The Power Of Passion

The Power of Passion Provides Opportunity, Opens Doorways and Reveals Life Paths That Many Believe To Be Non-Existent

"Identify and Act On Your Passion and The Pathway Will Open
For You To Experience A Life Of Fullness and Unlimited Blessings"
-Chuck Danes

Discovering and Actively Engaging in Your Passion Allows Those Who Choose To, To Experience A Kind and Quality of Life That Those Who Choose Not To Never Will

What does passion have to do with living a life of Abundance and Happiness? Everything! And I do mean Everything!

Having a passion for a thing, whatever it may be is an extremely powerful emotion which creates positive vibrational frequencies that will attract to you those events, conditions, and circumstances that you have a desire to create.

First let’s take a look at the definition of passion as defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary….

PASSION applies to an emotion that is deeply stirring or ungovernable . b : intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction

Passion in whatever it is that you are doing is the fuel that drives you, stirs your emotions to the point of strong and radiant output which attracts to you the people, circumstances that allow you to fulfill and live whatever your passion may be.

Passion is literally the fuel that propels you toward success. Passion allows you to think, feel, focus, act, attract and create the events conditions and circumstances that you most desire to see manifest in your life. Passion is what propels you to begin taking the necessary action steps that will allow you to begin experiencing the life that you desire, deserve, and that most only dream about.

How Exactly Does That Happen?

When you feel a genuine passion toward a thing, whatever it may be, it enables you to effortlessly think the thoughts that are congruent with accomplishing the desired outcome and as a result stir the ever so important emotions that will literally attract success to you. By doing what it is that you have a passion for, and are enabled to actually enjoy the actions that you are taking, rather than feeling that you have to do them, you have created a powerful and unstoppable creative force that will allow you to, with seeming effortlessness, create pathways to fulfillment, enrichment, and gratification in your life.

The positive thoughts that are derived from working toward your passion generate a strong vibrational frequency within you as you think about the positive outcome that will be derived from fulfilling whatever your passion may be. These thoughts combined with the feeling or emotion of passion form to generate and broadcast this strong vibrational frequency which, as we have discovered in the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction , attract to you specific results based on that resulting vibrational frequency, by broadcasting out and attracting additional energies of the same vibrational frequency which manifest in physical form that which you are working toward and are passionate about.

These positive and vibrational thoughts and emotions that you are experiencing allow you to place a concentrated focus on the desired outcome, whatever it might be and which manifests in physical form and determines EXACTLY what you see manifest in physical form and are enabled to experience in your life.

Let’s take a look at passion from a monetary viewpoint.

Do you know of someone that is passionate about the type of work that they do? Do you know of someone that despises the kind of work they do?

Why do you suppose it is that so many struggle in the financial arena? Have you ever considered that it may be because they are unhappy in their careers? Do you think it is because they are passionate about them? Of course not. So many in cultures all around the world work in jobs that they dislike based on previously established false beliefs that they have allowed to become their truth. What are some of these falsely established beliefs?

  • "You have to "work hard" to succeed."
  • "Only the "Lucky" can do what they love."
  • "You don't have the education"
  • "You can do what you enjoy after doing "The Right" thing and going to work at....

There are many many more, but this gives you a taste of what is being conveyed.

These few falsely established beliefs are what keep the masses from ever attempting to do what they are passionate about!

The only passion that the majority of people that I speak with on a day to day basis have about there jobs is focusing on the five o’clock buzzer, or Friday afternoon anticipating escaping from what they perceive to be their 5 day prison only to have to return a few days later and begin the same dreaded process over and over and over again, many of them for the rest of their lives. Do you think that they will ever stand a chance of experiencing a life of real fulfillment? The answer, to put it quite bluntly is NO WAY, NO HOW. It CAN'T and NEVER WILL happen. It is an absolute impossibility, unless and until they change the emotions that will allow them to do so!

Doing whatever it is that you have a Passion for creates a specific vibratory frequency as does dreading whatever it is that you may be doing. Regardless of whether you feel passion toward what you are doing a feel a sense of dread concerning what you are doing, you are creating an end result. Specifically what that end result consists of, (harvest) can only be determined by the action (seed) that you are taking to make it come about or manifest in your life.

Think about the people you know that love what it is they are doing. Now think about the people that dislike or feel forced to do what they are doing. Do you see a difference in the outcomes that are produced?

Is it possible to create the emotion of passion if what you are currently doing to provide for your family is something that you dislike? Of course not. The fact that you dread or dislike what you feel that you have to do creates a specific vibratory frequency and results in outcomes based on that frequency, in this case attracting more of what it is that you dislike or dread.

Now, is it possible to create the emotion of passion doing that which you enjoy and love to do? Absolutely! Not only is it possible but it is effortless. When you are doing that which you love it certainly doesn’t feel like work does it?

The only possible way that someone may not be experiencing prosperity in an area that they have a passion for, is if they have some form of unconscious belief, or subconscious block pertaining to prosperity.

So many in this day and age fail to fulfill their deepest desires and experience their most sought after dreams and goals because they have been taught and established beliefs that those things that they most desire and would like to see manifest in their lives are just "wishful thinking", or "far fetched" unrealistic dreams. These people are often referred to in society as unrealistic, dreamers, illogical, impractical, and a host of other names. For those that allow this form of false teaching to be established as their belief, it then does become only a far fetched dream, unrealistic, illogical, impractical, or wishful thinking.

It is SO simple!

The only reason that it seems complicated is because of what you have allowed to be stored as YOUR truth! Develop the awareness of what your TRUE potential REALLY is and change your beliefs about what that truth is, and your world will become one of what you use to perceive as fantasy, unrealistic and farfetched. Become passionate about what it is that you are doing or find something to do that you can become passionate about and the results that you produce in your life will turn into what you never before dreamed was even possible.

  • Develop the AWARENESS
  • Establish The BELIEF
  • Indentify your PASSION
  • Take ACTION

And you will….

  • EXPERIENCE a life of Joy, Fulfillment, Inner Peace, and UNLIMITED Prosperity uncommon to so many!

Your life results don’t happen based on what you WANT, but rather what you DESIRE and have a PASSION for achieving.

Change your thoughts, and you will change your beliefs resulting in the creation of specific emotions and at the same time you will begin attracting results that are in alignment with that which you have a passion for and desire to attract.

It is certainly possible to do that which you have a passion for. It is only a matter of choice. Your choice. In fact it is MUCH MORE than that, it is your BIRTHRIGHT! You DO have the ability and the potential to begin creating a Life of plenty in each and every area that you choose to experience it in. You only have to choose to do so.

You deserve success. You are entitled to success. You have the ability to create success. Make the choice to become successful in ALL that you do by beginning to do that which you are PASSIONATE about.

It is our hope for you that your choices will lead you toward living the life of Passion, Joy, Fulfillment, Profound Inner Peace, and Unlimited Prosperity that has already been provided to you and is yours for the asking, in each and every area of YOUR life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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