Cause And Effect

Discover The All Pervasive, All Encompassing, All Powerful
And Unerring Universal Law Of Cause And Effect

Cause and Effect
Just as an acorn can only produce an Oak Tree, the choice of YOUR actions,
can only produce effects that are congruent with the action performed
Choose Wisely

Cause and Effect, which is merely a scientific term for the Law of Attraction also known as Sowing and Reaping, and Karma, is like all universal law, extremely important to comprehend if you are to learn to attract the Abundance and Happiness that you desire into your life.

Like all other universal laws that have been put into place by the Source of everything, the Law of Cause and Effect is unchanging, unwavering, deliberate, and precise in it's application and delivery. It, like all of the other Universal Laws , knows no prejudice and delivers in exact proportion the same to all, regardless of belief, age, gender, origin, or religion based on the seeds that you choose to plant. (Cause)

Unlike man made law, the Law Of Cause and Effect is inescapable and delivers back to you, the results of whatever you give to the universe, which is dependent only on whatever action or inaction you choose to take. (or not take)

The simplest way to develop an understanding of this principle, is by utilizing an analogy, such as the growing of a plant.

Like any life on earth, a seed (cause) must first exist in order for anything to enter into and experience life.

For the sake of our example, we will refer to a sunflower seed. First of all the seed (cause) must be planted. It is taken and placed in the soil. Within an unspecified amount of time, due to varying conditions such as the quality of the soil, weather conditions, etc., the seed begins the process of growth by first breaking out of it's covering or shell and forms initially as a sprout. With the proper nurturing (sun and water) the sprout makes it's way through the soil and begins to grow upward toward the sun. (source)

Eventually the sprout reaches through the soil it is covered with, and begins to expand it's reach by way of growing additional cells within it's trunk causing it to grow in diameter so that it has the ability to support it's own weight as it begins to reach upward to the sun. In a matter of a very short time span it has grown to full maturity and reaches an average height of 7-8 ft. tall.

This process, obvious to most, is the Law of Cause and Effect (sowing and reaping) in action. Not complicated at all, but extremely simple in it's design, and as certain, exact, precise, and methodical as the law of gravity. Understanding this process it's safe to say that the outcome becomes predictable.

The only thing that could possibly keep the sunflower seed from developing into maturity, would be if the proper nurturing of the seed were taken away. In this case sun, and water.

Since the process described above is certain, exact, precise, methodical, and predictable, and will not change or vary, then it ( Cause and Effect ) doesn't change or waver whether it is the sunflower seed described, an acorn, which produces the Oak tree, or a crabgrass seed that produces those pesky little clumps of weed type grass that invade your lawn each year. The seed that is planted can only produce, and must produce, the type of plant that the seed was designed to grow, and must grow into that, assuming that it had not been deprived of the essential nurturing process, in the case of plants, the sun and water.

OK, enough about plants........

Now Let's Get Into
The Exciting Stuff!

Cause and Effect is not only limited to the growing of plants but is also the exact same process that determines and produces the results that we experience in our lives on a day to day basis. The Law Of Cause and Effect is at work everywhere, always, and in anything and everything.

Just as with the example above, the Law of Cause and Effect acts in a precise and specific manner in your day to day life, and all things, both seen (physical) and unseen (spiritual) are subject to it's certainty.

Understanding this, let's look at another form of seed that we may not give conscious thought to everyday.

You may have picked up on the fact that the above sentence contains the name of the seed we are going to discuss. What is it? You guessed it.......


What could thought possibly have to do with Cause and Effect?

Since thought has no apparent measurable physical structure, it is considered to be spiritual. You can't see it, smell it, touch it, taste it, or even feel it, but we know it exists. It exists only as a vibration. (See the Law Of Vibration )

Remembering what we learned from the The Law Of Attraction we know that frequencies of vibration that are of identical intensity, attract to themselves like vibrations to bring into the physical world the result of the initial seed that was planted, in this case, thought . Just as the sunflower seed required nurturing (sun and water) your thought seed will grow according to whatever you feed to it or nurture it with.

The thought, just like the sunflower seed, can only produce an outcome that is in relation to, and correlates with the seed that is planted. If your thought seed consists of fearful, anxious, and doubtful results, we now know that through the predictable and unwavering Law of Attraction, those thoughts can only grow into and produce that which is in relation to the seed planted, and you will receive fearful, anxious, and doubtful results.

But here is the incredible news!

By nurturing the original thought seed with healthy, concise, focused, and positive elements, it must produce results in relation to the seed planted!

Plant the seeds of Abundance and Happiness and nurture them, Abundance and Happiness must sprout and grow from them. Plant the seed of healthy, positive, and fulfilling relationships, and healthy, positive, and fulfilling relationships must grow. Plant the seeds of incredible health and vitality and incredible health and vitality must grow from them. The only thing that you have to do is nurture those seeds with correct thought and allow the incredible and unwavering power of the Law of Attraction to attract to you, the exact results that you desire!

That is how the Law of Cause and Effect operates.

So How Do You Utilize This Precise And Certain Law Of Cause And Effect To Bring You The Abundance And Happiness You Desire?

Let's take a look at that now......

Now that you have a clear understanding that whatever acts you perform are subject to a precise reaction or process, ( Cause and Effect ) you can then make a conscious choice as to what thoughts you think and which actions you take, (or not take) and limit them to only those which will produce what you desire into your life.

So how do you know which actions to choose? Quite simply, by only choosing those things (thoughts, words, and actions) that are in alignment with whatever it is that you have a desire to attract.

As an example, if you are trying to attract a certain amount of money within a specified period of time, based on the precise and unwavering truths of Cause and Effect,(sowing and reaping) you wouldn't want to consistently repeat to yourself either out loud or through your internal thought process, "I don't have the money. I don't have the money." Or, "There's no way I can have that amount of money in that amount of time!" Your thoughts, (the seed) will return to you exactly the harvest in relation to the seeds that you planted. In this case, not having the money.

By the same token, you have the ability and the choice to focus your mind to consciously and consistently focus on and change your thoughts, words, and actions to be in alignment with already having exactly the amount of money that you want, which in turn establishes a belief, (faith) and the money that you asked for cannot fail to materialize. It is Absolutely Impossible!

This is the Law Of Cause and Effect in action.

In this case the thought represents the seed, and the preceding thoughts, words, and actions represent the nurturing of that seed, like the sun and water were the nurturing factor for the sunflower seed in the above example.

With the proper nurturing they have to grow!

If you are intentionally making an honest and focused effort to produce the results that you want, but stray thoughts pop up that contradict your intention, (and undoubtedly they will initially) they represent the weeds of the desired outcome and will effect that outcome until you weed them out.

It is important that you learn to gain control of those thoughts and weed them out so that you are utilizing the law of Cause and Effect to produce the results you want and not that which you don't want.

The good news is, you do have the ability to get control of and change those thoughts by utilizing the mind power that you have been provided with.

The only possible thing that can stand in the way of you receiving your desires is you. It is up to you to make the conscious choice to change your thoughts, words, and actions which, with repetition, establishes the belief in your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind (spiritual consciousness) then releases into the atmosphere and broadcasts those vibrations of the thing desired which attracts to it, the events, people, circumstances, and situations that allow it to manifest or occur. You only have to be receptive to them. It is important to expect them and look for them as they occur. Believe me, if you will follow this process, They will come!

The unwavering and predictable Law of Cause and Effect established by the Source of everything that is, guarantees it!

As simple as the law of Cause and Effect is, I know for some it may seem like a stretch to absorb it's truth and wonder about it's flawless operation. Many, many thousands before you have been in the same place (myself included) and wondered if the answers can really be this simple. From personal experience I can tell you, They Are!

All that you need to do to realize this awesome power is allow it to happen. No force is necessary on your part and will actually negate the process.

When you can learn to let go and allow the undeniable Universal Laws created by the Source of all that is, do for you what they were created to do, you will have come into a power that you had never realized existed.

If you are just beginning the process of making a conscious effort to change the circumstances in your life, I realize that the information can seem overwhelming to some.

Many have been programmed by the world to believe that anything in life, in order to be so life changing, must be extremely complicated. It Is Not. If you will absorb and implement the tools and principles presented to you on this site, you will experience dramatic and profound changes in your life! The time it takes is totally dependent on your personal situation, as well as the effort that you put into implementing those changes. For some, the results are very fast, and for others it takes a bit more time. You only need to learn to allow these things to happen.

Becoming familiar with the Law of Cause and Effect as well as the other Universal laws is a huge first step in learning to become a purposeful and conscious creator of circumstance rather than a creature of circumstance.

Just developing the knowledge of Cause and Effect will not produce any change in your life. Without application knowledge of cause and effect or any other principle will prove to be useless.

Learn to apply the information provided to you and you will begin to experience a life above and beyond your wildest expectations.

Life Changing Tools And Resources

Through the years I have discovered and utilized many excellent resources (and some not so excellent) in developing my personal and Spiritual growth.

One undeniable fact that I have discovered is that whatever you are currently experiencing in the external world is due to what is going on within you. Unless and until you make the internal changes necessary, your external results will remain as they have.

The following resources are a few that I and thousands upon thousands of others have used and found to be the Best of the Best in their area of expertise. They will assist you in creating the inner changes that are necessary to allow you to change your external results. Each provides a speedy yet practical approach in assisting you to experience and begin living a life of Abundance and Happiness.


An extremely important and necessary part of developing and connecting in a spiritual sense is meditation. The results of this practice allow you to connect with wisdom and knowledge that is quite hard to explain, other than to say it is an extremely profound experience!After only a very short time of listening to the educational materials provided and using a form of this practice called Multi-Dimensional Meditation , led and taught by it's founder, Eric Pepin, and provided by the Higher Balance Institute , you will experience a deep sense of peace, calm, and well being as well as notice your intuitive ability increase dramatically. The 5 star customer support that Higher Balance offers will assist you in achieving dramatic results if you should need them.

If you have never before tried meditation or believe that it is some "way out there" practice, take it from someone that used to think the same way, it is incredible and necessary for enhanced awareness.

The Delfin Knowledge System

For the analytical type person that has a desire to gain an in depth understanding of life from a spiritual, scientific, and biological perspective, The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy is an excellent and profound education that explains in great detail, in every conceivable aspect how the laws of the Universe operate as they do, how they create your experiences and why, and provide specific steps that you can take and powerfully creative techniques that you can utilize, to create positive and lasting change in Each and Every area of YOUR life.

Leslie Fieger, known worldwide as the wealth mentor and founder of Delfin Worldwide, provides both a deeper understanding of HOW your life events unfold as they do as well WHY as specific steps and powerful techniques that you can begin to take immediately to turn your life into a productive, pleasant, and immensely satisfying journey as it was intended to be.

If you're the type that needs to understand how the airplane flies before you get on it, and are looking for enlightening, eye opening answers to some of lifes most asked questions, combined with specific and easy to initiate steps that will allow and empower you to begin experiencing dramatic and powerful results in your own life, The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy is for you.

In addition to the University level knowledge received as a result of The Trilogy, Delfin World Wide also provides an unparalleled opportunity to put into use the wisdom gained by becoming an affiliate for Delfin structured in such a way that provides the potential to achieve substantial monetary wealth.

If you've considered a home based business, and are looking for a no nonsense, and extremely lucrative opportunity that also assists others on a massive scale, I would encourage you to fully investigate the opportunity that Delfin Worldwide offers.

The Trilogy combined with the Delfin opportunity will change your awareness as well as your life experience dramatically IF you'll allow it to.

Whether or not you choose to believe or not believe that any of the information concerning Cause and Effect can help you in your life, is your choice. Whether or not you choose to review any of the other principles and techniques within this site is, you guessed it, your choice.

You have been provided with an unalienable right of Free Will by the Source of all that exists, and it is what you choose to do with that free will and those choices that will determine the results in your life today and in the future just as they have in the past. Regardless of whether you are currently aware, YOU are at cause for your life experience. You have the ability to change your outcomes. You have the ability to create for yourself a phenomenal, rewarding and fulfilling life once you develop the knowledge and understanding that will empower you to do so. Choose wisely.

Whatever your choices are, now and in the future, it is our sincere and heartfelt hope that they will lead you to a life experience filled with Love, Fulfillment, Joy, and Unlimited Blessings in EVERY area of YOUR life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Are You Finally Ready To Experience Fulfillment and Harmony In YOUR Life Physically, Relationally, Financially, Emotionally, and Spiritually?

DelfinWorld and Delfin's Total Transformation System provides you with EVERYTHING you need to begin experiencing the quality of life that you deserve and were created to enjoy. The Knowledge, The Wisdom, and The Tools to create the "Wealth Consciousness" necessary to experience harmony and fulfillment in EVERY area of life

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