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Natural Stress Relief Techniques Have Gained Massive Attention and Appeal

In a world of overloaded schedules stress relief techniques, more specifically "natural stress relief techniques have never before been more important according to numerous recent studies conducted.

According to the Center For Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia 80% of ALL illness and disease is stress related.

More recent research performed at Stanford University by Dr Bruce Lipton PHD. , a cellular biologist and best selling author of "The Biology Of Belief" claims that those figures are VERY low and that stress related disease is closer to 95 PLUS percent, all due to what recent research has found and refers to as "cellular memory."

According to Dr. Lipton this stress is many times not even detectable by those who experience it yet it's relevance in creating illness and disease is tremendous. According to Dr. Lipton's findings, stress is experienced and stored at a cellular level throwing the body out of balance, dramatically limiting the immune systems ability to do what it was intended and is more than capable of doing and enabling otherwise easily manageable conditions to develop into serious health issues.

Gone unnoticed these "cellular memories" can and do lead to many various ailments ranging from minor to deadly.

It's obvious that stress relief techniques are a much needed and utilized form of natural relief for those experiencing stress related symptoms.

For those seeking natural stress relief techniques there are some amazingly powerful resources available that according to NUMEROUS testimonials have proven to provide natural stress relief techniques which are not only beneficial for lowering stress but at the same time have shown to dramatically improve other aspects of life as well.

One such resource is The Healing Codes which was discovered in quite an amazing fashion by Dr. Alex Loyd PHD. and is also strongly endorsed by Dr. Ben Johnson who was a featured speaker on the recent blockbuster DVD released in 2006, "The Secret."

According to Dr Loyd and Dr. Johnson the effectiveness of The Healing Codes has been proven extremely effective through a procedure known amongst the medical community as "heart rate variability testing" which unlike placebo's is an accurate and foolproof means of detecting stress in the body and provides an accurate assessment of when the autonomic nervous system is brought into balance.

Prior to the discovery of the Healing Codes, it was believed that the bodies ability to come into balance was only possible throgh weeks of intensive techniques and then only remained in balance for very short periods of time.

Through numerous tests performed The Healing Codes showed that after only one 20 minute session the Healing Codes would restore that balance for more than 48 hours with a single protocol.

This has raised many eyebrows since even the company that manufactures the heart rate variability testing equipment stated prior to seeing the results for themselves that it had never been and couldn't be done.

The Healing Codes has received rave reviews from around the world as one of the most powerful natural stress relief techniques available today which eliminates stress at a cellular level which in turn as claimed by Dr Johnson and Dr Lipton, enables the body to not only fen off future illness and disease of ALL types but has shown to eliminate MANY types of existing illness and disease by taking the practitioners autonomic nervous system out of what is referred to as "fight or flight" mode, enabling the immune system to do the job that it is more than capable and was intended to do.

Dr Ben Johnson would come to know first hand just how effective the codes would be when battling with his own ailment of "Lou Gehrigs" disease.

Dr Johnson, being a seasoned medical practitioner for over 30 years knew that his diagnosis would lead to death and that there is no known cure through conventional medicine. Initially apprehensive Dr. Johnson utilized the Healing Codes for six weeks and discovered that his Lou Gehrigs disease was gone, and after more than 3 years still remains symptom free.

Natural stress relief techniques are sure to gain more popularity as word concerning The Healing Codes continues to spread and the already thousands of testimonials received from ecstatic users continue to make there way into the public eye.

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