha, The Omega, The Beginning, The End, The Omniscient, The Omnipresent, The I AM. It's easy to see and discern that "God Source" and/or "The Kingdom" consists of EVERYTHING.

Spiritual text says that to create an outcome we must "believe to receive." Beliefs are based on a quality of consciousness. Spiritual text also instructs us to have "faith" and look beyond what our "physical eyes" see. As the Judeo Christian Bible puts it..."Faith is the substance of things "hoped for" the evidence of things NOT SEEN.

If we expect to have "faith" in something that we "can't see" it's essential to look beyond what we "can see" correct?

So...a "belief" is simply a quality of consciousness that "believes" we can be, do or have something which draws that thing from "The Kingdom".

Compare that to what a growing number of scientists say.

Our observation of energy transmutes the energy into what we as the observer "perceive" based on the thoughts of the observer. Our quality of consciousness molds and shapes the energy from the Field.

To clarify...everything that we "perceive" to be going on outside of us creates a response or reaction within us which also creates a "frequency" that is projected outward determining what frequency we attract. It is an unending cycle.

Our moment to moment choices as to what we think about determine the intensity, or the vibrational output of the frequency that we choose to emit and project.

You could say that a choice to think “bad” thoughts create and project lower frequencies (project a faith that "bad things" are going to happen) and a choice to think “good” thoughts create and project higher frequencies. (project a "faith" that good things are going to happen)

Once this choice as to what thoughts we think has been made, and we choose to become and remain "consciously aware" of them, then we can easily follow the creative process. Choosing to remain aware and conscious of these thoughts we can begin to observe, see and understand how our thoughts which are unseen or “spiritual” in nature (pure consciousness) transmute into physical form and determine what we experience in "physical form."

Regardless of how you might choose to look at and "perceive" it individually, both science and what is taught in spiritual circles says EXACTLY the same thing...our thoughts create our reality.

Now, so it doesn't seem so esoteric, let's take it out of the "quantum" and "spiritual" realm and look at it from a more "physical" perspective. Doing so will enable us to see how this understanding begins affecting us individually on a "physical" level.

Let's look at the correlation and how this unseen spiritual/metaphysical realm interconnects with what goes on in the physical world. Then we can begin to understand how the "transmutation" of energy or "consciousness" comes from this "unseen" place and determines how "healthy" or "unhealthy" we are from a strictly "physical" perspective.

Consciousness, Thoughts and Their Effects On The Physical Body

Ok...we've established that energy or consciousness is unseen. Nothing physical about that yet. Let's look at how our individual choices as to what we think is interconnected to this "unseen" realm and becomes "physical."

By looking at the next stages of the creative process at the physiological level we'll become "conscious of" how mind, body and spirit merge to determine what we experience in life.

How we choose to think determines how our physical bodies respond or react determining how we "feel."

This process begins as a conceived thought…unseen or spiritual in nature passes through the brain, creates an electrochemical reaction in the brain transmuting the unseen or non-physical energy (consciousness) into the physical.

How has it become physical?

You can literally see this initial physical reaction by using sophisticated brain scan equipment. A thought conceived and processed by the brain resembles an electrical storm. It takes pure consciousness or energy, and it begins being "processed" by a physical tool (the brain) which can be observed physically.

Depending on the quality of the thought and the beliefs held at this neurological level, what the brain creates is an emotion which determines our emotional response to the thought.

Let’s look at it from this emotional response perspective and how our choices to process various thoughts, both High energy “good thoughts” or low energy “bad thoughts” create and determine the electrochemical process in the brain which influences our physical bodies.

Let's convert thought frequencies into emotions for now so we can clearly see how the process works.

We can say that a choice to express “Love” for example resonates and projects a much higher frequency than does choosing to express fear or hate.

Our bodies have been created to produce naturally created chemicals called dopamine, endorphins, lactate and cortisol.

Dopamine and endorphins can be related to feel good chemicals that are produced when we choose to think "high energy" good thoughts and cortisol and lactate can be likened to not so good feeling chemicals that put our bodies into fight or flight mode and when produced excessively actually cause harm to the physical body.

Depending on how we "perceive" the physical outcomes happening around us, our thoughts, which are determined by our beliefs and perceptions are being passed through neuro-pathways and processed by the brain and determine which of these chemicals are produced.

First, let’s look at what happens through choosing thoughts of Love…

Our brain processes these Love thoughts which ignites and creates an electrochemical process in the brain creating and releasing endorphins and dopamine that are sent throughout the body which make us feel good.

Hate or fear thoughts on the other hand produces cortisol and lactate which is also released throughout the body and also affects how the body responds, reacts and feels which in this case makes you “feel bad.”

From a physical perspective, based on our individual perceptions and the labels placed on each by us we could say that love and hate are opposites and produce outcomes in the physical world that we like or don‘t like...desired outcomes or undesired outcomes.

Both thoughts, whether based on Love or Fear begin as a frequency…one just resonates, emits and projects a higher frequency than the other. In other words one frequency, Love…vibrates at a much higher intensity than Fear.

Depending on the quality of the originally processed frequency (thought) we can predict with absolute certainty that consistently choosing a "good" high frequency thought will produce desired "feel good" results and a "bad" low frequency thought will produce undesired "feel bad" results.

Depending on which we choose, we can know whether our body is going to respond or react which also determines what is going to be experienced in physical form.

The "Physical Creation" and Unfolding Of Progression,
Stagnation Or Regression

In physical life we exist in one of two states of mind; that of progression or that of stagnation and regression.

It's our individual choices as to how we think and "perceive" that determines which of these we'll personally experience.

We have the choice to think high energy "good thoughts" which result in progression or low energy "bad thoughts" that result in stagnation or digression which also determines our physical outcomes.

Whichever we choose is immaterial at the core of the creative process. There is no judgment or discernment. A creation is eminent based on our individual choice.

In the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual realm there exists no such thing as stagnation or regression. Both "probabilities" exist as pure energy. Remember at this energy level there exists no such thing as good or bad, right or wrong etc. Energy just is.

Now, let's take a bit deeper look at this energy to see how it is that based on our individual "perceptions", good or bad things happen in the physical world.

This energy in it's "purest form" is referred to by scientists as photons which are wave packets of energy comprised of nothing more than "pure light."

You could say that at this "photon" level, energy just is. It doesn't exist as "good" energy or "bad" energy but within the "photon" exists both a positive or a negative "probability."

The positive aspect of a photon is called a positron and the negative aspect is called an electron. All “probabilities” exist within a photon and our individual choices and perceptions determine which we'll experience.

When we make that choice, whether consciously or unconsciously we are in essence transmuting the photon, which is "wave form" of probability into particle form of matter. We choose what this particle consists of whether it be positive or negative. Positive "good" thoughts activate a positron (positive charge) and electron (negative charge) into a particle the same in kind and quality as the thought chosen.

To make it simple to understand, let’s use a battery as an example. A battery has a negative poll and a positive poll. It requires both to produce the power that a battery provides. Without the existence of both a negative and positive poll/charge the battery couldn't produce and provide any power.

Without the possibility of having a negative there could be no positive. A battery with only a positive poll cannot "create" the necessary power. In the same way, the existence of a negative poll absent the positive cannot "create" and provide power either. It requires both a positive and negative charge to provide power to whatever device you put the battery into.

A photon operates on the same basic principle.

Life is the same. We couldn't know and experience what we perceive as positive if the "probability" of the polar opposite didn't also exist.

Without the possibility of hate could we know what love is? No. Without the possibility to experience bad could we know what good is? No. Without the ability to experience sadness could we or would we know what it meant to experience joy?

To fully experience something, we must have something to compare it to...a point of reference that differentiates one from the other, whatever IT might be.

It's our individual perceptions and expectations with regard to an outcome which determine whether we personally create and experience the positive (high energy) or it's polar opposite the negative. (low energy)

Science says that whatever we choose to place focus on, all other probabilities collapse. In other words if we choose to focus on the negative, the positive probability collapses and a "particle" is created based on our choice. Although the "positive" (the polar opposite) still exists within the photon, we can't see or experience it.

It works both ways...

We can't focus on what we perceive to be negative and activate a positive or desired attraction or focus on what we perceive to be the positive and activate a negative or undesired attraction.

The process of creation doesn't judge or determine which it is, it's our individual choice...what we choose to focus our consciousness on, how we judge and perceive what's going on around us which creation responds to and ALWAYS produces just as we choose.

Creation is constant…abundance is all that exists and an abundance of something, whether positive or negative is always being created continuously, perfectly and precisely without fail based on our choices. The creation process is unwavering and immutable. You could say it’s omniscient and omnipresent.

What gives creation it's substance is energy or photons. What determines what these photons produce is "individual consciousness." The kind and quality of the consciousness determines the kind and quality of the creation.

We can't change the fact that creation is constant. We also can't change the fact that consciousness exists. We can't change the fact that we think.

What we can change and have the free will to do is to remain consciously aware of what we think and take conscious control of the process by consciously choosing which thoughts that we think and give power to.

This is where it becomes crucial to remain consciously aware of what judgments and labels we place on outcomes in life which determine the quality of the thoughts that we think which in turn determines what frequency of energy that we emit and project that determines what we'll attract, create and experience in the various areas of our lives.

This is where many are "unconscious" as to how they are creating the outcomes personally experienced and "perceiving" the world to be chaotic. They judge and place focus on what they DON'T want in the hopes that it will somehow create what they do want.

It's a widespread and common way of "being" based on what many have been taught is real and logical.

It only seems to make "logical" sense to try and push away unwanted events we’d rather not see until we realize that resistance to anything activates a negative attraction . . . it activates the "negative and positive poll" of the photon giving it power and initiates the creative process just as we choose.

A choice to resist any outcome only serves to place attention on the thing NOT desired, feeding and strengthening the negative and provides more of what we don't want. Through resisting what we don't want we are are "unconsciously" placing focus on the "unwanted" thing and in essence "communicating our intention" which without fail creates the "polar opposite" of the desired outcome.

In physical life based on our individually “perceived” reality pictures, and our inalienable right of free will to think and "perceive" as we choose, progression, digression and stagnation become possible. They all exist as "probabilities."

None of them are "right or wrong"..."good or bad"...only outcomes that we choose.

Digression is on the low or "negative" end of the polarity poll, stagnation is in the center and progression is at the high or "positive" end of the poll. There is really no difference with the exception of the vibrational intensity of the frequency. Digression is simply a lower frequency and progression is a higher frequency.

We get to choose which it is for us. Remember…we have an inalienable right of free will to "perceive" and judge the outcome any way we choose and depending on that choice it makes it "real" for us.

This is where the Law of Polarity comes into the picture which determines the quality of the outcome experienced in “physical form” which we judge and label based on our individual choices and perceptions.

Let’s look at this polarity scale and see how it determines what we experience in “physical form.”

Imagine or write on a piece of paper a horizontal straight line. On the left end of this line write digression. On the right hand side of the line write progression. Now we have a visual of what the polarity scale looks like.

In the center of this line make another vertical line and label it stagnation.

It's easy to "see" now that at one end of this polarity spectrum is digression and on the other progression. Stagnation exists somewhere in between these two poles.

Now let's look at how we normally perceive and judge these states.

If we are experiencing digression, which is moving away from our desired outcomes, what happens? We perceive and judge this as "being bad" correct? Nobody "wants" to digress. We all want to progress.

Whichever end of this line that we choose to focus on determines what frequency of energy that we project which in turn determines what we will eventually see and experience in physical form right?

You can't look at the digression end of the line and see progression, you can only see digression. It's necessary to understand that both exist and learn to love and accept it all which changes the projected frequency that YOU are putting out which draws to you individually outcomes based on Love and acceptance.

You get to choose which you look at and place your focus on and as a result determine what is "attracted" to you.

Now let's forget physical things and go inside. We'll use our minds eye to determine our choices and bypass the physical eyes.

Rather than progression and digression though, we'll use love and fear as our models.

At one end of this polarity spectrum we have love and at the other end we have hate or fear. There is no difference at the energy level with the exception of the vibrational intensity of each…they are both simply energy that exist as varying rates of vibration.

Whichever end of this spectrum that we choose to place "conscious or unconscious" focus on is what determines what frequency of energy we ourselves process and project and ultimately determine the “physical outcome“ based on our choice.

The higher frequencies of love make us “feel good” and the lower frequencies of fear make us “feel bad.”

At the “physical level”, namely our human physiology our choices determine our emotions which determine how we feel. Hate makes us “feel” bad and “Love” makes us “feel” good.

Higher frequencies produce more desirable results and the lower frequencies produce those events, conditions and circumstances that we “don’t want.”

This is where our inalienable right of free will comes into the picture in a “physical" event, condition or circumstance way.

When an event, condition or circumstance happens in our life, we have the ability and the free will at that moment to judge the event anyway that we choose…to place a label on it based on our individual perception and it’s that choice which determines the vibrational intensity of the energy that “we choose“ to project.

A choice to focus on and respond in "love and acceptance" activates the positive high frequency side of the photon. A choice to focus on and react in hate or fear activates the negative low frequency side of the photon.

This is where the mind, body, spirit merge is evident.

What we chose in mind determines what is drawn from spirit which determines what we experience in body or physical form. How we perceive these "physical" occurrences as they show up determines our present vibrational frequency which determines what we draw at some point in the future from the spirit realm.

It's a continual, unwavering and unerring cycle that unfolds perfectly and precisely based only on our individual choice.

That initial choice as to how we perceive an event, condition or circumstance determines what intensity of energy that we choose to create and project which determines what additional frequencies of energy that we are choosing to attract which creates a physical outcome just as we choose.

Choosing to react in fear and/or hate can and does emit and project a “low or bad” frequency (making us “feel bad”) which can only emit and project a “low frequency” which attracts and gravitates toward additional energy frequencies that harmonize with that choice and create that which is feared or hated. In other words we can only attract additional “low or bad” frequencies that are harmonious with our choice.

In the same way choosing at that moment to respond in love and acceptance initiates the same attraction process but only projects, harmonizes with, attracts and gravitates toward a higher frequency. The result? We create, resonate, emit, project and attract outcomes that harmonize with “love”...what we love and desire.

The process NEVER wavers. It’s immutable, unwavering and constant. There is NO judgment or discernment as to what we receive at the level of "The Field" or "The Kingdom" only our individual choices which are responded to and provided just as we "ask."

We are simply provided or "attract" energies that resonate and harmonize with our choices. You could say that "As we ask we receive" or "As we believe (perceive) we receive."

The mass majority are just unaware of how the process works and as a result unconscious as to what they themselves are creating, oblivious to what they are asking for and as a result of choosing to judge and “react” adversely to physical outcomes “perceive” that what they are in reality creating, although granted “unconsciously” is chaotic or uncontrollable in nature.

Creation is NEVER chaotic and always unfolds perfectly just as we ask. The process never fails or wavers and ALWAYS unfolds perfectly and precisely.

As mentioned already, you cannot change or escape the creation process. But you can become aware and begin to "consciously create" which creates desired outcomes.

Something is ALWAYS being created. Energy, when activated with "consciousness" never stands still…it’s ALWAYS vibrating and projecting a frequency, attracting harmonious frequencies and transmuting into physical form. The kind and quality of the energy projected determines the kind and quality of the energy attracted back which determines the kind and quality of the “physical thing“ that is created and experienced once the transmutation of these energy frequencies is complete.

It’s our individual choices to respond or react to externals initially that determines the kind and quality of energy that we project. The outcome of that individual choice determines the individual experience.

A Conscious Look At Nature

The same process can be observed and understood through taking a “conscious look” at nature. Our choice as to what thoughts we think can be likened to a seed that we choose to plant and will produce a harvest (an outcome) that harmonizes perfectly with that choice. A choice to plant a crabgrass seed will yield a harvest of crabgrass. A choice to plant a flower seed will yield a flower.

The seed always produces a harvest, the same in kind and quality as the seed. The process is always perfect and never wavers.

Neither harvest is good or bad, right or wrong, better or worse. It’s only our judgments and perceptions that make it one or the other. They are both "miracle" creations that are created as the result of the same immutable and unwavering process. The process doesn’t waver, EVER, only our individual perceptions with regard to what is produced.

If we “perceive” crabgrass to be “unpleasant” it’s only necessary to become “conscious” of what enabled the crabgrass to grow and change the underlying cause which in this case was the sowing of a crabgrass seed. We can’t expect a flower if we choose to plant crabgrass seeds can we?

We have a choice as to what we’ll plant and as a result we can know what kind of harvest we are going to receive.

In the case of the moment by moment choices that we make and the perceptions we hold, the the field, (energy or consciousness) is transmuted by individualized thought (the seed) which is merely a vibrating frequency that serves as the communication device with the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual realm that is projected out into the field and delivers precisely what we are asking for.

Whatever that choice is we receive...Unconditionally.

There is no judgment or discernment at this level. It’s our individual choice which determines the level of frequency or the vibrational intensity of the frequency.

Neither is good or bad at the level of the energy itself. It just IS. It can’t and doesn’t become “good or bad” unless and until we place a judgment on it based on our individual perception of the experience.

It’s what WE choose at the level of consciousness which determines what we emit and project which determines what we will attract and experience.

So the answer is…no we cannot control everything which happens in the external physical world around us. We can’t make the choices for others and violate someones inalienable right of free will any more than they can violate ours without experiencing some undesirable repercussions.

What we can control is whether we respond or react to the occurrence created by the choices of others which determines what we are projecting individually which determines what we will experience personally at some point in the future based on that choice.

We can become and remain "conscious and aware" as to what seeds we're personally planting from moment to moment or choose to remain unconscious and unaware "perceiving" the world to be a chaotic and relentless place.

Whichever we choose we get to be right. The Source ALWAYS says YES.

Become Aware, Consciously Choose Love And Acceptance and That Choice Will Reflect Outcomes That Harmonize With Your Choice

Whether you choose to keep your predominant focus on Love and acceptance or Fear, Hate and resistance or whatever other choice you choose to make you will experience outcomes in your life that harmonize perfectly with that choice.

This pertains to EVERY event, condition and circumstance in life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

When you choose to react in anger or hate, although you do have that right, you are not hurting those who you are expressing anger or hate toward. You are only hurting yourself. You are creating, emitting, projecting and as a result attracting energies that harmonize with your choice which affects who??? YOU.

What you project doesn’t attract to the person who you are expressing it toward…only to yourself.

A choice to express un-forgiveness to another doesn’t affect that person it affects you. You project a “low” frequency which in turn attracts additional “low” frequencies to you which determines the future outcomes that you’ll experience.

We can’t change the undesirable experiences of our past or control the future choices of those in the world around us. We can choose in this moment whether we respond or react to what others choices create and as a result influence the energy which does influence what is created in our own individual lives and determines each individual experience that we‘ll have at some point in the future.

This is how we can and do influence the energy that others choose to create “physical things.” We have the inalienable right as well as the ability at any time regardless of what the situation might be, to respond in a positive way or react in a negative way.

A choice to respond enables us to see the silver lining in every cloud. To influence and change what most perceive to be low frequency bad energy into high frequency good energy.

Although we can’t control where the energy comes from, or what that energy creates in physical form we can, if we choose to, shift and transmute the energy that others may "perceive" to be bad to good.

Now let’s take a deeper look at what we do have complete control over as it relates to us and the physical outcomes that we experience individually.

We DO have the ability to control ourselves which does control what we create for ourselves…more specifically our perceptions and “beliefs” which determine our predominant thought processes which determines what we create and experience through our emotional response system within ourselves which in turn determines what we project, attract to and create for ourselves.

These we are in control of or at least have the ability to gain control of once we make the choice to become “conscious” and develop an understanding of how the process works.

We have the ability to achieve self mastery. Self mastery is an "internal thing."

As an example…

A choice to focus on the regrets of the past only serve to create, emit and project a “bad energy” (a low frequency) which can only attract to us more of that which we are “feeling badly” about.

We have the ability and an inalienable right of free will to choose what we place focus on.

A choice to remain focused on what we should have or could have done in the past can and does only create, emit and project a low frequency. A choice to fully accept and allow mistakes of the past to be OK, to accept them for what they are (growth lessons) and choose to use those lessons for future “good”, shifts the intensity or frequency of the energy which creates, emits and projects a high frequency.

We can’t plant seeds of regret, fear, hate etc and expect to yield a harvest of things we love.

We can't keep our predominant focus on what we "don't want" and expect to reap a harvest of what we do want.

A choice to remain consistently focused on things feared can only emit and project a “low frequency” which attracts additional frequencies that harmonize with the fear and create those things feared in our lives.

It produces a harvest the same in kind and quality as the seed that we choose to plant.

Spiritual text says that the fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self control.

These aren't laws, they're instructions and wisdom for experiencing "harmony" in our lives.

A choice to "consciously and consistently apply" these ways of “beingness” in our lives produces what we “perceive” to be good things and a choice to express the polar opposite produces what we “perceive” to be bad things.

We have the choice and we are always at cause.

Whatever we choose for ourselves becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. What we choose we receive. As we sow we reap. As we believe we receive. As within so without. As a man thinketh so is he. As above so below.

Whatever we choose can only attract and create future events, conditions and circumstances that harmonize with our choice whether it be physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

We can choose to react or respond at any given moment and it is that choice that will at some point determine the effect and what we will, without fail experience in our physical reality.

We are at cause for each of the events, conditions and circumstances in our life but we are not in control of the events, conditions and circumstances which show up in our physical surroundings based on the free will and choices of others.

We can’t control the harvest based on the seeds that someone else has chosen to plant but we can and must control whether we respond or react to that harvest in such a way that harmonizes with our own desired outcomes IF we truly hope and expect to see and experience those desires in physical form.

Although we can’t control each of the events, conditions and circumstances that happen in our external world, we can and do have a choice as to what we allow to happen within ourselves as a result which determines what frequency we project which in turn determines what we are attracting and what we will experience individually at some point in the future.

Although we can’t control everything that happens around us, we CAN and DO influence what happens to us at some point in the future by choosing to control ourselves in the moment…more specifically how we choose to respond or react in the moment which determines in that moment what we project and in turn will attract to us.

We can only control whether we choose to respond or react which determines what influence we have of the future events, conditions and circumstances that we experience.

Choosing to respond in “Love”...to remain consistently focused on what we love, (desire) allowing everything to be OK, eliminating judgment, recognizing everything as simply energy, will ALWAYS attract and produce far greater and more desired results than choosing to react in hate or fear EVER could.

It's simply a matter of accepting what is as it is. Allowing EVERYTHING to be OK.

Choosing to forgive and accept events, conditions, circumstances and people as they are will ALWAYS produce FAR greater and more pleasing results than choosing to hold grudges and dwell on what has happened at some point in the past.

Resisting what is only serves to provide additional energy to what is which can only cause more of what is to be created.

Surrender, unattach, accept, and allow everything to be OK just as it is. Consistently hold the vision that you desire for yourself in your minds eye, paying no attention and placing no judgment to what your “physical eyes” see, do the best you can in a "physical sense" through actions that "feel good and right" to you, and you’ll float through what is often “perceived” and referred to by the vast majority as “bad” experiences and come out victorious...EVERY time.

Choose to focus on them, to continue to “perceive” them as bad and you will continue to attract and experience future outcomes just as you choose.

Focus on what you desire. Keep your eyes off of what your “physical eyes” see and plant the seed in the infinite field of potential in your minds eye and you will experience a harvest based on that choice.

Learning to accept and express “gratitude” for all of it…fully understanding that “All things work together for good” and accepting them as they are without judgment or condemnation changes the frequency of energy projected which changes the events, conditions and circumstances attracted and experienced in the “physical world” as a result.

It’s only necessary to become “conscious” of the process and “consciously choose” how you will influence your future results.

That’s something to think about and a choice that you have both the right and the ability to make for yourself or not. It’s not a choice that anyone can make for you, it’s a choice that only you can make for yourself.

There is no judgment, condemnation or discernment as to which you choose at the level of cause, only physical outcomes experienced that harmonize perfectly and precisely based on what you choose…unconditionally, with unwavering and predictable certainty and without fail.

Which one have you been choosing and which will you choose in the future? The answer to that question will determine what you will experience.

That choice to do so or not can and does determine the difference between living and experiencing a life of discord, disharmony, lack, limitation and hardship or a life filled with love, joy, fulfillment, profound inner peace and limitless prosperity in each and every area of your life.

Establishing A Point Of Reference

Unless we have a point of reference we can’t comprehend and as a result experience what it is that we desire.

The strongest and most powerful form of reference is experience. Experience…IF it’s based on “correct knowledge” provides wisdom.

In other words if all we know is lack and limitation, we establish beliefs and develop "perceptions" that lack and limitation is just the way things are which can only serve to create more of the same in the future.

Having experiences in life based on inaccurate knowledge and beliefs isn’t wisdom, it’s experiences based on our individual choices to allow “inaccurate beliefs” to determine and create our experience.

To experience what we truly desire we need to establish a point of reference. We need to understand beginning in an "intellectual" way that the thing desired does exist as a "probability" for us. That it's existence is "real."

This point of reference, if not understood and grasped as an already existing "probability" for us...if we are unable to "perceive" it and believe it to be possible for us, it can never be experienced by us.

The only way to do that is to tap into, discover and recognize a "higher truth." Unconditional love. To fully experience who and what you are. To personally experience the power provided to you and the limitless potential that you have been provided to receive “whatsoever ye desire” which is only limited to and determined by what you choose to "perceive" and believe.

Your desires are MUCH more than "wishful thinking."

A desire held to experience something is spirit seeking to express the desire in “physical form.”

It’s necessary to develop an “inner knowing” if you will that all that is available to you and everyone else is yours to claim and enjoy when you make the choice to get out of your own way and “allow” yourself to do so.

It’s simply a matter of discovering your “true worth.” It requires a willingness on your part to project the kind and quality of energy that harmonizes with the thing desired and remain open and receptive to receive it.

It requires a connection of sorts. An unbiased and pure understanding of knowledge in it’s purest form. This pure knowledge is what I like to refer to as a "Higher Truth" that transcends what so many currently hold as "perceptions" of truth.

To experience a "higher truth" requires the ability to conceptualize a higher truth.

This is achieved through the art of meditation. Meditation enables you to transcend the “Matrix.” To look and see beyond what’s going on in the physical world that your “physical eyes” see and enable you to establish and hold a point of reference in your "minds eye" as to what’s “truly” available to you which is where your “true power” lies.

It enables you to dramatically enhance your perception of reality…to discern Higher Truth from “perceived” truth which in turn enhances your “belief” which in turn enables you to begin attracting and “experiencing” results in the physical world limited only by your choice to conceive, believe and perceive them as possible for you.

If you choose to remain “unconscious” and remain stuck in your “perception” and belief as to what is truly available to you, to allow your physical eyes to dictate what is "real and true" it’s that point of reference which will continue to attract to you what you “believe” and perceive that it will.

If you choose to remain stuck in a belief and perception that lack and limitation are just the way life is…that life is hard....requires struggle...that is precisely the way your life will unfold unless and until you make the choice to expand the perceptions and beliefs which are the underlying unseen cause which are and will continue to bring them into your reality.

You have the ability to create miracles. You ARE creating miracles every second of every minute of everyday. Every aspect of creation is a miracle.

Some are just “unconsciously” creating what they “perceive” to be chaotic results and as a consequence “perceive” their physical world to be chaotic. They fail to see that it is their individual choices which have, are and will continue to produce the miracles that are showing up in their “physical lives.”

If you would like to begin “consciously creating” and experiencing desired miracles consistently…a kind and quality of miracle that harmonizes with your desires, simply choose to begin “consciously” planting different seeds that harmonize with the harvest.

To enhance the experience, to begin creating miracles that harmonize with your desires, it’s only necessary to enhance the belief and the perception that you hold with regard to it.

What is focused on in your “minds eye” will soon be seen and experienced with your physical eyes.

What you choose to keep your ATTENTION on , which is determined by what you believe to be true for yourself, determines and communicates your INTENTION to be and you will receive precisely that.

You can’t and don’t control everything that happens in the physical world around you but you can and do influence that process. It’s simply a choice…yours.

Receiving information and “knowledge” in “physical form” that provides an intellectual understanding of what is “truly” available to you can never provide you with a strong enough belief that will enable you to tap into and experience the unlimited power available to you as a result.

To “know” something and believe something on a surface level is nothing like experiencing a “profound” inner knowing for yourself.

This “inner knowing” transcends any doubts or apprehensions that you might have when this understanding is received from external sources whether people, books, movies or teachings.

An unshakable inner knowing doesn’t happen as the result of acquiring intellectual forms of knowledge externally…it happens as the result of experiencing outcomes based on “correct and pure knowledge” which creates experiences which instills wisdom. Wisdom can’t and doesn’t come from acquiring knowledge based on lack and limitation.

Wisdom comes from experience that is based on “Higher Truth.” Unfiltered and untainted “Higher Truth.”

Going straight to The Source for this “Higher Truth” leaves no margin for error. It provides you with a “true and untainted point of reference” as to what is available to you which is anything and everything that can be conceived in mind.

“Inner Knowing” leaves no margin for error. It’s something that cannot be given to you or taken from you but to acquire it, you must tap into and experience it for yourself. There are no words that can or ever will be able to accurately describe it in a way that enables you to “know” the wholeness, fulfillment and sense of “Completion” that tapping into and experiencing this place for yourself provides.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System is the best way I’ve personally found to enter into and experience that place.

It transcends informational programs that teach on an intellectual level. It bridges the gap between reality and actuality and enables you to clearly see and understand the Infinite potential and possibility that is, always has been and always will be available to you. It enables you to go straight to The Source...to establish a "personal and intimate relationship" with The Source from where all "physical things are drawn from...to touch and experience “Unconditional Love” for yourself.

It’s far more than what most would perceive that a meditation program could provide.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System picks up where traditional forms of meditation leave off. It bridges the gap between reality and actuality. It provides the bridge from the physical to the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual realm and instills a sense of profound “inner knowing”, assurance and completion that no other meditation program that I am aware of can as quickly as it does.

It provides everything required to rise above and transcend the “Matrix” that we “perceive” to be real and enables us to tap into and see the “Infinite Potential” that is available to each simply by making a conscious choice to discover and claim it for ourselves.

It enables you to and provides you with the means to personally experience what spiritual text instructs which is to…

“Be still and “know” that I AM God.”

When you experience this place for yourself you’ll understand what it “truly means” to “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

It’s impossible to create an outcome without the ability to first conceptualize, believe and “perceive” the outcome as possible for you and believe in it’s manifestation. Without a point of reference that is nothing more than wishful thinking.

Are You Waiting On The World To Change?

There are FAR too many today that are waiting on the world to change. There exist so many who are "waiting for their ship to come in"...for "physical things to get better so they can "feel better."

They're attempting to change the "physical things" in the world through "physical effort" alone. They choose an "outside in approach" thinking and perceiving that when the outside changes the inside will change. How they feel will change...what they have will change and things will be "better."

Although that's certainly a choice you have every right to make an "Inside Out" approach will provide the results desired.

The "Inside Out" approach is choosing to make the inner changes which enable the externals to be much more simple and easy to acquire.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Be the change you wish to see in the world and not only will YOUR world change you’ll be providing a much needed contribution to the world on a much grander scale whether you currently understand and realize it or not.

I cannot make that choice for you. Only You can.

It’s my sincere and heartfelt hope for you that you will. It WILL transform your entire world. Your life will NEVER be the same once you experience it for yourself.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System will enable you to make the "inner changes" necessary to see a change in "external results."

Do you have 20 minutes per day to spare? Would it be worth making room for 20 minutes per day to tap into a knowing, peace and profound assurance that can transform your life?

The best part is that if you don’t experience that change, you are at zero risk…The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System is unconditionally guaranteed to provide those results or you simply don’t pay for it.

It doesn’t get any better than that. No risk, guaranteed results and a lifetime of change. It's simply a choice.

Now, all that’s necessary is for you to make the choice to utilize it or not.

I can tell you from personal experience that it's the most pleasing and powerful way to create the "lasting change" that so many seek yet so few find. It enables you to tap into and see for yourself what's "truly" available to you.

I've personally tried it both ways.

One of the most beneficial things I've discovered is that it's choice...not chance that determines your results.

A choice to tap into and experience for yourself who and what you "truly" are is the most liberating choice you could ever make.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System enabled me and thousands of others to do just that. It will do the same for you if you choose to allow it to.

Whatever choices you might make for yourself both today and far into the future, it is my sincere and heartfelt hope that each of those choices will lead you one step closer to where you desire to be and ultimately lead you to an experience of Abundance and Happiness.

See You Next Time,

Chuck Danes

There Exists Only ONE Way To Discover and Know "Higher Truth" For Yourself

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It provides everything required to "Awaken" and leads you down the path that will enable you to experience the "Completion" that so many seek yet so few ever find.

But It's NOT Because It Isn't Available To You
It Simply Requires A "Conscious" Choice

It’s Time To Awaken!!

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System…It’s Time Has Come.

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