Here's How YOU Can Separate Yourself from the World's Money Problems Once and For All

Money Problems Stem From Ignorance aka A Lack of Education and Awareness Regarding What Money Truly Is, HOW It Works and WHY It Does...or Doesn't


In this day and age, you hear the words "money problems" A LOT.

I have a difficult time understanding WHY since "money problems" are eliminated by "choosing to get the "right kind" of money education.

I'm going to be revealing spite of the "world's Money Problems" YOU can engage and APPLY a Short and Long Term Solution that will enable You to thrive financially, regardless of what's going on "Out There."

To DO that it's going to be necessary to talk about YOU, money, the State of the Economy and what you can DO starting right now to protect yourself from what many are referring to as "money problems."

Yes, we're going to talk "money." Not for the sake of money in and of itself, but rather the importance of understanding what MONEY truly is, the value it has (or doesn't have) and KNOWING how the money machine works.

Let's face facts. EVERYONE "claims" to WANT more money yet FEW have the KNOWLEDGE to acquire, let alone KEEP what so many "claim to want."

To DO that REQUIRES understanding what money "truly is", how it works, what drives the "money machine" and WHY, in MANY cases, money can "seem so hard" to come by.

It may or may not apply to you, but it CERTAINLY applies to MOST.

You may or may not appreciate what I'm going to say next, but I'm not here and don't do what I do because I'm out to win a popularity contest.

I'm here because it's my "Soul Purpose" to share a Higher Truth than MOST are aware of. I personally believe that you, I and EVERYONE else on this planet are entitled to KNOW the truth.

The fact is, many DON'T, simply because the "truth" can be easily masked. When you discover the "truth" about money, initially it can be painful too. Just as it has throughout history, the "truth" can be and often is opposed initially by those who "think they know" what the truth is.

The truth about money problems and what's "truly going on in the worlds monetary system can initially stir and create a LOT of anger too.

German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer said it best...

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. - Arthur Schopenhauer

The following FACTS are proven and substantiated and thankfully becoming more and more self evident to more and more people ALL around the world.

More and more, people are waking up and realizing WHAT has taken place.

Money Problems stem from ignorance a.k.a. A Lack of Awareness of what money truly is, what drives the money machine and WHY It works...or doesn't work.

If you're like MOST, the current "money systems" that are in place are NOT working for you as well as you'd like them to. Since it applies to MOST, chances are good that you experience money problems from time to time, or at the very least don't HAVE (and THINK you CAN'T have) the amount of money that you'd LOVE to have.

You CAN...should you "choose" to become aware of and DO what's necessary to "prove to yourself" that you CAN.

In today's world, you hear the term "money problems" or "a lack of money" more now, than any time in history. Yet it "seems as if" wages are higher and that we're making more money now than any other time in history.

Since that's "true", WHY do there "seem to be" SO MANY with "Money Problems?"

The words money and "problem" need NOT go together at all. Not for you or anyone else.

What we "think we know" about MONEY combined with the way we've been programmed, conditioned and indoctrinated to "get our share" is the "real Problem" and what KEEPS so many from DOING just that.

That's WHY so many "believe" that MONEY is hard to come by and because of THAT, HOW and WHY so many have unknowingly and unintentionally become "literal slaves" to the Money Machine.

Let's get and be VERY CLEAR about a VITALLY IMPORTANT fact regarding "MONEY"...

Money was designed, created and intended
to serve humanity NOT vice versa.

What follows is going to assist you in not only acquiring an "uncommon understanding" about MONEY, but is going to reveal in very simple and easy to digest language, how to eliminate any "potential money problems" for you in the future.

It begins with the "right kind of knowledge" which enhances "awareness" which in turn blots out and transforms ignorance into into a way of thinking, speaking and acting that PROVIDES what so many WANT yet which few actually receive.

It's NOT because we CAN'T. It's because we CHOOSE not to. Granted, MOST don't realize they ARE choosing, but they ARE.

The bottom line is, I'm going to reveal and SHOW you how and WHY money can "serve you" rather than you serving it. I'm also going to reveal HOW and WHY so many have "needlessly" become "Money Slaves."

First I'm going to disclose some facts. They're FACTS that will reveal how VITALLY important it is and is going to be to THINK, BELIEVE, KNOW and DO things differently than MOST do IF you ever hope to "break the chains of financial bondage" and get into the position of enabling and allowing "money" to DO what it was deigned, created and INTENDED to do...

...Provide YOU with a "very specialized" form of knowledge and education that will enable YOU to learn HOW to allow money to Serve YOU rather than YOU serving IT.

I'll warn you up front, if you're like MOST, the FACTS I'll be sharing, can, and initially DO "seem to be" VERY troubling, unsettling and scary. If you're like MOST, chances are GREAT that you'll become quite angered initially, once you're made aware of the Money Facts that follow.

They're troubling for sure, certainly unsettling but they don't have to be scary, nor need they anger you, because there's a short and long term "solution" to ANY and EVERY "money problem" that ANYONE can USE once they're "aware of it."

The articles listed to the right are structured in the best way I know to reveal FACTS that can eliminate any "money problems" or a "lack of money from your life starting right now.

The information in and of itself won't do you a bit of good "unless and until" you DO something with it.

Contrary to widespread "belief and opinion", knowledge is NOT power. The application of "true knowledge"...accurate knowledge and "substantiated knowledge" is what yields Real Power.

Anything else is illusion.

If you're "truly ready" to learn, explore, understand and apply the knowledge regarding MONEY and where you fit into the "bigger scheme" of things, the information provided will enable you to DO just that.

Let's start by understanding why it "seems as if" money doesn't go as far as it once did.

Perhaps it will provide you with the starting place to enable and empower you to eliminate any "money problems" you might be experiencing and enable you to get and KEEP the amount of "money" that you'd personally LOVE to have.

The journey starts here.

The first step is becoming "aware of" and understanding the intentional plot designed to enable the DEVALUATION of Currency to happen.

I'm Finished With Money Problems
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I'm Finished With Money Problems
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