The Power Of Action

Discover Your True Power To Attract Unlimited Blessings Of Abundance and Happiness Through The Power Of Action

By Discovering, Initiating and Taking Correct Action in the Correct Order,
You'll Have Discovered The Key To Allowing Yourself To Soar
To New Heights Never Before Imagined

The Power Of Action is undoubtedly an extremely important part of realizing and utilizing the unlimited potential that has been provided and been made available to you.

No secret there right?

What IS overlooked and/or misunderstood about ACTION is KNOWING how to take the right kind of action in the correct order. That often limits the kind and quality of "desirable result" regardless of the intensity or duration of action that so many blindly choose.

The action principles discussed in this section which I believe are essential to begin attracting and "consciously creating" desired outcomes in your life are not "common knowledge" nor are they based on some "Newly Discovered Secret" but are based on "Age Old Timeless Wisdom" as well as cutting edge scientific proof substantiating their existence, power, and effectiveness, and which have empowered millions to achieve dramatic transformation in EVERY area of their lives.

As with anything in life, the principles covered will only be effective if you choose to become consciously aware of their truth, the power behind them and implement them in your life. Just as inaction can NEVER produce the desired result; regardless of how powerful any knowledge may be, it will prove to be useless unless and until the action is taken to implement it.

The specific action steps discussed here can and will have a profoundly positive effect in changing the results you are currently experiencing in your life IF you will choose to utilize them.

The specific type of actions that are necessary and will be discussed in this section, will no doubt go against the traditional and conventional wisdom of the world and the current beliefs that are currently held by the majority, which are in many cases wrongly perceived as truth and reality.

The actions that are necessary which will empower you to achieve and experience a life of abundance, happiness and limitless blessings are well within your grasp to comprehend and initiate, and will have a profoundly positive impact if you choose to consistently utilize them.

The transformational results that are derived from these actions, extend far beyond what we as humans can possibly do as individuals through mere physical activity. Although physical action is most certainly a necessary part of the process, by becoming aware of and initiating the plan of action that you are soon to discover will enable pleasing and desired results in EVERY area of your life and enable you to attract, engage in and perform physical actions that will prove pleasing rather than displeasing.

The action steps required to begin achieving phenomenal results in your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually may very well require a shift in your traditionally established predominant thinking process and require you to remain open minded enough to establish a "Higher Truth" which may go against what many have been taught throughout their lives and as a result come to believe and currently perceive as the way to achieve harmony and fulfillment.

As you'll soon discover the current actions which the majority are currently taking, which are perceived and accepted as reality based on the traditionally established conventional wisdom of the world, are in many cases the very actions that are dramatically limiting your results and in many cases pushing away rather than attracting to you the kind and quality of results desired.

With That Said Let's Get Started.....

Contrary to many of the false teachings that so many have been exposed to, living a life of Fulfillment, Joy, and Abundance has absolutely nothing to do with.....

* Working More Hours

* Working Longer and Harder

* Sacrificing Your Most Sacred Values to DO More

* Going Further Into Debt

* Being In Church Every Time The Door Opens

* Becoming A Monk In Ethiopia

It is this common type of worldly action that has caused the majority to focus specifically on the effects, and have allowed themselves to take their eyes off of the Cause (Source) from where ALL physical effects are derived and which has the ability and the desire to provide you with more than you could possibly fathom!

When you begin to allow this shift in your traditional way of thinking, and initiate what you are soon to discover as "powerfully effective action" you will begin to realize, achieve, and experience dramatic, positive and profound changes in your life, (the desired results) and is the crucial first step in beginning to develop your ability to begin "consciously and intentionally attracting" and experiencing the life of Abundance and Happiness that you were created to enjoy and desire to attain.

Contrary to traditionally established methods, the type of action that you will be taking, if you choose to do so, will provide external results; tangible and measurable results which are far more desirable and physically pleasing than those that you may be currently experiencing. These actions will empower you to experience outcomes far greater than what has become accepted as the "Norm", but can only be realized if you are willing to expand your awareness, shift your internal paradigms as to what is possible or not possible for you individually, and shed the habitual lack, scarcity and self limiting thinking processes that have limited your results and held you bound to a life of limitation to this point.

The power and effectiveness of the action which you are soon to discover has nothing to do with being religious or possessing a spiritual or scientific understanding concerning the unfolding of the effects experienced in the physical world, although these areas of study for some may enhance and provide the means to further develop your "faith" or belief concerning the power that it holds.

Some will find that spiritual principles in and of themselves will provide the understanding necessary. Others may require a more physically verifiable scientific understanding as to how these events conditions and circumstances come to exist in the physical world. Still others may require an understanding of both as a means to develop the necessary belief as to the power that you hold. Regardless of which area that is required for you individually, by seeking and exploring deeper into both you would soon develop the awareness that each; when clearly understood leads to One ultimate understanding. Regardless of your individual preference, by making a conscious choice to delve deeply enough you would discover that both lead to the One True Source of ALL effects.

Regardless of the avenue in which you use to develop your understanding, you will discover that the message when broken down and closely observed boils down to "Whatever results you might current;y be experiencing are a direct reflection of the quality of your consciousness.

In other words...The beliefs that you hold which determine the consistent thoughts that you think, can, will and do determine the kind and quality of your life.

Dispelling The Common Beliefs Concerning Action

The common thinking of the world is that to have certain things you must DO more. The widely held perception is that you you must work harder, longer, and with more physical intensity than the average person if you are to rise above the status quo and transcend the mediocre results that the vast majority experience of just making a living.

That's not to say that engaging in your chosen vocation with intensity isn't necessary because it is. But how you "FEEL" about your chosen vocation also plays a vital role in the kind, quality and QUANTITY of results you'll receive.

So many in our world have developed falsely established beliefs that you must work in occupations that are displeasing or un-fulfilling regardless of how you feel about them because of the conventional and traditional wisdom that says, "That is just the way the world works."

Many have accepted these traditionally established, false and self limiting beliefs as truth and as a result spend their entire lives feeling helpless, hopeless, and stuck in seemingly desperate circumstances because the world has impressed these man made beliefs on them, which they have accepted as fact. This form of acceptance (regardless of how untrue) becomes stored as a belief and determines the ability of the believer, which in this case results in lack and limitation.

It is exactly this lack and limitation type of thinking that causes so many to spend the majority of their existence so concerned with just making a living, that they lose sight of the hopes, dreams, and ambitions that were once held as dear, which results in them losing hope in, and failing to ever discover and implement the "Higher Truth", more specifically discovering and learning to apply the correct actions that would enable them to fulfill them. Inevitably their focus turns to and remains fixated on making a living, and robs any hope of allowing them to ever fully experience all that is "truly" available to them.

Consider This...

If hard work alone truly were the answer to achieving success, why is it that the majority in our world fail to achieve it and only a very small minority are able to enjoy and benefit from it? The majority in our world work hard most of their lives only to find that the action taken, what they were led to believe to be true with respect to "doing whatever it takes" from merely a physical "doingness" perspective in the majority of cases only leads to living out "the golden years" in lack and struggle.

What about the small percentage who do achieve lives of harmony, fulfillment and plenty? What is the difference between them and those that seem to struggle through life? The common belief is that "they are lucky" or "were in the right place at the right time" or "have superior formal education" etc. etc. etc.

The real truth is that they have learned the correct action to take that the majority either fail to recognize or choose not to apply. Whether consciously or unconsciously those that achieve and experience fulfillment properly implement the necessary action which leads to success and fulfillment in life.

As you will soon discover the action necessary to achieve phenomenal success in EVERY area of life whether physically, relationally, emotionally, spiritually or financially is not derived through many of the common reasons that you currently believe that they are.

The kind of action that you are soon to discover and will be challenged to take has nothing to do with sacrificing your highest values such as truth, spirituality, family time, time to spend on the things that you enjoy etc., and will actually encourage and enable you to put more focus on these important areas.

It is by learning to take this unique form of action which has far more powerful results than the typical, and common worldly teachings, or what any man or woman can take credit or responsibility for through physical means, that will turn your life into an incredible journey of Joy and Plenty in every conceivable area of your life.

Based on the current, and predominant world views and beliefs that have been impressed upon, absorbed, and established as truth by the majority of people in the world, it has become "seemingly" necessary for many 2 income families to work 60-80 hour work weeks in order to provide the necessities needed to adequately care for a family. It has become accepted as necessary to place your children in unfamiliar surroundings with unfamiliar people to be cared for and taught based on the beliefs of those caretakers, rather than the loving, caring and nurturing atmosphere of the family unit. It is obvious that these currently held beliefs are the very reason that an estimated 97% of the population spend 40+ years working hard, in most cases at jobs that they find displeasing, only to spend the remainder of their retirement years in financial struggle.

Based on the current, predominant human worldly views of necessary action, we find ourselves engaged in horrendous wars around the globe, fuel prices at all time highs, out of control medical expenses, unaffordable insurance premiums, mind numbing tax rates, and skyrocketing food prices.

It is by accepting and implementing this type of common worldly thinking and action that has dramatically increased poverty, homelessness, illness and disease, mental and emotional issues, financial and moral bankruptcy, broken homes, and many more issues that seem to have taken hold of entire societies worldwide.

Unfortunately, it is these very types of traditionally established beliefs that are passed on to our children, which continue to produce the same results, generation after generation repeating what is "perceived" as an inescapable cycle, because these are the action steps that we have been taught are necessary and accepted as truth by well meaning parents, teachers, and leaders of our world.

Many have allowed themselves to absorb, accept and hold as truth, these false, self limiting, self sabotaging, and destructive worldly views, and lost sight of the limitless hope and unfathomable Abundance made available to ALL by a limitless Creator, that is and always has been readily available to them, if only they would make the choice to become consciously aware, believe, accept, and gain the correct wisdom, necessary and begin to take the correct action which is essential to manifest it in their lives.

It will be absolutely necessary for you to change this form of what the world views as "necessary action" if you are to attain results that exceed what are perceived as the average people of our world.

As covered in the conscious mind section of this site, the true Source of Abundance and Happiness never has nor ever will, create anything that is average.

There is no such thing as average people in an unlimited universe that creates and provides to each, based on individual beliefs. There ARE average results no doubt based on your choices...but you ARE NOT average as many define average.

There is no such thing as an average manifestation. Regardless of how small an occurrence appears and is perceived to be, the process of attraction and creation is always a miracle and the outcomes of each of these miracles have only been limited by your beliefs and labeled based on your perceptions as to what manifests.

There is no such thing as an average person. There are only limiting beliefs formed and established by incredible and limitless creative beings that, based on their limiting beliefs, only have the ability to produce small miracles that are perceived by the world as average.

The reality is that EVERY outcome in life is a miracle...a creation based on the kind and quality of your consciousness.

Choosing a poverty consciousness will produce results that harmonize with that choice. Choosing a Wealth Consciousness will, in the same way without fail produce results that harmonize perfectly with your choice.

Regardless of what you might currently perceive to be truth, the "Higher Truth" is thatYou were created as a limitless creature, created in the image and likeness of the Creator himself. The outcomes that you experience and see manifest in your life each and every day, appear and have been labeled as average only because you have allowed your subconscious mind to absorb and except as reality, these average self limiting beliefs which, based on the immutable and unwavering Laws of the Universe, one of those laws being The Law Of Attraction , can only attract and produce outcomes as BIG as your beliefs. The outcomes that you are experiencing and which are perceived by the world as average, are only producing self limiting results because of the self limiting beliefs that you hold and as a result of those beliefs determines the physical outcomes experienced based on your resonance!

Your current outcomes only appear to be average or limited because you have allowed your current beliefs to become so limiting and restrictive that, your most cherished and sought after dreams and desires are being thwarted due to those limiting beliefs, and subconsciously, that is all you are asking the Source to provide!

It is these average, limiting beliefs that keep the BIG things (BIG miracles) from manifesting in your life every single day!

In order to see and experience what the world perceives as BIG results in your life, you only need to take a course of action that will allow you to overwrite and replace the self limiting, average beliefs that you have absorbed and stored as truth through the years in your subconscious mind , and replace them with the BIG beliefs that are in alignment and harmonize with whatever big miracles that you have a desire to experience!

Although these current beliefs that you hold have been established as a result of the teachings you may have received as a child, at some point it is necessary to become aware of what is limiting your results, learn to begin accepting responsibility for the results that you are experiencing and make the conscious choice to discover the underlying cause for those outcomes.

So What Action Is Necessary To Achieve A Life Of Fulfillment?

  • Develop the awareness and accept the fact that YOU are responsible for creating the events, conditions and circumstances which make up your life experience.

  • Become "conscious of" the predominant thoughts that you think.

  • Become "conscious of", analyze and shift the beliefs that are initiating those thought processes.

  • Consistently and "consciously" focus on the desired outcome rather than what you "don't" want.

It is by changing these existing self limiting beliefs and beginning to utilize age old proven methods such as Meditation Positive Affirmations and Creative Visualizations that you will begin to attract the people, conditions and circumstances pointing you to the correct physical action that will enable you to create and begin experiencing those things that you most desire.

It is when you learn to become consciously aware of the minute by minute thoughts that you think and learn to release and eliminate the negative and limiting emotions that you experience as a result of those thoughts, that you will discover the BIG miracle producing power that has been made available to you.

"If we don't like what's happening to us in the world, all we have to do is change our consciousness -- and the world out there changes for us!"
- Lester Levenson

Lack and Limitation Just Like Abundance and Happiness Are Merely A Product Of Mind

Source, whatever you might "perceive" Source to be individually, whether God, Universe, Infinite Intelligence, Source Energy etc. doesn't perceive as you do, and knows no such language as lack and limitation, big or small, and will deliver to you as much or as little as as you will believe that it can, and allow to deliver to you.

Your current "physical efforts" are minuscule in comparison to the limitless power that is realized through taking the correct action, and once you have accepted and developed this awareness and make the choice to begin changing your beliefs concerning how you attain those things that you desire in your life, you will have discovered and unleashed a force FAR greater and much more powerful than any human physical effort could ever provide!

Yes physical action is necessary but the action steps presented to you when your consciousness is properly aligned and harmonized with creating desired outcomes, those actions will become pleasing and produce "profound" results.

As can be discovered by becoming aware of the Law of Abundance , the Universe (Source) is capable and willing to provide you with far more than you might currently be able to imagine or conceive! In fact the only limitation is based on those imaginings and conceptions that you choose to hold. You can NEVER out-believe the Source!!

By developing a greater awareness, expanding your imagination and making a conscious choice to dispel the self limiting perceptions that you hold, you will soon discover that what you experience in your life is limited only by the limitations that YOU place on yourself.

You will begin to "allow" Source to deliver the BIG miracles that show up in the way of conditions, events, and circumstances into your life when you have developed the awareness, understanding, and belief that you are entitled to more of the BIG miracles than you currently experience due to what you may have established and perceive to be truth.

If you want to manifest BIG results, form BIG beliefs! A choice to hold on to self limiting small beliefs, is a choice to manifest what are perceived as small or "average results."

You have the ability to form those big beliefs and eliminate the small by simply becoming aware of and applying the correct and creative action which will "Dramatically" and with seemingly magical certainty, improve the quality of your life in EVERY aspect!

To Recap What We've Learned.......

What action steps must you take if you are to attract the BIG outcomes that will allow you to live a life of Joy, Fulfillment, Inner Peace, Abundance, and Happiness?

Are You Ready?
Great, Here Are The Action Steps You Must Take......

* Make A Conscious Choice


* Become Keenly and "Consciously" Aware Of Your Predominant Thoughts

When you discover they are
contrary to your desired outcomes....

* Immediately Shift Those Thoughts

and in so doing you will....

* Change Your Beliefs

which will result in....

* Changing the Emotional Response Associated With Them

and the result will be that you....

* Change The Outcomes In EVERY Area Of Your Life In A Dramatic And Seemingly Miraculous Way!

Is there action necessary to completely transform your world and quality of life?

Does it require some conscious and consistent effort on your part to initiate that change?


Does the process have to be hard and unpleasent?


Our Source has never created anything that would be outside of your grasp or ability to understand or hide from you the means to properly activate it's correct function, and intended purpose.

It's simply a matter of YOU making the conscious and intentional choices to do so.

You only need be willing to ask for the guidance to show you the way, delve into and apply the resources and techniques that are made available to you, knock and be willing and ready to open the doors that will be shown to you as a result.

"Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you. For everyone that asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him that knocks, the door shall be opened" Luke 11;9-13 The Bible

The means that will enable you to discover the truth regarding your individual limitless ability are readily available if you'll only make the choice to open the doors which are already available.

Should you prefer the scientific proof concerning your true abilities, Quantum Physics provides the necessary knowledge needed to establish your understanding. Should you prefer spiritual principles which have existed for thousands and thousands of years to further develop your understanding, they too are readily available.

You only need to put The Power Of Action to work for you, make a "conscious choice" to take the action to discover a Higher Truth for yourself with regard to who and what you "truly" are and eliminate the false, underlying self limiting beliefs that have, do and will continue limiting your results until you make a conscious choice to change them.

The only reason that you have allowed it to be so to this point, is that you have either never become aware of or realized the unlimited potential that is and always has been available to you, or have taken your eyes off of the Source that has promised a life of unlimited Abundance and Happiness to you. With that promise also comes the free will to choose to take the correct action or not that will allow you to fulfill and experience any desires you might aspire toward.

Many have unknowingly allowed self limiting, self sabotaging and counter productive thoughts and beliefs to be absorbed into the most incredible, and sophisticated co-creation mechanism known to man, the subconscious mind. All people, you included, are literally creating the events, conditions and circumstances that you see and experience in your life on a day to day basis which are shaping your reality! Far too many are doing so unconsciously and unknowingly.

It is imperative that you become conscious of what you are creating, and begin to Accept Resonsibility for those things, if you are ever to develop the ability to change what it is that you're creating!

Look around you and observe the quality of your own life. What have you been creating? What self limiting, self sabotaging beliefs have you allowed to hamper your quality of life?

Have you been correctly utilizing your free will to create those things that you most desire?

Has the action you have been taking to this point brought about the results that you MOST desire?

If Not......

You certainly have the ability to change it! Just begin making the correct choices and taking the correct action and believe it to be so.

The predominant views and perceptions of the world have become so limiting and obstructive that even many of the people who study and are able to recite verbatim, the great spiritual writings and scriptures of our world, somehow have come to find limitation in the promises made, and as a result never attain the unlimited Abundance and Happiness which has been made available to every person in our world.

The only action required on your part is to become aware of the life changing power of these truths, allow yourself to absorb and accept these promises as truth and establish the belief that you are entitled to them. A "conscious choice" to do so will enable and empower you to begin attracting the events, conditions, and circumstances into your life that you had previously considered to be unrealistic!

Will physical action be necessary? Yes. Will you need to remain open and receptive to receiving the guidance that will carry you to where it is that you desire to go? Yes. But when followed, this inspired action will be pleasant, feel right to you AND provide results that the world considers miraculous.

The scientific community has proven time and again the incredible co-creative power available to any person that has the ability to think! The greatest spiritual teachers in the history of the world have provided direction clearly showing that your results in life are based only on your beliefs.

It is not necessary to be a spiritual or religious person to manifest Abundance and Happiness in your life as many man made religions would have you believe. You are and always have been creating the circumstances within your life every minute of everyday based on the seeds that you are planting regardless of who you are, or what you do. These seeds consist of the thoughts that you think, the beliefs that you choose, and the emotions that you create and experience as a result of them.

These 3 actions that you take every minute of every day, often times unconsciously, are quite literally the seeds that grow into and create the events, conditions, and circumstances that you experience in your life. It is crucial that you learn to become conscious of what those seeds are which will empower you to begin planting only those that are in alignment with producing your most cherished and sought after hopes, dreams and desires.

You possess the power and the ability to choose which seeds you are planting!

You only need to wake up and shake off the self limiting beliefs that have held you bound to a world of lack, limitation, stress, anxiety, illness and disease and claim what the Source has declared as your birthright.

A life overflowing with more than you could possibly imagine awaits you if only you will take the "correct" action, follow the guidance received and allow it to flow to you.

Once you become consciously aware of the self limiting blinders that the world has placed on you, and awaken to a life that the Source of all that is, intended for you to experience, and created for you to enjoy you will have made tremendous progress in beginning to create the life of Abundance and Happiness that is yours to experience.

Powerful Resources To Enhance Your Awareness And Establish Miracle Making Belief

For those that need assistance in overcoming the self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs that they have established, there are some incredible tools available that will prove to be of tremendous help.

The first is the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System .

This system is unsurpassed in meditation techniques and provides results in days that many traditional meditation techniques require years to achieve.

The benefits provided by The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System are far to extensive to possibly cover here but are a resource that I highly recommend and are an essential aspect of the correct action necessary for anyone who is serious about developing the necessary "inner beingness" that is 100% responsible for the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual results experienced in the external physical world.

Learn more about the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System and should you choose it as an avenue for yourself, I'm confident that you'll discover as I and so many others around the world have, that it will awaken you to a whole new world of potential and possibility that the vast majority choose to remain unaware of.

Fulfillment, wholeness and completion are available and do exist for you.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System will open doors and provide a sense of "inner knowing" that will enable you to tap into and experience it for yourself.

I recently released an intensive 8 and a half hour conference called The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation .

The 7 Hidden Keys is available for immediate download in MP3 format and will assist you in developing both an intellectual understanding of as well as practical application techniques to enable and empower to begin consciously harmonizing with The Law Of Attraction as well as the other Universal Laws.

The 7 Hidden Keys provides an uncommon yet profoundly empowering understanding regarding life and your important role in the process as well as how to begin consciously and consistently attracting the hopes, dreams and visions that you aspire to achieve.

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation is presented in a very logical and practical way and provides you with a powerfully transformational tool for dramatically enhancing your ability to consciously and consistently manifest more of the desired results in your life.

Both of these transformational tools can provide tremendous benefits regardless of what area of your life you may have a desire to enhance. They will empower you to begin manifesting phenomenal and life changing results in the areas of money, health, and/or relationships and will provide a lifetime of benefit.

If you have a sincere desire to produce change in your life and are disillusioned with conventional self help / personal development / self improvement programs, I strongly encourage you to find out more about them.

Learn more about the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System

Learn More About The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

Of course as with anything in life, you have been given the free will to choose your path, and decide which action you will or will not take. You have been given the free will to create a quality of life beyond your wildest expectations as well as the free will to choose to remain as you are. You have been given the choice to believe or not believe that you have the ability to create a life of unfathomable Abundance for yourself and those you love.

Your beliefs, whatever they might be will determine your life experience.

It's an Undeniable and Easily Verifiable Fact that YOU are at cause for the current events, conditions, and circumstances that make up your life experience.

You only need to decide if the previous choices that you have been making and the current actions that you are taking at this point are producing the life results that you desire. If not, it will be necessary to begin making different choices and learning to implement correct actions that will.

Discovering and implementing the powerful and life transforming strategies exposed in The Power of Action are immediate actions that you can begin to take that will teach you precisely how to shed the self-limiting victim of circumstance mentality and empower you to become a conscious, purposeful and intentional creator of circumstance in each and every area of YOUR life as they have for me and hundreds of thousands worldwide.

You'll be blown away by the results!

Developing the awareness of the correct action to take and implementing it to bring about permanent and profound change in your life experience is a choice only you can make. From a place of deep compassion and caring that human words can't begin to convey, It's my hope for you that you will.

Whatever actions that you choose to take, both today and in the future, it is my sincere and heartfelt hope that they might lead you one step closer to experiencing a life filled with Love, Joy, Fulfillment, Profound Inner Peace, and Limitless Prosperity.

What I personally choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

A Life Of Fulfillment, Limitless Prosperity And Inner Peace Aren't Difficult To Achieve

Once You Know How

Meet The Masters who will guide you and the Life Changing Resources that will provide EVERYTHING you need to know to finally get you there.

The Awareness - The Tools - The Step By Step Plan


Discover For Yourself How Simple It Can Be

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