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The human mind is a wondrous and powerful tool that, with the correct understanding and "conscious" awareness of it's purpose and functions, will allow you to attract to yourself the circumstances and conditions that you most desire to have in your life.

There are actually two distinct and varying aspects of the mind which control various functions of our physical and Spiritual being, which are known as the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

The minds power to create events, conditions and circumstances when these two aspects of mind are used consciously and purposefully, astound even the most advanced scholars in the scientific community.

There is no greater creative force known to man, whether on the physical or spiritual plain, than that of human mind power.

The aspect of mind that we will be focusing on here will be the analytical or objective portion of the mind or the Conscious Mind.

To best understand and utilize what will be covered concerning the conscious mind, it is best if you have reviewed and become familiar with The Law Of Vibration as well as The Law Of Attraction in order to gain the most benefit and fully comprehend what we will be covering in this section.

The Conscious Mind is the portion of the mind that, with the assistance of the physical brain muscle, interprets the data received from the 5 basic human senses or physical sensory tools of the body such as sight, sound, hearing, smell, and taste, and is the means by which we are capable of physical activity such as the physical movement of the body, etc.

The conscious mind also has the ability to analyze thought and external data received and form beliefs based on that data.

Unlike the subconscious mind , the conscious mind has the ability to analyze and form a perception of the data being received and establish a belief based on that perception. Examples are forming beliefs or perceptions regarding good or bad, right or wrong, up or down, left or right, etc. It is the portion of the mind that also has the ability to analyze any given circumstance to determine it's perception of that circumstance and communicate with the brain to determine the action necessary to take based on it's perception.

It is also the purpose of the conscious mind after analyzing that data, to allow or disallow and transport the data that it receives and interprets, into a data storage warehouse of unlimited capacity known as the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is your tool for focused and effective mind development and if utilized properly, (consciously) can play a huge part in dramatically enhancing your life, far beyond what you may currently be "consciously" aware of or believe to be possible.

It, combined with the subconscious mind (spiritual) creates a force ( mind power ) that is unlimited in it's potential to bring into your life, any event or circumstance, and is limited only by your belief as to what can be achieved or attained.

The conscious mind, because of it's reasoning ability has the capability to train and control the subconscious mind to react in a precise, and predetermined way, by determining what data or information it sends to and allows the subconscious mind to receive and store.

Although the conscious mind is the portion of mind that we have complete control over, and the portion we rely on and use most in our physical state, many people today go through their day to day activities and thinking process not fully conscious of their consciousness. I know, I know. That statement sounds contradictory and probably has many of you scratching your heads wondering "What in the world is he talking about?"

Let me explain further. People are so caught up in stress, busy lifestyles, etc. that they really do become unconscious of their consciousness. As an example, as is noted in the Power Of Thoughts section, the average human thinks approximately 60,000 thoughts per day. The vast majority of people in our world couldn't tell you what 95% or more of what those thoughts were if you asked them! Why is that? It is because they are not conscious of their consciousness. The majority of those thoughts are just mindless babble or what is also known as internal self talk which has been absorbed at a subconscious level throughout life and becomes as automatic as the pumping of your blood.

If you are constantly worried about money, for example, the conscious mind is continually focusing on the lack of that money, attaching an emotion to it (in this case fear) and storing it in the subconscious mind as reality. This worry, (perception) is stored as a belief in the subconscious which emits a vibratory output conducive to lack, and begins to attract to you, the events, conditions, and circumstances based on that belief. In this case a lack of money.

It's important to remember that the subconscious has no capacity to discern if something is true or false, and only stores and acts upon the information given to it by the conscious mind.

With this being true, all that is necessary to begin to attract the things you desire, such as financial abundance, incredible health, fulfilling relationships or whatever you may have a desire to experience, is for you to make a conscious choice to change, and replace the fear based, lack thinking and self talk with those thoughts that are congruent or in harmony with the outcomes that you most desire to see manifest!

This ability to consciously change your thoughts becomes much easier once you recognize the Source from where all abundance comes and develop the awareness that you receiving all that the Source has provided is available to you, and in fact been promised and is your birthright to receive and enjoy, if only you will ask.

"Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you. For everyone that asketh recieveth, and he that seeketh findeth, and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened."

Use your conscious mind to become consciously aware of what you are asking for!

"Whatsoever things ye ask for when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them."

By developing a complete understanding of how the mind works and knowing how our universal laws operate, you will come to know and clearly see how important it is to become aware and conscious of your thoughts.

When you are able to become purposefully conscious (aware) of your thoughts, you will then enable yourself to structure those thoughts to bring about the desired result.

The conscious mind actually has the capability and capacity to be able to analyze itself. It has the capability to become conscious of itself, or in other words, is able to consciously analyze the thoughts that it's thinking or producing, (spiritual) and consciously adjust those thoughts, (spiritual) to create the new, and overwrite the old data stored in the subconscious mind. (spiritual) Let that soak in for a few minutes and you'll begin to understand just how powerful that is.

Since we understand that the conscious mind is the portion of mind that controls and feeds data to the subconscious, which sends that data into the Universe in the form of vibrations, you have the ability to consciously control what vibrations are being transmitted by the subconscious, by consciously controlling what you allow the conscious mind give to it.

What's the result? Focused, specific, intentional and exact thoughts, which produces focused, specific, intentional and exact results. The results that you want for your life!

The power of the subconscious mind is not only unlimited in it's capacity to store the information (thoughts) received by the conscious mind, but also transmits that information at a specific vibratory frequency, which is determined based on the information (belief) provided from the conscious mind. This information (belief) creates the connection or communication in the spiritual realm with God, Universal Consciousness, Higher Power, or whatever name you choose, attracts to itself vibrations of like frequencies, which you see materialize in the form of physical results in your life (physical world) every day!

It is this portion of your mind that is responsible for attracting not only what you see as normal in your physical world, (life) but is also the means by which, what are perceived as miracles, occur. Remember, the information that is transmitted (vibration) attracts like vibrations that, based on your belief, creates your reality.

This is why it is so very important to recognize and discern your existing false and self limiting perceptions and beliefs from real truth. The conscious mind determines what is true and untrue based on it's previously established beliefs. A thing doesn't have to be true for you to believe it as true. It is merely the belief that something is true which the subconscious goes to work on creating in your life.

If you have thoughts of stress, anxiety, etc., the conscious mind interprets the data, attaches an emotion to it, (in this case discord) and stores it in the subconscious mind. The subconscious can only emit vibrational frequencies based on the information that it recieves from the conscious mind, so it sends vibrations of discord (lower energies) into the universe. Those vibrations of discord attract like vibrations of discord, and guess what manifests in the physical realm? (your life) You Bet, Discord. MORE of what you are stressed and anxious about is brought into your physical reality, creating even MORE stress and anxiety!!

So What's The Solution?

Learn to become in control of the conscious mind, begin to store only those thoughts that align with what it is you desire to see manifest in your life, and things that are percieved as miracles begin to occur!

Many people in our world today perceive only certain things to be miracles, such as instant healing, and related seemingly unexplainable occurances. The fact is that miracles are actually happening in your life, every second of everyday, and are made possible by the vibratory power of the subconscious mind.

What I mean by that is the thoughts that you think about on a day to day basis are continually creating your reality, and the outcome only appears to be limited because of the self-limiting beliefs that you have been taught and absorbed since childhood and accept as truth.

These day to day miracles appear to be, or are perceived, as normal or average events. These results are only perceived by the average person as normal, because the majority of people in our world are taught basically the same things about what normal is, and fail to come to know and understand the true way that things occur in the spiritual realm.

An Example Of The Conscious Mind At Work

As an example, let's say that Jane Fosworth's (fictional character) life was considered to be in the average range of the U.S. population, or normal. Jane went through the traditional education process from kindergarten through high school.

All of Jane's teachers taught Jane, what they had been instructed to teach her and what they had come to know as true from the teaching they had previously received.

Jane was taught that it is necessary to get an education so that upon leaving school, she was able to get a decent job. She was taught that if she decided to further her education and go to college, she could get an even better job. She analyzed the information given to her with the conscious mind, trusted the sources it came from, and stored it in her subconscious as truth. (belief)

After graduating from high school, Jane decided, based on the information she received and beliefs she had established from all the teachers in her school, her parents etc., that it would be wise to go to college for a few years, to enhance her education so that she might be able to acquire a better job. To make this decision, she called on her analytical conscious mind which consulted the data storage portion of the subconscious to determine what was stored there, found the previous file that had been placed there by previous teachers, analyzed the information, perceived it as truth, and acted on her belief.

After graduating college, Jane finds a job that pays her $42,000.00 per year. Based on what Jane had been previously taught and compared to what her family made in their jobs, she determined that this was pretty good money. So Jane begins her career and does what she has been taught all through school and college, and begins her 45-55 hr. per week job.

She gets up early every morning to be to work by 8:00 am and at 5:00 - 6:00 pm each day, she leaves to go home and spend the evening with her family. Jane spends the next 20 or so years following this same process and feels pretty good about her accomplishments. She has fulfilled everything that she has been taught to this point.

Somewhere along the line during her career, Jane hears that there is a Higher Power and chooses to investigate further. Jane finds a good, positive, and uplifting place to worship. This place of worship teaches Jane about a Higher Power that is pure Love and that this Higher Power has provided her with all that she could ever want or need to live a good and happy life.

She listens to the leader of this place of worship and studies the spiritual writings that she acquires and learns that this Higher Power has provided her with something, called faith or belief, and if she will develop it, just a little, that it will become powerful enough to heal even the deadliest of disease. Jane studies and absorbs this knowledge and forms a belief that it is true. (There is no previous record of this data in her subconscious, so Jane analyzes this new information, allowing the conscious mind to determine it's truth or untruth, trusts the source, establishes a belief, and stores it in her subconscious as truth.)

One day Jane isn't feeling well so she goes to the doctor for an examination. After many examinations, tests, and xrays the doctor comes into the exam room with a pained look on his face. He informs Jane that she has a form of terminal cancer and only has about 6 mos. to live. This is obviously hard for Jane to fathom, but she accepts the news and goes home.

After a short while, she overcomes the initial shock of this horrendous news and begins to think about what the doctor has told her as well as what she has learned through the spiritual teachings and writings. By tapping into the data portion of the subconscious, she finds the file there, that she had previosly stored as truth regarding healing. Jane remembers that God has given her the ability to heal even when everyone else says it's not possible. Jane's belief is strong and she begins to implement her faith (belief) to initiate the healing process that she has learned, absorbed, and come to believe.

One month later Jane returns to the doctor and according to the medical team, "It is unbelievable". The tests show that the cancer is all gone! "It's a miracle!"

We could continue Jane's story through the retirement process but enough has been covered here to make the point that you need to understand.

Jane was taught by her parents and teachers that it was necessary to get an education in order to get a decent job and she believed that to be truth. She acted on that truth, and accomplished what she had come to believe to be the truth through that teaching. Jane's belief combined with her action allowed that to occur. Although it appears to be only an average and normal outcome, in reality, it is a miracle.

She went out and got a job that paid decent money because that is what she was taught and believed to be true. Jane's belief allowed that to occur. That is a miracle.

She got up early every morning so she could arrive at work by 8:00 am because that is what she was taught she was suppose to do and believed to be true. Her belief is what caused it to occur. That is also a miracle.

Although no one perceived these seemingly normal events to be anything other than normal, the fact that Jane believed them and they came to pass is every bit a miracle as the cancer disapearing!

Why? Because, what came to pass is exactly what Jane was taught and came to believe to be truth. Her thought process, which was established by those that she loved or trusted when she was young established her beliefs. She stored those beliefs in the filing system of her subconscious mind. When the conscious mind needed to determine a belief, it was analyzed with the conscious mind, found the file that previously established it as truth, which attracted and returned to her the circumstances and events of her life, in exact accordance with what she believed to be true!

These beliefs of Janes were first established in her conscious mind. The information she received was from people that she trusted and depended on. Her conscious mind examined the data being received, attached an emotion to it, perceived it as truth and stored it in the warehouse of unlimited capacity, the subconscious mind. She was taught what was perceived by the world as average or normal. She believed it to be true. It came to pass, and became what she experienced in her physical world.

Had it been possible to keep Jane isolated from the world and her circle of influence were only people that taught her that it was normal to make $10,000,000.00 per year, and her belief aligned with that teaching, when she came out of isolation and into the world and made $10,000,000.00 her first year, the world might be more inclined to consider that a Miracle!

A miracle is only perceived by people as a miracle because something BIG and outside of what is perceived by the majority as normal, occured. Something BIG happens because someone is able to develop a BIG belief regarding that situation that is above the norm of the everyday thinking and beliefs of the mass majority, or what are referred to as average people.

Self limiting, pre-programmed, average, and many times FALSE beliefs keep big things from happening in your life everyday!

A miracle (big event) only happens because someone has somehow established a new BIG belief, or eliminated an existing self limiting belief of what is suppose to be, or normal, and replaced it with that big belief, which allows the thing to occur.

In Jane's case the Big belief was that her terminal illness could be cured so her belief or faith attracted the means which allowed it to happen.

It isn't something that happens to the vast majority of people because the vast majority doesn't have the belief or faith that it can! That is the only reason!

The outcome of each of Jane's life events were manifest, both big and small, because of her awareness, combined with her actions and were made physical through her beliefs!

The Universe doesn't differentiate between what is a big or small event, but can only produces what you believe. The Source has an unlimited supply of resources and can provide whatever you can conceive and much more, If You Believe it to be so.

Your subconscious mind doesn't differentiate between big or small either, and is only limited by what the conscious mind establishes as belief and allows to be stored within it!

Are you beginning to understand the power of the conscious mind and the importance of becoming conscious of what you allow it to store in the subconscious?

Every second of every day the Universe is creating. The process is endless and never rests. Since the thoughts allowed to manifest through your conscious mind are continually creating the outcomes that are determining your life, doesn't it stand to reason that you should learn to consciously create those results that you desire?

In your day to day life the same thing is occuring. If you were to develop the kind of faith that you were able to make $20,000.00 a day, thereby eliminating the self limiting belief that you couldn't, you would make that money every day!

Since you are used to only making $100.00 a day, there is something in your belief system that is holding you to that expectation. If you were to overcome your self limiting belief of being limited to the $100.00 per day that you currently make, and began making the $20,000.00 today would you consider that to be a miracle? You making a 100.00 a day is every bit a miracle creation as being able to make $20,000.00 a day. The only difference is one of degree, in this case the amount of money that you make.

Your belief system says that is all you can make so that is what you make! The creative process is precise, exact, identical and doesn't waver in either case and is only limited by your beliefs.

ANY manifestation that you experience in your life is a miracle and is only limited by your beliefs. Even the percieved "bad things" that may be happening are miracles and only happening because either consciously or subconsciously, you believe that they are going to!

Learn to utilize your conscious mind for the purpose that it was created for. Become conscious of what you are accepting from the outside world and allowing yourself to establish as belief, and allowing to enter into your mind. Become conscious of changing the existing self limiting subconscious programming that you have allowed to this point, by carefully analyzing and limiting what you allow your conscious mind to accept and believe, and you will attract BIG EVENTS into your life everyday!

The beliefs that are sent by the conscious mind to the subconscious, are creating a vibration that is sent out into the universe and are attracting like vibrations to it that are literally creating the circumstances in your physical reality or life. That is no miracle, that is a gift that your Higher Power has provided you with.

Another point that needs to be addressed is.......

There is No Such Thing as average people. The Source never has or ever will create anything that is average. He has provided you with the free will to use or not use what he has given you, and it is only your free will, or choice to do so, that is creating average results in your life. Your average results exist because you have average or self limiting beliefs. You can change those average beliefs into BIG Beliefs by learning how to correctly use your conscious mind and begin to create BIG Events in your life every single day.

Change your beliefs and you will change your world!

Your conscious mind is the tool provided to you, to consciously and with focused intent, make that change.

It is extremely important that you are very careful and selective as to what you allow the conscious mind to absorb and establish as belief in the future, if you are to reach the unlimited potential that you have been provided with and are quite capable of achieving.

It is equally important to consciously focus your attention, and use your conscious mind to rewrite the previous self-limiting programs that you have stored as truth and allowed to limit you to this point.

Many of these programs were innocently placed in your mind by honest and well meaning people that have no idea of how universal laws operate, and absolutely no awareness of the power of the mind to attract.

Many such statements include, "Be a star? You're such a dreamer. You need to get a real job like normal people." or "Be pratical! Noone in your family has ever been able to accomplish that and you can't do that either", etc.

Take control of your conscious mind and become conscious of your thoughts. Become conscious of what you are allowing the conscious mind to absorb, and only allow information that is in alignment with what it is that you are trying to attract to you. You will see your life transform in a miraculous way!

The Source of all things has already provided you with everything you could ever possibly imagine, and far more than you could ever possibly use. You only need to utilize the conscious mind to align with the incredible, unwavering power of Universal Laws and begin to believe that those things that you desire are available to you. By doing so, you will begin to see and experience a life beyond your wildest imagination!

Your choices are yours to make. Our Creator has given you the ability to choose which path you take. The choices that you make determine your outcomes every bit as much as your thoughts.

It's your choice. You are at cause. Choose wisely.

Powerful Tools For Enhancing Awareness and Developing Your Conscious Mind

The following tools are extremely effective in developing your abilities to control your conscious mind to begin to create the life of your dreams, and have assisted thousands in their search for abundance and happiness. I know you will find them helpful as well.

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

provides an in depth look combined with an ongoing education that provides specific and detailed information and instruction for developing the knowledge of and belief in the unwavering and precise laws that rule our entire universe and how you tie into the bigger scheme of things. The 7 Hidden Keys will assist you in developing a step by step process for re-patterning your self limiting subconscious programming utilizing the conscious mind, as well as a comprehensive look at the spiritual and scientific principles substantiating the creative power of the human mind. This program is phenomenal and EXTREMELY effective for enhancing awareness!

Awakening Dimensional Consciousness

is an incredible awareness enhancement program that will guide and walk you step by step through a process called Multi-Dimensional Meditation. The results from this practice can hardly be expressed in words except to say that you will experience a profound peace and knowing that you have never experienced prior to it's implementation.

Answers to long asked questions and a sense of clarity, understanding and a profound sense of peace became very apparent to me after only a few weeks of use. In addition to the many personal benefits, the Higher Balance Institute offers a lifetime guarantee with incredible and unlimited customer support. Regardless of where you currently find yourself in relation to your life, The Foundation Guided Meditation System will assist you in achieving clear and concise conscious thought and enable you to experience a sense of peace, assurance and a sense of "inner knowing" that human words cannot begin to describe.

Each of these programs have proven to be highly effective and can be used separately or combined together for profound, life changing results.

As with anything in your life, you have the power to choose your paths in life. It is your choice to explore, or not, the power of the conscious mind and discover the unlimited creative power that YOU possess.

By becoming consciously aware of the life you are creating through your thoughts and the power of the conscious mind, is your first big step in creating the life of your dreams. These powerful and proven awareness enhancement tools can and will assist you in doing just that should you choose to allow them to.

Whatever choices you make both today and in the future, it is our sincere and heartfelt hope that they might lead you one step closer to living and experiencing a life of Joy, Fulfillment, Inner Peace, and Unlimited Prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What I personally choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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