Reality Check

If It's TRULY You're Heart's Desire and You're Serious About Experiencing an Extraordinary Quality of Life, But You're Not, Perhaps It's
Time (or Maybe Even Way Past Time) to
Do an Honest and Revealing Reality
Check So You CAN

How about taking just a few "potentially transformational"
minutes for yourself Right Here, Right Now?

Reality Check - the Light and Dark Side
Reality Check. There IS, always has been and is always going to be a dark and a light side to life. Fear calls forth shadows and darkness. Love illuminates. Are you doing EVERYTHING you possibly can for yourself and others to intensify the light, or doing as many of the Blind (and even MANY who "think" they're Spiritually Aware) DO (which is NOTHING) and remain "seemingly trapped" and limited by all the Shadows, Darkness and the fear it sustains? - Chuck Danes

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be
our doubts of today.”
— Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The Reality Check was written with ONE intention and for ONE purpose.

To assist you in BEING, DOING and/or HAVING more of what you LOVE in life.

The single quickest and most effective way to "get that done" is through learning to look at and SEE life and ALL that happens during yours in a more "loving and accepting" kind of way...regardless of where you're starting from or what you might move through.

That's what Reality Check CAN assist you in doing...understanding the importance of "loving and accepting MORE" and in the process, fearing, resisting, fretting and worrying less.

I certainly cannot "promise or guarantee" that the Reality Check will provide YOU with more of what YOU love and desire. I can't because ultimately, that's up to YOU. The Reality Check provides a proven, never failing and no nonsense way to get what you "truly desire more of in life"...REGARDLESS of what your desire/s might be, but it's you who must choose to "internalize and APPLY" what follows.

Although I can't KNOW if it will assist you, here's what I do KNOW. A choice to internalize and APPLY what Reality Check conveys, CAN enable and empower you to break the shackles of the "prisoner of your mind" syndrome which so many are inflicted with and limited by. Although I have no desire to MAKE or FORCE you to read, believe, or DO anything with the information that Reality Check conveys, it's intended to show you the way to become truly empowered, start engaging in and living your highest purpose and creating an extraordinary quality of life in the process.

Regardless if you're a "worldly minded DOER", a spiritually minded "seeker", or a combination of both, Reality Check CAN assist you in not only finding, but MASTERING what I like to refer to as the razor's edge.

This razors edge I'm referring to is the fine line that exists between infinite possibility and potential and what are often referred to as the cold hard facts of life.

Both "seem" real, yet it's a long ago substantiated fact that only one is. Reality is created in mind and actuality is the space/place from where everything conceived in mind comes from.

The greatest possible reality is realized via mastering your ability to "consciously harmonize" your mind with whatever it is that you love and desire most.

How much or how little we receive of what we "love and desire", is determined by 2 factors, each of which we ALL are engaged in every moment of every day...

What you're BEING and DOING in any given moment.

There's a common denominator that applies equally to ALL.

What we're BEING in any given moment, determines how we think, what we do, how well or poorly we do it and inevitably, what we receive in life. There's another common factor we as humans share, regardless of age, ethnicity, country of origin, gender, level of spiritual awareness, or where we are in life, it's this.

We ALL have a desire to BE, DO and/or HAVE more of something.

The MORE you desire for yourself (or others) may be very different than that of another. But the fact remains. As individuals and as a collective species, there's always something more that we'd LOVE to BE, DO or HAVE more of.

It's often said and widely taught by those who have an "uncommonly expansive awareness" regarding life, what moves us through or keeps us from whatever our desires might be, is ourselves.

That doesn't mean we intentionally, or single handedly, limit or sabotage success for ourselves or others.

Although not often written about, thought about and seldom taught, we're kept from our "more" due to BEING fearful of, and as a result placing too much focus and emphasis on, (or in some cases, remaining completely oblivious to) the shadows and darkness that ARE a VERY REAL part of physical life.

Like it or not, life is not all lovey, dovey, warm and fuzzy. We'd LOVE for it to be, but the reality is it's NOT.

What are often viewed as "bad things" DO happen to "good" people. I say "viewed" as bad, only because "less than desired things" CAN BE viewed that way, just as they can be looked at differently. Doing so in the most beneficial kind of way, requires understanding that things don't happen TO us. Things happen THROUGH us. Whatever we move THROUGH, is to some degree, a reflection of ourselves. The degree to how we VIEW things, is determined by what's happening within us.

Like it, love it, or not, that's the reality.

There are dark minded people in the world. No point in sugar coating it. Narcissistic sociopaths are a very real part of this world. There are those in the world who hold very dark intentions for humanity. As a result, these "beings" create events, conditions and circumstances in the world around us that DO NOT serve us as individuals or the masses in ANY way, shape or form. There are MANY in the world who's agendas are self serving at best.

The key to how we view, deal with or ignore these "beings" or the many less than desirable scenarios that they DO create, stems from one of 2 choices...

    Coming form a place of love

    Coming from a place of fear

As I've said for MANY years, FEAR is programmed and Love is inherent. This FEAR is programmed into the mind and LOVE is inherent in our hearts.

The reality is, most fears are imagined. The Higher Truth is, in the "infinite space" that I've referred to as Actuality, no fear nor duality exists. Love is all there is in fact.

Yet due to what we've "learned and believe to be true, combined with the fact that there ARE people in the world "out there" who hold less than noble intentions, the "love is all there is" statement is often perceived by MOST as airy, fairy, foo foo nonsense.

Although it's NOT, that's what MOST believe.

That brings us to a VITALLY IMPORTANT fact that MUST be known and understood if we're to rise above the fear, doubt and worry that so many "enable and allow" to limit them, so we might achieve well beyond the "norm."

The Mind is a Faithful Servant but a Terrible Master.

The reason WHY the mind is a terrible servant, is simply because, in the vast majority of cases, our minds have been, and in fact are being, "programmed" with fear.

There are many ways that fear is programmed into the mind. Sometimes it's done intentionally and in other ways it's quite unintentional.

Much of the unintentional "fear based" indoctrination we receive comes from those we love and respect. More often than not, it's these people in our lives, who are "doing what they feel is best for us." We trust them, learn from them and "allow" them to help us define what's true or not.

What we don't often do is realize that in MANY cases, those we love, trust, learn from and believe, have done the same as we ourselves do. They too have "learned" from someone who they "loved, trusted and believed." What they were taught and believe to be a "better way", in nearly EVERY case, don't know what a "better way" is themselves.

They may honestly believe it's a better way, yet they themselves are unaware of the BEST way. We often take at face value, what those who we love and trust teach us.

Then, there are those who "intentionally and with dark and/or self serving motives" program us with fear. The motive behind this intentional programming, is carried out knowing that the "less mindful" masses will follow their lead and "comply" with how they want things done. It's a dark and self serving way of getting the masses to respond or react, and/or to get and stay in line. It's done so those unsuspecting "line formers" do whatever it might be that the dark minded/self serving" "want done", or in some cases, demand that we do.

Point being, whether we're "intentionally" or "unintentionally" programmed with fear, it's a way of BEING that steals, suppresses, kills and destroys the desires that reside in our hearts.

That's why getting out of our heads and into our hearts is SO vitally important.

When you utilize the heart as your inner compass and the mind as the tool that enables you to take the steps and complete the journey where your heart is pointing and encourages you to go, amazing things happen.

We ALL have the ability to tune into our hearts. In many more cases than not, prior to these "amazing things" becoming a part of our reality, the mind must be expanded first. We all KNOW in our heart of hearts what we'd love to be, do and/or have more of. Yet our minds are often programmed to the degree where the "how to get them" becomes buried beneath layer upon layer of various fears. The very things that keep our "desires" from becoming real.

It's the mind that limits us and keeps the desires of the heart from becoming real.

Oftentimes, learned, programmed and conditioned FEARS, keep us from DOING that.

To keep things as simple as possible, let's look at the RECEIVING of whatever it is that YOU desire to BE, DO and/or HAVE more of as "success", however you define that, and the NOT RECEIVING of whatever it is as FAILURE.

Success is not an accident and as we covered briefly in Power of a Reality Check, it's certainly not the result of luck, fate or chance. Both success and failure are a product of mind. What is perceived as failure to one, is viewed by another as success.

But in order to unlock whatever your personal definition of success might be - you need the right key.

Many will tell you that this key and where it all begins is mindset. It is on one level, yet on another, it's NOT. The mind is nothing more or less than a data storage and processing tool. The quality of data that runs through our minds is, in a very literal kind of way, an effect. All effects finds their ROOT in a deeper cause.

In one sense, mindset is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for attaining SUCCESS, yet in another sense it isn't important at all. Although how and what you think and believe is VERY important in determining results, mindset isn't where your thoughts, beliefs or "tangible results" BEGIN.

Love is the key and fear is the lock.

Mindset, beliefs and thoughts are nothing more and nothing less than EFFECTS of yet a deeper cause.

There's something "deeper" going on which is the ONLY reason why thoughts, beliefs and mindset either align and harmonize, or conflict with any "heartfelt desire" and the materialization of whatever the desire might be.

This "Deeper Thing" That Serves as the Foundation That Each Aspect of Your Life is Built Upon Is Called Awareness

We're all aware of something. Some are aware of and engage in things that limit them and ignite fear, while others are aware of and engage in things that enable them to live the life they love.

But we cannot be aware of anything that falls outside of what we've learned or experienced.

Or CAN we?

What you're aware of and what you choose to DO WITH that awareness, whether shallow, superficial and life draining, or expansive, vast and life enhancing, is what determines the quality of your mindset, which is reflected into EVERY aspect of your life experience.

Your level of awareness is in great part determined by the kind and quality of your beliefs. The thoughts which the mind processes, determines the quality of your mindset. As it pertains to you personally, it all...and I do mean ALL, starts with awareness which is the "cause" and determines the kind and quality of your life.

The key phrase in that sentence is STARTS with awareness. Awareness isn't the BE ALL, end all in the way that MANY teach it, nor as most view it. Awareness is of VITAL IMPORTANCE, yet in and of itself it can't and doesn't produce "tangible and measurable" results.

The fact of the matter is, there are MANY who "think and believe" they're quite aware, although the quality of that awareness is oftentimes the VERY THING that limits and keeps them from thinking, speaking and acting in such a way that enables them to HAVE what it is that they DO desire.

Case in point...

Some "believe that having the awareness and holding the right mindset means creating a dream board and visualizing their dream life into being. Some see it as "positive thinking." Others believe that "mindset" means chanting mantras, holding a specific intention, focusing intently on the fulfillment of the desire, yet all the while, in their MIND, they're still WANTING and/or TRYING really hard to believe something is true.

While each of those examples are "mindsets" of sorts, they ARE NOT necessarily (and in MOST cases are definitely NOT) the kind of mindset that enables you to BE, DO and/or HAVE what you desire more of.

The kind of "mindset" that opens the floodgates is the kind that's "truly aligned and harmonized", in an all level kind of way, with the fulfillment of whatever the desire might be.

Visualizing, remaining "consciously focused, meditation, etc. are "means to a "desirable end", yet in and of themselves cannot and do not provide tangible and measurable results.

There is no "faking mindset." You CAN fake it, want to believe something, or "sorta kinda" believe something, and MANY...MOST in fact, do just that.

But that's nothing more than a mask. It's being disingenuous with yourself and certainly NOT a transparent approach.

Regardless of what "mask" you or someone else might choose to wear, your thoughts, words, actions and the "tangible results" you're receiving, reveal what's "truly happening" at the deepest levels within yourself.

WANTING to believe or "pretending" that you believe something different than you "TRULY Do", isn't the kind of "belief or mindset" that provides the kind of results that EVERYONE wants either.

A form of "uncommon awareness" that transcends "belief" is a KNOWING that all is well...unconditionally.

When you enable and allow yourself to get to the place where you KNOW that all is well...REGARDLESS, you're well on your way down the "Real Freedom and Real Liberation" path.

KNOWING that "all is well" and that "All things work for a greater good", frees up and replenishes the energy that stress, fear, doubt, worry and anxiety take away. It's a mindset...a KNOWING that enables you to think, speak and act in the most effective and efficient ways...regardless.

Anything short of KNOWING that, is what creates "resistance to what is" which is the "polar opposite" of maintaining a mindset and a way of BEING on ALL levels, which is "aligned and harmonized" with the desired outcome.

Because so many either have no idea of how vitally important an aligned and harmonized mindset is, as well as just as many who honestly believe that mindset alone will provide anything and everything they could possibly hope for in life, a Reality Check is in order.

Although I've chosen the title Reality Check, what we're covering here, could perhaps have been more accurately titled, Awareness Expander.

This expansion of awareness that the Reality Check provides, isn't limited to esoteric concepts. In fact, quite the opposite. Many VERY spiritually minded people honestly believe that awareness is limited to the "unseen", however you might define that.

In the same way, many worldly minded DOERS "believe" that DOING in and of itself is the only way to GET a desire fulfilled.

It's NOT!!

why allow shadows and darkness

As you'll discover soon, there are MANY spiritually minded people who honestly believe that being aware of "spiritual concepts" alone will provide them with the tangible and measurable results that make the "physical aspects of life" abundant, whole, complete and overflowing.

That's why so many are "waiting for God" to provide them with whatever their hearts desire might be. As those who believe in and have "tried that way" of DOING things will tearfully tell you, "God said NO" or it "must not have been in God's will."

Before we get into the meat of Reality Check, I have 2 quick questions to ask, that I hope you'll give some consciously focused and serious thought to.

1) Where are you right now and where do you truly desire to be?

2) If where you are is "seemingly stuck" in a place that you're not experiencing the kind of life you "Truly Desire", whether tangibly or intangibly, what do you think is keeping you from it?

As individuals (and on a larger scale, as a human species), we're each in different places. I'm not referring to "places" in the geographical sense of the word, but rather in a "belief and thinking" place that we all occupy 24/7/365.

The quality of our beliefs and the predominant way in which we think is what determines our mindset.

Because of this "believing and thinking space" that we ALL DO occupy ALL of the time, we find ourselves in "seemingly different" places in life. The sad reality is, MOST are "seemingly stuck" where they don't WANT to be, all the while hoping, wishing and praying that something or someone would change, so they could be somewhere else, have something more, or do something different, so they might "finally arrive" at where they think and believe that they "truly desire" to be.

Beneath all the superficial desires of "more money", a "better job", more wholesome and fulfilling relationships or more time freedom, lies the Real Reason WHY we WANT these things.

It's because we THINK that acquiring these "things" will enable us to be happy, content and fulfilled.

That's a backwards approach that the "unaware" often strive to reach. Some spend their entire lives DOING that, yet never receive or experience even a fraction of what they "think and believe" this way of "doing things" will provide.

Granted, HAVING these "tangible things" can and no doubt does make life more exciting and wholesome. But in order to HAVE THEM and KEEP them long term, it's necessary to align and harmonize what's going on INSIDE with whatever it might be that you desire to SEE on the outside.

Then you must TAKE ACTION and DO THINGS on the outside, in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with what's going on "inside."

If there's one thing that Reality Check will reveal, it's the fact that your AWARENESS is were EVERYTHING begins. The expansiveness or limited nature of your "awareness" determines how much you'll experience. Our level of awareness not only determines the quality of our beliefs and thoughts, it also determines what we do, how we do it as well as the quality (and quantity) of that doing, ALL of which determine the kind and quality of tangible results that we experience as we go through life.

In that way, it "seems as if" we are EACH in "different places", but we're not. The destination that we're headed toward as well as where we end up is really one and the same. What we have and receive as we're walking this ONE PATH together, is a direct reflection of what we're BEING.

The reason WHY a multilevel form of awareness is so important is because in the world, there are those who use their "mindset" to create darkness and shadows, just as there are those who "shine their light." Darkness and shadows are just as real and just as prevalent in the tangible world of shape and form, just as The Light is.

How we perceive that light or darkness humanly speaking, is the determining factor as to how much light or darkness we'll go through.

Here's what many "spiritually minded" people have difficulty grasping...

The shadows, darkness and less than desirable events unfolding in the "world" are just as "spiritual" as the good, which is often referred to as "Light."

Put another way, EVERY event, condition, circumstance, person, place or thing in the world is sacred. It DOES NOT matter how you view, judge and label him, her or it, the Higher Truth is, EVERYTHING is sacred.

That's bound to raise some eyebrows and maybe even generate some hate mail. Regardless, it's true. Immutably, unwaveringly and eternally "true" in fact. The reason WHY is simple, even though it may not "seem that way" right now.

Here's WHY that's true...

The GOOD, the BAD and EVERYTHING in between is the result of "consciousness."

We can "choose" to become and remain ignorant and blind to one, just as easily as we can "choose" to become keenly aware and informed of the vitally important role that BOTH play in our lives.

That applies at both the physical and spiritual/metaphysical level.

The quality of your "consciousness", which you, I and EVERYONE else "chooses", determines the kind and quality of your "chosen way" of BEING.

How can you KNOW what you're BEING?

If you have ANY form of lack and limitation in ANY area of your life, you are in essence, either ignorant and blind to the ways, means, answers and solutions that resolve it, or you're NOT applying what you DO already know.

You CAN BE spiritually literate in an "intellectual kind of way", yet materially poor. You CAN BE materially well off and spiritually bankrupt. You can also become the kind of person who effectively blends physical, financial and spiritual abundance, and experience a quality of life that MOST never will, simply because they have no idea HOW, or that they even can.

Regardless of which path you're on or which you'll choose at some future point in time, it all boils down to how "aware" you are. How much are you "allowing" your mind to expand, or how are you limiting it. That "choice" plays a MAJOR ROLE in, and IN FACT determines what you're BEING, believing, thinking, speaking and DOING.

What We're Feeling, Doing, Having and SEEING is ALWAYS in ALL WAYS a Direct Reflection of What We're BEING

Our diverse ways of being range from being extremely busy, cynical, "life is a grind" pessimists, to optimistic, informed and truly fulfilled realists who consistently experience what I like to refer to as a truly liberated quality of life.

Put another way, each one of us has our own unique way of SEEING and BEING in the world, resulting from a unique, deeply ingrained (and habitual) pattern if you will, that speeds up, slows down, or keeps the materialization of our "heartfelt desires" from happening at all.

In addition, we each have our own unique views, beliefs and perceptions with regard to what's necessary or not necessary to manifest the greatest possible results in the simplest, quickest and most efficient way possible.

Some have a preference for more of an esoteric understanding for evolving and expanding our spiritual passion and power. Others prefer a more intellectual "scientific" approach. There are also those who choose to remain TOTALLY unaware of and oblivious to the fact that there's far more to be known and understood about life and how it all works than what we're taught in our education systems, our places of worship, via news venues and CERTAINLY what our "governments" CLAIM is true.

There's DEFINITELY far more to know, understand, experience and benefit from than meets the eye. That's one of the biggest problems health and success seekers face. They have a tendency to enable and allow what they hear, learn, believe and see to determine their realities.

ALL physical THINGS FIND THEIR ROOT IN what we'll be referring to as the spiritual/metaphysical realm. The quality of our experience as we navigate down whatever our chosen life paths might be, is determined by how "aware" we are of this space/place.

Some have their head so far in the clouds that they can't seem to take the "tangible steps" which are necessary to arrive at where we ALL truly desire to be.

Others have their feet so firmly planted on the ground, they overlook the importance of DOING what truly needs to be done to enable and allow their "physical actions" to become as effective as they can, and provide what they "think" their DOING will create.

The Reality Check is intended to reveal, in clear, simple and easy to understand language, how, both 21st century cutting edge scientific discoveries and a more esoteric understanding of HOW and WHY life turns out as it does, aren't nearly as different, divided or separate as many "think" they are.

The FACT is, they BOTH play a vitally important role in dissecting, examining, and becoming "keenly aware of" how to enable and allow life to BECOME all that we hope it CAN become.

Perhaps the single most important (and transformational) thing that Reality Check will do, is assist you in seeing and understanding the difference between what 21st century science (quantum physics) refers to as a subjective and an objective reality.

This is a significant thing to grasp, understand and become "keenly aware" of, because, what are often thought of and referred to as "timeless esoteric philosophies", actually support and validate the accuracy and significance of what many 20th and 21st century scientists have discovered regarding the nature of reality.

In the same way, the latest, greatest and most cutting edge scientific discoveries support and validate what the ancient's have been writing about and conveying for thousands and thousands of years.

It's this...

"Our realities are NOT objective but SUBJECTIVE and are "subject to" how "Aware" or unaware we are."

It's also WHY the ancient text clearly states, "Judge NOT by appearances."

It's not a law or "wrong" if we do, but rather provides results that align and harmonize with what our SUBJECTIVE beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions create in physical form.

While it's true that things can be and often are "thought of" and "perceived as being" one way on the surface, based on our unique observation of it, what's "truly going on" at a level that we can't see, hear, touch, taste or smell, and often times are "unconscious of", is oftentimes quite different than we "think" it is.

The "difference" can be clearly seen and understood once we're "aware of" and clearly understand the differences between perceptions of truth and what I often refer to as a Higher Truth.

Should we make the choice to become aware of and clearly understand that our "fear based" perceptions of truth are learned, inherited and oftentimes "INTENTIONALLY programmed" into our minds, the "subjective and OBJECTIVE" reality that we experience becomes quite different.

What does that have to do with life and what you experience as you go through it?

Absolutely EVERYTHING...and then some.

A subjective reality is "subject to" and it's quality dependent on, our individual views, beliefs, as well as how we "feel" about and what we see, hear, touch, taste, smell and DO in, our "objective reality."

It's the "objective reality" that we place labels on and make our judgments about, both of which stem from our unique beliefs and perceptions regarding ANY outcome.

These factors are what determine our individual "paradigm."

While many "claim" (and in some cases even "honestly believe") that something is "true", the fact of the matter is, VERY FEW things are "definitively true."

It's only our "perceptions" that make things "seem true" to us.

The Reality Check is intended to reveal and assist you in making the shift to from a paradigm of "less than you want" to as much as YOU can conceive and imagine.

It does so beginning at the foundational level, aka the "unseen aspects of life" where all physical events, conditions, circumstances and experiences stem from.

The Reality Check is intended to assist you in becoming more keenly aware of this "unseen all pervasive level" and at the same time, learn (and integrate) some rational, logical and practical steps that MUST be taken if your "tangible and measurable" OBJECTIVE REALITY is ever to become extraordinary.

Although not often looked at in this way, and certainly not understood by MOST, what the masses refer to as LOSING and WINNING are BOTH "subjective" and entirely voluntary!

Reality Check reveals many things that will enable and empower you to reach and experience what is referred to as WINNING at will, if you'll allow it to.

  • What if you discovered that, regardless of who or where you are, what you've experienced in life to this point, or what you "think you know", that you "truly could" master the game of life?

  • How might things change for you if you discovered, KNEW and clearly understood that nothing and no one could keep you from Being, Doing and Having what you "truly desire" in ANY aspect of your life with the exception of YOURSELF?

  • Imagine all the results you could create — in your career, relationships, body, finances and emotions — if you could only tap into and unleash the wisdom, strength and strategies that already exist within you.

You can, although, if you believe as most do, and those "beliefs" have you thinking and feeling in the same way that most are MOST of the time, a Reality Check may be necessary to assist you in breaking through the restrictive, illusory and "subjective" barriers that so many "honestly believe" are blocking their way.

The "blocks" I'm referring to aren't as "REAL" as MOST think and believe they are. The Higher Truth is, they are "subjectively imaginary", and although "common terms" that are "commonly used" by those who SEE themselves and honestly believe that they're "common folks", few understand how to recognize, acknowledge, overcome and do away with these "illusionary blocks" forever.

What are these "common" imaginary barriers that "needlessly" keep so many from experiencing what they "truly desire" to BE, DO and/or HAVE in life?

3 VERY simple words that describe and determine a "less than empowered" way of BEING...Fear, Doubt and Worry.

Although I've chosen to title this section Reality Check for a number of reasons, it's really a multilevel approach that encompasses the spiritual, mental and physical realms of existence. You could view it as a sort of Foundational Life Transformation Guide to assist you in understanding what FEAR truly is so you might eliminate the DOUBTS that hold you back and banish the "less than desired and life draining effects of "worry" forever.

Stop for just a minute right here, right now and think. What desires do you hold and what do you HONESTLY believe to be true about having or NOT having your "heartfelt desires" fulfilled?

What do you honestly believe is available or NOT available to you RIGHT NOW?

There is no "right or wrong" answer, yet it's of vital importance to understand that whichever you choose to "believe", think about, focus on and give ATTENTION to the most, you'll GET TO experience...unconditionally.

That's what determines WHAT you'll experience in life, REGARDLESS of the kind or quality of the WHAT.

Although the many WHAT'S that we experience are believed to be "Objective and unchangeable", the Higher Truth is, they are "subjective" and appear in the various aspects of your life just as we choose...just as YOU choose.

Although unbeknownst to those who "believe" that worry is just a part of being an adult, it's the one thing that needlessly keeps the multitudes from discovering, tapping into and consciously using their own power, wisdom and enhancing their capacities to the degree which enables them to get to and remain in the "state" where ALL desire to be, which is a place of happiness, joy, fulfillment and trust.

Happiness and trust (subcategories of Love) as well as a sense of Unhappiness and distrust (subcategories of fear) are equally "subjective." Yet it's our "choice" as to WHICH we'll experience.

Although a state of happiness and trust is where we all WANT and would LOVE to be, the REALITY is, most "unknowingly and unintentionally" sabotage any chance of reaching (and remaining in) this "more desirable" and highly sought after state, by enabling and allowing the learned and programmed "fears" to dictate HOW we think, speak and act.

They "unintentionally and unconsciously" enable and allow fear, doubt and worry to fill their mind and in essence, keep themselves from EXPERIENCING the kind of happiness and trust that opens doors to an infinite number of "extraordinarily pleasing possibilities" and provides life changing opportunities that MOST remain blinded, oblivious to and never see.

That's perhaps another one of the greatest gifts the Reality Check will provide...the understanding that what MOST depend on combined with how MOST DO THINGS, desired results of extraordinary proportion, "seem to be" more the exception than the rule.

The reason WHY that's true is because MOST of us have been "programmed and conditioned" in a "fear, doubt and worry" kind of way. We're literally hard wired to become and remain BEINGS who consistently DO things at the "subjective and objective" levels which only serve to consistently create the polar opposite of what we CLAIM to want, which has us, and keeps us from DOING what MUST BE DONE to produce the "desired result."

Because of that, we use the "amazing tool" we all have in such a way that consistently provides the polar opposite of what we think we need and claim to want.

A Reality Check was necessary for me, many others who I know and connect with on a day to day basis and if you're anything like us, it MAY BE (and more than likely is) going to be necessary for you too, if you're sincere and serious about consistently and "consciously creating" a happier, more trusting and fulfilling quality of life for yourself.

Doing so requires an above average understanding as well as "conscious application" of both esoteric, as well as what might be considered as being VERY logical, rational and practical concepts.

Reality Check will be exploring, revealing and assisting you to effectively merge these "concepts" I'm referring to in such a way that provides the greatest possible result in "tangible and measurable" form, while at the same time, not compromising at the intangible level.

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The Reality of Money

Looking for a Higher Truth About Money, Wealth, Success and Material Security?

Becoming AWARE of, understanding and applying what the Truly Wealthy, fulfilled, happy and financially wise KNOW and DO, is Key for YOU to KNOW and DO too, IF you ever hope to experience REAL Success and Real Freedom in a dark, confused, struggling and disillusioned world

Below is EVERYTHING You'll Need to Put You Light Years Ahead of Most and Get You Headed in the Desired Direction...

An Introduction To Money and Why It Can "Seem as If" It's So Hard to Come By

A Money Education is the Missing Link for Having and Keeping Money

Money Problems

The Devaluation of Currency

The Real, Yet Not So Obvious Truth About You, Money and What's Truly Important

The Dumbing Down of America and MANY Other Parts of the World

A Reality Check

The Reality of Economics

The True Origin Of Money

Your MEconomy and the Economy ARE (or at least CAN BE) Mutually Exclusive

Your Intellectual Capital is
Your Greatest Asset - Guard Yours

The Dark "Under the Radar Truth" About Money and the Global Economic Machine

An Introduction to The Light and Dark Side of Our Global Financial Structures

A Crash Course on
The Global Economy

The Real Truth
About Money

The Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944

The Dangers of a Fractional
Reserve Banking System

The Federal Reserve

Hidden Taxes

A Controlled Media

The Real FACTS and Differences Between Real Money with Real Value, Slave Money and How to Get YOUR Share of the Good Stuff

The Verifiable and Substantiated FACTS
About Gold Bullion

Gold is the Ultimate
Store of Value

Learn How to Get a
FREE Gold Account and
Start EARNING and Saving Real Money

Earn $4,500.00 per week with Karatbars International

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