The Power Of Creative Visualization

Discover The Incredible Power Of Creative Visualization To Attract And Experience Your Most Heartfelt and Sought After Hopes, Dreams, Desires and Aspirations

Visualization + Belief = Manifestation

Creative Visualization and Positive Affirmation is the nurturing
and feeding of the thought seeds that create your physical world.

Now that we have a basic understanding of how the Law Of Vibration and the Law Of Attraction are the unwavering principles which attract to you every event, condition, and circumstance that you experience in your physical world through a combination of The Power Of Your Thoughts , The beliefs that you hold , and the Emotions that you experience as a result of them, which all work together to create the results you see in your physical world, let's take a look at a powerful and practical way to begin to focus that power on consciously attracting the results that you desire through Creative Visualization.

Visualization combined with positive affirmations is an extremely powerful and effective technique in repatterning previous programming in the subconscious mind , which is the primary cause of holding many people back in life, and literally robbing them of their ability to attract and experience incredible results in their lives.

Before we get into the how of effective, focused, and conscious visualization, let's take a look at the different types of visualization techniques that exist and how different types of people visualize in different ways as well as learn to discern the predominant method of visualizing that you currently utilize.

Most people, when they think of visualization, perceive that to mean that you must paint a picture or see images in order to visualize. Although the ability to envision images in your mind during your creative visualization sessions is probably the most effective, there are actually 3 types of creative visualization, and determining what your predominant method for visualizing is initially will enable you to begin where you are currently and develop your skills toward mental imaging which will yield easier and quicker results.

I've discovered an incredibly simple yet extremely powerful tool that literally makes creative visualization effortless regardless of what your current predominant method of visualizing is that's called Mind Movies . Mind Movies actually does the visualizing for you and is by far the most effective visualization tool I've personally discovered. It makes visualization a no brainer.

They offer 6 free premade Mind Movies that will prove to be a big help in assisting you in not only understanding how creative visualization works but give you a perfect foundation of how effective creative visualization should be structured to make it most effective for you.

Ok back to the 3 methods of creative visualization...

Determining what your predominant type of visualization is, and visualizing in that way will allow you to develop your skills with less effort and give you the optimum results, initially.

The 3 Types are.......

1) Auditory

2) Visual

3) Kinesthetic

The first type of person we'll look at is the auditory type. The auditory types visualize with words and sounds or are more apt to hear the results of their visualization. During their visualization sessions the sound of their desired outcome will create and cause to surface specific emotions within them.

The second is the visual type who actually sees the pictures or images in their mind. This type of person finds it easier to visualize by actually seeing the scenes being played out. They are more easily able to see the result of their visualization in great detail and have the ability to actually see the outcomes happening in their visualization much like on a movie screen.

The third type is the kinesthetic who is more prone to the emotion, or feeling the results during visualization. They can actually feel what it will be like to have their visualizations manifest. The kinesthetic type usually utilizes one of the other predominant methods to effectively generate those feelings or emotions.

Each of us has a predominant type of visualizing method that we utilize, although we do also utilize the other two in combination with our predominant method, just to a lesser extent.

To begin, it is recommended that you focus on your predominant method until you can strengthen your creative visualization skills in that specific area. At that point you will want to expand your capabilities one at a time until you can effectively do your creative visualizations in all of the modalities mentioned.

If you are brand new to conscious, creative visualization, just like beginning a physical exercise program, you'll want to begin by exercising and developing the mind muscle much like you would when beginning an exercise program to strengthen the muscles in your body.

Once you begin to master the art of visualizing in your predominant pattern, you can then begin to exercise and further develop the other two methods, to begin attracting the results you are seeking. Eventually, you will utilize all three, effectively and with remarkable results!

If you are not already aware of which type of creative visualization your predominant method is that you use, take a few minutes and determine that by closing your eyes and thinking about something that you really desire to have in your life. You will either see, hear, or feel that which you are focused on. Don't allow your mind to confuse you by analyzing and re-analyzing. Your initial reaction to this exercise will determine what your predominant type of creative visualization is.

Some may find that they can effectively practice creative visualization in more than one way initially. For example, you may have the ability to clearly see and feel the results of your visualization. If that is the case, by all means use whatever methods work for you, and that you feel comfortable using.

By the same token, some may find that they can effectively visualize with pictures and images, but the voice in their head keeps telling them that "they can't have it", or "this is ridiculous." Be aware that you are experiencing resistance because of your previous subconscious programming , and with just a little persistence and practice, that voice will quite down and eventually it will disappear. Keep at it. I repeat, keep at it! The benefits far outweigh the effort.

The reason I emphasize this point, is because I have seen so many people begin to practice the art of creative visualization for a few days, only to become frustrated and quit prior to seeing the benefits, because they weren't visualizing in a way that allowed them to internalize and experience (mentally) the desired outcome. Your ultimate goal is to ignite the positive emotions within you that allow you to feel like you already possess whatever it is that you are visualizing about.

Depending on your unique situation, the time it takes to master the creative visualization technique will vary from person to person. So Keep at it. In many cases forming a new habit such as creative visualization will take a little discipline to develop but will prove to be a powerful ally in producing the results that you desire to experience in your life.

Will Creative Visualization Work For Me?

Creative Visualization, just like natural law, works for Everyone. What is important to remember at this point is that whether or not you are consciously aware of it, you are continuously visualizing and creating what you see in your physical world (effects) either through your conscious or subconscious thoughts.(cause) The majority of people in the world are just not aware of what they are creating. Most are unconsciously creating the daily events, conditions, and circumstances that they come to experience in their lives, and aren't even aware of it.

Those thoughts are causing you to visualize, (through words, pictures, or feelings) either consciously or unconsciously, the events and circumstances that you see and experience in your life on a daily basis. Put another way, YOUR Creative Visualization is attracting and creating constantly, whether YOU are aware of it or not.

You may as well begin to learn to become aware and consciously visualize and begin to create the things desired instead of leaving it to chance or unconsciously creating what you do not want in your life.

Absolutely nothing in our world can grow, without a seed first being planted. It is against any and all scientific or spiritual law.

Your thoughts represent the seed, which through repetition establish the beliefs that you hold. The combination of those thoughts and beliefs are the ingredients which determine your emotions, and your creative visualization and positive affirmations, represent the nurturing of that seed. Depending on the specific seeds that you are planting and how you are nuturing those seeds that you plant, determines what you will come to see and experience in your physical world, regardless if you are doing it consciously or unconsciously.

The key to effective visualization initially, is internally experiencing through hearing, seeing, or feeling whatever the desired outcome is. When you can begin to effortlessly utilize creative visualization in your predominant method, you can then begin to expand your visualizations into the the other forms.

Regardless of how you decide which is the best way for you to begin visualizing, it is important that it allows you to stir the inner emotions and enable you to begin to FEEL what it will be like to have your desire, whatever it may be. That is exactly the outcome that you are looking to achieve. What it FEELS like to already have your desire.

Before we get into the specific method of how to correctly visualize, let's take a look at some common mistakes that people make during creative visualization.

Make Sure That You Vizualize What You Desire, And
NOT Placing Focus On What You Don't Want

Many people make the mistake of focusing on the lack, or what they don't have, or don't want instead of on the actual solution, or what it is they really desire.

As an example, let's assume that your predominant pattern of creative visualization is visual. (seeing)

Let's also assume that you, at this point, have a desire to live in a 5000 sq. ft. home with all the amenities. You visualize it, in detail with a huge theater room, private study, Olympic size swimming pool, and incredible landscape. It is equipped with anything and everything that you can possibly imagine. You are able to see it in every detail. Now let's assume that you currently live in a run down 600 sq. ft. apartment in an undesirable area of town. It is equipped with a crate for a chair and a static laden 13" TV. The master bedroom consists of a 3" thick hand me down mattress laying on the floor. Your feelings toward this situation are lack, lack, and more lack.

It is extremely important that your creative visualization be focused, and generates pleasing emotions which focus on the solution (the 5000 sq. ft. house) and that you not allow your thoughts, words and emotions to express the lack of what you don't currently have. Saying in your mind things like, "I want out of this apartment, I want out of this apartment," is placing your focus on the lack of having what you desire, which is literally feeding additional energy to the lack, and will actually attract to you more of the lack that you are working to get away from.

Remember, it is extremely important to visualize in a way that allows you to "feel" what it is like to already have whatever it is that you desire.

In this instance it would be extremely important to shift your focus from where you currently are to where it is you desire to be with ONLY the end result in mind.

Allow your mind to create your dream home in every detail. See yourself walking through the front door. Visualize in detail, each room. Imagine what the appliances in the kitchen will look like, picture the color scheme, determine where each fireplace is located. See yourself walking through it and allow yourself to experience what it feels like to own such a beautiful place. What do the new carpets smell like? What color are they? What color are the walls? If you have children visualize them playing in the yard and enjoying their new surroundings. Visualize each and every square foot in each and every room in as much detail as you possibly can using each one of your senses.

I know, initially it's easier said than done,(I've been there) but with a little practice it's possible and once you have mastered the art, is life changing.

I'll repeat because it is SO IMPORTANT, be sure that you do not focus on your dream home because it is going to overcome the lack in your life. That is allowing the lack into your desired outcome or creating resistance to what it is that you desire to achieve. Visualize the dream home only, and allow yourself to experience and feel what it is like to have it, with no thought or attention to what you perceive as the lack.

Keep Your Focus On The End Result!

Effective and Creative visualization is done with the solution in mind, NOT the problem. By allowing the problem (or lack) into your awareness, you are actually nurturing it, giving it additional energy, and allowing it to grow.

Another important point to note is this. When you first begin your creative visualization process, unless you have extremely good control of your mind already, those thoughts of doubt, lack, and limitation will inevitably pop up their ugly head initially.

Thoughts may come to mind such as "How ridiculous is this? You can't have a home like this. Look, you live in a 600 square foot dump!" Although I use this as a specific example the possibilities are endless with regard to what thoughts you may begin to think during the process. Regardless of what they may be it is important that you.....

Do not resist them!

As you experience them coming into your consciousness, accept the fact that it is normal, initially. Acknowledge to yourself that they are there, that it is normal for them to surface, thank them for coming by and then slowly but surely, re-direct your mind to get refocused on your creative visualization and the results that you are seeking. Although it may seem difficult at first, through consistancy it will become easier and easier as you practice, and before you know it, the lack thinking will diminish dramatically.

If you allow the stray lack and limitation thoughts to aggravate you, or make you upset, and you attempt to "force" them out of your mind, you are actually creating resistance which in turn is not only feeding and allowing the negative thoughts to grow but is also forming additional imprints which are stored in the subconscious and feeding the lack or limitation which will cause it to persist.

Again, I understand that initially, for some, it may seem difficult or even impossible, but persist and it will gradually become much easier. Now that you are training your mind to consciously focus on the things that you desire, the old subconscious programs need to be rewritten, and although they can be replaced much more quickly than the time it took to put them there, a little persistence is sometimes necessary, and will eventually pay HUGE dividends.

As you begin your creative visualization sessions, look at each as your time to escape from your hectic lifestyle if only for a few minutes per day and utilize this time as your retreat into whatever world that you desire to create for yourself. The things that must be accomplished in the external world will wait for a few moments. Really learn to utilize this as your time to live the life and experience the things that you most desire.

Think of yourself as the director and the producer of your own movie. You are in charge of the script with absolutely no limitation. You are only limited by your ability to conceive. This is YOUR movie and you can make it as BIG as you'd like. You are the one who determines what your movie will entail. Have fun, consciously write out each scene. You have the ability to create whatever it is that you desire on the movie screen of your mind. What you consistently play in your mind, the movie that you make, will show up in your life. Through consistency and mastering the art of creative visualization, you will begin to discover what it means to begin effortlessly attracting the events, conditions, and circumstances that you most desire to experience.

Regardless of what your desire may consist of, whether it be a home, money, fulfilling relationships, etc. developing a habit of conscious, focused and emotion stirring creative visualization will allow the conditions for it's manifestation to appear in your life.

To assist you in effectively doing your creative visualization technique, incorporate each of your creative visualizations with a detailed hand written belief statement, concerning whatever your desire may be. (For a specific example go to the Define Your Vision Article.) By consistently applying creative visualization you are actually accomplishing 2 things. You are sending the messages to your subconscious mind which will allow you to overwrite the destructive and self limiting beliefs that you have allowed to be stored there, as well as planting the seeds that will allow the Universe to deliver your desires to you.

There are many unique situations in each persons life and impossible to address and cover all of them here.

For those that seem to have a hard time getting started or have a difficult time with their focus, the following method may be a good place to start.

To begin to get into the habit of focusing and exercising your mind to develop the creative visualization muscle,(so to speak) you may want to start your creative visualization with something around the house.

Although it is not necessary for everyone, some may find that they need to begin to visualize something that they know they already have in order to effectively see it in their minds eye. Not only is it an effective means of developing the creative visualization process, but it is not a stretch as far as belief is concerned, in being able to see it in the physical, since it is already here.

This is an extremely effective way to begin to develop the focus and clarity of the creative visualization process without allowing any doubt of the outcome to interfere with the visualization. Once you can clearly visualize something that you already possess, with your eyes closed, and see it in every detail in your mind, it will become much easier for you to visualize that which you desire, but can't yet see.

For those that have a hard time getting started or visualizing effectively initially, be persistent. I assure you, if you will stay at it, you will begin to internally experience the joy and satisfaction (emotions) of achieving whatever it is that you are visualizing about. When you reach that point, of seeing, and feeling it on the inside, it will be a very short time until you will actually see it materialize!

That may sound like a BIG claim and too good to be true to some, but this principle has been successfully utilized by hundreds of thousands around the world with dramatic results, myself included!

It must first be real on the inside (internally) before you will ever see it manifest in the physical on the outside.

Follow this formula, strengthen your belief in it's abilities, and continue to develop your awareness of the universal laws that support it truths, and you will soon be experiencing a life beyond your wildest expectations.

Creative visualization is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL and effective tool that will work for you IF you will only make the choice and develop the discipline to do it consistently.

If time is an issue or you find the following creative visualization techniques difficult to perform for whatever reason, I would encourage you to check out the Mind Movies video and get your 6 premade Mind Movies that the creator of Mind Movies has put together.

I can't overemphasize the importance of creative visualization as a daily regimen and if you find it difficult or displeasing the premade Mind Movies will provide you with an informative, simple and enjoyable experience.

Step by Step Process For Doing Your Creative Visualization

In order to begin doing the Creative Visualization process it will be necessary to get into a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Next, it is important to take a few minutes, and make a conscious effort to quiet your mind and shut off the thought process as much as you possibly can and focus specifically on your visualization. This will take a little work initially, so don't get frustrated if you find it hard to focus the first few times.

If you aren't quite ready for meditation at this point, soft relaxing backround music is sometimes a good idea and allows you to more easily still your mind and quiet the thought process if you find it necessary.

Get into a relaxed position, close your eyes and take in several slow deep breaths. Although there is no exact pattern you must follow, a good rule of thumb is to inhale for about 3 seconds and exhale in about the same time frame. As you exhale each breath, imagine the stress going out of your body each time. Continue this breathing exercise until you begin to feel yourself relaxing. (usually 5-10 breaths)

Once you feel relaxed allow yourself to begin experiencing whatever your creative visualization consists of in your mind. What does it look like? What does it feel like as you experience it? What sounds are associated with it? What smells are associated with it? Involve each of your senses as much as you possibly can. You are creating a scene in your mind and you are the director. Utilize the example of the 5000 sq. ft house above to allow you to understand and grasp the importance of using ALL of your senses to make your creative visualization as real as you possibly can. Place your focus on the reality of it's existence and see it as already being here and yourself experiencing it.

Do this for as long as you feel comfortable. No less than 5-10 minutes is recommended. As you picture your visualization continue to breathe slow deep breaths, allowing yourself to become more relaxed with each outward breath. By repeating this process a minimum of twice a day, (upon awakening in the morning and just prior to sleep at night) you will begin to effectively replace the old non productive thought patterns with your new empowering beliefs.

With a little practice, this will become easier and easier for you and you will soon begin to notice that you can effortlessly go to this place any time you like. Once you have mastered this form of creative visualization, it won't be long until you will be experiencing the the positive effects in physical form. Consistency is the key and developing the discipline to do it every day is essential.

Between your creative visualization sessions as you go about your daily routine, make a conscious effort to think about what you're thinking about and replace any negative and self limiting thought patterns that may surface immediately with thoughts, pictures, words, and actions that support and align with whatever you have the desire to accomplish.

Powerful and Effective Tools For Improving Creative Visualization Clarity And Focus

In beginning my creative visualization process, I found and utilized a few exceptional tools that were extremely helpful in assisting me to not only shift my thought processes, but also in the repatterning of my subconscious mind.

There are many effective tools that can assist you in achieving effective and powerful creative visualization techniques if you should decide that you need assistance or would like to speed up the process.

One very useful and powerful technique to assist, not only in achieving concentrated focus and quieting the noise in your mind, but also in developing and greatly enhancing your self-awareness, as well as achieving an overall feeling of inner peace and well being is meditation . Contrary to widespread belief, meditation doesn't require years of discipline and remarkable results can be and are realized in a matter of days...hours even. There are many forms of meditation and varying techniques, but the simplest, quickest and most effective that I have found by far is a guided meditation system known as multi-dimensional meditation provided by the Higher Balance Institute.

The results of this type of meditation, as well as the education provided by the founder of Higher Balance, ,a href="" target="_blank">Eric Pepin, with regard to achieving "Higher" states of consciousness is profound, to say the least. Not only will it assist you in quickly developing focused and effective creative visualization sessions but assist you in many other areas of your life as well. The short and long term benefits are far too many to list here, but the results that you'll receive and experience both physically and psychologically are worth far more than the few minutes it takes to review the Foundation Guided Meditation section and check it out for yourself. It may very well prove to be one of the most important and impactful decisions that you have ever made in your journey toward experiencing the kind and quality of life that to this point you have "perceived" to be wishful thinking.

Also, the unlimited customer support that Higher Balance provides after the fact, which will assist you in achieving maximum results, is second to none. I highly encourage you to investigate the many life changing benefits of Multi-Dimensional Guided Meditation system for yourself.

If you prefer to learn by way of e-books, another tool that I have found to be extremely effective in helping me to develop not only the understanding of how it is that creative visualization can and does provide the results that it does but also assisted me to better understand how to effectively visualize is an incredibly powerful and inspiring e-book called The Power Pause .

This life changing e-book was masterfully written by one of the most caring and finest teachers on earth, href="" target="_blank">John Harricharan.

The Power Pause is an incredible work, written in an easy to understand way that only someone with the insight and understanding that John has could do.

This work provides an extremely powerful 3 step, 3 minute technique that is extremely simple to apply and follow and highly effective in explaining as well as showing you how anyone can begin producing incredible results in ANY area of life using easy to understand and simple to follow steps, presented in a very entertaining storybook form, that yes, believe it or not consists of 3 simple steps, and can be accomplished in 3 minutes.

Don't allow the simplicity to fool you. check it out for yourself and you'll see what I mean.

John has several incredible works, but The Power Pause is specifically designed to assist you, through a very simple 3 step process to quickly, and with seemingly magical results, guide your creative visualization process. This phenomenal book has been effectively used by thousands all over the world, and can be downloaded immediately.

Do yourself a favor and at least check out The Power Pause for yourself. You'll be glad you did.

Another program that I've found to be effective in shifting unwanted thought and visualization processes is called Think Right Now Success Conditioning , and their work is based on a technique called Suggestopedia which produces scratch that...amazing results by simply listening to pre-recorded CDs that focus on specific and targeted areas of your life that you have a desire and choose to change.

They provide an incredible selection of various CDs that are designed specifically for re-patterning subconscious programming and focusing on one of any number of specific areas of need, such as improving relationships, creating abundance, overcoming fear, boosting self esteem, losing weight, quitting smoking, etc. etc.

In fact, in addition to the CDs, a portion of the program can be immediately downloaded onto your computer which quickly and effectively begins to change unconscious thought patterns at the subconscious level, while you are surfing or doing other things on the computer. It's called Think Right Now for Windows which provides a powerful tool for re-patterning the subconscious without taking time away from other areas of focus.

The Think Right Now technology is certainly worth a look, and is extremely effective and beneficial in effortlessly changing the self sabotaging and self limiting thought patterns that may be limiting your physical results.

If you would like to receive the benefits of changing the underlying and many times undetectable subconscious thought processes as well as subconscious beliefs that may be limiting you in your ability to produce desired results in your life, but you are constantly on the go and find it difficult to take the time necessary for creative visualization sessions, the individually tailored CDs that Think Right Now offers may prove to be just what you need.

Each of the Personal Development programs recommended by Enlightened Journey Enterprises, regardless of which you choose, will provide you with noticeable, life enhancing results, as well as providing you with courteous, informed, and unlimited customer support should questions or concerns arise as you are using the programs. In the unlikely event that you find any of these programs are not for you, each also provides a no risk, unconditional 100% money back guarantee.

There is No Cookie Cutter Approach that can guarantee your success in a specified amount of time. If you see or hear of any program that promises a specific result, guaranteed to work for all people, no matter the circumstance in a specified time frame, save yourself the time and trouble.

We, as individuals are unique and possess varying depths of emotions and beliefs. For some, things will happen very quickly, while for others it may take a little more time and practice. It is all dependent on your belief in, and implementation of, the knowledge provided. The only certainty is this. The resources recommended, and principles covered within this site work without fail, in a powerful, dramatic and life changing way, and they will work for you IF you will work them and continue to apply the insight and wisdom that they contain into your life.

The information is available within this website to validate the truth of it's claims. The tools and resources offered within the site will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of that truth as well as provide you with simple, specific, proven, and effective steps that will dramatically improve your quality of life in ANY area that you choose.

The ONLY thing that could possibly stand in the way of incorporating these truths into your own life and turning your world into an incredible, satisfying, and joyful journey is your individual choice to do so.

While creative visualization is an extremely important part of attracting the kind of life you desire, there are many topics and subjects covered within ranging from understanding Universal Laws to tangible systems for creating Financial Wealth that will not only provide you with a much deeper understanding of how your universe operates, but teach you how to align with it's precise and predictable operation to create phenomenal results..."tangible results", in each and every area of YOUR life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

I would highly recommend that you visit the Success Blueprint that provides you with a step by step process to follow that will guide you through the site in the order intended and assist you greatly as you explore and discover more with regard to your individual potential to Be, Do and Have whatever you might choose for yourself.

The tips and tools provided in our personal development products section , will assist you in becoming the more that you choose to become in any area of your life. It doesn't matter how far away you might "perceive" your dreams to be, or how many times you may have tried in the past. The truths disclosed will change your world dramatically, if you will simply choose to allow them to.

It is important to remember that regardless of how good any technique or program may be, it only contains the knowledge to assist you in achieving whatever it may be that you desire to accomplish.

The fact is, Knowledge in and of itself is useless, but the IMPLEMENTATION of correct knowledge is the key that can and will have a profound impact on changing whichever of your life situations you have the sincere desire to change.

Whatever choices that you choose to make, both now and in the future, it is our sincere hope, that they might lead you one step closer to experiencing the kind of life that you were created to live and were intended to enjoy. A life filled with Love, Joy, Fulfillment, Inner Peace and Limitless Prosperity.

What we refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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