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Documented Benefits Of Meditation

More Than 600 Scientific Studies Support
The Physiological, Psychological, Sociological,
Ecological and Spiritual Benefits Of Meditation

"He only is wise who devotes himself to realizing, not reading only, the ancient revelations. Solve all your problems through meditation. Exchange unprofitable religious speculations for actual God-contact." - Paramhansa Yogananda

Their are countless benefits that Meditation provides which have been documented not only scientifically but have been experienced and recorded by practitioners for thousands of years.

Perhaps the most compelling and convincing findings stem from scientific research.

Listen as Dr Sarah Lazar PhD. shares her findings regarding the many benefits of meditation

Prior to the emergence of today's sophisticated technologies which have enabled the scientific community to study, experiment with and validate the numerous benefits that meditation provides, combined with their new-found ability to actually measure subtle, lasting changes in brain function and brain wave activity, practitioners have always claimed experiences of dramatic increases in awareness as well as a heightened sense of deep peace, "inner calm", a sense of assurance and what can only be described as a "knowingness" not experienced prior to engaging in the practice of meditation.

That's perhaps one of MANY reasons that Meditation has become such a fast growing alternative for millions worldwide and has proven to provide practitioners with not only numerous spiritual, mental, emotional and physical benefits, but additional benefits of a collective nature as well which extend beyond the individual.

The Many Benefits of Meditation Through Numerous Independent Scientific Studies are Clear and Well Documented

To date, there have been more than 600 scientific studies conducted at 250 independent universities and institutions in 35 countries (with many more sure to follow) which have been published in over 100 leading scientific journals concerning the IMMENSE BENEFITS that various forms of Meditation provide. It has become evident and clearly documented through these various independent studies, that various forms of meditation do provide substantial benefits in EVERY area of life physiologically, psychologically, sociologically, and on a larger scale, ecologically as well.

In fact, recent research at Harvard and other Ivy League universities has established that meditation, in addition to providing a greatly enhanced sense of calm and well-being combined with a broad range of other spiritual benefits, actually increases the pre-frontal cortex of your brain, the portion of the brain responsible for positive emotions. Other studies, which are funded through grants by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, have shown that areas of the Brain are thicker in practitioners of meditation; more so than the control subjects who were part of the study who do not meditate.

In addition to these documented benefits, people who meditate show dramatic increases in "whole-brain thinking" (coherence of right and left brain function) which enhances learning ability, comprehension and increased retention of various types of external data received.

The many findings in these various areas of independent scientific study have been replicated many times, through countless means and through meta-analyses, which is currently the most accurate means to review a body of research, have found a high degree of consistency with regard to the numerous benefits that meditation provides.

Studies using the most sophisticated technologies and research methodologies such as neuroimaging techniques and the measuring of peripheral physiology (measuring breathing and heart beat) certainly seem to verify and substantiate the many benefits that meditation practitioners claim to experience.

As technology advances, as our understanding as a species is enhanced and further research is conducted, future discoveries are almost certain to extend well beyond these preliminary findings.

The Greatest Proof Regarding The Benefits of Meditation Comes Through Personal Use and Experience

Let's move away from scientific research and the dependence on what this scientific research has revealed pertaining to the benefits of meditation.

Although findings which reveal the benefits of meditation are compelling and CAN be convincing, Personal experience is certainly the BEST indicator as to what the benefits of meditation truly are.

Through my own personal experience as well as the experiences of countless others have shown, The Foundation Guided Meditation System actually can provide a wide range of positive changes in life including but not limited to, enhanced mental potential, health, social behavior, and on a much larger scale our surroundings.

Make no's not meditation in and of itself that provides any form of health benefit, whether implied, experienced or validated through scientific study, but rather the neurological and physiological changes that happen through engaging in the art of meditation which enables the physical body to do what it was designed and intended to do on it's own.

For those that have practiced and personally experienced the numerous benefits that meditation provides, no scientifically validated research is necessary. Although such research does serve to further validate the benefits of meditation in a tangible "real world" kind of way, what practitioners as well as the most insightful and enlightened spiritual mystics, sages and masters have claimed and taught for thousands of years can be and is being experienced without the need for complex experimentation methodologies or scientific validation.

Here Is A Partial List Of What Has Been Discovered
As Well As Documented Based on the Findings of 21st Century Science Through Various Independent Studies......

Physical Benefits of Meditation

Based on the many studies conducted by various scientists and organizations, all seem to arrive at the same or similar conclusions. Each seems to point toward and validate the countless (and yet to be discovered) benefits that practitioners of various forms of meditation experience.

Here is a compilation of benefits which each independent study has revealed.

These benefits include but are but not limited to...

** Deep rest-as measured by decreased metabolic rate, lower heart rate, and reduced work load of the heart.

** Lowered levels of harmful natural chemicals produced by the body which are associated with stress. (cortisol and lactate)

** Reduction of free radicals that can cause tissue damage.

** Decrease in blood pressure.

** Higher skin resistance. Low skin resistance is correlated with higher stress and anxiety levels.

** Drop in cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is associated with cardiovascular disease.

** Improved flow of air to the lungs resulting in easier breathing. This has been very helpful to asthma patients.

** Assists in dramatically reducing and in many cases eliminating chronic diseases. (allergies , arthritis etc.)

** Assists in post-operative healing.

** Decreases the aging process.

** Higher levels of DHEAS in the elderly. An additional sign of youthfulness.

Psychological Benefits of Meditation

** Increased brain wave coherence.

** Greater creativity.

** Decreased anxiety.

** Decreased depression

** Decreased irritability and moodiness

** Increased clarity in thinking and reasoning ability

** Improved learning ability and memory.

** Increased self-actualization.

** Increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.

** Increased happiness.

** Enhanced emotional stability.

Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

** Strengthening of Intuitive capability

** Experience an inner sense of "Assurance or Knowingness"

** Experience a sense of "Oneness"

** Heightened sense of "Unconditional Love"

** Deeper understanding of "The Infinite"

** Enhanced sense of Overall "Well Being"

** Enhanced Psychic abilities

** Deeper understanding and fulfillment of "Purpose"

** A sense of "Completion"...

...and more.

The Foundation Guided Meditation System will enable you to develop and experience a sense of "Inner Harmony" which will prove to be not only beneficial in your search for deeper meaning, heightened awareness and enhanced understanding, but as many practitioners who have personally experienced and share those experiences will attest, The Foundation Guided Meditation system has proven time and time again, to be beneficial in many other areas of life as well.

Next, let's look at...

The Contents Of The Foundation Guided Meditation System
And The Results You Can Expect Through It's Use

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