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What You Know and Don't Know
Can Both Hurt You and Help You!!

Part 3 of 3

The Underlying Cause Of What Can and Can't Hurt You and/or Help You and How To "Fix It" The Right Way

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In Part 2 we touched on and discussed some potentially unsettling topics.

For the obvious reasons this isn't an area that we want to stay stuck in or keep our predominant focus on.

If you've been with me for awhile you already understand that our "Attention" states our "Intention" and it's that choice that determines what we attract and experience in our lives both individually and collectively.

It's extremely difficult to say the least to effectively convey and communicate my intention...the intended message that I hope you will grasp which is one of Unity and Oneness while addressing some of the "darker sides" of reality.

But the fact of the matter is there ARE dark things that happen and are going on in our reality. From a physical perspective they are very real and they can and do impact us.

In Reality polarity is real. Our individual as well as collective choices to Respond out of Love or react out of fear determines which end of the polarity spectrum we'll personally reside on.

There are a number of people in the personal empowerment/self actualization field that consider mentioning such things as "tabu." They honestly believe that such things shouldn't be mentioned or talked about.

I STRONGLY disagree with that perspective!

Although I DO agree and FULLY understand that placing our predominant focus on "undesirable outcomes" isn't the way to attract and create these "desired things" for ourselves, for those who are not aware of things that can and do harm them yet are led to believe that these things are good for and helpful to them, how in the world is the collective going to develop the awareness that such things DO exist and DO happen in our "reality?"

Unless someone is willing to disclose it…to openly talk about it…unless someone is willing to stick their neck out there a bit and dare to wake people up…to provide a perspective that will enable more to discern for themselves if what they’re being programmed and conditioned to believe is true or untrue, the unawareness and the manipulation will continue and so will the “problems.”

At the same time it's also important to remain conscious of how we respond. It's not our job to judge or condemn but rather become aware and make conscious, intentional and educated choices for ourselves that harmonize with creating and experiencing our desired outcomes.

That's what we'll be covering in Part 3.

It's a well known FACT that only a small percentage of people ever achieve the REALLY BIG outcomes that they desire to create and experience.

There's a very good reason for that in my opinion.

It's because this small minority is willing to dig a bit deeper than the majority is willing to. They are willing and take the action necessary to develop a deeper understanding that the masses won't. It's because they are willing to think in a way and do the things that the masses don't.

They choose to become independent thinkers. To think outside the box. To observe and discern for themselves what's "true and not true...what's possible or not possible for themselves rather than listening to and buying into everything they hear and read and see.

They choose to remain observant, discerning and make conscious choices independent of the status quo and make their own conscious and intentional decisions. They follow through on what they discover and take action. They learn the importance of following their own intuition rather than allowing the "group think tank" to determine what's right or not right...good and not good for them.

If this small percentage chooses to keep everything "hush hush" and always focuses on only the warm and fuzzy aspects of reality, how is anyone's awareness going to be expanded enabling more to effectively and most productively deal with it?

The Dark Side and The Light Side
Both Exist In Reality

It's my hope that you understand and really grasp the "intended message. It's not to judge, blame, or cast unnecessary focus on the "dark side" of reality. But the reality is, in the physical world this "dark side" does and has always existed.

What is this "dark side" and where does it come from?"

My personal opinion is that it is created and made real as the result of our individual freedom of choice. One's ability to exercise their inalienable right of free will that we each have been provided and the right to use it as we choose individually.

It's an incredible gift that we've ALL been freely provided.

Some simply choose a way of "being", to utilize their free will in a way that doesn't benefit the collective. They use it for personal gain with no regard to what's good for the collective but rather choose to utilize it only to benefit themselves.

They see physical finite power as "real power" only due to a lack of understanding what "true power" is.

That's NOT a judgment, it's an observation. Something that I believe is essential to be aware of. A "Reality" in my opinion.

The “real intent of this newsletter isn’t to judge or blame or point the finger at anyone but to enhance awareness. To clearly show and convey that in life, the "physical aspect" of our life there does exist a "dark side" and a "light side."

It's the way things were created. It was designed that way.

Polarity is a very real thing in reality.

It's my intention, passion and purpose to show and clearly convey, in a way that anyone can understand the undeniable power that both Love and Fear have in our lives as well as the essential role they play in determining each and every outcome experienced in our “physical realities.”

Let's face it...in physical "reality" both Love and fear ARE realities. Whichever you choose to exercise individually determines what you'll experience individually. Whichever the collective chooses also determines outcomes on a larger scale.

Although fear is real from a physical perspective and something we all experience, it doesn't mean that we have to stay stuck in it and limited by it.

It's a choice that we each have that determines what we experience.

In "Actuality" ALL probabilities already exist. It's our individual as well as collective choices that determine which probabilities we draw from "Actuality" that determine what we'll personally experience on both an individual as well as a collective level...in "tangible and physical" form.

All things "tangible and physical" come from the intangible and the unseen. Call this intangible and unseen place whatever you'd like. The Kingdom...the field...the metaphysical...the quantum realm...the field of energy...whatever.

It doesn't matter what you choose individually to label this "place" as, they're ALL one and the same when you choose to look at them and explore them deeply enough.

What determines what is drawn from there is our individual as well as our collective choices to express and project either love or fear.

Every choice we make is based on one of these ways of being. We either are reacting out of fear or responding out of love.

Let's look at love and fear in a bit different way. In a more "tangible and physical" way that relates to how the vast majority looks at, sees and perceives things in reality.

Love can be equated to the "Light" side and fear can be equated to the "Dark" side.

Sure if you're looking at things from a deeper perspective, with a deeper understanding, neither is good or bad, right or wrong, but the vast majority DOESN'T explore deeply enough to become enabled to look at and see things that way.

The vast majority chooses to look at things at a surface level.

In reality...the way the vast majority "perceives" reality...Good is good and bad is bad. That's how things are predominantly looked at and perceived. The vast majority depend on what their eyes can see, what they can hear and smell and taste and touch and make their choices in life based on these limiting and often hurtful "physical manifestations" that the "physical us" is affected by.

Point being...

Polarity is a reality BUT at the same time it's necessary.

One possibility without the other (it's polar opposite) in a "physical world would eliminate the possibility to fully experience life and the world in a physical kind of way.

Those who are well versed and understand polarity at a depth, understand how necessary and good polarity is.

Those who don't, choose to look at and can only "perceive" the bad as bad. They choose to remain focused on how "bad" things are and as a result continue to attract and experience what they perceive to be so bad.

Regardless of those individual choices though, here's the REALLY GREAT thing...

At the core of it all is Unconditional Love. That's what drives and is behind EVERY aspect of creation at both the seen as well as the unseen levels. That's what's behind all these things that we "perceive" as good and bad.

Some choose to look at the process of creation in a different way and call it unbiased and uncaring energy and/or frequency that creates outcomes based on our individually chosen way of being.

Regardless of how you might choose to look at it individually, when you get to the core of it, the very essence of how all this physical stuff becomes real and where it all comes from, the process and the ultimate outcome is the same.

We attract and create what we choose...WHATEVER we choose based on both our individual as well as our collective choices and the process NEVER fails or wavers. It is immutable, constant, unwavering and non discerning.

Looked at in a spiritual light..."As we ask we receive."..."As we believe we receive."..."As we sow we reap."

From the scientific perspective...The cause produces an effect.

Through the simple observation of nature...The seeds we plant produce a harvest the same in kind and quality as the seed that "we" choose to plant.

There do exist in reality, those who choose to instill fear, guilt, etc. There are those who will utilize their free will in a way that can hurt us in a physical sense if we allow them to.

Yet that can only happen if we choose to allow it to.

That's why, in my opinion, developing a depth of awareness of both yourself and the world around you is so essential. It enables you to make conscious and informed choices.

That's why I've explored for so many years so intensely and deeply. That's what's driven me to look at both the spiritual and unseen as well as the deeper, hidden and often overlooked underlying aspects of "reality" so closely.

As I’ve discovered and openly shared for a number of years as a result of all this looking and searching, “Unconditional Love” provides us whatever we choose.

It’s only necessary to become conscious of what we’re choosing for ourselves and how we're doing both the choosing AND the asking which enables us to clearly see how and why we're experiencing whatever we are.

The really great thing about it is that once we understand and once we make the choice to consciously apply what we've come to understand, we're also able to experience more of the desired outcomes that we envision and aspire to create in our lives.

It's simply a matter of choosing to become aware of ourselves and our surroundings and making conscious choices that harmonize with our desires.

Let's look at how our individual choices affect us personally and collectively...

Emotion Is The Driving Force Behind It All

Both life and self mastery is achieved by learning to consciously and intentionally direct our emotions.

We can choose intense emotions of love and as a result attract and receive what we love. By the same token we can choose intense emotions of fear and Unconditional Love provides us as we choose which is that which we choose to fear.

It's true that a consistent focus of Love is essential to producing "desired" outcomes in our reality.

It's also necessary though to be aware...to wake up, pay attention, become conscious and keenly aware and understand which of these ways of being that we're choosing for ourselves as well as remain awake, aware and understand that not all in our "physical reality" make the choice to operate from this place of Love that's focused on the good of the collective.

No...we don't want to fear it, just be aware of it.

To change things...to "fix things" on both an individual as well as a collective level in reality, it's first necessary to become aware and consciously observant.

Let’s begin the process of “fixing things” by talking about and becoming aware of contraction as well as expansion.

What could contraction and expansion have to do with producing "desired" results in the world?

Contraction restricts and chokes yet expansion sets free. An expansion of consciousness combined with an openness and a willingness to explore outside of the self imposed, fear based self limiting boundaries that so many perceive themselves to be trapped within is what contributes to and creates expansion.

Fear based focuses as well as fear based qualities of consciousness are the very boundaries that support separation and keep our world in struggle and fear mode.

Fear based manipulation and control by those who "choose" this way of being and are unnoticed and accepted by the masses creates a "collective quality of consciousness" that affects and impacts our reality on a global scale.

It's a constricted and very limited form of consciousness. It only serves to promote a "perceived" separation yet at the same time can and does create real and tangible things in the physical world.

It’s this same quality of a "constricted consciousness" that keeps us engaged in horrendous wars around the globe. It’s this same quality of consciousness that precipitates and keeps starvation as a continuing and expanding reality, contributes to homelessness and far too many “negative and undesired” outcomes than I care to mention here.

Fear is only based on one’s choice to focus on and utilize finite and physical power rather than becoming aware of who and what you “truly” are which is infinite and spiritual in nature which is where your TRUE POWER lies.

On a more personal level, a choice to keep doing what you’ve been doing, whether it be based on Love or fear is certain to provide more of the same kind of results that you’ve been experiencing.

If you’re completely happy and satisfied with those outcomes you’ve experienced individually then keep doing what you’re doing. But in my work and interaction with many around the world and the extensive research I’ve done over the past 3 decades, I’ve found that most are “settling” only because they aren’t aware and don’t understand that there’s much more available to them than what so many are choosing to “settle for.”

My personal belief is that people don't settle just for the sake of settling but rather do so because they are "unaware" that they don't have to. They are "unconsciously" choosing to settle because they aren't aware of what's truly available to and for them.

Although we picked the area of health specifically for this newsletter, the same applies to any aspect of life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

The more you choose to engage yourself and expand outward with the intention of seeking a "higher truth", the more you allow yourself to expand beginning at the place where ALL creation begins...at the “consciousness level”, the more you begin to discover that Unconditional Love and harmony "truly is" the song of the entire Universe.

The ONLY song.

The perceptions we hold regarding things and outcomes to be feared and worried about shift and we begin to see and understand at the deepest levels how these very things that we fear and are so worried about are brought on us and experienced by us only because we choose to think about, focus on and perceive them in precisely the same way that they‘re showing up.

We begin to see and understand that where these things that are feared exist and come from, there also exists it's "polar opposite"...the things that we love.

We begin to clearly see in "tangible ways" that what we keep our "Attention" on in reality truly does communicate our "intention" to "Actuality" which does result in what we experience in our lives.

Both these things that we fear and these things that we love ALL come from the same place. This "unseen" place whatever you might choose to call it individually.

Polarity Is Only Experienced In Reality And We Determine What That Reality Is

There exists no such thing as fear and constriction in Love. Polarity isn't an existing thing in Actuality. It's not a done deal at this "unseen" level. Although the "probability' exists, it's our individual and collective choices that determine what is drawn from there.

Yet it’s this same Love that allows us to pick and choose as we ourselves choose and see fit which delivers to us precisely what and as we choose without judgment or discernment.

We receive just as we ask.

The bottom line is...

Choosing a focus of Love attracts and produces what we Love. Choosing emotions of fear attracts and produces what we fear.

At the level of Actuality, Love is all that exists. In Actuality there is no such thing as polarity unless and until we choose to place our focus on it.

In the spiritual sense, it’s Unconditional Love. From the scientific perspective it’s simply an infinite field of energy that contains every conceivable probability which is attracted to us, transmuted from unseen form to seen form (wave/particle) and molded into events, conditions and circumstances in our "reality" based on the energy that we choose to project and provide it with.

Then there’s Reality…

In reality polarity DOES exist. Where there’s love there must be fear. Where there’s pain there must be pleasure. Where there’s sadness there must be happiness. Everything that can possibly be experienced in reality has it’s polar opposite as a probability that exists in "Actuality."

The reality is that both Love and fear produce outcomes...real physical and tangible outcomes. The speed and intensity of the outcome is only determined by the intensity of our individually chosen way of being. It’s dependent on our predominant focus and how emotionally charged we allow ourselves to become whether that be from a place of love or fear which determines what we’ll create and experience.

In a physical sense, in the world of reality, fear is based on and can only create contraction and restriction. It creates and brings upon us more of what we don’t want.

Let’s look at how both love (expansion) and fear (contraction) affect us at the physiological level. In a way that we can all relate to…

Have you ever felt really afraid? Have you ever experienced the binding and paralyzing effects that the nature of fear creates? Of course you have. We all have.

Contraction and constriction chokes and paralyzes while love and expansion opens you to the perfection and literally awe inspiring and grandiose nature of uninhibited and freely provided Love that we all exist within and are an integral part of.

It's Love which is infused into every fiber of our being both physically as well as spiritually.

If you’re not personally ready to buy into that perception or experiencing it’s power for yourself, it certainly doesn’t mean that you don’t have the ability to do so.

It’s only a matter of choice. A choice to expand your consciousness…enhance your awareness and then apply what you discover to personally experience it for yourself.

It’s simply a matter of choosing to “seek to find” and the result without fail is that we can, do and will experience this indescribable and seemingly unfathomable Love at a very personal level as well as personally experience the profound and often perceived as “miraculous” results that choosing to do so produces for ourselves.

It’s not a form of Love based on and limited by common human understanding…it’s not a kind of Love that is conditional based on what someone does to us or doesn’t do for us which more times than not in "reality" determines what we do or don‘t do for them.

It’s an Infinite, Boundless and Unconditional form of Love that is literally impossible to accurately describe. Although it can’t be described, it CAN Be experienced by anyone who chooses to do so.

Once you’ve tuned into and experienced it, you know for yourself just how impossible it is to describe.

It’s simply a matter of making the choice to conceive and accept it as “possible” and then progress into discovering how real and true it is for ourselves. Once this “knowing” is established it’s simply a matter of consciously choosing it as our consistent point of focus and taking the consistent action necessary to see the effects of that choice manifest in physical form.

It begins by choosing to keep our "Attention" on it which states our "Intention" to it which enables us to experience the outcome based on our own choice.

Ok…so where do we begin. What can we begin doing right now that will enable us to tune into and experience this form of indescribable Love for ourselves?

An Unconditional Acceptance Of What Is Holds The Key To Changing What Is To What's Desired

The first and most crucial step in doing that is getting into the mindset of an unconditional acceptance of what is.

But this is where many get confused and experience difficulty. There is a razors edge between what is accepted as and perceived by most to be reality and what I call a “Higher Truth“ that can only be discovered and experienced through conscious choice which enables you to see beyond all the goings on in the physical world and to know, understand and personally experience the infinite nature and potential of Actuality.

It’s a choice to first of all recognize and accept the fact that whatever is here is only here because we have through our own choices created it and allowed it to be. It’s necessary to extend our awareness outside of ourselves and recognize that many of the things that we see and experience were also created as a result of the consciousness of the collective.

Once we have developed this understanding it’s necessary to use it to look beyond what we can see and touch and taste and feel and hear. It’s necessary to focus on what we love and have a desire to experience rather than allowing what we see to determine how we respond or react.

It’s an allowing of sorts…a form of surrender to what is. It's accepting what is and understanding that what is is precisely what we have allowed as a species to be.

Accepting what is doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to settle for less than what’s available to and for you, me or anyone else who chooses to experience more, whatever that might mean for you individually.

Acceptance of what is has nothing to do with allowing others to hurt or harm you or your family simply because their individual way of thinking might not be focused on the good of the collective.

We all have a free will and a choice to do as we will in life. Not everyone’s choices are going to be based on what’s best for you and on a larger scale good for the collective.

Where we get into trouble, where we “unconsciously and unintentionally” allow and intensify these things that we don’t want is allowing the choices and actions of others to instill fear within ourselves due to choosing to remain uninformed and unaware.

When we truly see and grasp this and understand what’s happening, although an acceptance of sorts is necessary to enable us to stay calm and empowered…to keep our focus on the resolution rather than the problem…to take focused and intentional action to “right” what we become aware of is “wrong” in the physical world around us...in our reality, we begin to see and experience the change that choosing to do so creates at the physical level.

It doesn’t mean laying down, burying our head in the sand and just allowing the hurtful choices of others to impact us and those we love.

Accepting what is can still be accomplished, successfully infused and utilized with our innate desire to experience more and better outcomes, it simply requires a willingness to remain calm, act out of love, remain focused on and progress toward the outcome that we desire to see and experience.

It’s simply a matter of keeping our focus on the Love of what we want rater than allowing ourselves to project hate which can be expressed through becoming angry and enraged when we see things happening that we don’t want.

It’s a form of unattachment to the thing NOT desired yet at the same time it doesn’t mean to bury your head in the sand, ignore it and think it’s just going to go away.

In the case of thethings that you DO desire it works the same way.

It's an unattachment of sorts to the desire and establishing a sense of gratitude for whatever it might be that you are experiencing now.

It’s a matter of adjusting and getting into the mindset of wanting what you have so that you can have more of the things that you want.

It's not that we don't desire this thing that we don't yet have. It's a matter of expressing the desire yet at the same time not becoming clingy and attached as to how and when it will show up.

When we do that we only push it away.

We simply unattach and "allow" nature to take her course. When the ways and means "show up" we take action.

What is available to each of us is quite literally infinite in nature. When you make the choice to tap into this place of Love and experience for yourself this place that I refer to as Actuality, this fact…this “Higher Truth” if you will becomes blatantly obvious and the simplicity of it all is revealed.

But it doesn't just happen. It requires a choice. An individual choice.

It requires discipline initially. It requires you to DO something. Yet this doing doesn’t require DOING things that you dislike or hate or despise which can only produce the polar opposite of what it is that you are desiring to see.

If you can’t grasp or fathom that or don’t currently believe it, it’s simply because you haven’t yet expanded the quality of your consciousness enough to see how real and true it is. Even that isn’t a “right or wrong” choice, it’s simply a choice to limit yourself to the possibilities to experience all that is available for you to experience which is only limited by what you yourself choose to believe or not believe. What you choose to “perceive” as real or not real.

Although many “get” the fact that we can and do receive the outcomes in life based on what we believe we can...that we "truly can" experience our heartfelt dreams and desires when we harmonize our way of being with the governing laws that make it possible, there’s something going on under the surface that keeps many from establishing the level of belief necessary to make these desired things tangible and real.

Which takes us back to what was mentioned in Part 1 that states "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak."

It’s our 5 physical senses that determine how we respond and/or react to these externals that so often keep us stuck and in fear mode.

That’s where, even though we might understand things at a deeper than average level, the “physical us” experiences difficulty and we get stuck in what “seems to be“ an inescapable cycle of outcomes that are counter to what we want.


Because we have, through our “subconscious thought processes“, infused cellular memory into our physical and biological selves. This subconscious aspect of us…the perceptions that we’ve allowed to be ingrained…the beliefs and perceptions that we’ve allowed to become stored at this “subconscious level” creates a frequency that determines what we are asking for. These "unconscious" frequencies are projected into "Actuality", attract harmonious frequencies of the same intensity and vibrational resonance which are then transmuted from this “spiritual or unseen level, made “real” and physical based on and due to what "we" have chosen to store at a “physical level.“

It’s the bridge that allows the spirit aspect of us to be expressed…to become physical. This bridge…the bridge that allows the subconscious and unseen perceptions and beliefs communicates to and crosses over into the spiritual, reflected back to us from the spiritual producing "physical realities" which are processed and analyzed by the “logical and rational” conscious mind, transmitted to and stored in the subconscious and the subconscious utilizes our physical attributes to transmit and store these “perceptions and beliefs” in our individual cells.

This memory that is programmed into the estimated 50 - 75 trillion cells that make up the “physical vessel” called us.”

We can call them “subconscious beliefs” if we choose and many do. And to an extent that’s an accurate description. Yet at the same time these “subconscious beliefs” are at the same time as they are being stored and reinforced at the "cellular level" are also determining our communication to the unseen, transmitting and stating our "intention".

This "intention" is reflected back to us, transmutes from "unseen" energy and is made into a physical reality…a physical manifestation that based on our "perceptions" regarding it is infused and stored within our physical body as a memory. It's an infused and programmed memory stored at the cellular level, which as modern day biologists are discovering and coming forward in ever increasing numbers to disclose, are being called cellular memory.

You could say that subconscious beliefs are of a “spiritual nature” and cellular memories are beliefs that show themselves at the infant stages as a physical manifestation…a real and tangible thing existing at the physical cellular level that are created and infused at this “cellular level” based on the subconscious beliefs that we hold which exist at the level of consciousness or what you might prefer to call the “unseen, metaphysical or spiritual level.”

There are many who aren’t ready or refuse to grasp and understand things at this “spiritual or unseen” level but who are willing to buy into what modern day scientists are discovering due to it’s real and “tangible nature.”

Science provides something “tangible and logical that we can accept, touch, see and bite in to. It makes sense and provides us with something that we can analyze and process logically.

So, let’s look at how these non-physical beliefs held become physical and tangible things, based on these scientific discoveries and how they directly affect and determine the outcomes that we experience in the various areas of our lives.

Let‘s Take A Brief Look At How The Individual Aspects Of Our Mind Operate and Create These Cellular Memories

As individuals we each have a mind. We are not our mind yet we are provided a mind to live and function. For the sake of keeping it simple and digestible let's refer this mind as our "spiritual brain." This spiritual brain isn't "physical in nature. It's the "spiritual brain" that sends data to our physical brain which the spiritual brain utilizes to process data. This data is pure consciousness.

There are 2 aspects of this mind that we each possess. The conscious and the subconscious. Nothing new about that right?

Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious mind is none discerning. It isn’t able and doesn’t differentiate between what is “perceived” to be real or imagined. It accepts and stores whatever data we choose to process and validate through the “conscious aspect of mind” and provide to it. In other words the subconscious aspect of mind sees those things that we engage in and experience, whether they be of a physical or non physical nature as “reality.“ It doesn’t know the difference.

The conscious aspect of mind is the aspect of mind that processes information based on what we see and experience through our 5 physical senses. It's the events, conditions and circumstances that we experience at a "physical level" and our individual "perceptions" regarding them that determines which emotions are ignited.

It’s the emotional response that we choose consciously, or at least at the conscious mind level that is ignited as a result of these perceptions that we choose and hold which in turn determines the quality of the data created and stored at the subconscious level.

You could say that the subconscious aspect of mind is "non discerning." The subconscious simply accepts and stores whatever data it is provided.

This is why for some, creative visualization when “consciously utilized” can prove to be a powerful tool for attracting “desired” things into physical life.

We are ALL consistently visualizing and affirming something. Some do so consciously and others do so unconsciously.

Some do that based on a predominant focus of fear and others based on a predominant focus of love.

Those things being visualized or imagined are “perceived” by the subconscious as real and immediately goes to work to bring them into your physical reality.

The subconscious can be considered the communication device that is doing the “asking” at the spiritual level.

But it also serves another purpose.

The subconscious mind also serves as the device that communicates and distributes information to the individual cells of your body. It’s this same process that enables our heart to beat without having to think about it or do anything to make the heart pump. It’s what enables us to breathe and allows our immune systems to function without our “conscious participation.“

If the data previously stored at a subconscious level, the data that WE choose to store there is predominantly based on fear, doubt, worry etc. the subconscious mind projects this “perception” of reality into the unseen or spiritual realm, representing the “asking” as well as works at the physical level programming the cells that are also infused and programmed with this “chosen way of being” and the body, doing exactly as it was designed to do is put into a fight or flight response mode.

This fight or flight mode can be a “good thing” if we look up and see a semi truck getting ready to take us out and it enables us to find the strength and the speed to get out of it’s way. Nothing wrong with that for sure. That’s a “healthy” fight or flight response mode.

It is an important and necessary tool designed to keep us safe and out of harms way.

When fight or flight mode is NOT a good thing…when it becomes “unhealthy” is when the subconscious beliefs that we hold keep us in a fight or flight response mindset continuously when there is no real physical danger present.

Many times what we “perceive” to be dangerous or threatening is nothing more than our perceptions and beliefs regarding this “thing” which is only due to beliefs and perceptions that we hold regarding it. Sometimes it's due to what we've been taught, told and developed "beliefs about and sometimes it's due to having an unpleasant or traumatic experience at some point in the past. It recalls the memories stored due to this teaching or of this unpleasant past experience that ignites emotions that often times harmonizes with undesirable things happening.

In the case of things that we fear, it’s this choice…this chosen way of being that attracts and creates more of what it is that we fear which can and does only serve to further solidify the fear and at the same time solidifies our belief as to how “real” it is. It’s our way of looking at, seeing and perceiving this thing that determines if it’s good or bad.

Intense emotions of fear attract to us what we fear just as intense emotions of love attract to us what we love.

What happens when we “unconsciously allow” this fight or flight response is a redirecting of crucial energy that is normally directed to and utilized for keeping the immune system operating at full capacity as it was designed to do, resulting in emotional disharmony, creating an internal imbalance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system which causes or “allows” emotional distress to rule, initiating and keeping us in this fight or flight response mode resulting in “allowing” illness and dis-ease to develop in the body.

Every aspect of our lives is determined by what WE are allowing. It's not limited to health and wellness only.

Since that's our focus though, let's look specifically at that.

The key to experiencing optimum health and wellness is to change the underlying subconscious beliefs held…or looking at it at the “physical level” replacing or "reprogramming" the destructive cellular memories which in turn deactivates potentially harmful memory at the cellular level, replacing them with productive memory, taking our parasympathetic nervous system out of fight or flight mode, redirecting the energy enabling the immune system to do the job that it was created and intended to do.

Although that is put in an extremely simplified way, becoming aware of the recent scientific discoveries made through Epigenetics clearly shows just how real, powerful and effective the transformation of cellular memory can be in enhancing quality of life not only in the area of physical health but quite literally in every aspect of life.

Countless scientific studies over the years have clearly shown and documented that our emotions can and do affect our DNA. Where do our emotions come from and how are they ignited? Our predominant thoughts which are based on our beliefs.

Who chooses these thoughts and beliefs? YOU do.

The Emotion, DNA, Photon Connection : The Physical Non Physical Bridge

What’s also been shown and documented in scientific journals, is that our DNA affects the “stuff” that our world is made of which is photons.

Photons are nothing more than individual packets of light (energy in it's purest form) existing at the "unseen spiritual level" which transmute into physical "things" based on the instruction that WE give to it at the DNA level.

Our DNA literally determines how these photons align and gather. Put another way, depending on how our DNA is programmed by "cellular memory" determines how the photons respond.

Memory programmed into our DNA in the past is what is determining and creating our results now.

The trick and the challenge for many is that they attempt to judge results based on what they are seeing and experiencing now in their "reality.". We see these things…these various events, conditions and circumstances that were created in the past and based on our limited understanding we see and “perceive” them as real and right and true and if they are of a nature opposite of the desired outcomes our logic and common sense dictates how our bodies respond and react to them.

The things produced as our bodies go through this analyzing and “reaction process” are emotions. Emotions are nothing more than effects based on our perceptions held which creates an electrochemical process in the brain, determining which chemicals are produced and released in the body that determines how we feel.

This is why it’s crucial to understand and really digest the transformational power behind the following statement if you choose to shift and change the outcomes you‘re seeing and experiencing now…

What is now...what our "physical selves" have created and are experiencing now isn’t who we "truly are." We're not limited to what we have created. It’s what we chose and were being at some point in the past. When we make the choice to accept responsibility…to fully accept what we have been creating as well as the outcomes we’ve created as a result of our past choice or choices, we begin to experience the internal shift…a paradigm shift which in turn changes what is, which may currently be what we “perceive“ to be “undesirable” or less than desired into whatever it might be that we do desire.

Put more simply it’s only a matter of disciplining ourselves to accept what is as it is which in turn creates a different emotional response. When we change the emotional response we are changing our projected frequency into Actuality and at the same time changing the natural chemicals released in the body. These chemicals change from harmful fight or flight chemicals to healing chemicals.

Our conscious choice to do so shifts fear, doubt and worry into acceptance which also changes the quality of natural chemicals at a physiological level determining which chemicals are produced and released in the body.

What's the key to doing this?

It’s a matter of unconditionally accepting and learning to love ourselves as we are...understanding and accepting ourselves and the "perceived" mistakes that we all make and the shortcomings that our "perceived mistakes" produce. This way of "being" also pertains to treating those who we attract into our lives with the same "courtesy."

On an individual level, a choice not to do so...choosing not to love and accept ourselves as we are warts and all, results in a form of low self esteem which is only due to our individually chosen and established “perceptions” regarding ourselves. This unfortunate and misguided choice doesn't harmonize with our chosen desires. It neither projects or reflects back to us what we are asking for which we are each more than worthy of receiving. It's an undermining of sorts based on our individually chosen perceptions of our ourselves and undermines the internal projection of our "true worth."

This is SO vital let's look at it a bit deeper.

As I’ve mentioned countless times before, your "true worth" was established long ago. For those that aren’t familiar…”You were created in the image and likeness of God or if you prefer…Source, whatever the Source of your understanding might be.

A choice not to accept and proclaim your worth...choosing to undermine yourself, your outcomes and your abilities is a choice...more times than not an "unconscious choice" due to programmed cellular memory (DNA) which communicates to Source..."projects into Actuality, that you are not worthy of receiving the thing that you "consciously" desire.

The inevitable, immutable and unwavering outcome? Just as you ask..you receive.

Let's look at this in the light of how you respond or react to others.

In the same way that you were provided and possess this worth, everyone else was provided with this "same worth" and the ability to choose their paths as well.

In Actuality there are no bad people, although granted, there are those who choose to utilize their free will in a way that may not harmonize with or create those things that we desire individually or that we personally see, perceive and understand as being "good."

Yet in the bigger scheme of things..."It's ALL good." WE are all good.

There’s no denying that there are those who make choices and take actions that aren’t for the good of the collective. There are those who see money, things and personal gain the ultimate goal without any regard for what’s “good” for the collective.

That’s “reality.” An inevitable reality. But regardless of others choices or the actions they take, it's essential for "our own" good, that we love and accept them as well. A choice not to do so doesn't affect them...it ONLY affects you. It's YOU that is projecting this way of "being" which determines what "signal" you are sending out which also determines what you receive back.

As a specific example...let's look at those who would use fear based tactics and manipulate others in an attempt to gain profit or power for themselves. It’s not that their bad people…it’s that they are “unconscious” and/or unaware of a higher truth that would produce much greater results for both them as well as those they encounter. It’s simply a form of ignorance on their part.

Is it important that we “accept” them and the conditions they create? ABSOLUTELY. Do we have to let their choices and actions impact and affect us individually? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

When we accept “reality” as it is, when we accept both ourselves and others as they are, we are at the same time changing our internally projected frequency...what we are asking for AND at the same time “consciously controlling ourselves at the “physical level”, taking "conscious control" of our emotions which assists in keeping our “physical selves” healthy.

Do we have to choose to allow others to affect our lives…NO. YOU have to choose to allow them to. You are in control of you. YOU have to choose how you respond or react. It's that choice that determines what you are being, what you are projecting and "asking for" and as a result what you will receive back.

Many might not realize that...many may choose to be and remain "unconscious to the "real facts" but that doesn’t change the fact that you are in control of yourself or at least have the ability to do so and it's what you choose individually that determines how you will personally be affected or not affected.

How you choose to utilize your way of being. It’s simply a matter of becoming “conscious and aware that you are and using this understanding to enhance your life. It’s an “individual choice.

You attract to you and experience physical outcomes that harmonize with your choice or choices without fail 100% of the time.

Cause and effect isn't operational only at the physical level.

Cause and effect is real and operates at both the physical level as well as the non-physical level.

Your chosen way of "being", the responses and reactions that YOU choose serve as both the cause at the unseen "spiritual level which represents what you're asking for and at the same time also spills over into the physical level...the level that determines your emotional reaction to externals which also determines your individual health at the physiological level.

Science has validated this “Higher Truth” many years ago when they discovered that everything was energy…EVERYTHING.

When you really grasp the fact that energy that so many “perceive” as being “out there somewhere” responds without fail to the internal energy that WE choose to project through our emotional responses, whether it be a “fear based” energy or an energy that projects “Love”, you become conscious and keenly aware of why you are experiencing whatever events, conditions and circumstances you might be experiencing in “physical form.

This field of energy isn't "out there" somewhere. Energy is all there is. LITERALLY EVERYTHING at it's core is "pure energy." We ourselves are made up of this same energy. Our physical bodies are energy and the spiritual us is energy. We are quite literally a field of energy operating and functioning in a field of energy.

We are an integral yet independent part of this "field." We have been provided the right as well as the free will to utilize our energy fields in whatever way we choose.

What we choose to project determines how we activate the energy that surrounds us, what we attract to us and determines what our "physical realities" become and consist of.

When we master ourselves, when we learn to accept and love unconditionally, we literally change our projected frequency which changes the kind and quality of frequency that we attract and draw to us, which changes the events, conditions and circumstances in our individual lives.

We begin to see and personally experience just how “true” the statement made by Brian Tracy is which states…

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

That’s what unconditional acceptance is. Looking at things in a different way. “Allowing things to be OK just as they are. Accepting what is as it is. Acceptance projects a much different frequency than resistance. A projected energy frequency that varies in intensity to resisting and fighting what is.

Makes sense right? But it extends further than our individual selves. It’s also about unconditionally accepting those in our environment as they are, regardless of what they choose individually.

We don't have to "like" what they do or allow their individual choices to affect us or those we love personally, yet at the same time it's essential that we recognize the importance of accepting and loving them as they are. Honoring their inalienable right of free will to choose whatever they choose.

In essence it's a choice to accept rather than resist.

Resistance Is The Polar Opposite Of Acceptance and Emits A Different Frequency

Since I've used the term "frequency" to describe our ways of being let's touch on frequency briefly so you really "get" the importance of it and the power behind it.

Frequency might be "perceived" as woo woo or esoteric to some. There's a very good reason why it might be "perceived" as being illogical and impractical when it relates to our lives. Yet once you understand it, once you understand how very real it is, it becomes very logical and very practical.

Frequency doesn’t seem “logical” or practical in our physical lives simply due to the way that most have been programmed and conditioned to believe that things must happen. We don’t learn about “frequencies” in our traditional educational systems as it relates to us and how our individual life experiences are created beginning at the “seed“ level.

The vast majority have been taught and as a result look at things from a strictly physical perspective. We can't see, touch, taste, smell or hear frequency so it's difficult to "perceive it" as being real.

Yet if we look at how frequency works in the physical world…in the “tangible” things that we use every day, the practicality and logic behind this “frequency thing” becomes very apparent, logical even and the simplicity behind how it works becomes crystal clear once we make the choice to understand it and once understood take a different approach in how we look at and see it and once we do we can begin to experience the change enabling us to understand it at a very "personal level."

We begin to see how it can and does affect every aspect of our lives and become more consciously aware of how we can use it for our individual good as well as for the good of the collective.

So let’s look at some of these “tangible things that depend on frequency for their operation…

Take a garage door opener, a cell phone or our stereo system.

How could these mechanisms possibly assist us in learning and understanding more about ourselves?

We….meaning the physical aspect of us…our physical bodies…the vessel…are every bit a machine as is a garage door opener, a cell phone or a radio.

The “code” that we plug into these electronic devices (the cause) determines the frequency projected when we push the button or turn the dial and the outcome always harmonizes with our choice and produces an effect.

I can’t expect to dial my sister’s number on my cell phone and reach my mothers phone. I can’t set the code on my garage door remote to 5757 and program the garage door opener motor to 2929 and expect it to open when I push the button. I can’t expect to tune into 97.9 on the radio and expect to be able to tune into and listen to 107.7.

The codes programmed into these projection devices must harmonize with the receiving device in order to make them operate in the way they were intended to and to bring about a result that we desire.

I didn’t purchase my phone, stereo or garage door opener because I wanted to create undesirable results. I didn't purchase them to create any "disharmony" in my life. I purchased them to make my life simpler and more pleasant.

To make them DO what I purchased them for is a s simple as setting the codes so the frequency harmonizes and I get the result that I want.

It’s no different with you and I. We can’t project our encoded fears, doubts and worries about anything and expect to receive any thing other than we are choosing to project and have fear, doubt and worry about.

But that's what we do so many times...over and over and over again.

So then we say….”Oh but they’re so real.”

They're only real because we chose to make them real. It's the frequency that we project. To change the reality it's first necessary to change the frequency. Reset the codes that are responsible for creating the frequency.

The physical us isn’t who and what we “truly” are. Our physical body is merely an emitting and receiving device. It’s our consistent quality of consciousness that determines what we emit…meaning it’s the quality of thought that determines which emotions we ignite which in turn determines the frequency sent out which in turn determines what we receive back.

We can't create the "desired" outcome by projecting a frequency that doesn't harmonize with what we want.

The cause MUST always harmonize with the desired effect.

That’s what makes everything so real. The ONLY thing. All we have to do is recognize the process, understand and become aware of our power and shift the cause that is making all this stuff real.

This is where it gets "hard" and we get confused and defeated.


Because it’s not just our consistent conscious and unconscious thought processes that determines our frequency. Consciously we "want" something...we "want" to experience this or that outcome but it requires a bit more depth than just mere wanting.

We can want and attempt to “consciously change” our thought processes, yet until we begin to see and understand that there’s something hovering below our conscious awareness…something going on deeper within us that needs to be addressed, we can want and try all we want to without seeing any significant results.

That’s why so many set out to try to create this or that yet never follow through. They get to the place of "truly" wanting change. They hear about what is now being called the Law of Attraction and see the logic and power behind it, yet choose not to delve deeply enough to see that consciously and effectively applying the Law of Attraction is more than simply applying positive thinking techniques.

As real as the Law of Attraction is, there's more to understand than simply "knowing" it exists and is real.

It requires digging a bit deeper. Deeper within yourself to fully understand and become conscious of what is going on within yourself. Becoming conscious of and understanding what "frequency" you are projecting which without fail will enable you to understand why you're experiencing whatever you're experiencing.

It's about becoming aware and knowing what's going on within yourself at the consciousness level as well as the physical level.

Positive thinking and fake it till you make it techniques can't provide that.

Don’t misunderstand…with years of consistency through these outdated means, they can "sometimes" have an impact. But the fact of the matter is that most don’t want to wait years. In fact, it’s oftentimes the thought of having to wait for years that keeps so many from ever beginning the process at all.

For those who do decide and choose to create change in this way, the “unconsciously created” outcomes that show up during these years of attempting to change things in this way reinforces and reactivates our previous ways of perceiving, thinking and believing which causes us to backslide and we inevitably begin falling back into the same old habitual patterns that we previously engaged in and continue re-creating the same physical outcomes that we’re attempting and “trying so hard” to change.

The result? We conclude that this is a bunch of “new age nonsense“ and “this stuff doesn’t work.“ Our "limited" physical senses once again begin reminding and telling us how real and true and right these things that we’re experiencing physically are and we remain stuck in a seemingly inescapable cycle.

Our conclusion? “That’s just the way life is and there is nothing that we can do to change it.”

Then what happens? We choose to react to these undesirable outcomes and as a result continue to stay in this fear, doubt and worry mode due to our “perceived inability” to change all these uncontrollable and undesirable outcomes which only serves to stir and ignite more emotions that harmonize with our predominant thoughts and beliefs resulting in more fear, doubt and worry based thinking.

Our choices attract and create more of these “undesirable” things and as a result, without even being consciously aware of what’s happening we are consistently reinforcing the programming within ourselves that only serves to attract and experience more of the same that we "claim" that we don't want. This results in more stress…more fear…more doubt…more anxiety…more wanting what we don’t have and can’t see which only serves to drive what we truly do want further away.

Stress Is An "Internal Process" That Can Be Resolved Through Internal Means

What most don’t understand is that stress is not caused by external conditions. It’s our individual perceptions, beliefs and judgments regarding externals that creates and fertilizes the internal stress which determines our frequency which in turn determines what we are projecting which in turn determines what we attract and experience.

Get this…REALLY get this and you’ll become conscious and VERY effective at transforming your life in ANY and EVERY aspect that you choose.

Stress is caused by destructive cellular memory. Unfounded and limiting beliefs infused into and stored at the cellular level.

Cellular memory isn’t some esoteric foo foo new age concept. It’s been validated and proven by leading edge biologists. It’s been discovered in some of the leading University’s in the country. It’s a physical and tangible reality yet hasn‘t been adopted into mainstream medicine in our western culture.

Dr. Andrew Armour was one of the early pioneers in neuro-cardiology. He discovered that there is a definite connection between the heart and mind and concluded based on his own studies that the heart literally has it’s own mind. What he calls a “little mind.”

Also do some research on The Institute of HeartMath as well as findings by Candace Pert, Ph. D.

Dr Bruce Lipton PHD. who conducted extensive research at Stanford University School Of Medicine claims that 95% of all illness and disease is caused by stress. But, as he also claims stress isn't determined by external things. It's due to cellular memory.( Listen to an interview with Dr Lipton here)

Numerous scientists findings support one growing belief in the “New Biology” which an ever growing number of scientists have now adopted which is…

“Every cell in our body has its own ‘mind’…each exists as it’s own sentinent and intelligent being and if you transfer tissues from one body to another, the cells from the first body will carry memories into the second body.”

So what precipitated these studies initially?

Recipients of organ transplants were experiencing cravings, memories, visions, dreams, and knowing things about the donor that they had no possible way of knowing. They discovered when they began researching the reasons behind it that it was due to cellular memories which as previously “thought” are not limited to the brain but rather are infused and stored in the cells throughout the body.

Subconscious beliefs are not simply memories that are held in a specific area of your brain OR your mind. They exist as a physical manifestation and are stored within the individual cells that make up your body and exist throughout your entire body.

They inhabit every aspect of you. When you understand that the physical body consists of 50 to 75 trillion cells you begin to understand how and why it can be so difficult to overcome limiting beliefs that result in self sabotage and limited results regardless of how badly you might desire to overcome them, enabling you to experience the success, health and fulfillment that you so desire to experience.

It becomes really clear and easy to understand why what the masters of the past claimed…that the “spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” is so “true.”

When you get "really serious" about discovering your "true power" and you choose to dig deeply enough you begin to clearly see and understand how what the spiritual and esoteric teachings that the sages and masters since antiquity have taught merge with what modern day scientists are discovering

That’s why positive thinking seems to work sometimes for some and not others. It’s all dependent on how we each have been programmed to think and perceive things. It’s based on the various beliefs that we hold with regard to the various events, conditions and circumstances that we each experience in our lives.

At the same time it goes much deeper than “positive thinking.”

If our internal “memory code” isn’t harmonized with what we are doing our best to be positive about, consciously choosing and “prefer” to receive, we attract and experience outcomes in life that we perceive as “disharmonious outcomes.” Yet it’s only a perception. An inaccurate and very limiting perception. Attraction and Creation is NEVER out of harmony. What we project, we receive back in “perfect harmony.”

When we become “conscious” of this fact, then we can more effectively learn to effectively deal with this "perceived" disharmony and through our intentional and consciously focused actions, shift what we are experiencing…these undesirable things into more of the desired outcomes that we previously thought and believed to be random.

It’s only necessary to look below the surface and address the issues at their core. This core at the unseen/spiritual level is “consciousness.“ The core at the “physiological level” is cellular memory. When we address and correct the self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs we hold with regard to life at the cellular level, when we change the memory that these cells store, we change the frequency we are projecting…we reset our internal codes, change our frequency and the things in our physical external world begin changing.

Each and EVERY aspect of our physical world.

In the case of physiological health specifically, we automatically take ourselves out of fight or flight response mode and create an “internal harmony” inside which begins “showing up” and reveals itself in physical form. We restore our health. We “allow” the incredibly powerful immune system that we have each been provided with the ability to fully function in the way that it was intended to. The way “we desire” it to creating health and wholeness that we "desire" to experience.

External approaches have been and always will be limited in doing that. Man made synthetic “magic pills” and surgeries have never and can never address issues at the source of the problem. They mask and temporarily cover the problem but they don’t address and “cure” the problem. This “cookie cutter” approach to health and wellness is limited at best and in many cases only serves to create additional problems and complications.

Modern day medicine has it's place. It serves a very positive and productive role in society. If I break my arm or need stitches guess where I'm headed? You bet...to the hospital.

But if I develop emotional issues guess where I'm going? Not to the drugstore I can assure you. I go inside. I focus and become conscious of what's happening inside from where this emotional "stuff" is coming from.

To get to the root cause of “problems” it’s necessary to deal with them at the same level that allowed and enabled them to become “real” in the first place.

In a spiritual/metaphysical sense it’s at the level of energy. At the “physical level it’s at the level of “cellular memory.”

So what can we do to effectively and quickly deal with these "cellular memories?"

There does exist a very powerful and effective method for addressing the cellular memory that does and is affecting us.

The most powerful and efficient way that I've discovered to do that is called ‘The Healing Codes.’

The Healing Codes gets to the “heart” of the problem and changes the frequency at the cellular level. It resets the cellular code at the cellular level that determines our internal frequency which 100% of the time without fail...when "properly" addressed and shifted reflects in our external physical world.

The Healing Codes aren't dependent on drugs or external remedies of any kind.

They address the issues at the "heart" of where all issues come from. They get to the source of the issues and resolve them there.

There are actually 2 different systems offered by Dr Loyd, who created The Healing Codes.

One is specifically designed and tailored to addressing stress and health issues and the other is designed and specifically tailored to resolve issues which block and keep so may from creating desired results such as success.

Both utilize the same methodologies but provide custom tailored healing protocols for the desired outcome and both deal with "cellular memory" or what Dr Loyd refers to as "issues of the heart."

If you “truly grasp” and understand what I’ve shared in this edition of Enlightened Journey, you’ll also clearly see and understand how and why The Healing Codes and The Success Codes are so powerfully effective and why thousands around the world, including doctors are raving and singing the praises about the difference they are experiencing in their lives as a result of utilizing them.

As I and those of you who have already chosen to utilize either The Healing Codes or The Success Codes can attest, it’s an extremely powerful and effective system for shifting the internal frequencies that have been programmed into us at the cellular level and creating what most would “perceive” to be miraculous results both physically and emotionally which also precipitates more of the desired outcomes that so many struggle and work so hard to achieve, often times with limited and mediocre results at best.

The effect that The Codes have isn’t based on theory or speculation. It’s based on documented facts that are verified through heart rate variability testing which is known by conventional medicine to be the most accurate way to measure results that bypasses any possibility of being affected by placebos. This testing as well as countless testimonials from those who have experienced literally miraculous results show and "prove" the profound transformation that The Healing Codes can and do provide.

In fact The Codes produce results that the company who created the equipment to measure heart rate variability testing equipment that western medicine does use, initially claimed to be impossible to achieve.

The results clearly show that the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems could be brought into balance after only 20 minutes of applying the healing protocols that Dr Loyd teaches and the results remained for 2 weeks with no further protocols being used.

That's something that pharmaceutical companies and drugs won't and can't do.

Here's what the Healing Codes will do for you...

  • Dissolve Emotional Issues...

  • Super Charge your immune system…

  • Help your body heal itself…

  • Eliminate ALL your pain, stress, fear, depression and disease…

  • Create new cells that will enable you to feel fresh and rejuvenated...

  • Turn your body's Defensive Cells into super Growth Cells that will not allow illness to develop within you!

Western medicine can't do that. It's outside the box. It deals with issues at the level they are created. At the energy level.

But as the following Nobel Prize laureates of the past and many leading scientists since make VERY clear...

  • "All matter is energy" - Albert Einstein

  • "Body chemistry is governed by quantum cellular fields." - Prof. Murray Gell-Mann, Nobel Prize Laureate, USA

  • "Treating humans without the concept of energy is treating dead matter." - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi M.D. Nobel Prize Laureate, Hungary

  • "Future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body." - Prof. William Tiller, Nobel Prize Laureate Stanford University

Our current Medical systems and pharmaceutical companies don't do that either. That's precisely why they create such limited and short term "results" as they do.

I encourage you to check out and listen to this teleseminar with Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr Ben Johnson as they discuss and describe how anyone can achieve as well as maintain optimum health safely and naturally using the tools that you already possess.

In addition Dr. Alex provides an extremely powerful personal testimonial as does Dr. Johnson, the only medical doctor featured on the blockbuster movie 'The Secret' who literally cheated death utilizing The Healing Codes after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease.

Gaining access to the teleseminar does require filling out a simple form that you'll be redirected to. A "very small" price to pay for what you'll gain.

Learn how you can turn on healing for your pets, children and family safely, simply, easily and naturally.

It’s my passion and purpose to assist you in discovering, fulfilling and experiencing whatever your individually held desires might be.

What a great “job.” And one that I am extremely pleased and honored to be able to perform.

Both The Healing Codes and The Success Codes are providing an incredible contribution to many and that I personally know to be effective and transformational.

It's my hope and intention that you find what I contribute to be beneficial to you in each and every area of your life.

To Your Health, Wellness and Success,

Chuck Danes




Enlightened Journey Enterprises
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