Create Lasting Abundance, Happiness And REAL Wealth In Every Aspect Of Your Life!

The Attainment Of Abundance, Happiness and "Real Wealth" Begins With Conscious Awareness And Is Acquired Through Harmonizing Desire, Belief, Consciously Focused Intention and Action

Abundance Is Realized Through A Balance Of Money, Health, and Relationships

Real Wealth, Abundance And Happiness In Life Is Experienced
By Obtaining A Harmonious Balance In The Areas Of Money, Health,
and Relationships

What do you perceive wealth to be?

TRUE Wealth and Abundance Isn't ONLY About Money. It's About Experiencing Harmony In ALL Areas Of Life...
Physically, Financially, Relationally, Emotionally AND Spiritually

Wealth and Abundance - You hear those words a lot but have you ever really thought about what "True" wealth and abundance really is and more importantly how you might experience more of it in your life?

Do you even "believe" that wealth, abundance, fulfillment and harmony in EVERY aspect of your life is possible for you?

The answer to that question is clearly revealed by simply observing what's going on in the various areas of your life...physically, financially, relationally emotionally AND spiritually.

Although many profess to having a "good" life, that determination is all too often made based on "traditionally established" beliefs and perceptions taught to us and held by us, based on a very limited understanding as to what "The Good Life" really is and the limitless supply that is available to anyone willing to dig deeply enough to discover it for themselves.

In reality the attainment of Abundance, Happiness and "Real Wealth" in EVERY aspect of life is "Infinite" in nature and equally available to any who are willing to discover and develop their ability to begin "consciously choosing" WHATEVER it might be that they have a desire to experience.

And YES...this includes YOU.

As you'll soon discover Source, whatever you might perceive Source to be, consists of a limitless supply of whatever one chooses to experience in their life, precisely as one chooses to conceive and believe that it will.

Unfortunately many make these choices unconsciously, never understanding why they are unable to experience the abundance, fulfillment and harmony in life that they desire.

It's my hope as well as my intent that the following will provide you with the insight you are looking for to begin experiencing all the abundance, happiness and fulfillment in your life that as you'll soon understand is your birthright to experience.

Take a minute and ask yourself these questions....

  • Are you experiencing True Abundance and Happiness in every area of your life?
  • Are you passionate about the type of work you do and find it not only financially rewarding but fulfilling?
  • Do you have ample time to do all the things that you really enjoy and are passionate about doing?
  • Do you have enough money to do the things that you want, when you want?
  • Do you enjoy wholesome, fulfilling and deeply satisfying relationships?
  • Are you experiencing vibrant and robust physical health?
  • Are your most heartfelt dreams and desires being fulfilled in EVERY aspect of your life?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, then you are not experiencing and enjoying the kind and quality of life that you are quite capable of experiencing. Wealth and Abundance can mean different things to different people.

For some, wealth and abundance may be "perceived" as having a lot of money. Based on individual beliefs and perspectives, for others it may mean something totally different.

In this section we'll be focusing on the attainment of "Real Wealth and Abundance" and establish a conscious awareness with regard to what can be done to begin experiencing MUCH more of it in your life, enabling and empowering you to experience "True Harmony" in EVERY aspect of life not only monetarily, but physically, relationally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

First let's look at what Abundance means according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary. It says...

1 : an ample quantity : PROFUSION


3 : relative degree of plentifulness

Based on that definition it becomes obvious that abundance and the acquisition of real wealth means much more than just an ample amount of money.

Although sufficient financial resources are an extremely important aspect of abundance in todays world, in and of itself money makes up only a very small portion of the equation with regard to experiencing "Real Wealth."

Unless and until the other key areas of life are harmoniously aligned, experiencing the level of abundance, happiness and fulfillment available to you will continue to elude you and "appear" to be unattainable.

True and lasting wealth and abundance happens as a result of a harmonious balance in what we'll call....

The Fundamental Five Areas Of Life

Physical - Financial - Relational - Emotional - Spiritual

Regardless of your current "perception" of what real wealth and abundance might be, it's attainment is due to and happens as a result of experiencing harmony and fulfillment in EVERY aspect of your life.....Physically, Financially, Relationally, Emotionally, AND Spiritually.

Anything less doesn't constitute the level of abundance, happiness and real wealth that is readily available to anyone willing to make a "conscious choice" to develop the depth of self awareness regarding who and what they "truly" are and their "true" capabilities, which in turn opens the floodgates to the limitless abundance that is available to them in EVERY area of life.

True Abundance, Happiness and Harmony in life happens as a result of experiencing Total Financial Freedom , enjoying rigorous, robust and Abundant Health and Vitality , and Healthy , Wholesome and Fulfilling Relationships .

With that fact established, the question arises...

...Is it really possible for YOU to experience total harmony and be fulfilled in each and every area of your life? The answer is a resounding YES! It is not only possible, but the way that your life was intended to be although for any number of reasons, more often than not due to previously established limiting beliefs concerning your "Infinite Potential", MOST don't or won't understand and grasp that fact.

The common and often stated term "Too good to be true" is only a perception in the minds of those who choose to adopt and hold on to such beliefs which inevitably creates conditions in life that align perfectly and without fail with the type of belief held.

A belief in too good to be true will create that reality for you...100% of the time and without fail.

Until the conscious awareness concerning the limitless resources that are and always have been available to you in every aspect of your life is established, you will find that your life experience will continue to produce outcomes perfectly, precisely and with unwavering certainty based on the beliefs that you hold, whether those beliefs are based on an experience of lack and limitation or total fulfillment and harmony.

It's a fact that you don't know what you don't know until you're willing to make the choice to expand your perspective and awareness to discover the limitless creative power provided to you which will shift your paradigms and enable you to personally experience outcomes limited only by your ability and willingness to "believe" that they're possible.

Contrary to widespread belief and the "perceptions" of the majority, you DO have the ability to create a life that is harmonious, fulfilling and rewarding FAR beyond what you may "currently" perceive to be be possible in your wildest imagination!

So, if that's true, how can YOU accomplish it?

The first step to achieving TRUE abundance in your life is first of all establishing and attaining the correct awareness as to what "Real Wealth" and abundance is, developing the necessary beliefs that will make it possible for you to attain and making the conscious choice to expand your awareness with the "correct" knowledge that will enable and empower you to begin consciously focusing on "desired" outcomes which will make it a reality in your life.

The first step in acquiring this knowledge is understanding and coming to the realization that real wealth and abundance isn't acquired in the way so many "perceive" that it must be attained based only on hard work and struggle but rather happens as a result of an internal paradigm shift at a subconscious level which makes it not only possible but quite literally what many would refer to as effortless.

How can the acquisition of Real Wealth and Abundance be effortless? By understanding the fact that ALL things whether wealth, abundance or anything else happening in your life unfolds perfectly and precisely "without fail" based on the quality of your consciousness and understanding the fact that regardless of what the current conditions in your life consist of, they have and are unfolding perfectly and precisely based on the quality of consciousness that YOU have chosen whether it be a wealth consciousness or a poverty consciousness or somewhere in between.

Once armed with the correct knowledge and the wealth consciousness which is an essential aspect of enabling and empowering you to do so, and consistently harmonizing your actions with it's unfailing certainty, You can and will begin to experience……

  • Financial Abundance

  • Abundant and Vibrant Health

  • Fulfilling, Rewarding, and Harmonious Relationships

In fact, the attainment of real wealth and abundance in EVERY aspect of life once the quality of consciousness is acquired and brought into alignment, is FAR easier than most can even fathom or comprehend. That is "precisely why so few experience it, because they don't even realize that it's possible.

An experience of wealth and abundance in life is all about flow. It's about learning to harmonize with this flow that makes it possible. This flow is governed by Universal Laws which never err or waver and always operate with unfailing and predictable certainty.

They NEVER rest. They are ALWAYS producing an abundance of something.

Now, you may be asking....

If That Is True, Why Do So Many Seem To Experience Struggle And Disharmony In One Or More Of These Important Areas?

That is an often asked question, the answer of which is not widely known or understood by the mass majority, yet it is extremely simple.

So what is the answer? Quite simply……….

The majority, due to any number of previously and traditionally established "false beliefs" held regarding what's "possible" or "logical" in their lives fail to ever recognize that it is due to those beliefs held which limit their ability to experience ALL that is readily available to them.

Due to their experiences in life which unfold just as they have been taught to "believe" that they will, many "assume" that what was taught must be "true" when the "reality" is that it was their "belief" which created the experiences which only solidified their belief that what they were taught is true.

Since the past experiences line up with what they've been taught and led to believe, the majority never look deeper or begin to question why it is that they believe what they believe. There's no need to in their "perception" because their experience "proves" that it's true. They get caught in a continuous self limiting cycle continually experiencing whatever they "believe" to be true and will continue to until the "belief" which is creating the experience is changed.

Anything less than a life of complete harmony, fulfillment, abundance and happiness physically, financially, relationally, emotionaly and spiritually is only due to a lack of belief.

To change the belief it's necessary to discover and develop your self awareness concerning who and what they "truly" are and the infinite potential provided to you.

That fact combined with a lack of knowledge and deeper understanding concerning the unwavering, immutable, and perfectly constructed Universal Laws which, once understood and "consciously" harmonized with would enable you to clearly understand how and why an experience of consciously desired outcomes are created just as the "perceived" hardship and struggles experienced in life happen as they do as well.

Abundance is the nature of the Universe. It doesn't determine what it provides an abundance of...YOU DO. To experience "desired" abundance you merely become conscious of what it is that you are creating and why which will enable you to change the experience if you choose.

This enhanced awareness enables and empowers you to begin to understand and become keenly aware that it is YOUR consciousness which is creating whatever circumstances you might be experiencing and awaken you to the fact that in order to change the "undesired" into the "desired" is only dependent on shifting the quality of consciousness which are the "underlying cause which is creating and causing them to unfold in your life.

Most, for any number of reasons are never exposed to, taught and as a result never fully utilize the "The True Power Of You" which once discovered, grasped, understood and consciously utilized would make it absolutely impossible to NOT experience the Infinite supply of abundance, happiness and fulfillment in EVERY aspect of life that is available to you.

That knowledge combined with a basic understanding and conscious implementation of some very simple, basic yet powerfully creative principles, which I refer to as Power Principles, is ALL that is necessary to begin experiencing limitless abundance in EVERY area of your life which is, has been and always will be available to you once you make the conscious choice to discover and internalize the fact that it's true.

Quite simply, struggle or ease in any area of life happens based on your "beliefs" and perceptions regarding what is true and/or possible. More specifically, lack or plenty experienced in ANY area of your life is due to previously ingrained habitual subconscious thought patterns combined with deeply embedded previously established beliefs which ignite strong emotions within you that determines precisely and with unwavering certainty what you will attract which is just how the events, conditions and circumstances in your day to day life will unfold!

Is that difficult for you to believe?

Regardless of your ability to grasp and accept it or not doesn't change the fact that it's true any more than someone being aware or unaware of gravity doesn't change it's inevitable effect in your life.

Universal Laws like gravity can be harmonized with and utilized consciously and intentionally "allowing" desired outcomes to be experienced or as so many "unconsciously" choose to do remain unaware of their immutable, unwavering, and once understood, predictable nature altogether, fully believing that the events, conditions and circumstances in their life are susceptible to and controlled by some random and chaotic external force.

The fact is...the "Universal Truth" is...the events, conditions and circumstances which unfold in your life are determined by you based on the quality of consciousness that YOU choose.

Abundance and Happiness are a choice just as Lack and Limitation are a choice.

Modern day science, more specifically Quantum Physics has proven it and the most enlightened and insightful Spiritual teachers in the history of the world have taught it for thousands of years.

Most today just don't take the time necessary to dig out and discover the "real truth" and as a result never experience the level of abundance, happiness and "real wealth" that is and always has been available to them.

The majority choose to remain as "unconscious creators" operating on auto pilot based on deeply ingrained "subconscious beliefs" which they have been programmed with their entire lives.

These Subconscious beliefs which have been established at some point during your life combined with the predominant and continuous "unconscious" thought patterns continuously running like an endless tape loop at the "subconscious level" and the emotions they ignite, are precisely what is attracting and creating in physical form the harmonious as well as those that you "perceive" to be the disharmonious external circumstances that you are and will continue experiencing...

until YOU become "conscious" of them and make the choice to change those which you discover aren't serving you in the fulfillment of your "consciously desired" outcomes.

Those beliefs that you currently hold have been established and become stored within your subconscious mind in a variety of ways...Previous teachings throughout life, personal choices, life experiences, previous trauma, (physical and emotional) etc.

It is these subconscious beliefs which create these habitual thought processes mentioned which run over and over in your mind like an endless tape loop, MOST times without you even being aware of their existence. projecting an electro magnetic energy which attracts and joins to itself energy of a harmonious vibration or frequency which due to the immutable and unwavering Law Of Growth, attracts additional energies that are harmonious, transmuting from the spiritual or unseen realm into the physical world creating in physical form each of the events, conditions and circumstances experienced in EVERY aspect of your life.

Due to a personal choice to remain "unconscious" as to what these underlying beliefs and continuous thought processes consist of is referred to as someone being an "unconscious creator".

Although you may consciously desire to have more than enough money, abundant health, and fulfilling relationships, these things are not realized and experienced in many peoples lives due to the fact that they are actually keeping the very things that they claim that they desire from happening by placing their predominant focus on what they "don't want" to experience rather than what they do desire and as a result attract, create and experience the polar opposite of those desired outcomes.

In other words a desire to create financial abundance while focusing on the "perceived" lack of financial abundance can and does only create more financial lack.

Placing and keeping your predominant focus on what you love will create more of what you love. Placing and keeping your predominant focus on what you fear can and will only create more of what you fear. Fear, doubt, anxiety and worry are the result of previously established self limiting "false" beliefs that the majority hold which is precisely why the majority never tap into and experience the Abundance, Happiness and Real Wealth that is available to them. In other's self sabotage. Unconscious self sabotage but self sabotage just the same.

In reality fear, doubt, worry and anxiety create an abundance of more to be fearful, doubtful, anxious and worrisome about just as love, assurance, peace of mind and a sense of well being create an abundance of more of the same!!

It doesn't matter which avenue you choose to study whether science or what the most enlightened spiritual teachers of the world have taught for thousands of years, the undeniable conclusion is that you have the ability to experience whatever you choose for your life. The potential is literally INFINITE in nature.

Creation NEVER wavers. The process is constant, non prejudice and unwavering.

Your subconscious mind is quite literally the navigation and broadcasting device that guides, determines, and directs your entire life, and the beliefs that are stored within it and the emotions experienced as a result of those beliefs are the very reason why the events, conditions, and circumstances in your life happen as they do, whether you are conscious of them or not, AND whether you like them or not!

OK...That's the bad news but take heart cause here's the "Good" news...the "GREAT" news in fact.

As can be discovered in the power of thoughts article, you have the ability as well as the power to begin to make different choices and establish new beliefs, which will in turn overwrite the current subconscious beliefs that you've established with new empowering belief patterns, that will allow you to begin attracting and experiencing lasting Abundance and Happiness in each and every area of your life!

Although you may not be at fault for the current beliefs held, you are now responsible for changing them IF you desire to experience different results in your life.

If you're not currently experiencing the kind and quality of abundance and happiness you have a desire to experience, you not only have the choice and ability to change the unconscious beliefs which are creating them, but doing so WILL without fail transform the results you're experiencing...effortlessly and miraculously!!

Understanding This.....

Guess Who's Responsible For the Beliefs That You Currently Hold?

You guessed it, YOU!

Yes, as hard as that may be to swallow, YOU And Only You are responsible for the quality of life that you find yourself currently experiencing! It has absolutely nothing to do with external conditions or circumstances of ANY type. Whatever it is that you might be currently experiencing in life isn't due to some random set of external events, conditions and circumstances that you have no control over although "most" perceive that to be true.

Developing this awareness is an essential first step in the process of creating the level of abundance, happiness and "real wealth" in your life that so many desire and deserve yet so few ever attain.

It is by first learning to become aware and choosing to accept responsibility for your current situation and circumstances that you can become free and empowered to begin to create different results in your life!

As much as I would like to provide the magic pill or give you the magic wand to wave that would instantly allow you to experience a life filled with contentment, joy, inner peace, and prosperity and make your life perfect in every way, it is going to require a conscious choice and a willingness on your part to take some direct and specific action to make that happen.

Not necessarily the type of action that you have been led to "believe", and currently "perceive" to be necessary, but rather "internal action" that enables you to become aware and gets to the core of how and why you are experiencing the current events, conditions and circumstances that you are and taking the necessary action that will dispel, disable and overwrite the very thought processes, both the conscious as well as the subconscious which are keeping you from achieving and attaining the BIG desires that you hold.

The choices, actions and beliefs that have brought you to the point where you are today in your life are the very same choices and beliefs that you are going to have to analyze with total honesty and decide for yourself if they are serving you in bringing you closer to the attainment of your most sought after dreams and desires, or are actually leading you away from what you claim that you have a desire to experience in your life.

Any lack that you are experiencing whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually can be easily changed once this undeniable fact is accepted and the "correct action" is taken.

To Summarize.....

Any imbalance, lack or disharmony that you may be experiencing in any or all of these all encompassing life areas is derived from one or more of these things.

  • Blaming Externals and Failing To Accept Personal Responsibility For Them
  • A Lack Of Awareness As To How They Come Into Being
  • A Lack Of Belief That You Can Change Them
  • The Unconscious Thought Processes That You Think

  • The Emotions You Experience Based On Those Thoughts and Beliefs
  • A Lack Of Awareness and/or Understanding On How To Correct The Process
  • A Personal Choice To Do So, Either Consciously or Subconsciously

Many of the choices you make and beliefs that you currently hold are based strictly on what you have been previously taught to believe throughout the years, or are based on beliefs that you have personally established (whether true OR false) based on your own personal experiences.

In many cases, the traditional beliefs that you have established and currently hold as truth are igniting emotions within you which are actually deterring you from achieving "desired" results and the level of fulfillment that you consciously desire and are quite capable of attaining.

The good news is that once you have developed the awareness that this is the case, and fully accept responsibility for where ever you currently find yourself, you can decide which of these previous choices, beliefs, or emotions are deterring and holding you back from attracting all that you desire which are keeping you from realizing and fulfilling your true potential.

This new awareness will allow you to pinpoint the specific self limiting beliefs that are ultimately responsible for attracting and creating your current "less than desired" circumstances and enable you to begin taking the correct type of action which will allow you to begin experiencing a life far more rewarding and fulfilling than you are currently experiencing or in many cases ever previously dreamed possible.

Actually, I think you’ll agree, THAT IS INCREDIBLE NEWS! mentioned earlier it's imperative that you first develop the understanding, the awareness and the "belief" that it's true.

What you believe to be true with regard to each area of your life is what determines your life experience regardless of what area of life it may be.

Regardless of what previously established false beliefs that you currently hold, you DO have the ability as well as the potential to begin attracting the kind and quality of life that you desire and deserve, IF you will make a conscious choice to change them and then Just Do It!

So What Does It Take To Be "Truly" Wealthy, Abundant and Happy, IN EVERY Aspect Of Your Life?

Regardless of who you talk with concerning what will make an individual feel truly fulfilled in life, you will find that regardless of the numerous answers expressed, that each, when broken down and analyzed, at their core fall under one of the three main life categories of money, health, or relationships.

So The Formula For True and Lasting Abundance and Happiness Is.....

Enough Money + Abundant Health + Fulfilling Relationships = "Real Wealth" or True And Lasting Abundance and Happiness

So many in our world today believe that if only they could acquire a certain amount of money, that would be all they require to fully enjoy life. While it is true that money is an extremely important part of everyone's life in this day and age, and required for survival, it certainly is not the cure all for creating and experiencing a truly fulfilled life.

For example, I know of many people that have very financially rewarding careers, but the time, effort, and energy required to maintain their financial rewards take away from the other important areas of their life, in essence creating disharmony, fatigue and unfulfilled lives.

They have to work so much at their job that they have no time to spend with the people they love or enough time or energy left over to fully enjoy the fruits of their labor. In fact, in some cases they don’t have the time it takes to get the required rest to keep themselves healthy physically.

There are others who have the most incredible relationships and fantastic health, but experience lack in the financial arena. Is this true wealth, abundance and happiness? Absolutely not! Although these other areas are a very important portion of the formula, and a necessary part of living a truly abundant life, it is impossible to fully enjoy life without the sufficient financial means to do so.

Money is an extremely important part of life in ALL cultures these days and without the necessary amount of funds available, it is impossible to honestly claim that you are 100% happy and fulfilled in your life.

By the same token, if you have sufficient finances and great health but no one to share them with what good is that? Regardless if you were the wealthiest person on the planet monetarily, your financial resources are nothing but worthless paper unless you have someone to share and enjoy them with.

And what about having substantial amounts of money, a number of healthy fulfilling relationships, but poor physical health. Again, the money means absolutely nothing unless you have the ability and physical health to fully enjoy it.

Are you beginning to understand that "Real Wealth and Abundance" isn't derived as the result of the attainment of money in and of itself?

Real abundance, happiness and fulfillment in life, what I like to call "Real Wealth" is harmonizing the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of life which enables you to experience Real Wealth.

Now ask yourself...

Which area or areas of your life are you experiencing less than fulfilling conditions?

Where you currently are in your understanding pertaining to what wealth is, is important. It is your truth which makes it true and determines how your life will unfold.

Wealth can mean different things to different people.

Many believe that if they could only acquire enough money, then they would be happy. Others believe that if only they could enjoy rigorous health they would be truly fulfilled. Still others believe that if they could only enjoy and experience fulfilling relationships that everything would be Ok.

Although many truly believe these individual areas would bring them fulfillment initially, it’s not until they discover what's "Truly" available to them, that harmony and fulfillment in each and every area of life is truly possible, that they do possess EVERYTHING required to achieve a true balance or harmony in All of these areas, that they will begin to experience a sense of "True Abundance, Real Wealth and Fulfillment" in their lives.

Here's an even more shocking and unfortunate fact....

Most aren't even aware that they can!!...Perhaps up until now YOU weren't aware either.

Well now you are!! All you need to do is choose whether to "believe" it or not.

This section of the site is going to address and deal with each of these specific areas in the hopes that it may assist you in developing within you the wealth mindset to establish the "inner harmony" that is necessary and will allow you to experience what True Abundance and Happiness really is.

We will also touch and place some focus on the specific physical or external actions that you can take once the internal work is done, that will empower you to do just that.

The intended purpose of these following articles is designed to assist you in first of all becoming keenly aware of the true Source of the harmony and balance you're seeking and then providing additional resources and opportunities that will allow to you begin to take physical action toward your desired outcomes that you may not have been previously aware even existed.

Awareness is the ESSENTIAL first step.

Once this awareness is established you'll become empowered to confidently implement a specific plan, if you should choose to, that will allow you to begin to know and experience what true Abundance and Happiness really is on "The Inside" first, and which will also allow you to experience fulfillment, harmony and "Real Wealth" on a personal level in the physical world.

Whichever specific life area you choose to enhance initially, whether it be physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

It is our sincere hope that the following will allow you to establish the "Miracle Making Beliefs" and heighten your awareness as to the infinite and limitless possibilities available to you or anyone who chooses to begin consciously taking the correct action.

But First Let’s Get A Really Clear Picture Of What True Abundance and Happiness REALLY Means To You On A Personal Level

What would be required for you to experience Abundance and Happiness in your life? What is it that you feel that, if it came into your life, right now, today, would allow you to feel truly and totally fulfilled?

Is it…….

A) More Money?

B) Healthy Relationships?

C) Phenomenal Health?

D) A Fulfilling Career?

E) A Deeper Spiritual Connection?

F) All Of The Above?

Regardless of how you answered that, begin by establishing the necessary awareness that will enable you to experience fulfillment in EVERY area. Begin by picking the one area that you feel requires the most urgency and would allow you to generate the strongest "feelings" of balance, harmony and "real wealth" in your life, and begin there.

By beginning in the area that you feel would allow you to "feel" the most joy and fulfillment, once accomplished it will empower you to focus on and attract even better circumstances in the other important areas as well, and with much better results.

Ultimately it is how you "feel" that is the key to attracting and experiencing more of that which you desire to experience.

Remember, The Harmony Formula Is………

An Ample Supply Of Money + Abundant Health + Wholesome Fulfilling Relationships = True and Lasting Abundance and Happiness

Deep down within you is an awareness of what it is that you would like to experience to bring yourself closer to living a life of purpose, passion, fulfillment, and inner peace, regardless of where you currently find yourself in life. As much as the noise and events of the outside world can leave you perplexed, confused, unfocused and wandering in seemingly helpless circumstances, you DO have the ability to develop the clarity in your mind and as a result your life which will allow you to begin attracting, creating and living the kind and quality of life that you were intended to enjoy and in fact is your birthright to experience. It's merely a choice...YOUR choice.

One of the most fundamental and important places to start to tune into this "inner aspect" of you and experiencing this paradigm shift we mentioned earlier is by a daily practice of meditation . Meditation is an extremely effective and powerful way to quiet the mind and establish the clarity and deep inner connection necessary and will provide a profound sense of "inner knowing" regarding what's "truly" possible to attain in every aspect of your life.

The power experienced during meditation cannot possibly be expressed with the limitations of the English language, or ANY language for that matter. Meditation also provides an incredibly powerful tool for overwriting current beliefs held at a subconscious level and instilling new and empowering beliefs that will serve you in beginning to create desired outcomes.

Whether meditation is a personal choice for you or not at this stage, take the time to focus on and think deeply about what it is that you truly desire to experience in each aspect of your life and begin by becoming conscious of the underlying thoughts and beliefs that you hold which are keeping you from experiencing the results that you desire in each area.

Begin taking the baby steps consistently, and with focused intention which will allow you to begin experiencing the positive results that are derived from whichever area you feel you most desire to experience.

"Conscious" And Consistent Implementation Is The Key

So have you decided which area? Are you ready to do something about it? "Truly" ready?

Would you like to enhance your results in the area of money? Is improving your health your top priority at this point? Maybe all you require to experience abundance and fulfillment is a fulfilling and satisfying relationship.

Regardless of your individual choice, the following recommendations will assist you in attaining them IF you will make a conscious choice to utilize and put into action the information and knowledge shared.

By simply reading and developing the awareness of the following material will not change the important areas of your life that you desire to change, although it is an extremely important first step. It is through the implementation of the ideas covered or a variation of each, that you will begin to experience what true and lasting Abundance and Happiness really is and which will allow you to begin to fully enjoy life in each and every one of these important, all encompassing life areas.

Pick a topic below that best resonates within you, absorb the wisdom that it shares and if you choose to do so, develop an action plan that will allow you to begin attracting and experiencing the kind and quality of life that you desire, deserve, and were created to enjoy.

Regardless of your current understanding know this...Unlimited Abundance, Happiness and "Real Wealth" is your birthright. You only need to make the conscious choice to claim it.

You Truly Can Experience A Life Of Abundance and Happiness If You Will Choose To Do So!

The knowledge as well as the guidance that you require to achieve harmony is available within our site that will allow you to establish and develop an uncommon depth of self awareness regarding your true potential.

The opportunities presented for attaining monetary wealth are proven, credible and will, through proper application allow you to fulfill your financial desires.

The knowledge and resources are available to you, which will allow you to experience robust health and loving fulfilling relationships.

You merely have to make the conscious choice to take action and do something about it.

The following resources and recommendations as well as the rest of the information within our site will only be as effective as you allow them to be, and can only assist you if you are prepared to take the necessary action that will allow you to begin experiencing those things which you desire for your life.

The information contained within this section are merely pointing out ways that will expand your awareness just enough to allow you to improve a specific area of your life in some way. Without action on your part it will remain only useless information and knowledge.

"Knowledge in and of itself is useless. It is through the consistent application and implementation of correct knowledge that true and lasting Abundance and Happiness can be realized."

I have personally found the following resources, systems and ideas to make life more fulfilling and enjoyable for myself and my family and I feel not only inspired but obligated to pass on the information that has enhanced my as well as countless others lives. It's not only my hope but my intention that they might provide you with whatever it is that you might be seeking and serve as the little push you may need to initiate the necessary internal shifts as well as the physical actions that will that will not only enable but empower you to dramatically improve and enhance whichever area of your life that you feel may have a desire to change.

A Life Of True Abundance and Happiness Is Attainable, and It Is Attainable For You!

You truly can Be...Do...and...Have whatever YOU choose to Be...Do...and...Have the choice of which will determine what you will experience.

Click on one of the following links that best fits your individual desires and resonates with you. Absorb the information and allow the creative juices to flow.

The specific recommendations in the Financial Abundance section that are shared may not be the exact vehicle that you choose to reach your financial goals, but may spark renewed hope and ignite fresh original ideas within you that will allow you to begin working toward and achieving your vision of Financial Abundance in your life.

Financial Abundance

Creating Financial Abundance is much more than just money. Discover how to develop the Mindset required as well as the transformational Resources that will allow you to experience the real meaning of financial abundance, without sacrificing your values to attain it. It's MUCH more simple than you think!

Abundant Health

Your ability to achieve lasting and Abundant Health requires awareness on your part, a specific mindset as well as specific steps that will allow you to achieve an abundance of health and vitality for you and those you love. What are your current beliefs pertaining to what is necessary to allow you to achieve, maintain, and continually experience abundant health in your life? The TRUTH may surprise you. Find Out Why AND How

Healthy and Fulfilling Relationships

Fulfilling relationships are an extremely important factor in experiencing abundance. Find out how to attract, maintain, and enhance the important relationships in your life.

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