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Love Is Of The Heart

Part 2 of 2

Discover How Love, Acceptance and Surrender
Win Out Over Fear, Doubt and Worry Every Time

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We covered a number of things in Part One that will assist in making much more sense out of what we'll be covering here.

A Hardened Heart Is A Myth

Some claim that their heart has become hardened. They’ve been through this bad relationship. They’ve encountered this continuous flow of financial hardship. They’ve experienced less than desired health conditions and as a result develop “perceptions” that life just delivers whatever it will.

They’ve learned to “settle” for getting by due to their past experience with money, relationships and health. The result is that often times they quit having “uncommon” desires. They quit “dreaming” and settle for “getting by.”

They “claim” that their heart has been hardened.

That’s NOT a hardened heart. It’s an accumulation of data stored at the “subconscious level” of the mind which only solidifies the belief as to how real, right and true this “false data” is.

The heart is never hardened. The heart is pure and untainted love. Unconditional Love. The heart is where your “ATTENTION” needs to be focused. Heart is continually projecting it’s INTENTION and the mind is consistently processing the information and data provided.

When the ATTENTION of the mind is focused on all the reasons why it can’t, why it shouldn’t, why you’re not worthy or capable, why it’s not rational, logical or “possible”, it’s only due to self limiting and self sabotaging data that YOU have acquired throughout your life and allowed to be stored within it.

Cynicism, pessimism, fear, doubt, worry and anxiety are all products of mind. Learned traits. Traits derived from “external sources” of various types. They’re nothing more than acquired self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs acquired by “unconsciously" choosing to “conform” to the predominant mindset of the world. Foundational conceptualizations are formed that like all of creation when thought about and acted on create a reality that harmonizes with the sponsoring thought.

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control are all products of the heart. Fruits of the spirit they’re called in spiritual text and that’s who and what you “truly” are. It’s as simple and complex as learning to tune in, focus on, enjoy and savor the fruits that have freely been provided to you.

You are not your body and you are not your mind. You are a spirit with a body and mind and have been provided an inalienable right of free will to utilize these tools as you choose.

Do you know what the really amazing and great thing is about that?

Unconditional Love honors that choice and provides it just as we choose.

Choosing to use these “tools” in such a way that produces “desired results” isn’t a requirement…it’s an option. You have the ability and the free will to choose.

Love provided you with that choice…unconditionally.

The fruits of the spirit are your “natural state.” The limitations of the external world…your choice to conform with the way that the vast majority “choose” to do things are your learned, chosen and accepted state.

Choosing to allow these learned ways of being to limit your tangible results and accepting them as “just the way things are” is what limits those results. It’s only necessary to begin making different choices. To become a non-conformist. To choose to become an independent thinker.

Things are and will continue remaining as they are until you choose to break the cycle.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. Listen to and follow your heart and “allow” spirit to lead you.

You don’t have to “figure it out.“ You don’t have to know how or when. You only have to know what and why. Quit allowing the mind to sabotage your desires.

You’ll be way beyond glad that you did.

My Personal Miracle That Choosing Love, Acceptance and Surrender Provided

What I share isn’t based on study and research alone. What I teach goes far beyond an intellectual gathering of information. It’s based on experience. Very profound experience. Experience that far transcends what’s “perceived” as being logical, rational or practical in the Newtonian world.

Some of these experiences transcend time and space. They didn’t require time.

You can read about one of my “personal miracles” here where you’ll discover that what is predominantly taught and as a result “perceived“ by the vast majority as being illogical, irrational, impossible became very “real and true“ contrary to the “common occurrences” that are made real in the Newtonian world.

It’s what most would refer to as a “Miracle.”

Based on what most people “perceive” which is limited to a Newtonian world view…it was a miracle. It transcends what’s perceived as being rational, logical and possible at the Newtonian level which is why it‘s provided the label…”miracle.”

But when you choose to expand your view…when you allow yourself to conceive what is happening at the quantum or spiritual level and make a conscious choice to open your heart to Love and close your mind to fear, you begin to understand that all of creation is a miracle. You begin to clearly see and understand that those things that you currently “perceive” as good or bad…right or wrong…pleasant or unpleasant are all miracles, the kind and quality of which you are determining for yourself through your own individual choices to allow your mind to lead rather than your heart.

When you choose to direct your attention and consistently keep your focus on what the heart is communicating you begin to see and experience miracles every day. You become enabled to transcend the illusion of space and time that the Newtonian world is limited by.

You recognize and become enabled and empowered to tap into and utilize your “true power.”

Lack, limitation and discord disappear simply because you choose to move from fear into Love.

A “Rational” and Scientific Look At Heart and Mind Energy

Energy is measured and the intensity of it frequency defined by hertz (HZ) or complete cycles per second.

Recent discoveries show that heart energy generates an average of 250 cycles per second and the brain an average of 25 cycles per second.

So I guess you could say that the creation of “desired” and undesired outcomes is 90% emotional and 10% mental.

In other words you’re already 90% of the way to wherever it might be that you desire to be. We only have to work on harmonizing the 10%.

That's cool stuff!!

If I fill my gas tank up with 90% fuel and 10% water, I’m not going to receive the “desired” result.

In the same way if your desired outcome is 90% here but you water it down with 10% of fear, doubt and worry...wishing, clingy and anxious about how and when it's going to arrive...well you get the idea.

The mind projects fear. The heart projects love. When you lean on the 90%, choose to keep your focus on and work through the 10% (surrender) you’ll begin to see the “desired” result elevating the intellectual aspects of just how real and true it is.

Love always overpowers fear when you choose to allow it to. Surrender to the attachment of the how and when. Focus on the “love” of the what and why.

Love overrides fear, doubt and worry.

"Love is the only One “true” reality. Love is Actuality that enables your “perceived” reality to take form and become whatever you choose to "believe and perceive" it to be." - Chuck Danes

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, man would see everything as it is.... Infinite." - William Blake

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." - Albert Einstein

“The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion” - Albert Einstein

Contrary to what many teach Love is not an emotion. Love is a way of being. Love is the essence of everything in existence.

You can’t NOT be Love because you were created in the image and likeness of Source which is Love.

All other ways of being are made possible due to our inalienable right of free will to create life as we choose which all stem from the Ultimate way of being…the essence of who and what you are which is Love.

Stop allowing your mind to wander into fear, doubt and worry mode concerned about what you can "lose" or how and when you’re going to "win" and just follow your joy. Where does your joy say you should go? What experience would bring you joy?

The “feeling” of what would bring you joy is evidence of communication from the heart which is ALWAYS harmonized with Love. Love is heart communication. Fear, doubt and worry are mind communication.

A quality of consciousness that harmonizes with acceptance and peace is a sign that you are harmonized with the desires of the heart and Love creates it. You could say that you co-create it and Love provides it just as you choose.

Should you temporarily experience fear, doubt and worry simply choose to observe and move through it by choosing to consciously focus on Love…the manifestation of the thing Loved and Love will win out every time.

In the Newtonian world apathy, grief, fear, anger, lust, pride, courageousness, acceptance and peace becomes real and create “tangible outcomes” due to and based on which of these ways of “being” that we choose for ourselves and Love honors that choice allowing it to be made real without fail.

In the case of physical action, we have the choice to take it based on Love or fear which determines and creates the outcome.

We often choose the action that is disharmonious with what we love. We fail to see the “easy path” that was provided to us and choose, due to our programming a path that is more in line with our intellectual understanding which is the path that the vast majority follow.

This “intellectual understanding” is created based on our programming. What we’ve been “programmed and conditioned” to “believe and perceive” to be rational, logical, reasonable and feasible.

We take action that harmonizes with those choices.

If we believe it requires hard work and struggle, we engage in hard work and struggle and often miss the “path of least resistance” that we’ve been pointed to. Our programmed logic, what exists as our “belief filters” filters out the “easy path” and we overlook it…we’re unable to see it or conceive it and choose the “Long path.”

We get to be right.

In the case of miracles the action taken is a choice to fully accept what “appears” as real now, project Love and surrender. This choice transcends space and time and provides us with “tangible proof“ of the Infinite Power of Love.

Choose Love, accept and surrender.

“Allow” Love to find and show you the way.

Love always has, always does and always will find the way.

You can’t get it wrong. Sometimes it only requires taking a “longer than necessary” path.

But guess what? That’s your choice. You can choose a different path whenever you decide to. That’s how Love created it.

Love + desire + resistance + ungratefulness + struggle + hard work + chasing = The Long Newtonian Path to limited and/or mediocre results which Love provides just as we choose.

Love + desire + acceptance + gratitude + surrender = The short quantum path to miracles and Infinite potential which Love provides just as we choose.

All paths begin and eventually lead to the very same place…to One destination. The really exciting thing is that “the journey” never ends. It’s Infinite in nature. It doesn’t matter if it’s the “desires of the heart” or less than desired outcomes produced due to the intellect, it’s all based on and becomes real due to Love.

Now just make a conscious and intentional choice to tune into and “listen” to your heart, follow it’s lead and create an extraordinary quality of life for yourself.

Beliefs Must Harmonize With “The Higher Truth” To Experience

Let’s use this analogy…

Do you believe that the attainment of external stuff, whether monetary or otherwise is going to make you “happy and fulfilled?“ There’s much marketing hype and rhetoric circulated today that is consistently programming those who buy into such shallow nonsense with “beliefs” that it will and many do believe it.

But does it make it “true?”

Absolutely NOT!!

I know because I’ve “been there and done that.”

I once “believed” that acquiring a certain financial status would provide happiness and fulfillment. I was “taught” that it would, developed “firm beliefs” based on those teachings, set out and achieved what I “thought and believed” would do the trick only to find that it didn’t and “couldn’t provide what I so firmly “believed” that it would.

Perhaps if you fall into and choose to “conform” to the mentality of the “world”, you “believe” that money will make YOU happy.

You can “believe” that if you’d like.

But those who achieve any level of material success without first aligning and harmonizing the other essential elements that make Real Harmony, Real Success, Real Fulfillment and Real Wealth possible, discover very soon just how irrelevant those “beliefs” are once they experience for themselves just how “true” that is.

You can “believe” all you’d like that money is going to make you happy. You can “believe” all you’d like that a certain relationship is going to make you happy and fulfilled. You can believe all you’d like that achieving a certain state of health is going to be all you need to experience harmony and fulfillment in life…but NONE of them in and of themselves will do that REGARDLESS of what you currently believe unless and until LOVE is the underlying foundation that you’re building on.

Let’s look at a “tangible” situation that shows that “belief and perceptions” are overrated…

If a friend provides you with an unmarked packet of seeds and tells you they are Dandelions, but they are actually Lilly seeds, do you think that planting them and believing that they are Dandelions is going to produce a harvest of Dandelions? No….every law of nature would have to be violated.

Love created the process to be immutable, unwavering and constant. Free will is a part of the Love package that has been freely provided to you. When Love is the underlying motive, the “real motive”, the seed sown always harmonizes with the harvest reaped.

Belief, although powerful must be aligned and harmonized with the governing laws (Universal Law…The Perfect Plan…Love) for belief to be effective.

Let’s look at money. You cannot produce harmony and fulfillment in life when the focus is on the “love of money.” Focusing on the Money and the manifestation of money, although it might very well produce some, cannot generate strong enough feelings of Love to produce harmony and fulfillment. You simply cannot love money enough.

To consciously and consistently produce money the Love must be focused on what the money can do. You can Love the people that money can assist in providing things they desire. You can “Use Money” and Love people to create harmony and fulfillment but to “Use People to Get Money” is the short path to pain.

You cannot violate the free will of another. In the case of relationships, you can’t expect your desires be fulfilled with a specific person if that persons free will doesn’t harmonize with your desire. You can attract and create a perfect relationship by choosing to “ask” for a kind and quality of relationship that you desire but attempting to do so with a specific person in mind when it goes against the “free will” of that person will only lead to disappointment. (Unanswered prayer it’s normally referred to as.)

Prayer creates miracles in peoples lives when the “asking” that’s being done is harmonized with the desires of the person who the praying is being done for. It must align and harmonize with their individually held desires.

Let’s look at the relationship that you have with yourself. Do you love yourself? Do you feel worthy of receiving whatever desires you hold for yourself? Do you feel good enough about yourself to receive what you want?

If not it will “seem as if” unanswered prayer is “real.” But it’s not…not EVER. Source always says yes. Unanswered prayer is simply a “perception” based on a lack of understanding of the immutable, unwavering and unfailing process of creation.

You can if you choose, “believe” that unanswered prayer is “real and true for you” if you choose and it will be. It’s not that it is literally though. Your choice is ALWAYS an answered prayer. It’s what you are choosing for yourself.

If I believe that unanswered prayer is true for another does that affect the prayers of another being answered…NO!!! It can’t.

Happiness and Peace of Mind requires nothing more than your choice to place yourself in that state.

If you’re in the mindset that something external is necessary to place you in these ways of being, you’ll continue looking for happiness and peace of mind until you choose to begin “doing” something differently.

This “doing” is only a matter of choosing to develop and elevate the belief in yourself.

Beliefs are powerful but beliefs are at the same time limited. Your beliefs in yourself determine what you will or won’t accomplish.

It’s your internal beliefs with regard to yourself that determine what you'll experience in your outside world.

Prayer is ALWAYS…ALWAYS…ALWAYS answered.

Your prayers equate to the resonance that you project. You can believe that wealth is possible for you but if you don't believe in yourself enough...if you don't LOVE yourself enough to open to and accept the wealth that is your birthright, wealth will always elude you.

I can’t force creation but I can choose to project Love, accept what is and surrender which is what makes "desired miracles" unfold.

Projecting Love is loving yourself, loving others and learning to love the experiences that you create.

It NEVER fails. It CAN’T fail. That’s how Love created it.

When fear, doubt and worry is present, it’s simply a matter of accepting the fact that it is, surrender to it, allow the LOVE to shine through and miracles happen. It’s simply a matter of doing the best you know how with where you currently find yourself, surrender to that “fact” and Love will meet you wherever that is.

Chuck Danes




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