Define Your Vision

Crystal Clarity Of Your Vision Attracts And Allows
You To Experience That Which You Most Desire To Experience In Every Aspect Of Your Life

Define Your Vision and Imagine What ItWill Be Like To Have It

Define Your Vision - That which you desire you can envision. That which you
consistently envision you come to believe. That which you believe is manifest
in physical form. That which is manifest in physical form you can experience
in your life. Look at your current Life experience and you will have discovered
what you envision. - Chuck Danes

Define Your Vision

Defining your vision, like each of the Power Principles is extremely important if you are to experience that which you consciously desire to experience.

As we have discussed in various areas throughout the site, although you cannot change the process of creation, you can align with it's precise, unwavering, and inevitable existence and begin to attract and create, on purpose, that which you most desire to experience.

Each and every day the events, conditions, and circumstances that you come to experience in your day to day life happen and are a direct result of what you are or have previously envisioned, either on a conscious or subconscious level.

By coming to this understanding and developing the awareness of how the things that happen in your day to day life come into being, you will become empowered to begin, with focused intent, consciously and purposefully attracting, creating, and experiencing those things which you most desire to experience.

That is the purpose of the Define Your Vision article. At the close of this article you will have developed a heightened awareness as to how to precisely define your vision for each and every area of your life and do so in a way that will be effective in specifically shaping and experiencing your life results in the way that you choose to experience them.

To better grasp and understand what will be covered here, it is necessary to understand how the events, conditions, and circumstances that you experience in your life come into being.

It is recommended that if you haven't already, that you review each of the Universal Laws that determine what and how you are attracting and creating each of the events, conditions, and circumstances that you are currently experiencing or will experience at some point in the future.

Once you have developed this awareness you will better understand the importance of defining and consistantly reviewing your vision in order to begin attracting and experiencing those things which you most desire to experience.

What Is The Specific Purpose
Of Having A Defined Vision?

As has been covered in The Power Of Belief , those things that you have been taught and stored in your subconscious as belief, whether they are REAL TRUTH or not, are precisely what is attracting and creating the current events, conditions, and circumstances that you are experiencing in your life to this point.

If you desire to change what those current experiences are, it is necessary to overwrite and replace those beliefs which are responsible for attracting your current experiences.

When you define your vision and consistantly review it, you are in reality re-programming or re-patterning the subconscious thought processes that are keeping you from attracting, creating and experiencing those things which you consciously desire to experience.

Another way to look at it is that you are the writer, director, and actor in your own movie production. The scenes which are currently being played out, or the events, conditions, and circumstances that you are experiencing in your life, exist as a result of the script that you have previously written, or have allowed others to write for you, and which has become stored in the subconscious portion of your mind. If you are unhappy with, or dislike the scenes that are currently being played, it is necessary to rewrite the script.

When you define your vision you are, in essence, rewriting that script and doing away with the scenes that you don't want to see and experience, and replacing them with the scenes that you do. The result is different scenes in the movie being acted out as you desire them to be. Through consistancy, and reviewing the new script daily the memories of the old script will be overwritten and replaced with the scenes which you desire to see in the finished production.

To better understand the process it might be helpful for you to, if you haven't already, review The Power Of Positive Affirmations and The Power Of Creative Visualization . This will enable you to develop a deeper understanding of the importance of having a clear and defined vision of the events, conditions, and circumstances that you most desire to experience as well as give you a better idea as to how to define your vision so it provides the most impact and benefit, and which will begin producing the desired results in your life.

In order for you to define your vision in a way that is effective, it is necessary to write it in great detail. The scenes need to be such that it triggers and ignites strong positive emotions within you which allow you to actually feel as if you already have that which your vision is projecting. The finished vision should be such that really stirs up pleasing emotions within you.

As you write and define your vision it should be done in a way that allows you to experience it with ALL of your 5 senses. What will it look like? What do you see as a result of it? What are the sounds associated with it? What smells do you smell as a result of it? What does it feel like as you're experiencing it? Are there tastes associated with it? What sounds do you hearas you envision it? It is important to utilize each of the senses in order to really tap the emotions that are projected which are ultimately responsible for attracting it to you.

Another thing that is extremely important is that when you define your vision, that it is written in the positive. Your focus needs to be fixed on the end result, not the steps that it is going to take to get you there but only with the clearly defined conclusion of already possessing whatever you define your vision to consist of. The wording should be such that it already exists in your life, as if you are already experiencing it in your life.

Each area that you construct your vision in should start with "I AM....." Structuring your defined visions such as "I am going to...." does not create the necessary frequency that will allow you to attract and actually experience them.

Each defined vision should be written in a way that YOU ARE experiencing it already in the present and engaging EVERY possible snese that you can.

To give you a better idea of how to correctly structure your visions, I have included my personally written visions below. Although they are extremely personal to me, I include them in the hope that they might assist you in properly structuring your own, and enable you to experience just how powerful this process is.

These visions focus on each of the areas of life including Spiritual Life, Relationships, Health, Monetary Desires, and Career and serve as a means to bring those desires into physical reality and providing fulfillment not only in my own life but also providing my family with the life that I have desired for them to be enabled to experience for some time. It will give you an idea as to how to define YOUR vision regardless of what that vision may entail and will serve as a VERY POWERFUL tool in the manifestation process.

It is extremely important and necessary to develop the discipline to review your defined visions as often as possible which will assist you in stirring the "Emotions" which are responsible for attracting your desires to you. It is recommended that, at a minimum that you take a few minutes in the morning as well as a few minutes before going to bed at night and really allow yourself to experience each of the defined visions that you have created and "ALLOW" yourself to REALLY EXPERIENCE what it is to already have those desires fulfilled that your defined vision focuses on.

Each upcoming day brings with it exciting new possibilities, experiences, fulfilling and rewarding relationships, further opportunities to assist others, and as a result an incredible sense of ultimate calm and profoundly empowering inner peace and fulfillment.

Regardless of where you may currently find yourself in relation to your life experiences to this point, dvelop the discipline to cretae your own defined visions, put them in writing, review them regularly and consistently and you will soon begin to develop the awareness that YOUR Life and the world is a magnificent and glorious paradise patiently waiting for us to discover and experience all that it selflessly offers if you only ALLOW it to unfold.

Chuck’s Defined Visions


I am so grateful for discovering my ability to connect with "The Source" in such a personal way. The deep inner peace as well as the continual sense of assurance and knowingness is a continual comfort and strengthens my ability to effectively convey the intended message so that those that need to hear it can easily understand and put into action the steps and principles that will allow them to also experience the fulfillment and harmony that each desires to experience in the physical world.

Through my connection I experience crystal clarity in my thoughts and as a result am continuously provided insight and deeper truth which I have committed to and am sharing with those who are seeking the life changing power that this message holds and that it offers and provides on a worldwide scale.

I meditate twice daily and have discovered the importance of planning my life around my spirituality rather than my spirituality around my life.

My intuition is strong and I am able to "Know" that the direction that I receive as a result is allowing me to fulfill and experience my purpose and making our world a better place and at the same time providing ALL that which I desire to experience both monetarily as well as emotionally.

I am extremely and humbly grateful for the many gifts provided me as a result of my desire to explore and discover deeper truth and meaning and find great pleasure in fulfilling my unending commitment to continually discovering and properly utilizing all that the Source provides in the way of healing abilities, psychic and intuitive abilities and allowing me to know and fully understand when to properly use them to provide the best possible contribution to those that seek the benefits that they provide.

I am centered, grounded, possess crystal clarity and only make and act on decisions that provide the greatest possible service and contribution to the most people.

I continually sense and feel a deep and heartfelt Gratitude for the gifts that I possess and humbly Thank You for the gift of Profound Inner Peace, Sense Of Assurance and Well Being and Total Awareness that I experience as a result.

This or something more.


I am connecting and associating with those that bring me personal power and easily recognize and eliminate that which weakens me. I am grateful for the strength as well as the ability to clearly see those relationships that serve to fulfill my intended purpose.

I am attracting only those relationships that are in alignment with my ultimate purpose of making a positive difference in the lives of others as well as experiencing the love and fulfillment that healthy and wholesome relationships provide in both personal as well as professional areas of life.

I communicate honestly and effectively and provide all that I am able as well as give and freely receive in each of my personal as well as professional relationships.

I deal only in honesty and truth and maintain and attract only those relationships which allow me to experience my deepest desires, fulfill my purpose, and that strengthen my personal values. I spend time and absorb deeper wisdom and understanding from those that I choose to associate with, and quickly and accurately discern and eliminate those which attempt to interfere with fulfilling my ultimate calling in life.

I am extremely and humbly grateful for the quality of relationships that I attract and for the fulfillment that they provide, spiritually, emotionally, relationally, monetarily, and physically.

These or something more.

Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

I am so full of gratitude for the physical, mental, and emotional condition of myself and my family. We eat only the healthiest and purest of foods and only allow that which promotes and increases our health into our day to day eating habits. Our daily walks, bike rides around our property are so enlivening and we look forward to each day. Our daily cardiovascular routines keep us feeling full of energy and in optimal physical health.

Our daily connections with "The Infinite" through reflection and meditations take care of the necessary inner processes which keep our immune system operating at it's peak maintaining the ultimate in physical, mental and emotional well being as it was intended to do and allows us to connect with the Infinite Source that keeps it all working properly.

As a result we maintain a sense of crystal clear mental and emotional clarity and as a result further assists in strengthening the physical functions of my body. My intuition leads and guides me in making only the right choices and decisions concerning my health and further enhances my ability to connect at will with the Infinite Source of ALL answers.

I am light hearted, carefree, and truly enjoy ALL that I encounter from day to day. I am focused and disciplined in the necessary processes which enable us to maintain optimum health, but do so in a way that is fun and enjoyable. I fully enjoy the journey and understand that the vibration that these feelings eminate and broadcast allows us to attract and maintain only that which further enhances our overall health. The processes required are experienced as enjoyment and "play"

Thank You for the health that I enjoy and the unlimited energy and feelings of well being and wholeness that I and my family experience as a result.

I am so deeply and humbly grateful for the limitless energy and overall health that we each experience as a result.

This or something greater.

Our Home

We are living in our dream home. Our home consists of 8500 sq feet of pure luxury. Anita's personal library is incredible and is equipped with everything she needs to achieve her own time to get quiet and attain a level of peace and deep inner "knowing".

Our Florida room is the most incredible place to go and regain a sense of peace and deep understanding. The waterfalls within it are so relaxing and the ponds that they run into are filled with exotic freshwater fish, and tropical plants of every variety. I so look forward to my daily meditations in this mini paradise.

My office is incredible. The walls are arranged with uplifting and inspirational pictures and plaques which serve as continuous reminders of our individual ability to attract and create the life of our dreams. The 500 gallon built in aquarium which serves as home to many species of exotic fish is so peaceful and comforting to observe and serves as a continuous reminder of the incredible process and harmony of creation.

Our theater room is absolutely incredible and sports the latest in audio and video technology. Watching movies on the 8x10 foot screen is crystal clear and the sound system provides the most crystal clear highs and thunderous base that is so pleasing to hear. It's even better than being there.

Our exercise room contains every conceivable machine and exercise equipment that you can imagine and opens to the view of the awesome scenery behind the house. The opposite wall is solid mirrors so whichever direction you are facing you view nature.

The view out of the back of the house is absolutely breathtaking. The windows that make up the majority of the back allow us to constantly view the masterfully landscaped pool area as well as absorb the incredible beauty of the endless landscape.

Our home is located on the most beautiful 150 acres that you can imagine. Mountains, a naturally spring fed lake, and huge trees of every kind clothe it. Nature is abundant everywhere. It's amazing how the animals that live within it's boundaries are so peaceful and trusting. There is a sense of serenity, trust and peacefulness in them. The energy that surrounds our home is peaceful, unhurried, and absolutely electrifying.

The spring fed lake which is located directly behind our home is crystal clear and so pure that you can actually drink out of it. The sight of it is just so peaceful and serene the way it lays before the tree filled mountains directly behind it, teaming with life and health. The dock and boat slips which house our wave runners and boats contain every conceivable luxury and serve to enhance not only our experience but those that often visit.

Thank You for allowing us such a wonderful existence. I am extremely and humbly grateful for the blessings that we have been provided.

This or something more.

Our "Toys"

I am so extremely grateful for the material gifts that we have been provided which allow us to fully experience and enjoy the world.

Our 125 ft. yacht allows us to explore the beauty of the ocean and we often go to the coast and take trips that serve to renew our spirit. Our Home away from Home is rightly named "Just Chillin" and that is exactly what we do when we take our regular scheduled sabbaticals. She consists of 3 decks, 4 sleeping quarters with a private bath for each, a game, exercise and karaoke room, formal as well as casual dining areas and is loaded with of every amenity that you can possibly imagine. The full time staff that takes care of her have come to be our good and trusted friends who also look forward to and enjoy the time that we spend together.

Our lake boat is a 40 foot playhouse and enables us to experience and enjoy all the freshwater lakes that we love to go to. Our Yamaha and Honda wave runners mount up on the back deck and are easily accessible whenever we feel the urge to ride them.

Our motor Home is one of my favorites. She's a 40 foot American Eagle 525 horse diesel pusher that consists of every possible amenity that a coach can have. From the 50 inch flat panels, the incredible Bose sound system, and satellite technology that allows me to fulfill my purpose of connecting with the world and further contributing to those who truly seek to fulfill their desires. I so look forward to the road time we spend as a family as we take her around our country and Canada enjoying and absorbing all the natural beauty in nature and experiencing the various places designed for pleasure.

Our helicopter is such a blessing and enables us to go to various places without the need to wait in traffic etc. and allows us to get where it is that we want to go so much more quickly than conventional means.

Anita absolutely cherishes her Pearl White Escalade. I feel so proud and grateful every time I see her behind the wheel. She deserves it and so much more.

My pearl white Cadillac Escalade ESV is an incredible automobile and I fully enjoy the time I spend driving it. Thank You for allowing me the wisdom as well as the opportunity to enjoy it as well as the many other toys that allow us to FULLY experience and enjoy life as it was intended to be.

I am extremely and humbly grateful.

This or something more.

My Contribution To The World

I am so grateful and blessed that I have been given the opportunity to serve others on a worldwide scale.

My writings and teachings are sincere, honest, and flow freely and as a result serve as a very effective means to enable and empower others to discover and experience first hand the limitless abundance that the Universe has to offer them and which can be theirs by only learning to "Allow" it to be.

My website, along with the many books and articles that I have written have reached a worldwide audience who so need to hear the message that they carry within them. My daily contacts with those that I attract as a result inspire and I am empowered to effectively convey the message as well as the steps that will allow them to actually experience their most heartfelt dreams and desires.

It is so incredibly empowering to be enabled to do what I so Love while at the same time be empowered and inspired to contribute to so many on such a massive scale.

It is so rewarding to receive the e-mails and testimonials from those who never realized the limitless potential that they hold. The inspired creativity that is channeled through me provides crystal clarity and proper guidance for those who are seeking a better quality of life.

Thank You for allowing me to do what I so much Love to do while at the same time making such a positive contribution toward making our world a better place for all.

For this I am extremely humbled and grateful.

This or something more.

As you review my personal visions above you'll notice that it is very descriptive and is written in a way that allows me to actually feel what it feels like and utilizes each of the 5 human senses to give it clarity. This is extremely important.

I utilize these personal visions combined with a vision board vision board that I have constructed to be enabled to clearly see, feel, touch, smell, and taste those things which I most desire to experience.

As you define your vision for each area of your life, it is important that you make it very personal to you and as descriptive as you possibly can. Develop the discipline to take time out each day to not only read it but do so in a quiet place away from all distractions so you can effectively place yourself in the experience of already having it. Be consistent, continually review it and you will begin to soon experience what your defined vision will produce in your life.

Here's a step by step recap.....

#1) Discern what you most desire to experience

#2) Define your desire and write it out in great detail

#3) Consistantly review it

#4) Develop the belief in it's manifestation

#5) Observe as it begins to, through seemingly magical means, manifest

#6) Enjoy the experience of living it

You have been provided the free will to choose what you will or will not do with your life. You have been provided with the free will to believe or not believe the life changing power that this process holds. Both what you do or don't do as well as what you believe or don't believe each determine the outcomes that you will experience in life.

It is our sincere and heartfelt hope for you that whatever choices you choose to make will lead you one step closer to living and experiencing your most heartfelt dreams and desires, and provide you with a life of Fulfillment, Joy, Inner Peace, and Unlimited Prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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