Overcome Your Limitations
By Changing Your Beliefs

By Chuck Danes

Chuck Danes

Chuck Danes is the Founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises


The Creator of The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

Overcome Your Limitations
By Changing Your Beliefs

It's Not Nearly as Complex as You Might Think

By Chuck Danes

So many in the world today believe that in order to attain wealth that you must be smarter than the “average person”, be fortunate enough to be able to afford an education at some prestigious university, that you must “work harder and longer”, that you must “invest wisely”, or “just be plain lucky.”

These misconceptions run rampant in our societies today and are perceived to be truth by the majority. Many mistakenly perceive these falsely held beliefs to be the only logical means to attain such a state as true abundance and happiness, because that is what they have been led to believe to be true.

While it is true that a college education can be helpful in your life long endeavors, whole societies teach that a college education is essential and necessary to attain a good job unless you are one of the lucky few.

If this is true, what becomes of the multitudes who are not fortunate enough to attain a formal education? What becomes of the many who for whatever reason are unable to attend a college? Are they doomed to a life of mediocrity and struggle? Are they hopelessly bound to unfulfilling low paying jobs with no hope of ever realizing any sort of success and financial independence? Absolutely not!

Sadly, because of these widespread traditional misconceptions that have been taught for hundreds of years, and that the masses have accepted as truth, millions of people today do believe that they are hopelessly stuck in jobs that they dislike, that they must work long grueling hours, spend little to no time with their families, and get so caught up in making a living that they fail to make a life.

In looking at the world, it has become obvious that something isn’t working quite right. Although two income families are more prevalent than ever before, technology is far more advanced, and opportunity at an all time high, why is it, that so many seem to have to get by with so little?

If one were to look at the statistics of rising emotional and mental dysfunction, rising bankruptcy percentages, stress related dis-ease, staggering rates of divorce, and the ever increasing rates of homelessness, it would certainly raise questions as to why.

Could it be that that the harder people try to cure the deficient areas of their lives by following ill given advice, provided through a flawed educational process, that is actually the cause for these ever increasing and unfortunate situations? Is it possible that the majority have lost sight of the true means of where real and lasting abundance comes?

Is it possible that our educational system is severely flawed and not teaching the real life principles that would allow the majority to live lives of plenty rather than struggle?

Is it possible that there might be a simple answer to the rising numbers of poverty stricken families, ever increasing divorce rates, single parent homes, world hunger, etc. etc.

There is! It’s called education. I’m not talking about the kind of traditional type education that is received in the majority of our government controlled schools., or learning a new trade at the local Vo-tech.

I’m talking about an education that teaches people the truth about who and what they were really created to be, and taught correct principles concerning the kind of lives that they were really intended to live, that would teach each individual the unlimited potential that each is capable of attaining.

I’m talking about an education that helps people to understand that life doesn’t have to be a “I wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow” type of existence wondering if the electricity, phone, or water is going to be turned off because they didn’t have enough left over to pay the bill.

Why is this education not taught to the masses? It’s readily available to all who will take the time to find it and certainly provable if they will only take the time needed to discover, learn, and apply the simple principles that are required.

Many would have you believe that such talk is a bunch of nonsense, and that so many struggle in our societies because “that is just the way life is.” Many would have you believe that is just the nature of people and to some extent, I would have to agree. The reason that many people find themselves in these unpleasant and uncomfortable situations is because that is what they have been taught and come to believe to be the truth.

All any person or family needs to do is learn the true principles that control our entire universe and learn the simple, unwavering, and predictable laws that govern the entire cosmos. All any struggling single mother has to do is rewrite the nonsense subconscious programming that they have allowed to be absorbed through the education that they have received and learn to replace the self limiting teachings of the nay sayers that they have associated with and replace that false teaching with universal truth. All it would take is a slight shift in the thought processes that have been taught to them throughout their lives.

All that is required is developing an awareness of who they truly are as individuals and learn the real truth of what they were created to be and capable of becoming.

All it takes is a change in belief. Your beliefs are determining where you are at in your life right now. Your current beliefs are determining what kind of job you are capable of, the amount of money that you can make, and what type of home you live in.

If what you currently believe isn’t serving you, you have the power to learn new information and the free will to choose to establish new beliefs. You have the capability and the power within yourself, without any help from anyone, to accomplish your lifelong dreams and goals if only you will only acquire the right kind of education that will empower you to do so, and allow you to establish the real truth concerning who you truly are and what you are truly capable of becoming.

You also have the power to remain as you are. You possess the power to continue to make your life decisions based on what you have come to know as truth. You have the power to allow your previous teaching to control the rest of your life or you also have the power to discover for yourself what you are truly capable of doing, achieving, and becoming.

If you are able to develop your awareness of the true and limitless possibilities that are available to you and develop your consciousness to the point of conceiving a life of Abundance and Happiness for yourself, you are certainly able to achieve it, regardless of what you have been previously taught.

Now you have to decide if this is a bunch of nonsense, or if it is in fact possible that what is being shared might be true. There is plenty of credible information available to you to prove it for yourself. This proof comes in many forms. It can be found through scientific study. It can be found through correct teachings in the right spiritual circles which has been practiced, talked about, and understood for thousands of years.

The truth is readily available as well as the steps that it will take for you to live a life of purpose, joy, fulfillment, and inner peace.

Does it require some effort on your part? Absolutely! Does it take a specific amount of discipline to accomplish it? Definitely.

The truth is available to those that will seek it. The steps have been laid out for those that have a sincere desire to transform their lives in a dramatic and powerful way.

Now it only becomes a matter of choice. Your Choice. What do you choose?

Your life is limited only by your beliefs. Change your beliefs and you can change your world.

© Chuck Danes. All rights reserved worldwide.

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