Natural Remedy For Anxiety and Stress

Finding An Effective Natural Remedy For Anxiety and Stress Can Prove Confusing Until You Have The "Real" Facts

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Finding an effective natural cure for anxiety and stress can be confusing and stressful in itself until you begin to discover and develop a deep sense of self awareness concerning who and what you "truly" are.

There are numerous products available on the market today that address the physical aspects of anxiety and stress but fail to get to and uncover the root cause which is responsible for creating the anxiety and stress that so many are plagued with today.

Although there are many natural health supplements that can and often do prove effective in reducing the effects of stress, a completely natural cure for anxiety and stress goes much deeper than the physical aspects of the body that you might, as most do, "perceive" as necessary.

Although that may sound a bit baffling, as science has proven, your body broken down and analyzed in it's purest and most basic form is comprised of pure energy. You are much more complex than just organs and limbs.

Your organs and limbs as most understand are comprised of cells, but what many don't understand is what the cells themselves are made up of. The cells in your body are made up of molecules which are made up of atoms which are made up of sub-atomic particles such as neurons, electrons, quarks, photons, leptons, etc. In other words your body, the physical aspect of you that appears as arms, legs, organs etc. is at it's core "pure energy."

What could that possibly have to do with finding an effective and natural remedy for anxiety and stress? Absolutely EVERYTHING!!

When you discover and go to the root source from where this anxiety and stress are coming from you can begin to effectively deal with the "real cause" of the anxiety and stress and permanently eliminate it.

Even the most advanced technological machines used in modern day medicine today are utilized for and in essence clearly show when there are energy blockages in the body. When physical illness and dis-ease happen, at the very core of the problem it is due to these energy blockages, although modern day medicine for the most part fail to address illness and disease at this deep level. In fact the majority of the western medical community continues to push synthetically manufactured pharmaceutical drugs which can't even come close to the human bodies own ability to heal itself of ANY and EVERY illness and/or disease when it is brought into balance.

Anxiety and stress in the same way are due to energy blockages, and left unattended can and will develop into various types of illness and disease.

These energy blockages, as has been confirmed by Dr. Bruce Lipton PHD. who is a cellular biologist that has performed extensive research at Stanford Universities school of medicine and is also the best selling author of The Biology of Belief, are created by anxiety and stress. Not the type of stress that most perceive stress to be that is believed to be caused by external influence, but a form of internal stress that allows the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system to become imbalanced and out of harmony.

When this happens it disengages the bodies immune system to some extent enabling and allowing illness and disease to develop within the body.

This disengaging of sorts is due to the body "perceiving" externals as threats and keeping the bodies nervous system in what is referred to as "fight or flight mode." Although this fight or flight mode is useful and necessary in times of immediate physical danger, it's purpose and intent was to direct the bulk of the bodies energy to enable you to respond quickly and get out of the immediate danger, but NOT to remain there.

Remaining in this fight or flight mode when no external physical danger is present actually creates a chemical reaction in the body which harms the body and disengages the immune system to a great degree.

When the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system is out of balance or in disharmony, the body remains in this fight or flight mode disabling the immune system to function in the way that it was intended and it's function which under normal circumstances, it can quickly, safely and naturally handle become disrupted. When this harmony or balance is restored the body can and does handle anything going on within the body, which it is more than capable of doing completely on it's own, naturally, without the need for ANYTHING external to itself.

In fact your immune sytem can be likened to a super powered pharmacy on mega steroids in and of itself providing the body with WHATEVER it needs in a completely safe and natural way. Contrary to what many today "perceive" to be true, lotions, potions and pills aren't required for the immune system to do the job that it was created to do all by itself. The key is bringing the body into balance which fully reengages the immune system and allows it to do it's job.

OK, now that you've had your crash course in why so many today are experiencing anxiety and stress, I'll share the best natural cure for anxiety and stress that I and thousands of others have discovered?

It's called The Healing Codes which was discovered by Dr Alex Loyd PHD .

In fact it has proven to be an immensely profound discovery that has generated thousands of testimonials from all around the world where people are discovering that they can safely and naturally cure anything from A-Z simply by harmonizing and balancing the immune system and completely eliminate stress and anxiety enabling the body to do what it was intended to do.

That is what the Healing Codes does in a very simple yet most profound and astounding manner. Not only has it proven to be a powerful and effective natural remedy for anxiety and stress but through it's ability to get to the root of and eliminate these silent killers, are enabling and empowering people to rid themselves of illness and disease that the conventional medical community has in many cases labeled terminal.

One such case is Dr. Ben Johnson who holds three medical degrees and practiced in conventional medicine for over 30 years.

If you're looking for a completely safe and natural remedy for anxiety and stress, prior to doing anything check out these video testimonials concerning what others have to say with regard to The Healing Codes many of who were VERY skeptical initially, and decide for yourself.

The results as thousands have discovered have proven to be nothing short of astounding and have transformed lives around the world.

As I say throughout Abundance and, don't take my word for it, check out The Healing Codes website and decide for yourself. We have each been provided with a precious and sacred gift which is the inalienable right of free will to choose how we will live our lives. It is the purpose and intent of to provide you with information and transformational tools that will enable you to discover and experience the quality of life that is available to all.

We believe, based on personal as well as the experiences of thousands of others, that The Healing Codes will not only provide you with a powerful and natural remedy for anxiety and stress, but assist in providing you with optimal health in EVERY aspect of your life.

Whatever choices you choose to make it is our sincere and heartfelt hope that your choices might lead you one step closer to experiencing a life filled with health, wealth, fulfillment, profound inner peace and limitless prosperity in each and EVERY aspect of your life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

The Healing Codes

The Healing Codes are assisting thousands of people, including doctors, with a powerful and natural remedy for anxiety and stress AND preventing and healing illness and disease spontaneously and WITHOUT modern medicine.

The Healing Codes Dr Alex Loyd Dr Ben Johnso

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