Multi Dimensional Consciousness

A Limited, Scattered and Fearful Consciousness is But a Choice, However Unconscious it Might Be, Just as Experiencing the Love, Awe and Grandeur of Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Is

multi dimensional consciousness
Multidimensional Consciousness is an Experiential KNOWING of Love, Peace, Serenity, Awe, Grandeur, Magnificence, Completion and Unconditional Acceptance of What Is just as it is, simply because, it reveals ALL that Is for what it Truly's Love and it's way beyond awesome. - Chuck Danes

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

We’re going to look at and explore a quality of consciousness that many have heard of, everyone seeks, many attempt to acquire, yet which few ever tap into and experience.

A more accurate way to say it, would be to say that MOST are unaware of it. It's all around us, yet most only see and comprehend a VERY VERY small portion of it.

It's extremely complex on one hand and profoundly simple on the other. If you've explored the Consciousness Index, and become aware of the various states, or "levels of" consciousness, it will be simpler to grasp and understand that Multidimensional Consciousness is a form of awareness that utilizes and encompasses all aspects of mind...individually, collectively and Universally.

It’s called Multidimensional Consciousness. It’s a state of vast and expansive proportion, so, to describe it as best as I can, in a linear and intellectual kind of way, it's necessary to infuse the topic of “Dimensions” into the discussion for a minute.

The dimensions I'm referring to aren't physical measurements as in the dimensions of a physical object, but rather dimensions of existence, of infinite proportion, a quality and quantity of which, is determined by an equally infinite number of vibrational frequencies.

These dimensions and vibrational frequencies can't be fathomed, let alone experienced by the casual observer, although their presence can be known, and to a degree, understood.

Unless you've personally EXPERIENCED multidimensional consciousness for yourself, that's a lot to swallow and wrap your head around so, let's just say the dimensions I'm referring to are BIG, VAST and many. BIGGER than BIG and vaster than vast actually.

So BIG, so vast and so many, they're incomprehensible a way. Entering into this "space" of Multidimensional Consciousness requires a choice to move beyond and let go of the need to analyze, figure out or understand where it is, or what it is that enables the experience of Multidimensional Consciousness to become possible.

It's a "stilling of the mind."

That's when multidimensional conscious comes into play. It's an "uncommon awareness" that extends beyond any form of “conscious or subconscious” functions as we know and understand them. Although Multidimensional Consciousness is experienced and witnessed via the mind, at the same time, it's a state of awareness that transcends the limitations of mind, meaning observing and witnessing beyond what could ever be conceived or imagined, let alone fully discovered or explored.

It's amazing really, because when you experience multidimensional consciousness for yourself, although you're quite aware of the vastness, awe, simplicity and perfection that exists beyond this physical realm, you're also keenly aware that it can never be fully explored or understood.

But just KNOWING it's there, is enough.

The simplest way to describe Multidimensional Consciousness, would be to say, you become keenly aware that there is door after door after door after door of deeper understanding and greater awareness...into infinity.

In other words, it can never be fully experienced or understood.

You could refer to Multidimensional Consciousness as an indescribable experience that taps into an “Infinite Form of Consciousness”, providing an experience that's often referred to as Enlightenment. It's not something that can be taught nor understood via linear ways of intellectual teaching, learning or perceiving life.

Multidimensional Consciousness provides an uncommon awareness of life...all of life.

It’s an immersion in and awareness of what is often labeled the Super Conscious Mind, God, Source, Supreme Energy, Universal Consciousness or a thousand other labels that are used.

It's an experience with Oneness.

My personally preferred label to describe this experience of "Oneness", is Love. A kind and quality of Love that mind can't possibly conceive, contain or fathom, nor which the human heart can hope to feel or know...not fully.

It's a thing, a place and a space on one hand, yet none of those on the other hand. If there were another "hand" available, you could say, on that hand, it's a thing, a place and a space all at the same time.

It's a state entered into where you not only understand that All is One "intellectually", you experience and KNOW it in both an intellectual and experiential kind of way. Nothing compares to the experience.

For the sake of simplicity, let's call the "experience" of multidimensional consciousness, as entering into a "place."

What Is This Place I Speak Of And How Do You Get There?

To properly convey what this place is and what it's like to experience it, in a way that can be fully grasped, understood and comprehended, is extremely difficult…impossible actually.

There is no human description or linear way of describing it that would come anywhere remotely close to doing it justice.

Attempting to grasp it intellectually, falls far short of the actual experience, in much the same way that describing the taste of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich would leave you trying and attempting to understand, yet regardless of how accurate the description, it would leave you lacking the "experiential understanding" of what it's truly like to EXPERIENCE it for yourself.

This "place" is far more pleasant and difficult to describe than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich FOR SURE, so do your best to understand, like a sandwich, without actually tasting and experiencing it, it not only escapes, but transcends common human logic, reasoning and understanding.

To enable you to better understand WHY it is so difficult to convey, it would be much like me asking you to accurately explain the Infinite, God, The Universe, Energy, The Source, or whatever you perceive Creator to be, although in actuality they are One and the same, labeled in different ways.

Although this place that I speak of is extremely difficult to describe with the limitation of human language, and experiencing it for yourself is the only way to see and allow you to even begin to conceive the scope of its infinite and boundless nature, I’ll do my human best, to share with you, as best I’m able, what you can expect to experience while you are there, although my description will prove to be insignificant in relation to the actual experience.

But once experienced for yourself, be assured that you’ll never forget, you'll see ALL things in life in a whole new light, and your life will NEVER be the same...ever.

Here's my best shot at describing Multidimensional Consciousness in the most "succinct" yet descriptive way possible...

It is a deeply peaceful, profound, enlightening, and almost indescribable place that will leave you feeling more alive and empowered than you have ever felt before. It is a place that will enable you to rediscover and become aware of your true purpose. It is a place that will awaken you to your true and limitless potential. It is a very serene, safe, restful and peaceful place. It is a place that knows no stress, no fear, no anxiety, no lack or limitation. It is a place of infinite proportion. It is a place where no boundaries, barriers or ceilings exist. It is a place where potential and possibility is limitless. It is a place that will allow you to explore, discover and experience far beyond what you previously conceived or believed was possible. It is a place where you (and all of us) have previously visited, but at some point along the way have forgotten. It is a place that, once experienced, you will look forward to returning to again and again...And you will, if you choose to.

It is a place of indescribable peace and calm. It is a place that once rediscovered you will be enabled to return to at will, anytime you choose. It is a place where you begin to understand that ALL things are possible. It is a place where you will discover and experience FAR more than your 5 human physical senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch, or taste have allowed you to experience to this point. It is a place that allows you to experience that which the 5 physical senses cannot experience. It is a stirring and an "Awakening of the Sixth Sense" which has always been there, but you have forgotten how to use it. Perhaps amid all the noise, you have come to believe that is not possible and beyond your ability to use. But it is available, it's easily accessible and it always has been.

Due to the stresses and noise of the physical world, you have only forgotten how to get there.

It is a place that transcends far above and beyond human comprehension and intellectual understanding. It is a place that defies human logic. It is a place where you will clearly understand and experience a profound sense and understanding of "Unity" and "Oneness." It is a place that once visited will allow you to clearly see and understand why it is that no human words can possibly do it justice or accurately describe the immersive experience that you have while there. It is a place of deeply comforting assurance and inner "knowingness." It is a place that knows no judgment. It is a place where you will touch and experience "Unconditional Love." It is a place where you will discover what it means to "Truly Awaken."

It is a taste of and an encounter with "The Infinite."

Where Is This Place?

This place that I am attempting to describe to you is obviously not a physical destination. It extends far beyond anything that can be associated with or tied to a geographical location. It is an amazing journey that transcends time and space. It is a place where once you have had the opportunity to reach and experience for yourself its fullness, you will wish to return again and again. It is a journey that is open for all to experience but that few choose to discover. It is an encounter with the Divine.

In a sense, it is a journey within. A journey to your inner most being. It’s a kind of journey which transcends the limitations and noise of the physical realm and takes you to a place which enables you to experience profound and incomprehensible understanding, an indescribable sense of heightened awareness that many refer to as enlightenment,. It is a place that you will most likely not remember ever visiting before, but somewhere deep within, have always wished, and at some level, KNEW that you could.

It’s not because it’s inaccessible or you couldn't get there. Not because the path hasn't always been open and available for you to travel through.

"But Only Because You Have Focused On And Allowed The External Events, Conditions, and Circumstances In Your Life To Shift Your Focus, Dominate Your Awareness, Causing You To Forget How And Where To Find It"

This path that enables you to enter into this "place" of Multidimensional Consciousness has existed since (and actually prior to) the beginning of time itself. It has always been open and available to any who would choose to seek it out and find it. It is only because you haven’t allowed yourself to let go, surrender, remember and once again become aware of and experience its realness.

It’s not your fault. It was only because you didn't know how. It was only because you didn’t have the vehicle that would take you there and allow you to experience it. It was only because you didn't have someone to show you the way. It was only because you didn't know or understand where to find the map that would lead you there.

Perhaps That’s Why You’re Here…Because You Were Destined to Rediscover It!

You have discovered the one that can take you where it is that you want to go. You have discovered the means of guidance and direction in which to once again arrive at this place of indescribable peace, limitless possibility and profoundly empowering and indescribably vast awareness. You have found the one who holds the map that will enable and allow you to reach your destination quickly and safely. You have finally discovered the one who is willing to share it all with you. You have found the one that will help you to remember and experience the glorious and profound nature of this place once again......

Maybe…just maybe That Is Why You Came and That’s What Brought You Here

To Finally Touch, Know and Experience for Yourself What It Means To Experience.....


And you can, as you've always been able to, should you ever choose to enable and allow yourself to.

What I have attempted to describe to you in the previous paragraphs is well within your grasp to attain and experience. It always has been and always will be. This and MUCH MORE than can possibly be described here.

Soon, should you read further, you will discover the tools and the profound knowledge required that will allow you, to once again do so.

The medium is called meditation.

For thousands of years, the art of meditation has been utilized and practiced by some of the most enlightened masters and insightful teachers in the history of the world.

Setting aside any philosophical presumptions, recent scientific breakthroughs are validating that traditional forms of meditation dramatically increases fulfillment in life, eliminates stress, boosts longevity and provides numerous health benefits far too extensive to list here.

... Now these are benefits that EVERYONE would love to experience, right?

But only a very small handful of individuals do.


Because most "believe" that achieving these types of benefits, if they’re possible at all, would require YEARS of training, practice and discipline. And with the many traditional forms of meditation, that’s true. It requires a level of discipline, dedication and consistency far beyond ANY other self-empowerment project you’ve ever undertaken.

With the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System, achieving these awesome gains can be accomplished quite easily and in a fraction of the time that traditional meditation techniques require.

Meditation used to be really, REALLY tough and required an uncommon amount of discipline to attain the understanding and begin experiencing the many benefits gained and realized through its use.

BUT…with the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System, it can be really, REALLY easy.


Because “The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System” – which is recognized as the world’s most technologically-advanced meditation program available today, provides a depth of understanding as well as a guided meditation technique that picks up where other guided meditation systems and techniques leave off.

Using it’s specially designed audio technology, combined with the insights, wisdom and guidance of an incredibly insightful and gifted teacher, Eric Pepin, The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System will guide you into incredible and indescribable states of inner peace, a profound and indescribable sense of well being and assurance, which provides a literally unexplainable experience of wholeness and completion in a way that no other meditation program can.

No more BOREDOM….No more meditating for hours…No more YEARS of training…No need for excessive discipline.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System provides incredible and in most cases "profound" results in a matter of days NOT years.

"Higher Balance taught me to awaken my psychic abilities and see them as extended senses to the five I already used. The sixth sense or psychic ability was a key to unlocking the threshold of God's doorway. But it was important to not see these abilities as being me, much like the physical body. They were used to help me understand how energy works and how to experience it." -- Jason T. La Crescenta, CA

Let's face it, in today's world most of us just don't have the time to set aside 2-3 hours per day to meditate, BUT we CAN set aside 20 minutes per day.

Would it be worth 20 minutes per day to dramatically increase your intelligence, experience a sense of indescribable wholeness and well-being, enhanced awareness, clearer thinking, greater health and Dissolve ALL unwanted emotional baggage?

Interested? Then, please – allow me tell you more.

Although modern day science has proven that the health benefits provided through the practice of meditation are numerous, The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System provides FAR more.

As those who have experienced it have discovered, The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System FAR surpasses ANY traditional form of meditation, enabling you to reach and experience states of multi-dimensional consciousness in days that prior to the release of Higher Balance's revolutionary Guided Meditation System, couldn't be achieved and experienced through traditional forms of meditation, which can (and often do) literally take years to master.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation is a system, a Very Powerful and life changing guided meditation system that will enable you to experience profound spiritual experiences and reach places that you never before imagined you could go or perhaps even dreamed were possible to reach.

In reality, the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System, is FAR MORE than just a guided meditation system. The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System goes FAR BEYOND traditional forms of meditation, and will allow you to achieve DRAMATIC and Life Changing results in a fraction of the time it takes using conventional meditation methods.

Yes, in a sense it is a guided meditation system but that is only a small portion of its intended purpose. It is also a journey of self-discovery. It opens doors to a profound and eye opening experience that will allow you to reach incredible heights of enhanced awareness and enlightenment that will not only prepare, but empower you to reach your intended and desired destination. It's a very unique, one of a kind meditation system that will enable and allow you to touch and fully experience a profound place of serenity, inner calm, peace and assurance where few ever venture.

Not because they wouldn't like to go there, not because they don’t possess an insatiable desire to experience the indescribable sense of joy, contentment, wholeness and fulfillment that being in this place provides, but only because many don't know that this place exists and if they do they have not yet discovered the guidance or the means in which to get themselves there.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided meditation system provides you with those means. It supplies you with the understanding as well as the vehicle that will allow you to enter into and explore territory that until this point you have been consciously unaware of or unable to reach with other forms of meditation.

Unlike traditional forms of meditation, The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System will allow you to achieve levels of heightened awareness, enlightenment, profound inner peace and what can be best described as an awakening of the sixth sense that prior to its discovery, you more than likely believed to be out of your grasp or within your capability to experience.

Until NOW!

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System will enable you to enter into that place and guides you step by step through a very simple yet powerful meditation process that will enable and empower you to experience the wholeness and sense of completion that is and always has been available to you.

Through its use you will finally discover and understand who and what you TRULY are and begin to fully comprehend, sense and experience for yourself the limitless and infinite potential that you already possess within you but due to numerous external factors may have lost touch with.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System Is The KEY That Will Unlock Where It Is That You Have Always Wanted To Go

Higher Balance's revolutionary guided meditation system combines unbelievably profound yet simple to understand Knowledge, Powerful Specialized Meditation Techniques, and Cutting Edge Technology unlike ANY guided meditation system available. What’s more, it’s unconditionally guaranteed to maximize your results in just 20 minutes a day.

In Four Easy and Clearly Defined Steps you will learn how the Higher Balance guided meditation system will totally revolutionize your life in just 20 simple minutes a day!!

Multidimensional Consciousness is possible and the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System can and will show you how to get there.

"I just wanted to let you know that I find the guided meditation incredible. I am a Life Coach and many of my clients seek meditation as a goal and I feel that this series is perfect for beginners and others. I have meditated for over 25 years and found myself achieving even greater depth. I am so excited about your work." -- Terry K. Denver, CO

I'm Finished with Multidimensional Consciousness
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