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The format and subject matter of the newsletter is going to be a bit different today. If you're new to the "Enlightened Journey" newsletter, this format will go back to it's original subject matter next month. This month I felt compelled to do something different which is to address you in the form of a letter. I hope you'll understand and trust that I've done this for good reason.

The reason for this is that I have been doing some deep soul searching recently with respect to my level of contribution to those of you who have been receiving the newsletter for awhile. As a result of that search I have come to the conclusion that I haven't been serving and contributing to you, as subscribers of "Enlightened Journey" at the level I'm capable of.

While I have always written the newsletter with the best of intent and in such a way as to provide the most benefit, during these past months I have come to the realization that I have been holding back due to selfish reasons and not fully contributing at the level I'm capable of.

Allow me to attempt to explain where this is coming from…..

I receive numerous e-mails from around the world requesting answers to questions ranging from a-z most of which are asked by those attempting to find answers that will assist them to overcome what they "perceive" as a problem, some minor and some immensely painful in a specific or multiple areas of their lives. Many times these e-mails are asking a specific question pertaining to the best way to fix _______. Based on the many I receive I can't help but assume that there are also many more who are experiencing challenges or pain who also don't write for any number of reasons. In addition, I also receive numerous e-mails thanking me for what I do contribute and the information I provide. Thank you for those as well. They are extremely encouraging, and always valued and appreciated.

Based on some of these e-mails that I do receive there are also some out there who perceive me to be some sort of Guru. First, let me clear up any misconceptions regarding that perception. Quite simply…….I am NO Guru. I am merely an average everyday guy, a Dad, Grandpa, (or pee paw as my grandaughter calls me) husband, brother, uncle, etc. who some years ago set out on a journey to discover answers to questions that surfaced due to some extremely uncomfortable and what I perceived at the time as unpleasant and at times unbearable life situations that I found myself experiencing and couldn't for the life of me figure out why.

I always did the best I knew how with respect to my family, I was a hard worker, good husband, loving Dad etc... and did everything that I was taught to that point to be a "Good person." But things went south, BIG TIME, and as painful and hopeless as I perceived them at the time, I can now say I'm glad and extremely grateful that they did. It provided me with a MAJOR awakening.

What I now share through "Enlightened Journey" and through the site is based on a combination of what I have learned from my life experience thus far. The time span of these experiences goes back many years and ranges anywhere from situations and events experienced as a young boy of 4 years old (which is as far back as I can remember) to my current experiences today. Although I won't attempt to list all of those experiences here they range anywhere from what I found to be extremely painful and challenging to experiences that are far too profound to accurately describe or explain in such a way that could accurately convey their depth, or be worded in such a way that could be clearly understood due to the limitations of the English language. In addition to these real life experiences throughout my life, I have encountered and consulted with numerous mentors, spiritual teachers, some who have had a minimal impact and some who have had a immensely profound impact in what I refer to as my "awakening" and forming the understanding that I now personally perceive and believe to be truth.

Based on my own experiences of the past, I can't even begin to express the empathy that I sometimes feel when receiving an e-mail from someone who is experiencing challenges and pain. On the one hand my heart at times literally aches for those who due to any number of reasons are frantically seeking answers to questions which are many times questions that, as I reflect back through various stages of my own life, that I too was seeking some of those same answers to at one point as well. On the other hand I have come to understand that these events and experiences serve a very specific purpose and allows those experiencing them to grow and evolve in their understanding as painful as it can sometimes be. I have also come to believe that as a result that growth, we are to share with others who cross our paths who are seeking and open to what we have to share to the best of our ability and with the intent of contributing and assisting share our perceptions based on what we've learned as a result.

That is the reason for this communication today.

I have thought this through long and hard. As a result of this thought process, I will even go so far as to admit that I have wrestled with fear and doubt as difficult as it is to admit that. Due to my own personal selfish pride I have allowed the fear that there will be those who will make judgments and have perceptions regarding my motives which has until now kept me from doing what I feel is best and which would serve the most. I have also come to the conclusion that by worrying about these few and holding back, not fully expressing myself freely in a way that is unrestricted, that I would be doing a dis-service to many more than I may offend, who might otherwise benefit. I realized that as a result of this holding back and not playing all out in fulfilling what I some years back discovered, made a commitment to, and set out to fulfill, that I have been falling short in my commitment to fully serve in the way I initially intended. At that time I made a promise to myself and the Source, whatever you might perceive Source to be that I would fulfill that purpose or calling to the best of my ability. In a nutshell I realized recently during my reflection that I wasn't fulfilling that promise at the level that I had previously set for myself.

I'll explain in more detail where I'm coming from…….

Due to a specific experience that I had, what I consider to be a profound experience, I made a commitment some years ago that I would do everything within my power to contribute to the world in the best way that I knew how, and do everything within my power to assist those who asked as well as provide as much as I was able through based on a culmination of knowledge sought out and what "I believe" to be wisdom that has been revealed to me. I made the choice based on that experience combined with the knowledge I've acquired through years of research in various areas and the many life experiences mentioned earlier to share what I have discovered as a result. What I have acquired in my search thus far, and what I have come to understand, believe and choose to refer to as deeper truth, which when discovered I found to be far different, far less judgmental, far more empowering and profoundly eye opening and life changing than the many things that I had been taught and led to believe prior. To put it simply, what I have discovered as a result of my experiences thus far is a based on a sense or concept of Unity and Oneness rather than separateness and judgment .

I have since discovered that many of these limiting beliefs I had been taught and held were the very beliefs that created the painful and at times seemingly unbearable experiences that I've encountered throughout my life, although which I have since realized served a very specific purpose and were necessary to lead me to where I am today.

That is the how and why came into existence. I have spent countless thousands of hours attempting to fulfill what I have established as my purpose in life many of those hours without compensation of any type. I have made some very difficult and what have proven to be painful decisions with regard to my personal life to fulfill what I made a commitment back then to fulfill.

OK, here is what I'm attempting to convey…….

Based on a few e-mails I have received in the past I know that there will be some who will "perceive" what I have to share today as an attempt to "sell something." There are some who for any given number of reasons feel that when sharing this type of information become offended that that there should be no products mentioned or costs associated with acquiring them. If you fall into that category then I would just ask you to delete this e-mail and if it offends you then please just unsubscribe from the newsletter. I don't express that out of anger, but rather a sense of love and duty and through a deeper understanding that by worrying about those few who have made these comments in the past and attempting to cater to and console a few, I am limiting dramatically the number who I might have otherwise assisted.

By fearing that there are some who might become offended by me recommending and offering something that I have found to be truly life transforming, in this case "PROFOUNDLY" life transforming, I have in essence not served and provided the contribution to those who I set out to help when my purpose was revealed to me initially. As I have recently discovered and mentioned, my apprehension has been based on selfish motives. Those selfish motives come from fearing judgment or ridicule from a few and as a result my intent and purpose to serve the majority has been dramatically restricted and limited. My ability to serve and contribute to those who I have committed to assisting in the best way I know how who are open and seeking answers and have a sincere desire to hear and benefit from what it is I have to say based on my perception of truth haven't been served in the way that I initially committed that I would. I don't share this because I wish to judge or condemn anyone. Rather I make these statements in the hopes that I might further and best assist those who are experiencing pain and challenges in their life or a need to find deeper meaning and understanding.

Although I can't be absolutely certain what it is, there is something far greater going on here, something far deeper than my own ego, pride and fear of offending a few, something far more important than fearing losing some of the subscribers. Realizing that some may perceive this in a way not intended, I say this with the utmost respect and from a deep place of love, but there is only one way to address it and that is head on.

This is as head on as I can be. I have learned to follow my intuition in the best way I know how, and I firmly believe that my intuition is leading me in the right direction in this case.

If there is only one that this helps, then it would be worth losing a thousand who can't or won't due to their own choices or perceptions fully grasp, comprehend or understand what it is that I have set out and fully intend to do.

Ok with that addressed I'll continue……..

I am going to share some personal things with respect to myself and my experiences, not so that you might know more about me and my life but rather that you might gain in some way from what I share.

As I progress through this, please bare with me and you'll see the point I'm attempting to make.

My personal search for life's meaning and deeper truth has led me through many avenues of study. I have sought answers in various motivational, self help, and positive thinking programs, structured man made religion, I have studied and memorized verbatim spiritual texts from various religions of the world. I have read countless books, listened to too many programs to count, consulted with some very insightful spiritual teachers, delved into research concerning the human physiology, spent hours on my knees begging and pleading with God to please provide relief during challenging times, ease the fear and just allow me to provide and care for my family in the way I desired.

For many years I've been a very proud guy. Prior to leaving my corporate career to pursue my passion, what I believe to be my discovered purpose, I was what many considered to be successful in the corporate world. When things weren't going well I didn't want anybody to know about it. I was Chuck, the always positive guy. I was always the go to guy in my circle and when someone was looking for answers or advice I was the one they came to. My employees would depend on me for advice, my family would come to me looking for their answers from sisters, nieces, nephews, you name it. To them I was Uncle Chuck, the guy that had everything figured out, knew all the answers. Little did they know at the time that regardless of the external results I was producing and the perceptions they held based on the facade I portrayed, as successful as everyone perceived me at the time due to external appearances and outcomes there were many times during that period that although no one sensed it, and due to my pride I didn't share it, I was literally dying on the inside.

Take it from someone who has achieved a modest level of what many "perceive" to be success, If you currently believe that your happiness and fulfillment is going to be discovered in monetary gain, keeping up with the Jones's, driving the luxurious cars, going on exotic trips, having the big beautiful house, etc. etc. etc. take it from someone who has been there and done that, that isn't where you will find it. Although it may suffice for a time, it is VERY short term. It is a lie that has been perpetuated and handed down through the ages and what I have come to recognize and understand as traditionally established false belief. I am NOT in ANY way implying that money and the acquisition of material things is not an extremely important aspect of experiencing harmony and fully enjoying life. I am in no way attempting to paint a picture that says forget money go live in a cave and seek your happiness instead. True happiness and fulfillment in life is as I have discovered and come to believe impossible to achieve without developing a balance or "harmony" and having more than enough of all that life has to offer including the many things money can buy. What I am attempting to say is that most have been programmed to chase money and success in the physical world, work hard for their money many times in jobs that are unpleasant and which lead to disharmony in other areas of life. All to get as much of this stuff we call money as they possibly can regardless of the cost and regardless of what you may have to sacrifice as a result.

I can tell you from personal experience one of the many lessons that I've learned is that this way of thinking, believing and living will lead you down a very short road that will dead end at turmoil and what is perceived at the time as regret.

Unlike many of those days when many mornings I would wake up dreading another day, I have since come to understand that every second of everyday is a miracle and it is only our perceptions based on previously established beliefs that keep us from recognizing that truth. I also have come to the realization that everything in life, no matter how tragic or painful it may appear as it is being experienced happens for a very specific purpose as difficult as that can be to rasp and understand at the time.

I have learned that the numerous "growth lessons" experienced throughout my life were necessary to show me that there was some piece of the puzzle still missing in my life and these "perceived hardships" were merely wake up calls urging me to find deeper answers which at the time I wasn't aware existed and were only intended to keep me looking until I found them. I have also learned that no matter how far you may progress in your understanding that there is always much more to discover, some deeper truth that is still to be discovered that will further liberate you and enable you to experience a deeper sense of joy and fulfillment in EVERY area of life that far exceeds what you previously perceived was possible.

One thing that I have learned is that you don't know what you don't know until that which you don't know is revealed to you. Another extremely important lesson learned as a result of my growth process is that unless and until someone is ready, truly ready and are sick and tired of being sick and tired, they many times fail to look deeper and continue to depend on what they have been taught, may have some more growth to experience prior to making a choice to dig beyond false beliefs and find the "real" answers. This is a sad but very real truth. I have also discovered that it is many times the simplest, most obvious and seemingly unrelated answers received and that can provide the most profound and life transforming results and reveal the simplicity and perfectly planned operation of everything in our world.

One of the main things that I have discovered and which has proven most beneficial to me in my experiences thus far is that what I was looking for so hard and long in the outside world couldn't be found there.

I could fill pages and pages regarding my experiences through the years and what I have learned based on those experiences. What I share is not to let you know about who I am or things I've done but rather that you might understand that I know where you are in your experience. My hope is that you might see that you aren't alone in your challenges whatever they might entail and encourage you to keep on keeping on until you discover that the answers do exist regardless of which area of life it is. For me The Delfin Knowledge System provided one of the most profound experiences in my life and enabled me to discover, within myself, answers to questions that I needed which were instrumental and somehow enabled all of the various areas of learning and experiences of the past to join together into one profoundly mind opening experience that enabled me to experience "Oneness" and indescribably joined the various avenues of understanding which I acquired through the years, that I previously saw no connection in. That is a poor description of the experience, but the best way I am able to convey it.

I've learned that the answers that you or I are looking for already exist and that most times although they are available just for the asking it is due to our own unwillingness to recognize and except them, usually due to ongoing dialogs at a deep subconscious level which we aren't even aware of, that creates what appears as dysfunction or disharmony in life which ultimately is designed as a sign that we are still missing some piece of the puzzle which if understood, recognized and explored would enable us to progress to the next level of understanding and experience with far less pain in the process.

Which leads me into where I've been intending to go…….

I have since had the profound privilege and honor of meeting and working hand in hand with some of the most on purpose, caring, compassionate and loving people from all around the world that I have ever encountered. This group is known as Magnetic Freedom Global Communities Two of those individuals, the resident mentor and the President and Co-founder and also a mentor of Magnetic Freedom, based on their immense and unselfish contribution to me personally have assisted me in further discovering and uncovering deeply embedded emotional barriers and subconscious processes that have been, to some extent sabotaging my success and efforts and dramatically limiting my potential.

Those mentors are Leslie Fieger from Saint Vincent and The Grenadines and Bob Dignard-Fung from Costa Rica. They have not only served as powerful mentors to me but have really instilled the importance and life changing power of placing and keeping focus on contributing and providing value to others which in the conventional business world, isn't widely recognized or practiced.

Leslie Fieger is the creator of The Delfin Knowledge System . Long before I came into personal contact with Leslie, I came in contact with his profound work which initiated the experiences that I mentioned earlier. As I've since discovered it is no coincidence that although initially I had never before heard of Leslie OR his work, that years later I would through a series of "seemingly" coincidental events, come to know and be mentored by him personally. I won't get into that in depth, that's another story altogether.

Of the many various programs that I have utilized and explored over the years, There are NONE that I have acquired in MANY years that provide the depth of knowledge and wisdom that awaken and enable you to make the necessary "inner changes" that are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for you to reach and realize the physical external results that I have discovered through e-mail communication that so many of you desire to experience. There are NONE that provide both the necessary knowledge, the tools and the precise actions to take that penetrate the subconscious aspects of mind which is crucial and ultimately responsible for limiting your results in EVERY area of life regardless of how hard you may try or from a conscious state of mind have a desire to overcome. I know of no other system that provides the depth of knowledge and wisdom combined with the tools and steps to take to put it all into practical application, and will enable you to incorporate what you learn expand your awareness and your external results as the Delfin Knowledge System. Period.

My personal experiences with the Delfin System is far to deep, far to personal and impossible to cover in depth here. The limitations afforded through the English language couldn't even begin to express the profound nature of these experiences. What I can and will tell you is that the Delfin System holds the key to life / self mastery and if you are seeking answers, if you have obstacles or barriers in your life that you feel are insurmountable, if you are experiencing emotional or physical pain, financial difficulty, relational issues, or any number of other issues in life that you feel helpless to overcome or you have come to a place where you believe that there are no answers that exist which can assist you in overcoming them, I truly believe the Delfin Knowledge System will assist you in discovering the answers that you are looking for. The Delfin System is quite literally at the University level of education in the area of personal empowerment and life transformation.

There are many programs available today that tell you what to do, but few that provide a clear concise way to actually do what they tell you to do and provide the depth of understanding as to why.

I would like to make it clear that it wasn't the information within the system that enabled me to have the experience I did. It wasn't because I believed initially what Leslie Fieger was saying. What I am saying is that it awoke something deep within me that enabled me to experience a profound inner knowing that no one, regardless of who they were or how powerful or influential, could have changed my mind regarding what was revealed. For lack of a better way to express it, it was the most profound awakening and sense of "Inner Knowing" I've ever experienced that came from a deep place that cannot possibly be described. It revealed itself as a profound faith, belief, inner knowing, or whatever you may choose to call it.

The Delfin System is not religious in nature yet it doesn't conflict with individual religious preference but more deeply enhances the understanding. It explores ever aspect of creation and beingness from a spiritual, physiological, and scientific perspective as well as through the most in depth explanation concerning the workings through the observation of nature, and if it has the same profound impact on you as it had me it will awaken you to a whole new world of "oneness and Unity that you never before realized existed.

Will the Delfin System provide instant answers and immediate results to whatever you may be experiencing? Will it provide you with the same profound experience that it provided me? That is not for me to say. Only YOU can determine that for yourself. What I can say is that it provided me with the ability to touch a place of profound proportion that is beyond description. It shook something loose from within and enabled me to completely connect with and experience the perfectness and oneness of everything. It allowed me to touch and experience what I believe to be Unconditional Love that words can't even begin to express. It also enabled me to clearly see and recognize that EVERYTHING that I had experienced in life, what I perceived as the good as well as the bad happened for a very specific purpose. It provided me with the insight and direction I needed that would eventually lead me to begin looking deeply within myself, recognize the emotional blocks and beliefs that led to my challenges and as a result led to profound and life altering experiences that have quite literally changed the entire course of my life.

Did it make me perfect? No… Did it eliminate every challenge and deeply embedded emotional issue that were acquired as a result of previous "unpleasant" experiences? NO….. What it did do is enable me to touch a place that was so profound, that enables me even now to look at and see things in much different ways than what I previously had. In a phrase, it enabled me to truly understand at a deep level that "All things really do work together for good."

I don't share these things because I am asking you to purchase this program. I am not asking you to believe what I say. I am not here to tell you that The Delfin Knowledge System is the cure all for anything and everything that you have experienced in your life and that by plugging the Cds and DVDs into a CD player and listening to them one time through that all your worries and cares are going to melt away. What I can and am going to tell you is that if you're in a place in your life that you are experiencing challenging and painful times, looking for answers to questions that seem unanswerable and aren't sure where to look to find them, have a sense that there is far more to be experienced than what you have been experiencing, feeling that you have been led astray by those whom you have trusted, or whatever other challenges that you may be experiencing, I can tell you that I have been in the same place and that the answers do exist but, regardless of how hard you may try or how far you search, you will NOT find them outside of yourself.

I know how that can sound because at many points along the path of my life I heard the very same thing and believed at the time that it was a ridiculous statement. I now know based on my experiences and discoveries that in order to truly connect with Source, whatever you may perceive that to be, you must do so by first connecting at a deep place within yourself.

What I am telling you is that after years of searching, experiencing a wide array of experiences, I wish I had recognized what I had been introduced to and was being shown many years earlier which now in looking back I understand were the same messages that I received at the time of my "awakening." I just wasn't ready I suppose. Let me rephrase that, I was ready, I just wasn't willing to accept that I was ready and refused to recognize based on what I believed to be true at the time what would have, I believe, enabled me to experience far less painful outcomes. It's still amazing to me that my life would lead into so many directions, through so many varying experiences and eventually lead me back to the answer which was presented so many times along the way starting years and years ago.

The Delfin Knowledge System assisted me in finding that place which enabled me to connect with Source, or at least my perception of Source based on my experiences and understanding thus far.

If any of this sounds religious to you, you are misunderstanding what I am trying to convey. What I've experienced goes far deeper than anything ever experienced in many years of attempting to follow man made religious doctrine. I don't down or judge religion in any way shape or form. It was an extremely important aspect of my process.

My intent in sharing all of this is only to do my part to deliver my personal message in the best way I know how, and fulfill what I vowed to do some time back. To do that sufficiently I can only share what I have come to know based on my perceptions, with the intent and in the hopes that I might spare you some of the same "growth lessons" that I experienced.

What you do or don't do with what I share is your choice.

If you are still reading this and hold any doubts as to my sincerity, integrity or intent, I can only say that I fully understand because I initially experienced those same feelings toward those who, as it has turned out, but would take me time to realize, have helped me the most in my growth. As I have since discovered, it wasn't them at all but rather a projection of myself, my own beingness, due to the past conditioning that I received and a few encounters with those who made claims and promises of having the "Cure all" quick fix for every problem in life which were grossly exaggerated, and as a result I became distrustful and shut out for a time those who would eventually prove to have the biggest impact in transforming my life.

I can't and won't make any promises regarding how the Delfin System may impact you personally. I can only share what it has done for me and based on a commitment that I made years ago, knew that I had to fully share and express it here at some point. That's been a difficult decision. Although I've shared my story many times, I've never shared it in this magnitude.

I appreciate you allowing me to do that here and I hope that you find benefit in what I've shared.

I have laid my heart out on the table and revealed as much as I am currently able. If you have questions, comments, concerns, doubts, fears, anger, would like to learn more, please let me know.

In closing……..

It doesn't matter what area of life you may be attempting to fulfill, whether in business, personal, relational, emotional or spiritual, success in any and every area can and will be achieved once you understand and implement the very simple and basic principles that were perfectly placed at the beginning of time that will allow them to unfold. The Delfin Knowledge System did that in a way for me in a far greater way than I can possibly hope to describe and that no other individual avenue of study that I had encountered was able.

If you have further questions concerning the Delfin System and would like to personally meet Leslie Fieger, the creator of the Delfin System as well as myself and others regarding how The Delfin System might assist you I can arrange for a time to do that any time between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays via an online conferencing system. To utilize this technology you will have to have a microphone and/or a web cam or you can type chat your questions. Any questions you may have will be addressed and hopefully answered in a way that is sufficient to further your understanding.

For those that might have an interest in acquiring and utilizing the Delfin System……

Yes, there is what some may consider to be a substantial monetary investment required to acquire this system IF you look at it from merely a perspective of money, without fully understanding that the amount of money necessary to acquire it is MINISCULE in comparison to the value provided, the life changing wisdom and results that I believe it will provide, IF you'll only take the time to absorb the depth of knowledge and wisdom shared through it and put into action what it shares.

Yes, there are personal empowerment and self improvement products that are far less in cost than The Delfin Knowledge System but I can assure you based on my many years of personally searching for answers, exploring and utilizing literally hundreds of other programs some of which professed to be the cure all, promising instant results, claiming to have the secret of all secrets, that there are none and I will repeat NONE that have made such a PROFOUND impact in my life as did The Delfin Knowledge System. I have spent countless thousands of dollars on various programs techniques, seminars, etc. that didn't and couldn't provide the awakening that I personally experienced as a result of The Delfin Knowledge System.

The Delfin Knowledge System awoke something within me that enabled me to experience an awakening within myself that provided a depth of faith, belief or inner knowingness, whatever you may choose to call it that no other personal empowerment program or any other individual outside avenue of understanding was able. I personally can't put ANY price on that.

Delfin also has a system in place that will enable those who choose to participate, at no additional cost, an opportunity to also refer the Delfin line of products and contribute what is shared to others while at the same time creating an income for yourself.

Their marketing plan does NOT require a purchase to become involved, but based on my personal experience thus far, those who have attempted to market it without receiving the education within it, and achieving the necessary "Wealth Mindset" have done poorly in it's distribution. Without the necessary inner changes, the external results will continue to be limited regardless of how good the opportunity may be.

If you would like to learn more about The Delfin Knowledge System you can follow this link .

To learn more about the Delfin Remarketing Plan you can follow this link .

Next month we will get back on track with the normal format of "Enlightened Journey." I hope that in some way you have or will benefit from what I've shared today.

Until Next Month I Wish For You All Good Things,

Chuck Danes

PS -Always Remember That You Can Be, Do and Have Anything That You Choose To Experience

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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