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One of the 3 key aspects of living a complete and fulfilling life of True Abundance and Happiness is enjoying and maintaining your physiological as well as your psychological health.

As pointed out in the achieving Abundance and Happiness article, regardless of your financial worth or how many fulfilling and loving relationships you may have in your life, it would be impossible to fully enjoy the benefits that these areas bring without being in a good state of health.

This article will not only attempt to raise your awareness as to how to reach and maintain optimal states of health naturally, but also point out some amazing natural health products and resources that can assist you in achieving optimal states of physical as well as emotional health naturally and how to maintain these ever important areas for many years to come, regardless of where you currently find yourself with regard to your health.

At the conclusion of this article you will have a heightened sense of awareness as it pertains to achieving natural health, as well as discovering proven and effective stress reduction techniques which empower you to experience natural stress relief, natural anxiety relief, and natural healing as a whole.

Many of the opinions stated and resources recommended will go against the previously established conventional medical wisdom and how a large portion of the population has been taught and led to believe that health and wellness is achieved and retained.

While there are a rapidly growing number of people in societies worldwide who have discovered the immense benefits of natural health alternatives as well as natural health products to enable them to achieve optimal states of physical as well as emotional well being, there are still a large percentage that have not become aware of the many benefits that these solutions can provide.

If you are slightly skeptical initially of the information or resources shared, realize that it is quite natural when first being introduced to concepts that may go against the traditional teachings that you have come to believe and established as truth.

It's important to note that it was once common knowledge and widespread belief that the earth was flat. Had someone not taken the initiative to find out otherwise, we might still believe it!

As with all of the information contained within this site, I encourage you to please not take my word for anything and do the necessary research which will allow you to come to your own conclusions as to what is being shared in relation to achieving natural health. For the sake of your and your families health, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU to take the time necessary to find the truth for yourself! Your long term health and well being depend on it.

It is our purpose and intent to present to you what we have come to know and established to be truth, contrary to what we had been previously been LED to believe, and which may assist you and those you love in raising and developing your own awareness as to the natural health alternatives as well as the natural health products that are available to you but that you may not have previously realized existed. It is our hope that you might find these natural health alternatives presented, to enhance your life in some way.

The information that is being shared will allow you to choose and decide for yourself if the current methods that you are utilizing for achieving and maintaining your health are the best choices for you and if the natural health solutions discussed might provide you and your family with an even better solution than you have been previously and convincingly led to believe.

Quite honestly, there was a point in my life that I would have sneered at much of the teaching that I pass on to you today. It wasn’t until I came to a place in life where things weren’t working for me in a wholeness sense, and hard, undeniable evidence began surfacing that I began exploring other possibilities and discovered that there is a much better and easier way to attain a state of True Abundance and Happiness than that which is currently being taught in our federally controlled public education systems and within many religious circles. It was through years of extensive research that I came to understand the urgency of putting a natural health plan into effect for myself and my family.

So without further hesitation let’s delve into what I believe will assist in bringing you and those you love to a place of true fulfillment in your life, in relation to your health and which may allow you to experience and live a fulfilled life of high energy, vibrancy, and physical and emotional well being uncommon to so many, should you make the choice to utilize the natural health recommendations that are presented.

A Few Thought Provoking Possibilities To Expand Your Awareness

The first step in learning anything, regardless of what the subject matter is, is developing the awareness that things may not be exactly as you have been taught that they are, and allowing yourself to be open minded enough to allow a potentially new belief to be established.

Like so many in our world, I and millions of others have been raised and taught to believe that man made medications, surgeries, etc. are necessary to maintain good health in human beings. While I do believe that in some cases, depending on the situation, conventional western medicine can be helpful and IS necessary, I have come to know that it is NOT absolutely necessary in many of the cases that we have been led to believe that it is.

The FDA allegedly was established to protect the American consumer from harm that the food and drug companies might otherwise inflict on the populations.

In relation to pharmaceutical drugs, although they are supposed to be approved by the FDA only after careful scrutiny and released to the public for consumption once they have been proven to be safe, it has become obvious that this is really not the case based on the many drugs that have and do cause serious and extensive harm to many of the consumers that have utilized them. Indeed, as we enter the 21st century, the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. is due to adverse reactions to FDA-approved drugs!

On April 14, 1998, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a shocking report, which included a painstaking analysis of 39 studies conducted over 30 years. The study showed that an average of 106,000 people die in hospitals each year, one every five minutes, from drugs approved by the FDA. It is important to emphasize that these are REPORTED cases.

The study does not include cases where drugs were mis-prescribed. When considering deaths from the same cause outside hospitals, i.e., at home, the REPORTED number rises to around 140,000 a year, according to Centers for Disease Control statistics.

The fourth leading cause of hospital admissions in the U.S. is from reactions to FDA approved prescription drugs. About 2.2 million Americans suffer such severe side effects from FDA-approved drugs that some are permanently disabled or require long hospital stays. These side effects were estimated to have cost the American Economy $78 billion in 1997.

It has become evident that regardless of what you may go to the doctor for these days, their perception of the cure seems to be to scribble out some illegible writing on a small piece of paper that you take down to the local pharmacy to receive your "Magic Cure." Although natural health solutions have recently begun to take hold in our country, it seems that the mainstream medical community rarely, if ever recommends a natural health solution, and due to the type of training they have received will attempt to belittle the many helpful natural health products that are available today.

Regardless of what you may be experiencing ranging anywhere from stress and anxiety to deadly illness, the pharmaceutical industry claims to have a solution in the form of some syntheticly engineered little mass called a prescription.

But is it really a solution? The above statistics combined with the years of additional research that I have done would lead me to believe that it’s not.

Your Health Has Become
"Big Business"

The pharmaceutical and medical industry has become a multi-trillion dollar per year, publicly traded business in the US as well as many other countries worldwide, and in many cases at the expense of naive and unsuspecting patients.

While it’s true that many experience illness and disease in various cultures throughout the world, and feel the need to seek the quickest relief possible of the symptoms associated with them, I and millions of others have discovered natural health alternatives that in my opinion are much more effective and healthy than the man made FDA approved remedies pushed on the populations and that many have been taught and led to believe is the only safe way to accomplish and stay in a good state of health.

In traditional western medicine the masses, medical teams included, have been taught and focus on how to cover up symptoms and NOT how to prevent and discover and cure the root causes of many if not all of the illness and disease that people experience today. Western based medical schools teach otherwise well intentioned and caring doctors techniques and procedures that may alleviate and give temporary relief, and hide the symptoms of one illness or disease, but by merely covering up the symptoms with prescribed medications and failing to deal with the cause, can and do create many other additional health problems from the procedures or drugs used.

In the case of anxiety and stress for example, there are many proven and effective natural stress relief techniques as well as natural anxiety relief techniques available that are far safer and healthier for you than some synthetic pill, yet that is the only "solution" that most are ever offered.

If patients were made aware of and given a choice between a natural means to deal with stress and anxiety long term, versus a temporary synthetic cover up for how to relieve stress, that may very well cause long term harm, I would bet that the natural stress relief technique would win hands down!

In my extensive research and through my personal experience I have found a strong correlation between meditation and a persons overall health, yet I don’t ever see that alternative offered to the public on multi-million dollar national TV ads as I do the excessively priced drugs that are so often promoted.

If the benefits of meditation are as beneficial as many scientific studies have been proving them to be, and the medical community as a whole were as concerned about our health as they would like you to believe, why would we not be provided more information concerning this potential natural health alternative and be provided the literature which would allow us to know more about it so we could determine for ourselves what would be the healthier choice?

Another Observation

During my research I have also discovered some troubling statistics and thousands of disturbing personal experiences of parents concerning so called "mandatory" vaccinations for both adults and children.Many today believe that it is absolutely necessary for your children to receive vaccines in order to attend school? Although many are led to believe just that, it was only through my personal research that I found a way to opt out of the, what I came to believe, DANGEROUS and HAZARDOUS to my childrens health, vaccine program, which I chose to do based on my many troubling and undisputable findings.

When I became concerned about the effects that vaccines may have on my children I began inquiring as to how I might opt out of this program. I later discovered that a form was readily available that allowed me to make that choice for myself but through my previous inquiries was never told of this form. I was told that without the proper vaccination records that my children would not be able to attend public school. It wasn’t until I had informed them that I had discovered and knew of such a program which allowed me to make that decision for myself, that they informed me that they had the forms that I could sign to opt out. Curious don’t you think?

Have YOU ever researched the numerous statistics concerning the harm that has believed to have been caused to thousands upon thousands of children that have by no choice of their own been condemned to a life of autism, etc.? If you are like most, the answer is more than likely no. Have you ever seen on public television the sad fact that 1 in 150 children in America alone suffers from some form of an autistic disorder? Although I have not been able to come up with documented and substantiated proof, there has been much research done by independent, non government funded scientists that suspect childhood vaccines (the mercury within them) as being the cause.

Many people today count on staying informed through the information they receive by the 6:00 news or in the daily newspaper. Little do many realize that many of these mediums are suspect of being controlled by the same powerful self serving special interest groups that cover up so many of the things in our world that those in places of power feel is best for you NOT to know.

As the old saying goes, “What they don’t know won’t hurt them” is certainly not the case in this situation. What you don’t know CAN and WILL definitely hurt you as well as those that depend solely on you for their well being. It is extremely important, today more than ever, for the heads of households to become and remain aware, of what we are allowing our children to be subjected to based on OUR OWN awareness as well as the many potential natural health alternatives that may be far more safe and effective than conventionally established beliefs, especially in the case of the health and well being of ourselves and our families.

It has become evident to me that the main goal of the pharmaceutical industry or many other big businesses has nothing at all to do with the health and welfare of the people in our world, but instead has more to do with profitability regardless of how it is attained. (See Laws of The Pharmaceutical Industry article by Dr. Rath MD )

Do you believe that all companies related with and involved in over the counter as well as pharmaceutical drugs can be trusted with the health and well being of you and those you love?

This VERY RARE disclosure aired on MSNBC concerning the Company which manufactures Bayer aspirin may change your mind....

Have you EVER read the lengthy disclosures that come in tiny hard to read print with many pharmaceutical drugs? Have you ever REALLY listened to the many warnings of possible side effects caused by various drugs that are advertised on television at the end of many commercials? Have you ever really given much thought as to why pharmaceutical company’s feel the need to advertise drugs much like the major auto companies trying to persuade people to buy the latest and greatest machine available?

Have you ever REALLY STUDIED and questioned the process as to how pharmaceutical drugs are approved by the FDA? ( Check out this article by Burton Goldberg from alternative )

If not, I highly encourage that you do so!

It is certainly not our intent to frighten you, but only to encourage you to develop the awareness FOR YOURSELF before making decisions on the best ways to care for those that you love and NOT rely on what others may TELL you is true and what is BEST for you.

Recent scientific research has uncovered many possible natural health alternatives that through independent studies and research have proven to be far safer and more effective than currently used traditional methods, through independent research but it seems that these alternatives have a hard time ever making it into mainstream medical practice. Why is that? Is it possible that there may be a hidden agenda in the interest of the powerful multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry that would suppress life changing information and technologies which would allow the common men and women of our world to live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives naturally and without the need for high priced, potentially dangerous drugs and medical procedures? Could it be that rich and powerful special interest groups would hide from the masses, available and proven natural health technologies that would drastically reduce if not eliminate many debilitating sickness’ and disease’s in the human populations?

I believe it is not only possible, but IS happening as sure as you are reading this information. BUT WHY? How could governments and their agencies that are suppose to protect and defend their citizens allow such goings on to occur? If this is really true, how is it that those that are elected to help and protect us could allow such despicable, inhumane practice to continue year after year, decade after decade, and not do something about it?

Is it possible that these things may be allowed to continue because the perpetrators that are responsible for it provide enormous financial resources to the major political parties in the way of gifts, campaign contributions etc.? Is it possible that those that can and attempt to do something about it are silenced and overridden by a system of insurmountable power which forces them to helplessly observe what is really happening to the unsuspecting people in many countries throughout our world? Here is an article written by John Diamond, M.D, and Lee Cowden, M.D. that may help you decide. ( Click Here To Read It For Yourself! )

How is it possible that natural health techniques and technologies successfully utilized for thousands of years in eastern cultures that have proven to be effective in curing and dramatically reducing many forms of disease, through totally natural means, be portrayed as "way out there", "far fetched", or made outright illegal in many western countries? Why would so many of these natural health techniques and technologies not be taught in our public school systems which would allow the masses to choose, on an individual basis, as to which path that they chose to follow in relation to their health and well being? Do you really believe that these occurances happen for your "safety and well being?"

Could it be that the widespread promotion of natural health alternatives and natural health products would cut into the tremendous profits of these publicly traded powers?

I could go on and on as to what may potentially be happening, but that is not the purpose of this article or this website.

Click Here for some Excellent resources to begin your own research and come to your own conclusions

It IS our intent to heighten the awareness of the average person in relation to your personal health, as well as the health of those you love, and allow you to come to your own conclusions as to which path you should choose to best maintain your and your families health and well being, as well as present you with the possibility that may open your mind to the fact that others may not have your best interest and safety in mind in relation to your health.

The conclusions that I, and hundreds of thousands of others have arrived at, are that the huge and powerful, publicly traded pharmaceutical industry is far more interested in the potential profits that are generated, regardless of how they are acquired, or the potential long term damage they may cause to those that use them.

There has never before in history been a more important time than now to discover and begin utilizing proven, effective, natural health alternatives.

What Does It Take To Live A Healthy Life Free Of Illness And Disease Naturally?

Natural Health and Energy - since it has been scientifically proven well over a hundred years ago that ALL that exists in our world is at it’s root, pure energy, including the human body, is it possible that using energy related procedures could cure and eliminate many health related issues in today’s societies worldwide? I believe it is not only possible but is THE answer. Unfortunately for the human population, because the large and powerful drug companies wouldn’t be able to amass the HUGE profits that they currently enjoy if this information were disclosed to the masses, it is not widely publicized and probably never will be. Sadly their FDA approved products that are responsible for a reported 106,000 deaths per year in the US alone, yet are still highly publicized as the "cure all" for every concievable ailment through multi-million dollar advertising budgets, yet the results of these enormous fatalities (794 per day) is hardly ever heard about in the mainstream media.

Although most don't realize it, much of the modern day technology utilized in medical practice, such as the MRI, EEG, (electroencephalogram) etc. actually measure the energy flow in your body to pinpoint specific health problems.

Understanding this, and also understanding through proven scientific research that EVERYTHING, including the human body consists of pure energy, could it be that energy type procedures could be utilized for achieving natural health worldwide?


Not only could it be but it is happening all over the world even as you read this information! Unfortunately it IS NOT happening in mainstream medical practice and those that have discovered and are utilizing it successfully have been and are being labeled and portrayed to the public by such names as "quack" or "new ager" etc. etc.

One of the largest causes of illness and disease worldwide is excessive stress. In fact it has recently been proven through independent research performed by Dr. Bruce Lipton at Stanford University’s School Of Medicine that contrary to previous findings concerning the correlation between stress and health, that 95% of ALL illness and disease is due to this one life threatening condition. ( Listen to an interveiw with Dr. Lipton here )

Dr Lipton's conclusions are that by first becoming aware of this stress/health correlation and acting on the information, we actually have the ability to prevent future illness and disease as well as heal ourselves of current issues, regardless of what they may be, IF we are willing to develop the awareness and establish the belief that it is possible. His findings (below) will assist you in developing the necessary mindset concerning the correlation between stress and health which will allow you to make the individual choice to take the necessary action to change the stress/health issues in your own life.

This Is HUGE news!

Did you ever hear IT on the 6:00 or 10:00 news? Neither have I. Do you not find this a little curious?

Is It Really Possible That Energy Can Heal Our Bodies?

Since, through recent scientific discoveries, we have come to understand that everything in our Universe, including the human body, is at it’s core comprised of pure energy it is not only possible that energy can heal the body, but is actually happening everyday with people all around the world!

In recent years hundreds of thousands have witnessed and experienced first hand what had been previously perceived as miracles in our religious circles for thousands of years. In the past many would seek out various healers looking for relief from a number of conditions that the medical community had previously written off as terminal and provided no further hope for the patient utilizing conventional medical procedures. In many cases these patients were in fact healed by these methods which have astounded the masses for thousands of years and have been referred to as miracles.

With the recent scientific understandings that have surfaced in recent years it has become evident how it was and still is possible for these otherwise helpless individuals to experience immediate and total healing. It has also been discovered that a natural health alternative that allows the individual to utilize a technique independently which can and does have the same profound healing effect!

Falsely established traditional beliefs have and will continue to deter people from living the lives that they were intended to live, unless and until those individuals take the steps necessary to discover and develop the awareness that there are other natural health possibilities available to them that could change the very beliefs that have dramatically and needlessly restricted their lives to this point.

The reality of your ability to achieve a state of Natural Health is one such belief that needs to be established!

Let's take a deeper look at some of the recent and amazing scientific findings by Dr. Lipton........

Recent Scientific Research Has Proven That The Human Body Was Created To, And Has The Potential To Heal Itself?

Recent research conducted by Dr. Bruce Lipton at Stanford University’s School Of Medicine has discovered and documented proof that contrary to previous belief, the human body is more than capable of healing itself, when given the opportunity.

Previous beliefs were that many illnesses and diseases experienced by humans was a result of genetic disorders passed down from generation to generation, and that many of the people that suffered from these various conditions had no control over them.

Through Dr. Liptons research, a new belief has emerged that may very well change the course of medical history and allow previously helpless patients to begin the process of discovering that they do have a natural health alternative that provides them with the potential to heal themselves without the need for surgical procedures and exorbitantly overpriced and potentially harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

While old beliefs were that many human diseases were passed through the genetic makeup of humans and that an individuals health was largely dependent on previous generations , Dr. Lipton’s research has shown that disease in an individuals cellular structure is NOT genetic but instead responds to external conditions and circumstances and that by changing the internal factors that are responsible, these very cells are enabled to actually balance out and go to work in correcting issues that had previously developed into disease. His work has shown that it is not the various diseases that are actually passed down from generation to generation but instead memories within the cellular structure which creates disease in the human body if it is not properly dealt with. His discovery has been since validated by many, and has come to be known as cellular memory. By learning to eliminate and replace the destructive memory of each individual cell, it actually allows the human body to heal itself as it was intended to do.

This stress/health correlation is a HUGE discovery for those that previously believed that there was nothing that could be done to heal the many diseases that seem to be prevalent today.

To quote Dr. Lipton……

“In actuality, we are made up of a "community of 50 trillion cells" which are each "sentient living beings," and these cells react to the environment they encounter. Every human is like a "skin covered Petri dish" and their health is a reflection of how they perceive the environment", said Dr. Lipton.

"We have stem cells that should regenerate and repair our bodies but the chemistry that we put in from the outside interferes with that activity. Further, our belief system, indoctrinated into us from the time we are children, tells us that we can't heal ourselves on our own, that we must go to a doctor", he pointed out.

His research further points out that 95% of all illness and disease is caused by stress!

In his words……

"When the mind perceives that the environment is safe and supportive, the cells are preoccupied with the growth and maintenance of the body. In stressful situations, cells forego their normal growth functions and adopt a defensive ‘protection’ posture. The body’s energy resources normally used to sustain growth are diverted to systems that provide protection during periods of stress. Simply, growth processes are restricted or suspended in a stressed system. While our systems can accommodate periods of acute (brief) stress, prolonged or chronic stress is debilitating for its energy demands and interfere with the required maintenance of the body, and as a consequence, leads to dysfunction and disease."

In a nutshell Dr. Lipton is saying that our health is largely dependent on our own emotional states and previously established beliefs, and that if those beliefs are such that cause us continual stress, our bodies are going to react to that stress by getting ill! Listen to Dr. Liptons interveiw here

Since stress, or the controlling of stress, is such an important factor in maintaining good health let's explore a few of the natural stress relief techniques that I have utilized and found to be extremely effective.

Powerful and Proven Alternatives To Facilitate Natural Stress Relief Techniques And Profound Self Healing

There are several natural and very effective means to reduce and even eliminate chronic stress from your life naturally and without the need for pharmaceutical drugs.

The first of these is meditation . Meditation allows the practitioner to enter into deeply relaxed states that dramatically reduce brain wave activity and increase energy levels allowing our bodies to experience relief from the fight or flight mode that they experience during times of stress.

I have personally found meditation to be one of the most effective natural stress reduction techniques available. If you are considering natural health alternatives as a possibilty, I encourage you to check out the many natural, and lasting health benefits that meditation provides. The numerous benefits far exceed just stress relief.

Another HUGE recent discovery that has made a profound and positive impact on the health and well being of thousands around the world, is an amazing discovery by Dr. Alex Lloyd called the Healing Codes .

Dr. Lloyds natural health discovery has impacted many lives in a huge way and the story as to how he acquired this incredible procedure is almost every bit as much amazing as the codes themselves.

The Healing Codes has nothing to do with herbal supplements, but instead works and is based on the strong correlation between stress and health, which Dr. Lipton discovered, and provides a simple and totally natural solution for dramatically reducing and even eliminating the stress and health issues that are responsible for the majority of your illnesses!

If you'd like to attend a very exciting and informative Healing Codes Teleseminar, click here . You'll discover an in depth explanation of exactly how the Healing Codes work, as well as a much deeper understanding of the correlation between stress and health and how to eliminate it from your life, for good!

Although the Healing codes aren't themselves responsible for the many seemingly miraculous healings that have occurred through their use, the Healing Codes purpose and function is to change the previously destructive "cellular memory" stored within the individual cells, which allows the cells that make up the body to move out of the fight or flight mode that Dr. Lipton referred to in his research, allowing them to balance themselves and energize naturally which in turn enables those cells to do the job that they were initially intended to do. When these cells are freed of these stressors, they literally go to work and allow the body to actually heal itself!

This ground breaking discovery has uncovered a truly amazing and profound natural health technique that has, since it's discovery, changed thousands of lives and dramatically improved the health conditions of those that the conventional medical community had previously seemed helpless to correct. In addition to numerous physical health ailments, the Healing codes has been documented to work equally as well for emotional issues.

Check out some of the many testimonials for yourself at the Healing Codes Site .

Does it not strike you as curious that afer a few years of being released and after thousands of first hand testimonials regarding the life changes that have been realized, that The Healing Codes has not made and received National Media attention? It is certainly credible.

For further research and study go to The Healing Codes Site , or if you prefer, sign up and listen in on a Healing Codes Teleseminar and discover FOR YOURSELF if The Healing Codes may not provide you with the natural health answers you may be seeking. Regardless of what the masses have been taught, led to believe, and established as truth to this point, regarding natural health, our Creator, by whichever name you choose to call Him, has long before we ever arrived, provided each and every person in our world the means and the capability to heal ourselves naturally and without the need for harmful drugs and unnecessary procedures, IF you will only take the time to research, study, and find them.

The ONLY thing that is keeping you from realizing and successfully utilizing these natural health solutions in your own life is your lack of awareness as to their existence or your lack of belief as to their effectiveness. That awareness has now been provided. What you choose to do with that awareness is up to you. If it is due to a lack of belief, ask yourself where those beliefs came from and how they were established. The beliefs that you now hold and continue to hold are also up to you. You'll never be able to determine IF those current beliefs are correct or not unless you discover additional information that will allow you to do so. Is natural health really a possibility? You'll never know unless you check out what The Healing Codes have to offer for yourself.

You have been given the inalienable right to choose what you will do with your life.

It is up to you to make that choice that will allow you to reap the many natural health benefits that are and have been made available to you and those that you love.

The many positive benefits realized are certainly much greater than the alternative that you and multi-millions of others have been led to believe is the ONLY way!

Natural Health is fast becoming a worldwide awareness, regardless of the lack of media attention, and may soon be the "New Way" of the majorities for restoring the illnesses and diseases amongst populations everywhere.

I encourage each of you to do the personal research necessary, and allow the undeniable evidence that you discover, lead you to natural health alternatives that will allow you to live long, healthy, vibrant, and fulfilling lives. That too is YOUR CHOICE.

Whatever your choices may be today and in the future, it is our sincere hope that they will lead you one step closer to living a life of Love, Joy, Fulfillment, Abundant Health, Profound Inner Peace, and Unlimited Prosperity.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

According to the World Health Organization, those of us in the USA have the most expensive health care in the world with results at 72nd.

Ouch! Not very comforting, don't you think?

Do you want a choice? There IS an alternative.

Now you can own the tool that turns on your natural Healing System... and not all of the dollars of all of the pharmaceutical companies can duplicate the system you were born with.

You were born with the most effective health creation and healing mechanisms available in the world.

Learn how to activate them.

Listen To What Others Have To Say About The Healing Codes

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