The Ego Mind

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The Ego Mind

The Ego Mind...Friend Or Foe? Just Like EVERYTHING Else In Your Life, YOU Get To Choose.

It "Really and Truly" Is That Simple. Now It's Simply
a Matter of Learning How the Ego Mind Keeps You From Choosing Consciously.

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In the October edition of "Enlightened Journey" we delved into the importance of consciousness as it relates to the kind and quality of your life experiences. In this edition we'll get into specific aspects of the mind, in this case the ego mind which will provide greater insight and a deeper understanding of how to begin consciously and purposefully directing YOUR consciousness in such a way that consistently brings more of the desired results that we as a human species are always "seeking out and/or searching for."

To begin to fully experience a life of harmony and fulfillment, a crucial step in the process is identifying and beginning to understand at a deeper than average level, the role that the ego mind plays in creating the events, conditions and circumstances experienced in your life and how this ego aspect of self (what we'll be referring to as the ego mind) can restrict and keep you from, or allow you to fully experience a quality of life that so many desire, but only a small minority are aware and believe is possible for them.

The reason that so few attain the desired outcomes in life is because most refuse to look beyond the surface level "appearance of things", aka physical events, conditions and circumstances they experience, and as a result develop the belief that the attainment of BIG hopes, dreams and desires, if possible for them at all, must happen as a result of some stroke of luck, fate, or chance. It's a mindset that creates a sense of powerlessness which leads to outcomes that they "perceive" to have no control over.

Put another way, they fully believe that the attainment of desired outcomes is dependent on something that is external to them.

Although a common and widespread "perception" of truth, it is this perceived truth that limits so many, creating a perceived lack, or at best, mediocre results in the various areas of their life. The end result is that it always leads to seeking something more "out there."

Whatever desires you may hold, regardless of how BIG they might be or far fetched or "illogical" someone may have convinced you that they are, they are held as desires because YOU WERE intended to fulfill them. It doesn't matter where you currently find yourself, what your current conditions "appear" to be, or what you might currently "believe" with regard to their fulfillment. If you can elevate and change your belief, you can and WILL experience them!!

In this edition of "Enlightened Journey" we'll be taking a look at how the ego mind plays such an important role in determining precisely what it is that you will experience and provide you with an enhanced perspective, enabling you to experience more of the desired outcomes that you choose to experience.

The fulfillment of or lack of desirable physical experiences in life, isn't due to anything outside of yourself and reveals itself based on the kind and quality of choices that you choose to make.

It ALL begins in mind.

The lack of ANY desired experiences in your life is only based on a limited and restrictive understanding of the true power and potential provided to you. It's only due to a lack of awareness and understanding as to how things work which makes it "seem as if" the desires you hold are nothing more than wishful thinking.

To HAVE something different in life, REGARDLESS of what aspect of life it is, is going to require a willingness to take a "new approach" followed by DOING something different.

Lack and limitation in life, just as a life experience of fulfillment and harmony, stems from a choice…YOUR choice to enhance, expand and elevate your awareness and develop or not, a deeper understanding of the importance of taking focus off of and looking beyond what currently "appears" as real, via the limitations of the 5 physical senses. It's our interpretations of the data that our 5 senses process, which the ego mind utilizes and depends on to make whatever choices it does.

Rising above the self limiting and self sabotaging "ego self" requires elevating your awareness as to WHO is determining the outcome, followed by conscious and honest reflection which reveals how and why these experiences are happening.

Perceived failures, shortcomings and disappointments in life are the result of believing and keeping focus on fear based trains of thought (a.k.a. a poverty mindset) based on what can be seen and experienced with the limitations of the 5 physical senses. It's due to the result of placing focus on, buying into and accepting that what can be seen is real and believing there is nothing within your power that can be done to change it, whatever IT might be. This perception is based on a very limited physical perspective. It's based strictly on eyesight...what you can see.

Consciously Directed "Mindsight" is Where Your True Power is Seen, Experienced and Realized

Those who successfully transcend and rise above "perceived" difficulties, failures, lack of money, etc. etc. don't depend on or buy into what can be experienced with the limited physical senses, but rather keep focus fixated on "mindsight" rather than eyesight. Consciously Directed Mindsight is a MUCH more powerful and accurate perception of reality than eyesight. Eyesight says here it is so it must be real. Those who utilize properly focused Mindsight begin to see and understand that what appears as real is only what was looked at, focused on and believed at some point in the past.

If those experiences (whether past or present) are pleasant, it's quite easy to keep the same focus which created them, but if not it takes a bit more discipline. If you use your eyesight to focus on what's here today and establish beliefs that this is as good as it gets, you create, reinforce and continue to use the very mindsight that will ensure that what's unfolding remains "as good as it gets" in the here and now as well as into the foreseeable future.

Desired physical outcomes in life occur by recognizing the fact that by keeping your focus fixated on the "desired" outcome in your minds eye, rather than becoming anxious and fearful based on what the physical eye is seeing, giving no attention to what you see in physical form here and now, must and will produce in physical form the vision held in mind. Properly and consciously directed Mindsight will override eyesight every time. The mind will bring into physical form what the eyes will eventually look at.

A lack of belief in the fulfillment of your most heartfelt desires is only the result of a lack of information and understanding regarding "Higher Truth." Enhancing, elevating and developing your "perceptions of truth" in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with Higher Truth, is necessary to establish the level of faith (belief) that will enable you to experience more of whatever desired outcomes you aspire toward.

To achieve this alignment and harmony with Higher Truth, it's going to require a process of unlearning and doing away with "old, limited and self sabotaging data" via exposing yourself to and relearning a very liberating form of data that provides the "desired" result. That is where your current level of faith was derived from. Only through previously accepted data.

That is where the ego mind comes into play. The ego mind depends on and reacts to the data that you allow to be stored and give attention to. If the data you have received to this point is flawed, misaligned and disharmonious with the fulfillment of your desires, the faith or belief that you hold with regard to their fulfillment will be flawed, misaligned and disharmonious as well, which determines precisely, perfectly and without fail what will manifest and what you will experience in physical form.

Faith and Abundance is ALL There Is and the Quality of Your Faith Determines WHAT You'll Receive an Abundance Of

Your "Faith" NEVER misses the mark and the Higher Truth is, aside from how you might be currently viewing, judging and labeling what you're experiencing in life, abundance is all there is.

Faith is constant and unwavering. What you have faith in you will see and experience an ABUNDANCE OF in the physical world. If the level of faith that you hold says you can't, you won't. If that level of faith is elevated to I will. The ego mind is the aspect of mind; the barometer if you will, that determines at the deepest levels within yourself, the kind and quality of faith that you have.

Faith, also called belief, is the power that molds and shapes what is often perceived as reality, what you can see and feel and touch in the physical world, which manifests into whatever you can elevate your faith or belief to grasp and comprehend.

Why would I call the physical experiences you encounter and go through in life a "perceived" reality? Because physical outcomes are only tangible and measurable manifestations that come from a "space or place" that isn't tangible or measurable at all. ALL things, whether "good or bad" ALL come from the unseen or spiritual realm, their kind, quality and quantity are created based on the quality of mindsight that the ego mind believes or has faith will happen.

In most cases a lack of faith with regard to a specific desired outcome is only due to not understanding and fully comprehending the fact that the physical world is intricately interconnected to the unseen spiritual realm, whatever you might choose to perceive the spiritual realm to be. Whether you choose to view what's happening in the world from a metaphysical, scientific or spiritual perspective, is immaterial. Within this unseen realm (whatever label you choose for it) exists any and every conceivable outcome. The only limitation that exists is what is conceived in mind and believed to be limitation.

Take away a belief of limitation and limitation becomes non existent.

A lack of self esteem stemming from a "flawed belief" of low or no self worth, is another aspect of the ego mind that can and will create limited physical results. A perception of low or no self worth is essentially only a belief which can only produce and provide results which are aligned and harmonized with, yet limited by the belief. In many cases the unaware ego mind will limit results due to this "falsely" established belief of unworthiness. The cure for self worth or low self esteem issues is easily overcome as well by discovering the truth concerning who and what you "really" are and what you are "truly" capable of achieving.

Although most are aware of the power of belief, there are those who for any number of reasons can't fully grasp and digest the power that belief holds. In MOST cases, it's simply because they're not consciously aware of having ever seen physical evidence of it's power. The reality is, they ARE seeing the power, every second of every minute of every day, yet they're unaware of it's power or presence. This class of people are known as "unconscious creators." Although the experiences they've had throughout life have unfolded perfectly based on their predominant thoughts, beliefs and the emotions that follow, they just haven't explored deeply enough to discover that it's true.

Although many have gained their current understanding based on spiritual teachings, for those who for whatever reason aren't spiritually minded, thanks to tremendous breakthroughs in modern day science, what spiritual teachers have taught for thousands of years is now being validated through Quantum Physics.

Quantum physicists have discovered that, when analyzing and experimenting with subatomic particles (Energy) which is the core ingredient which makes up EVERYTHING, both the seen and unseen in the physical world, that the subatomic particles being observed and studied react to and take form based on the individual thoughts and perspective of the scientist doing the observing.

The greatest and most insightful spiritual teachers in the history of the world have taught for thousands of years that as you believe you receive, faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things NOT seen, as a man THINKETH so is he, whatsoever ye desire BELIEVE and it shall be given to you and on and on.

Quantum Physics is now validating those teachings in verifiable physical form!!

The same conclusions can be drawn through the simple observation of nature. The kind and quality of the seed determines the kind and quality of the harvest. A seed planted can only produce a harvest based on the type of seed planted.

Regardless of which avenue you choose to lean on for your understanding, when observed and explored closely, all avenues of understanding lead to the very same conclusions.

What is that conclusion? All things physical are derived from the none physical. All things seen are a manifestation from the unseen. Everything you experience in your life is drawn from the spiritual realm. What you "perceive" as real and place focus on will become a part of your life experience.

What does all that have to do with the ego mind? The ego mind is the aspect of mind that determines what you will experience. It's an aspect of mind that many aren't consciously aware of. The ego mind perceives physical events, conditions and circumstances as reality.

The unseen spiritual realm is not separate from the physical world but only "appears" as such and exists as a "perceived" separateness based on choices, whether consciously or unconsciously that you choose to make. It is due to this "perception" of truth which makes it true for you and as a result, your individual life experience unfolds just as you believe that it will.

If you choose to believe that your physical outcomes in the physical world are due to only your physical actions such as hard work, struggle, etc. that will be your reality and that is what will be required to produce your limited results.

Through developing a deeper understanding of this "seen and unseen" connection, regardless of what you choose to call it, recognizing it for what it "truly" is which is infinite in nature, through "conscious" implementation, you can begin to consciously elevate the ego aspect of mind and harmonize your thoughts, words, and actions with it and utilize it in a way that creates physical life experiences that far exceed what is "perceived" as logical or "possible" by the mass majority.

To successfully accomplish this, it is necessary to understand and begin "consciously" utilizing the various aspects of mind and the role they play in bringing into your "physical reality" the events, conditions and circumstances that make up your life.

Although most have an understanding that there are 2 aspects of mind that we possess individually...namely the conscious mind and what we're referring to here as the ego mind which is the subconscious mind, there exist 2 other aspects of mind which are the collective consciousness and the Super Conscious Mind.

Although getting into these aspects of mind in any depth individually would require getting off of this months subject matter, it's important to understand the role of consciousness and how it is THE underlying Cause of each and every event, condition and circumstance that unfolds in our lives.

The ego mind, (the subconscious) is intricately interconnected with the Super Conscious and in the case of our individual lives, it's this aspect of mind that determines what is being asked of the Super Conscious, which we do receive without fail.

Since money is such a popular subject, let's use it in the following analogy...

Were you aware that approx 4% of the worlds population controls about 96% of the money in the world?

Why do you suppose that is? Could it be that this small minority understands something at a deeper level than you do with regard to money? Or perhaps you believe that they are just lucky, born into it, are smarter, have better qualifications than you, work harder or any other number of infinite "perceptions" that could be held.

They are the minority because they do something different than the majority are aware of and/or are willing to do. But it's NOT physical in nature. It's an underlying unseen belief or perception which allows it.

If you are experiencing a "lack" of money or a lack of fulfillment in ANY area of life, it is because at some level you don't understand or are somehow misapplying your intimate connection to the Source of "everything" and somehow feel and perceive yourself as separate from it.

These established and "seemingly real" perceptions of separation are projected from what we're referring to as the ego mind which serves as the barrier blocking you from, or the channel connecting you to this unseen or spiritual realm of limitless potential and possibility based on the choices that you make with regard to your willingness or unwillingness to expand your awareness as to what is possible and conceivable which determines what you'll experience in life.

This isn't limited to the area of money. Those choices will determine whether you experience desired or undesired outcomes and precisely what you'll draw from it whether it's physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

If you are experiencing a lack of money, examine what your ego mind is telling you about money. Dig deep and be honest with yourself and you'll discover that it is telling you exactly what you're currently experiencing. You may have to dig a bit but somewhere within you there is a belief regarding a lack of money.

First let's establish a clear picture of what the ego mind or ego self is and the crucial role it plays in the physical experiences you encounter.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines ego as...

1 : the self especially as contrasted with another self or the world

Ego is synonymous with individuality or separateness. The ego mind "perceives" itself as separate from what it truly is which as every human being or anything else for that matter, is an integral part of the Whole just as a drop of water is an integral part of the ocean.

A vital and necessary interconnected part of the Whole with the capability of bringing from this whole, this I AM, or as modern day science refers to it, the Quantum Field, whatever event, condition or circumstance is being, has been, or ever will be desired without limit. Left unattended the ego can and does create events, conditions and circumstances in life which are far less than those desired and will leave you far from ever reaching your full potential and experiencing the quality of life that is available to you.

Does that sound illogical or far fetched to you? If it does it is your ego mind creating that perception and will produce results based on what you allow it to. Infinite possibility and potential isn't logical from the common physical perspective which is only limited by the ego mind.

The unaware ego mind attempts to make logical what cannot be considered logical due to it's limited perspective. The Infinite, the I AM, Source Energy or whatever you may choose to call Source is omniscient, omnipresent, everything that is, everything that was and everything that ever will be based on what you allow it to be, what YOU choose it to be.

From a spiritual perspective it's based on your beliefs. From a scientific perspective it's based on who and what you are inside which creates emotions which create a vibrational resonance which is projected out into the Quantum Field and the projection of that vibrational resonance attracts additional energy of a harmonious frequency that through the process of creation manifests in physical form and shows up in your life. That resonance is created by what you choose to project. The beliefs you hold are beliefs that YOU choose to hold. The Infinite can only mirror your beingness, what you perceive and believe, you project and the Source provides you with whatever it is that you choose to have for yourself.

If you desire BIGGER outcomes you only need to make the choice to develop BIGGER beliefs which creates a higher frequency or resonance which determines what you'll receive. What you are capable of is only limited by YOU without limitation.

If that resonance is projecting something that the physical world has never before seen it will be considered a new thing to the world although in reality it does and has existed the entire time in the unseen realm only awaiting someone to conceive and perceive it as real, which is precisely what will make it "appear" as real to you in your world.

Do you think the majority believe that is true? Obviously they don't. Maybe you don't. Consider this...

Prior to the airplane being invented, was it something that you think the mass majority in the world "perceived" or believed to be possible? I'd venture to say NOT!! In fact I wonder how many told the Wright Brothers that it was "impossible", that they were being absolutely "illogical" and more than likely even called crazy!!

When Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile in 1954 do you think the majority "believed" and "perceived" it as possible? No!! Why? Because it had NEVER been done before. Even psychologists and doctors at that time said that it was IMPOSSIBLE. They said that the human body wasn't capable. But Roger Bannister wasn't buying into that limited logic. You know the outcome...he DID IT. More amazingly is that since he did many have matched or broken that record a number of times!!

There are literally thousands of examples that could be used with regard to the power each of us hold to accomplish extraordinary results in life. The point being is that in the previous examples, whether it was these BIG results that were achieved with the physical body or an original idea conceived in mind resulting in a life changing invention, neither existed in the world until someone first conceived and "believed" that they could, which brought their manifestation from the unseen realm where EVERYTHING conceivable already exists.

The limited ego mind gets in the way of BIG miracles in your life because it looks at what it "perceives" to be reality and creates a physical reaction creating a resonance based on those "perceived" appearances and doesn't fully understand or comprehend that what is being looked at and perceived as real, has only been made real based on the instruction of the ego mind and will continue to create and draw to itself the same or similar outcomes unless and until the perception, belief or resonance changes which created it to begin with.

The Universe responds and will begin to provide physical outcomes based on this expanded perception of reality perfectly and precisely with unwavering certainty based on the perception and belief held just as it provides the undesirable outcomes based on those same factors.

Creation must, does and will deliver only what you choose to experience. That choice is based on what your vibrational resonance is asking to receive. That resonance is determined by your beliefs. The resonance that you project is the seed of creation. Any other outcome would violate the immutable and unwavering Universal Laws which govern the process of creation as well as the inalienable right of free will that is provided to each unconditionally just as is Love.

Therefore it becomes necessary to transcend the ego mind, to broaden the perspective of the ego to allow the physical body to resonate a higher vibrational frequency which will provide physical outcomes that are harmonious with the resonance being projected. There is no limit as to what the outcomes provided can be because the pool…the Infinite Field Of Potential, The Source, God, Ultimate Energy, The I Am from which these outcomes are drawn from is Infinite in nature.

That puts the ball in YOUR court. You have the inalienable right to believe whatever you choose. You have the inalienable right to think whatever you choose to think. You have the inalienable right to expand your awareness which will transcend the ego mind which in turn will create miracles in your life IF you choose to.

It is only a matter of choice as to which you will choose to experience. The Journey never ends…it cannot. The fulfillment or the limitations experienced in life are the choice of the one doing the experiencing and the experiences are limitless and Infinite in nature. You can't outbelieve the Source. You can under believe and experience less than you are capable of but you can NEVER over believe. As your beliefs expand so will your experiences REGARDLESS of which area of life that is and REGARDLESS of how big those beliefs might be.

Put more simply...

In other words the ego mind has the capability of keeping you from or connecting you to anything and everything that you have a desire to experience in every aspect of your life without limitation.

In the majority of cases, Ego mind is the "perceived" duality or separation of the physical you from the true essence of you and is experienced as a result of looking at what is currently "appearing" and being "perceived" as real from a very limited physical perspective.

This perspective, as limited as it is, is merely the ego mind igniting emotions causing you to feel in a way that pushes away rather than attracts those things desired. The ego you sees and perceives these physical manifestations as "real" yet the true essence of you understands that these manifestations are merely illusions, holographic images of what the ego mind has placed focus on, drawn to you and created in physical form which can be changed by elevating the awareness of and harmonizing the ego you with the true essence of you which is infinite in nature.

Ego is the shadow. Ego comes from programming. Ego says you can't because it's not safe, it's too big, you're not worthy, it's too hard, there's not enough. Ego is merely depending on and reacting to a subconscious recording of what is or isn't safe or possible due to previous teachings, programming and experiences of the past. Ego is based on and limited by recorded information of the past which in most cases is primarily focused on fear, lack, limitation…fear of what might happen at some point in the future, placing it's predominant focus on a fear of repeating events in the future based on unpleasant experiences of the past.

Here's what few fail to understand…

What created undesirable experiences in the past, what the ego mind now perceives as what wasn't safe in the past, which is creating and has created experiences that you "perceive" as failure, difficulties, lack and limitation, struggle and discord is only due to beliefs and perceptions formed and held in the past which created the very outcome that you now fear and are experiencing. The ego mind is merely doing it's job based on flawed information, incomplete information, and igniting additional emotions that are disharmonious with manifesting outcomes that you desire to experience now or at some point in the future.

To break the pattern it's crucial to develop the understanding of what is and will continue to create whatever it is that you might be experiencing.

In 99.9% of all cases the ego self is merely reacting to flawed, limiting, and self sabotaging data creating physical results which fall far short of your "true" capability. These experiences created and experienced in the physical world…in your life, which are "perceived" as disharmonious creations are created due to the "perceived" separateness of the ego mind which draws the events, conditions and circumstances in your day to day life from the Super Conscious Mind, Source, God, Quantum Field or whatever name you choose, operating with restricted awareness of your "true potential" and the infinite possibility that is, always has been and always will be available to you.

Until you develop the understanding of this truth and make the paradigm shift from fear, lack and unfulfilled desires to love, plenty and limitless possibility, and begin harmonizing the ego self to your "true" self, the events, conditions and circumstances you're experiencing cannot and will not change. They will continue to require excessive and strenuous physical effort producing only mediocre, temporary and limited outcomes at best.

Put another way it is necessary to harmonize the physical aspect of you with the spirit aspect of you and harmony and fulfillment in the physical world will be experienced without fail.

That's not to say that you won't ever encounter difficulties in life because difficulties are inevitable, but your reaction to them due to that harmonization will be different allowing you to flow quickly through rather than remain stuck in them.

Remaining stuck in undesirable conditions is only due to not having yet learned the lesson that they were meant to provide.

Many have an intellectual understanding of the mind, body, spirit connection, but most have a very superficial understanding never fully exploring the depth and power that this level of understanding provides.

The ego self in most cases prods you to take the physical actions which are required to produce the physical outcomes in the various areas of life with the underlying tone that this is hard, life is difficult, it's not safe, or I don't have time which is creating the very vibration that is being projected out and ultimately asking the Super Conscious Mind, the infinite field of potential, God or whatever you may choose to refer to Ultimate Source as, to reflect back at you outcomes that are in perfect harmony with your belief, which in turn is making the physical aspects of your doingness difficult, producing limited results and further reinforcing and validating the flawed "perception" that this is true.

When you learn to harmonize mind, body, spirit and consciously and purposefully utilize them, miracles occur.

Which leads us into another area that most don't understand.

In reality every second of every day is a miracle. Creation which is constant is a miracle, it's only that most people have labeled miracles to be some BIG desired outcome. There is no such thing as a creation that isn't a miracle. It's only individually held perceptions and judgments regarding the creation that often times keeps individuals from seeing the miracle that creation is.

Undesirable outcomes in reality are miracles, a creation that you created based on a belief and the resonance projected as a result of it.

"As you believe you receive." That statement is based on higher truth….timeless truth. It is eternal. It cannot waver any more than gravity can cease to exist. What was believed at some point in the past, what YOU have believed, is being or will be experienced in the physical world at some point in the future. It's ALWAYS a miracle.

Let me repeat that because it is SO crucial…

What is being believed currently will be experienced in the physical world at some point in the future. Whatever you place focus on and attach emotion to will manifest. Whatever it is that you believe MUST unfold just as you believe. It's an immutable, unwavering and infinite truth.

These miracle creating beliefs go much deeper than what you may consciously think that you want. Many say that they want more money, a happy relationship, great physical health, etc. but at a subconscious level, the level that ego mind feeds from and utilizes to make it's determinations, the underlying beliefs are the exact opposite MANY times without you being consciously aware of them.

As modern science has proven, which further substantiates and validates ancient spiritual teachings, we exist in a vibrational Universe which can and does only produce physical outcomes based on the vibrational resonance that is projected outward. This goes much deeper than what most "perceive" cause and effect to mean. Most think that the cause is their physical actions and the effect is the outcome of those physical actions. Recent scientific discoveries show that cause is the quality of your consciousness, the thoughts that you think and the effect is the physical outcomes that manifest and show up as a result.

You as an individual and being provided an inalienable right of free will to choose which thoughts you choose to think, to express emotions based on those that you choose to experience and take actions based on those which you choose to initiate either harmonize or conflict with each other and are the determining factor as to what experiences you will experience in your physical world based on those choices.

A conscious choice to want more money combined with an unconscious belief that money is hard to come by creates a disharmonious vibration or resonance which will show up in the physical world as a lack of money. Until you learn the lesson intended to be learned and harmonize the two a lack of money will remain as your physical reality.

In essence it's a miracle being created just as YOU are choosing however "unconscious" that choosing might be.

Although ego can and does produce physical effects based on individual physical effort, the effects produced can only be and are very limited in comparison to what is "truly" possible. Perceived individuality and separateness are limited to what can be accomplished from a physical perspective limited by physical actions taken by a physical body. The physical body is only capable of working so many hours, doing so many things and is limited by time and space.

The mind is unlimited, spiritual in nature and NOT limited by time and space. The ego mind which is an aspect of mind can only react based on information or data that it has available to it which is what is stored in the subconscious mind.

Elevate the consciousness of ego self, the ego mind by discovering the true essence of you which is spiritual in nature and you elevate the kind and quality of the physical experiences in your life.

So how do you elevate this consciousness? Through gaining a deeper sense of self awareness... Discovering and developing the understanding of and awakening to who and what you truly are. Elevating above and transcending the ego mind is merely reprogramming the subconscious mind. You reprogram the subconscious mind by becoming consciously aware of what the rational, logical conscious aspect of mind is placing focus on, attaching emotion to and allowing to be recorded within it as "real" or "true."

Desires held, aligned and harmonized with conscious and focused thought elevate the quality of information stored in the subconscious mind (the ego mind) which it uses and depends on for it's information source and when elevated creates what are perceived as miracles.

Desire alone cannot provide the thing desired. Desires are the internal feelings within you, the "true you", the limitless and infinite you seeking expression in physical form. Feelings are spiritual in nature. The ego mind is the aspect of mind that is producing "physical" emotions within you that either harmonize with or resist that which your inner feelings are telling you that you desire to experience.

It's true that emotions make you "feel" either bad or good but those aren't feelings, they're merely how your emotions make you feel. Feelings are spiritual, intuitive and unseen in nature and emotions are physical creating a physical reaction in the body.

In other words emotions are created as the result of an electrochemical process ignited within the physical body, the kind and quality of which is determined by the beliefs, perceptions and judgments you hold regarding any event, condition or circumstance.

Do you have a sincere passion, an inner burning desire to do or accomplish something that fear or "perceived" self limitation keeps you from completing? That's merely your ego self creating emotions, producing and projecting outbound energy which, based on the unwavering and immutable Law of Attraction can only draw to you energy of a harmonious frequency which determines what type of physical results you'll experience.

Emotions of fear triggered by the ego mind can only draw to you what you fear. Emotions of love triggered by the ego mind can only draw to you what you love.

To make this transition from fear to love you only need to become consciously aware of who and what you are, elevate the quality of consciousness that the ego mind utilizes for it's source of information and BINGO!! DESIRED results.

You are far more than a physical meat suit with skin, muscle, bones, organs and a brain. Although that is the physical aspect of you there is something that keeps this physical aspect of you alive and going. It is the energy aspect of you, the spiritual or metaphysical essence of you which makes it possible for the physical aspect of you to live and function.

Without a deeper perspective of the "True" you, the infinite nature of the "spirit" you, the ego mind attempts to understand infinite from a logical physical perspective because it cannot conceive or fully comprehend what is infinite and limitless in nature and attempts to comprehend and create a picture of the Infinite based on limited physical logic, rationale and understanding. The ego mind perceives limitless possibility as the highest belief that you hold at a subconscious level.

The interaction of the "limited" ego mind with the Super Conscious Mind restricts what is possible from the physical manifestation of the Infinite because the Infinite can only produce and provide what ego mind can conceive as possible. Just as a mirror can only reflect back an image based on what is placed before it, the Infinite can only produce and provide physical outcomes based on what is being projected from the ego mind.

If the ego mind is limited in it's understanding as to what's truly possible, the Super Conscious mind can only reflect back outcomes based on that limited understanding.

Put another way, the ego mind is set on 98.9 FM attempting to enjoy the desired broadcast being aired on 104.7. Until the projected frequency of the ego mind is elevated, adjusted, tuned into and harmonious with 104.7 it cannot and will not experience what it desires to experience. It is only an adjustment, an elevation in the quality of consciousness projected by ego mind that becomes harmonious with desired outcomes that will enable those outcomes to be experienced in physical form.

When the outgoing frequency becomes harmonious with the desired experiences those experiences will become a physical reality which in turn will elevate the consciousness of the ego mind enabling it to project higher frequencies and as a result consistently experience a higher quality of life in the physical world.

Who gets to choose what this frequency is? You. To elevate the physical experience you only need to choose to elevate the frequency being projected and broadcast.

So, how do you elevate this frequency? By elevating the quality of consciousness. By becoming aware of the "true" you, the "real" you which is much more than your physical body.

You don't need to depend on anything or anybody external to you to gain this elevated frequency or higher quality of consciousness. Because I tell you this is true, I don't expect or even desire for you to believe me. I don't WANT you to believe me. It's my hope that you won't believe ANYBODY external to you and that you will discover "higher truth" for yourself. What will provide you with the greatest results without ANY doubt or apprehension is to discover truth for yourself.

Where do you find this truth?

The truth lies within you. The ego mind may have suppressed it but you can make the choice to awaken it. You can make the choice to tap into ultimate truth where no external influence can interfere. This ultimate truth will elevate above and transcend the ego mind enabling you to discern and as a result experience a higher truth which will enhance and elevate your beliefs and as a result will elevate the physical experiences in your life. .

The best and most powerful way that I have found to elevate this quality of consciousness which the ego mind "perceives" as real at every level is through engaging in a consistent practice of meditation . Meditation enables you to transcend what most "perceive" as being reality. It provides the means to see above the "perceived imperfection" that's unfolding in the physical world.

As one of the spiritual masters of the past, Jesus puts enables and empowers you to "Judge not by appearances" essentially enabling you to tap into a level of consciousness that enables and empowers you to develop an "inner knowing", an indescribable sense of assurance and overall well being that can't be achieved through observing and focusing on the externals.

Meditation enables you to go deep within yourself and discover a profound peace combined with an unshakable "knowing" which is uncommon in the physical world. It allows you to transcend and see beyond what "appears" as real in the physical world, and get a glimpse of what's truly possible which is infinite in nature.

It enables you to tune into and harmonize with the Super Conscious aspect of mind, God, Source or whatever you might choose to call he/she/it and provides you with a glimpse of who and what you truly are which in turn greatly enhances your self awareness enabling you to transcend and at the same time elevate the awareness of the ego mind.

The result of this transcendence, this heightened sense of "knowing" from a physical perspective is experienced as physical manifestations produced with far less individual physical effort. Meditation enables you to tap into, conceive and touch limitless possibility and potential. It enables you to see beyond a limited physical perspective and tap into "true" possibility and potential.

Through this transcendent experience it enables and empowers you to experience and as a result project emotions of a higher vibrational frequency which in turn reflects back and produces physical outcomes of a higher form in the physical world.

Meditation enables you to initiate and experience an inner stillness and indescribable peace enabling you to tap into and make the connection with the metaphysical or spiritual realm.

It enables you to experience what it means to...

"Be still and "know" that I am God."

The experience of this transcendence through meditation is a difficult state to explain with human words because it transcends and goes beyond the physical, what is "perceived" by many as reality or logical and provides a glimpse of, a connection with "real or higher truth.", what is "truly" possible for you which automatically deepens your understanding of self. Meditation enables you to transcend the ego mind and the collective consciousness of the world enabling and empowering you to tap into and experience from a physical perspective the inner peace, serenity, wholeness, and boundless potential which exists beyond the stress, anxiety and hustle and bustle of what you might currently perceive the physical world to be.

Meditation enables you to bypass external opinion, individual perception and flawed human intervention enabling and empowering you to touch, know and experience "real truth" at a place within yourself that, once experienced, NOTHING or NO ONE external to you can change or take away the "inner knowing" experienced without your choice and willingness to allow them to.

Meditation allows you to tap into and gain knowledge and wisdom directly from the Source.

This place experienced when entering into a deep meditative state enables you to see, touch, feel and experience boundless and infinite potential that varies from the physical aspects of what can be experienced with the limitations of the 5 physical senses. It enables you to clearly see and fully comprehend an expanded truth and tap into your sixth sense which transcends logical physical understanding.

Not a "perceived truth" based on fear and limitation but a higher truth based on love and boundless possibility. It enables you to truly understand and comprehend who and what you truly are which is an infinite and limitless being who exists in a limitless and infinite Universe that is limited by a physical body in a physical universe that most perceive and experience as limited due to a lack of deeper understanding. But in reality it's not unless you choose to allow the ego self to dominate and keep you here.

When you transcend the ego self you are at the same time elevating the ego's rationale, it's ability to conceive and experience a higher truth which enables it to expand it's self limiting grip from a strictly physical perspective, elevating the awareness, raising the intensity of the frequency being projected, elevating the "faith" or belief as to what's possible for you which creates what are referred to as miracles in a physical world.

When you develop an elevated sense of self awareness, you elevate the quality of what the conscious mind conceives and accepts as truth which it attaches emotion to, stores in the subconscious aspect of mind which the ego mind in turn utilizes as it's source of information for the future, projecting based on it's newfound awareness into the Super Conscious aspect of mind and drawing from it desired outcomes in the physical world.

If you're in the mindset of the majority, your ego says it doesn't matter how you feel about your job, it is something that you must do so you can "have security." The ego is merely reacting, doing what it was designed to do to keep you safe, secure and protected. But have you ever really considered or given any thought to where those subconscious beliefs come from that the ego uses as its source of information?

If you would make the choice to dig a little deeper you would find that it is derived due to limited information which choosing to hold as truth results in a lack of self awareness resulting in outcomes that are less than desired. From a very "limited perspective" based on a lack of self awareness limiting what's possible for you…what's "Truly" possible for you.

Your ego mind says that you don't have time or the resources to discover the "true" you. You must forget about this higher aspect of you, the "real" you and do what's necessary to take care of the physical you. You must go to work, seek security, pay the bills, struggle to survive, and just do whatever it takes and when all that is completed, there is no "time" left. The ego mind is merely doing the job that it was intended to do based on what it has been programmed to do. You react to it's guidance which creates "physical" emotions rather than responding to your inner guidance, the deep inner desires held which are seeking expression and which are spiritual in nature.

To break this limited and self defeating pattern you must transcend the ego self and get a glimpse of the "true self" just long enough to elevate the awareness of the ego self so it can "conceive" a "higher truth." When it is able to conceive it and believe it, you will experience it.

Many say they don't have time to meditate not understanding that by making the choice to do so they actually increase the productivity of their physical doingness, which eliminates the stress and anxiety that not doing so creates in essence creating more "time" and finding additional time that they "thought" they didn't have. This too is just a "perception" that continues producing the same results over and over like an endless tape loop with the busy, anxious and stress pattern never being broken due to never taking the time to establish a level of heightened awareness that would make EVERYTHING much easier to understand, far less stressful and busy and with MUCH less fear.

The ego self is limited by time and space. The "true" self knows no such limitation. Meditation enables you to grasp and fully comprehend the essence of your true self.

The unaware ego mind says that internal desires, heartfelt passions and soul purpose are only fulfilled and experienced by the lucky and educated few. As long as you choose to allow this ego mind to dominate, it will. It is only acting in the best way that it knows to act based on a limited perspective. It can and does only react to the information it has been provided which it utilizes to determine the best and safest course of action. But the real truth is that it is reacting based on an incomplete understanding of what is truly possible because that is it's only source of reference.

Meditation enables you to expand that point of reference.

Don't resist the ego, but rather acknowledge it for what it is, love it, be grateful for it, recognize it and look at it as your built in safety mechanism that YOU, through your choices, have allowed to cross over the line of it's originally intended purpose of keeping you safe, which it was intended and provided to do, but due to a lack of deeper understanding you have allowed to lead you into experiential restriction in an anxious and stressed out physical world which is limiting you from fully experiencing and enjoying your life and keeping you from fulfilling the heartfelt desires that you wish to experience.

The ego mind is merely a projection and protection device, tied to and seeing the limitations of a physical world and unless a conscious choice is made to expand the level or quality of consciousness that it utilizes, fails to acknowledge and recognize the limitless you and the infinite possibilities that are available to you.

But it is NOT and WAS NOT designed to control and limit you unless you make the choice to allow it to. You have the choice as well as the ability to consciously and purposefully control it. Not control through fighting and resisting it. The ego mind is to be observed…NOT resisted. Through conscious observation you can determine if the ego mind is acting in accordance with it's intended purpose, in a way that keeps your physical body safe or is it being used to restrict you in your day to day physical life based on a limited perspective… perceptions of truth which are not based on "Real or Higher Truth" at all.

How can you know the difference between the two?

The unaware ego mind says "I am not" and "I can't" because it's not safe, and the "real you" says I AM and I CAN and you are as safe as you choose to "believe" yourself to be.

Ego mind says what's in it for me and what can I take to create security and keep me safe, and the real you says what can I give, how can I serve fully understanding that it receives based on what it contributes?

The unaware ego mind is based on fear of loss and lack, seeking security, fearing that there isn't enough to go around and the real you, the "true essence" of you is based on love, prosperity and plenty for all.

The ego you says you hurt me so I am going to hurt you. The spirit you says you hurt me but I Love you anyway.

The ego you says you took something from me so I will take from you. The spirit you says you took something from me so you must have had a greater need than I.

The ego you is based on "conditional" love, the true essence of you understands and comprehends a "Love unconditional."

Fear, doubt and worry is merely a program running in the subconscious aspect of mind which is limiting your life experience just as love, knowing, and reassurance is a potential program that can replace it providing "Whatsoever ye desire." The fear, doubt and worry aspect of mind keeps the gate closed limiting what the Super Conscious aspect of mind can provide and limits your experience to what can be seen and experienced in the physical world. Love, knowing and reassurance automatically opens the gate fully allowing the unseen based on infinite potential to enter through it, transmute and become physical.

Guess who chooses what they will experience in the physical world? Yep….it's you. You have the inalienable right of free will to choose to elevate your awareness of the "true" aspect of you or the right to stay where you are in your understanding. Neither choice is right or wrong but will only determine the quality of life that you will experience in the physical world. If you have a desire to achieve and experience more it is going to be necessary to become more and the physical experience will increase with unwavering certainty.

You can choose to become more from a physical perspective and operate within the existing boundaries of the limited ego mind or become more from the perspective of source consciousness, the Super Conscious Mind, transcend and elevate the ego self and you'll experience a life of heaven on earth.

Making the choice to begin practicing the art of meditation will prove to be of great assistance in achieving all of the above.

I "know" how great you are. I "know" your true potential. I AM keenly aware of what it is that you can create and experience in each and every aspect of your life. I "know" that you have the power to choose to become a conscious and purposeful creator or remain as an unconscious creator "perceiving" yourself as a victim of externals which you may fully believe that you have no control or say so over.

But what I know with regard to you is immaterial. What I know you can achieve and experience will make no difference in the kind and quality of life that you choose to experience. The only thing that is important is the fact of what YOU believe yourself to be. What YOU believe you can accomplish. What YOU choose to become and experience.

That my friend is your right and your choice. I hope this edition of "Enlightened Journey" assists in shedding some additional light on whatever path you may currently be walking and assist you in seeing just how simple it all is.

Recognize the ego mind, observe it, understand and learn to appreciate it for what it is and what it was designed to do, learn to consciously yet gently control it, elevate it's awareness and you will begin to know and experience what it means to live a life of Joy, Fulfillment, Inner Peace and Limitless Prosperity in each and every aspect of your life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Until next month…I wish for you ALL good things,

Chuck Danes
Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, Ok. 73099

PS : Always remember that you "truly" can be, do and have ANYTHING that you have a sincere desire to experience. If you're not, you CAN make the choice to learn how.

PPS : Discover your greatness...I Believe In You!!

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