Physical Power...Spiritual Power...and YOU Part 2

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Physical Power...Spiritual Power...and YOU

Part 2 of 2

"Physical Power Is WAY Overrated
and Spiritual Power Is Grossly Underrated"

"Discover Where Your "True Power" Lies And How
To Access It At Will...It Could Transform Your
Entire Life IF You'll "Allow" It To"

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To recap what we covered yesterday if you'll recall we talked about all the various paths we have both the ability and the choice to take.

Some choose the long path, some choose shorter paths. They're all good paths, some like me are just slow learners requiring us to search a bit longer which ultimately leads us to understand regardless of how far we've traveled or how much we've progressed that we come to the conclusion that we really know very little in the bigger scheme of things. But what we DO know we can use in a "tangible" way to produce significant and pleasing "tangible" results.

We also talked about science only being able to account for 25% of our DNA and 3% of our "brainpower" in a way that science requires to call it substantiated fact rather than theory.

And then finally we left off with me getting ready to share a few of the many paths I've walked to arrive where I currently am in the hope that it might make some of your paths shorter, more enjoyable and as fulfilling as possible.

Whether or not you choose to allow it to help you is up to you. Just like everything, you can choose to let it or not. That's the really great thing about life. We all get to choose our own path.

Here's A Brief History Of Some Of The Long Paths
I've Personally Chosen To Walk

The years I’ve spent studying science…the human physiology…neurology...spiritual texts…the habits of successful people…engaging in structured religion and even exploring the deeper aspects of nature, although each avenue triggered and ignited a sense of renewed hope and excitement initially...even though all those avenues provided a bit more understanding at an “intellectual” level, regardless of how deeply I delved into each, it still left something to be desired.

There was still this "empty space" for lack of a better description that seemed impossible to fill regardless of how much of this "intellectual" understanding I gathered.

Although on a surface level, I "knew" it was true, the fact that something bigger and far more expansive than I understood and at the time "perceived" to be "out there"...that we do each have Infinite possibilities available to us, when I began to examine myself at the depths of my being, when I became really honest with myself and began looking at what was going on within myself, I began to discover that although I "truly" believed it at this "intellectual" surface level, although from a physical and logical perspective it all "made perfect sense" and seemed "logical", at my core I still had doubts and a bit of apprehension if this place of Infinite possibility and potential was accessible by me and if what existed their was available to and possible for me.

Although through my choice to take this "intellectual path" initially, and although my intellectual understanding had been greatly enhanced, there was still something going on at the intellectual level that was keeping me from "really knowing"...I mean "REALLY KNOWING" at the deepest levels that what I had discovered was available..."unconditionally available" to and for me personally.

Amazingly enough, all this intellectually based searching...this "long path" that I had chosen to take, led me to something that is far more profound and far more vast than intellect could ever enable you to discover and explore.

It was an experience that a library of books couldn't possibly explain accurately. Amazingly, what had taken me years to discover and explore...all the searching...all the experiences...all the intellectual gathering of data, all came together in a literally a flash.

When it all came together, when I clearly saw and understood the profound nature of the Unity and Oneness of everything, how each of these seemingly separate avenues of exploration were all interconnected, when I tapped into this place that is literally indescribable with the limitation of words, I knew my search for all those years had been worth it.

It became crystal clear that there was no such thing as "out there" and that nothing is "truly" separate from anything else.

Although as a result of all my "path walking" and hiking around in an attempt to understand things "intellectually" I had heard about and from an "intellectual perspective" understood this interconnected nature of everything, that Unity and Oneness was the "higher nature" of things, that everything is made of the same "stuff", there was still this "lacking" of sorts.

For lack of a better way to describe it, I knew but I didn't "KNOW." In other words I knew intellectually as the result of all my path walking, but I didn't KNOW experientially.

The conclusion I arrived at is that you don't know what you don't know until you experience that which you don't know which by the way is and always has been available for you to experience.

The key to getting there though is being open and willing to let go of all of what you "think" you know which opens the doorway and enables you to explore and experience more of what you don't know yet ironically once you experience it for yourself you find that it's far more vast and Infinite than you ever could "fully" know.

I know how that sounds. As I sit here and read it back to myself I can't help but laugh out loud thinking that as you read it, you might have the thought cross your mind..."Has Chuck been drinking or smoking some of those funny cigarettes?"

Well, if it helps put your mind at ease, no I haven't. As I mentioned earlier it's difficult...impossible in fact to accurately describe the indescribable.

It's just WAY too profound.

As indescribable as it is, the bottom line is you discover experientially what's "truly" available to and for you and this Unity and Oneness thing becomes a very real yet indescribable part of you that no one can ever shake or convince you otherwise.

But...ironically it didn’t happen as a result of all the physical searching and enhancing my intellectual understanding...not "directly" anyway. Granted it was the intellectual aspect that eventually led me to the solution, but it wasn’t anything brought about through developing an intellectual understanding.

I could have bypassed this long path that I chose and arrived at the same place without all the years of searching intellectually.

It wasn't a "right or wrong" path I chose...apparently for me it was necessary, but it WAS the "long path."

I just chose to take the long path. Not consciously...not intentionally. Had I known when I began that a shorter path existed I would have taken it. I just explored and set out to discover in the best way I knew how, which as I've since discovered was the long path.

It began with conventional motivational type material, progressed into structured religion of various denominations, advanced into exploring and studying various spiritual texts, then delving into and taking a deeper look at science, the human physiology, the mind, the brain and even a deeper look at how nature unfolds.

Trust me, that's a LOT of path walking!! Many years and countless thousands of hours!!

But what eventually brought me to my conclusion...the "Ultimate" conclusion I mean, had nothing to do with this intellectual path or anything physical that I had experienced.

They were all simply paths each of which had their own individual signs. They were all attempting to lead me where it was I was attempting to get to. I guess you could call me a slow learner cause it took MANY paths and A LOT of searching before I found an answer that satisfied me.

The answer wasn't ANYTHING physical.

Although it was a “physical tool” of sorts that the intellect eventually led me to...more specifically the wisdom contained within it, this tool enabled me to transcend the physical and intellectual and personally experience the infinite and profound nature of the non-physical. It’s then that I discovered the vast difference between the intellectual and the experiential.

Although I had acquired an above average understanding of the “physical aspects” of life, an “intellectual understanding of Universal Law, science, religious teachings, neurology, various religious beliefs and doctrines, etc., this "physical tool" that one of my "paths" led me to made it clear that in order to experience something beyond the tap into a "knowing" that penetrated much deeper than a "physical and intellectual" understanding, that it was going to be necessary to bypass and transcend the physical and intellectual to experience something bigger and much more profound.

Again...don't misunderstand. It wasn't the tool itself that provided the solution or the answer, it was the tool that pointed to the pathway where the solution was.

It was simply another path but it turned out to be the one that enabled me to transcend the intellect and the physical nature of things and see how little there is here in the physical, that what's here and what we "perceive" to be real is only a very small aspect of the Infinite nature of things that are truly available to and for us.

That tool is called the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System.

I’ll cover that in a bit more detail in a minute but first let’s take a bit deeper look at the physical aspects of you. More specifically why and how you, I and everyone else only utilize such a small percentage of our DNA and brainpower.

Why The Physical You "Perceives" There To Be So Much Less Than The Spiritual You Has Open Access To...Infinitely More

The 25% of your DNA and 3% of your brainpower you're using right now are dedicated primarily to maintaining and recognizing your physical existence. In other words you use them to survive and observe what's going on around you in a physical sense.

You could say that they're utilized for your survival. This aspect of you is what provides your "physical power."

They also enable you to examine and experience yourself in a physical kind of way as well as the physical events, conditions and circumstances that are going on around you...the "physical aspects" of you and your existence that is.

That's pretty basic and well known stuff right?

Here's what's NOT so well known...

The other 75% and 97% that science can't fully account for except through "theory" are for your spiritual existence.

That's right. And many of us…most of us in fact completely ignore this aspect of ourselves. Maybe in some cases it’s intentional...meaning we're intellectually "aware" of this aspect of us and simply choose not to utilize it, but in most cases I’ve come to believe that it’s not. Sometimes…more times than not in fact it’s simply due to a lack of awareness that it's available for us to use.

This is why science CAN prove to be so helpful as we progress down our paths. They have discovered that there's MUCH more, they just can't document it because this more isn't "physical" in's spiritual or metaphysical.

There are also those who recognize that it is there...that these attributes are a very real part of us and accessible by us but simply can't access and utilize them at will. They allow the very limited physical aspects of themselves...namely the perceptions and beliefs they choose, to limit what can be experienced on a much broader infinite scale.

Why, if someone understood at an intellectual level that this place exists...a place of Infinite proportion...that it is accessible by us and open to us, would we not be able to access it?

It’s due to what most people have been taught throughout their lives and as a result have formed perceptions and beliefs about.

They choose to lean on the physical...what's logical and reasonable in a "physical and finite" sense which is the very thing that keeps them from experiencing anything outside of the physical.

Many are taught that it's there...that it exists...they understand it "intellectually", but aren't provided the tools or the depth of understanding to enter into it experientially.

Due to these beliefs and perceptions many never explore beyond what they've been taught. In other words, they choose to stay stuck in these perceptions of truth that someone else has instilled in them.

Although most understand that there is a spiritual aspect of us, they have a very limited understanding of just what that means and the power available to each of us as a result.

Put another way you could say that we only have a very small view of a much larger picture. We call this small picture "Reality" yet in "Actuality" there exists a much bigger picture that is literally Infinite in proportion. It's our focus on the "small picture" that keeps us from experiencing the "big picture."

We've been taught primarily to look at and deal with things from a strictly intellectual perspective. We're predominantly taught that it's necessary to "figure things out." To fix things. We "perceive" that we and the various areas of our lives are somehow flawed or broken so in an attempt to "fix them" and make them "right" we lean on the intellect. We're taught that we did something wrong so to fix this wrong we must do something else.

We've also been taught that to fix and do something, it's necessary to "do" that in a physical way. That our "physical doingness" is the cause and the outcome of that doingness is the effect.

Although true in a sense...a "physical and finite" sense, it's a very shallow and limiting way of "perceiving" things. It's a very "physical" way of looking and "doing things" and as a result can only provide very limited and shallow "physical results. It's what many choose to "perceive" and believe to be the only way to do things.

They adopt beliefs, and perceptions that it's the only "logical" and/or "rational" way.

Although that is a choice that each of us has, choosing to stay in and maintain this very limited "perception" of reality, choosing to stay on and continue walking down this very limited path, leads to and keeps us stuck in a lack of awareness as to what's "truly" available to us and as a result we are choosing for ourselves a lack of, or should I say less than greater and far more grand "physical" experiences.

In essence it's our choice to focus on what's wrong and bad and what needs fixed that keeps us stuck fixing what we "perceive" to be wrong and bad.

Now if that's where you currently find yourself, don't "feel" bad. Countless millions and maybe even billions of others have chosen and as a result personally experienced this lack of awareness and understanding for many years. I was one of them. It took a choice on my part…a firm commitment and a relentless pursuit to discover and understand what was, is and always has been available to me, you and anyone else who’s willing to make the same choice I and so many others have to find it, to understand the self created limitation it brings.

It's not a wrong's just a choice. But in a physical sense it's a very limiting choice. It doesn't enable you to experience everything that's available to you.

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying...I certainly haven't arrived. No one that's here in physical form has. No one here in physical form EVER will, including scientists regardless of how advanced they become.

As I mentioned yesterday, the more we get to know, the more we understand the more we begin to understand just how little we do know. But at the same time as we progress further into this Infinite field of unlimited "knowingness" we begin to see and discover how simple yet profound it all really is.

We begin to see just how simply it was created and how this simplicity can be consciously utilized and through our own "choosing" we can begin using it in a way that brings about greater and more pleasing "tangible" physical results.

We begin to see that what's available to us is literally Infinite in nature...literally...NOT figuratively.

It's almost humorous. We utilize and lean on the intellect as we walk down and explore these various paths to discover this "infinite place" only to find that it's necessary to let go of the intellect that led us there to fully experience what this infinite place has to offer.

It's not that the intellect is flawed, it's only our choices as we walk different paths that programs the intellect and as we set out to explore we discover that it was those very choices that kept us from breaking through the barriers that we "intellectually" created yet at the same time spent so much time and effort to intellectually break through.

Ironically those who choose this path of seeking out deeper understanding intellectually, spend years searching and discovering, and although the intellect led them there to this place of understanding, it's necessary to let go of the intellect to experience as much of this Infinite place as possible which the intellect led us to.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is...

Like most everybody else, I was choosing to utilize only the 25% of my DNA and 3% of my brain power which left me totally dependent on the intellect only to discover that it is the very thing that limits what's possible.

That’s what so many do today. They allow what they know and understand, using this very small percentage of themselves that they perceive is "real" to keep them from experiencing what's truly available.

It's the long path.

To get on the short path requires understanding that what we "think" we know and "perceive" to be real and true is the only thing keeping us from experiencing a "higher knowing." To experience it, we must let go of what we know to discover what we don't know.

That's the really exciting thing, whatever we think we know we get to experience. To break out of a "limited knowing" though, in the quickest way possible, we have to recognize that what we think we know is limited to only a very small percentage of the attributes that are available to us.

Let's take an "intellectual look" at how we come to know what we "think" we know and why it's such a limiting way to experience life. How it is that we come to depend and lean on this small percentage of ourselves...this "physical aspect" of ourselves, which more times than not puts us on and often times keeps us walking down the long path for FAR longer than necessary and why the "physical" world that we experience "seems" so real.

Where We Get What We "Know" From And Why So Often
It's So Limited In Producing Desired "Tangible" Results

In essence, by choosing to only lean on our understanding of the “physical”, by attempting to live our lives based on very limited data received from those "physical beings" called our parents and caretakers who brought us into this world we often limit ourselves, "perceive" ourselves to be "cut off" to what is and always been available to us.

Granted in most cases our parents did the best they knew how to keep us safe and secure…to teach us what's right and wrong...what's acceptable and not acceptable...what's good and bad...what's possible or not possible...what's logical or illogical based on what they were taught and "believed" to be true.

Then, those teachings we receive and the beliefs established as a result are reinforced and solidified through our educational systems, structured religions, peers, siblings, mentors etc. as we venture out and begin exploring and experiencing life outside of our protective family environments.

Next...based on these established beliefs acquired and perceptions formed through all these various channels we begin to have life experiences.

Our experiences align and unfold perfectly based on what we have been taught is right and wrong, good and bad, true and false which are the very teachings that form our beliefs and perceptions that mold, shape and create our "physical" experiences which solidify even further, in a physical and "intellectual" kind of way that what we were taught was true. So we go throughout life basing all of our future choices on our past experiences.

Then many times as we progress down this "path", we "assume" that someone who has had more of these experiences than we have, someone who has lived longer and been through much more and experienced more than we have personally has wisdom. Sometimes it grandma, other times grandpa, some elder in our church or other person that we call a mentor.

That's "true" right? Can you relate? Are you following me so far?

Consider this for a moment. All these avenues, all this teaching, all this wisdom gathering is at times being gathered as the result of gathering data and experience based on those who teach and guide us who have only utilized and are depending on the same limited 25% of our DNA and 3% of our brain power.

Sometimes it's based on wisdom yet most times it's not. It's based on a very limited form of knowledge...flawed data. That's NOT wisdom.

That's why the majority thinks like the majority does. Because the majority listens to the majority without choosing to discover what's right and true for themselves.

The outcome? We're choosing to NOT LOOK where our “True Power” lies and as a result, wasting the vast majority of our personal resources and living a much less than satisfying life in the process.

Essentially we're choosing and walking down a "path" that the vast majority does, only to experience what the vast majority can.

There Does Exist A "Higher Truth"
and Pure Untainted "Wisdom"

Allow me to share a "higher truth" that I discovered throughout my years of searching...

As real and right and true as we might "perceive" these teachings and experiences to much as we "believe" that what we've been taught is real and right and true, it's a very limited way to go through and experience life!!

It doesn't matter what your individual experiences might consist good or bad...right or wrong...prosperous or unprosperous your life has been to this point, they are ALL minuscule in comparison to what's "truly" available to and for you.

Now...If the majority of your life, you have had what you perceive to be bad, wrong, and unprosperous experiences it's pretty easy to see and understand how minuscule those results are.

But regardless of how BIG and grand your individual experience has been thus far, regardless of what your current perceptions might be regarding the kind and quality of the results you've experienced throughout your life, they too are minuscule in comparison to what "truly" is available to and for you.

Contrary to what you might currently “believe and perceive to be “true” and “logical” and “realistic”, you can discover, tap into and access your spiritual power and learn to “consciously create” and control your life AND make it into whatever you BIG as you want or as little as you want.

Unfortunately it's not achieved in the way that many "perceive" it to be and that's why so few ever reach their full potential.

What do I mean by that? Quite simply because most attempt to achieve it from an "intellectual" perspective and strictly through "physical" means.

It’s NOT going to happen by reading a few books or going to a seminar or two. It's not going to happen by listening to some well intentioned preacher who is giving his perspective of the world. It's not going to happen by reading this newsletter. You can gain all the intellectual understanding that you want. Although the intellectual aspect is important and it serves as a "beginning" that can and often does lead you to an understanding that much more exists for you, the intellect in and of itself will NEVER enable you to experience it for yourself.

It takes a personal experience. But this personal experience requires a willingness to DO what most choose NOT to do. It requires stretching outside of your self created comfort zone that you have created and allowed yourself to be limited by and may require doing what you may or may not currently believe to be necessary and that many "perceive" to be inapplicable in shaping and determining the “physical aspect” of your life.

But when you do, should you choose to make that decision, it's an utterly amazing experience that words can‘t even begin to describe. It's a place where pure and untainted wisdom comes from.

Sure, I could write about it for years. I could attempt to be as descriptive and lengthy as possible in my attempts to describe it, (as you're already quite aware :) ) but it will NEVER enable you to “know” for yourself what it’s like. It couldn’t possibly provide you with the depth of understanding that experiencing it for yourself can…plain and simple.

Regardless of what you might currently believe or perceive to be “true”, experiencing harmony, fulfillment and completion in life happens as a result of choosing to become aware of, accessing, mastering, and choosing to continue to increase your “spiritual power.” It requires a choice to look beyond the intellectual, the logical, the physical and what the mass majority "perceives" to be realistic.

That's where your "real power" lies. Beyond the physical. This "beyond the physical" place, whatever you choose to call it is where Infinite wisdom resides.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. As I always share, choosing to know more at the spiritual level is far more beneficial than leaning on the intellectual, but choosing to do so provides FAR MORE to you than simply enhancing your spiritual awareness and understanding. Although it DOES elevate and provide far greater insight and understanding intellectually, emotionally and mentally it's MUCH more than that. It’s ALSO where ALL tangible "physical" things come from. ALL things.

Understanding The "Profound Nature" Of The Spiritual Makes The Tangible Much Easier To Acquire In Far Greater Quantity

When your understanding and awareness is elevated as to what's truly available to you, when you "know" it and "feel it" at the depths of yourself your belief is also elevated which elevates and enhances your "physical" experiences.

You can, if you choose take the "long path" and allow yourself to believe that the physical and spiritual are somehow separate and limit yourself to what the "physical you" can experience.

But the fact of the matter is...the "Higher Truth" is...

You simply CANNOT separate the physical from the spiritual.

The more your "spiritual" understanding is expanded the more your "physical" outcomes and experiences can and will be expanded as well.

Don't buy into the widespread belief that understanding spiritual things is only about “feel good” mental, emotional and intellectual's equally about creating tangible results...results that far exceed the status quo.

Get this!! REALLY get this and you’ll begin to understand that to change some aspect of your a tangible and "physical way, whether it’s physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually, it doesn’t BEGIN in the “physical world.”

It's imperative to transcend the intellectual, physical aspects of you to explore, discover and personally experience the vast and infinite frontier of the non-physical where all this "physical stuff" comes from.

It doesn’t happen through "doingness" alone. Although "doingness" is necessary, attempting to discover the power and limitless probabilities available to you through strictly “physical effort” and intellect will leave you far short of experiencing what’s "truly" available to and for you.

That’s where MOST look and lean on for understanding and discerning reality, attempting to change some aspect of their lives based on physical doingness and intellect and that’s why MOST take the long path and never experience the wholeness, fulfillment and completion that’s available to them right here and now.

Look...regardless of what you might currently "believe" and "perceive" to be true...ALL things physical come from the non-physical. Everything “tangible” comes from the non-tangible. EVERYTHING in the “physical world” exists, was made possible and was derived from the spiritual world whatever you might personally choose to refer to this spiritual world as.

What's available in the spiritual world? Anything and EVERYTHING that you can conceive and believe...ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!

What's available in the spiritual is ALSO available to be experienced in the physical. It's only necessary to become enabled and empowered to conceptualize it as being possible for you.

All that's necessary is to understand that it exists. To see yourself as worthy. To develop your ability to accept it and when you do you'll receive and experience it whatever IT might be for you individually.

Don't Buy Into The Predominant Mindset
and Rob Yourself and Others Of Your Gifts

If you believe anything else, if you’ve allowed anyone to convince you otherwise, if you’ve bought into the lie that it’s spiritual to be poor and lacking in “physical life”, if you believe that you can't achieve whatever goal or desire that you hold for yourself, you lack an understanding of the “higher truth“ that will keep you lacking in whatever area you choose.

If anyone tells you to forget the BIG tangible results, forget your passion so you can "do" what you're suppose to do based on flawed and limited data, they‘re operating from a VERY LIMITED perspective and although you can, if you choose buy into that limited way of thinking, it will most certainly keep you from experiencing everything that is available to you...from fulfilling the deeply held desires that you hold for yourself which have already been freely provided to you.

Most have heard the adage that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. That’s true. But…what most do, based on a limited understanding is attempt to separate the two. They somehow see the spiritual and the physical as separate existences. They see the spiritual as "out there" somewhere and they are here having to deal with reality. That’s a BIG mistake. It's a choice to take the long path.

To experience the fullness and wholeness that’s available to us it’s necessary to recognize the interconnected nature...the Unity and Oneness of the "spiritual us" and the "physical us" and make a conscious choice to “Harmonize” the two.

To effectively harmonize them, it's necessary to understand that they are one and the same...that they're NOT separate at all and that one without the other leads to a very limited "physical" experience.

Yes you are “spiritual” at your core. The true essence of you is spiritual in nature. BUT you also inhabit a “physical body” that the spirit aspect of you utilizes to fully experience itself!!

If you have been led to believe and bought into the “lie” that the desires you hold…the limitless possibilities available for you to experience, whatever your individual desires might be…that the spirit aspect of you is attempting to lead you to experience are selfish, self centered, materialistic, shallow, nonspiritual, etc. etc. etc., you are not only robbing yourself of the incredible experience of having your desires fulfilled...of fully enjoying and experiencing what is, always has been and always will be available to you, you are also robbing others of the ability to benefit from your innate “greatness.”

You’re robbing yourself and others and the indescribable gift of sharing your gifts and the fruits derived with others which I personally believe to be the "Ultimate reason" that each of us were placed here…to serve…to give…to love…to “do unto others as we would have others do unto us” in the greatest way that we can based on our individual experience.

From my perspective it’s a bit difficult to give if you believe you have nothing to give, don’t you think? Regardless of how you might currently "perceive" yourself you have PLENTY to give. You may not yet recognize that, but we ALL have special and unique gifts that can benefit others in a HUGE way.

From a strictly "physical" and monetary perspective, which can often be a "touchy" subject when talking about spiritual things, if you don't have material and monetary "things" to give it's also a bit difficult to give them to anyone else, right?

Recieving Is Just As Much A Part Of The Flow As Giving

Is giving important? ABSOLUTELY!! It’s an essential aspect of the creative equation. Without a willingness to give it's IMPOSSIBLE to receive.

What’s the other part of the equation that keeps the Universe balanced and in harmony? Receiving. When you give you receive. It's the way things are. It’s clear in spiritual text…it’s clear in science…it’s clear in nature. CRYSTAL CLEAR.

The natural "flow" of creation is ALL about giving and receiving.

You can if you choose deny yourself and at the same time deny others of the gifts that have been provided to you to share and "give" to others if you choose. To allow your “physical life” to be lacking.

Many have been taught and "believe" that giving must be free. That to give is spiritual yet to receive too much is something of the "devil" or that it's somehow wrong to ask and want to receive based on what you give. No wonder there's so many broke people in the world!!

The spiritual is about giving AND receiving. It's ALL spiritual.

A choice to give without the ability to receive will create poverty and lacking in EVERY area of your life.

Let’s clarify lacking though. Lacking in the way I'm using it doesn’t mean that you’re starving…that you don’t have a home to live in, clothes to wear etc.

These are things to be grateful for, for sure. But these are also the basic essentials of physical life. If that's all you "truly" desire then great...if basic survival is all that you require to be "truly" happy and fulfilled then that's right for you. You're one of a very small minority. Congratulations.

But most people AREN'T truly happy and fulfilled. They DON'T have their desires fulfilled. They "desire" more yet can't seem to tap into this more that they desire so they "settle" for what they have and "perceive" that the desires they have are not meant to be...are the result of unanswered prayer...are reserved for the lucky and fortunate few and on and on and on.

Their "beliefs" and "perceptions" with regard to having their most heartfelt desires fulfilled are the very things that are keeping them from being fulfilled!! It's a self fulfilling prophecy that is being created by themselves and unfolding just as they are choosing.

A choice to settle is a choice to experience in "physical form" what you are settling for.

Anything less than experiencing heartfelt desires is's settling for less than what is available to you.

Are you experiencing every one of your desires fulfilled? If not you are “lacking” the fullness and abundance of what’s "truly" available to you. You can settle for basic survival if you choose. You can justify in your own mind that your desires are excessive, illogical, pipe dreams or whatever you choose.

Guess what? You get to be right. Without fail.

The Spiritual You Is Seeking Expression
Through The Physical You

We're living a physical existence in addition to our spiritual one. If we weren't meant to fully enjoy and experience the physical pleasures, we wouldn't have the desire to do so and we wouldn't be here in this form.

There are SO MANY people today that downplay and justify why they can't have something...something that they "truly" desire and consider it quite "normal" that this lacking exists.

Do you know what desires "really" are? Desires are the spirit aspect of us expressing and communicating a desire to experience whatever the desire is in physical form.

If we have a desire to experience something the probability already exists for it's manifestation. It already exists...all we have to do is get out of our own way to experience it for ourselves.

Maybe you’re one that recognizes that fact. You understand intellectually that you were placed here to fully experience life. That everything that you desire is available to and intended for you to experience…but you’re not. As much as you desire to, you can’t seem to get around the self talk that says it’s illogical, not possible, too big, too much, too hard.

Guess what? You get to be right.

I "know" how frustrating that can be. I know from years of experiencing the same thing how many justifications that we can come up with to justify and downplay why we're not experiencing the heartfelt desires that we have for ourselves.

But let me tell you's all based on intellect. It unfolds because we are so dependent on what we understand intellectually. Intellect alone will keep you from rising above the status quo and keep you from experiencing what you "truly" desire to experience.

There are many “intellectually based” teachings and techniques that tell people how to get around this issue. You’ve no doubt heard of and maybe tried many of them…affirmations, visualizing, dream boards, etc. etc.

And for some they’re very effective. But for many they’re not. Why? Because we each have our own unique way of looking at and seeing things. We each have our own set of beliefs and perceive things to be a certain way that someone else may not understand and as a result are unable to assist us in crashing through our own individually created blocks and barriers.

That’s why these “intellectual ways” of teaching and various techniques often work for some yet fail for many.

But…there is a way that NEVER fails regardless of individual perspectives. There is a way to break through these self created blocks and barriers. It’s a way that meets you where you are, regardless of where that may be.

It's a way that enables you to discover for yourself at the deepest levels who and what you "truly" are and what is and always has been available to you. It transcends the "intellect", deals with unique perspectives and beliefs whatever they might be, yet at the same time enables the intellect to be expanded exponentially, immediately and permanently once you experience it for yourself.

It's a way that transcends logic, penetrates at a "subconscious" level and provides a profound sense of "knowing" that can't be shaken or rattled by anyone or anything external to you.

Transcending The Limited Logic and Rationale Of The Intellectual and Physical Aspects Of You

Many scientific studies as well as psychologists, psychiatrists, hypnotists, etc. now agree that when you meditate, you open up and are able to access the depths of your unconscious mind... That the activity of your conscious mind "slows down" for a while and what you experience is a transcendence into your own unconscious...the spirit aspect of your mind.

When you experience this transcendence, your unconscious mind (which is THE most powerful and creative aspect of mind by the way...the spiritual aspect of mind) taps into and experiences a level of consciousness that cannot be experienced by the conscious. It enables you to transcend what you have been told, taught and developed beliefs about regarding what is logical, illogical, possible or not possible.

It provides a "profound and crystal clear picture" of what "truly is" possible. It literally transcends logic and is FAR more peaceful, profound and enjoyable than the brain or the conscious aspect of mind could EVER experience based on all the "baggage" that we have each allowed to be stored within it.

You cross over from the "physical" and tap into the non-physical and grasp the "realness" of Infinite potential. What’s “truly” available to you. A profound “knowing” of who and what you are…a profound sense of understanding regarding your “true worth.“ A depth of assurance, understanding and heightened awareness that can never be experienced through “physical means.”

It provides an “Awakening” of "IMMENSE and PROFOUND" proportion.

But it's not this experience in and of itself that provides every desire you have. It's not like "OK, you've tapped into this place of Infinite proportion so here you go", or "Now that you "know", no more action is necessary on your part." doesn't just automatically provide you with every luxury you ever desire or dreamed of. What it does provide is a profound sense of "knowing" at the deepest core what you are and what is available to you. It provides you a glimpse of your "true worth" and enables you to clearly see that whatever you desire you can have. That this havingness available to you "truly" is of Infinite proportion and that you "really do" get to choose what that is for you.

It transcends logic and the limitations of the brain and the conscious aspect of mind. It elevates and enhances "intellectually established" perceptions and beliefs far beyond what the intellect can grasp in a physical sense yet at the same time provides a depth of intellectual understanding that far exceeds what's normal or logical or possible for you that you may have previously believed and perceived as "true" in a physical, limited and finite sense.

It provides an experience that transcends reason and penetrates the subconscious enabling you to "know" regardless of what others "claim", the infinite power and potential that's available to you and anyone else who chooses to enter into this place.

It enables you to clearly understand why, in a physical and finite world why only a small portion of your "physical attributes" are being utilized and opens up a whole new realm of possibility and potential that enables you to begin consciously, intentionally and purposefully harmonizing the "spiritual" with the "physical" in a way that brings about the "physical pleasures" desired yet to this point have "appeared" to be inaccessible by and for you.

Think about how powerful it would be to suddenly be able to tap into and take advantage of some of that 75% and 97% of your unused personal power.

Well you can. But it requires a deeper understanding of and a willingness to delve into the spiritual realm. The realm where all “physical things” come from.

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with religion…it’s “spiritual.” There’s a HUGE difference.

And just because we're going to delve deeply into the spiritual realm, don't think for a moment that there won't be anything to help you improve your physical existence. You understand once you experience this place for yourself that nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, the real power and benefits of meditation is realized when you learn to bring back what you discover and choose to apply what you’ve discovered which enables you to begin “experiencing” in a “physical way” everything you discover and learn to enhance EVERY aspect of your “physical life.” Yes EVERY aspect…physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

You finally understand that there exists no such thing as lack and limitation with the exception of the lack and limitation that YOU create through your own limiting "perceptions and beliefs."

When you tap into and experience this place for yourself those perceptions and beliefs are enhanced as well...exponentially.

A little known, understood and often overlooked "fact" is that your level of physical results is the measure of your understanding regarding your spiritual power.

Yes, you read that right. You see, many people try to fool themselves into thinking spirituality is all about the intangible. They "perceive" that it's all about "feel good" emotional and mental experiences. Well let me tell you something that you may never have "thought" about...If you can't measure it, you don't have it.

If you don't have it in a physical sense the physical you can't experience it.

To experience life to the fullest requires a harmony of the physical and the spiritual. Where most miss the boat and struggle so hard is because they overlook or misapply the spiritual. They stay stuck in an intellectual understanding of the spiritual based on what they have been told and taught and as a result "experience" this "stuckness" in physical form.

Many see the spiritual as being some religious ritual or rituals that they go through. They "perceive" it to be some thing they must "do" and get so caught up in the "doing" what they've been taught is right and true and necessary that they are never able to access the "beingness" and Infinite proportion of the "spiritual."

The spiritual is FAR MORE vast and far more Infinite that anyone could ever tell you or teach you.

Religion can and does often serve as the "path" that leads people to an understanding of the spiritual, that serves as a meaningful part of the journey toward spirituality, but religion in and of itself is not spiritual. Religion is man made rituals, doctrines and dogmas.

There are a number of religions that teach the very things that keep many from discovering what spirituality really is. From tapping into and touching "unconditional love" and discovering their true worth.

Form without spirit has no vitality or life... Spirit without form has no expression.

The Spiritual aspect of you has one purpose. To fully express and continually expand...NOT to restrict. The physical results you produce are limited to what you can conceive and believe for yourself. That is only limited to how much you can tap into and discover with regard to what’s available in the spiritual.

Meditation enables you to see and personally experience what that “truly” is for yourself without having to take mine or anybody elses word for what is "real and true."

You can if you choose continue to hold onto whatever truth you may currently hold for yourself. It will become your truth in physical form. It will remain your truth unless and until you choose to change it.

Meditation enables you to experience a "Higher Truth" untainted, unbiased and limitless "Infinite truth."

Your physical experiences are and will continue to be limited by how much spirit or energy you allow yourself to discover. The more you discover the more you are “aware of” you’ll have more that you can access, direct and experience.

You’re already quite aware that unless you have the ability to conceive something you certainly can’t experience it right?

Your physical body and your results in physical life are nothing more than a measurement of your ability to manifest intangible spirit into tangible physical form.

That is only limited by your current perceptions and beliefs...your deepest perceptions and beliefs which more times than not you are not even "consciously" aware of.

They're not good or bad, right or wrong or any other judgments that you might choose to place on them. They simply are...based on and limited to your own choices.

Meditation penetrates the subconscious. It reveals and removes the source of the limitations and restrictive "beliefs and perceptions" that so many experience.

To experience FULLY who and what you are and to experience FULLY all the pleasures and joys that life has to offer you, requires an awareness that it’s available, that you are more than worthy of receiving it and to make it real and tangible, requires a harmonizing of mind, body, spirit.

It requires more than an intellectual understanding.

To Do and Have More You MUST Become More

Everybody I know wants to do and have more. But not everybody I know is willing to become more so they can do and have the more they want.

If you want more and greater experiences in your life, then you must become more. Maybe you understand this and maybe you don't. Maybe you think that this "becoming more" is all about doing more in a strictly physical sense as so many do.

That's a very limited kind of becoming more and although you have that choice, the additional doing and having more will be limited by your willingness to become more in a physical and finite way.

Becoming more at a "spiritual level" opens the flow to doing and having more in Infinite proportion.

Become more at this "spiritual level" means understanding and experiencing who and what you “truly” are. You must understand your true worth. To understand, grasp and fully comprehend the greatness that you are. You must understand what’s “truly” available to you. To tap into and recognize your individual power to be, do and have whatever it might be that you desire to be, do and have.

When you do your level of joy, fulfillment, peace, love and completion become clearly evident. You become whole.

If you want more in your life, you must become exceptions. It ALWAYS has and ALWAYS will hold true.

Consider this...

How would it feel to know once and for all that you "truly do" have infinite potential... literally infinite?

How will it feel to have a profound sense of never-ending inner peace…a profound sense of self assurance because you know that it’s up to you to determine what you experience in every aspect of your life? To finally know and understand that your power…your “true” power isn’t dependent on anything or anyone that is external to you.

How will you feel when you truly know you can consciously choose the life you desire to live regardless of what's going on in the world around you?

Remember, the whole purpose of your life is to learn how…to create and experience the kind and quality of life you allow the “spirit” aspect of you to fully express itself. This requires a harmony between both the physical and the spiritual you. It enables the two to harmonize and become one. And that's exactly what choosing to engage in meditation will do for you.

You can, if you choose spend years and years to discover that for yourself and take the "intellectual" path to get there. You can go through many of the growth lessons that I and thousands of others have gone through before coming to that realization. For some that’s necessary.

Regardless of which path you choose for yourself, amazingly at some point they all lead to One destination regardless of which you choose individually. They all lead to different experiences initially in a physical and finite way, but the Ultimate destination is ALWAYS the same.

I have taken many paths. I've taken the long path which led me to the short path. I found meditation to be the shortcut. I've traveled many of the various paths available. I've taken the "intellectual route, the religious route, the scientific route, the personal development route, the positive thinking route, the "doingness" route, the non "doingness route and they've all served there purpose.

They all led to experiences. Some pleasant, some not so pleasant and some downright scary.

Some were extremely painful, some were temporarily pleasurable...but amazingly they ALL came from the same place. They were ALL experienced as the result of my own individual choices.

If I knew then what I know now, meditation would have been my first choice.

Not All Meditation Systems and Techniques Are The Same

There are numerous forms of meditation. Unfortunately most techniques don't show you how to transcend the physical and intellectual aspects of you without years of practice and discipline. They utilize the intellect and fail to address the aspect of you that enables you to tap into and experience the Infinite...the "sixth sense."

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System isn’t your “traditional” meditation program. It picks up where most meditation programs leave off. It will provide you with the means to transcend the conscious aspect of mind and tap into a realm that few are aware or understand is available.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System is far more advanced and provides results far quicker than conventional meditation techniques. It walks you through a very simple step by step process and instructs you in a way that guarantees you'll be able to experience what you may currently be unable to see and comprehend.

It provides an "Awakening" of profound proportion.

It will enable and empower you to enter into and personally experience the “infinite potential that is, always has been and always will be available to you.

Can you expect to meditate and suddenly everything is just going to become perfect in the physical areas of your life? Uh….no. It’s necessary to apply what you discover and learn before you can expect to experience the results available to you in all areas of your life.

What it DOES make perfect is what you "know" at the deepest levels of yourself. It provides an "unshakable knowingness." It enables you to transcend all the limiting beliefs and perceptions that keep so many from experiencing what they "truly" desire to experience.

Meditation provides you with the “inner knowing” that’s necessary to make "Infinite" possibility and potential "physical and tangible." It provides you with an unshakable foundation of understanding and assurance to work from. It provides you with a sense of inner peace, assurance and understanding that physical means never have and never will be able to provide.

There are far too many today who truly want to understand and explore the deeper aspects of life. Who understand intellectually that the mystical and spiritual realms exist but have very little knowledge or understanding of how to access them and experience the close personal relationship that so many hear about yet so few personally experience. They lack the understanding and direction that enables them to harmonize the "spiritual" with the physical to experience the wholeness and sense of completion that’s available and experienced when you choose to do so.

Many do and many will continue to attempt to gain access to the spiritual through the practical. That's certainly a choice you can make. Yet let me assure you, there's no other place you can go on the entire planet…there exists no “physical thing” amount of "intellectual understanding" that you can gather (I know because I've studied and been exposed to many), where you can grasp, understand and fully comprehend what the “spiritual” truly is until you make a “conscious choice” to discover it and you experience it for yourself. You’ll never fully understand the mystical by choosing to stay within and observe the physical regardless of how hard you try.

You see, all great spiritual traditions have always taught that you have a God-given power within you... An unlimited capacity for joy, fulfillment, wealth, health and abundance. You have been told that you were created in the image and likeness of Source yet few understand the power or the potential behind that truth and as a result never take those teachings literally.

Why? Because they’ve never been provided the direction that would enable them to enter into and experience it for themselves. They lack the know how and understanding.

They lack the belief that such a place exists and that physical experiences of Infinite proportions truly do exist and are accessible to them anytime they choose to recognize and "allow" themselves to experience them.

I can tell you from personal experience…It's an infinite power that gives you the ability to rise above any physical storm. It doesn’t matter if it’s the economy, the government, your neighbors, your boss, your colleagues or any other external event, condition or circumstance that the physical you is exposed to.

When you tap into a "knowing" you know...for life. Nothing can shake it.

As I shared in the previous edition, there is NOTHING external to you that can affect you unless YOU allow it to. Meditation provides a way of being...a shortcut you might call it, that makes that FAR more simple and far quicker than attempting to do so through acquiring an intellectual understanding.

There are MANY teachers, writings, documented spiritual texts and intellectually based teachings that attempt to tell you the infinite power you have available to you. In fact that's what I attempt to do in the best way I know how through the newsletter as well as through the site.

As well meaning as I and so many are, not one of them have the ability to enable you to experience the "Infinite" for yourself. Yes...they can and often do accurately instruct you in how to actually tap into this unlimited storehouse and create a life that all the spiritual texts, prophets and teachers have for thousands of years conveyed, which is that abundance, prosperity and plenty are your literal birthright...but they can't take you there.

That's a individual choice.

Whether you currently believe and perceive that to be true for yourself or not know ALWAYS get to be right.

That's the "true" beauty of life.

If you gain nothing else from this edition of Enlightened Journey, it's my hope that you'll REALLY grasp and begin to utilize this "Higher Truth"...

Spirit has one objective: fuller expression and expansion. The results you produce are an indicator of how much spirit or energy you are willing and able to access and direct.

Your physical body and the events, conditions and circumstances in your life are nothing more than a measurement of your ability to manifest intangible spirit into tangible physical form.

That includes the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. If you want more in your life, then you must become more.

Not a physical intellectual more...a spiritual more where all things physical come from. That is the MOST crucial first step.

It's what I have personally found to be the short path.

Meditation provides the “inner assurance”…the peace and calm…the understanding and comprehension of infinite potential that enables and empowers you to “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” that enables the physical and the tangible to become much more expansive, pleasant and joyful.

Experiencing Something You Haven't Experienced
Requires Doing Something That You Haven't Done

Well, that's all I've got. That's the best I can do to explain it in an "intellectual" sort of way. I can't assist you in experiencing it, I can only explain what it's like in the best way I currently "know" how.

I can assure you it doesn't even scratch the surface.

Now it's time to ask yourself...are you at the place that you'd like to experience it for yourself? Is it time to claim the power that's rightfully yours?

That's a choice that only you can make for yourself.

People all over the world, in ever increasing numbers are awakening to who and what they truly are…they’re beginning to understand on an “intellectual level” at least that it's time to expand and experience their potential...their "true" potential.

To actually experience the fullness of life which EVERYONE is and always has been quite capable of experiencing rather than just listening to old self defeating and self limiting traditional beliefs and theories as to what‘s logical or possible for them.

Basically, they’re becoming much more aware. You could say they’re “awakening” in ever greater numbers.

Some of those who are becoming more "aware" and "awakening" will choose the long path and others will choose the short path to understanding and experiencing and understanding even more.

Which one will you choose? Are you at the place where you're "truly" ready to transcend the physical and tap into and experience what's "truly" available to and for you?

If you are, then there's another choice to make. Whether you'll take the long path or the short path.

Only you can make that choice. That’s an individual decision…a very personal one. But choosing to make it is and will continue to be the most transformational and rewarding decision you could EVER make as can be confirmed by myself and the countless millions before me.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System is a tool that will dramatically enhance your awareness and awaken you as well.

It includes 10 CDs, an incredibly enlightening and empowering book called 'Handbook Of The Navigator' and an instructional manual that walks you through a very simple 20 minute process as well as provides an uncommon depth of intellectual understanding regarding how to transcend the intellect.

So, unlike so many FREE meditation techniques that provide a bit of relaxation and stress reduction at best, an investment is required.

Yes to receive it you must give. But what you receive is of FAR greater value than what you pay for IF you choose to utilize it as it was designed to be utilized.

If you don't have 20 minutes per day to spend on yourself, PLEASE don't buy it.

But...if you will, if you'll commit to 20 minutes per day, you'll find that it provides the most enlightening and eye opening experience you could possibly imagine and a lifetime of difference. PROFOUND difference.

There currently exists no other program like it so attempting to compare it’s value with anything similar is impossible.

But based on the many "intellectually" based programs I‘ve utilized, the value is far greater than the $585.90 it would cost to purchase the contents of the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness System separately.

Although even $585.90 would be an INCREDIBLE value…calm down. It doesn't cost anywhere near that amount.

In fact, the cost to acquire it is just short of 80% off that price if you purchase the physical hard copy and much less than that if you choose the digital download version.

You can own the hard copy of Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System for $129.00 plus $12.95 shipping or the digital download version for $79.00.

Now although that's an incredible value for everything you'll learn and experience by using the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System, you may still be wondering if it “truly is” everything I claim.

I can assure you that it is or I wouldn’t be claiming it. Had I not personally experienced it for myself, I wouldn't be sharing it with you.

But understanding that you may not "know" me and my intent, I'll make it risk free.

To provide you with extra assurance and peace of mind, I'll also provide an additional offer that makes it absolutely impossible for you to lose. I’ll provide you with a 100%, no hassle no questions asked guarantee for a full 365 days from the date of purchase.

If for ANY reason you feel that the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation isn't what I claim and doesn't provide what I claim it will and more, simply return it and you'll receive 100% of the purchase price without questions.

I can’t make it any more appealing, convenient or risk free than that.

Now it's simply a matter of choice. Transformation begins with a decision.

I can't make the decision for you, but...

Mark my words--in fact, save this page, write down today's date, because at some point in the very near future, you'll look back and realize just what a life changing decision you've made...

You'll look back at this time in your life and remember when you experienced the most amazing and profound spiritual awakening than you could have possibly imagined or ever thought possible.


  • If you're ready to tap into and personally experience what Infinite truly is...

  • If you're serious about discovering and understanding your “true worth”...

  • If you truly desire to tap into and experience an uncommon depth of understanding regarding what’s “truly” available to and for you

  • If you want to eliminate and see far above the negativity and “perceived” imperfections in your life and the world around you...

  • If you want to tap into and experience a level of joy, peace of mind and an awakening of “profound proportions” that you perhaps never thought possible...

  • If you want to gain a an uncommon depth of understanding and discover your “true” potential in this "physical" world and experience a uniquely personal connection to the Source that transcends common logic...

...Grab your Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System right now.

And when you personally experience the transformational effect it will have on your life…when you experience for yourself why it’s considered to be the most powerful and results producing guided meditation system in the entire world, bar none…please drop me an e-mail and let me know.

I love hearing and sharing in those experiences.

You owe it to yourself to do whatever it takes to learn and personally experience what I've attempted to describe.

I promise you'll be writing and thanking me if and when you do. I'll look forward to that day in the very near future.

The investment is only a one time $129.00 plus shipping for the hard copy...$79.00 for the digital download version and regardless of which you choose, both come with a 100% no quibble guarantee. PLUS it will benefit you for the rest of your life.

It doesn’t get any better than that. Now it's simply a matter of choice.

Based on my personal experience, I believe it to be the best choice anyone seeking deeper understanding and greater experiences could ever make.

It's the shortest, most "profound" and enlightening path I'm currently aware of.

If you'd like to know more about what the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System includes and the results you can expect before deciding, you can find out more here.

Now, it's simply a matter of deciding if it's your path.

If you decide that it is

Get Your Physical Hard Copy
Version Here

Higher Balance Awakening Dimensional Consciousness

All the best in your individual journey and I wish for you the shortest, most rewarding, joyful and fulfilling path possible...whichever path that might be for you.

Regardless...they're ALL good.

To Your Awakening and Experiencing The Completion You Seek,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099

Copyright © 2009, The Enlightened Journey Ezine, titled Spiritual Power Part 2 and all content throughout is protected under International copyright law and strictly prohibited from copy or reproduction in whole or in part, electronically or otherwise, without the express written consent of the author Chuck Danes and/or Enlightened Journey Enterprises. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

End of Spiritual Power Part 2

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