The Power Of Purpose

The Power Of Purpose Consistently Calls Out And Beckons You To Engage In and Complete What You Were Sent Here To Do

Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose - Living a life of fulfillment and exhilaration is achieved
through discovering, consciously engaging in and living your life on purpose - Chuck Danes

The Power Of Purpose

"There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants,
and a burning desire to possess it."
-Napoleon Hill

How can you know if you're fully experiencing the Power of Purpose in your life?

Although living a life on purpose is expressed in EVERY aspect of your life, there is a little understood and often overlooked area where many fail to fully initiate that power and as a result "believe" themselves to be unable to experience the fullness and limitless rewards that life has to offer.

Although many spend more than a third of their years doing it, it's this area where many, often due to ingrained beliefs concerning it, never engage themselves in fully utilizing and expressing their heartfelt passions and and as a result experiencing the rewards that doing so can provide.

Ask yourself these questions...

  • Do you love your work?

  • Do you wake up excited, anticipating what you GET to do in your vocation?

  • Do you find yourself working more, enjoying it less?

  • Do you dread the time you spend most days at your work place?

  • Do you "tolerate" what it is that you do in your occupation, "believing" that you have no choice?

How you answered those questions, will enable you know if you're exercising and experiencing the Power of Purpose in your life.

The Power Of Purpose cannot be understated. Recognizing, defining and continually moving toward and fulfilling your individual purpose provides a sense of fulfillment that is all too uncommon in today's world.

To fully grasp and understand how and why the Power of Purpose plays such a significant role in your life individually, let’s take a look at what purpose means according to Merriam Webster’s definition…

Main Entry: pur·pose
Function: noun
Pronunciation: 'p&r-p&s
Etymology: Middle English purpos, from Old French, from purposer to purpose, from Latin proponere (perfect indicative proposui) to propose -- more at PROPOUND

1) a : something set up as an object or end to be attained : INTENTION b : RESOLUTION , DETERMINATION

2) : a subject under discussion or an action in course of execution
synonym see INTENTION
- on purpose : by intent : INTENTIONALLY

As you can see from the above definition, the Power of Purpose isn’t something that happens accidentally, it’s achieved intentionally as a result of keeping your Attention focused on your Intention. More specifically your "conscious attention."

The reason that so few discover their individual purpose in life is that they have, through conditioning been programmed to set their intention on something other than their own desired outcome and have allowed others to define what that outcome is and should be for them.

All too often that leads to engaging in a vocation that is not tailored to your specific passions and results in YOU fulfilling someone else's purpose.

Living on Purpose enables and empowers you to to fulfill your individual passions and experience both the sense of wholeness, completion and the material rewards that fulfilling your individual purpose provides.

Far too many go through their entire lives never discovering what their true purpose is. Playing it safe based on traditionally established teachings, allowing our initially held hopes, dreams and desires to become dormant and as a result unattainable due to the beliefs that we allow ourselves to be limited by. We suppress our ability to express our unique and individual talents and preferences based on the advice and the outside opinions of others.

To put the Power Of Purpose in action in your determine and define what your unique and individual purpose for your life is, it’s going to require that you become an independent thinker enabling you to experience an internal paradigm shift from what you have more than likely been conditioned to believe and what the mass majority "perceive" to be necessary and safe based on the mindset of the mass majority.

In a recent CNN poll, 86% of those polled expressed dissatisfaction in their job/career. They lacked the fulfillment that discovering and living their life on purpose provides, playing it safe based on what they had been taught and "believed" was required of them to survive.

Although the majority has bought into this limited way of thinking certainly doesn't make it right and the result is that they will never understand or experience the fulfillment and sense of freedom that discovering the Power of Purpose and more importantly living their life on purpose can and does provide.

Playing it safe...following the status quo will never enable and empower you to discover the life changing power that initiating the Power Of Purpose…your unique and individual purpose...which will enable you to experience the kind and quality of life that is and always has been available to you.

To fully experience the rewards that the Power of Purpose can provide in your life won’t happen by doing what you feel you HAVE to do based on someone else's standards or expectations, but rather by engaging in and taking physical action to fulfill what YOU LOVE and are passionate about doing.

Your ability to fully express yourself through your purpose begins by recognizing and understanding that you may have been conditioned as the mass majority has to “believe” that enjoyment and fulfillment in life is something that happens “occasionally” when the “requirements of obligations and your “work” is complete.

Contrary to what the majority may “perceive” and “believe” to be true, each of us already have everything required to make tremendous things happen in today’s competitive and rapidly evolving world. You may have, based on what you have been conditioned to believe, doubted your ability to get the job done in the past whatever that might be for you individually, but there is always an underlying cause that is often overlooked...some aspect that until now may have slowed your progress, kept you from fully expressing and engaging in your passion and has gotten in the way of your success.

That underlying cause that keeps so many from living on purpose is 100% of the time a belief or beliefs that have been ingrained in them established with regard to it.

To re-discover and consciously initiate the Power of Purpose in your life is to rediscover and begin expressing your unique talents and gifts that were literally encoded into you at a cellular level at birth. It’s about redefining and rediscovering what’s “truly” possible for you individually. Quite simply it's about elevating your belief with regard to the "Infinite Potential" that you already possess enabling you to create and fulfill a quality of life that is quite literally your birthright to experience.

Discovering the Power of Purpose and engaging in something that enables you to begin living your life on purpose allows and enables you to experience those outcomes for yourself.

The key to achievement in life….massive achievement, the ability to experiencing a success uncommon has very little to do with your education or skill level. The secret to accomplishing great things in your life is really quite simple: Contrary to what most have been conditioned to believe, putting aside all the external noise, self limiting beliefs and feedback of others, to discover the true Power of Purpose in your life is as simple and complex as finding and engaging in the kind of work you are meant to do...what you feel truly passionate about which will enable you to discover, engage in and fully live out your unique “purpose.”

When you're living on purpose...fulfilling YOUR purpose...success and fulfillment follows.

Initiating the Power of Purpose in your life isn’t difficult unless YOU allow it to be. Far too many spend the better part of their lives wondering, seeking out, and in many cases never finding their true purpose in life when the reality is that each individual purpose that we as unique beings have, is simply a matter of discovering and engaging in what it is that we are passionate about and taking the necessary action that will enable us to spend the majority of our time doing whatever it is that we love to do. When you make your passions your full time “work” you’ll have found and begin living out your individual purpose.

As Mark Twain put it...

“The secret of success is making a vocation your vacation.” — Mark Twain

The things that you “Love” to do, the passions that make you “feel” energized and alive are clues as to what your true purpose is. Your purpose…your “true” purpose isn’t merely to survive, it’s far more than begrudgingly waking up to the sound of an annoying alarm clock, dragging yourself out of bed to go to an unfulfilling job that you feel you have to do. Engaging in and living your life on purpose is experiencing fulfillment, waking up excited that you GET to do what it is that you do.

For one that may mean raising a family. For another that may mean something entirely different. It doesn’t matter what it might be for you individually…what does matter is that YOU feel whole and fulfilled in whatever it might be.

Engaging your unique talents and individual skills, serving others and providing value to the world while enjoying every minute of it is what the Power of Purpose is all about. Living on purpose is aligning and harmonizing the internal wants, needs and desires that you hold individually, with the physical aspects of you to create outcomes that are both pleasant and rewarding for you and those whose lives it touches and benefits.

We all have things that we love to do, things that we are very good at doing yet only a very small percentage ever make money doing those things.

Why is that? Primarily because the mass majority have been conditioned to believe that doing what you love should be reserved for those times, those rare occasions that there is time left to do whatever it is that you love and are truly passionate about once you finish what it is that you HAVE to do.

When you fall in love with an idea, when you set out to fulfill an ideal that excites you, gets your blood pumping, something that makes you feel truly invigorated and you focus your ATTENTION on it and take action toward it’s fulfillment…NOW you’re on the road to discovering how the Power of Purpose can shift your entire world, your disposition and your circumstances.

It’s not WHAT you do that enables the Power of Purpose to impact your life, but rather HOW you do it and more importantly how you feel about doing it. If your are passionate about what you do…if you’re fulfilling and living out your purpose for which you were sent here to fulfill you’ll give your all to it…you’ll be the best at whatever it is and WILL experience the many rewards that follow.

Success and fulfillment in life holds many different meanings for each individual, each as unique as the individual. Unfortunately many have allowed others…more specifically what success and fulfillment in life means to others to define what it means to them only to find that once attained, that it doesn’t provide what they were conditioned and led to believe that it would.

Case in point…ME. I was led to believe throughout my life that success was defined and achieved by acquiring enough STUFF. You know, a predetermined amount of money, toys and the material things that so many "believe" will make them happy.

I come from a family that didn’t have much. Other than what was needed to survive…to provide the very basics…money was non-existent.

Having this ingrained belief, I set out later in life to make as much of this money as I could. I was bound and determined to become what I “believed” at the time was necessary to achieve what I “perceived” success to be.

In fact I did quite well at it. I made a lot of money. Millions in fact. But once achieved, once I reached this plateau of having this money and STUFF, once I began to think about how much I disliked what I "thought" was required to make this money, it didn’t take me long to figure out that achieving this level of material status wasn’t really success at all.

In fact dislike is a mild word to describe it...I literally grew to hate what I "thought" I had to do to get it!!

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the material luxury's that are available to you, me and everybody. BUT, if you're unhappy and/or unfulfilled in the work that it takes to acquire them, you're not experiencing what it means to live your life on purpose.

The Power of Purpose isn’t and never has been about money. Money is an effect it’s NEVER a cause. Finding and fulfilling your purpose in life is a cause which enables the desired effects to follow. Your individual purpose…your unique reason and purpose for being here, once defined and followed will enable you to experience all the harmony and fulfillment in life that you desire...including "material" stuff.

So why is it that so few discover and fulfill their individual purpose? One big reason is that most have been conditioned to believe that fulfilling individual desires is somehow wrong…selfish in fact. We’ve been predominantly conditioned to believe to put ALL others first and consider ourselves…our wants, needs and desires, as secondary.

The problem with this type of teaching is due to the fact that most don’t understand that everything in life is about resonance...a projection of energy that harmonizes with how we "feel" internally.

What we resonate…meaning the frequency that we project based on the internal "feelings" that we hold determines what we receive back in each and every area of life. If we are resonating based on others wants and needs and not attending to our own, what do you suppose that projected frequency is communicating? As a result, what do you suppose we’ll attract and experience?

Taking care of ourselves "first and foremost" attracts and creates effects....meaning externals in the way of money and other physical outcomes that will enable us to better provide and contribute more to those in our physical world.

What you “feel” inside projects and communicates a frequency on the outside that determines what you’ll attract and experience in each and every area of your life. When you’re living your life on resonance with what you love, you draw more to you to love.

You begin to feel heartfelt gratitude for what you GET to do and as a result of that enhanced way of feeling…this intensified “resonance”...the rewards...materially and otherwise increase exponentially. You begin to experience “the flow” of the Universe rather than the continual resistance that can be and is also evidenced in the various areas of your life that's experienced when you choose to go against "the flow".

When you discover and are working toward putting the Power of Purpose to work in your life consciously and intentionally, things just begin to happen. You begin to effortlessly "attract" your desired outcomes. Events, conditions and circumstances begin to unfold and "show up" that may have previously seemed “impossible, unlikely, illogical and in many cases in ways what might even be perceived as magical.

That's when you'll know and understand fully what it means to be living your life on purpose.

There are no coincidences in your life. Things don't just randomly happen. There exists no external force outside of you that determines what you'll experience in your life.

When you are living on purpose you get in the flow. You begin to resonate and harmonize with desired outcomes and as a result you experience those same outcomes in your life.

It doesn’t matter what undesired experiences you’ve been through in the past. In fact it’s essential that you put those things out of your mind and get focused on experiencing the desired outcomes that lay ahead for you.

The events, conditions and circumstances of the past CAN BE very positive aspects of your life if you'll allow them to be. They can point to disharmonious beliefs and/or actions taken that provide a roadmap of the places to avoid.

Many of the world’s greatest leaders were at one point “perceived” to be and called failures, until they discovered and began fulfilling their unique life purpose.

One of those individuals, prior to fulfilling his purpose and making his ultimate dream a reality, a dream and purpose that has left an amazing legacy behind, filed bankruptcy 8 times prior to it‘s creation. Most would have considered him a failure. His name is Walt Disney.

I can assure you, he didn’t allow the temporary pitfalls to hold him back. He didn’t focus on the things that went wrong or allow the outside opinion of others to squelch his dream and what he inherently knew was possible for himself.

The same holds true for you. Focus on your desired outcome, let go of the past, unlearn the self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs that you have picked up along the way and you’ll know first hand how the Power of Purpose can and will change not only your life but positively impact the lives of countless others.

When you choose an occupation that you love, one that is truly compatible with your preferences, abilities, and unique personality, when you set your mind on it’s fulfillment and begin taking the steps toward it’s creation, you will at last begin to understand the meaning of true happiness, personal success and know first hand how the Power of Purpose can and does shift your entire world.

So, how to YOU begin living YOUR life on purpose?

Discover, define and begin taking the steps that will lead to toward fulfilling your individual and unique purpose and you’ll discover first hand the life transforming power of purpose in each and every area of your life, physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

Whether or not you are currently aware or understand, they are ALL intricately connected and once harmonized will enable you to experience a kind and quality of life that is all too uncommon.

Like everything in life, discovering how and if the Power of Purpose can change your life is a choice that you and you alone must make. It’s our hope as well as our desire for you that you choose to discover and experience for yourself how initiating the Power of Purpose...and choosing to live YOUR life on purpose, can and will enable and empower you to experience the love, joy, fulfillment, and limitless prosperity that is and always has been available to you.

What we personally choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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