The Power Of A Mastermind Group

The Power Of A Mastermind Group Can Serve To Advance And Accelerate The Fulfillment Of Your Hopes, Dreams, Desires and Aspirations Providing Uncommon and Amazing Results

The Power Of A Mastermind Group

The Power Of A Mastermind Group can ignite a firestorm of ideas, inspiration
and explosive energy, transmuting your hopes, desires, visions and aspirations
into highly desirable tangible and measurable results

Have you ever considered how the Power of a Mastermind Group might serve to benefit you as well as others in achieving "Heartfelt Desires" at much higher levels?

“The human mind is a form of energy. When two or more minds cooperate in harmony, they form a great “bank” of energy, plus a third, invisible force which can be likened to a Master Mind. It is the master way to use organized and directed knowledge as a road to lifelong power.” - Napoleon Hill

What Is A Mastermind Group Exactly and How Does Each Individual and the Other Mastermind Group Members Benefit?

A Mastermind Group is a tightly knit and supportive group of like minded individuals who share one common goal. They are focused on and committed to being, doing and having more of what they desire in life as well as passionate about assisting others in achieving maximum results.

Mastermind Group members are open and willing to provide candid opinions and openly share their ideas, insights, and suggestions with other members of the Mastermind Group.

The personal benefits received by mastermind group members are far reaching for the simple fact that each group member benefits from the "collective think tank" of the mastermind group as a whole. Due to the broad and diverse range of expertise held by each group member, what may have previously "seemed" unattainable can often times be easily overcome by the thoughts and opinions of another member who is skilled and well versed in any given area.

The collective thought processes of the group merge which often leads to receiving timely and invaluable ideas, insights and direction for eliminating excuses, moving toward and achieving whatever the individual aspiration of any given group member might be.

In addition, the personal value and contribution provided by each member of the mastermind serves as a contribution that assists not only the individual, group as a whole but also the contributing member.

The willingness to serve and contribute to others has a far reaching affect and benefits the contributing member in far more significant ways than are commonly understood.

Mastermind Groups Serve to Dispel and Eliminate Unfounded
Fears, Doubts, Worries and Apprehensions

Acknowledging, facing and moving through the common fears we all face from time to time can be prove to be a tough road when you're going it alone. That's one of MANY benefits the power of a mastermind group reveals.

The many perceived obstacles and barriers that present themselves and which often seem to be impenetrable to one mastermind group member are often viewed as amazing opportunities and a springboard to success by another.

That's when a Mastermind Group can prove to be most invaluable.

By openly sharing your ideas, strategies, struggles and just thoughts and feelings in general while being open and receptive to receiving the various insights and ideas from other group members with fresh and varying perspectives, the power of a mastermind group can not only become quite apparent, but also become a powerful ally in the attainment of your personal as well as your business aspirations while at the same time enable you to contribute, provide needed value and provide the same valuable contribution and benefit to others.

If you're seeking constructive and positive reinforcement in advancing your visions and accelerating your results whether in your business or personal life, the power of a mastermind group has and most certainly will continue proving to be a powerfully effective tool that serves each member in IMMENSE ways far greater in number than can possibly be shared here.

Mastermind Groups Serve as a Powerful Resource for Keeping You Grounded, Laser Focused and Consistently On Target

Let's face it. There's a LOT going on "out there" in the world today.

It seems that no matter where you look in the media these days, whether on TV, listening to the radio, reading the newspaper, etc., we are being continually bombarded from all sides with everything that is wrong in our world. The main focus of ALL the predominant media in this day and age is based on war, death, crime, economic disaster etc. and in my opinion only serves to instill and feed the common fears in those who choose to participate and engage themselves in this way.

The old adage "garbage in garbage out" is much more true, certainly self-limiting and far more self-sabotaging than many realize.

Because of these factors, it can become quite easy to become unfocused and even overwhelmed by what is unfolding in the world "out there." Much of what's happening can often be perceived as large and insurmountable obstacles from an individual perspective whether it be in business or some aspect of your personal life.

That's where the power of a mastermind group can prove to be MOST beneficial. Other Mastermind Group members can provide a fresh and perhaps an overlooked perspective enabling an individual group member to see beyond their own "perceived limitations" and point out alternative paths that were previously unrecognizable.

Confiding in other mastermind group members who are unattached to your specific outcome or whatever challenges any given member might be experiencing can often provide not only a fresh, unique and effective approach for resolving concerns and quickly moving through challenges, but also provide effective and powerful insights, ideas and direction that an individual group member may not have previously considered.

With so much perceived negativity in our world today it can at times prove difficult to remain consistently focused and not only maintain but expand your creative thought process in such a way that enables you to zero in on and take the kind and quality of inspired action which provides the attainment of whatever the desired result might be.

Inspired thoughts and ideals can become buried below layers of confusion, fears, doubts, worries and apprehensions which many times can be overlooked or altogether unrecognizable due to any number of external circumstances.

These often times forgotten and/or overlooked insights provided by other group members could very well prove to be the spark of creativity necessary, stir the intuitive guidance needed, which if recognized and acted upon serves as the means to begin creating the kind and quality of effects that you most desire in and for your life.

The Collective Contributions of a Mastermind Group Can Keep You Accountable and Heading in The Desired Direction

The Power of a Mastermind Group and the benefits received cannot be understated. Accountability is yet another IMMENSE benefit that many mastermind group members find helpful and often convey as being one of the top reasons for personally joining a mastermind group.

As discussed in the Law of Attraction and the Law of Resonance articles, a mind instilled with fear, negativity and consistently bombarded with what's wrong "out there" can only serve to create internal misalignment and disharmony oftentimes leading to inaction and NOT doing what we know in our hearts needs to be done. Unfocused action as well as inaction leads to sabotaging the attainment of any given desire and as a result produces external results that conflict rather than align with and provide whatever the desire might be.

As I cover extensively in the power of the human mind article, it is many times this consistent negative type of programming which can bury, override or even reprogram the positive and productive information that is received and stored within the subconscious mind creating undesirable external results that might otherwise be avoided.

The Power Of A Mastermind can serve two very crucial and productive purposes, one of which is to provide fresh and effective perspectives, strategies and insights, but also provide the support, positive input and reinforcement necessary to keep your focus on the positive and desired outcomes which can only serve to advance you ever closer toward whatever it might be that you aspire to be, do and/or have more of in life.

Mastermind Groups are Quickly Picking Up Steam and Being Recognized on an Ever Increasing Scale as The Invaluable Resource That They Are

The forming of and participation in various types of Mastermind Groups is certainly nothing new. But in the past few decades, it has become a very popular, extremely effective and profoundly efficient alternative to going it alone. For those who see the value of a "collective contribution" and who might also be seeking individual support and guidance as they move toward achieving whatever their individual desire/s might be, becoming an active participant in a mastermind group is without a doubt proving to be a wise and effective alternative.

Never before has it become more important to develop close knit relationships with like minded individuals, share creative ideas and network amongst each other and remain consistently connected with and exposed to some form of positive reinforcement in your life.

This is another of many ways that The Power of The Mastermind Group can play a huge and pleasingly significant role.

That's why the most effective mastermind groups consist of a minimum of 3-4 other like minded people with whom each member of the mastermind can freely and openly share their intentions, visions, hopes and dreams, as well as their challenges, successes and struggles. The positive reinforcement provided enables each member to quickly recognize and move through any outside noise that needlessly keeps so many from reaching their desired objectives.

By making the choice to form your own mastermind, join an existing one and fully utilize the collectively creative Power of a Mastermind Group, you'll soon discover that by tuning out of the negative, shifting focus and consistently tuning into the positive, that life; YOUR life, can and most certainly will make a dramatic turn around in profoundly significant ways, whether physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful way to take your thinking and as a result your physical outcomes to the next level, and the idea of becoming a member of a mastermind group is appealing to you, consider joining with me and many other focused and on purpose entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be in the Enlightened Journey Mastermind Group.

You can find and fill out your application for membership here.

Each application is carefully reviewed and considered by a preselected group withing the Enlightened Journey Mastermind Group to determine and ensure that it's a good fit for all involved.

Our group consists of a very focused, on purpose and committed group of individuals from around the world and with very diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. More importantly each mastermind group member understands and clearly sees the power behind both contributing and receiving, and also enjoy the immense personal benefits that doing so provides.

If the idea of joining the Enlightened Journey Mastermind Group is of interest, feel free to fill out your application here and we'll review and shortly thereafter respond to your request for membership.


My Personal Insights and Benefits Received With Regard To The Power of a Mastermind Group

It's really quite amazing to me the bonds that I have personally formed with so many highly creative, deep thinking, caring and willing to assist people from all over the world, without ever having met them face to face.

Bottom line I've personally benefited in IMMENSE ways and have grown to appreciate as well as clearly understand the power of a mastermind group in far more ways that I could hope to share here. More specifically, being consistently and actively engaged in the Mastermind Groups I've been a part of.

The countless insights and wisdom I've gained from others has proven invaluable. By the same token as many fellow mastermind group members have graciously shared, I have also made significant contributions in their lives, which quite frankly I didn't even recognize the value in or that I was providing one.

There have been countless times where through simple conversation one or more members of our mastermind group were provided with precisely what they needed to hear to inspire and assist them which advanced them to the next step toward achieving their desires.

There is one thing that has become VERY obvious and crystal clear to me in my growth process over the past several years, and that is there is absolutely NO SUCH THING as a coincidence.

Recognizing the power of a mastermind group and choosing to become an active member of various mastermind groups over the years, has become a very valued, needed and much appreciated part of my life.

Should you decide and see that the power of a mastermind group can benefit you and should you choose to inquire about becoming a part of the Enlightened Journey Mastermind Group, I'll look forward to meeting, sharing, contributing and assisting you in making your heartfelt hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations a very real part of your life.

Whatever choices that you choose to make both today and in the future, it is my sincere and heartfelt hope that they might lead you one step closer to experiencing a life filled with joy, hope, purpose, fulfillment, profound inner peace and limitless prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What I personally choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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