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Positive Affirmations Are Essential To Attracting
Your Desired Outcomes

Positive affirmations, also referred to as mantras, are an essential key in attracting your desired outcomes into your life. Through the consistent use of this simple yet powerful tool, combined with creative visualization you will begin to see seemingly miraculous changes begin to occur in your life that prior to their use appeared to be hard to attain or in some cases even impossible.

To better understand specifically how the power of positive affirmations are able to assist in manifesting your desires, you will want to review and develop a basic understanding of the Universal Laws that are the driving force behind attracting and bringing into physical existence each and every event, condition, and circumstance that happens in your life on a day to day basis. By developing the awareness as to how The Law Of Vibration and The Law Of Attraction operate, you will better understand specifically how positive affirmations work at their deepest level and will allow you to more easily establish the needed belief which will energize whatever positive affirmations that you choose to utilize.

Affirmations are something that you are doing every minute of every day through your thought process. In fact your consistent and repetitious thoughts ARE affirmations.

Unfortunately, the majority of people in the world today are totally unaware or unconscious as to what those affirmations are. The majority are totally oblivious to the fact that these random thoughts are actually creating the events, conditions, and circumstances in their lives regardless if they are aware of it or not.

Did you realize that......

The average human today, thinks 60,000 thoughts per day! Those thoughts, whether random or focused, conscious or unconscious, represent the seeds that you are planting and are continuously affirming and consistantly feeding information to the subconscious mind which determines WHAT you are attracting and WHAT is manifesting in the form of outcomes that you come to see and experience in your physical world!

Based on this fact, it is extremely important to develop a conscious and focused affirmation process if you are to ever attain the kind of results that you are seeking.

What we will be covering here is the importance of becoming consciously aware of exactly what you are affirming through your thoughts and consciously and purposefully focusing those affirmations (mantras) on positive and empowering statements and attracting the results that you desire, instead of unconsciously absorbing and replaying random background noise and attracting those things that you do not want.

You will find that by combining positive affirmations with conscious and focused creative visualization you will be overwriting and replacing the random and unconscious thoughts that you may be thinking (unconscious affirmations) with purposeful, focused, and powerful positive affirmations which in turn stirs up positive and pleasing emotions within you that, through consistancy will begin to attract to you those events, conditions, and circumstances, that you desire to experience. This process is the fastest and most effective way to begin overwriting previously stored data and replacing it with fresh new data that resonates with and will attract to you your "desired" outcomes.

The importance of a positive affirmation cannot be over emphasized and is a necessary part of beginning to re-train the subconscious mind which allows you to begin attracting the Abundance and Happiness into your life that you are seeking.

A positive affirmation doesn't necessarily have to be a hand written list of phrases that you go over each day, and are equally as effective in several various methods, depending on your predominant mode of recieving and storing information.

Although this is the most common approach to developing the habit of daily positive affirmation, it is not effective for everyone and actually keeps some from ever beginning the process. The most important thing initially, is that you begin to recognize when your thoughts are affirming contrary to your desires and at that moment replace that thought with an empowering and uplifting positive affirmation that you choose.

The source from where your positive affirmation comes isn't as important as making sure that you are doing so in a way that resonates with you personally. It's worth repeating that the desired end outcome results in your positive affirmation stirring the positive emotions within you.

If you feel more comfortable establishing your affirmations habit by memory, then do whatever best works for you. There is no cookie cutter approach that works for everyone. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that your positive affirmation, whichever form you choose, empowers you and stirs your emotions.

In this section we will focus mainly on how to establish and begin a positive affirmation process which will prove to be most effective for you personally.

Remember, The Ultimate Goal that will eventually make your positive affirmations noticably effective is to become conscious of what thoughts you are continually running through your mind and learning to replace the thoughts that you come to realize are in opposition or work against those goals that you desire to achieve, with positive, focused, and creative thoughts that are in alignment with attracting whatever your goals might be.

By developing the habit of using positive affirmations consistently your subconscious will adapt to the new information it is being provided with and you will begin to overwrite and eliminate the old negative programs that have become habit and have limited your results to this point.

How To Structure Your Personal Affirmations

In order for affirmations to be 100% effective, it is important that you create your own, based on your individual conditions and circumstances, and gear them specifically to whatever it is that you desire to achieve. It is OK to use prewritten affirmations, but they are only going to be effective if they can ignite your emotions.

It is the emotions that your positive affirmations create that are responsible for attracting the things that you desire, so whichever method that you choose to utilize should resonate within you and allow you to FEEL what it will be like to have whatever it is that your affirmations are being designed to bring into your life.

For some, writing out and repeating positive affirmations is an effective method. For others memorizing and repeating spiritual writings are effective affirmations, and for still others, affirming during meditation is more beneficial. It is important to find the method that fits your particular style and allows you to best connect with the feelings and emotions generated. How you do it is not nearly as important as developing the discipline to make sure that you do it consistently.

Consistency is the key to realizing results.

Remember, the whole point behind positive affirmations is to repattern or re-write the subconscious programming that is blocking you from achieving your most sought after dreams and goals, and by doing them consistently, you are allowing the subconscious to absorb the new positive programming that is replacing it.

The most effective positive affirmations are thoughts or phrases that resonate within you empower you and allow you to literally FEEL a shift in your emotions as you speak or think them. If for example a thought arises that contradicts your desired outcome and raises the emotion of fear, your positive affirmation should be such that it allows you to experience the opposite. When done correctly, and with consistency, you begin to stir the positive emotions attached to them, which allows the subconscious to be penetrated and replaces or rewrites the old self limiting and negative programming that has been stored there.

The simplest way to explain so that you can better understand this concept is by using an example like a tape recorder. For the sake of the example, let's assume the tape recorder represents your subconscious mind. When you hit the record button and talk into the microphone, the tape recorder doesn't make any judgements as to WHAT is being recorded, it is only doing the job that it was created to do. It is merely recording the data given to it.

The subconscious mind operates in exactly the same way. It only absorbs and records what is being provided to it through the conscious mind and stores the information (belief) it is given for future use. It uses no rationale to determine WHAT it excepts, and makes no judgements as to whether the information is either positive or negative. It merely accepts and records EVERYTHING that is given to it.

That is why it is extremely important to become conscious of what you are allowing to be recorded through not only your internal thought process but by external means as well, such as the people you associate with, what you watch on TV or read in the newspaper etc.

By allowing yourself to be bombarded with negativity, regardless of the source, you are literally creating more recordings which will attract more of the circumstances in your life that you are now working to eliminate.

What you will be accomplishing through the consistent use of a positive affirmation is taking the old tapes that you have allowed to be unconsciously recorded and replacing them with focused and conscious positive affirmations (new recordings) that are more in line with what you desire to accomplish.

If, for example your tape recorder had been accidently turned on to record mode and left at a busy subway station, you wouldn't expect to be able to hit the play button and listen to your favorite song, that you had previously recorded on the tape until you re-record it. You would only be able to hear the various random background noise that is created at a train station. If you have been unconsciously absorbing and recording negative and self limiting data, just like the tape recorder, you can't expect the subconscious to produce specific and positive results in your life, contrary to the data it has been given, until you successfully re-record new data.

More than likely, your subconscious has been unconsciously absorbing negative and self limiting data (random unconscious noise) since you were a young child, and in order to become a creator of circumstance, that counter productive information (self limiting beliefs) needs to be replaced.

As an example, if as a child you came to believe that money was hard to come by, your subconscious mind is going to react and perform in the way it was designed to work, and make money hard to come by until you feed it and reprogram it with the correct information.

Designing Your Positive Affirmations For Effective Results.

Let's take a look now at the correct way to phrase your positive affirmations so they are just that, positive and even more importantly, effective.

A correctly structured affirmation should be placed in the present. For example, if your intended outcome is becoming financially abundant, your affirmation needs to be structured so that the subconscious understands that it is suppose to be producing it now, so that it can begin to immediately act upon it.

A correct way to structure a positive affirmation for financial abundance would be......

"I am financially abundant." If that doesn't feel quite right and is to much of a stretch for you at this point, you may want to re-word it to something like.......

"I am allowing myself to be financially abundant." This may make it easier for you to establish a sincere belief.

If your affirmation were structured like this for example ; "I am going to have a million dollars", it creates no urgency whatsoever in the subconscious and leaves alot to chance. Going to could be 10-20 years down the road!

For example if you are $50.00 overdrawn in your checking account and the phone is ringing off the hook with bill collectors calling you, it may be a little hard for you, at this point to establish a sincere belief that you are really going to be financially abundant.

Again, it's important that you tailor your positive affirmation to something that isn't a huge stretch. The ability to establish a sincere belief that what you are affirming is really going to happen is extremely important in manifesting whatever it is that you are working toward, and if your affirmations are way out there as you begin, it may be difficult for you to ever develop the sincere belief that is necessary.

However, you do need to stretch beyond your current situation if you are going to gain any noticeable results from where you currently find yourself.

If you are currently making $1200.00 per month, you may want to tailor your positive affirmation to making $4000.00 per month initially, instead of jumping straight to a $1,000,000.00.

But don't allow these instructions to limit you either. Each individual has varying degrees of manifestation ability depending on their individual ability to establish a sincere belief, the depth of previous programming, and other factors.

For some, results may come very quickly, while for others it may take more time. If you are able to affirm and visualize positively that you have a million dollars in the bank and can actually feel it and clearly see yourself doing those things that it allows you to do, regardless of what your current situation is, by all means keep doing it and don't change it! Remember, it is the initial thought attached to an emotion produced in the conscious mind , that establishes something as belief and stores the information it processes into the subconscious.

It is also imperative that you never structure your positive affirmation in the negative such as "I don't want to be broke anymore". Their are actually two reasons for this. By placing your focus on "Not Wanting" to be broke you are really focusing your attention on being broke. The subconscious doesn't recognize the negative, "Don't", and only picks up that you Want to be broke. Always be sure to structure your affirmations in the positive and placing your focus on the intended outcome. In fact want is a word that you will need to leave out of your positive affirmation, because want implies lack. Replace "want" with "desire."

I know it may seem petty at this point but it can and will make a difference in the results. By "wanting" you are actually telling the universe that you want, and the universe answers by saying, "OK, here's more want."

The specific wording and the way that you structure each positive affirmation is extremely important and necessary if you are to have success in attracting your desired outcome. Structuring each positive affirmation in a way that implies the end result is already here, is also extremely important.

What you will be accomplishing through consistant and disciplined use of your positive affirmation, is taking the old tapes (false beliefs) that you have absorbed from others or unconsciously recorded in some other manner, and begin replacing them with focused and conscious positive affirmations that are more in line with exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

It is these newly established beliefs that are stored in the subconscious that kicks in the magnetic Law of Attraction , and if you are genuinely feeling what it's like to possess what your affirming, it won't be long until you actually see it! That is EXACTLY the vibratory state that you are trying to achieve.

Are you beginning to understand why affirmations are so important?

As we have previously learned, through the Law of Abundance , the universe is certainly capable and has more than enough means to deliver WHATEVER it is you are affirming as soon as you are able to allow and accept it!

Obviously, a positive affirmation doesn't necessarily have to be structured around financial abundance. Whatever it is that you desire to attract can be effectively achieved through this same form of positive affirmation, (mantra) regardless of the intended outcome. Just make certain that whatever the intended outcome, that it is structured in the now as if it were actually happening.

Ok, now that we have a clear understanding of WHY developing a habit of positive affirmations is so important, let's get into specifically HOW to construct your positive affirmation in a way that is most effective for you.

Constructing, Utilizing And Unleashing The Power Of Your Positive Affirmation

In order to achieve the maximum benefit of our newly constructed positive affirmation, as mentioned earlier it is necessary that whatever positive affirmation you choose resonates with you.

Their are various ways to construct a positive affirmation that will be effective for you, depending on your individual circumstances and beliefs.

I personally use a few methods that resonate for me. Some of my affirmations are memorized poems that stir emotions within me. Some of my positive affirmations may be personally constructed. I also use various Bible quotes that empower me.

As a specific example if I sense the emotion of fear coming into my consciousness, I may quote this bible verse.

For I the Lord thy God shall hold thy right hand and say unto thee fear not for I will help you."

If I begin to experience doubt regarding a desired outcome I may use.....

"Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen."

Although this type of positive affirmation is what resonates for me, we each have individual preferences and what works for me may not work for you. Maybe you prefer to use the Koran or the Bhagavad Gita. Maybe your preference is not to use spiritual writings at all. Whatever source you choose to use is not as important as the fact that the words that your affirmations consist of, stir and allow you to experience YOUR positive emotions.

Once you have written or memorized the positive affirmations that you choose to utilize begin making a focused and conscious effort as you go about your day to day activities to become aware of the negative thoughts that surface that are contrary to your desired result. When you discover one simply stop for a second and replace it with your affirmation.

It is important as you begin not to become frustrated or agitated with yourself for having these thoughts as they arise, but instead acknowledge them, thank them for stopping by and replace them with your newly constructed affirmation. You will find that through consistency, the old negative and self sabatoging thoughts that you have will eventually and permantly be replaced with your focused positive affirmation.

If this is something new to you, understand that it will take time and some effort on your part to overwrite the previous programming, but the results realized once you have effectively done so will prove to provide far greater rewards than the little effort it took to accomplish it.

With a little practice, focused effort, and consistency, you will find that your subconscious will begin to absorb and record the new information you are providing it with, and your thoughts will naturally and automatically begin to change toward the thing that you are affirming with little to no effort at all. Once this is accomplished, you will begin to experience results dramatically different than what you have experienced to this point.

To provide you with further insight and allow you to better understand how positive affirmations can assist you in achieving your desired outcomes it may be beneficial for you to visit the Define Your Vision article posted on the site. It provides insight that may be helpful in effectively structuring your positive affirmation in a way that will prove to be most effective for you.

Helpful Resources

If you are the type that has a difficult time quieting your mind and developing the necessary feelings that are required there are some excellent resources that provide assistance in developing your affirmation and visualization skills further, I highly recommend a few products that I have personally used with great results.

For those that may initially have a bit of a hard time with consciously quieting or controlling the mind (thought processes) and quieting the mindless babble, I have found a guided meditation process provided by the Higher Balance Institute to be an extremely effective tool which not only helps you to more easily develop an awareness of the thought patterns you are experiencing, but will also assist you in quieting the inner dialog and achieving a state of peaceful and empowering inner silence.

By utilizing this powerful guided meditation process, you will discover not only an extremely effective method for becoming conscious of and quieting your thoughts, but you'll also develop a sense of profound awareness that is difficult to accurately explain in words and far beyond anything that you have experienced thus far. The Higher Balance Institute provides a program called The Foundation Series Guided Meditation System , which includes an in depth understanding of how to achieve a deep and peaceful meditative state as well as the numerous benefits experienced as a result of practicing the art of meditation, presented on a 6 CD set by it's founder and creator Eric Pepin , as well as powerful and results producing guided meditation sessions that lead you step by step through the process.

This practice is essential to reaching the heights of fulfillment and awareness that are available to you, and will assist you tremendously in your ability to develop a successful positive affirmation and creative visualization program, by helping you to develop clarity in your thinking as well as quieting the continual unconscious self talk that many experience.

The Foundation Series also comes with a Lifetime Guarantee and excellent customer service that can be utilized anytime you should need it. Do yourself a favor and take a look. Your positive affirmation sessions will become much more effective and meaningful, much more quickly using this tool.

It is nearly impossible to explain in words the inner peace and fulfillment that this form of meditation can provide, except to say that the benefits experienced are absolutely profound. This is only a few of a number of life enhancing benefits that the guided meditation system offered by Higher Balance assists you to achieve. If you have any curiosity as to how meditation might personally assist you in achieving the desired results your seeking, check out the Higher Balance Guided Meditation System .

Another is an amazingly empowering book by one of the greatest inspirational teachers of our time, and one of my personal mentors, John Harricharan . He has produced many great works, but the Power Pause 3 Steps 3 Minutes , is one that best fits what we have covered here in relation to positive affirmations. John provides a very simple and easy to follow 3 step formula that provides an extremely powerful process for improving any area of your life. John has a way of communicating through his work that is extremely rare and the power of his teachings have assisted and touched thousands upon thousands of lives all around the world, myself included. The Power Pause is an incredible work and explains in great yet simple detail how to achieve quick yet dramatic results in your life using his 3 Step 3 Minute Power Pause Formula .

Another effective tool for overwriting and effortlessly creating new subconscious beliefs is a program called Think Right Now , which consists of your choice of a large selection of CDs focusing on individual and specific areas of need. They can be listened to anywhere that you have access to a CD player and through the use of a technology called Suggestopedia, will automatically replace old self limiting thought processes with new, positive, and creative ones to assist in a much more rapid re-patterning of the subconscious beliefs that may be keeping you achieving your desired outcomes. The Think Right Now site is the #1 most visited personal development site in the world and after visiting you'll see why.

It's Your Choice

As with anything in life, you have been given the free will to choose your path in life. A choice of personal growth will always be rewarded.

It is our hope that we have been able to assist in your growth in some small way through our positive affirmation article, and through the resources provided.

You now, hopefully have new knowledge that will help you along on your journey to self discovery and awareness. Apply it consistently with the other principles and resources of interest that you find on our site and you will benefit in tremendous ways.

Through it's continuous application, the process of Positive Affirmation will assist you in quieting the unconscious thought patterns and mindless babble that is continually expressed through your thoughts, and assist you in gaining conscious control over them, which will equate to you beginning to consciously attract the results into your life that you desire to experience.

It is in the application of the information provided that you will begin to experience changes in your current outcomes. Although acquiring and absorbing knowledge is a necessary step in the growth process, without APPLICATION, it remains only useless knowledge.

By making the choice to consistently apply the knowledge that you have discovered here will allow you to overwrite the previous negative programming and beliefs which have kept you from achieving your most heartfelt dreams and desires and begin experiencing your most desired and sought after hopes, dreams, and goals, whatever they might be.

Whatever choices you make now and in the future, it is our sincere hope that they might lead you to experiencing a life overflowing with Love, Fulfillment, Inner Peace, Joy, and Unlimited Prosperity in EACH and EVERY area of your life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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