Spiritual Logic

By Chuck Danes

Chuck Danes

Chuck Danes is the Founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises


The Creator of The Widely Acclaimed 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

Spiritual Logic

And The Infinite Potential That Exists For You
When You Truly "Get It"

By Chuck Danes

What is Spiritual Logic? The following illustrations and analogies will provide you with an in depth account of what I have come to understand and perceive it to be.

Unlike common human logic which imposes judgment, self imposed boundaries, self induced limitation, etc. Spiritual Logic understands no limitation. There is no such thing as too big, too small, not enough, too much. Spiritual logic understands no boundaries or limitation whatsoever.

Through Spiritual Logic there exists and becomes possible life experiences limited only by that which YOU personally choose and allow yourself to experience or not experience. Spiritual Logic contains only Infinite possibility absent judgment. From the infinitely small to the infinitely large.

Human logic consists of a limited and conditional Love based on various conditions and chooses to provide or not, based on actions. Spiritual Logic consists only of Unconditional Love and provides precisely that which YOU request, whatever that may be.

With this being true why is it that so many experience such things as anxiety, fear, lack, sickness, disease, death, war, etc? It is due to an inalienable right provided to you at birth. A right given to each and every person that has or ever will experience life. It is a right that is the greatest and most precious gift that man could ever receive. What is this right? It is called Free Will or choice.

This free will, this ability to choose can prove to be your greatest gift as well as your greatest hindrance. Which of these it is is only dependent on your willingness, your free will to choose or not, to develop the awareness of how to consciously utilize it.

Spiritual Logic is limited only by this free will, YOUR free will, to choose what your predominant focus remains fixated upon. It is only through your choice of how you exercise this free will which determines what manifests in physical form based on your perception of truth which in turn determines what your life experience will be. Unlike human logic which judges based on perception, through Spiritual Logic everything just is. It creates and brings into physical manifestation EVERYTHING based on the choices that you make without judgment.

Spiritual Logic may, initially for those that have a limited understanding of The Infinite, be difficult to comprehend. It may be difficult to fully fathom and grasp the idea of infinite and limitless possibilities. Regardless of your depth of or lack of understanding concerning Spiritual Logic, as well as your belief or unbelief in it's unwavering power, each and every occurrence that you experience in your life, regardless of how immense or small that it may be, happens as a result of this All Pervasive Force.

In Spiritual Logic there exists no such thing as polarity which through human logic is perceived as good or bad, judgment, condemnation, time constraints, etc. So how can that be? Spiritual logic is absent ego. There is no need for the whole, the Source of All that is to exhibit such a trait because the Source IS ALL there is. When you begin to fully understand Spiritual Logic you begin to understand that there is no separation of the Infinite possibilities that unfold and which are experienced in the physical world. Each and every person, every creature, every event, every condition and every circumstance, Anything and Everything that exists within and happens in the entire Universe, the Cosmos, and into infinity is an integral part of the Whole, of this Source.

As a result, ALL THINGS which occur and happen in your life or otherwise happen for the Ultimate GOOD.

Why is it that most don't comprehend or understand this truth? It is due to a lack of awareness and deeper understanding that most cannot currently fathom or conceive due to the restrictive, self limiting blinders of human logic. It will prove to be a stretch for many to understand how any and all things that occur, regardless of how they may be perceived from a human perspective within a physical Universe ultimately do so as a result of good and benefit The Whole.

In order to effectively comprehend and gain a true understanding of this Source, one must understand this much misunderstood principle and grasp what it truly is and what it means. Once accomplished, once understood and then properly implemented, this One Force, the most powerful in the entire cosmos would transform lives in a split second and enable those that choose to let go of the falsely held preconceived limitations which they choose to hold on to, to undergo miraculous and life transforming experiences.

So what is this Source? It is known in our world by many names. God, Infinite Intelligence, Energy, Alpha, Omega, Universe, Mother Earth, Universal Consciousness, Collective Consciousness, Gaia, etc. etc. etc. The list could go on and on.

What the Source is called is really irrelevant. What is important is what this Source is all about. The essence of the Source that we can learn to understand and all benefit from as a worldwide species is what could and would change the events, conditions, and circumstance of every conceivable event that we, from our human perspectives perceive as bad, tragic, unjustified etc. The essence of this Source is Unconditional Love. Each and every event condition or circumstance that can be scientifically measured or otherwise is, has been, and always will be an integral part of the Whole, which collectively comprises this Source. This Source is the Alpha, the Omega, the beginning, the end, the good, the bad, the right, the wrong. It is the macroscopic to the microscopic and beyond. It is the I AM.

It is due to this Source, this ALL, this I AM, that Infinite possibilities have been made available to you. What is this infinite possibility called and what is it's purpose? It is called experience, and it's purpose is to allow you to experience, to learn and to grow through that which you choose to experience. The purpose? To enable you to grow and develop the awareness of it's presence and begin to conceive the truth concerning Unconditional Love should you choose to do so.

To enable you to grasp and gain a deeper understanding of the depth of this Unconditional Love, this Spiritual Logic, this free will to choose that which you will experience, from a viewpoint of human logic, let's look at what is happening in our world.....

Due to mans choices there are many events occurring that from a human perspective, from a standpoint of human logic would be perceived as bad. Examples are War, pollution, murder, extinction of forests, etc. From a perspective of Spiritual Logic, through this Unconditional Love, the Source will allow man, based on this free will, Unconditionally provided, to destroy himself. To destroy that which was created and made physical for his pleasure and survival.

Is it possible that the earth as we know it may someday not exist in physical form? Yes I believe that it is not only possible but unless man collectively utilizes his free will to choose different actions, it is entirely probable. As a physical mass the earth may very well cease to exist as we now see it at some point in time. Due to choices made by mankind, due to human logic and through destructively exercising the free will that has been provided to him and failing to recognize and become aware of what is perceived due to human logic as dis-harmony, the human species may very well destroy itself.

Man has been provided through this unwavering Unconditional Love the ability to destroy himself.

Is this possible? Would allowing that not be the Source destroying itself? NO. Although man has been given the free will to destroy the physical through it's own choices, the Source can never be destroyed. Regardless of what man may do based on this free will which has been unconditionally provided to him, although mans actions may very well alter and change the physical appearance of this place that we call earth and each and every thing that exists within it, it will continue to exist. It may very well change physical form, but the essence of what makes up all things, both seen and unseen will remain. What is this essence? Energy. What cannot be destroyed and will ALWAYS exist is the Energy, the essence of this Source that comprises our planet as well as the entire Universe and everything in it. Although the physical appearance may change and cease to exist as we understand it from a human logic perspective, it will continue to be.

Energy cannot be destroyed, only transmuted. Energy can only change form. It cannot be killed or destroyed regardless of how many destructive choices that man may choose to make. It cannot die. But it can and often does change form. If the possibility existed to kill and destroy energy, it would mean the ability to kill and destroy The Infinite. It is impossible.

From that understanding stems the GOOD NEWS.......

Although The Energy, The Source, that was responsible for the physical manifestation of all that we can see and experience Loves so Unconditionally that it becomes possible and will allow mankind to destroy itself through free will, this same Source also Loves so Unconditionally that he will allow man to also create for himself. Due to Spiritual Logic which is comprised of Unconditional Love, man can also utilize his free will to choose to create that which he chooses to experience.

So how do you use this knowledge to change your life experience? You simply transform or transmute the energy which you are creating. Transform sadness into happiness. Transform lack into plenty. Transform pain into pleasure. Transform hate into Unconditional Love.

Spiritual logic creates and brings into physical manifestation only that which YOU allow and choose to give energy too. What you feed and give this energy to and allow through your thoughts, emotions and beliefs is what will manifest and is based only on an individuals free will, YOUR free will, to experience that which you choose to experience at some level. Many times those choices are made unconsciously at a subconscious level and without regard to conscious thinking processes. The common misconception in human logic is "Things just happen." In Spiritual Logic it is "YOU are responsible for what happens."

If your thoughts, emotions, or beliefs are such that focus on a lack of money, Spiritual Logic transforms that energy and creates in the physical world that which your predominant focus remains fixated on. If you envision and focus on unhealthy relationships, Spiritual Logic can only create relationships which are in alignment with your predominant focus and the energy that is emitted and broadcast as a result. If your focus remains on a lack of health, Spiritual Logic can only manifest that which you have chosen to create through that focus, and you will experience unhealthy conditions in your life.

Likewise, if you will utilize your free will to focus on the opposite of these, Spiritual Logic can only provide you with that which your focus remains fixated on. The events, conditions and circumstances that you are experiencing today are a result of the energy that you have emitted at some point in the past and which has been made manifest in the present. Spiritual Logic can, always does, and always will continue to bring into physical manifestation that which YOU choose.

Your current life experiences are not based on chance, luck, or some set of capricious circumstances outside of your control. You are a creator of circumstance and you have been provided the ultimate gift, the ability to create that which you choose to experience in your life. If you are not currently experiencing those events, conditions, and circumstances which you consciously desire to experience, simply change your mind concerning them and you will begin to discover the truth and awesome life changing power of this All Creative Force.

Human logic says "I must Have, so I can Do, and then I can Be." Spiritual Logic says "Be so that you can Do and then you will Have."

Learn to let go of and eliminate the self limiting and restrictive aspects of human logic and discover and become aware of the Infinite possibilities available to you through Spiritual Logic and you will have learned the secret of intentional and deliberate creation. As a result you will have learned how to consciously choose, and as a result experience, a life of Joy, Fulfillment, Inner Peace, and Limitless Prosperity in each and every area of your life.

Spiritual Logic NEVER fails. Your day to day life experiences, that which you experience in your physical world, are merely a direct reflection of your predominant inner focus. "As within, so without." Change your inner focus and your external experience, your life, will change in direct proportion to and reflect that which you utilize your free will to focus on. If that focus remains fixated on fear you are in essence broadcasting an energy of that which you fear and attracting to yourself and bringing into physical manifestation precisely what it is that you fear. If you should choose to focus on lack and limitation you will experience results based on and which reflect those choices. If you should choose to focus on Abundance and Happiness, likewise your life will unfold and be experienced in alignment with the energy that is broadcast as a result and determined by your predominant thought process.

Spiritual Logic says "Whatever you trust and believe in, you will experience in your life." Whatever you can conceive and believe will be manifest and you will at some point in time experience just that in physical form. Spiritual Logic says doubt and remain anxious and you will experience whatever it is that you conceive and believe. Spiritual Logic never wavers and is non-prejudice in nature. It provides exactly what you ask of it. It is the essence of Unconditional Love and knows nothing else. The only difference in the results that you experience is your free will to choose that which you trust and believe in which is precisely what you will come to experience in your life.

Change your mind concerning what you believe to be possible for your life. Develop the awareness of the incredible and indescribable gift that has been provided to you. Put into action your newfound ability to manifest your life experience through focused intent, and you will change the entire course of your life experience.

Spiritual Logic Guarantees It, Unconditionally.

Copyright © 2005-2006 All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Chuck Danes is the founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises as well as an author, coach, personal performance trainer and the creator of The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation. For more than 3 decades Chuck has been assisting individuals around the world from all walks of life, in bridging the gap between where they are and where they truly desire to be in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives. Chuck's monthly personal empowerment ezine, Enlightened Journey is freely distributed to tens of thousands in 194 countries around the world.

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