Higher Balance Institute Founder
Eric Pepin On The Road

Discover and Absorb The Profound Yet Practical Wisdom Of Higher Balance Founder and Spiritual Teacher Eric Pepin As He Travels The U.S. Sharing His Profound Spiritual Journey With Seekers From All Walks Of Life

Eric Pepin and Higher Balance On The Road 2008

Higher Learning and Spiritual Development
Has NEVER Been More Fun Or Exciting!!

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Prerequisites Apply To The Higher Balance Road Trip Modules

Please note : To receive full benefit from the Higher Balance Road Trip modules, it's recommended that you first own the Core I : Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System. Core I provides the foundational understanding for all of Eric Pepin's proceeding personal and spiritual development modules

Tired of the same ole same ole when it comes to personal development and spiritual awareness enhancement?

If so, you're at the right place and will both enjoy and greatly benefit from the enlightening and mind bending gatherings held during Higher Balance Institute's 'On The Road With Eric Pepin and The Higher Balance Institute" road trip modules.

Personal Development and Spiritual Growth can be extremely fun when you decide to do what Higher Balance Institute founder Eric Pepin and select members of the Higher Balance Institute staff did and take higher learning and spiritual development to a whole new level.

And just how exactly can you do that?...

Take it on a road trip!!

That's precisely what Higher Balance founder Eric Pepin and select members of the Higher Balance team did. What's even better than that is that they recorded each and every town meeting in both DVD and audio formats, so you could benefit from Eric's off the cuff no holds barred teaching style and benefit just as much as each of the participants that attended each town meeting did.

Join Eric, the Higher Balance staff and participants across the U.S. as Eric shares and teaches some incredibly powerful and profound insight with attendees across the U.S. who gathered for Higher Balance's town meetings.

You'll be blown away as Eric shares his profound depth of insight and wisdom regarding subjects ranging from the practical to the way beyond mystical which he has accumulated during his far less than average lifetime.

You'll benefit beyond description as Eric dissects and delves deeply into the wide array of questions asked by participants of the various Higher Balance town meetings held at different cities along the way.

Even more importantly, you'll gain further insight and understanding as well as transformational clarity and discover first hand how you can put the knowledge and wisdom Eric Pepin shared into practical application in your own life.

Join Eric Pepin and the Higher Balance Institute staff as Eric teaches on a smorgasbord of subjects ranging from enhancing 6th sense awareness to paranormal activity.

Each individual Higher Balance Road Trip module is available in both audio and video formats.

The Higher Balance Institute and Eric Pepin Elevating The Consciousness Of The U.S. One City At A Time During Their 2008 Road Trip.

Join The Fun!!

First Stop - Fort Collins Colorado

Higher Balance On The Road Colorado

Get The Full Description Of The Fort Collins Colorado Meeting Here

Join Higher Balance Institute founder Eric Pepin as well as other members of the Higher Balance staff during one of their first exciting, revealing and informative stops during the course of the Higher Balance Institutes road tour. Listen in or watch as Eric engages, teaches and astounds attendees who participated in this insightful meeting at the infamous Skin Walker Ranch in Fort Collins Colorado.

This unique and mysterious place is recognized and well known for its paranormal activity and energy. Follow along with Eric Pepin through an extremely enlightening and at times mind bending journey of the senses as together you explore various aspects of the sixth sense, the mystique and often times misunderstood phenomenon behind ghosts, hauntings and various hubs of paranormal activity.

This is a town meeting you'll be glad you attended AND one you'll NEVER forget!!

Second Stop - New Castle Pennsylvania

Higher Balance On The Road Pennsylvania

Get The Full Description Of The Higher Balance New Castle Pennsylvania Meeting Here

As many are already aware, the physical brain is designed and limited to comprehending and making "logical" sense out of our experiences in this physical dimension. With that being the case, what do you suppose happens when you start receiving information of another dimensional origin? Do you honestly think for a minute that just as the doe keeps you from reaching higher states of consciousness that the brain is not going to do everything in it's power to keep you in check and attempt to make you forget everything you've learned thus far which you’ve fought so hard to remember?

You can bank on that. In fact, your brain is very focused and adamant about keeping you as limited as possible in a "spiritual sense" and attempts to keep you grounded and firmly rooted in this dimension.

How else could you account for the fact that over half of the participants at the New Castle Pennsylvania town meeting forget everything that was said during it? Believe me when I tell you that it most certainly wasn’t because it was dry or boring!

This enthralling portrayal as to how the brain edits incoming data and why it does so will equip you with a whole new outlook and arm you with some incredibly empowering knowledge that you can put to use immediately in your favor as you progress in your personal and spiritual development process and press on to acquiring and experiencing "real freedom."

Third Stop - Providence Rhode Island

Higher Balance On The Road Rhode Island

Get The Full Description Of The Higher Balance Providence Rhode Island Meeting Here

During this stop in Rhode Island, as the open floor discussion between participants progressed, Higher Balance Institute founder Eric Pepin opens up and begins discussing a variety of topics that are absolutely essential and pertinent to every "true seekers" growth.

Hold onto your hats, because this Higher Balance Rhode Island town meeting get's REALLY deep and profound!!

Listen in or watch as Eric covers subjects ranging from revealing how to recognize as well as utilize a galactic window in order to propel yourself into profound states of elevated consciousness, all the way to how to best construct within your own mind a powerful and can't fail structure that will cultivate a brand new level of sixth sense abilities that will benefit you beyond description in EVERY aspect of your life.

This exercise as Eric explains is in fact one that played a major role in his own spiritual development as a youth. Grab a hold of and seize this opportunity to discover a level of teaching that no one else currently shares and begin to live and apply this one of a kind proliferation of knowledge in your life.

One thing is absolutely certain. It can and will transform the entire course as well as the quality of your life...guaranteed!!

Fourth Stop - Yorktown Virginia

Higher Balance On The Road Virginia

Get The Full Description Of The Higher Balance Yorktown Virginia Meeting Here

If you have a sincere desire to engage in an opportunity to teach others what I like to refer to as a "higher Truth" or would like to know how to approach and share with others the Higher Balance subject matter then chances are pretty good that the first question that pops into your mind goes something like..."What do I discuss first and how do I effectively present this material?"

Well, that's a GREAT question but before I answer it, let’s me first say that you have just struck a gold mine! There are so many useful analogies and examples in this series that you would really have to stop paying attention for a very long time to miss how precisely Higher Balance Institute founder Eric Pepin lays it all out for those that have not necessarily been exposed to knowledge at the depth that Eric and the Higher Balance Institute shares.

Even if you aren’t necessarily looking to teach it and you just want to get some awesome and profoundly empowering information regarding some of the "basics", then the Higher Balance Yorktown Virginia town meeting is a must see/listen for you.

Even if it's simply an addition to your personal and spiritual development library, this course recorded in Yorktown delivers so many profound insights that your head will be reeling for days. And, you know what they say about going back to basics. It’s something that absolutely MUST be done in order to truly understand the full scope of what the knowledge has to offer. So, with that in mind, get ready to really see in crystal clear detail where this upcoming adventure is going and prepare yourself for a blast off, the likes of which could propel you to ever new heights.

Fifth Stop - Dallas Texas

Higher Balance On The Road Texas

Get The Full Description Of The Higher Balance Dallas Texas Meeting Here

You know what's often said about everything being BIG in Texas don't you?

This Higher Balance Institute town meeting that took place in Dallas is most certainly no exception!!

As Higher Balance Institute founder and members of the Higher Balance crew continued to travel across country they arrived in Texas not fully aware of just how BIG things were going to get.

Little did anyone know that such a profound moment was building. In the class, Eric fielded questions covering everything from the nature of the dark side and the purpose behind why white cells are here, to the reasons that he tries to avoid addressing the question of his own enlightenment. He lays out the answers in no uncertain terms. Like most of the Road trip lectures, the group participants consisted of a mix of some participants who were more advanced in their understanding as well as some newer ones who are just beginning in their quest for "Higher Truth."

The outcome is that in this Dallas Texas Road Trip module, there is something for literally everyone.

Whether you are advancing in your spiritual training with the intention of becoming a teacher and hope to start your own House or you are completely new to the teachings of Higher Balance and are simply looking to further enhance your personal and spiritual development and be inspired as a dimensional warrior, this class is for you.

For those of you who like the intensity of Eric’s teaching style and his willingness to say and share the things that other teachers either are too afraid to say or simply don’t know, then partner...hold on to that cowboy hat and buckle your seatbelts because what you're about to discover is no holds barred.

Eric has always believed that it is FAR more important to tell the truth than hold back and be nice. Whether it was the Texas group, the location, or the culmination of intensity built up as a result of all the other Higher Balance road trip stops before Texas that built up to this incredibly insightful and empowering moment, this class was on fire...in fact it was a Texas sized bonfire!!

Sixth and Final Stop - Woodside California

Higher Balance On The Road California

Get The Full Description Of The Higher Balance Woodside California Meeting Here

Do you think you're ready and would enjoy hearing some of the most exciting stories from Higher Balance Institute founder, Eric Pepin, that include topics such as Shadow Beings, Aliens and the Paranormal?

What’s even more more enthralling about these unbelievable encounters, other than the fact that they happened is that most of them happened and took place while Eric was still very young!

Eric's electrifying and vividly detailed descriptions and colorful way of describing some of these experiences will put a whole new spin on “ghost stories”. In one of the most intriguing stops on this tour Eric also delves into the arcane topics of Scrying, clairvoyance, portals, and many more topics complete with real world application and effect!

Hang on as we explore far beyond your childhood fantasies of wizards and great kings that ruled over vast lands, because the fact of the matter is, there resides a very real world tool that can aid in your awakening. In fact this profound and mystical technique is one that Eric directly attributes to aiding in the rapid development of many of his faculties of advanced sensory while he was still a youth.

Well...as all things do, the Higher Balance Institute's Road Trip concluded yet as those of deeper understanding know, there exists no such thing as endings...only new beginnings.

Be sure to check out all of the Higher Balance Institutes personal and spiritual development modules, absorb what Higher Balance founder Eric Pepin shares and teaches so well, and you'll begin to know and understand at the deepest and most profound levels that you can, do and will continue to create your reality your way just as you choose.

Learning and discovering how to do so consciously and consistently, makes the road to fulfillment, harmony, inner peace, indescribable joy and "Completion" a much shorter, more pleasant and far more physically rewarding journey.

It's my hope and wish for you that you discover for yourself just how true and powerful that statement is.

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