Your Power To Choose
By Chuck Danes

Chuck Danes

Chuck Danes is the Founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises


The Creator of The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

Your Power To Choose

And the Many "Unconscious Choices" That Limit
or Altogether Sabotage Your "Consciously Desired" Results

By Chuck Danes

We've each been provided with an awesome and amazing gift in life. It's often referred to as "Free Will." And although Free Will is a fitting label, stated in different terminology, Free Will really boils down to your power to choose.

That's what we're going to be focusing on and taking a very close and eye opening look at here. YOUR power to choose and how so many are unknowingly making choices that conflict with and even sabotage what so many "claim" they desire in and for their lives.

But to see that and really understand the power behind it, it's going to be necessary to look at your power to choose in an "uncommon" kind of way.

We make thousands of choices every day many of which we ARE quite conscious and aware of. But have you ever been exposed to the idea or concept of "unconscious" choices?

More importantly have you ever explored below the surface and been made aware of the under the radar choices that we often make habitually without realizing a choice is being made at all?

Few have, yet it's those choices; these Unconscious or Subconscious choices which are of utmost importance as it pertains to life and the kind and quality of experiences we'll encounter as we go through life.

How so?

Simply because "unconscious choices" play a far greater role in determining the kind and quality of your life in intangible as well as in a tangible and measurable kind of way.

In other words it's "unconscious choices" that determine EVERY aspect of your life and impact to some degree the conscious choices that you do knowingly make.

Let's take a look at your power to choose and explore how as well as why the choices you make determine the kind and quality of life that you'll experience or not experience.

It's certainly NO SECRET that life is about choice. What SEEMS to be a Secret and which has so many anxiously and in some cases frantically scrambling around in search of some Secret or newfound discovery stems from nothing more than a lack of understanding and awareness.

Your life is much more about the choices that you make than you may currently realize. With that being being true, we're going to be taking a look; a deeper than average look at how your power to choose impacts each and every aspect of your life. Your life is about your choices and your power to choose the kind and quality of life that you'll experience whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually is far more than some novel idea or "new age" way of thinking.

In order to grasp, understand and begin utilizing your power to choose consciously, intentionally and purposefully, it's necessary to first understand the concept of consciousness.

And the reason why is because the kind and quality of our lives is determined by the kind and quality of consciousness that we choose to process at both the conscious and subconscious levels which in turn determines the kind and quality of choices that we make.

Your power to choose is an inalienable right that you as well as each and every person on earth is given at birth, and has the ability to exercise in whichever way they choose.

Every second of every minute of every day, you as well as everyone else that collectively make up the world's population is presented with certain choices that must be made. These choices range from the most obvious, all the way to the extremely complex. Regardless of what these choices might be, there is a specific outcome created that is eventually realized, and which ultimately determines the kind and quality of each life event in any given situation.

These moment by moment choices that are made each day are taken for granted by many, and in many cases are not given much and in many cases ZERO conscious attention to as they are being made.

Spontaneous emotional outbursts are a prime example of "unconscious or habitual" thought patterns that result in making "reactive choices." These moment by moment choices are many times considered to have no impact on the results or outcomes that people experience, which are created based on those choices.

Oh but they do.

The reason that's "true" is simply due to the fact that many "under the radar" choices are being made without you "knowing it."

The most obvious choices made each day include things like what to wear, what we eat, where we work, when we go to bed, what time we wake up, who we associate with, etc. etc.

In these examples, the outcomes of those obvious choices are how we look, what kind of health we’ll experience, how much money we make, how we’ll feel the next morning, and who our friends become.

With each of these obvious choices made, we create a specific outcome based on those choices, and are personally responsible for the outcomes.

What many don’t realize is, just as they are responsible for the outcomes of these obvious day to day choices made, each is equally responsible for the bigger outcomes that happen in life, as a result of bigger more complex choices made. Put more simply, all results that occur in your life, occur, and are experienced as a direct result of your power to choose the kind and quality of which are determined by the kind and quality of choices being made.

Lets' refer to choices as the cause and the outcomes as the effects.

Most aren’t even aware that many things that seem to just occur in life, do so not just by chance or fate, but actually happen because of previous choices that they have made. The masses believe that many outcomes experienced throughout life, happen due to circumstances that are beyond their ability to control.

With the exception of death, there is absolutely nothing that happens in your day to day existence that doesn’t happen based on a choice that was made. Even in the case of death, we are each given a choice as to how we choose to feel about it.

Sound ridiculous? It’s true.

I have had many conversations throughout the years with those who would dispute this concept.

Many will say that they truly desire to create wealth, for example, but claim to be hopelessly stuck in an unfulfilling job that they dislike, because that is all their skill level will allow them to do. They choose to claim the role of victim of circumstance rather than accept responsibility and exercise their ability to choose to create a different circumstance.

So, I'll ask that you consider this. Do you believe that there is a measurable difference in the kind and quality of consciousness that is consistently focused on being a "victim of circumstance" or a "creator of circumstance?"

Of course there is. And it's a difference that can, does and will make all the difference for you should you choose to understand at an uncommon depth the power of your choices and once understood "choose" to begin using the power of your mind in a conscious, intentional and purposeful way.

Because that's what separates the "truly happy, the truly fulfilled, the truly prosperous from those who consistently experience far less desirable qualities of life.

The ONLY thing.

Although the existing condition may be true in the present moment, it was created by choices made in the past. And the chooser has both the right and the power to choose to make different choices in the future which would create a different outcome. Although the choices that could change their current situation are many, an obvious choice would be to enhance their level of skill through education, which would enable them to do something else.

But as obvious as that choice is, there is another choice being made in many cases that keeps many from moving forward and keeps them from DOING something else.

What choice is that? A choice to NOT enhance their "beliefs." Because it's what we believe that determines what we can or cannot do.

They also have the power to choose to establish new beliefs that would allow them to do whatever they desire, rather than feel stuck in an occupation that they find displeasing and only engage in simply because they "believe"" they must.

There are NO MUSTS in life with the exception of the fact that we MUST choose something.


When presented with this idea, they’ll then say something like, “I don’t have the time to do that”, which is also a choice.

Some will say that they have no control over the condition of their health, many times not realizing the resources available, or making the choice of not taking the time necessary to explore other possibilities which would allow them to develop the belief and awareness that the human body was created as a self healing mechanism, and that regardless of the situation, they do have the choice as well as the ability to correct even illness and disease.

"But the doctor said"....... What the doctor said has absolutely nothing to do with the situation, but only presents the choice to consciously use your power to choose in a way that transcends common logic, rationale and reasoning...or not.

It's an individuals choice as to which beliefs are established, held, adhered to and what is "allowed" by the individual based on the information received even in the most "seemingly hopeless" cases.

Many well intentioned doctors are, in MANY cases the reason that so many spend years taking unnecessary and harmful pharmaceutical drugs and actually send many people to their graves based on their lack of awareness of the many other possibilities available. That's not to downplay or demean the medical industry because it MOST CERTAINLY has it's place.

Even in this case the patient has the choice to accept or deny the news being shared as truth or not, as well as the power to choose to change the conditions..or not.

It is not the responsibility of ANY doctor to determine if someone will live or not if he has in good faith done all that he has been trained to do.

There are thousands upon thousands of documented cases where the conventional medical community has diagnosed a condition as terminal and without hope, only to find that the patient, by choosing to not accept the news as FACT, lived many years beyond what they were told. There are countless THOUSANDS of known cases where a refusal to accept the beliefs of others and making conscious, intentional and informed alternative choices completely reversed the illness or disease diagnosed!

Let's Talk About Lester Levenson

One such case is a man named Lester Levenson who was sent home from the hospital at age 42, with the news that there was nothing further that could be done for him.

Basically Lester was sent home to die. He was diagnosed as having severe depression, an enlarged liver, kidney stones, spleen trouble, hyperacidity, and ulcers that had perforated his stomach and formed lesions. In addition, Lester had recently suffered his second coronary.

Mr. Levenson, could have made the choice to believe what he had been told. Instead he made a conscious choice to not accept the bleak diagnosis that he had received. He made alternative choices.

Although he did go home, he refused to accept the information given by someone else regardless of their "on the surface" titles and credentials. Information which would have established and solidified the belief in Lester's own mind that WOULD HAVE most certainly ended his life.

Lester made an "uncommon choice." He refused to accept this news as fact and went home, not to die, but rather made a choice; a conscious and independent choice to figure out how to live. And that's precisely what he did. Lester Levenson made a conscious choice to research and discover other information that was available which was and often is "looked at", judged and labeled as "taboo" or ludicrous or ineffective or any other number of labels that could be used.

The medical team that was caring for him obviously exhausted the resources that they "were AWARE" of for sure. But Lester didn't adopt and accept that and as a result, through 100% natural means, restored his body to total health in only 3 months and lived to enjoy an additional 52 years AFTER he was told he was going to DIE!

What did Lester Levenson do? Quite simply he discovered that an inside out approach to life could heal even the most "seemingly hopeless" condition in spite of the fact that traditional methodologies had, in his case proved hopeless.

Since that time, this discover has been shared with, and has assisted countless millions of people from all over the world to overcome many seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

This seemingly miraculous and incredible inside out approach to life can be better explored and understood by becoming aware of and using the guidance I share in The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation .

Each of us has been granted the power to choose. We each possess the power to choose what to believe or not to believe. We each have an unalienable right and undeniable ability to make the choices that determine the kind and quality of our lives. If your current beliefs aren’t supporting the type of life that you consistently hope, wish and pray you COULD live, you have the ability to enhance, elevate and form greatly enhanced and expanded beliefs that will.

It's within YOUR power to choose or not. But make no mistake...


If you choose to believe that you have no control over the things that happen in your life from day to day, your outcomes will continue to manifest exactly as they have, based on that belief. Events, conditions and circumstances in life align and harmonize with the beliefs that we choose to hold.

If the beliefs that you have established are based on what someone else has taught you, you have the power to choose to seek out and find new information which allows you to decide for yourself if that information is in fact "true" or simply based on the beliefs and perceptions of others.

If you are not living the kind and quality of life that you were intended and created to live, have the right and the ability to enjoy, it is within your power to choose to change it.

You have the free will to choose a life of Abundance and Happiness.

Your day to day choices determine your outcomes in life. Whether or not you choose to believe it is also, your choice.

My hope, wish, desire and intention for you and doing what I do is to assist those who are serious and ready to make conscious, intentional and informed choices with a transformational and life enhancing form of information that will enable and empower you to choose wisely.

Perhaps The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation can assist you in see; REALLY seeing just how powerful YOU and your choices are.

I KNOW it can. In fact I GUARANTEE it. But ultimately what I know has no impact and plays no role in what's TRULY possible for and available to you unless you utilize your power to choose in such a way that "allows" me to.

Chuck Danes Chuck Danes is the founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises as well as an author, coach, personal performance trainer and the creator of The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation . For more than 3 decades Chuck has been assisting individuals around the world from all walks of life, in bridging the gap between where they are and where they truly desire to be in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives. Chuck's monthly personal empowerment ezine, Enlightened Journey is freely distributed to tens of thousands in 194 countries around the world.

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