The Law Of Growth

The Law Of Growth Can Only Ensure A Harvest The Same In Kind and Quality As The Seeds Trusted To It's Immutable, Unwavering, and Predictable Operation

The Law Of Growth

All things physical whether in the beauty of nature or in your personal life
are the result of consciousness. The Law of Growth ensures that the seed
of YOUR consciousness will grow something. Are you consciously aware
of what it is that you're planting?

The Law of Growth is probably the simplest to convey of all Universal Laws .

Quite simply the law of growth states that for EVERY seed planted a harvest will be received. Or from a more scientific perspective for every cause there must be an equal effect.

It isn't the Law of Growth in and of itself that determines your life experience but rather is the unwavering and immutable law put into place that says "something" MUST grow based on the kind and quality of seed planted.

Once the seed is planted the Law Of Growth in it's absolute perfect timing guarantees with 100% absolute certainty combined with the unfailing interconnected certainty of all the Universal Laws that new life is inevitable.

The Law of Growth which is intricately interconnected and works in perfect harmony with The Law of Vibration as well as all other Universal Laws such as The Law of Attraction and The Law of Abundance harmonizes with and ensures that the cosmos remains balanced and operating within a perfectly constructed process which I personally choose to refer to as "The Perfect Plan."

Let's look at the law of growth as it pertains to your life and how it is that the events, conditions and circumstances that you experience in your life come into being. Doing so will enable you to better understand and see the crucial nature of becoming and remaining "consciously aware" of the seeds that you are planting which determine your harvest.

Just like in nature a seed must first be sown to determine what the harvest will be. Based on the kind and quality of the seed planted the harvest will produce a harvest in kind. EVERYTHING produces in kind 100% of the time. As mentioned above, the Law of Growth doesn't judge or make determinations as to what is grown but can only operate within the parameters of it's intended purpose.

It only insures that something grows unfailingly and with unwavering perfection. All that can grow is based on the seeds that it is provided to grow.

In the same way, as mentioned in the Power of Thoughts , the thought seeds that you choose to think represent the seeds that are planted in the Infinite Field of potentiality or the Super-Conscious Mind , referred to as God, Infinite Intelligence, Source, Higher Power or as science refers to as the Unified Field, and will insure that a harvest is produced without failure based on the kind and quality of the thought.

Understanding and properly harmonizing with the Law of Growth operating in it's immutable, unwavering and predictable nature can allow you to plant, with certainty and conscious intention the desired seeds which in turn must and will produce a desired harvest. Once sown, "knowing" that this harvest must grow, enables and empowers you to become detached from the outcome, certain that through the unwavering and perfectly orchestrated process of creation that you will receive in exact correlation with what is asked.

Becoming conscious of how and what we ask is of utmost importance. Focusing on outcomes that we would rather not experience is in essence planting seeds that will produce a harvest that is the polar opposite of the desire.

Attempting to produce abundance for example with the focus on attempting to escape lack is planting seeds that can only produce an outcome that is conducive to lack.

No more than can you expect the seed of crabgrass to produce a flower can you expect thought seeds of doubt and fear to produce the desired outcomes or conditions in your life.

So in conclusion what can thought seeds nurtured by emotions of doubt, anxiety, fear, lack and discord produce? Based on the unfailing Law of Growth, only outcomes in the physical world that are of the same kind and quality of the seed planted.

Become consciously aware of the 60,000 thought seeds that you are planting every single day, learn to place conscious awareness as to the kind and quality of what you are projecting out into the field of Infinite potentiality, how specifically you are enacting the Law of Growth and as a result, asking to receive in your life.

Nurture those seeds with emotions that are conducive with and act as the fertilizer rather than the pre-emergent, and you will come to know what it means to become a conscious and purposeful creator of the events conditions and circumstances which make up your life experience.

Whatever you are experiencing in your life, whether it be desired outcomes or outcomes which you would rather not be experiencing, planting the seeds ensures that you are enacting the Law of Growth which is absolutely certain to provide you with the harvest based only on the seeds that you have the free will and as a result make the choice to plant.

The Law of Growth in it's unwavering and unfailing certainty guarantees it. Learn to trust it, carefully and consciously plant the seeds allowing the law of growth to do it's job in producing the "desired" harvest and you will soon know what it means to experience a life filled with Joy, Fulfillment, Contentment, Profound Inner Peace and Limitless Prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Vibration and Attraction Determine
The Kind and Quality Of Your Life

Discovering how to harmonize with and "consciously" utilize them consistently creates outcomes that "many" perceive to be miraculous.

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I'm Finished With The Law Of Growth
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