Eric Pepin and Higher Balance
On The Road - California

As Eric Pepin and The Higher Balance Team Bring
The Higher Balance Road Trip To A Conclusion Who'd Have Guessed It Would Get This Intense

The Simplest and Seemingly Insignificant Techniques
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Higher Balance On The Road California

Prerequisites Apply To The Higher Balance Road Trip Modules

Please note : To receive full benefit from the Higher Balance Road Trip modules, it's recommended that you first own the Core I : Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System. Core I provides the foundational understanding for all of Eric Pepin's proceeding personal and spiritual development modules

The Eric Pepin and Higher Balance On The Road - California Town Meeting module is available in both DVD Video and Audio Version

Are you ready to hear some of the most exciting stories from Eric that include Shadow Beings, Aliens and the Paranormal?

What’s more enthralling about these unbelievable encounters is that most of them took place while Eric was still very young! Eric Pepin's detailed descriptions and colorful storytelling will put a whole new spin on “ghost stories”. In one of the most intriguing stops on this tour Eric also delves into the arcane topics of Scrying, clairvoyance, portals, and many more with real world application and effect!

Beyond your child fantasies of wizards and great kings that ruled over vast lands resides a very real world tool that can aid in your awakening. In fact this mystical technique is one that Eric attributes to aiding in his rapid development of many faculties of his sensory while he was a youth.

As you may recall from its introduction in Rhode Island, “The Kingdom” is a way that you can use your imagination and visualization to gain access into various levels of your consciousness which will lead you to a wealth of discovery that is far beyond any hidden treasure that you read about in the story books. In this rich backdrop you will be guided through a hands on technique designed to help you explore these recesses of your psyche and push beyond the limits of your psychic abilities! Eric will talk about how through this technique, he was actually able to manifest deeper and more powerful levels of psychic ability, contributing to his awakening and enlightenment cycle. He will literally guide you step by step through creative visualization to empower your ancient self while releasing the hold of the organic Governor.

As you perfect this technique you will unveil a roadmap for exploring deeper levels of consciousness through out your journey into uncharted territories!Once you have satiated yourself with diving into the endless possibilities of your own private kingdom and are ready for a change, we suggest you take advantage of this never before released technique for the very popular subject of Portals. It is hard to get enough information on the topic and Eric really delivers a gem for you to take full advantage of. With the use of a few simple household objects, Eric will show you how to find a whole new world underneath your nose as never experienced before. With this new tool to add to your arsenal you are guaranteed to experience profound breakthroughs in manipulating the subtle mechanics of portals. Once you have tried this one we guarantee you will never go back to any other method!

And if this wasn’t enough, be prepared for an explanation of the in-between that will literally blow your socks off. Seems like the time was ripe with the motivation to push into unchartered territory. Take advantage of this very rare type of presentation and know that what you gleam from this course will truly push you into places you couldn’t have ever dreamed of.

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