Spiritual Wealth

Spiritual Wealth Is An All Too Often Overlooked and Misunderstood Way of "Being" That Allows Living, "Doing" and Having In A Physical World Complete, Harmonious and Fulfilling

Many would argue and claim that "Spiritual Wealth" has nothing to do with "wealth" in the traditional sense of the word. More specifically there are those who would claim that wealth of a monetary and material nature are anything BUT spiritual.

This is a widely held misconception that keeps so many from personally experiencing "Real Wealth" which ultimately consists of physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony and fulfillment in their lives.

Although monetary and material wealth are an extremely important "aspect" of what I often refer to as "Real Wealth" and is a desire held by many, it's often NOT experienced by the vast majority only due to a very limited and shortsighted perspective and an all too common ignorance that keeps so many from acquiring and experiencing "Real Wealth" in their lives.

The most basic and fundamental understanding necessary to come to in order to personally experience "Real Wealth" is coming to the realization that...

You simply cannot separate the physical from the spiritual.

Real Wealth whether materially or otherwise begins, ends and is made possible through choosing to develop "Spiritual Wealth."

The first stage of acquiring and experiencing Spiritual Wealth for yourself is through developing and coming to the basic understanding that ALL things...ALL THINGS...of a physical nature or otherwise are derived from the spiritual.

Many "perceive" that the physical and the spiritual are somehow separate... different "places" if you will, yet this limited "perception" is only existent due to a lack of deeper understanding leading to a widely "conceived" misconception with regard to how the Universe and in the bigger scheme of things, life itself unfolds.

As true as that is Spiritual Wealth begins within and is not dependent on the acquisition or accumulation of anything external to you.

Although the internal calmness and sense of completion and harmony that Spiritual Wealth does provide emanates and projects a much different quality of resonance and as a result attracts more of the desired outcomes of an external nature, tapping into, discovering and experiencing Spiritual Wealth has nothing to do with externals of any form.

Spiritual Wealth Begins With "Being" and Has Nothing To Do With "Having"

Spiritual Wealth has much more to do with consistently experiencing an inner state of "being" rather than doing or having of an external nature while at the same time once this internal state of being is achieved, the doing and having of a physical and/or material nature come much easier and with far less "physical effort" than the vast majority "perceive" to be feasible, practical, logical or even possible.

Ironically though, it's necessary to first take focus off of needing, wanting and "anxious expectation" of the physical and material "things" desired to access this "place" where the physical and material are effortlessly derived from.

"Clingy attachment" and anxious expectation, contrary to what many "believe" to be true only serve to push "desired" events, conditions and circumstances away.

Spiritual Wealth is developed within where traditional external forms of wealth are non existent.

Spiritual Wealth is more often than not "perceived" as having some "religious affiliation."

Spiritual Wealth isn't and never has been acquired through various man made religions and attempting to live up to the various laws, doctrines and dogmas that man has so unsuccessfully attempted to shove down the throats of the less informed for hundreds of years will bring you no closer to spiritual wealth than will choosing a consistently held materialistic mindset.

This often chosen path is attempting to access the spiritual through external means and methodologies.

It is in essence attempting to create effects with other "physical effects" and provides no long term solution.

Although religions often do initially serve as a beneficial and "beginning" path for experiencing Spiritual Wealth, religion in and of itself is not the path enabling it to be reached or experienced.

Spiritual Wealth is derived and experienced on a personal level through an individual choice to connect to and establish a personal relationship with whatever the Source of your understanding might be and can never happen through external sources or the intellect alone.

Initially, an intellectual understanding can and often does serve a significant purpose and often times proves to be beneficial in arriving at this "ultimate conclusion" yet at the same time once one chooses to transcend the intellect and enter into this "place" where Spiritual Wealth is experienced, it becomes very apparent and extremely obvious that the intellect and external "pathways" can never lead you there.

The intellect is very limited in it's ability to conceive and accurately describe what is quite literally "Infinite" in nature.

Real Spiritual Wealth is discovered and experienced through accessing, entering into and personally experiencing the "Infinite", whatever one might choose to "perceive" the Infinite to be individually.

Once Spiritual Wealth is achieved all else becomes secondary which in turn shifts the resonance or projected energy allowing the heartfelt hopes dreams and desires held in the various areas of life to unfold effortlessly.

What once required struggle or excessive effort flows to you.

The bottom line regarding Spiritual Wealth is that once achieved "Real Wealth" which entails the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life becomes a reality.

The simplicity is revealed.

To tap into and experience this simplicity requires a choice and a willingness to discover, understand and sort through the "perceived" complexity that the vast majority have allowed themselves to be inundated with and limited by.

It's a journey. One intended to be enjoyed and savored as you progress toward your individually held hopes, dreams and desires making "Spiritual Wealth" a reality for you and includes each and EVERY aspect of your life.

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