The Awakening, Revealing And Potentially Life Changing Power Of

((( "I AM" )))

Become Conscious Of What You Are Creating Through "I AM" And You'll Have Discovered Yet Another "NOT So Secret", Secret for Experiencing Real Harmony And Fulfillment In EVERY Aspect Of Your Life

You ARE the light of the world. What you proclaim through your verbalizations of I AM exposes, illuminates and clearly reveals the underlying cause which initiates the creative process, producing EVERY event, condition and circumstance in YOUR life just as you proclaim and "believe" it will…without fail and with unwavering certainty.

What is this creative power of I AM and equally as important how exactly can you begin to consciously and intentionally utilize it in YOUR life to begin experiencing your fondest dreams and desires?

As you've discovered through exploring and becoming "aware" of the various Power Principles , there are varying degrees, or stages which exist that enable the creative process.

The Power Of I AM, once understood, provides yet another "profoundly empowering" and quite enlightening bit of awareness that will, with unwavering certainty assist you in seemingly "miraculous" ways, when recognized and "consciously applied" enable and empower you to begin creating and experiencing a kind and quality of life is available to all but that far too few have the good fortune or the awareness to experience.

I can assure you that "good fortune" or "bad fortune" is nothing more or less than a choice limited only by the depth and quality of awareness that you choose for yourself.

Becoming "consciously aware" of The Power Of I AM and the crucial role it plays in every aspect of your life will serve as another tool in your arsenal of knowledge which if applied will enable and empower you to begin "consciously, purposefully and intentionally" charting your course and experiencing "good fortune" in every area of your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

So how is it that the words I AM determine, affect and alter your physical experience?

From a strictly physical perspective, when you begin to become conscious of the words which follow I AM in your day to day interactions, you will begin to see the interconnectedness between those words and the events, conditions and circumstances unfolding in the various aspects of your life.

You will begin to become more consciously aware of the underlying thought processes which initiate the verbal expressions following I AM which will heighten your awareness as to how and why your individual life experiences are unfolding and producing the results that you are and have experienced at some point in the past.

Through developing this understanding you will become enabled and encouraged to become more conscious of it's use and as a result enhance your future outcomes.

As is covered in depth in the Universal Laws article , the words you speak, which are for the most part determined by your predominant thoughts and beliefs, are in essence a form of projected energy which activates the Law Of Attraction and attracts to itself energies of a harmonious vibrational frequency. This attraction process, which initiates the Law Of Growth resulting in the creation of the physical events, conditions and circumstances experienced in your life.

The underlying thoughts and beliefs which serve as the source for your spoken words can become easily recognizable and adjusted if necessary to harmonize with the attraction of your desired outcomes.

Source NEVER says no but only provides outcomes...physical and otherwise of YOUR choosing.

This choosing is done at the level of the subconscious mind where deeply embedded beliefs are stored which serves as the communication device with Source, whatever you might perceive Source to be, and determines with unwavering certainty what you are creating and what you will attract and experience in your life based only on and determined by the kind and quality of that communication.

You have been provided an inalienable right of free will to think, speak and act in any way that YOU choose.

What is it that you are choosing and claiming for yourself?

Is it...

I AM always broke

I AM sick and tired

I AM...

Creation always begins at the unseen level. Although you may not have the capacity from a physical perspective to see, feel, hear, taste and smell this "unseen" realm, something is ALWAYS in the process of being created. Creation NEVER rests. It is constant, unfailing, unwavering.

Your inability to experience this process of creation with the limitations of the 5 physical human senses is what separates most from the understanding and awareness that is necessary to begin "consciously" creating desired results.

What you have thought, spoken and acted upon at some point in the past is being played out in physical your the here and now.

If what you are currently experiencing are "less than desired" outcomes, it is only due to what you have been asking for whether that asking is being done "consciously" or "unconsciously."

One vitally important place to become "conscious" of is what it might be that you are proclaiming yourself to be. What are you verbalizing? What commands are you projecting? What words follow I AM?

To begin creating different results it's necessary to change the thoughts, beliefs, words and actions that serve as "the seed" and have created those conditions.

It's what is referred to as becoming "conscious of your consciousness" and changing that which you discover is "disharmonious" and creating the polar opposite of what it is that you desire to experience.

For every creation there is a seed...a cause. Universal Law or what I like to refer to as The Perfect Plan NEVER fails or wavers. It is eternal. It exists in all things. It always has and always will exist and continue to operate with unwavering and predictable certainty.

The key for many is first of all to become "consciously aware" of how and why it works the way it does and once understood, begin to "consciously" harmonize your thought, word and deed with it's immutable and unwavering power which initiates the creative process that will without fail begin to produce what most would "perceive" to be miracles.

Make no mistake...

Creation is ALWAYS a miracle. Your life is a miracle. YOU are a miracle. Every event, condition and circumstance experienced in your life is a miracle...a creation which is derived from and made possible due to a "seed." The kind and quality of the experienced miracle is limited only by the kind and quality of the seed that YOU choose to plant and nurture.

The words that you speak which follow I AM can prove to be a valuable clue in determining what "seeds" you are planting and ALWAYS determine the kind and quality of miracles you are creating.

If you are not creating and experiencing the "desired" outcomes you merely need to become conscious of and shift the mindset...the paradigms...your perceptions with regard to "reality" and your reality will take on new form...miraculously.

What follows the words I AM serve as the barometer with regard to what you are thinking and believing at some level which in turn determines what will be experienced in the physical YOUR life.

The process of creation, once understood and looked at from a deeper perspective than what can be seen and experienced in "physical form" is simplicity in itself.

It's not, nor ever has it been complicated. In fact it is simplicity in itself. What makes it "appear" as difficult to believe and apply is only due to what you have allowed yourself to "believe" and accept as truth at the conscious and/or subconscious level with regard to how and why your life works and unfolds the way it does.

When you become "aware" of it, you can then choose and begin to consciously, intentionally and purposefully changing the creative seeds which are producing the harvest, or not.

It's ALL about choice. It's ALL about free will. It's ALL about energy. The energy that you choose to project is within your control. With this being "true", what you experience in EVERY aspect of your life is also within your control.

The Power Of I AM will become clearly evident to you once you make the choice to become "conscious of" and shift the I AM's that are "unconsciously" being projected which you discover are disharmonious with your consciously desired outcomes which are, have been and will continue into infinity, creating your physical reality unless and until you make a "conscious choice" to change them.

Align and harmonize what you are claiming for yourself through the Power Of I AM with what you have a "conscious desire" to experience and you will begin to see those desires fulfilled in your physical world.

The process NEVER fails...It CANNOT. You only need to make an unshakable commitment to become more "conscious" and aware of how and why this is true and begin to think, speak and act in ways that solidify your underlying "belief" in that which you most desire to experience and that which you desire will be experienced just as you "believe" it will.

Become Conscious Of What You Are Creating Through "I AM" And You'll Have Discovered Yet Another "Secret" To Experiencing Harmony And Fulfillment In EVERY Aspect Of Your Life

Doing so is a choice that will prove to change the entire course of your life physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

Whatever choices you might choose to make, it is our sincere and heartfelt hope for you that those choices might lead you one step closer to a life experience of fulfillment, joy, profound inner peace and limitless prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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