Wanting What You Have

Are You Ready To Discover How You Can Begin "Attracting" and Having What It Is That You
"Truly Desire"...Effortlessly?

If I were to ask you the question, "If you could eliminate all want from your life, would you?"

Well...over the years I've NEVER had anyone answer that question with no. But at the same time, it's usually followed by comments that support the fact that it's not possible

But I also realize that if you "think" like so many people in the world do, chances are really really good that getting what you want is much more simple and more easily acquired than most...perhaps even you..."think" it is.

And that's something to become aware of and really "think" deeply about if you're serious about and committed to getting and having what you desire in life...what you really and truly desire.

Because really...having what you want or NOT, all boils down to individual choice like everything in life does. Maybe you're at the place that you're ready to accept that and maybe you're not.

If you're not quite ready to see the truth and power behind it, perhaps exploring the fundamental principles that drive and sustain the process of creation...namely Universal Laws that make the unfailing and unwavering process of creation possible in the first place, will prove beneficial in showing you how real and true it is that you can and do "attract" what you DO desire as well as what you DON'T want to you.

An introduction to Quantum Physics may also prove to be a valuable, eye opening and insightful path that clearly reveals that your thoughts and your choices do in fact create your reality.

Rest assured...You ALWAYS are attracting something. We ALL are, we ALL do and we ALWAYS will without exception.

If you're already aware of and familiar with the Laws that govern the process of attracting and you're ready, willing and able to acknowledge, accept and embrace the active role that YOU play in that process, yet you're still not getting what you want, then it may be a good time to take a bit deeper look at the various ways of "Being" that we each have the choice as well as the ability to engage in. Because it is these ways of BEING which do determine the kind and quality of what we "attract" to ourselves in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.

The first thing necessary to turn things around...to make "getting what you truly desire" simple and "seemingly effortless" is to determine and become aware of whether you're making whatever choices that you make on a moment by moment basis "consciously and intentionally" or "unconsciously and unintentionally."

Choices are a given. We're always making choices. We can't NOT make choices. Some are being made consciously and others are being made unconsciously.

So allow me to ask you...

  • Do you often find yourself "thinking and believing" that you're unable (for ANY reason) to acquire and experience what you claim that you truly want?

  • Do the things that you "truly" desire and sometimes ache for seem to always be just outside of your grasp?

  • Does the idea of consistently experiencing emotional mastery (feeling good) seem impossible to achieve?

  • Have you all but given up on ever experiencing your most heartfelt dreams and desires and written them off as "wishful thinking?"

If the answer to any of those questions is YES, I'm going to ask that you consider this...

Each of those chosen ways of "being" is just that...a choice.

You CAN engage in one or all of them if you choose to or you can stop right now and choose something different. A different way of thinking, believing and BEING.

You CAN stay in the place of hoping, wishing, praying, wanting, aching and continue seeing just how far away your hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations are for sure.

But before making that unwise and counter productive choice, consider this...

Have you ever considered the fact that maybe...just maybe...that it's your consistent focus on having what you want that could be the VERY thing that is keeping you from getting whatever it might be?

Although that may be a bit confusing initially and seem to go against everything you've ever heard about "consciously creating" desired outcomes, perhaps the following will assist in clearing things up...

There's a very subtle but powerfully creative difference between having what you want and wanting what you have.

The varying emotions created and experienced based on which of these ways of "being" you choose to consistently engage in can and often do determine the difference between fulfilled or unfulfilled desires.

How so?

Everything experienced in your life, regardless of what area of life that might be is intricately connected with your predominant emotional state. Emotions can serve as incredibly insightful clues with regard to what you're BEING which is also intricately connected to the attainment or non-attainment of consciously desired outcomes.

A desire to have what you want...something you REALLY want, when it doesn't already exist in physical form can sometimes create some pretty intense emotions. But more times than not, they are NOT the kind and quality of emotions that harmonize with drawing the "desired" outcomes to you which enable you to attract, achieve and experience whatever that desired outcome might be.

And truly...beneath all the wanting, desiring, hoping, wishing and praying for our various wants and desires, 99.9% of the time, those "things" aren't what we "truly want" at all. What we're "truly seeking"...what underlies our unconsciously focused wants, needs and desires, is a desire to be happy and fulfilled.

That's what we're truly attempting to achieve through all our wanting, doing and hit and miss approaches of getting.

Because looking for happiness "out there" is going to keep you always wanting more and always needing to do more to get it without ever finding what it is that you're looking for.

In fact it can and will keep what you "truly desire" from you and keep you in "wanting" and desiring mode for the rest of your life fully believing that "It just wasn't meant to be."

To begin experiencing far more of those "desired" things, whatever they might be, it's only necessary to develop the ability to begin accepting what is and understanding the importance of expressing heartfelt gratitude for what you already have.

There are no "conditions" attached to this way of being.

There is IMMENSE power in consciously, intentionally and consistently initiating the Power of Acceptance and the Power of Gratitude in ALL aspects of your life.

Your willingness to do so serves as an "allowing" of sorts which enables "happiness" to become a consistent way of BEING first...unconditionally...which in turn enables the ways and means necessary for creating what you "truly desire" to be "attracted" to you.

How could it be that wanting what you have can result in attracting and having more of what you want?

Great question. I'm "grateful" you asked. :)

When you begin to fully grasp and understand that your focused "attention" determines your "intention"...that what your "feeling" determines what you project, will attract and draw to you, you'll begin to fully understand that having what you want only serves to keep your "attention" on "wanting" which implies NOT having and creates emotions that conflict with receiving.

It's a way of "Being" that may very well push what you want away and keep it from you.

It doesn't "push it away" in the literal sense of the word but rather "attracts" the polar opposite which we often "perceive" due to a limited awareness, as the "desired outcome" being pushed away.

We are ALWAYS in ALL WAYS attracting something. And what we attract is ALWAYS aligned and harmonious with what we are choosing for ourselves.

When our predominant focus and ATTENTION is on "getting what we want", we are in a sense "implying, perceiving and believing" that we DON'T HAVE it. We are in essence choosing a way of BEING that is attracting MORE of the same...namely, NOT having.

And guess what? NOT HAVING becomes a consistent reality. The process unfolds perfectly yet we're unaware of how or why it's unfolding the way it does.

Wanting what you have on the other hand creates an entirely different emotional response which in turn resonates and projects a "higher" vibrational frequency that is far more in alignment and harmonious with attracting additional "havings" or desired outcomes to you.

Now THAT'S where we really "want" to be isn't it!?!?

So how do you get there? Simply by adopting the mindset of wanting what you already have…developing heartfelt gratitude for where you are now regardless of where that might be and more specifically without any "anxious expectation" of receiving anything more.

Don't misunderstand...

That doesn't mean that you shouldn't hold visions of grander experiences by any means or develop an expectation of "assurance" and "knowing" regarding the appearance of your heartfelt desires. but rather get in a state of NOT wanting, needing or "anxiously" expecting them.

Anxious expectation, want and need are MUCH different experiences than knowing that your desires are already yours "even before you ask" which creates a much different emotional response. This way of BEING makes you "feel" much different.

That's what the ancient text means when it states "want for nothing." There is no need to "want" when knowing is present. Knowing produces the desire. Wanting produces consistently wanting the desire fulfilled. And so it is.

How you feel reveals what you are consistently thinking about. Your thoughts serve as seeds. Consistently held thoughts represent the kind and quality of "sowing" that you're consistently engaged in.

Let's look at the unerring and unwavering process in nature to see how that plays out.

A seed planted in fertile soil in nature always yields a harvest the same in kind and quality as the seed, agreed?

Seeds of anxious expectation, want and need can only produce a harvest that correlates with them which is what? More anxious expectation, want and need.

EVERY creation has at it's root a seed. There is ALWAYS an underlying cause for EVERY creation.

The unerring process of Creation makes no judgments or distinctions as to what the harvest will be, it only creates based on the kind and quality of seed that it's provided to work with.

The kind and quality of the seeds that YOU choose to plant determine without fail the kind and quality of harvest you'll reap.

Let's look at the subtle and often overlooked differences in the kind and quality of seeds that we choose to plant.

"Knowing and Having" seeds are of a different kind and quality and produce a much different harvest than want, need and anxious expectation seeds, wouldn't you agree?

Of course they do!! Yet we pray, visualize, affirm, create our vision boards and anxiously await our "havings" to show up without taking the time to understand the single most important foundational principles that determine what we receive.

Does this mean that you should eliminate your visualizations and affirmations. No!! Properly done visualizing, affirming and/or praying for "preferred" outcomes allow you to paint the picture in your minds eye...get into the mindset of already having the desired outcome…they enable you to tune in and see the picture clearly...put you in the "space" of being there, experiencing, enjoying and savoring whatever it might be that your visualizing and affirming about.

Those are powerful seeds!! In fact...they've already produced the harvest although granted it's only in your minds eye, but that's where it ALL begins. The "tangible harvest" always begins at an "intangible and/or "unseen" level.

All things "physical" are derived from the "non-physical."

At this "level"...this intangible, unseen, spiritual or metaphysical level...science has clearly shown that ALL probabilities already exist. The wisdom from the ancient texts...namely the Judeo Christian bible, supports that fact.

What does it say?

The Kingdom of God is within you.

What is in this Kingdom? EVERYTHING. There is nothing that the Kingdom is not. The seen and the unseen are what make up the Kingdom.

But what if they don't or aren't producing your "preferences?" What if you have difficulty visualizing, affirming and/or praying with a "knowing" that these "things" are yours already and doing so makes you feel anxious?

My personal belief would be that it's necessary to delve in a little more deeply into discovering who and what you "truly" are, what the Kingdom "truly is" and the "infinite supply" of power provided to you to consciously or unconsciously create your reality.

Within the Kingdom exists desires as well as those things that we judge and label as undesirable.

It's what we know that determines what we receive. Some hope, wish and pray for such and such, yet underneath all this mindless babble is a knowing that conflicts with them receiving the thing being hoped, wished and prayed for.

Visualizing, affirming and praying without a "knowing" that the desire being hoped, wished and prayed for equates to nothing more than "wishful thinking."

Because until you establish that inner knowing…that sense of I AM that projects your worthiness...a way of "BEING" that ensures that you'll receive whatsoever ye desire and learn to consciously and intentionally focus on it's materialization, getting and having what you want can "seem" difficult or in some cases impossible.

Which leads us into the topic of "belief." There's a difference between believing and "knowing."

A lot of people want and alot of people even believe that wants can be and often are fulfilled. Yet they don't feel personally "worthy" of receiving them. This is a belief that conflicts with knowing. A belief that will keep what you "truly desire" from you.

Knowing comes from understanding that "whatsoever ye desire" is already yours and that you DO receive what you ask for. It's only necessary to become conscious and aware at the foundational level what desires are being projected, how the asking is being done and the underlying beliefs and knowing that surface as you ask for this thing. It's simply a matter of "knowing" that you were created in the image and likeness of Source...whatever the Source of your understanding might be.

As the timeless wisdom states..."Seek ye first the Kingdom and all these things will be added unto you."

Until this "knowing" is established and internalized, your visualizations, affirmations and blindly stated prayers could potentially put you in a state that is actually pushing what you have a preference to experience away from you.

It's not "pushing it away" in the literal sense of the word but rather "blinds you to it." It blocks the "awareness" of the ways and means that ALREADY exist which enable you to find and begin walking the path that leads you wherever it might be that you have a "desire" to go.

How can visualizing, affirming and unconsciously praying prove counter-productive?

If your visualizations, affirmations and/or prayers create "feelings" of discomfort, cause you to ache in a sense because you don't have them, you're are not in the mindset or emitting nor projecting a vibrational resonance that will draw them to you.

Visualization and affirmations are designed to put you in the state of mind of already having....of already having what you want, so to speak.

When you are visualizing, affirming and praying effectively you DO have them!!

You only have to see it. You only have to express heartfelt gratitude for it. That enables you to "feel as if" you DO have it already which is a vital part of it showing up in tangible form.

Visualizing, affirming and praying enables you to create a movie on the movie screen of your mind...of YOUR choosing and enables you to experience the outcome...to have it and experience it right now. It enables you to see what your desired outcome looks and feels like and to experience the fulfillment of already having it.

Affirmations are designed to overwrite the subconscious programming, the often underlying and "unconscious" beliefs that you may have which have become buried. It's these under the radar "beliefs" that if ignored...if left unattended, will without fail keep having what you want from you until they're overwritten and replaced.

It's those underlying beliefs that are keeping so many from "knowing" and as a result from having.

Visualization and affirmations are necessary tools and if used properly are EXTREMELY powerful. But like any tool, they can also be misused and quite literally keep you from having what you want.

Not really "misused" but unconsciously used which makes the polar opposite of the consciously held desire a tangible reality.

If your affirmations and/or prayers create feelings of want, need and anxious expectation they are being misused.

Discovering the power behind wanting what you have, expressing heartfelt gratitude for it and "knowing" it's already been made available to you, may make your affirmations, visualizations and prayers much more effective.

You'll see and understand that "unanswered prayer" is a myth. It's impossible.

Want, need, anxious desire and expectation are words and feelings that express not having. Let's start by changing those words to "expanding your experience" or "preferring" them. There's no assumption of want or need but rather a "preference" to experience what you may have been referring to as wants and needs.

Once this preference is stated just unattach from it…not detach…unattach. We detach from undesired experiences…those events, conditions and circumstances that we "prefer" to do without.

We're not wanting to do without our "preferences", or grander experiences, we have them and feel them so that we might experience them…scratch that...so we WILL experience them.

The problem with attachment to any given outcome is that we anxiously "expect" it and as a result when it doesn't show up in the time or the way we think it should we become discouraged which only serves to create additional emotions of fear, doubt and worry that only serve to push it further away rather than draw it to you.

As a set intention…a "preference" that we are unattached to, we get in the mindset of although consciously choosing to experience it, we don't become anxious about it. We just remain unattached…staying alert for the ways and means that present themselves that "feel" good…that resonate with you, and when they do…and they will…take action on them.

Getting in the mindset of heartfelt gratitude for what you already have will provide you with more to be grateful for without fail. Having what you want can and will at best DRAMATICALLY slow the process or keep it from showing up at all.

Regardless of where you are or what you might be currently experiencing in your life, you DO have much to be grateful for. Depending on your current situation and the mindset you've been choosing as a result, you may have to dig a bit but not very far.

  • Do you have something to eat?

  • Are you breathing?

  • Do you have shoes on your feet and clothes on your back?

  • Do you have friends?

  • Do you have a family?

If necessary dig a bit...

We ALL without exception have "something" to express gratitude for.

The key to developing and getting into the mindset of wanting what you have is finding whatever it might be that you already do have to be grateful for. It doesn't matter where you are. If you're able to read this, you have something to be grateful for. Learn to focus your "attention" on gratitude and take focus off of the want and need.

A focus of "attention" on want, need and anxious expectation is stating your "intention" to Source, that you would like to stay in want, need and anxious expectation mode...and just as you ask and believe...

Your focus…where you place your attention determines your intention and you WILL receive it.

From a scientific perspective want and need create, resonate and project a vibrational frequency that will and does attract harmonious frequencies that turn or transmute from waves of probability into particles which gravitate toward additional particles and transmute from the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual realm and show up in your life as the events, conditions and circumstances that you experience in your life.

What do the timeless spiritual teachings say…

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." - Philippians 4:6

Your prayers and supplications aren't created and communicated at the "physical" level they're derived and communicated at the unseen, metaphysical, spiritual level…the "seed" level...at the "feeling" level.

Feelings are the "Quantum Language" so to speak or if you prefer the "Spiritual Language" that communicate with the "unseen" whatever you perceive that to be.

Your prayers are broadcast in wave frequency form based on feelings and beliefs. These frequencies that you project through your "feelings" and "emotions" serve as your "prayers." What "feelings" does want, need and anxious expectation create? Much different than those of already having your "preferences", wouldn't you agree?

Although prayer can and has proven to be an extremely powerful force, praying verbally with underlying "feelings" of want, need, anxiety, fear, doubt and worry and in a "God please help me" kind of way, is why so many experience what so often "perceived" to be "unanswered prayer." There exists no such thing. EVERY law of nature would have to be violated. Something is ALWAYS being created EVERY second of EVERY day.

You receive EVERYTHING you ask. Source NEVER says no. You only need to become "conscious and aware of how it is that you are asking and become conscious of what it is that you're asking for.

Let's look at another spiritual teaching concerning wanting or "anxious expectation"…

"And why are you anxious about what to wear? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin. And yet I say to you, that even Solomon in all his glory is not arrayed like one of these."- Matthew 6:28-29

Do the lilies of the field express want, need, fear, worry and anxiety? NO!! They just "allow" nature to take her course. They aren't anxious about what might happen tomorrow or express fear based on what may have happened in the past and look at what happens. Do they anxiously dig around under ground seeking out what they need to grow attempting to "fix things" due to an "anxious" mindset? NO...they "attract" everything that's required for their growth and survival.

What do the lilies of the field NOT have? They don't possess a mind that "allows" them to intellectualize and choose and envision and imagine all the things that "might or could" go wrong.

They simply DO what they were created to do. They aren't able to "get in their own way" through logic or reason or rationale.

The end result? Effortless creation. The process takes over and does what it was designed to do.

You are a part of that process. You are every bit as much a part of nature as the lilies of the field and were provided a gift that other species in the world weren't provided.

A gift to choose, rationalize and reason as you will.

Wanting what you have eliminates anxiety, doubt, fear and worry. It is an "allowing" of sorts that enables those things that you "prefer" to be attracted to you.

Let's look at what another spiritual teacher says…

“Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream.” - Lao-Tzu

Is wanting, needing, being anxious about an outcome watering your dream or feeding the need, want and anxiety?

The point being is that it is necessary…crucial in fact that you develop the ability to reflect on and become grateful for what you already have…plant seeds for your "preferences" and grander experiences, unattach yourself from the outcome, giving no thought to the how and when and they will show up in ways that you may never have dreamed or conceived they could.

We have very limited perspectives in relation to the "how" our "preferences" can be fulfilled and the when is ALWAYS in perfect timing.

The how and when aren't our job, only the what and why. We state the what, intensify it with a strong WHY based on "Love" and then simply believe, "know", express gratitude for it and bingo...there it is.

Creation NEVER fails or wavers. People only "perceive" that it does because they choose to remain "unconscious" and as a result "unaware" of what they are choosing and asking for specifically.

Make no mistake...you ALWAYS receive just as you ask. Most are just "unconscious" or "unaware" of what they're asking for. What's worse is that many choose to remain that way their entire lives.

You are different. The fact that you're reading this is evidence that you choose to become conscious…to become aware and awake.

Now you know how. Now you only need to make the choice to apply what you have discovered.

In closing...

Happiness and fulfillment in life isn't achieved by having what you want, "Real Wealth, Happiness and Fulfillment" is achieved and experienced by wanting what you have. All the rest is just an unfolding of the unfailing, immutable and unwavering process of creation…it's nature being to produce an abundance of whatever YOU choose as it always has…always will…always does...and will always continue to.

Become aware of your creative power…consciously state your preferences…express sincere and heartfelt gratitude for your life now…Give thanks for already receiving your "preferences in advance...remain unattached from the outcome…remain open, aware, alert and take action that "feels" good to you on the ways and means which arrive...MOVE and take action and you WILL experience a life of fulfillment, joy, inner peace and limitless prosperity in each and every area of your life…certainly, without fail and what would be "perceived" by many as effortlessly.

What I personally believe to be and choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Oh...before you go I'd like you to know that...I'm grateful for you.

I'm Finished With Wanting What You Have
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I'm Finished With Wanting What You Have
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