The Reality of Economics

The Reality of Economics : Discover a Higher Truth About Life, Debt, Money Matters, the Economy and Receive ALL the Tools Necessary for Transforming YOUR Financial Health Overnight

Although I've chosen to title this article The Reality of Economics, I strongly considered titling it, and perhaps a more fitting title would have been The Actuality of Economics instead.

The reason why is because, based on the way most view economics in general, combined with the "common perceptions" that most have regarding what reality is as a whole (including economics and money matters), what's taking place in Actuality is often overlooked, misunderstood, and never explored due to how we're programmed and conditioned to "perceive reality."

If that "seems confusing" right now, no worries. It will all come together and make perfect sense soon.

I also questioned whether to title it the Reality of Economics because, as you'll see, part of what I'll be covering is about my personal experiences and years of exploration which revealed many things about money and economics that I didn't, and which MOST in the world don't, understand about how and why it works the way it does.

Really and truly it's more about MEconomics than it is Economics although BOTH are intricately tied together in a way that the average person never discovers.

Regardless of the chosen title, what follows certainly applies to economics and most definitely can enhance the financial aspect of your life exponentially AND VERY quickly too. I say CAN, because, whether it will or won't, depends on what you do or don't do with it.

In actuality, the gains that can be experienced extend well beyond economics or the monetary and material aspects of life.

But before you or anyone else can expect that to happen, it's important to develop the awareness and acquire the knowledge that allows that. Most people in the world don't do that. They see things differently, view things differently and have tainted or limited "perceptions" which limit, rather than provide the answers and economic solutions that billions around the world "claim to want and are always looking for.

The reason WHY so many are consistently "looking and trying" with such limited success is because of WHERE they're looking and WHO they're depending on to provide them with the "answers and solutions."

That's why so many are always seeking, experimenting and acquiring so many "self improvement programs" yet still aren't experiencing the desired result. It's also why so many unsuccessfully try so many so called "material, monetary and economic solutions" with very limited success.

They acquire much"intellectual data", do much and many cases "work really hard" yet overlook an all pervasive type of understanding that includes but is not limited to the Reality of Economics.

Acquiring an understanding of and "applying" it, can enable looking, seeking, and unsuccessfully trying to become obsolete, (or at the least far less in number) and enable more desirable material, monetary and economic experiences to become quite commonplace.

Here's why it CAN, yet why so few discover and apply it.

Although we think of and view money, economics and other aspects of life as being strictly "tangible and measurable", when you become aware of, what I'll refer to as the All Pervasive nature of the Reality of Economics, it becomes very clear how important it is to look above and beyond all the "intellectually acquired knowledge" and "surface level stuff."

As it pertains to economics specifically, I refer to "surface level stuff" as money, debt, our economic systems, political structures, institutions that play a role in determining monetary policy, etc.

It also requires disarming some, and in certain cases MANY of the beliefs we have about money, how money MUST be made, or what MUST happen before we can experience economic prosperity.

I can assure you, looking in the places and listening to "traditional logic and rationale" will keep the cards stacked against you.

In life, each of those certainly play a vital role in the kind and quality of life we experience as individuals and a collective people. There's no denying or questioning that.

Yet it's common logic, reasoning, listening to, believing and following this "common logic", that keeps us from ending up where we're "trying so hard to get to.

Another part of the "problem", aside from where we look, who we listen to, and what we DO or don;t do as a result, is what we keep our focus on.

Although we view those things as being vitally important, (and to a degree they definitely are) in actuality, when you understand the All Pervasive Reality of Economics, you discover that the physical aspects of money, economics, financial structures institutions and all the other "tangible stuff" isn't nearly as important as most think it is.

Yes we believe it is and place A LOT of emphasis on it, but in actuality, it's ALL just "surface level stuff." What is most important is what we believe, how we view and what we do (or don't do) in the areas of economics and material matters.

Utilizing the All Pervasive Reality of Economics most effectively requires understanding that. You could call it an under the radar or, if you prefer an "inside out approach" to life, including but not limited to, economics and money matters.

It's an "uncommon approach" to be sure, which is why the masses often refer to those who experience extraordinary wealth, success and happiness as the "uncommon and lucky few."

We can all continue to "think and believe" that or we CAN do things differently than we have and EXPERIENCE the same.

But to personally experience these "uncommon results" requires learning, understanding and becoming "keenly aware" of and discerning about what's happening and why it IS happening, beginning at the foundational level.

It's a choice that provides a rock solid foundation to build our lives on economically, materially and otherwise.

While many view such concepts as being esoteric, woo woo or airy fairy, the concept behind it is quite rational, logical and practical. It even has scientific validation to support it.

Here's what a brilliant and very well known scientist had to say about that...

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” ― Albert Einstein

We won't be getting into the "spiritual/metaphysical" aspects of what drives and sustains life in this article or this section. If that's of interest to you, explore the rest of the site for that if you choose.

Here we're going to explore the different "levels" of a tangible and measurable nature. There are MANY tangible and measurable things going on "under the surface" and under the radar" that the masses are oblivious to. That's why our individual and collective "economic structures" are suffering.

When you understand what money really is, more specifically, when you REALLY understand The True Origin of Money, you'll have acquired an often overlooked and little understood "truth" about what REALLY draws money to, or keeps it from you.

Put in layman's terms, it's really more about "mind over matter" than it is money matters, whether you currently view money as "good or bad." That too is a matter of mind over matter although many have a difficult time seeing, thinking and REALLY believing at any depth, just how real, true, logical and practical that is.

Our Individual and Collective Economic Conditions Are the Result of How We Choose to Use, Direct, Control and Engage Our Inherent MEconomic Attributes

You could say that our personal money matters and economic situations are only dependent on our MEconomics, not on external economic conditions.

Our MEconomic attributes entail much, but a BIG part of it is our beliefs and perceptions regarding our "tangible" economic systems and the powers that drive them.

Most are BLIND to what's "truly going on", leading many to "believe" that's just how things are.

I'm going to do my best to assist you in SEEING that things could be MUCH different. REALLY seeing it. You could say it's an uncommon form of education that will provide those who are willing to take the time, with an all encompassing and all pervasive view of economics on, as well as "under" the surface things which ARE taking place.

Essentially, it's deigned to assist you in seeing and understanding the All Pervasive Reality of Economics in a way that most don't.

It's a very specialized form of knowledge which, for a number of factors, not the least of which pertains to what were taught, how we're taught and what we inevitably believe to be true about money, economics, and ourselves, few take the time to explore how "true" that is, let alone understand it.

Hopefully The Reality of Economics, as well as the other articles included in this section, will turn on some light bulbs...perhaps even some floodlights.

In addition to providing this “education”, I’ll also be providing a solution. A very "tangible and measurable" kind of solution that everyone in the world not only needs to understand but APPLY if we're to rise above, transcend and become tangibly prosperous in a strictly economic and material kind of way as well as in other ways.

One thing is CERTAIN. To change our material and monetary conditions, something HAS to change. If nothing changes, nothing changes. The NEEDED changes begin with ourselves...NOT anything "out there."

Once you grasp, internalize and choose to "apply" The All Pervasive Reality of Economics, you can rise above and prosper, in spite of how "turbulent or seemingly horrific" economies become once you understand HOW they work and how to opt out of the "nonsense" as much as you can.

Before providing this education and solution, I think it’s important to digress a bit and share what led up to the point that enabled me to discover and personally see the power and effectiveness that underlies The All Pervasive Reality of Economics.

You could call it what I like to think of as the Higher Truth regarding economics, the condition of which, on a surface level, stems from material and monetary matters.

Although I share a bit of my story, It's about you and doing the best I'm able to assist you in discovering the reality of economics for yourself, so you might become as "economically and materially healthy" as you possibly can while still experiencing a sense of purpose, fulfillment and completion in life.

Few in the world KNOW what that's really like.

Sharing what I've learned and personally experienced regarding The All Pervasive Reality of Economics is the simplest, quickest and most fulfilling way that I'm aware of for assisting you to SEE and experience that.

You could say it's the "short path" that leads to where many WANT to be economically, materially and otherwise.

For many years, after experiencing what can only be described as a series of profound encounters, I’ve spent the majority of my waking hours, researching, digging, writing about and freely sharing many things regarding what I like to call the short path to abundance, happiness, success and prosperity.

There are thousands upon thousands of pages throughout that reveal HOW to do that.

I don’t use the word “profound” lightly. These “experiences” I allude to opened my eyes to things I had no understanding of and had never conceived or imagined prior. They were experiences that, in my mind, were of such a magnitude that the limitations of human words, regardless of how masterfully constructed or articulated they might be, could possibly describe their intensity.

My life was “pretty normal” up to that point. Prior to entering into these “experiences”, my understanding of economics was pretty much limited to "I better get to work because I need some money."

I SEE things much differently today, although at the time I believed that such encounters as well as our ability to prosper in BIG ways, if they were possible at all, were reserved for the select and lucky few. Until personally experiencing these “encounters” I mention, I believed, thought and did things in the way most do.

In my mind, I “assumed” that those entrusted to and placed in places of power would look after our countries affairs. To me, none of that applied to my life directly. In my mind, life was about survival, getting married, having children, earning a living and doing the best I was able to survive and get by in the world.

That’s what I was taught to be important in life, believed and as a result, how I lived my life. I’ve since discovered that’s how MOST are taught, and as such, how most live, fashion and experience their lives.

As a result, rather than being “consciously discerning”, as a people, I’ve found that we’ve not only become complacent as a people, MANY have become cynical, non-trusting and pessimistic in MANY areas, not the least of which is turning a blind eye to what’s taking place in the very systems and structures that we, as human beings, depend on for our well-being and survival.

I’m referring to political structures, the monetary system, our taxing systems, etc. and economic in general.

Although most everyone does their best to “comply” with what they're "told" and as a result, believe to be true about these “structures and systems”, few understand how they work, and why.

Becoming keenly aware of what’s transpiring in the area of finances, the financial system, the political arena, etc. are HUGE areas of VITAL importance, yet the masses have, for the most part, become apathetic and complacent.

If you've had the opportunity to read The Dumbing Down of America article, perhaps you have at least an idea as to why.

The bottom line is, we have, for the most part become a species of listeners, followers and "believers" who "choose not to" explore and discover for ourselves if what we listen, learn and believe is "Really True" or based on someone elses truth.

That's where MANY miss the boat.

As individuals, we each have a duty and a responsibility to ourselves and the world at large to become and remain "conscious participants." Becoming aware of and demanding accountability and then DOING something is an area…a VITALLY important area that many in the world are lacking the discernment, fortitude and/or the WILL to understand, let alone DO something about.

Discernment and a willingness to DEMAND change where change NEEDS to happen is where we, as a “collective” are sorely lacking.

Everyone WANTS, Yet Few Understand and/or are Unwilling
to DO What's Necessary to GET What They WANT

Everyone I’ve ever spoken to claims to WANT more money, more freedom, more time and a greater sense of monetary and material security. Yet due to various factors, MOST choose not to DO what’s needed to enable such an experience to become real.

When you ask those who claim to "sincerely want that", what they’re doing on a larger than individual scale to create those changes, a blank stare, or some lame explanation or "excuse" that is VERY limited in scope follows. When I say “limited”, I’m referring to responses that are limited to enhancing the quality of their own life on an individual scale or “limited” to each individual’s little circle of influence....their family, their closest friends, etc.

We WANT more for ourselves. We WANT more for our families. We WANT to do more for our friends and those we love, but seldom do our wants extend beyond that.

In an attempt to fulfill these WANTS, some buy lottery tickets, hoping wishing and praying to hit the big one. Some are waiting for a rich relative to die, some are changing jobs and some work really hard, looking forward to the weekend so they can get some relief from a job they dislike, or worse despise.

Still others look toward and depend on governmental programs and institutions to get what they want.

That’s about the extent of the kind of DOING that MOST do, which is also WHY so many never move beyond hoping, wishing, praying that "someday" they might receive what so many "claim" to want.

They WANT more for themselves but can't see, don’t understand and as a result don’t do much that extends beyond the "traditional way"....our "learned ways" of doing things.

One thing most EVERYONE has in common is that they’re too busy, too overwhelmed and too focused on surviving and getting by to add anything more to their already overflowing plates.

Point being, in the vast majority of cases, we’ve become a programmed, conditioned, dumbed down, complacent, lazy and misdirected people with self-centered visions that seldom extend beyond our own tight little circles of influence. Because of that, without realizing it, we ALSO have, over time, imprisoned ourselves via a “what’s in it for me” or “I don’t have the time or resources to affect change” approach to life.

The sad fact is, MOST don't even think they can extend beyond that.

Because of that, few ever take the time or expend the effort to stretch, grow and break out of their self-created prisons, let alone get the kind of education that enhances "awareness", empowers and COULD provide them with the "the right kind" of knowledge and “awareness” necessary to address what’s taking place so they…and ALL of us, might “receive” what nearly EVERYONE “claims” to want.

Although it may “sound or seem” like it, I’m not being intentionally harsh, judgmental, or critical. I'm being "honest."

Although it certainly doesn't "apply to everyone", after years of working with individuals and groups, I can assure you, it applies to MOST.

MOST everyone wants to "know", what's in it for ME and what can I "get by with doing" and how quickly and easily can I expect to get it?

To a degree, it’s understandable. since many of the "governmental" educational systems and structures that have taught us, our youth, our parents and grandparents, are overseen, controlled, and funded by those who have an agenda to keep the masses programmed and indoctrinated to become and remain dependent followers and “compliant robots.”

That’s how and why so many have become apathetic and complacent. Although we have a tendency to judge, blame and point fingers at everybody but ourselves, WE ourselves have “allowed” ourselves to become programmed and conditioned in that way.

WE continue to walk the same path, listen to the same advice, depend on the same people, DO the same things all the while, hoping, wishing and praying for "better results."

Einstein labeled that "insanity" and he was spot on.

The fact is, I lived that way and did just that for approx. 25 years. Then, for whatever reason, I experienced some things that would serve as the catalyst for ENORMOUS change over the years that followed, which opened my eyes to many things...including but not limited to a number of “dark” things happening in the world.

That includes institutions and organizations that many "think and believe" are doing what they do for the "safety and well being" of humanity.

It’s ironic really, because that series of experiences opened my eyes to and shed “light” on many very insightful and profound things, yet at the same time, revealed that there did exist “shadows and darkness” as well. For now I’ll just say, that these “experiences” and what was revealed, extended far beyond anything I had ever studied, acknowledged, conceived or imagined prior. You could say it was a MAJOR wake-up call that led to an equally MAJOR paradigm shift of divine proportion.

That's precisely what the world needs to undergo to EXPERIENCE the kind and quality of life that we ALL CAN and could if we'd only "enable and allow" ourselves to DO what's necessary to EXPERIENCE the same kind of paradigm shift.

It doesn't require a "profound encounter." It does require getting to the place where we SAY enough is enough and DO something about it.

These “personal encounters” I’m alluding to cannot possibly be described with the limits of human language. For the sake of brevity, I’ll call them “Divine Encounters of a Very Up Close, Personal and Transformational Kind.” Prior to those EXPERIENCES, I didn’t realize or even “believe” that such encounters were realistic, let alone possible. Yet to my amazement, in the blink of an eye, all that changed. I went from thinking it was impossible and “too out there”, to KNOWING just how transformational, REAL and possible having such an encounter is.

I’ve since discovered, it’s not only possible for a select group of individuals or the fortunate few. The same is “possible” for and attainable BY EVERYONE. The door that leads there is open to EVERYONE who chooses to look for it, knock on it, open it and walk through it.

But we have to quit "listening and allowing others" to tell us where to look and how to do it.

Most "claim" they're "too busy" to learn and understand that the door exists and can be knocked on, which is precisely why so few cross the threshold...although EVERYONE can and could.

The fact is, such encounters happen all the time for people all around the world who are sincere, serious, “truly seeking” and ready for answers that, can not only make a very positive impact in their lives individually, but serve humanity as a whole. Sometimes, as was the case with me, it just “seems” to happen. I’ve since discovered, in my case, it happened because of extreme fear, pain and disillusionment. I’ve also discovered that's where most have to get to before they "wake up."

Sadly, MOST have to experience the same pain, fear and bondage and enter into this same terrifying and less than fun place that I did, before they become willing to and become serious about creating change.

Since human words and human language lack the ability to come anywhere close to describing these “experiences” or the vast range of insights revealed, regardless of how well, masterfully articulated, or well-constructed the wording might be, I won't attempt to. There are no “human words or phrases” that can possibly (or accurately) describe what such an EXPERIENCE is like.

It’s too profound…to AWESOME…too LIBERATING, too LOVE...too INFINITE, and so AWE INSPIRING, I won’t even begin to attempt to describe them here.

I suppose the best way to put it, would be to say that I was shown and SAW the light about MANY things, although I had no awareness (consciously at least) that I was looking for or moving towards it. Although at some level I WANTED it, (we ALL do) the reason I wasn’t looking or searching for it, was simply because I wasn’t aware that such a thing existed.

I've since found that's what MOST think as it pertains to those kinds of "intangible and esoteric experiences" and even what MOST believe about themselves personally experiencing Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Harmony in "physical life."

The ONLY reason WHY though, is because MOST refuse to even understand what's taking place in the "tangible systems" that are keeping SO MANY from it.

I discovered first hand, in a very up close and personal kind of way, that it DID, DOES, and always has. It’s always going to. The only difference between those who see and understand it and those who don’t is a matter of choice.

Following these “divine encounters of a most profound kind”, an initial spark ignited in me that, over time, turned into a raging flame of bonfire proportion. I became infatuated, what many would call obsessive even, studying, researching and doing my best to understand in an “intellectual kind of way” what happened and why.

Having no formal education beyond the 10th grade, I found it necessary to find, piece together and fill in the intellectual pieces of the puzzle that would show me in a rational, logical, feasible and "down to earth" kind of way, how and why I could hold specific beliefs and perspectives about life in one moment and all of it be shifted in a matter of seconds.

The most succinct way to describe it would be to say, that nearly everything I was taught, believed and thought was true about life, wasn’t quite as true as I had been taught, thought and believed it was. Areas were illuminated and perceptions shifted as revelations…what can only be described as an immense download of information, revealed the differences between what many are led to believe and “perceive” as being true and in a flash, seeing, KNOWING and understanding what is “really true.”

Today, I refer to what was revealed, as a Higher Truth.

That's why I share what I do today. One of the reasons I do, is to DO my best to spare those who might be seeking greater results in life, from experiencing the kind of fear, pain and anguish that I did prior to having these “encounters.”

It’s my hope and intention to spare those who are constantly seeking out, looking for, yet seldom finding answers and solutions to the life puzzle, the many painful encounters and the many years it took me to arrive at the conclusions I have.

These “encounters”, and the EXPERIENTIAL understanding that came from them, shattered much of what I "thought I knew" intellectually.

You could say, these “encounters” provided an EXPERIENTIAL understanding of what life "could be like" and the journey that followed required finding and filling in, one piece at a time, the “intellectual” pieces of the puzzle which made the “seemingly” complex life puzzle complete.

Doing that turned everything that I and what is “commonly believed” to be rational, realistic, feasible and practical, upside down.

Little did I know at the time, those initial encounters would lead to a journey that has been underway for more than 3 decades and continues to this day. During that time-frame, I’ve studied everything under the sun about life, the human condition and the “true potential” we as humans have.

As a result of these “divine encounters” combined with a series of very diverse life experiences, far too great in number to describe here, my old beliefs about what’s rational and my reasoning ability is quite different and FAR more expansive than it once was.

That’s why I share what I share and do what I do today. I like to think of it as “spreading the good news.” As I often share, those encounters revealed VERY CLEARLY and without margin for question, doubt, error, or misunderstanding, what my “Soul Purpose” in life was and still is today.

I’ve spent the past 9 plus years fully engaged in fulfilling that “purpose." What I do today, isn’t a hobby or a sideline, it’s my life.

The purpose and intention behind it isn't limited to my small circle of influence or in any way, shape or form limited to self-serving interests. I share what I do to educate and enhance quality of life for all who are open, willing, ready to hear and DO something differently.

I’ve spent years writing about the “light side” that can only be described as awesome, profound and “seemingly” incomprehensible. What I haven’t written much about during these past 9 years is the “other side”…the “darker side” of the coin. You could call it whatever you like. Some call it the dark side, others refer to it as evil, satan, the bad, the ugly, etc. You can call it whatever suits you based on your personal beliefs and current level of understanding.

A good portion of the 3 decades I’ve spent searching was spent exploring, discovering and understanding that the “dark side” is every bit as real and prevalent here on this planet as is the “Light side.”

Yet it doesn't happen or show up in the way that MOST have been programmed, conditioned and indoctrinated to believe.

Evil and Good, Light and Dark exist within and stem from one and the same place…the "minds of men."

Much of that “darkness” is VERY prevalent, infused and cleverly weaved into many of the tangible systems, structures, institutions and organizations that we ALL use and have become programmed and conditioned to depend on for our survival today.

Because “man” makes up political systems, monetary policy, globally established organizations, institutions, their structures, how they work, who’s behind them, etc. all have a “dark and a light” side.

In many cases the allure for money, power and control can sway the best intended "men" and cause them to "go to work for" this "darker side."

We ALL can become knowledgeable and aware and we ALL can apply that and make a HUGE difference in eliminating the darkness within these systems, structures and institutions by "choosing" to become aware, recognize what's "truly happening" and shining our light in such a way that serves rather than harms or holds back the masses.

We CAN, and if we're to change things, MUST do that individually AND collectively. MOST don’t only because they “believe” that they can’t make a difference individually which is the one and only thing that keeps us from “joining” collectively to do proactive things that would illuminate and eliminate this “darkness.”

Aside from the fact that some choose to and some don’t, we’re ALL well equipped to do so. We’re all more than capable. We already HAVE everything we need. Some learn, take advantage of and do something with what we ALL have available to us and some don’t. Those who are sincere and serious about experiencing change economically, ecologically, socially and culturally are proactive and consistently seeking effective and efficient strategies for effectuating desired change.

Those and those alone are who I Love to assist and choose to do all I’m able for. If you fall into that “category”, you'll not only LOVE what follows, I’d be honored and would LOVE to DO everything I’m able to assist you.

What follows, although not a comprehensive or complete revealing of what's taking place as we speak, in comparison to what there is to be discovered and understood regarding the “darkness” that exists, is certainly enough to get you headed well down the path.

As you'll soon see, if you're not "aware already", what many “have been led to believe” and view as being necessary, beneficial and protective organizations, institutions and structures, "supposedly designed" and put in place to serve the people are, in MANY cases the VERY institutions who are bent on expanding and spreading the "darkness."

This darkness and the self serving interests of those with "less than admirable" intentions is VERY real in the world and unless something is DONE, it's going to not only continue, but grow.

Yes, there is a light side...a good as well. Yet the allure of money, power, control, a desire for dominance, combined with greed has turned what was once put in place to spread the "light" has shifted to the dark side.

I can tell you right up front, the education that follows is not for everyone. It is, although it’s only going to be accepted and acknowledged by those who are TRULY ready to STOP denying and turning a “blind eye” to what’s unfolding right before EVERYONE’S eyes. It’s going to appeal, only to those who are ready to join together as a people and DO something to STOP what so many refuse to acknowledge, see and/or DO anything about.

It’s for the FEW who are truly open, ready, willing, seeking and who have a “sincere desire” to shine their light so the darkness can be illuminated, so that quality of life as we know it can be enhanced, not only for ourselves as individuals, but the world at large.

One thing is certain, when one benefits, we ALL benefit. By the same token, when one suffers, we ALL suffer. We don’t often SEE that, which is WHY there’s so much “needless” suffering in the world.

What follows is my best attempt to ease the fear, pain and suffering that the dark side creates. You could call it, my contribution to counter and illuminate what I’ve discovered to be very dark, sinister and self-serving agendas, and doing what I’m able, in the best way I know how, to educate and assist those who are ready and willing to assist themselves and the world at large, so we might ALL finally experience a kind and quality of life that we ALL desire and can ALL experience whenever we choose to.

Hopefully, you’ll derive some form of personal benefit from it as well as share it with those who might benefit also.

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