Attracting and Experiencing Abundance
and Happiness By Chuck Danes

Chuck Danes

Chuck Danes is the Founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises


The Creator of the Highly Acclaimed 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

Attracting and Experiencing
Abundance and Happiness

And Why So Many Overlook The Simplicity

By Chuck Danes

So many in our world today seem to consistently struggle in one or more of the 3 all encompassing areas of life, Money, Health and Relationships.

Why do you suppose that is? Do you believe that it’s because life is designed to be just the luck of the draw, and only a small percentage receive a winning hand?

Do you think as so many do that all that happens in your life is due to randomness or some predetermined plan set long before you arrived here and began your journey through life?

Maybe you believe that in order to fully enjoy the goodness, abundance and all that the Universe has to offer is due to some specific form of physical action of a specific and predetermined intensity.

Although action is without question necessary to produce tangible and measurable results, it's only a very small piece of a much larger puzzle. A "seemingly complex" puzzle.

But the simplicity lies below the surface at the seed level. And that seed level is consciousness. When this seed level is understood and a choice is made to remain open and receptive to the signs that reveal themselves, you can and do literally attract the people, circumstances, etc. that will allow you to; with seemingly magical precision and consistency, attract and experience extraordinary results in every area of your life.

What does Abundance and Happiness mean to you?

We all have our unique perspectives and definitions of what abundance and happiness is.

For some it might mean having an ample supply of money. For others it might mean having and maintaining optimal health and vigor. For still others it might mean being surrounded by and engaged in wholesome and fulfilling relationships.

Although life can seem complex and although each area of life is seemingly different in various ways, fulfillment in each and area is an essential part of experiencing "real harmony."

And we can when we choose to.

Attracting and manifesting the desired outcomes in each area is based on the same immutable laws of nature that always determine and always allows each of us to experience fulfillment in whatever aspect of life it might be that we have a sincere desire to experience.

Although life can seem complex and random, the process for seeing how orderly and perfect it is, is really quite simple.

Consciously Manifesting Desired Results
Begins with 4 Simple Steps

The steps required to enhance any results in any area of your life are....

* Accepting the fact that the results you are currently experiencing are your responsibility

* Developing an awareness of how these results are revealing themselves as they are

* Making a "conscious" choice to become aware of and enhance the "inner actions" that aren't serving the fulfillment of the "desired" outcome/s

* Consciously engaging in the correct tangible steps that will allow you to manifest far greater results.

Abundance, Happiness, Harmony and fulfillment in life is determined and first created on the inside. It all begins at the level of consciousness. Your consciousness.

By developing a keen understanding that regardless of what you might currently be experiencing can be changed; by making a conscious choice to become aware of and elevate the internal processes that are literally attracting to you whatever those conditions might be, you will be well on the way to creating the Abundance and Happiness that you desire to experience.

It is by enabling yourself to break your focus from what appears to be happening on the outside and realizing that all things that are currently showing up in your life are merely the movie being played out that you have internally written the script for through your "inner dialogue" at some point in the past. If you sincerely desire to change the scenes of the movie, it's going to be necessary to rewrite the script.

Each and every one of the events, conditions, and circumstances that you see unfold in your life each and every day are derived from what is going on within you; the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that "we ourselves" choose and which we do have control over.

Learning to recognize the habitual patterns, becoming keenly aware of and shifting the self limiting and self sabotaging internal dialogue that runs under the radar outside of our conscious awareness is the key to life mastery. Life mastery needn't be thought of as some far fetched whimsical fantasy.

Life mastery can be easily attained once you know how. It simply requires doing the right things in the right order.

The key to life mastery happens by choosing to commit to self mastery. Self mastery is achieved through developing your ability to consciously and intentionally direct and focus your internal power; more specifically the quality of your consciousness, in such a way that enables and allows the physical events, conditions and circumstances that you most desire to gravitate toward you and inevitably reveal themselves in physical form.

To simplify, what you think about you bring about; what you focus on expands and what you choose to feed, grows regardless of the kind and quality of thoughts you choose to consistently process in your mind.

If the results that you are currently receiving aren’t producing what you claim that you want and truly desire in your life, it is going to be necessary to recognize and change first, the habitual and for the most part unconscious thought processes into a kind and quality that align and harmonize with the desire.

The vary same thoughts, although of infinite variety are always happening and are always quite literally attracting and producing in tangible and measurable form, whatever outcomes that you have experienced, are currently experiencing or will experience at some future point in time.

To change the condition it's necessary to enhance the thought patterns that are creating the condition.

Through focus, discipline and consistency, unconscious thought patterns that most have no conscious awareness of can be elevated and enhanced.

If your focus remains predominantly on lack and limitation, your external results will deliver and allow you to experience that which you are focused on, in this case lack and limitation. Once you've become aware of the "True" power that has been provided to you and develop the ability to consciously and consistently direct, focus, visualize and conceptualize the desired outcomes that are truly desired in life, the universe will happily deliver those results based on the predominant quality of thought that you are allowing, and you will see them manifest in the external world.

The creative process is profoundly simple.

The Universe was created to act and produce within a very simple, predictable, unerring, unwavering, and incredibly accurate process that is actually equally simple to understand when you choose to look below the surface. This process is based on “What you give to it, you receive back.” It is referred to as many things and in various ways, such as what you sow you reap, cause and effect, karma, and law of attraction , but they're all one and the same law.

To assist in seeing the simplicity, let’s take a look at nature and use a seed as our example. As you look at any seed, you can observe it as having physical shape. Each seed has it’s own unique characteristics. Some are dark in color, some are light, some are flat some are round. Still others are oblong. Some have spots, some stripes. Regardless of their shape or how they look on the outside, they have a specific purpose for their existence. And the purpose of each seed can only produce a harvest the same in kind and quality as the seed was designed to produce. As varying as these seeds are in size, shape, and kind, the unwavering process that enables the growth of each is identical, perfect, precise and unwavering regardless of the type of seed.

It's no different with our thoughts. The thoughts that you choose to think represent the seed and the outcomes that you will inevitably reap as a result can only be the same in kind and quality as the seeds planted.

When you plant a tomato seed in the garden, you can be assured that you will receive a tomato plant at some point in the future. To plant a tomato seed with the expectation of receiving a cucumber would be ludicrous. Yet that's precisely what so many do.

Like the garden, the universe is the infinite planting field with every conceivable harvest, the quality of which is determined by the seed. The universe produces and provides without fail, your outcomes based on the quality of seed/s that you are planting within it. If you plant seeds of lack and limitation and ponder on them (nurture them), the results can only materialize in tangible and measurable form based on the quality of the seed that was planted.

Seeds of lack and limitation can only produce lack and limitation.

Seeds of unhealthy and discordant relationships can only produce unhealthy relationships.

Seeds of poor health and lack of vibrancy can only produce undesirable health conditions and lack of vibrancy.

Any other outcome is absolutely impossible, and would go against every law of nature as well as violate the foundational concepts of creation which the laws of the Universe always govern and sustain perfectly, precisely, consistently and unconditionally.

Is there any doubt in your mind? If so go to your local store and buy a packet of seeds. Any kind, it really doesn’t matter. Now take them home and plant them in a small pot with some fertilizer and every day when you are reminded to do so, look at your soon to be plant and visualize and focus on it becoming something other than what you know it is that you planted.

You will find that regardless of how hard you try, how much you struggle, how angry and distraught you might become, how sincerely you pray, or how diligent you are in your efforts you simply cannot change what the chosen seed produces.

It is, as it always has and always will going to produce a harvest the same in kind and quality as the seed planted.

We are a part of nature and our lives as well as what we receive in life is no different. It works precisely the same way and in the same unerring, unwavering and consistent way.

Should we choose to plant seeds of fear, doubt and worry our results are going to consist of a harvest, the same in kind and quality as we fear, doubt and worry about. Each and every action that you perform in your life is directly affected by the quality of your consciousness, is going to produce an outcome, and that outcome is always going to align and harmonize with whatever seeds that you are planting.

The Universe simply cannot deliver outcomes that vary in kind and quality with the seeds that we choose to plant.

What Seeds Are You Currently Planting?

Have you ever given any "conscious thought" to what seeds you are currently planting? I’m not talking about a momentary passing thought, but really digging down and thinking about, listening to and becoming keenly aware of the moment by moment thoughts that you are always thinking on the deepest levels, and becoming consciously aware of your internal dialogue as you contemplate each area.

Which areas of your life would you like to experience greater and more pleasing results. Is it in the area of money? Health? Relationships? All three perhaps?

Become keenly aware of and shift the quality of your consciousness.

Remember, until you have done the necessary internal work, and become conscious of how the results that you are currently producing are coming into your life; unless and until you understand in an uncommon kind of way how it is that you are producing those results, your external results are going to remain the same regardless of how you might resist, struggle, work and try to change them.

Your predominant thoughts and beliefs, combined with the emotions that they ignite, equate to the seeds which you are planting and are THE determining factor as to what results that you will see, are seeing and are going to continue to see until you change the internal processes (the cause) which is creating them. Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are the seed, and your life experiences are the harvest.

What are you currently creating in your life?

You Have Been Provided The Free Will As Well As The Ability To Consciously Create Your Desired Outcomes.

Develop the awareness of how to shift the internal processes that are creating your current external results, and you will have discovered the key to consciously creating whatever results that you truly desire in and for your life.

Develop the discipline to consistently apply your newfound awareness, make the necessary "internal paradigm shift" that is harmonious with your "desired" outcomes and your life will reflect one of Joy, Fulfillment, Purpose, Profound Inner Peace and Limitless Prosperity.

Abundance and Happiness truly is readily available and quite simply attainable once you know how to align and harmonize with it in a conscious and intentional way. That's when you begin to enable and allow yourself to attract and experience the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony we all without exception desire in our lives.

Now You Do...Will you?

If you feel you could use some assistance, perhaps

© Chuck Danes. All rights reserved worldwide.

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation can provide the insight, knowledge and skills required for doing so.

The 7 Hidden Keys To Concious Creation has assisted individuals from around the world from all walks of life in Being, Doing and Having more of what they desire. Perhaps it can do the same for you.

Chuck Danes is the founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises as well as an author, coach, personal performance trainer and the creator of The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation . For more than 3 decades Chuck has been assisting individuals around the world from all walks of life, in bridging the gap between where they are and where they truly desire to be in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives. Chuck's monthly personal empowerment ezine, Enlightened Journey is freely distributed to tens of thousands in 194 countries around the world.

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