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A Stress Management Article That EVERYONE Needs To Read! Discover How To Relieve Stress In Your Life Safely, Naturally, And Permanently!!

Did You Know That....

  • ...Excessive Stress Is The #1 Cause Of All Illness and Disease In The World?

  • ...Contrary To Popular and Widespread Belief, That Stress DOES NOT Originate Due To External Circumstances?

  • ...By Eliminating The Internal "Cellular Memories" That Are Directly Responsible For Causing Your Stress, That Your Body Can And Will Regain it’s Natural Ability to Begin Healing Itself

What Exactly Does That Mean To You?

It means that you can finally learn how to relieve stress safely and naturally, without the need for pharmaceutical drugs, and allow your body to once again begin doing the job that it was originally intended to do. Go back to work eliminating and preventing illness and dis-ease in YOUR body!!!

We’ve all experienced those days when things didn’t go quite right. Whether it be at the office, at home, in bumper to bumper traffic, under pressure to make the monthly obligations that we refer to as bills, etc. At times it just seems nearly impossible to maintain a sense of peace and calm. What’s the result? Stress.

As widespread and common as stress has become it has never been more important to find out safe and natural ways of how to relieve stress from our lives.

There are a number of stress management techniques available today, most of them pharmaceutical cover ups that will temporarily reduce the sensation of stress but will still allow the inevitable results of that stress or symptoms of stress to effect you, not to mention the many negative side effects that can occur. The common belief is that when a pill is taken and the symptoms of stress disappear, that the stress is gone. What so many fail to understand is that by merely eliminating the symptoms, the true cause of the stress is not being properly dealt with. The result is that the underlying cause continues and allows the body to remain out of balance. It is this imbalance that is responsible for 95% of the illness and dis-ease that so many needlessly suffer from.

While a certain amount of stress is natural as well as normal, and has shown to have no effect on the health of individuals, and in some cases is quite necessary, chronic or excessive stress has been proven to be detrimental to your overall health, and A LOT more so than you may have previously realized!

First let’s take a look at what stress really is as it relates to us and our lives and try to discover and discern how and why it is that we allow this harmful and many times deadly condition to enter into and effect our lives in such a significant way. By having a full understanding of what stress is, it will enable you to better know how to properly and effectively relieve the stress that YOU may be experiencing.

Merriam Webster’s definition of stress is……

Main Entry: 1stress Function: nounPronunciation: 'stresEtymology: Middle English stresse stress, distress, short for destresse -- 1 : constraining force or influence: as a : a force exerted when one body or body part presses on, pulls on, pushes against, or tends to compress or twist another body or body part ; especially : the intensity of this mutual force commonly expressed in pounds per square inch b : the deformation caused in a body by such a force c : a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation d : a state resulting from a stress ; especially : one of bodily or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter an existent equilibrium e : STRAIN , PRESSURE

Wow, pretty serious stuff don’t you think?

In this article we’ll take a closer look as to how and why we each allow this life draining and potentially deadly condition to effect our lives, more specifically how it is that stress can effect our overall health, and then finally and most importantly, how to eliminate the chronic stress that is responsible for so much of the illness and dis-ease that plagues our world today.

Where Does Stress Originate From?

Actually stress has been around since the beginning of man and was derived through your ancestors a long long time ago. In the primitive days stress was a very important thing to experience if one was to survive for long. In those days when a frightening experience happened, the fight or flight mode was necessary and allowed those that experienced it to better escape whatever potential harm was being presented to them.

In modern day though, this fight or flight mode is not necessary. Although the response to stress was handed down genetically and remains with us today, in the modern day world the stress that we experience is due to our beliefs concerning a situation. For example if someone has been involved in a traumatic experience at some point in their lives they may suffer from what is known as post traumatic stress disorder. Although the event may have happened long ago, it is the memory of the event that has become internalized and is the reason for experiencing continual anxiety and stress even though the event which was responsible for it has long since passed. Until they learn how to relieve the stress that was created, many health problems can emerge.

The common belief concerning how stress originates within you is that external or outside circumstances are responsible for creating it. The continual pressure of fulfilling day to day tasks, pressing obligations of varying types, traffic jams, a perceived lack of time, etc. etc. have been previously believed to create the condition that has for many years been referred to as stress.

This traditionally established belief has caused those that experience stress on a regular basis to come to the conclusion that there is actually nothing that they can personally do about it and as a result have come to accept it as a “Fact of Life.” This belief, as false as it is, is the reason that so many, most without even being aware of it, experience minor health issues such as colds, flu, allergies, etc. and many experience a serious or debilitating illness or dis-ease at some point in their lives.

The first major step in learning how to relieve stress is understanding how it comes about.

When a physical or mental event threatens this equilibrium, we react to it. This process is often referred to as the "fight or flight response." When our bodies go into this fight or flight mode what is actually taking place is that the cells that would normally focus their attention on correcting imbalances in the body change that focus to readying themselves (go into protect mode) to react and ready the body to react to the circumstances that you are stressed concerning. Through this process the imbalances that are allowed to continue in your body are the very imbalances that are causing your illness and disease. Until you learn how to relieve stress, this process will continue.

The Effects of Stress On Your Overall Health and Well Being?

For many years it has been understood that excessive stress can and will have an impact on affecting your overall health and well being. Recent scientific and medical estimates were that roughly 70% of all illness and disease was created as a result of the negative effects of stress. Recent scientific research performed by Dr. Bruce Lipton PHD, at Stanford Universities School of Medicine suggests that the negative impact of stress on your overall well being is actually MUCH higher. How much higher? According to Dr. Lipton 95% or more of ALL illness and disease is due to chronic and excessive stress! 95%!!

While this new discover may be alarming to some, Dr Lipton’s research also points out that armed with this new knowledge, it is possible, by learning how to relieve stress, to completely eliminate the effects of stress from your life and allow your body to regain it’s ability to go back to work healing itself with the natural internal processes that each of us was born with.

Dr. Lipton’s incredible and promising research also concludes that contrary to popular belief, that stress IS NOT created by external circumstances as many have come to believe, but instead is experienced due to internal processes that are happening within each and every person on earth. Rather than previously held beliefs, Dr. Lipton’s work has shown that illness and disease is NOT genetically handed down from generation to generation, but instead it is due to “Cellular Memories” that are handed down which are directly responsible for the illness and disease that you experience.

What exactly does this mean to you? It means that the stress that you are experiencing each and every day, the same stress that is responsible for creating 95% of illness and dis-ease in the human population can be dealt with effectively and naturally simply by developing the CORRECT AWARENESS as to how it is brought about, and taking the correct action to eliminate it. This is incredible news!! Why? Because NOW rather than believing the stress that you have experienced to this point is out of your personal control to correct, actually can be changed by you, NATURALLY without the need for potentially harmful and addictive pharmaceutical drugs, from which over 141,000 adverse reactions are reported each and every year.

It means that by developing the CORRECT awareness of how to truly recognize and eliminate the chronic stress that you experience each day and learning to effectively eliminate that stress from your life, your body will actually transform from “Protect Mode” which it goes into during periods of stress, and return to it’s natural state of “Growth Mode” and allow you to experience energized and robust health always, and thereby eliminating entirely nearly all forms of illness and dis-ease.

This natural healing mechanism that you have been provided with isn’t limited to curing minor illness such as flu, viruses, emotional issues, etc. but can actually heal serious illness and disease as well that previous to it’s discovery was responsible for millions of deaths worldwide that the conventional medical community found itself helpless and unable to effectively treat.

This new discover could and should change the entire course of medical history and through a thorough and correct understanding of exactly how to utilize it and taking the necessary steps to discover how to correctly relieve stress from your life could enable you and those you love to completely eliminate illness and disease from your life!

So exactly what steps do you need to take to begin experiencing this life changing discovery for yourself? That is what we’ll cover next. But first let's look at....

The Physical and Emotional Symptoms Of Stress

The physical and emotional symptoms of stress are many and are not only responsible for the majority of illness and disease that you experience but can have a negative effect on other areas of your life as well. If you are experiecing some or all of these, you are more than likely experiencing chronic stress.

Some Of The Physical Symptoms Are……..

* Sleep disturbances

* Shoulder, neck or back pain

* Tension or migraine headaches

* Upset or acid stomach, cramps, heartburn, gas, irritable bowel syndrome

* Constipation, diarrhea

* Weight loss or gain, irregular eating habits

* Loss of hair

* Muscle tension

* Fatigue, tiredness

* High blood pressure

* Irregular heartbeat, palpitations

* Asthma or shortness of breath

* Chest pain

* Sweaty hands or palms

* Cold feet or hands

* Skin problems (hives, eczema, psoriasis, tics, itching)

* Periodontal disease, jaw pain

* Reproductive problems

* Immune system breakdown

* Growth inhibition

Some Of The Emotional Symptoms Are....

* Nervousness, anxiety depression, moodiness

* Irritability, frustration

* Memory problems

* Lack of focus and concentration

* Trouble thinking clearly

* Feeling out of control

* Substance abuse

* Numerous phobias

* Overreactions to circumstances

These many minor symptoms don’t take into account the many serious illnesses’s and diseases that are experienced and brought about due to consistent stress.

Now let's take a look at a safe and natural discovery on how to relieve stress....

Natural and Effective Ways Of Eliminating The Stress That Is Effecting Every Area Of Your Life

As mentioned previously there are many synthetically manufactured "quick fixes" that will temporarily eliminate the "symptoms" of stress, but only a very limited number of natural stress relief techniques that will naturally and effectively teach you how to relieve stress from your life by seeking out and addressing the "core issues" that are actually responsible for it.

Now we'll discover a natural, powerful, and effective means to reduce the stress that is preventing your body from healing,subdue short or long term pain, AND rid yourself of fears, phobias and painful memories.

That in itself should be enough to make you take action to learn how to relieve stress that you are experiencing!

There is a fairly recent discovery that has surfaced that may prove to be the turning point in medical science. In the few years since it’s discovery literally thousands have reported results that are nothing short of miraculous.

This new discovery will literally and very simply teach you how to relieve stress from your life for good, and allow your body to Move Out Of "Protect Mode" and Return To "Growth Mode."

Dr. Alex Lloyd and Dr. Ben Johnson travel the world spreading the word concerning this fantastic and life changing discovery. What is it? It is called The Healing Codes and at this point has been responsible for thousands of life altering experiences that those that have utilized it have experienced worldwide.

Hundreds upon hundreds of personal testimonials continue to pour in as the news and use of The Healing Codes continues to spread and people around the world appear to be experiencing profound and seeming miraculous benefits through it’s use.

The Healing Codes, originally discovered by Dr. Alex Lloyd came about as a result of years of searching for an effective way to cure his wifes 12 year bout with severe chronic depression.

In Dr. Lloyds words….

"For 12 years I prayed for my wife, that her depression might be healed. I even went back to medical school in the hopes that I might discover a cure. Then one day while flying at an altitude of 33,000 ft., WHAM it hit me. I developed a crystal clear line of thought." ( Read Dr. Lloyd's amazing story here ) Shortly thereafter Dr. Lloyd’s and Dr. Ben Johnson’s life paths intersected. Just prior to meeting Dr. Lloyd, Dr. Johnson had been diagnosed by two different Doctors, on two separate occasions, with a terminal disease known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. At this point in conventional medical practice there is no known cure for this terminal disease, and 80% of those that are diagnosed with it die within five years of diagnosis.

To make a long story short, Dr. Johnson learned of and began utilizing Dr. Lloyd’s discovery and after only 8 weeks returned to the first Dr. who had diagnosed him and asked that the test for Lou Gehrig’s be redone. Amazingly the disease had disappeared! There was absolutely NO TRACE of this deadly disease that had been diagnosed only 2 months earlier, and after more than a year appears to be gone forever.

At that point Dr. Johnson, who had previously run a cancer clinic in Atlanta Georgia, began teaching his staff how to utilize the Healing Codes at that facility, with profound and dramatic results.

To quote Dr. Johnson….

“"The Healing Code changes stress in a matter of minutes- in a scientifically provable and reproducible way - thus eliminating the cause of illness and disease in the body. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE!"

Exactly What Can The Healing Codes Do For You?

Through The Use Of The Healing Codes You Can Discover How To Relieve Stress AND….

o Super Charge your immune system…

o Help your body heal itself…

o Turn on your natural healing systems to heal pain, stress, fear, depression and disease…

o Turn on your body's cells from Protect Mode to Growth Mode. In growth mode, your body's cells can protect you from or heal almost anything.

Quite simply The Healing Codes turns on your natural immune system which can respond to anything! To my knowledge there is no other program that will teach you simply and quickly how to relieve stress from your life with the same simplicity and immediate results that the Healing Codes provides.

I encourage you to check out The Healing Codes website and decide for yourself if the Healing Codes aren't the vehicle that will show you how to relieve stress from your life forever. You may also want to register for one of the free free teleseminars where you can hear first hand not only the benefits that the Healing codes can provide for you and your family, but also listen to testimonials from those that have experienced the wonderful benefits that the healing codes have provided them.

You don’t have to be currently ill for it to make a dramatic difference in your own life and those that you love, and through it’s use may be the very thing that you need to finally learn how to relieve stress forever and never have to experience the trauma of acquiring a serious or terminal disease.

Discover the impact that the day to day stress that you and those that you love experience and the negative and many times deadly impact it can have on your overall health and take action toward doing something about it. Taking the time to learn how to relieve stress from your life is a major first step in improving your overall life experience. You really can experience pristine health, vitality, high energy, and overall emotional and physical well being through safe and NATURAL means once you know how. Now You Do. What you do with that knowing is your choice. Take the first crucial step in learning how to relieve stress which is responsible for keeping you and your life out of balance.

You have been provided with the inalienable right to choose what you will do with your life. It is the mission and purpose of to assist you in becoming aware of specific action steps that you can take to not only learn how to relieve stress from your life but improve your overall health and well being and discover how to experience overall improvement and self empowerment in your day to day life experience.

I realize their are many wild claims floating around on the internet these days. Sadly, it is due to these that many people become apprehensive and never discover legitimate, powerful, and life changing discoveries that truly can improve their lives in dramatic and powerful ways. The Healing Codes is one such discovery that truly will show you how to relieve stress from your life and may very well be the discovery that can save it. The Healing Codes will not only effectively teach you how to relieve stress and gain back your bodies natural ability to achieve overall health but may also change your entire life in other areas as well.

It is our sincere hope that the choices you make both today and in the future will bring you one step closer to experiencing a life of joy, fulfillment, inner peace, phenomenal health, and unlimited prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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