The Law Of Reciprocity

The Law Of Reciprocity Consciously Harmonized With Provides "Real And Lasting Wealth" In EVERY Aspect Of Your Life...Unconditionally

The Law Of Reciprocity is the Universal Law that states that whatever is sent out into the cosmos, what modern day science refers to as "The Unified Field", and what I personally choose to refer to as "The Infinite Field Of Potentiality", in the way of energy or vibration through the resonance of your thoughts, emotions and actions, will manifest outcomes in the physical world... physical outcomes that unfold in your life based on whatever is given or broadcast out through those thoughts, emotions and actions.

Admittedly, that's looking at the Law of Reciprocity from a much deeper perspective that transcends the "physical", but so do each of the events, conditions and circumstances both given and received which The Law of Reciprocity determines.

For a more "down to earth" definition lets look at what the Merriam Webster dictionary says about reciprocity and how it fits into this deeper view of things...

Main Entry: rec·i·proc·i·ty
Function: noun
Pronunciation: "re-s&-'prä-s(&-)te
Inflected Form(s): plural -ties
1 : the quality or state of being reciprocal : mutual dependence, action, or influence
2 : a mutual exchange of privileges ; specifically : a recognition by one of two countries or institutions of the validity of licenses or privileges granted by the other

As you can see reciprocity means reciprocating, requires a mutual dependence on and as a result influences some other being or force.

So what does that have to do with the Law of Reciprocity?

At the unseen or spiritual level we are dependent on the energy that comprises all things that exist and it is dependent on us and our choices as to how and what it manifests in physical form.

To clarify...

As we covered in The Law Of Vibration , EVERYTHING that exists in the entire cosmos, both the seen as well as the unseen, exists in it's purest and most basic form as a vibrating mass of energy, and as is covered in the The Law of Resonance article, all energy vibrates at a given vibrational frequency creating a specific resonance which is determined by the kind and quality of the thought, emotion or action that you choose.

The Law of Attraction article explains that all energies projected out as a result of those thoughts, emotions and actions, join with or gravitate toward energies of a harmonious frequency which through the Law of Growth determine the events, conditions and circumstances that you will experience in your life.

The Law of Reciprocity as we're using it here, is the Universal Law that determines precisely what is received in return and shows up in physical form as a result of what is broadcast or given out.

So the Law of Reciprocity looking at it in this way, requires us to send out or project a vibrational frequency which the Universe, God, Higher Power or whatever you choose to refer to Source as, reciprocates outcomes back to us based on our individual choice as to what we project.

The Law of Attraction and the Law of Reciprocity can seem to be one and the same but LOA is the law that makes certain that "something" is attracted and reciprocity determines what that something is which is based on what you put out there.

As you study each of the Universal Laws you will begin to discover that each is intricately interconnected, a perfectly constructed group of unwavering and immutable "Laws", which I like to refer to as "The Perfect Plan", each working in "perfect harmony" 100% of the time without fail, serving to provide a specific outcome.

These outcomes are not as many perceive them, based on any form of judgment, but based strictly on what it is that YOU choose to receive which is based on what it is that you choose to send out.

Spiritual circles refer to this place where your vibrational frequencies are projected into as the "Kingdom of God" or as science chooses to call it, the Unified Field.

This "Unified Field" also referred to as The Super-Conscious Mind , God, Universal Intelligence, Higher Power, Supreme Energy or whatever you may choose to refer to Source as, and the laws that govern the entire cosmos are based on "Unconditional Love" providing only that which you choose based on your inalienable right of free will.

The Law of Reciprocity is the law that determines that something... some event, condition or circumstance is received back at all times without fail based on what it is that is broadcast.

This process of reciprocating, although it does pertain to our physical actions as well begins from a deeper unseen place, at the level of cause which is the energy that we choose to project through our thoughts, feelings and emotions which in turn determine our physical actions as well as the kind and quality of the results that are reciprocated back to us.

The Law of Reciprocity in essence, at this deeper level of cause returns to us or reciprocated based on our individual choices as to what we ask.

Unfortunately in most cases the majority of people in the world are "unconscious" as to what it is that they are asking for and as a result receiving due to an unawareness of Universal or Natural Law altogether and/or an unawareness of the creative power of the thoughts that they choose to think on a minute by minute basis, which when combined with the emotions that those thoughts create in the physical body, determine the events, conditions and circumstances that are reciprocated back and experienced in their lives.

As an example you can not think thoughts of fear and express an emotion of fear and expect to receive an outcome that contradicts the resonance or frequency of energy of the fear that you are broadcasting. The Law of Reciprocity ensures that if fear is projected, outcomes that harmonize with fear are reciprocated back.

Fear creates and projects a much different vibrational resonance broadcast than does the emotions of love and just like a seed planted in nature can only produce a harvest (outcome) based on the kind and quality of the seed planted.

To assist in clarifying this process it's necessary to delve deeper into what are the possible outcomes. What possibilities exist that can be experienced in your life?

The answer to that question is infinite.

In the Law of Vibration article you discovered that EVERYTHING which currently exists, has existed or ever will exist, both the seen (physical) as well as the unseen, (metaphysical) when broken down and analyzed in it's purest form exists as a vibrating mass of subatomic particles. In other words there is nothing that exists whether it be the things which you can see and experience with the five physical senses or those things which you can't see which are not made up of these microscopic wonders. These atoms which consist of various structures of subatomic particles are pure energy which vibrate or resonate constantly within the infinite field of potential. In fact they make up and ARE the infinite field of potential.

As such, consciousness…more specifically your thought processes also resonate at a specific vibratory frequency, with the frequency only being determined by the kind and quality of thoughts that you choose to think and the emotions that you "allow" yourself to experience. The Law of Reciprocity makes no judgments as to what these thoughts and emotions are but only draws to you precisely what it is that you are "asking for" through those choices.

The outcome delivered or reciprocated is based on "Unconditional Love" 100% of the time. Looking at it from a more spiritual perspective...

"Ask and you shall receive"……"Whatsoever ye desire when ye pray "believe" that ye receive and it shall be given...."As a man thinketh, so is he."

It is the quality of your thoughts and emotions which determines what you are asking for and believing you will receive and the Law of Reciprocity makes ABSOLUTELY certain that you receive just that.

Anxiety concerning any situation isn't a "lack of faith" as many perceive but rather a "Faith" in something happening that is creating the anxiety. There is no such thing as a "lack of faith." But there does exist varying levels of faith. Fear, anxiety, worry, guilt, grief, anger etc. are emotions which will draw an outcome to you just as love, joy, peace, patience, etc will. The only difference as to what is drawn to you in your life is based on your personal choice as to what you allow yourself to feel and as a result determines what you will receive back.

Here's a more specific example. If for example you are experiencing fear, YOU are the one who decides how much validity you give to the fear. You have the choice to become conscious to the extent that you discover that in reality there is nothing to fear or you have the choice to allow the fear to dominate you, intensify it's vibrational output and the Law of Reciprocity will return to you precisely what it is that you are asking for which can only be that which you fear.

Physical words can never override the emotions attached to your thoughts, although physical words in the form of properly constructed affirmations repeated consistently can change the underlying subconscious beliefs at a subconscious level which can and will change the fear.

ALL emotions experienced in your life fall under one of two categories….Love or Fear.

Every word you speak, every action you take, every thought you think falls under one of these two headings. When you think, speak and act out of love, through it's unfailing and unwavering certainty, the Law of Reciprocity ensures that you receive an outcome which is conducive to Love. By the same token, when you think, speak and act out of fear, in the same unwavering fashion the Law of Reciprocity ensures that you can only receive an outcome based on the fear.

"Allowing" also called "Detachment" is a VERY crucial and necessary step in the process of conscious creation. Allowing or detachment means that once you have consciously requested a specific outcome to trust and "know" that the Law of Reciprocity can only return to you an outcome based on what you know, trust and have "faith" in.

"Resistance" which is the polar opposite of "Allowing", can only create doubt and fear and the Law of Reciprocity will ensure that an outcome is received based on the doubt and fear. Resistance happens when you have placed a conscious intention into the Infinite Field Of Potentiality and because it hasn't shown up in your timing or in the manner that you think it should, worry, doubt and fear take over producing an outcome based on the kind and quality of the resonance or energy frequency that doubt, fear and worry create.

Modern day science refers to this infinite field of potential as the Unified Field, the contents of which is talked about in the latest scientific circles as the "String Theory." These "super strings" as science refers to them, which were previously referred to as photons, leptons, quarks etc. are continuously vibrating and constantly in motion. They exist as an infinite probability of existence ready at all times to deliver to you whatever it is that you ask of them. This "Unified Field" or "Infinite Intelligence" has received many labels by man ranging anywhere from God to Infinite Energy.

You have been provided the free will to choose what it is that you allow into the magnificent recording device of your mind which is the "subconscious" aspect of mind by becoming consciously aware of what you are allowing to be stored there through the conscious reasoning ability that we each have been provided with, combined with the meaning that we attach to whatever thoughts, beliefs and emotions that we choose to store there.

All thoughts, although creative, can only be as creative as we allow them to be. This is why things desired, held as an ideal with emotion attached to them through the Law of Reciprocity will be attracted to you. In the same way, those things that we allow to make it through our conscious reasoning ability with emotion whether they are "perceived" as positive or negative, intensifies the energy or resonance of the thought, broadcasts that energy or resonance which is created as a result outward, attracting to it energy of a harmonious vibratory frequency or resonance and will through the process of creation, more specifically The Law Of Growth, show up in your physical life regardless of how you perceive it.

Here is where it is absolutely essential to your future results that you "become conscious" of the fact that whatever results you are currently experiencing do not determine who or what you are currently, but are merely what you were being at some point in the past.

If you currently look at your physical outcomes and attach emotion to them regardless of how you might currently perceive them, whether that perception is "good" or "bad" you are in essence planting seeds into the infinite field of potentiality and the Law of Reciprocity without fail will deliver to you precisely what you have asked it to, at some point in the future.

Regardless of what your current outcomes consist of, this is an exciting realization to come to. How so? Because once you become consciously aware of the process of how and why things work this way you at the same time come to the realization that regardless of what those outcomes are, it is YOU that have and are creating them through your quality of consciousness (seeds of thought) and you have the choice and the free will to change those seeds which are responsible for the physical outcomes anytime YOU choose.

Let's look at the Law of Reciprocity in a strictly physical sense. As an example in business. Although we understand that for every cause there must also be an effect utilizing the Law of Reciprocity from a strictly business perspective can only provide limited results. How so? This is looking at the Law of Reciprocity from a "you scratch my back I'll scratch yours" perspective. When you fully "allow" the Law of Reciprocity to work for you it bypasses the outcomes that are possible based on individual free will and enables that reciprocity to open up to the infinite field of potentiality, without regard to precisely where it must come from, making the potential outcome infinite in nature.

To put it more clearly, when you do something, always do it in an effort to contribute and with the proper intent and you will receive back, with unwavering certainty an outcome based on the level of value that you gave.

Although this law is unwavering, immutable, and predictable, by an individual placing focus on only a specific area or a specific channel of where the return must come from they are in essence limiting the scope of possibility from where it can and often does come which is infinite in nature and as a result fail to recognize the return when it does show up, unable to accept it as a result, thereby establishing the belief that no return was delivered.

A return (an outcome) is delivered 100% of the time without fail that is in direct proportion to what was given out. Any other outcome is absolutely impossible and would violate every law of nature and contradict anything and every thing that has been spoken of by the most insightful and connected spiritual teachers since the beginning of time and validated by modern day scientific discoveries. In other words it CAN'T and WON'T happen…….period.

Mental garbage is every bit as detrimental to your health as physical garbage if not more so. If you take poison for example, your physical body is going to have an adverse effect. Since all things physical happen and are brought into your physical existence as a result of consciousness or thought (the unseen or spiritual) any mental poison you take in and allow to be absorbed in the vast mental storehouse that we refer to as the subconscious mind is going to have an adverse effect as well based on your perception.

The Law of Reciprocity, as mentioned earlier, like any other Universal Law doesn't make judgments as to whether your resonance is "poisonous" or healthy but only delivers results in your physical life based on that resonance 100% of the time "Unconditionally."

The bottom line is this...

You are at cause for the events, conditions and circumstances which make up your life experience. EVERY event, condition and circumstance that you experience in EVERY area of your life is happening for a very specific purpose and due to what YOU are "allowing" to happen and the Law of Reciprocity ensures that it happens in precisely that way without fail and with unwavering certainty.

You can make the choice to discover just how true it is and begin to use it to your benefit or choose to remain an "unconscious creator" and remain a victim of happenstance.

The real beauty of it is that YOU get to choose. You have been provided the inalienable right of free will to think, speak and act however you choose. If you don't currently find the external events, conditions and circumstances in your life to be in alignment with your desired outcomes, change the way you think, speak and act and your results will change without fail.

Whatever choice you choose to make it is our sincere and heartfelt hope that those choices will lead you one step closer to a life experience of Love, Joy, Fulfillment, Inner Peace and Limitless Prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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