Money Can't Buy You Love

Although It's True That Money Can't Buy You Love, Learning to Love More and Fear Less Most Definitely CAN Provide an Abundance of Money and SO Much More

Money Can't Buy You Love

While it's a fact that money can't buy you love, it's a also fact that money is an integral part of life and Love
provides you with as much or as little as you choose...regardless. - Chuck Danes

Although I haven't been writing or sharing with the the Enlightened Journey Global Community as much as normal lately, it's because I've been doing a lot of reflecting over the past months.

Even though I do that A LOT...all the time actually, the time I've taken to reflect lately is a bit different.

I won't get into specifics here, but I did want to ask you a few quick questions that can, and very well may, enable you to have more of what you love.

Are you a music lover like I am?

If you are, chances are good that you're familiar with a song from the 60's titled 'Money Can't Buy Me Love.' It was the Beatles who wrote and performed it.

And it's true. It can't. Money can't buy you love either. It can't buy love for anyone. Not REAL love at least.

But love CAN provide money and MUCH more. For now let's look beyond money and take a closer look at love.

How many songs are you aware of that talk about the Power of Love?

Reflecting back over the years, I can think of many. Just a few that come to mind are...

  • The Power of Love

  • All You Need is Love

  • I Choose Love

  • One Love

  • Crazy Love...

There are MANY more, but you get the idea. You can probably think of some (perhaps many) that I haven't mentioned.

Here's why I ask.

People have been writing songs, books and talking as well as teaching about love for thousands of years. They do their best to describe and convey what love is and the power it holds.

As many as there are who have done that, and as awesome and inspiring as some of those works are, they don't come anywhere remotely close to providing the whole picture. The reason why is because love is to big to put in any box, or 37 gazillion boxes for that matter.

How would you describe love and what does it mean to you?

I ask because, while we tend to think of love as how we feel about, and why we do things for, our families, friends, mates, etc, there's a lot more to it than that.

It goes well beyond "money" too, although it includes these "things."

But we don't often think of it that way.

Let's start with relationships.

As great as it feels to give and receive love in our relationships, that doesn't even scratch the surface in igniting, let alone personally experiencing the power of love in more tangible and measurable ways.

The fact is, many people in the world, aren't even aware that you can.

Although we often think of love as how we treat and what we do for others, love goes way beyond relationships and human interaction.

When you get to the core, I mean when you dig DEEP and begin to really understand what love truly is, how it works, how vast it is, and WHY it unleashes the power it does, things can get exciting. Life can become good. Awesome actually.

Infinitely so in fact.

More than just in "feel good ways, but in your finances, your health and obviously, your relationships too.

But it requires looking at it, understanding it and doing something with it, starting at the seed level. That's where it all begins. When you understand love at that level, know it's power and you begin to use it in the way it CAN BE used, life gets really exciting REALLY fast.

In many cases, in the blink of an eye fast as I and many others can personally attest.

Although few understand how or why, love not only can, it DOES do that in ways and time frames that will boggle your mind and transform your entire outlook on life.

That's one of the biggest problems we face as a human species. Not only in our individual lives, but globally as well. Our complacency to change our outlooks, our views and our way of doing things, leads to and provides more of the same problems...BIG ones too.

Love deals with and changes that too...or at least it can.

There's something else about love that even fewer know. It's what drives, sustains and expands life on this planet and the entire cosmos for that matter...literally.

Aside from the warm and fuzzy or esoteric ways we think about love, there's also a science behind it. We'll be covering more about that in a future Love Seed.

Heck, the mystics sages and masters since antiquity, and many spiritual teachers today, have done their best to tell, teach and show people, how vitally important it is to integrate this all powerful, all pervasive force in all that you think, say and do.

But few do so in a way and to the degree that ALL aspects of life are impacted, enhanced, and in many cases, completely transformed.

But they can none. It happens all the time.

If that's true, and it is, the question is why aren't more people aware of it?

The more important question is why don't more people do that?

The reason is simple. We're not taught about just how powerful love is in our education systems. Our parents and those who taught us about life weren't taught about it at that depth either.

But it doesn't mean it's not true. It only means we don't know or understand just how true it is.

Sure, we're often taught about it in surface level ways, but not at the depth that it can be taught and understood.

Because of that, we seldom, if ever, come to understand the enormity of it's far reaching, all pervasive power. We can't SEE how it transforms, don't know WHY or how it does, and so, we express it and use it in very limited ways. As a result we consistently receive results that we think are limited.

Nature and the process of creation is NEVER limited.

But, when it's understood and used in the way it can be, it transforms lives in EVERY way. Really big and mind boggling ways. I'm talking about physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually too.

It doesn't matter if we believe it does or not. It always has and always will.

To experience it's power for yourself though, it MUST be understood and used in the way it can be.

That's why I'm writing today. It's really just to plant a seed actually. A love seed.

Why would I do that?

As you may be aware, a little more than 10 years ago, I set out out to do my part to educate and assist those who are truly ready and willing to grasp the enormous power that's unleashed when love is aligned, harmonized with and used in the ways it can be.

I call what I do today, my Soul Purpose. Over the years, I've done everything in my power to fulfill that purpose via reaching out and connecting with people like you who are sincere and serious about enhancing the quality of your life.

You could say, I did that and continue to do it to teach about and spread the love as far and wide as I know how.

The reason why, is because I've personally experienced the power that love is and what it can do in our lives. Not only in little ways, but in huge, heart expanding and mind boggling ways that most label and describe as miraculous.

It can do the same for you. The fact is, it can do the same for anyone and everyone who chooses to take it seriously and DO it. When I say everyone, I mean that literally.

I've decided to spread more of it around today, with the hope that it might spark some curiosity and that you might start thinking about and as you progress through the Love Seed Series, using the power of love in more focused, conscious and expansive ways.

Ways that most don't, which is why more aren't aware of and don't experience the incomprehensible power that's unleashed when you do.

So today, I'm going to simply ask that you do that. Start thinking about love.

That may seem like a strange request, but whether you're aware of it or not, when you think about it, (or anything else for that matter) you're planting a seed. A love seed is no different than any other seed. Once planted, if you feed and nurture it, it grows. It provides a harvest, the same in kind and quality as the seed planted. That apples to quantity too.

The more seeds you plant the bigger the harvest becomes.

I'm going to ask that you think about that too as you go about your day.

One more thing...

In the coming days, I'll be sending out a few more emails that will assist you in seeing how and why love can transform your life and impact the lives of everyone on this planet, when we begin understanding and using it in the way it CAN be.

As we're all well aware, due to many unsettling things happening globally, the world could use and benefit from more love seeds being planted, perhaps more so now than ever before.

So do me and yourself a HUGE favor and think about what I've shared today, would you?

As you do, plant a few (or many) of your own love seeds in tangible ways too and keep your eyes peeled, because I'll be spreading and personally planting some more of these "love seeds" over the next few days.

I fact I'm pretty certain, you'll gain benefit and maybe even love what you see.

That's it for now. Do your very best to enjoy, and perhaps even love your day...regardless. There's enormous power there too.

We'll connect again real soon.

Here's To You, Seed Planting and The Power of Love,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099
Phone - 405-494-7593

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