The Power Of Detachment

The Power Of Detachment Creates Coherence, Enabling and Allowing The Practical and Even the Seemingly Illogical Desires Of The Heart To Flow To You Effortlessly

The Power Of Detachment

The Power of Detachment is to the fulfillment of your desired outcomes,
just as a flower is detached from it's certain growth and effortless beauty

The Power of Detachment plays a vital and significant role in YOUR ability to successfully attract the deepest and most heartfelt desires of the heart in the physical world.

The level of detachment that is being referred to in this article is not referring to a level of detachment that establishes an "I Don't Care if I get it or not" attitude but rather which resonates with a sense of faith, trust or assurance that once the desired outcome is properly requested, that desired outcome, whatever it may be becomes an "Inner Knowing" that doesn't require further concern as to when or how it will be received.

Through properly implementing the Power of Detachment in any event, condition or circumstance that you desire to experience in your life, you are in effect taking your focus off of NOT HAVING and as a result "allowing" whatever it may be that you desire to be attracted to you.

Attachment to an outcome as to the how and when a desired outcome will be received is in essence placing focus on the lack of or not having which creates a resistance to receiving whatever it might be. The power of detachment on the other hand creates a resonance of "Faith" or "knowing" which as is covered in greater detail in The Law Of Resonance article "allows" the desired outcome to be attracted rather than repelled.

There is never a need to struggle or exert excessive effort whether physically or mentally to create your desired outcome. The main reason so many people fail to receive what is desired is because they are unable to detach or let go from the outcome once the request is made.

By needing an outcome to happen and becoming anxious about it's arrival, the less likely you are of receiving it.

To provide deeper clarity I'll use the following example……..

Let's assume that John has developed an understanding regarding Universal Law , and has an intellectual understanding of The Law Of Attraction . However when John requests a sincere desire that he has, which is monetarily related due to past due bills, because of what he perceives as the urgent nature of receiving the money needed he keeps focused on the lack anxiously looking for the ways and means. In reality he is attached to the outcome.

Since it is done with the focus and intent of fulfilling a lack or filling a void in his current situation, that seems reasonable BUT it is due to that urgency which creates a resonance of anxiety which only slows the manifestation of the desire. Through placing his focus on a "lack of" rather than the "fulfillment of" he is in essence creating for himself more lack in that area.

Knowing and assurance comes as a result of fully understanding who and what you are , the infinite power that has been provided to you, and the promises provided to you to experience "Abundance Overflowing" in your life.

What the vast majority do when confronted with an undesirable situation is focus their attention on it and react rather than respond and take the necessary action to alleviate it. Although the action required in a physical sense may not be known, the internal action, which is simply shifting focus from the problem and seeing it as resolved in your minds eye.

What so many fail to realize is that by placing focus on any given problem they are essentially intensifying and drawing energy of the same vibrational frequency to them that will manifest more of the same into their reality. Whatever your predominant focus is placed on whether it be the lack of or an abundance of, will manifest more of the same.

“Therefore, without attachment do thou always perform action which should be done; for, by performing action without attachment man reaches the Supreme”—III.19.

Energy is neither positive or negative. Energy just is. It is neutral just as the laws that govern it. It doesn't make determinations as to what is experienced it only creates experiences based on your ability and willingness to "consciously" direct your attention.

When you begin to understand and grasp the power that has been provided to you, in reality, there is nothing to have fear, doubt and worry about. There is no need to become attached to any outcome. The Power Of Detachment becomes a natural response.

These states are only experienced as a result of not recognizing this power. Fear doubt and worry are only based on a individual and very self limiting perception based solely and strictly on physical understanding. They happen as a result of allowing your physical eyes to determine what is reality.

This physical understanding which determines what "perception" you hold can and does create physical outcomes that harmonize with the perception that you hold. Experiencing the opposite of a "consciously desired" outcome is known as polarity...the polar opposite of the desired outcome which serves as the measuring device, the barometer if you will which shows that something is in disharmony with the desire being created and experienced.

In many cases experiencing this polar opposite is due to an "Attachment" to the outcome. When you learn to use the The Power Of Detachment, you'll begin to see those desires unfold in your life.

Attachment and Detachment Both Create An Energy Vibration

There are higher rates of vibration or lower rates of vibration. When we experience the higher rates of vibration we feel good, when we experience lower rates of vibration we feel bad and experience results that are harmonious with and based on the vibratory output that we emanate and project as a result.

During these experiences of lower vibrational experience is when it is extremely important to place ourselves in a state of detachment.

When we are in a state of detachment we are not effected one way or the other, we are "anxious for nothing" and "grateful for everything" and in so being we are raising the vibrational intensity of the projected energy and remain in the flow with a constant state of energy absent polarity and as a result a constant flow of energy flows resulting in a constant influx of physical manifestations based on what we are projecting.

Polarity still exists, it is only our perception, what we place our predominant focus on which determines which end of the spectrum of polarity that we will experience in the physical world.

Polarity only exists as a means for you to be enabled to fully experience your life.

Just like with a battery it takes a positive and a negative pole to create the energy which powers the battery, or provides it with the energy necessary which transfers through that which you are using the battery for. If a battery only had a positive pole it wouldn't be able to power that which it was intended to power. It takes a negative and a positive pole to make it operate. In the same way polarity is necessary for the world to exist. It takes the masculine as well as the feminine for the world to operate. The male the female, what is perceived as the good or the bad, the right or the wrong, the up or the down, the joy and the sadness, etc. etc.

If you were never to experience sadness you wouldn't know what it was like to experience joy. You would have no comprehension of what joy was if that were all that existed. If you place focus on and are attached to what you perceive as the negative polarity, all that you can draw to you is that which you perceive as negative. If you choose to place focus only on the positive end of polarity, you will draw to you that which you perceive as the positive.

This is why detachment to ANY outcome experienced in life is so important. True detachment is being grateful and learning to express heartfelt gratitude for any experience in life. This becomes much easier to do when you are able to understand and come to the place of accepting responsibility for the outcome and realizing that you have the power to create whatever the experience might be.

What could you possibly be grateful for in what are perceived as the "Bad" outcomes in life? The fact that all things are a result of consciousness and it is the quality of consciousness that you held at some time in the past which created the event, condition and circumstance which you are currently experiencing. This outcome however you might currently "perceive" it didn't happen as some random external force that you have no control over but rather a creation that YOU created through your mindset.

It is designed to show and guide you to change the consciousness which created it and shift that quality of consciousness to create the desired outcome.

So many today fail to "consciously" create "desired" results due to many "Traditionally Established FALSE Beliefs" that it takes hard work or some form of doing on your part to produce desired results.

While it's true that action is necessary in most cases, where most fail is by taking action based on traditionally established false beliefs, becoming anxious and frustrated and in essence block out the guidance and direction that is being provided which would produce the desired outcome with FAR less physical effort.

They fail to understand that all outcomes, all things physical are at their core "pure energy" and the energy that they resonate is all that is required to attract energy of a harmonious vibrational frequency which WILL and DOES create the outcome in physical form 100% of the time without fail. Without the self awareness that our thoughts are the energy which will attract the ways and means to fulfill our desired outcomes we tend to do and as a result forget or overlook altogether the fact that it is the inner beingness which creates external outcomes and not the doingness.

Detachment means projecting the "desire" energy knowing that we have done all that is necessary on our part with the exception of remaining open to receiving the how, the ways and means that will show up and make the desired outcome a "physical reality."

Learn to detach form the "perceived" negatives that you experience. Develop the awareness that it is you...your perceptions which determine your experience. Initiate the Power of Detachment "consciously and consistently" and you'll experience first hand the creative power provided to you to begin experiencing a life filled with Joy, Fulfillment, Profound Inner Peace and Limitless Prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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