Financial Freedom

The Age Old, Unwavering And Timeless Truth About How To "Attract Wealth" And Create Financial Freedom!

Financial Freedom is a state of mind that attracts the events, conditions, and
circumstances that empower you to bring it into physical reality. Wealth of ANY
type happens as a result of what you ARE on the inside, NOT what you DO on the
outside. BE wealth and you will attract wealth. - Chuck Danes

These Timeless And Proven Steps Will Empower You To
Attract Wealth and Create Financial Freedom With Ease!

Is Money An Area Of Concern In Your Life?

Do you have all the material wealth that you desire to have?

Would you like to discover how to begin "attracting" "Real Wealth", not only in the area of money but the other important areas of life as well?

If you're like the majority, financial freedom and "real wealth" are something that you might think about and often wish for, but for some reason it seems to elude you.

You work hard and do all the things that you've been taught to do, but for some reason you just can't seem to reach the pinnacle that so many aspire to reach and find it difficlt to attain any level of real wealth.

I know first hand how frustrating that can be.

But guess what?....

Building Wealth and attaining Financial Freedom don't have to be difficult once you have the understanding and the tools that show you how.

Contrary to widespread beliefs concerning money, what it really is, the actions necessary to acquire it, and the correct ways to use it once attained, there are very basic and unwavering principles that will empower you to not only begin to attract financial freedom to you, but also allow you to fully enjoy how you acquire it, use it, and EQUALLY as important allow you the time freedom to enjoy it.

Obviously a very important part of our lives is money. In fact money is one of the main focuses and topics of discussion in our world today. It seems that nearly everyone’s entire lives revolve around making and acquiring as much of it as they can. In fact, some even focus so much on acquiring more of it that they become unbalanced and allow other areas of their lives to suffer as a result.

Contrary to widespread belief...

It doesn't have to be like this!!

The Common Myths About Money

Before we get into how to start amassing monetary wealth and defining what financial freedom means to you individually, let's start by looking at some common misconceptions about money and financial freedom in general.

So many in this day and age believe that if only they could acquire a certain amount of this stuff we call money, that they would be happy.

This could NOT be further from the truth!!

It is EXTREMELY important to understand that although money is EXTREMELY important and an absolutely essential part of living a truly fulfilled life and financial freedom is often "perceived" to be the way to achieve happiness and fulfillment, money is only a "small" portion of the equation when it comes to experiencing TRUE abundance and happiness.

Money is merely a tool, a medium of exchange for things that you need and desire, and by no means a cure all or the answer to achieving "real" happiness or contentment in life.

Many in our world today equate money to happiness and success. While it may be a common and widespread belief that if you have some predetermined amount of money in your bank account, you will be happy and successful, it is certainly NOT true.

Having a lot of money is simply that...having a lot of money.

Let's look at money and happiness in a way you may have never considered before.

  • If you have a lot of money, but your health is poor, do you honestly think that you would be happy? Could you honestly call that success?

  • Or if you have a lot of money but no one to share and enjoy it with, would you honestly feel fulfilled, happy and successful?

  • And what about a substantial amount of money but no time to enjoy the many benefits that it can provide?

Point being...

Money and financial freedom, although an extremely important part of the equation, certainly does not equate to happiness and success. True success comes from having achieved a harmonious balance in the three all encompassing life areas of money, health, and relationships, as well as having the time available to enjoy all of them. When you have attained this level of what is referred to as harmony, you will then be able to experience lasting happiness and claim to have achieved true success.

Happiness and fulfillment is an "inside game" and financial freedom are simply tools that we use to play the outside game.

You can have a lot of money to play with but unless the "internal aspects" are harmonized and in alignment with happiness and fulfillment, money and financial freedom in and of themselves isn't going to enable you to experience happiness and fulfillment on the outside.

Now that we have clarified that, let’s focus on the specific area of money, and attaining the financial freedom you desire.

Regardless of what culture you live in or what denomination of money it is that you exchange for the things that you need each day, I think we'll ALL agree, money is an extremely important part of our world and necessary for our survival.

In fact, "Money", or rather a “Lack of Money” is the number one cause in our world for………

  • Stress
  • Sickness
  • Failed Marriages
  • Suicide
  • Low Self-esteem…….

...and any number of other "perceived" problems in life.

In fact, it appears that these problem areas are continually growing. It seems for many that financial freedom is perceived by many as nothing more than a pipe dream or wishful thinking.

But Why?

In a world where there is far more money and resources than could ever be possibly spent or used, why do so many seem to lack in this ever so important area and why is it that they do? Actually the answer is very simple. Lack and limitation in the area of money or any other area of life happens as a result of an internal disharmony, a way of thinking and "being" that I refer to as "Poverty Consciousness."

Once understood and corrected, Financial freedom or any other desired outcome in life, whether it be relationally, physically, financially, emotionally, or spiritually becomes easily attainable. You literally begin to "Attract" it. In fact, it can become SO EASY that it appears to be almost magical!!

How so?

By first becoming aware of developing an understanding as to how the immutable, unwavering and ever present Universal Laws that govern and control the entire cosmos operate, it becomes very obvious as to why so many lack unnecessarily in this vitally important area.

This "perceived" lack of money and an inability to acquire financial freedom is created as a result of an "inner disharmony" and working AGAINST, instead of in harmony WITH these laws. This working against is also referred to as resistance which as a result creates a vibrational resonance or "frequency" that harmonizes with attracting more lack (more about that at The Law Of Vibration) which activates the Law Of Attraction and can only attract more of that which you are resisting, which in this case is more lack.

The Universe is always in flow. Something is always being created...effortlessly. When you go against the flow you begin to experience results that seem to contradict what you "consciously desire" whether money, financial freedom or ANY other event, condition or circumstance in your life.

This correlation is extremely important to understand if you are ever to reach the place of continually attracting the supply of money that you desire and if you are to ever eliminate the lack or limited supply of money that the majority seem to find themselves experiencing.

When you develop a basic understanding as to how Universal Laws operate and are able to comprehend and fully grasp the fact that the very beliefs that you hold concerning money and the emotions that are experienced based on those beliefs are the ONLY factors that are keeping you from attracting and attaining ALL the financial freedom that you could ever desire into your life, you will be well on your way to breaking free from the self limiting outcomes experienced, financially and otherwise, in your life and both money and financial freedom will become a reality for you and in ways that you may not have previously "believed" were possible.

Once you are able to fully digest, comprehend, and harmonize with the power of these Universal Laws and begin to "consciously" intentionally and consistently align with their unwavering and immutable power, you will have discovered the key to what is often referred to as "effortless creation" and begin experiencing the type of financial freedom that only a very small percentage in our world enjoy and experience.

If financial freedom is so easy to acquire, then why is it that more aren't experiencing it?

The BIGGEST reason is that very few are aware that they possess the ability to attain financial freedom without "hard work" and struggle, due in great part to what they have been taught and established as truth with regard to financial freedom throughout their lives which in many cases are TOTALLY false.

Of those that choose to begin to question why they hold the beliefs that they do about money and financial freedom and make a "conscious choice" to step outside of those limiting beliefs that were established and become consciously aware of the process, financial freedom or the attainment of any desired outcome in life becomes FAR easier to attain.

Unfortunately few are willing to take the time to do the "Inner Work" necessary that will enable and empower them to do so.

The bottom line is, based on what so many have been taught due to traditionally established beliefs, they have become too "busy" struggling and attempting to make money and create financial freedom the way they have been "taught" and come to "believe" is necessary, they COMPLETELY overlook the power created by harmonizing the "inside" which is what enables everything to fall into place on the outside.

In other words they're to busy making it hard to discover that there is a MUCH simpler way. Ironic, don't you think?

This "busyness" happens as a result of them doing what they "Think" and "Believe" is necessary based on what they've been taught and as a result never delve deeply enough to discover the "real truth" concerning what would bring them what they consciously desire to experience and "believe" they must struggle and work so hard for which is creating all this "busyness."

It is based on these traditional teachings, this "commonly held majority belief" that the majority find themselves working long and hard, in the majority of cases at jobs that they dislike or feel they "have to do" fully believing that it "Takes hard work to make money."

They have too much to do to take the time to do the necessary internal work that would provide far greater and far more pleasing external results than their "busyness" could EVER provide. In fact it's this "inner work" combined with "conscious and focused action" that would provide FAR MORE and FAR GREATER results than most can even fathom.

What does internal work have to do with making money and achieving financial freedom? EVERYTHING!!

Allow me to rephrase that...


Financial freedom or the attainment of wealth in ANY area of life happens as a result of a mindset. To begin experiencing financial freedom or ANY other type of wealth, whether it be in the area of money, health, relationships, spirituality, etc. you only need change your mind and develop a "Wealth Consciousness" that will enable you to begin attracting and open you to receive the results that you most desire to experience.

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING which exists in our world and in your personal life exists as a result of consciousness that is determined by a mindset, YOUR mindset, regardless of how you may "perceive" those outcomes. A "lack" of attaining financial freedom is the result of a mindset just as achieving financial freedom is the result of a mindset.

That's not to say that physical action isn't necessary to attain financial freedom because it most certainly is. But the actions required once the "mindset" is achieved that harmonizes with whatever the "tangible result" desired might be for you individually can be done in a vocation that you LOVE and NEVER requires struggle.

There are essentially 2 kinds of mindsets or qualities of consciousness? Continual lack and struggle in the area of money or any other area of life happens as a result of a "Poverty Consciousness" and Abundance and plenty in life happen as a result of a Wealth Consciousness.

ALL things in your physical world are attracted to you and are derived as a result of "consciousness" whether it be financial freedom or the lack of. If you desire financial freedom the "First and MOST important" step you must take, IF you'd like to make it as "simple" as possible, is to develop the "Wealth Consciousness" that will enable you to attract, acquire and sustain it.

Here's a fact that you may not have been aware of....

Did you realize that an estimated 2% of the worlds population controls approximately 96% of the material wealth in the entire world? Why do you think this is so?

While many believe it's because "It takes money to make money" or "Some are just luckier than others" or a number of other "False Beliefs", what you would find to be true concerning this small percentage of the worlds wealthy is that they are either "consciously" or in some cases "unconsciously" aligning with and working in harmony with these Universal Laws that were mentioned earlier which enables them to attract money and financial freedom to them.

In other words they have ingrained beliefs and experience emotions based on those beliefs which is in harmony with attracting financial wealth and is precisely why they have achieved the level of wealth and financial freedom that they have.

The principles discussed in this article will have much more impact and be much easier to relate to and understand if you first have an understanding of these Universal Laws that determine how everything in life is derived including money. Once you are able to digest, comprehend and consciously align with these laws, specifically the Law Of Vibration , the Law Of Attraction and the Law Of Resonance, it will be MUCH clearer and MUCH easier to develop an effective plan of action that will allow you to correct whatever it is that is keeping you from continually attracting the amount of money that you desire and allow you to experience and enjoy the many benefits that financial freedom can provide.

These laws aren't based on some far fetched "woo woo" way out there esoteric theories and speculation. They are based on scientific fact as well as supported by timeless age old spiritual principles that have been taught and existed since the beginning of time by the worlds wisest and most insightful spiritual teachers in history.

Although science has only begun validating these teachings in the past 80-90 years (See Quantum Physics ) what they are discovering is precisely what these most insightful spiritual teachers were attempting to convey.

The ONLY reason that so many experience lack in the area of money is because of one or both of the following……


beliefs with regard to money and financial freedom that are established and held at either a conscious or subconscious level, and/or Choices that are made and the kind of actions taken based on those beliefs.

The purpose of this portion of our site will focus on the specific ways that you can overcome whatever it is that may be keeping you stuck in a state of lack in relation to money, and guide you through specific steps that you can begin to take, that will allow you to recognize why you might be experiencing the lack and limitation that you may be experiencing and be provided a choice to change it.

In fact, if you will be open minded enough to absorb and implement what is shared, YOU not only can but WILL become one of those 2 percent!! That is only dependent on your willingness to discover and absorb the truth concerning how financial freedom is derived and your willingness to internalize and act on what it is you find. IF you're willing to do that you ABSOLUTELY WILL become one of those two percent IF that is a desire that you hold.

It is Extremely Important to understand that regardless of how promising, uplifting, enlightening, and powerful you may find this, or ANY other information, until it is acted upon and implemented, it is only information. The old saying of “Knowledge is power” is not entirely true. There is another very important ingredient that must be added to knowledge first before it can equate to power. That ingredient is IMPLEMENTATION. It is in the Implementation of Correct Knowledge that creates power.

"Correct Knowledge" if absorbed and a choice is made to apply it, is what creates deep and lasting change and "Applying CORRECT Knowledge" will enable you to begin creating and experiencing different results than what you have previously experienced.

This is as true in the area of achieving financial freedom as it is in any other area of life. Knowledge "not applied" regardless of how "correct" it may be, is about as helpful and useful as bad advice. Likewise you can take massive and aggressive action on incorrect knowledge and find yourself no further ahead and in many cases far worse off than when you began. You can have read thousands of the best books available and attended 100 of the most credible seminars on how to attain financial freedom but if you don’t "apply" the knowledge that you have gained it is absolutely worthless.

A very accurate, powerful and wisdom filled quote is…….

"If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten."

Period No ifs ands or buts. If you truly desire to begin creating different results in your life...if you have a "sincere desire" to create financial freedom for yourself, you are going to have to do something different than what you have been doing. Only you can determine which of the things that you need to change to bring about the results you desire.

There are many in our world today that continually study and absorb vast amounts of very credible and powerful life changing knowledge, but by failing to initiate a plan to implement it become nothing more than human encyclopedias.

Knowing things does not create change. Reading books, purchasing various life enhancement programs, and attending seminars does not create change in your life. Putting into action and Implementing what you learn from them does.

Although the diagnosis process can be very simple and eye opening, as to why you may not be attracting all the financial freedom you desire, it is developing the habit to consistently initiate the knowledge that you do discover and make the internal changes that you need to make based on that knowledge that is the more difficult part. It will require effort and discipline on your part and require you to take specific actions before you will begin to experience the results, and create the lasting change that you are seeking. But believe me, the long term rewards you’ll experience once financial freedom becomes a reality, are worth far more than the short term discipline and effort required to align yourself with them internally to make them a part of your life.

With That Basic Understanding, Let’s Get Started On The Road To Financial Freedom…….

Finding and Focusing On
The True Source Of Money

Financial Freedom Or Any Other Form Of Success Is An Inside Job!! Get It Right On The "Inside" And You'll Experience It On The "Outside."

Although it's been covered already it's SO CRUCIAL it bears repeating...

It’s important...essential in fact to understand and absorb the fact that ALL things in our world, whether money or anything else are, have been and always will be, first, derived from consciousness. To put it more simply and frame it in a more physical perspective, from your thoughts. The consistent thoughts that you think and the emotions experienced as a result are based on beliefs that you have established. If you ever hope to experience financial freedom, you are going to have to learn to become consciously aware of your predominant thought processes and learn to focus those thoughts on the end result, in this case financial freedom and NOT the lack that you may be currently experiencing.

If your predominant thoughts are focused on "financial freedom is difficult to attain", or "money is hard to come by" then by all means financial freedom will be not only difficult but IMPOSSIBLE to attain and money WILL ALWAYS be hard to come by. If you believe that it takes hard work to make money and don't change that belief, you WILL work hard the rest of your life to make money.

"As you believe you WILL receive."

If you will make the choice to develop the "Real Truth" concerning how ALL physical results are derived and learn to consistently and consciously focus your thoughts ONLY on the desired results, your beliefs will change which in turn changes the emotions experienced, and as a result, so will your outcomes. ( If this is Greek to you may want to check out The Power Of Thoughts and The Power Of Emotions to enable you to better understand and comprehend what is being covered here.)

If you are going to achieve financial freedom, you are going to have to think thoughts and establish the belief in the fact that you can, which in turn will create the emotions that will empower you to begin "attracting" financial freedom!

Hard work is NOT the cause of financial freedom. Your thoughts about the work, or anything else in life for that matter, is the TRUE cause. What you do, the physical actions you take based on those thoughts is merely an effect. You've heard the age old saying if you desire to acquire something, you must first BE whatever it is. Financial freedom is no different. You don't have to have it in your hand, only focus your "thinking" on the end result, and stir the emotions that will be experienced as if you already possessed it.

By consistently holding that focus in your "minds eye" you will begin experiencing the inner feelings (emotions) that will eventually attract to you the resources which will enable you to experience it. The most important lesson that you can ever learn as it relates to attracting financial freedom or anything else that you desire for your life is learning to first stir up and experience the emotions that harmonize with already having and being grateful for it as if you already did have it in physical form that will draw it to you. Once you are able to do this consistently, it won't be long until you have it, whatever it may be.

Another common false belief or partial truth that people are taught and which we've touched on briefly is that you must work hard or long for your money. The majority have come to believe based on traditionally established "False Beliefs" that the work that they perform is the “Source” of the money. While this is “partially true” from a "physical perspective" to discover the True Source, it will be necessary to look deeper into how EVERYTHING is brought into the physical world.

As an example, since we are focusing on financial freedom, let’s take money. Let’s assume for a moment that you are the type of person that has been taught and believes that you must "work hard" for the money that you receive. In addition you have been told all your life that "money is hard to come by" or "money doesn't grow on trees." Based on these beliefs alone you will find yourself working hard,(an effect) many times at jobs that are unpleasant, and due to the belief that money is hard to come by, regardless of how hard or long you work, money WILL CONTINUE TO BE hard to come by. The fact that you continually reinforce that you find money hard to come by creates emotions which in turn will continuously "attract" results that harmonize with them and will keep you from EVER having enough REGARDLESS of how much of it you earn.

Your THOUGHTS and BELIEFS about money, or more specifically the emotions that are generated due to those thoughts are the real underlying cause for the amount of money you receive and retain, NOT hard work.

Hard work is "physical" in nature and is merely an effect. The money that you receive as a result of that work is also an effect. This type of physical action absent the correct "Mindset" is merely attempting to manipulate effects with effects, which creates short term results at best, and goes against the very laws of nature. Do you doubt that? Even science understands and clearly documents the principle of cause and effect.

Does a plant have to struggle and work hard to grow? Does a beautiful Oak tree have to struggle and work hard to survive? Do either of these have to scurry around 12 hours per day 6 days per week to acquire what they need to flourish? NO!! They ATTRACT EVERYTHING THEY NEED!! Neither do you to achieve financial freedom. You only need to develop the correct thought process which ignites the correct emotions which creates the resonance that is harmonious with attaining it which in turn enables the money or the circumstances for the money to be attracted.

Once this is done then you only need develop the awareness and a willingness to recognize the signs and/or direction provided and be ready and open to receive it when it does!!

This Is NOT Difficult!! In fact the process is simplicity in itself.

The process for attracting and experiencing financial freedom or ANY other event, condition or circumstance in life, is and always has been SIMPLICITY in itself. The PLAN has been made VERY simple. It is only our logic based on "previously established FALSE beliefs" which makes it "seem" difficult.

If hard work created financial freedom, why do you suppose that 98% of the population hasn't attained it? The majority of the population work their butts off!! (sorry, I get carried away sometimes. :-) )

It's not by simply changing your external actions that create financial freedom or ANY other outcome in life. Which takes us to the next point...

Financial Freedom Or Change Of Any Kind Must
First Happen From Within

What does inner change have to do with money and financial freedom? Everything? This is one of the simplest principles, yet one that is overlooked by many today.

Everything that happens in your life happens due to what is going on within you. Your innermost thoughts, beliefs and emotions are what determine, through your vibratory output, what you will receive. As you have discovered in the Law of Vibration article, your emotions which are determined by your thoughts create and emanate a very specific vibratory output or resonance which determines what you are broadcasting or the frequency that you are sending out, which in turn is being sent out into the Universe, joining with energies of the same vibratory frequency or resonance and attracting EXACTLY what you are asking the Universe to bring to you.

Have you ever heard about someone winning the big lottery only to find that when following up with them a few years later that they are in many cases even more broke, more unhappy, and further in debt than when they had initially won the money? The reason is that the internal processes within these people, their belief systems and their emotions experienced as a result, weren't in harmony with having money. They didn't resonate with money, and as a result they are unable to keep it long term in their lives. In easier to understand terms, these people lose that money due to a "Poverty Consciousness."

Regardless of the amount of money given to you or what opportunities are presented to you, no matter what amount or how good the opportunity may be, until you have the internal processes or the "Wealth Consciousness" in order that allow you to sustain it, money will continue to be a problem in your life, and financial freedom will remain a distant dream or just mere wishful thinking.

Another Very Important Distinction
About Money and Financial Freedom

Contrary To Popular Belief, Financial freedom is NOT about a specific amount of money!

Many people believe that it requires a certain amount of money to bring them the financial freedom they desire. In other words they believe that it takes a HUGE amount of money to achieve financial freedom.

The "real" meaning of Financial freedom can vary for different people based on individual circumstances and perceptions. Real financial freedom merely rescues you from being a slave to money. Financial freedom simply liberates you from the rat race so that you can be free to do what you have a desire to do and be what you were born to be.

As an example one person may have a desire to have a jet, be able to travel the world whenever he/she chooses. Perhaps this person has a desire for ALL the toys. For that person a large amount of money would be required. But to another maybe they only have modest desires and as a result would only require a small percentage of that amount to achieve what would make them happy. To be able to do what they would like to do when they would like to do it. In either case each would be what they would consider financially free.

Many believe on the surface that money is the "cure all" for every problem in life. This is absolutely NOT the case. While money is important and needed for survival, money is actually only a medium of exchange for the things that we really do desire. Money in and of itself is only paper. That is all.

Our various cultures around the world have established money as being of some value, when in fact it has no value whatsoever, with the exception of the value of the paper it is printed on. It is what money can do in your life, the things that you exchange it for that is of value to you. Financial freedom merely liberates you from the bondage that money can keep you stuck in.

Many fail to see this important distinction. Why is it important? Although it may seem to be petty, it is that subtle shift in thinking that can and will make a profound difference in your results.


Because although money in and of itself has no value, the things that you can exchange it for do!! Money can’t really get your emotions flowing. Now financial freedom and the things that money can allow you to do, can tap into some pretty powerful emotions. The emotion that is derived from not feeling like you’re a slave to money and the things that you can do with it for yourself and others allows you to tap into and experience some pretty powerful emotions.

That is exactly what you want to tap into and stir up, The Emotion!

Have you ever set financial goals only to find that you couldn’t hit them? If so think back to the last time you tried. Where you thinking and working toward a specific sum of money, or were you envisioning and thinking about what the money would allow you to do, the things that it would allow you to acquire, or the freedom that you would feel and experience as a result? If it was just an amount of money try again using that small change in your thinking and watch out for powerful results!

How You Acquire
The Money You Make

Do you enjoy doing what you do to make the money that you earn? If not, you may find that that is exactly why you aren’t making as much as you need or would like to make, and continually finding that you never have enough. If you don’t enjoy your work, your internal processes, more specifically the emotions that are experienced aren’t in alignment with what it takes to attract the amount of money that you desire. (See The Law Of Attraction )

Let me share a true to life example with you…….

A friend was in a job that was a grind to him. He constantly complained how he hated his job and it didn’t pay as much as it should. He felt that the hours were too long and he despised the fact that the boss would sometimes ask him to work on Saturdays. Other than enjoying being around a few of the people that also worked there, to him the job and the boss were a pain in the *!&!***. (You get the idea)

One day he was let go due to downsizing. (OK, he got fired) You would have thought, based on his reaction that his entire world had ended. From my perspective based on what he had shared with me, it should have been a blessing to be freed from the shackles that he so eloquently described in detail each time I saw him. But no, he was floored! "How could they fire me? What am I going to do now?"

What he failed to realize in his gloom is that he brought about that very situation through his thoughts, words, actions, and emotions! His internal processes were in vibrational alignment with exactly what happened to him. He got exactly what he had been asking for, yet now he couldn’t understand how or why it happened to him.

The Universe NEVER says no. Many are just "unconsciously asking" and through not understanding that it is your vibrational output that is doing the asking

Now maybe your current situation isn’t quite as intense as my friends. Maybe your not the type that complains much. Maybe you just quietly dislike your job but in some aspect are grateful for the money it provides. Although you may not get fired like my friend, your thoughts and feelings that you experience because of it can sure limit the financial rewards that you derive from it.

Just like my friend (and anybody else in the world) you can only receive from the Universe as much as you ask for and are willing to receive. The universe doesn’t respond to our human words, but to our emotions. When you are able to align your emotions with what you desire and establish a belief that those things will happen, get ready for some BIG results!

That’s exactly what my friend did. His emotions attracted to him and brought him EXACTLY what he was asking for yet he didn't understand the process.

If you dislike the kind of work you’re doing, you will never be able to manifest any sizable amount of money, let alone achieve financial freedom. If your thoughts concerning your job or the type of work you do are negative, one of two things must happen. Either you will have to change your attitude about what you’re doing, or if you find that impossible, change what it is that you are doing altogether.

If you are currently dissatisfied with the way that you make the money you are receiving, you are vibrating at a rate that is keeping you from attracting the money that you desire, regardless of how hard or long that you work at trying to attain it. Although you may gain temporary benefit, real and sustainable wealth, in this case financial freedom, will never be a real part of your life.

If you can’t get into the mindset of enjoying and expressing sincere Gratitude for what you are doing, I highly recommend finding other means to acquire the money that you require to exchange for the things that you want and need. Whether it be a different job or profession or maybe even starting your very own business, find something that is pleasing to you and that you can enjoy and feel fulfilled about doing. Until you do, you are going to limit what you are able to accomplish with regard to financial gain.

This is a very common theme among the worlds wealthy. They love and are passionate about what they do. This passion creates an emotional vibration...a projected energy that enables them to attain financial wealth.

There are many potential possibilities available today , many of which most don't even think about or believe that they can make a living from. We'll cover some of this soon and possibly spark ideas and open doors of possibility that you may never have thought of.

Summarizing What We’ve
Covered So Far

OK, we’ve covered a lot of ground in a very short time so let’s take a breather and do a brief summary of where we are now. Fair Enough?

We Have Determined That……..

  • Money Is Extremely Important In Our Society

  • A Lack Of Money Can Create A Number Of Negative Side Effects

  • Everything In Life, Including Money Has A Source And It's NOT Due To Struggle And Hard Work

  • Where We Are Now In Relation To Money Is Based On Beliefs We Hold and/or Choices We’ve Made In The Past

  • Knowledge Is Useless Unless Applied

  • To Bring About Different Results We Must Do Things Differently Than We Have In The Past (Establish a different quality of consciousness)

  • We Must Determine Where We Are Currently At To Effectively Plot Our Course

  • Money Is Not What We Are After, But Rather What It Can Allow Us To Do And The Freedom It Can Provide

  • We Must Change Our Attitude About How We Make Our Money Or Change The Source That It Comes From

  • Does that pretty much summarize what we’ve covered so far? Great! Now let’s get into the FUN stuff!

    Creating Real Wealth and
    Experiencing Financial Freedom

    Ok, as we've discovered creating wealth as with anything desired in life happens as a result of developing a "Wealth Consciousness."

    There is no faster or better way to create financial freedom than to do so doing what you love. What could possibly be better than that? Doing what you love and are passionate about AND making a substantial amount of money doing it!! Now that can create some POWERFUL EMOTIONS!

    This is where many get stuck. They hold beliefs that doing what you love couldn't possibly make you money and create financial freedom...WRONG!!

    There are a number of things that can be done today to make the money and create the financial freedom that you desire doing what you would love to do. Although many are quite content and have found fulfillment in their careers working for others, maybe your just looking for a way to earn some extra income.

    Regardless if you are trying to escape the grip of the corporate world altogether, or would just like to see an additional check each month but aren’t sure how or have any idea as to what you can do or how to go about it, you will find the remainder of this article to be not only helpful, but the means by which you may be enabled to create the true success and financial freedom you‘re looking for inan endeavor that "truly" fulfills you.

    You would be surprised at the number of options that are available to you that you may never have dreamed that you could actually make a living at. The focus for the remainder of this article is going to be directed toward the many options that are available combined with the leveraging the power of the internet.

    Before you become disheartened and begin coming up with reasons that the internet won’t work for you, take the few minutes required to read through the remainder of this article and you may be amazed to find that there is something that anyone and everyone can do to work online AND from the comfort of home, regardless of their level of education, technical skills, business experience, or internet knowledge and begin doing something that they actually love to do, and also make A LOT of money doing it!

    Thanks to recent advancements and technological breakthroughs, literal MILLIONS are discovering that a home based business provides FAR greater potential to achieve financial freedom than their unpleasant jobs EVER could.

    With the unlimited leveraging potential that the internet provides, financial freedom can and is becoming much more than just a distant dream and doesn’t have to take years and years to accomplish. The ability to reach a potential audience of over 1.8 billion people in lightening fast time can provide some very powerful financial results very quickly and has allowed countless thousands to attain financial freedom in a fraction of the time and for FAR LESS cost than any traditional business model EVER could previously.

    Before beginning personally, although I understood the potential of the internet, I initially thought because of my limited knowledge regarding technical issues and an overall lack of internet savvy, I would never be able to take advantage of the huge potential that this rapidly expanding medium offers without some extensive formal training.

    Little did I realize that after just a little research and because of the amazing technology available today, that I could not only create a successful online business utilizing the leveraging power of the internet, I could do so doing what I Love To Do AND do it from the comfort of my home which is precisely what I do!

    When you are able to find a way to make a living doing what you love, it is no longer work and actually becomes play! In fact it becomes far more than making a living, NOW you are making a life on YOUR terms and while doing so, ENJOYING every minute of it!

    The additional freedom realized from doing this type of “play” not to mention the vast amounts of people that I am able to assist and contribute to in the process, combined with the additional time freedom realized enabling me to spend and enjoy with my family is enough in itself to motivate me to continue forever.

    That combined with the limitless possibilities that the internet offers and the unlimited potential to reach and assist a worldwide audience looking for answers and solutions to their problems, and me being able to fulfill some of those needs all from the comfort of my home simply by writing about my passion, makes it even better! Talk about creating some positive emotions!!

    Guess What?

    YOU Can Do The Same Thing!!

    Have you considered a specific home based business idea or have you ever considered a home based internet business but currently don’t have any idea what you would do or how you would go about it?

    Maybe your the type that gets excited thinking about the limitless potential available through working at your own home based internet business but don't think you have the technical savvy to get it done.

    Or perhaps you think that it takes a bunch of money to effectively start a home based internet business. Unlike traditional brick and mortar business start ups, a very lucrative and rewarding business online can be started for a very small fraction of the cost and provide far greater return.

    Regardless of what your current beliefs are, the internet can not only provide you with ALL that you need to effectively begin your own internet business quickly and easily, and allow you to do so with ABSOLUTELY ZERO experience, with FAR LESS cost than traditional businesses, but also serve as the vehicle for providing a substantial contribution to others while at the same time provide you with SUBSTANTIAL financial rewards.

    Regardless of what you might currently "perceive" to be true with regard to your ability to begin your own internet based business, IF you'll make the choice to investigate a bit you'll discover just how simple it can be to acquire the financial freedom that you are looking for.

    The various possibilities that the internet provides are as limitless as the potential. You only have to become aware of them.

    I'll do the best I know how to assist you with that by introducing you to credible and effective business models I personally utilize...

    Let’s look into a few of the areas that you may be able to take advantage of using the power of the internet as the starting point for your own home based business venture.

    Learn To Create Financial Freedom Doing What You Love To Do

    Ideas For Consideration

    While admittedly there are MANY bogus, "pie in the sky" opportunities presented which promise financial freedom in a matter of days with zero effort, there do exist just as many that are legitimate and powerful wealth creation business models that exist which you "Truly Can" become involved in that not only will provide you with an immense amount of personal satisfaction, but will enable you to achieve financial freedom and enable you to begin enjoying the many benefits derived from being able to work from the comfort of home.

    The following examples are avenues that I have personally discovered and currently utilize which may also prove to hold the answer that you have been seeking to make your financial dreams a real reality in your life and provide the financial freedom that so many seek today.

    My Internet Business

    The first of these opportunities is an online direct marketing model which has created a 98% automated online business system called

    My Internet Business which not only provides a truly powerful wealth creation business model but also provides a life transforming product line that contributes to others in a very profound way.

    My Internet Business provides an extremely powerful, lucrative, "True to Life" direct marketing business model that is so complete and simple to begin that even the complete novice can be up and running in a matter of a few hours. My Internet Busienss not only has the potential to create financial freedom very quickly but with minimum individual effort in comparison to traditional business models. My Internet Business provides you with your own personalized pre-built web site plus everything required for effectively exposing and marketing your site to the world including but not limited to pre-written marketing emails, effective and attention grabbing opt-in pages, pre-written ads for various marketing campaigns and the step by step guidance as to how to utilize all of them to ensure your success.

    If you can follow a clearly defined and simple set of instructions for your initial setup and learn to copy and paste text you can become extremely successful in My Internet Business.

    My Internet Busienss utilizes an automated, hands off and VERY POWERFUL direct selling approach, which pays YOU 100% of the revenue generated AND eliminates any need for you to do any selling, make ANY phone calls or follow ups personally and combines the simplicity of it's ingenious business model with the leveraging power of the internet providing limitless potential for creating financial freedom quickly and with minimum individual effort.

    Not only does My Internet Business utilize the wealth creating power of leveraging but through it's 2 up marketing plan enables you to receive a substantial and continuous flow of passive income for years and for efforts that you perform once.

    With My Internet Business , it isn't necessary to have any technical skills with regard to website building, internet technology or marketing ability whatsoever. In fact the Passport To Wealth team has already put into place a simple and easy to follow step by step blueprint providing each and every step plus everything that you'll need to begin operating your very own home based business almost immediately and with very little initial effort on your part.

    My Internet Business provides you with your very own fully automated and personalized website, a virtual back office which enables you to effectively manage your business, as well as all the pre-written e-mails, ads, and EVERY resource necessary to effectively market your business worldwide enabling you to begin almost immediately creating financial freedom from the comfort of your home or wherever else you may choose to be.

    In addition, the cost to begin with My Internet Business is minuscule in comparison to the costs associated with traditional business startups and provides much greater potential and financial reward than any small offline business that may be available far more quickly, with far less individual effort and with far less initial risk.

    Thanks to the latest in technological advancements, combined with the power and convenience of the internet you can quite literally start and operate your My Internet Business business from anywhere you choose, whether at home or while traveling to your favorite destinations.

    The My Internet Business turnkey system is one of the most lucrative and powerful wealth creation systems that I'm aware of and should you choose to check it out for yourself, I think you'll agree.

    Now The BEST Part

    In addition to creating a substantial income through sharing the My Internet Business opportunity with other work from home prospects, My Internet Business also enables you to market the extensive product line providing you with 100% resale rights and the ability to either give away or market each product individually while keeping 100% of the profits received for those products for yourself. If the idea of assisting individuals to develop harmony in every aspect of their lives on a WORLDWIDE scale, combined with the potential to enhance your wealth quotient AND your financial portfolio exponentially is appealing to you, you will most certainly want to investigate what My Internet Business has to offer. I can tell you from personal experience that the products provided by Passport To Wealth as well as the opportunity to assist not only yourself but others on a worldwide scale with minimum individual effort to achieve financial freedom is fulfilling beyond words.

    Another direct marketing model I utilize is My Internet Business . Although I won't go into great detail here regarding what My Internet Business consists of, taking the My Internet Business tour will provide you with everything you need to know through it's incredible video presentation which consists of the same professionally produced video presentation and website that you would be provided if you were to decide that it's the kind of business that you're looking for.

    My Internet Business provides a COMPLETE training system which covers every conceivable area of online business through step by step video presentations and is far too extensive to accurately convey through text.

    If an automated online business model is something you have considered but previously believed you didn't have the ability to begin on your own I would strongly encourage you to check out either My Internet Business.

    Your mind will be changed and a new awareness established as to how simple online business can be and enable you to clearly see that you are equally capable of achieving financial freedom as anyone else in a way that you may have never before considered or even realized was available.

    Maybe Direct Marketing isn't your thing. Perhaps you have another interest that you're passionate about. What is it that you would REALLY ENJOY doing? Taking out all judgments and preconceived notions for a moment ask yourself this question. What would you do, something that you absolutely love to do, if you were shown a way to turn it into a thriving and profitable business and you KNEW it couldn't fail? What hobbies or interests do you currently have that you really enjoy doing? Golf, sewing, football, scrapbooking.....

    The possibilities are quite literally endless.

    Consider this.....

    Everybody knows something about something. Did you realize that you can literally create a very successful business around your favorite hobbies, special interests, etc. regardless of what they might be.

    As an example, perhaps you have a knowledge of Goldfish. Believe it or not there is a huge market for even that kind of knowledge and a very successful online business can be created based on that one interest alone! It’s true. In looking at the results from one single search engine, there were over 50,000 people in the past 30 days that were looking for information on goldfish or something related to them. That’s just ONE of MANY search engines!

    So how could you possibly make money with a knowledge of goldfish? Simply by writing quality content that would assist people in answering questions that they may have. You don’t have to sell goldfish or goldfish bowls or anything else that goldfish may need. You can literally create a successful business with your Knowledge about goldfish!

    Now don't get me wrong, you don't have to start a goldfish business, there are literally hundreds of thousands of things that YOU could do, with knowledge that you already possess due to any number of potential millions of hobbies or passions to create financial freedom for you and those you love, using the power and potential of the internet.

    If I told you that beginning today, you could get a potential 50,000 customers or more into your store every month looking specifically for a product or service that you had, would you open that store?

    Of course you would!

    You’d probably even mortgage the house and everything else you own to get it done.

    The good news is, you don’t have to mortgage anything to reach that amount of potential customers, and hundreds upon hundreds of thousands more! In fact you can begin a home based business for as little as a couple hundred bucks, AND you can do it all from the comfort of home!

    It really doesn’t matter what your passion, specialty, or interest is, with a little creativity you can find a way of sharing with others, via the internet, whatever your specialty, passion or interest is and begin your home based business doing what YOU love to do.

    Are your creative juices beginning to stir?

    If so, I encourage you to check out Site Build It and see if there isn’t an area that you might be able to turn your passion into a thriving and rewarding online business, and begin creating the long term financial freedom doing what you love!

    Site Build It provides a number of Free Resources that will enable you to test various ideas prior to having to make a decision.

    These free resources, called Masters Courses are jam packed with ideas as well as in depth detail on how to begin acting on a home based business idea that you may have or even assist you in coming up with one that you weren’t aware that existed.

    Should you come up with a home based business idea that you think you would like to start and want to take it to the next level, Site Build It! provides a simple solution for ANYONE interested in building there very own income generating website with absolutely NO previous experience or technical skills required.


    They have put together a simple to understand and follow, all in one package that not only gives you the complete step by step education that takes you by the hand and walks you through the entire process beginning with brainstorming for potential ideas, providing you with the tools to determine how profitable your idea will be, how to set up the structure of your site, a really simple process to build it, all the tools and guidance you’ll need to operate and grow it, including search engine submission etc. AND they even host it for you!

    Site Build It! Provides every single thing you need to build a website, more importantly a website that works, and draws a worldwide audience looking for what you are PASSIONATE about, enabling you to do what you love and making money at the same time.

    I realize that the thought of YOU building a website may seem a little overwhelming. Site Build It! has the package that makes what may otherwise seem impossible, like child's play regardless of your previous knowledge or experience!

    To give you an idea, check out this article where I explain in detail how Site Build It! enabled me to build this website with absolutely ZERO technical knowledge or skills concerning website building and with VERY LIMITED knowledge of how to perform the most basic functions on a PC.

    Take a few minutes and check out these video testimonials from average everyday people, from all walks of life, many of who didn't realize they could build a successful website doing what they love to do until they discovered Site Build It. Each individual video expresses why each loves Site Build It.

    Also take 3 minutes and view this overview of why over 65% of all Site Build It sites rank in the top 1% in the entire world!! It's certainly not because Site Build It users had the knowledge or the skills, it's because Site Build It provides EVERYTHING needed to make it simple and fun and because they show people how they can begin creating financial freedom doing what they love to do, in ways they NEVER DREAMED POSSIBLE.

    Vast fortunes have been created by thousands upon thousands of average people in the past few years utilizing the internet to reach potential customers worldwide. According to world economist and New York Times bestselling author Paul Zane Pilzer, in his latest book, "The Next Millionaires" he predicts a minimum of 10,000,000 new millionaires will be created in the next decade as a result of the internet. When you are able to do what it is that you love to do, reach a worldwide audience from the comfort of your home office, financial freedom becomes a very realistic and easy to reach goal and can be achieved with much less effort than any other time in history.

    If you have absolutely no interest in building your own site but the thought of a home based business idea is appealing to you, and you have an interest in working from home, affiliate marketing may be something that you’ll want to look into. With affiliate marketing you don’t have to have a website, a product, have to deal with any shipping, customer service or any of the other tedious tasks that are traditionally associated with running your own business. Affiliate marketing has become the answer for tens of thousands that had the desire to work from home and achieve financial freedom but weren’t quite sure how to accomplish it. With affiliate marketing you don't have to have a product or service, don't have to deal with customer support issues, shipping or any of the other headaches that come with operating a traditional brick and mortar business.

    Another possibility that may appeal to you is Network Marketing which is a powerful home based business model which combined with the limitless potential of the internet has the potential create vast fortunes in RECORD time.

    There you have it. The information and knowledge that you need to create financial freedom, the resources that you can utilize to attain it, and the education that will allow you to acquire it. Everything has been provided for you to realize your dream of financial freedom with the exception of one very important element.


    It is up to YOU to decide if you would like to become a conscious creator of circumstance and begin creating the life that you desire, deserve, and were created to enjoy or remain a victim of circumstance and allow the world to dictate your future.

    You must make the choice as to what you will do with it. Only you can decide if you will act upon it. That is your right and your choice.

    Think about where you would like to be 5 years from today. Is doing what you’re currently doing going to allow you to attain financial freedom?

    Your choices determine your future actions. Your actions are the determining factor as to your future results. Your future results determine how you experience and live your life. You are at cause. Only you are responsible.

    All that you need to do is.....

    • Determine Your Level Of Desire For Change
    • Develop The Necessary Mindset For The Change You Desire
    • Identify Your Talent/Passion
    • Take A Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
    • Take Action
    • Experience A Life Uncommon

    Financial Freedom and Abundance IS MUCH closer than you realize!

    You only need develop the knowledge and belief that it's true and then go for it. You already possess EVERYTHING it takes. You only need to become aware of it for yourself.

    For your sake and those that you care about, I hope you will.

    Whatever your choices are today and in the future, it is our sincere hope that they might lead you one step closer to experiencing a life filled with Love, Joy, Fulfillment, Profound Inner Peace and Unlimited Prosperity in each and every area of your life.

    What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

    For insightful and proven self empowerment tools and resources be sure to check out the Abundance and Happiness Self Help - Personal Development - Self Improvement Library. We have EVERYTHING you need to develop the necessary wealth mindset and make attaining financial freedom second nature.

    If we can ever answer any questions you may have with regard to any of the above mentioned opportunities feel free to contact us. We'll assist in any way that we can.

    What Do You Really and Truly Desire To Experience In Your Life?

    Is it....

    • More Monetary Wealth?
    • More Time Freedom?
    • More Wholesome And Fulfilling Relationships
    • More Freedom To Do The Things You Want When You Want?
    • More Of ALL The Good Things That Life Has To Offer?

    Here's The Unwavering, Verifiable, and Substantiated TRUTH...

    You CAN Have It!!

    Once You Understand And Learn To Properly Implement The Principles and Processes For Making It A Reality

    Make no mistake...

    The Acquisition Of Wealth Is An "Inner" Game

    The attainment of wealth..."Real Wealth" is made possible as the result of developing internal harmony. That happens on the inside. Once that is accomplished...

    YourNetBiz Provides EVERYTHING You'll Need To Make It A Reality On The Outside!!

    The Knowledge : The Wisdom : The Tools : The Simple Steps :
    The Unparalleled Wealth Creation Opportunity...

    ...The TRUTH

    You Deserve To Experience ALL The Good Things That Life Has To Offer You... Now You CAN.

    Click Here To Discover For Yourself The Magic, Life Transforming
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    Your Life Could Be Transformed Permanently and DRAMATICALLY!

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