The Power Of Focus

A Clearly Defined and Consistently Envisioned Desire, The Power Of Focus And The Willingness To Remain Open To And Acting Upon The Signs That Show Up Creates What Many Perceive As Miracles

The Power Of Clarity

Consciously enact the Power Of Focus and remain open and receptive to the signs that will guide you to your desired outcomes

The Life Transforming Power Of Focus

Whether you're brand new to the concept of conscious creation and just beginning to explore the many possibilities available to you or you've been on the personal development path for years, one of the single most important, most often overlooked and underutilized ways of being you can master for being, doing and having more of what you aspire to create in your life is the Power of Focus.

The reason is simple. What you focus on and give attention to, expands. It doesn't matter if you choose to study and become aware of the latest scientific discoveries behind it or heed the wisdom and advice of the mystics, sages and masters since antiquity, the Power of Focus has EVERYTHING to do with what you'll experience or NOT experience in life.

Both understandings lead to one inevitable conclusion...

"As a Man thinketh, so is he."

Learning, consciously utilizing and mastering the power of focus can and does expand and transmute into tangible and measurable form, whatever hopes, dreams and desires you may aspire to create for yourself.

It's equally "true" that should you choose to utilize the Power of Focus in an "unconscious fashion" and as a result "unconsciously create" more of what you DON'T want, the power behind it remains consistent.

The necessity and the importance of consciously and consistently utilizing the Power Of Focus in bringing about your most heartfelt dreams and desires cannot be understated.

To fully grasp and understand how it is that the Power of Focus operates with unwavering and predictable certainty in bringing into your life each and every event, condition and circumstance that you experience, it may prove helpful that you gain a basic understanding of the Universal Laws (also referred to as The Laws Of Nature) to establish the basic foundational understanding as to how having and holding onto a specific focus can and does materialize into tangible physical results in each area of your life.

Clarity of vision...your vision...or the lack of, combined with a consistent focus on turning that vision into a tangible reality, whatever that might entail, is the clearly defined and constantly held vision that we ALL without exception are "envisioning" and choosing every moment of everyday.

Admittedly, although most don't understand the Power of Focus nor are they consciously aware of what they are focused on the majority of the time, it's the kind and quality of focus that we choose which determines the kind and quality of life that we'll experience individually.

I'm going to ask that you consider the single most important thing you can know with regard to focus as well as how and why anything and everything that happens in your life becomes a tangible reality in your life.

It's the simple and unwavering fact that ALL things begin at the level of consciousness . Until you "think" of something nothing can follow. You have to think to move your arm. You have to think to come up with an idea. You have to think to DO anything.

The simplest as well as the most complex inventions in history ALL were made real and tangible due to an initial thought.

There are basically 3 levels if you will, each playing a key role in the creative process as it pertains to you that you have exclusive control over.

Those 3 levels are mental, emotional and physical.

All things begin at the mental level. The quality of your consciousness which is determined by the quality of the thoughts that you think on a consistent basis, like everything else in existence is at it's core a projection of energy.

The energy projected through your thought processes emits, projects and broadcasts a vibrational resonance , the quality of which is determined by the quality of thought which is projected outward enacting what's being referred to today as the Law of Attraction . Once activated, this "law" ensures that the resonance projected immediately begins drawing to itself additional energies of a harmonious vibrational match which ensures with unwavering certainty that your ideal (whatever it might be that you are consistently thinking about) is manifest in physical form.

Although thoughts in and of themselves can't and don't produce a strong enough projection of energy to initiate the attraction and creation process, consistently held thoughts with strong emotions attached to them become extremely attractive and creative.

Once you've become aware of the Power of Focus and you choose to consistently direct and focus the thoughts that you think, you can and will learn to consciously influence the kind and quality of emotions that you experience which in turn determines the kind and quality of physical action that we engage in.

Although we won't be covering all the hows and whys in detail as to why that's "true" perhaps the most important thing you can "know" and choose to apply in your life is the fact that Emotional Mastery leads to life mastery.

There are an infinite number of emotions that our chosen thoughts ignite. Since we're focusing on the Power of Focus here we'll focus on that specifically. :)

For the sake of simplicity, any emotion ignited and experienced by you falls under the heading of Love or fear. Each and every emotion ignited and experienced are ignited and experienced based on the kind and quality of the thought chosen.

All thoughts and as a result ALL emotions fall under one of those headings...Love or fear.

In other words thoughts which ignite strong emotions of fear begin attracting what is feared. Thoughts which ignite a strong emotion of love attracts what is loved. The quality of emotions ignited, determines the resonance of the energy being projected which in turn determines the kind and quality of the events, conditions and circumstances that show up in "tangible and measurable form" in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

That's where the importance of understanding and consciously utilizing the Power Of Focus comes into play. Conscious and intentional focus on something "desired" or "loved" keeps your "minds eye" fixated on the desired outcome which in turn ignites emotions that align and harmonize with the attraction of the thing or things desired. regardless of the "physical" appearance of things currently happening around you which the physical eyes "perceive" to be reality based on the physical events, conditions, and circumstances that you might currently be experiencing or encounter along the way.

By the same token a choice to remain fixated on events, conditions and circumstances that ignite, project and create fear, doubt and worry are in essence unconsciously utilizing the Power of Focus to project a resonance that can only draw to you more of what you have fear, doubt and worry about.

This is why it is so important to become "conscious" of your "consciousness" and learn to master the ability to redirect it when you discover that it isn't in alignment with the fulfillment of "desired" outcomes.

To begin consciously, purposefully and intentionally utilizing the Power of Focus in such a way that draws to you the desired outcomes consistently, it is essential that you become keenly aware of the predominant thoughts that you think and the emotions that always follow which are being ignited and experienced as a result of those consistent thought processes.

A choice to do that will clearly reveal to you, how as well as why the desirable or undesirable events, conditions and circumstances in your life are "showing up" as they are.

Those who honestly believe that life and the events, conditions and circumstances in life are the result of fate, luck or chance are those who simply don't understand who and what they "truly are" nor the the power freely provided to them to create a life by design or a life that "seems to be" and is often "perceived" as unfolding by default.

Those who consistently "perceive" that a life by default is "just the way things are", simply haven't developed the awareness and understanding of how things "truly" work.

In other words, they simply don't know what they don't know and the Power of Focus in it's unfailing way will continue to provide the experience of a life by default.

And although they too are creating their lives as they choose, they are doing so "unconsciously", utilizing the Power of Focus to create the polar opposite of the consciously held desire, all the while perceiving that they lack the ability and have no power to change things.

As we covered in depth in the Power Of Thoughts , the average person thinks approximately 60,000 thought per day. Once you begin to become conscious and aware of these thought processes, you'll begin to discover why you are experiencing the various results that you are attracting and which are without fail showing up in the various areas of your life.

The Power of Focus, more specifically your choosing to "consciously" utilize The Power of Focus enables you to begin consciously focusing on and directing the thoughts that harmonize with what you desire to experience and doing away with those that don't serve you in the fulfillment of your desired outcomes.

Once you begin to analyze and become keenly aware of the kind and quality of consciousness that you choose to engage in consistently, you'll discover that what has been or is being experienced in your life currently, provides you with all the evidence required to validate how the power of focus never misses in bringing into physical manifestation whatever you choose, whether you're doing so "consciously" or "unconsciously", either of which you are choosing to keep your predominant focus fixated on.

The Universal Laws which govern the Power Of Focus make no distinctions, determinations or judgments as to what is drawn to you, but only serve to ensure with unfailing and unwavering certainty that what you choose to remain focused on is created.

Looked at in another way, your focus reveals and conveys your "belief" which will be experienced in your life just as you choose.

This is why it is so crucial that you become and remain consciously aware of the predominant thoughts that you choose to think on a consistent basis fi you ever hope to see your heartfelt desires become a tangible reality.

Many today think that it's necessary to set aside time each day to visualize. While "conscious", intentional and focused visualization is recommended and serves as a powerful tool to consciously direct the power of focus in a "constructive" or desired way, visualization is constant. You are ALWAYS in ALL WAYS visualizing something.

We are continually thinking about and always focused on something and as a result continually visualizing and affirming something whether at a conscious or subconscious level.

The majority are merely visualizing "unconsciously" and as a result attracting and experiencing events, conditions and circumstances without understanding how or why.

Although we can't change the fact that we think, we do have a choice to consciously choose what we think and what we keep our predominant focus on which determines what we will draw to us and experience in our lives.

The Power of Focus like anything can be used or misused. It can be used consciously and intentionally or unconsciously and half hazardly.

Those who use it unconsciously often perceive their lives or more specifically the events, conditions and circumstances being experienced in their lives to be chaotic and random.

There is NEVER chaos in the process of creation, although due to a lack of understanding regarding the process and "unconsciously" utilizing the Power of Focus, many perceive based on the experiences they have in various areas of their lives that chaos and random creations are a way of life.

Perceived chaos and discord as well as harmony in life is only determined by what you choose to keep your predominant focus fixated upon.

A scattered consciousness will without fail produce outcomes in our life that are often perceived to be random, out of control and chaotic just as choosing to consciously and intentionally remain focused on a specific "desired" outcome just as certainly produces that outcome.

The process of creation is ALWAYS perfect. If there seem to be experiences in your life that you "perceive" to be random and/or chaotic, it's only necessary to become conscious of what you have kept your predominant focus on to find what is creating this "perceived" chaos and begin consciously utilizing the Power of Focus to begin creating the desired result.

When you choose to recognize this fact and make the choice to begin consciously utilizing The Power Of Focus, the Power Of Creative Visualization combined with The Power Of Action you'll begin to see that the Universe will deliver whatever it might be that you desire in ANY and EVERY aspect of your life without fail and with unwavering and predictable certainty.

Inspired Action Harmonized With The Power Of Focus Creates Miracles

WHOA...did I say action? Yes...contrary to what many are teaching today, it DOES take action to make dreams and desires come true. Although the first and most crucial action necessary is at the level of consciousness, as the ways and means are attracted and begin to show up to fulfill those desires, physical action, what I like to refer to as the 4th level of cause, IS necessary to make those desired outcomes a reality in your physical world.

Choosing to use the Power of Focus in a conscious way will draw to you the ways and means to fulfill that desired outcome, and do so in ways that "feel right and good" to you. But make no mistake...action is and always will be required to complete the process.

Faith without works is dead. Like it or not...accept it or is what it is.

Contrary to popular belief the ways and means attracted through the proper and "conscious" use of the Power of Focus won't require hard work and struggle in a field that you find displeasing, but will always provide the greatest result in a way that is best for and "feels good" to you.

You can't expect to just sit back, close your eyes and use the Power of Focus to have a million dollars dropped in your lap, but if that is a desire that you hold it will most certainly attract the ideas, situations, people and/or conditions to make it possible for you.

I like what personal empowerment teacher James Ray says about the necessity of taking action. He says...

"You can choose to sit around, visualize and meditate all day if you'd like but without taking the necessary action on the ways and means that show up to fulfill your desired outcome, they will come take away your furniture!!"

Consciously utilizing The Power Of Focus not only serves to keep your thoughts (consciousness) fixated on the desired outcomes but also enables and empowers you to remain open, receptive and able to recognize the ways and means that will inevitably show up that will ensure the fulfillment of those desired outcomes.

So how is it that the Power Of Focus can provide the outcomes that it does?

My current understanding is based on and derived from a combination of years of personal experience, an extensive study of spiritual text, the study of quantum physics, quantum mechanics, studying the functions of the human body as well as through simply observing how nature sustains herself and always unfolds perfectly and precisely without fail.

Regardless if you choose to verify and validate the power of focus through spiritual teachings, scientific discovery, studying the human physiology or just simply observing the process of creation through the observation of nature, it becomes very evident just how powerful and creative the seed of thought is.

Although this depth of research and study isn't necessary for everyone, simply developing an understanding of the scientific fact discovered by Albert Einstein that everything in existence, both the seen as well as the unseen exist in their most basic form as energy, can prove to make it very evident just how valid, important and powerful the Power of Focus is in every aspect of your life.

The Science Behind The Power Of Focus

Let's take a brief look at the scientific discoveries that support and substantiate the Power of Focus...

Based on the scientific understanding that EVERYTHING, both seen and unseen in it's purest and most basic form is energy (including your thoughts) which is constantly in motion and exists as an unseen wave form which resides in what modern day science refers to as The Zero Point Field.

Within this wave "field" exists every possibility or as scientists state, ALL things already exist as a "probability of existence." Combine this fact with the fact that all energy vibrates or resonates at a specific frequency and attracts to itself additional energies of a harmonious frequency which gravitate toward and join to create physical matter (particles) beginning at the "unseen", "spiritual", or metaphysical level and as more of these "particles" join, atoms are formed which create molecules and once the process is complete creates physical matter that can be seen and experienced with the physical senses.

The thoughts that you think also being energy, are projected outward into the "field", attracts additional energies of a harmonious vibrational frequency from the "field" where ALL probabilities already exists, attracting to itself additional energy which are a vibrational match or harmonious with the energy being projected, (the energy being projected through your focus, more specifically the predominant thoughts and emotions experienced as a result of whatever it may be that you're placing focus on) and transmutes from the "unseen" or "spiritual" realm continually attracting to itself additional energy of a vibrational match, creating in physical form the events, conditions and circumstances being experienced in your life today.

WHEW!! That's a LOT to cover in 2 paragraphs!!

Put more simply, the quality of the thoughts and focus that YOU hold and have held previously are merely creations being drawn from the field and are made visible through the process of "attraction." Once the process of attraction is complete, the tangible and measurable evidence always has been, is being and always will be experienced in the physical world around you.

Although the physical "appearance" of these outcomes is just now becoming evident and experienced by you in the physical world, they are merely creations based on the quality of consciousness or predominant focus held at some point in the past.

If the current events, conditions and circumstances are something other than you have a sincere desire to experience, it is necessary to recognize and shift the focus from those things which were focused on to the things desired which with unwavering certainty will be...MUST be in fact... experienced at some point in the future.

The Power Of Focus...more specifically YOUR focus in bringing about physical results in your life are just as certain and unwavering as the Laws Of Nature.

Consciously Shifting The Power Of Focus Requires Discipline

Creation is a process and as such developing the Power of Focus properly and effectively is going to take some doing on your part. The time it takes to begin shifting this creative focus is only dependent on you.

So many give up prematurely on the fulfillment of their "dreams and desires" due to the fact that although they may attempt to shift their focus temporarily, they fail to do so long enough to change the underlying subconscious thought processes and/or allow enough time for the process of manifestation to complete its cycle.

What so many miss is the fact that whatever they are experiencing in their lives is due to The Power Of Focus...more specifically their focus.

As an example fear, doubt and/or worry is merely a choice to "unconsciously" utilize the Power of Focus to bring about "undesired" outcomes which when not understood as to how the process of creation operates, the day to day outcomes experienced can be "perceived" as being somehow chaotic or "unfair."

When not understood, they fail to see that it is this "perception" which creates additional fear, doubt and worry which is attracting to them and creating MORE to have fear, doubt and worry about. They then develop additional self sabotaging and limiting beliefs with regard to what's possible or "logical" and as a result never experience the BIG dreams and desires held.

Fear, doubt and worry represents a scattered consciousness which only serves to intensify and broadcast energy which can only attract and create more of what is "perceived" to be chaos and discord.

There are those as well who might discover, recognize and utilize The Power Of Focus for a few days or weeks and when they don't see the outcome experienced in the time frame that they feel it should be received, give up altogether believing that this stuff doesn't work.

The real fact of the matter is, as has been validated by modern day science, The Power Of Focus is ALWAYS at work without fail. It is merely a lack of awareness and deeper understanding as to how it works which creates the underlying beliefs that it doesn't which only serve to keep people stuck and never experience the kind and quality of life that so many desire. Universal Laws are ALWAYS at work. They NEVER fail to work. If they were to fail even for seconds the world as we know it would cease to exist.

As mentioned although The Power Of Focus like any principle governed by Universal Law can be used or misused, it is ALWAYS precise in what it delivers...ALWAYS.

The Power of Focus operates in the same way for you as it does for anyone else.

To clarify and support that statement, let's take a look at one of the most commonly known Laws of Nature...gravity.

Does gravity EVER fail to work? Obviously not. Gravity is a Natural and Universal Law that is ALWAYS at work, has existed since the beginning of time and will continue to do what it was designed to do far into the future.

Imagine the chaos and discord that would be experienced in the world if gravity failed for even a few seconds. The Law of Gravity, just like the Law of Attraction, The Law of Resonance, the Law of Reciprocity, as well as all the other Universal Laws which govern the entire cosmos will and must continue operating in the same way. In the same manner, if ANY of them failed for even a few seconds, total chaos would ensue.

Understanding this, it becomes obvious that Gravity is predictable. In other words if you were to climb to the top of a building or structure and jump off, you can predict with exact and unfailing certainty that gravity will do what it was initially designed and intended to do without fail, the result being that you hit the ground.

In the same way, once you become aware of and begin to understand the less known Natural or "Universal Laws" and how it is that they operate, they too become just as predictable providing specific and predictable outcomes without fail just as the law of gravity does.

Universal Laws exist to ensure the process of creation never fails.

The Power Of Focus, more specifically the thing being focused on, acts as the seed which these Natural or Universal Laws go to work on to bring them into physical existence.

Let's look at the Power Of Focus in a more physical sense...let's say in the accumulation of monetary wealth.

The quality of consciousness that you choose, whether it be focusing on the absence of monetary wealth or the attainment of monetary wealth, will determine precisely and without fail the physical experience that you have chosen and "Believe" will happen and reveal itself in physical form.

A choice to focus on a lack of financial resources is a choice to continue to experience financial lack. By the same token a choice to focus on financial plenty will create that in your life REGARDLESS of what you might currently be experiencing as long as you choose to keep your focus on financial plenty.

A conscious desire to experience financial plenty combined with a conscious or unconscious choice to focus on the lack of the thing desired can never create the desired outcome.

It creates internal disharmony leading to self sabotage.

If monetary wealth is something that you aren't experiencing in your life yet you have a sincere desire to do so, it's necessary to become conscious of what you are placing and keeping your predominant focus on.

Many fail to understand that whatever it is that they might be experiencing in life is the result of the predominant focus that they choose.

Granted many times this focus is "unconsciously held", but if you are experiencing it, you are, either consciously or subconsciously placing your predominant focus on it and as a result whether desired or undesired, it will and must show up in physical form.

To begin "consciously" implementing the power of focus, you only need become conscious of the predominant thought processes that you experience and shift those that you find which conflict with the materialization of your desired outcomes.

Through this simple yet powerful action, you'll begin attracting, creating and most importantly "experiencing" the "desired" outcomes in each and every area of your life, whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

The Power Of Focus in it's never failing fashion, guarantees it. Now you only need to become consistently and consciously aware of what you place your focus on.

The Power Pause

Through all the extensive research and study I've engaged in over the years as well as the many various personal empowerment programs I've utilized, there is one man's work that stands out far above the crowd for providing what I consider to be the most incredibly powerful yet simple formula for assisting in quickly shifting focus.

The man's name is John Harricharan and the work is known around the world as The Power Pause and it's creator John Harricharan

The Power Pause provides crystal clear, powerfully inspiring and incredibly effective guidance for becoming keenly and consciously aware of and eliminating the continual self sabotaging self talk that so many "unconsciously" engage in, with a simple yet powerfully effective 3 step formula that can be performed anywhere at any time and in only 3 minutes.

The Power Pause combines nearly every success principle I've ever discovered into one transformational manuscript and provides a profoundly powerful 3 minute exercise that can be easily applied at any time and anywhere which does, without fail produce outcomes that I'm still to this day amazed by.

John Harricharan is one of the most gifted, caring and insightful teachers I have ever had the pleasure of encountering in my growth process to date and his incredible works have assisted me beyond description.

The Power Pause is absolutely one of the most profound yet simple to understand and apply works I've personally encountered and has served me greatly over the years in my quest for deeper understanding as well as providing an incredibly simple yet powerful tool for bringing about desired results in my own life that most would consider to be miraculous.

The Power Pause is a work that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a way to quickly and effectively shift the underlying and often times "unconscious" focus which as I have discovered, without fail can and does create the events, conditions and circumstances in life whether pleasing or otherwise.

For an extremely effective yet simple to apply resource that will enable you to begin consciously and effectively initiating The Power of Focus in your life, whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually, The Power Pause would be my #1 recommendation.

The Power Of Focus is first and foremost the most important aspect of creating and experiencing a "desired" quality of life for yourself.

Making the choice to understand, initiate and consciously utilize the power of focus will provide you with a quality of life that you may have previously "perceived" to be unattainable.

It's not nor ever has been unless you choose that for yourself.

Whatever your choices, it's our sincere and heartfelt hope that each leads you one step closer to a life experience filled with love, joy, fulfillment, profound inner peace and limitless prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What we personally choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness

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