What You Know and Don't Know
Can Both Hurt You Or Help You

34th Edition Of "Enlightened Journey" Ezine

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What You Know and Don't Know
Can Both Hurt You Or Help You!!

Part 1 of 3

Calling ALL Humans : Learning To Consciously Choose Your Paths Can and Will
Transform Your Entire Life!!

Wake Up, Become "Conscious" and Choose Wisely

"The best and most life transforming advice I could ever provide to someone looking for answers with regard to enhancing their quality of life is to take the initiative to become keenly aware of the power and guidance that lies within yourself.

There you will discover a "profound" depth of wisdom and understanding leading to a life of fulfillment and harmony that far exceeds anything acquired in the external world." - Chuck Danes

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This edition of Enlightened Journey will explain in explicit detail and easy to understand language WHY it's SOOO important to examine and become conscious of what you know and don't know to more consistently create and experience "Desired" results.

You'll also understand how to overcome those things that you may already know better about but can't seem to shake and get around.

We’re going to be addressing some things that are often “perceived” to be common knowledge. Things that although often “perceived” to be true aren’t necessarily true at all based on what I believe to be and often refer to as a “Higher Truth.”

As we progress you'll discover that things that we know as well as what we don't know can and do impact our lives and many times create outcomes that are the exact opposite of what we actually "thought" and "believed" they would.

As an example…

Have you ever heard the statement…“What you don’t know can’t hurt you?”

Probably the more important question is...“Do you BELIEVE that what you don’t know can’t hurt you?”

Throughout my life I’ve heard that statement I don’t know how many times. Too many to count actually.

Quite honestly, as silly as I feel admitting it now, at one point many years ago, I actually believed it.

I suppose there are a number of people who, due to hearing and being exposed to it as much as I have might believe it too and say that it’s “common knowledge.”

Perhaps even, you’re allowing what so many claim and consider as being “common knowledge” to limit your personal results and outcomes in life by also “allowing” what’s widely accepted as “true” to become your truth.

What’s true and “not true” is simply a matter of perspective. It’s these individual perspectives that determine our “perceptions” which are mirrored back and reflected in each of our lives…in each and every area of our lives and determine without fail our individual experiences in each of these areas.

Although it may be accepted as true based on the perspectives of many, like a lot of things that are considered as “common knowledge” and often “perceived“ by the vast majority as true - from where I’m standing the statement “What you don’t know can’t hurt you” is some very irresponsible, dangerous, dis-empowering and REALLY BAD advice!!

Something that perhaps you’ve come to know and believe that CAN’T hurt or affect you.

The fact of the matter is…

What you don’t know most certainly CAN and WILL hurt you!!!

How so?

Well let me begin by providing a bit more substance and backing up that statement with a timeless quote to build my "case" on.

Timeless Wisdom
Based On A "Higher Truth"

As Napoleon Hill so correctly quoted…

"If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self."

What could those words of wisdom possibly have to do with what you don’t know and how what you don’t know could possibly hurt you?

The straight to the point answer is that choosing to not know YOURSELF can and does most certainly hurt you. Or at least hold you back in the "physical sense" of the word by keeping you from achieving more of the "desired outcomes" at the levels that so many desire yet so few ever experience.

Why is it that so few achieve these desired outcomes? Few choose to develop the level of self awareness that enables them to know and understand at the deepest levels that they have been provided the ability and are more than capable of achieving any and EVERY outcome that they desire to create.

Contrary to what might be proclaimed as “true” by the vast majority…There are NO LIMITS to what you can accomplish…ABSOLUTELY NONE, with the exception of the limits that YOU place on yourself.

It’s my hope that what I share can at some point assist you in “getting that” if you don't already.

If you only grasp one tidbit of useful information from this edition, I hope it’s the understanding of the transformational power that is, always has been and always will be available to you to be, do and have whatever you choose.

It’s a power that literally EVERYONE was provided, yet so few are “aware of“ and “believe” is theirs to use in whatever outcomes they choose to create. The result? They fail to utilize this “Higher Truth“ enabling them to experience a kind and quality of life that we‘ve all been provided the ability to create.

If you’re not experiencing that currently in your own life, it’s only necessary to explore things a bit more…to develop a deeper understanding regarding yourself that you may or may not currently possess and begin making the choices and taking the action that will enable you to do so.

Whether you are currently “aware” of it or not…whether you currently “believe” it or not…you DO have that ability regardless of who you are or what your current outcomes might be.

Self Awareness is the often times overlooked KEY to experiencing a kind and quality of life that far exceeds what's considered to be the "norm."

One of the most important things that ANYONE with a sincere desire to achieve above average outcomes in life can do is to make the choice to "know thyself." A choice to do so enables you to become the conscious and intentional creator of your life regardless of what area of life that might be and regardless of what might be happening in the world around you.

Developing self awareness is as I have found, without question, the number 1 MOST IMPORTANT factor in becoming a conscious and intentional creator of your reality...

...Yet amazingly most choose not to.

Self Awareness Goes Deeper and Is Far More Powerful Than Most Know

Let's take a look at what "real self awareness" is.

I’m not referring to a level of knowing yourself as in I’m a 38 year old Mom or a Dad who’s an executive for such and such a company who lives on Happy Lane.

Real “Self Awareness” goes MUCH deeper than that.

I’m referring to REALLY knowing yourself at the deepest levels…at the core of who and what you are and once discovered harmonizing this understanding with regard to this "real you" with the physical aspects of you.

This "real you" is discovering the spiritual/metaphysical aspects of who and what you are. That’s the first and most essential level. That’s where all this physical stuff comes from.

Once you fully grasp and understand that, then there’s the "physical aspect" of you to consider and understand. The physical “meat suit” you that also needs to be understood which entails becoming familiar as well as knowing about how your physical self works, what makes you tick and making the choice to develop the awareness and understanding with regard to what is "good" and "not so good" for you.

This also requires choosing to become and remain aware of what’s going on around you in your immediate environment.

To know yourself…I mean REALLY know yourself requires going beyond simply discovering and knowing about and understanding only the “spiritual aspects” of you and the power you’ve been provided. It’s also necessary to know and understand how the spiritual you and the physical aspects of you merge and learning to consciously harmonize the 2 to fully experience all that is available to and for you.

It requires an understanding regarding both our bodies AND ourselves. Our “true” selves.

If you're more scientifically minded and prefer what modern day science has discovered...

I suppose you could say it's simply a matter of discovering and harmonizing the quantum you (the metaphysical and/or energy aspects of you) with the Newtonian physics you (the physical “meat suit“ you) which when properly harmonized creates extraordinary results in every aspect of life.

Once you choose to DO that you can learn to effectively and consistently harmonize the two and you'll discover and experience for yourself the "miracle creating power" that you, me and everyone else on the planet has been provided.

The fact of the matter is, we’re all creating our lives already. Some are doing so by design and others are doing so by default. Put another way, some are doing so consciously and others are doing so unconsciously.

Since this is true, we might just as well learn and develop the understanding of how to do so consciously and consistently which results in creating more of the “desired” outcomes.

To do so effectively and in a way that you know and with some level of certainty can predict what kind of outcomes you'll experience requires some "doing" on your part initially.

Sure you can listen and buy into what everybody else tells you and in many cases has told you throughout your life regarding what is true and not true for you…what is good and not good for you…what is possible or not possible for you whether it be individuals, institutions, etc. You certainly have the ability and the free will to make that choice for yourself for sure.

That’s one of the great things about life. We’ve been provided a free will. The freedom to choose our paths and based on those choices to experience outcomes that align and harmonize perfectly with them.

Listening to and accepting what every one else tells us is true is certainly an option that we have.

But I can assure you that’s what most have been doing their entire lives and precisely why more aren’t aware and don’t understand or even “believe” for that matter, that they have been provided both the choice and the ability to experience a kind and quality of life that the vast majority aren’t. Yet it is, always has been and always will be available to all willing to wake up, become aware and decide to apply and utilize what they discover as a result of those initial choices.

I believe that to be ONE of the biggest reasons that so many never achieve and experience the kind and quality of life that they truly desire and have every bit as much ability to achieve as anyone else.

Why do I say ONE of the biggest reasons?

Because there are those who do understand this…who DO go to this depth of self exploration…who DO choose to learn and explore deeper than most are willing to and discover this “truth” about who and what they are…who DO grasp the power and potential they‘ve been provided, yet once the intellectual understanding is acquired…once they “know”, they don’t apply what they discover and have come to know which is equally important and an essential aspect of creating and experiencing the outcomes that they desire and went to all the time and trouble to learn that they had the potential to do.

They stay stuck in the awe and profound nature of “spirit land” and allow the physical things that are essential for experiencing a phenomenal physical life to go undone.

Don’t get me wrong…I'm certainly not downing or judging anyone.

I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say, I’ve been there and done that. That’s one of the paths I’ve personally walked. For me it was a necessary path. Had I not walked down it and been provided the opportunity to fully experience it, I wouldn’t be provided the opportunity to share what I’ve personally discovered and experienced as a result of that choice with you.

In fact I’ve tried it both ways. I relied specifically on the physical aspects of creating what I was told and taught was necessary to achieve success. I worked hard. I did all the doing that I was told and taught was necessary. I even acquired many of the toys and "physical things" that so many "know" will make them happy once they acquire them.

As much worldly success as I had achieved through all my "doingness" it didn't take long to figure out there was still something missing.

So, I engaged in "self exploration." What I discovered was beyond words. Profound doesn't even come close to explaining it.

I also discovered through personal experience that when you first discover this “spiritual aspect” of yourself and the pure, untainted and limitless power that exists and is available to you, it can be really easy and tempting to want to stay in this “profound place” forever!!

But, as I would also discover, it’s necessary to find that middle ground…become disciplined in harmonizing the profound nature of what I refer to as Actuality with reality if you hope to fully utilize and benefit from the unlimited potential and untainted power you discover in “Actuality.”

That’s why I do what I do. To assist people who have the desire to learn how to do that. That’s what I love and am passionate about doing. It’s what I've made my mission in life and believe to be my purpose for being here. Sharing what I’ve discovered through my many years of “path walking” with you so that you might be enabled and empowered to shorten your individual path to “Real Wealth and Success” and experience far greater results in far less time and with far fewer steps than I, enabling you to experience your fondest hopes, dreams and desires in "physical form" for yourself.

It’s not that I want to rob you of the ability to see and personally experience some of the same scenery I have for yourself, but only assist you in seeing more of the beautiful and pleasant scenery without having to unnecessarily look at and experience what you might “perceive” at the time you’re moving through and looking at it to be not so beautiful and pleasant.

The Paths Of Life Are Many and The Scenery Your Own Choosing

Although as I look back now and understand how important and beneficial ALL of these various types of paths and the scenery I’ve viewed were for me individually, had I been made aware sooner of some of the “not so pleasant scenery” that I’ve encountered along the way…I can’t help but think that I might have made the choice to bypass much of it.

The number of paths available to each of us is infinite in nature. Some of these paths lead us through what we might consider to be pleasant, enjoyable and even magnificent views and others that we find and perceive to be much less than that.

The most important conclusion we can come to is that it’s our individual choices that, without exception and without fail determines what that will be for us.

With the stage set and before I start rambling, here’s what I’m leading to…

I think I’ve shared enough over the years to enable the majority of you to understand and grasp the facts concerning the power that you have been provided individually.

If you’re fairly new to the ezine, and not real familiar with much of what I’ve shared over the years, you can catch up on some of that by clicking here and reviewing some of the Enlightened Journey Online back issues.

You can also gain additional insight and understanding regarding how outcomes in life are experienced...what we "perceive" as success and failure, by exploring and absorbing what I've spent the last 5 years creating and freely sharing throughout Abundance-and-Happiness.com.

For those who have been with me for awhile...

I’ve hopefully been effective in providing both the “tangible proof” as well as the insight that at the very least has you in the infancy stages of grasping and “believing”, that you “truly are” an infinite and limitless being with unlimited potential and who does have the capability to be, do and have whatever you choose to be, do and have.

I receive a number of contacts from those of you who write to thank me for my contribution, who share your stories of growth as well as the fact that you truly do “get it.” That’s far more fulfilling than I can possibly express.

By the same token, I’m also aware based on a consistent flow of contacts I receive, that there are a number of you who don’t yet “get it” as well as a number who do but may not be applying what you know in a way that enables you to experience the “power and realness” behind the information that I freely share.

Maybe for some it’s just too much to grasp. Too BIG to chew at this point. That’s OK too. I certainly can’t be all things to all people.

Some are ready and some aren’t.

This month I’ve decided to bring the message down to a more “physical level.”

I’ve decided to write about a topic in this edition of Enlightened Journey that is of a more physical and tangible nature. Something that affects and impacts each and everyone of us equally regardless of your depth of understanding or lack of with regard to the unseen, spiritual or metaphysical aspects of life.

Although it is what happens at this unseen spiritual/metaphysical level which does determine how all this “physical stuff“ shows up in the world, there are many who are not ready and in the place to fully digest, accept and utilize that depth of understanding in a way that produces desired results now.

That’s what most want I think. Results…measurable and tangible results, right now.

I’m going to honor what I believ most want this month but not without making the following point first…

Fast, Cheap and Easy Isn't Always Best

We live in a fast food I want it now world. We have convenience stores, fast food drive up windows and the like. Some of these conveniences are good and some “not so good.”

Take McDonalds for example…it’s fast and some find the food tasty, yet if you do any research about the quality of the food and it’s nutritional value you’ll find that it can put you in a less than healthy place really fast. Almost as fast as they can serve it up.

No…I’m not judging or downing McDonalds. I’m simply making the point that fast, easy and now isn’t always best.

My wife might take hours to cook a meal but I can assure you it beats the hell out of McDonalds, tastes a WHOLE BUNCH better and it’s MUCH better for me on a nutritional level.

Granted, it requires a bit more effort initially, but the long term benefits are much better.

Growth is kind of like that. Both personal and spiritual. It’s a process. It takes time. Yea, you might see and hear and even buy into all the claims of “Change Your Life In A Matter Of Minutes With My Newly Discovered Secret” or “The New, Fast and Simple Cure for Literally EVERYTHING In Your Life“, but do you REALLY get that?

Most times not. Think about it. The quick, cheap and easy step by step cookie cutter approach to fully experiencing every desire you’d like to experience in your life just simply doesn't work for everybody. There are too many variables.

So, with that in mind, in this issue I’ve chosen to place emphasis on emotional and physiological health specifically that can and will,
if embraced, accepted and APPLIED
create noticeable and immediate results in YOUR life starting right now.

Physical health is an area of life that is of importance to everyone and provides tangible results.

HUGE results in fact which spill over into and determines how the other physical aspects of your life unfold, not only in the area of physiological health but the outcomes that we each experience in every other aspect of life as well.

We’ll be touching on this as well as discuss something that many are both aware of and personally affected by, yet who aren’t sure exactly what to do about it.

The benefits gained aren’t dependent on how old or young you are. It’s not dependent on anything with the exception of your ability to see it as real and possible for you as well as a willingness to “apply” what you discover.

Another Timeless and Transformational Truth

Let’s begin by exploring a timeless yet extremely powerful transformational truth that once understood provides a solid and unshakable foundation to build upon.

It’s not anything “New.” It’s not a secret yet I believe it’s a piece of timeless wisdom that few really take the time to think deeply about and as a result miss the potentially transformational power behind it.

As spiritual text states so powerfully…

”The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”

How true and powerful that statement is. That’s something that we can all relate to right?

Yet what could that possibly have to do with creating desirable results in life?

Well, from my perspective it's like this...

We want this or that…we have this deep down burning desire or desires to experience this outcome or that outcome yet we just can’t seem to get our physical bodies to fully engage and participate in the process long enough to make these desires “real.“

Not that it always takes a long time. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting the “flesh” to participate and buy into the process which can and does at times provide immediate results. Many times what we often “perceive” to be miraculous results. Although in a sense they are, few understand that when these “miracles” happen, they are not only recipients in the process, they are active and responsible participants to a degree.

A far greater degree than most understand.

Although the personal participation isn’t always realized or understood, they do at some level happen because of something going on within ourselves as “unconscious” and unaware as we might be with regard to what our personal participation is.

Some of those who have experienced these “types” of miracles for themselves delve deeper to better understand how and why these things happen and some don’t.

Some choose to simply accept the fact that “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” and don’t delve any deeper.

So, are we just suppose to take that recorded message at face value? Should we just accept that that’s just the way things are and there’s nothing we can do to change it?

Well, I suppose you could, but that would be an unfortunate, disempowering and extremely limiting choice if you truly desire and expect to experience the hopes, dreams and visions that you hold and aspire to create in your life.

Since you’re reading this, chances are good that that’s what you want. Based on the majority of encounters I have with a such wide variety of people of all ages and from all cultures, I believe most people DO want to experience the BIG things in life…these “miracles” that so many “perceive” to happen as the result of any number of chance reasons or in some cases to be outside of their reach, whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

But why is it that so many have these “heartfelt desires” yet so few do experience them personally?

Well, from my perspective there’s only 2 reasons…

The first is because of how they “perceive and believe” that these various physical things must be created and as a result “try” so hard to create them. They depend on willpower and “physical ability” alone.

The second is because they wait for some external influence or something outside of themselves to make these things happen. They wait on the world to change so they can experience whatever changes they claim they want. They often give there power away fully believing they have no choice in the matter.

Let’s focus specifically on the majority though. Those who understand that action is required to create results but at the same time fail to tap into where their “true power” lies to create these physical things desired yet due to not fully understanding the power they hold...a choice to not discover the power to create that the "real you" has been provided, depend specifically on physical doingness to get the job done.

Although a choice...a path that many follow, that's why so many who lean specifically on doingness to achieve results do so in such a limiting manner.

As many who have tried with very limited and hard earned results can attest to, using willpower alone in more cases than not doesn’t produce desired results. Why? Well kind of like the above text I quoted…”The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”

What does spirit have to do with experiencing “desired” physical results?

The spirit aspect of us is what so many overlook. It's this aspect of us that can provide guidance and open doors that the physical us can't conceive, believe and as a result achieve by itself. The spirit us also represents the unseen and unrealized desires we hold that scream out to us to be, do or have some specific physical outcome.

Willpower for the most part is attempting to do things from a strictly “physical” vantage point and is always very limited in what can be accomplished.

Case in point…

How many New Years resolutions have you set for yourself throughout the years that you followed through on and actually achieved? If you’re like most, not very many. Perhaps even none of them.

We want to achieve this outcome but, based on our physical understanding, our habitual patterns and ways of doing things in a physical kind of way exclusively, we often fall short of the "desired" outcome.

To want something, doesn’t make what you want physical. The want…the desire is the spiritual aspect of us seeking expression but often times through choosing to use willpower alone the physical aspect of us says “Damn, this is too hard, forget it!!”

This physical aspect of us sees it as being to BIG and too hard. It’s just not possible based on where we’ve been and what we’ve come to believe to be possible.

To make this thing “real and tangible” requires both spiritual and physical participation. Both the conceptualization and acceptance of the thing desired as well as the actions required to make it real and tangible.

It requires us to first of all have the desire. This desire can be equated to a form of “love.“ A love for having and experiencing whatever the desire might be. The desire also represents the intention. Once we have and choose to hold this intention it’s necessary to keep our attention on the desired outcome, on the manifestation of this thing we desire and would “love” to experience.

First though we have to develop the belief that it’s possible for us, understanding that we’re worthy of receiving it and once we truly “get it” that we are, once we begin focusing on it’s realness in our “minds eye” and the ways and means begin showing up to make these conceptualizations “real”, taking the next essential steps which is taking the action on these ways and means which is necessary to fulfill whatever the originally intended desire might be.

To know and be aware of something without choosing to “do” anything about it, doesn’t change anything. This doing, when it’s based and dependent on our physical attributes alone shows us just how “hard” it can be to accomplish whatever it might be. That’s what willpower is to some extent…a “physical” attribute.

Willpower is dependent solely on the brain. It’s susceptible to and limited by the programming that we’ve all been exposed to, are wired for and are without question affected by.

We can’t overcome our physical inadequacies and shortcomings by willpower alone, by simply willing that we might somehow be better or get more. The fact of the matter is, as you are already more than likely aware and know, we are both spiritual and physical in nature. The spiritual drives the physical.

The cause…the “real cause” is what’s going on within us and the effects are the physical actions that we choose or don't choose resulting in another level of effect that shows up as "real and tangible" in our lives.

So our desires, our hopes, dreams and aspirations are of a spiritual nature and the tool intended to carry out and make these “spiritual things” tangible is the physical brain and body. It’s the tool that enables the spiritual us, the “real us” to express and experience itself in a tangible kind of way.

The challenge comes when the spiritual us calls out to us via these deeply held desires that the physical us would Love to experience yet this “physical aspect of us” which is intellectual, logical and rational in nature can’t quite seem to get around and move beyond all the programming, belief filters and preconceived notions as to what we “perceive” individually as being possible or not possible for us.

We choose to allow the limitations of the 5 physical senses to determine what’s real and not real, what’s possible and not possible for us. The outcome of this “unfortunate and dis-empowering choice” is that we stay stuck in the same habitual patterns creating the same kind of limited results based on the preconceived notions we hold regarding reality.

We’re directly affected and impacted by the less than empowering memories and experiences of the past as well as the fears of what might happen in the future based on these past experiences that limit us and keep us from moving beyond them to make these internally held desires real and tangible.

What so many fail to realize is that more times than not these previous "less than desired outcomes" were only created due to not fully utilizing the power that we've each been provided. By not harmonizing the "spiritual us" with the "physical us" which would make them appear in ways that are often referred to as effortless.

We often call this "learning from our mistakes." But what we learn and think we know as a result of these "perceived failures" is that it wasn't meant to be. That we're not capable or any other number of reasons.

When these hopes, dreams and desires reveal themselves and persist, the physical us often times tends to discount and write them off as illogical, impossible, silly, wishful thinking, outside of the realm of possibility etc. etc.

We’ve “been there and done that” and “know” based on our less than desired outcomes and experiences of the past, that we shouldn’t attempt to create these BIG things again.

We know we want this thing or that outcome…we hope and wish and yearn and long for it to show up, but the vast majority can’t figure out how to pull off the manifestation part of the equation. What the “spirit” aspect of us is asking and calling out to us to create.

That can at times create some pretty intense and anxious moments.

You could say there’s a form of conflict or a disharmony that exists between the “physical you“ and the “spiritual you.”

So then what happens?

This creates blocks and barriers that all too often we “perceive” to be too big to get around. What happens? We…meaning the “physical we”…begin accepting that things are just the way they are and we might just as well grin and bear it. It’s “reality” after all.

We rationalize and convince ourselves that what’s happening to this physical us is reality and we might just as well accept that fact. And so we continue throughout life settling, going through the motions, repeating our habitual patterns, doing what we’ve been taught is right, proper, realistic and logical based on the predominant opinion of the vast majority and as a result experience the same outcomes as the vast majority does.

We get into the place that we just accept and learn to grin and bear whatever “reality” throws in our path. We “perceive” and develop “solidified beliefs” that we have no say so or control over these realities that are presented to us.

You have that right for sure. You’ve been provided the free will to allow that decision to keep you in “grin and bear it mode” for the rest of your life if you’d like, but it most certainly won’t allow you to create and experience the “desires” that spirit is calling for you to express and experience.

You could continue to “settle” I suppose or you could dig just a bit deeper. Sometimes there’s only a razors edge between being “stuck” and experiencing what it is that you truly do desire to create and experience.

So, with that said, I’m going to challenge you to become aware. Aware of yourself…the REAL you as well as become more aware of what’s going on in your physical reality.

I'm going to ask that you reexamine and "consciously look at desires that you currently hold that may have resulted in what you "perceive to be" failures of the past and consider not giving up on their fulfillment.

It’s my hope that you’ll become empowered. More empowered than you have been and perhaps even begin creating and experiencing more of the desires that you have been hoping and wishing to experience but may at the same time believe might be too BIG or fall outside of the boundaries of what you “perceive” to be possible in your individual reality, although in actuality you are quite capable of creating both for yourself as well as those you love.

I’m going to challenge you to wake up and become aware. Aware of what you truly are, what is and always has been available to and for you and then, should you choose to take me up on that challenge to “apply” what you discover.

It's important to understand the need to harmonize the physical you and the spiritual you.

Personal empowerment and self actualization isn’t only about all the warm and fuzzy stuff. It’s about becoming and remaining conscious and awake. It’s about accepting personal responsibility for your life…every area of your life and making conscious choices that enable you to experience EVERY aspect of your life to the fullest.

That means quite simply experiencing every desire you have.

It’s not about settling. It’s about creating and living out your most heartfelt dreams and desires.

In actuality you don’t have to settle for anything unless YOU make the choice to do so.

This includes EVERY aspect of your life!!

Here's An Aspect Of Life That Many Don't Know They Can Control and Perceive Themselves To Be Powerless Over

I’m going to address a specific area that you might choose to disbelieve and discount as being outside of your ability to control or have any influence over. You might currently “believe” and feel totally powerless in this area currently yet hopefully through what I share you’ll begin to see and understand that in actuality you do.

It’s also my hope that you’ll also understand and begin to clearly see why so many “do believe” that they have no say so or control over this area.

It's something that most know and accept, yet it's this kind and quality of "knowing" that hurts them.

The area we’ll be looking at is your physical health. We’ll be looking at what most “believe” to be true regarding their health and why more aren’t able to create “desired” outcomes in this crucial area of their lives.

But, we’ll be doing that tomorrow.

For now, allow what we’ve covered to “soak in” a bit. Really think about it. Think about some of the things that you do know and consider where this "knowing" came from.

Does it serve you in the fulfillment of your desired outcomes or conflict with them?

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at some “practical and tangible things that will clearly show you why it is that we often “believe and perceive” things to be so real and true when the “Higher Truth” is that they’re not.

It's just one of the many many things that we know and believe to be best for us yet it's this knowing and belief that creates the opposite result desired.

More specifically we'll be exploring an area that many know and believe can help them, but could be the very thing that is actually "hurting them."

Stay Tuned….I think you’ll REALLY benefit and gain much.

That’s my “hope and intention” anyway.

See You Next Time,

Chuck Danes




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Are You Tired of All
The "Secrets"
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The 7 Hidden Keys
To Conscious Creation

by Chuck Danes

There are NO SECRETS to creating a life by design and EXPERIENCING the Life You Love...

'The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation'

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NOT So Secret Keys
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Laws of Nature...every time"

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HBI's Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Advanced Spiritual Development Series
Core I thru VII

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Core I - Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System

Higher Balance Institute Core I - Awakening Dimensional Consciousness
Core I - The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System

Core II - The Secret Key

Higher Balance Institute Core II The Secret Key
Core II - The Secret Key

Core III - Phoenix Rising

Higher Balance Institute Core III - Phoenix Rising

Core III - Phoenix Rising

Core IV - Mind Mechanix

Higher Balance Institute Core IV - Mind Mechanix

Core IV - Mind Mechanix

Core V - The Unknown Door

Higher Balance Institute Core V - Unknown Door
Core V - The Unknown Door

Core VI - The Navigator

Higher Balance Institute Core VI - The Navigator

Core VI - The Navigator

Core VII - Circle of Masters

Higher Balance Institute Core VII - Circle of Masters

Core VII - Circle of Masters

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Conscious Creation
is as Simple as
"Conscious Alignment"

Move beyond what "you think you know" about the Law of Attraction so you can Really KNOW...Certify your results

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

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