Eric Pepin and Higher Balance
On The Road - Virginia

If You Ever Thought You Might Like To Teach Personal and Spiritual Development Or Just Get A Firm Grasp
Of The Basics, This Module Is For You

Simple Analogies Can Make A Sizable
and Powerful Difference In Your Life

Higher Balance On The Road Virginia

Prerequisites Apply To The Higher Balance Road Trip Modules

Please note : To receive full benefit from the Higher Balance Road Trip modules, it's recommended that you first own the Core I : Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System. Core I provides the foundational understanding for all of Eric Pepin's proceeding personal and spiritual development modules

The Eric Pepin and Higher Balance On The Road - Colorado Town Meeting module is available in both DVD Video and Audio Version

Take in the insights and wisdom during this stop during Higher Balance's 2008 road trip in this Higher Balance on the Road: Yorktown, VA module.

If you are pushing for the opportunity to teach others or wanting to know how to approach others with the Higher Balance subject matter then you know the first questions is always...

“What do I discuss first and how do I present this material?”

Well before I answer your question, let’s just say you have just struck a gold mine! There are so many useful analogies and examples in this series that you would really have to stop paying attention for a very long time to miss how precisely Eric lays it all out for those that have not necessarily been exposed to Higher Balance knowledge.

Even if you aren’t looking to teach and you just want to get awesome information as to some of the “basics”, then this is a must see for you. Even just as an addition to your library, this course delivers so many profound insights that your head will be reeling for days. And, you know what they say about going back to basics. It’s something that must be done in order to truly understand the full scope of what the knowledge has to offer. So get ready to really see where this adventure is going and prepare for blast off.

After a brief recap on some of the basics Eric really lets himself go and carries the entire class with him. In fact the energy is so strong you will literally feel it pulse through the TV. Sounds too incredible to be true? That’s just how powerful it really is.

One example of the topics discussed here is on parallel lives and dreams. If you’ve ever thought about parallel lives or how it’s possible for you to learn through dreams and how these dreams are connected to your totality of consciousness then get ready for an explanation that is going fill in all of the blanks.

Once you move past the realm of self and move out into the universe and the totality of God, it seems like an awe inspiring spectacle that few should ever be privy to witness. But, know that you are a part of it and have the potential with in yourself to be one with it. By learning how to trust and surrender yourself to it you are able to unfold in a natural progression according to its plan. This is a much more natural process and one that takes great skill to master.

And with all of the false starts and promises out in the world it’s hard to decipher what’s what among the rabble and noise. Too much of it seems like it’s going to get you somewhere, only to find it falling short and leaving you no better than when you found it. Eric discusses how these other schools come into play with the bigger picture and how all of that affects your growth and development. Also, he will show where these other schools are lacking in their direction for you and others like you. Much stray away from the path of true spirituality and lead you through a path that has a bleak outcome for many seekers. Instead of being fed on truth they are starved of it and eventually their spirit to continue fades.

Brighten and re-invigorate yourself with a stop off at the purest spring around and ready yourself for a whole new leg of your journey. This new leg starts once Eric reveals the “formula” you use to approach God.

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