The State of the Global Economy
Need Not Adversely Affect Your MEconomy

Becoming Aware of the Not So Secret Truth about the Global Economy, the Fiat Monetary System and the Power YOU Hold
to Change Things, is a MUST for Securing Your MEconomy

Global Economy Currencies

The mind boggling complexity of economic jargon, our fixed and unbending beliefs about monetary systems
and the appearance of the Global Economy itself CAN and often does limit the kind, quality and quantity of
our MEconomy. It CAN if you allow it or you can enhance your financial IQ, adopt a Higher Truth and thrive
economically and otherwise regardless of what the world says, does, or experiences. - Chuck Danes

The state of the Global Economy as a whole, has proven to be a topic of interest and growing concern in recent years. It really doesn't matter where on the planet you live. In an era of globalized trade and industry, where nearly ALL financial systems are linked together in FAR too many ways to effectively or comprehensively cover here, because of HOW things are structured in a Global Economic System, what happens in the financial system of one country, impacts us all in varying degrees.

For reasons you'll "learn about soon", the American economy has a large impact on the economic well-being of other nations which in turn impacts EVERY individual on the planet...including YOU.

The reason why, is because we live in what can best be described as a "connected economy." The term sounds unified in one sense, yet when this connected economy experiences "problems", it means that every person on the planet shares in and has an equal responsibility in becoming "aware of" and DOING something about this serious and "far reaching" problem.

The Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944 is where and when this "connected economy" began. Setting up the current scenario began by establishing the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency and cemented other countries dependence on the American Economy and more specifically how the U.S. dollar performs.

Those are just a few factors that determine how other countries globally are impacted by the choices of those who oversee the financial structure that we use and depend on in the U.S.

Because of this "initial agreement", the financial climate in other countries have not only become LARGELY dependent on the U.S. economy, but subject to the same roller coaster ride the U.S. economy is experiencing.

The U.S. economy and the Global Economy are currently on the downward side of that roller coaster ride and it's anything but fun.

The way things are structured currently, each country on the planet is dependent at varying degrees on the performance of each countries economies.

Over the past several years, my studies, which include an extensive, Honest and objective look at the state of the economy locally here in the U.S. as well as a larger scale look at the Global Economy, has proven to be quite saddening and disheartening in one sense, yet quite liberating in another.

These discoveries CAN BECOME quite liberating for you too.

The disheartening part stems from discovering how MOST individuals have stood by, remained unaware and in essence, chosen to allow what's happened and what's unfolding in the economy to happen. It's also a bit saddening to know that MOST enable and allow the economy, whether the Global Economy or the economy within their own country to dictate and determine their MEconomy.

The liberating realization those studies have revealed is, preparations can be made, actions CAN BE taken and Real, Lasting and Sustainable Wealth can be acquired by those who choose to do what MOST don't.

Financial structures which have led up to the current state of the Global Economy, combined with the collective "perception" of the world's population, has enabled and allowed what's currently taking place to happen.

The masses have chosen to IGNORE and OVERLOOK the corruption, widespread deceit, deception and the literal “theft” of our dollars and hard earned monies, which has led to a growing recognition that things are out of control.

If you take an "uncommon" under the radar look at the mechanics of it all, the current monetary and tax systems are forms of slavery really.

money slave

It's not apparent on the surface, but a close, unbiased and objective look at what's taking place at the micro and macro level of economics, reveals just how REAL, TRUE and sinister the entire financial system is.

Although sad and somewhat difficult to admit and swallow initially, what I realized through my years of research and personal experience, was that our world has changed in BIG ways in a relatively short time frame.

The economy here in the U.S. has changed, the Global Economy has certainly changed and as individuals, regardless of where on the planet we live, our MEconomies have changed and are being impacted as well.

Many of these "changes" are (or at least CAN be) positive and beneficial yet at the same time, MANY, based on their own "personal experience" see them as dark, bleak and dreary.

The sad fact is, the Global Economy itself is based on and become such a complex web of lies, deceit, manipulation, self serving interests, profiteering and the outright theft of financial resources from individuals like you and I on a global scale, MOST have become "money slaves" without realizing that they have.

Here's what I've come to KNOW...

Money was intended to serve humanity rather than HUMANITY serving money.

The very systems that we use and depend on have enslaved the masses without MOST ever realizing what's taken place.

With so many unsettling things happening in the financial arena globally, many are becoming ever more curious, many more are “extremely worried” and some literally panicked about the current State of the Global Economy.

It’s a valid concern. The reverberations of economic turbulence and it's impact on mankind is being felt all around the world. It's not limited to understanding how the Global Economy impacts us as a whole.

It’s a concern that really hits home on an individual basis if you’re one of the millions upon millions of good, hard working individuals globally who have allowed themselves to fall prey to and overindulge in a buy now pay later philosophy made possible through easy credit acquisition.

The entire Global Economy is based on a system of credit and debt. It's a system that CAN work in the short term, yet at some point, as history has proven time and again, it MUST crash and burn.

Those who have walked the enjoy it now and worry about paying for it later path, know all too well what it's like to experience the bondage, fear, doubt, worry and anxiety that accompanies the demands of debt.

Excessive debt, has proven time and time again to be restrictive, paralyzing and in extreme cases, life threatening even.

The near certain and detrimental effects of failing health, troubled relationships and ever more restrictive financial policies are just a few of many possible repercussions brought on by irresponsible debt creation and/or a lack of liquid financial resources.

Debt is a relentless, life draining and freedom sucking form of bondage that can dramatically diminish quality of life and even threaten your very existence on earth.

Yet, unbeknownst to many, it's the quality of our beliefs, the very money we use, the monetary systems that are in place, the short sighted or non existent financial plans we follow and the erroneous financial advice we receive and adhere to that drives, creates and sustains the debt on an individual and collective scale which enables fear, doubt, worry, concerns and chaos to become and remain very real in our lives.

It works that way individually and collectively.

Case in point. The entire U.S. monetary system, which MANY countries around the world have structured their financial systems around, depends on, is built upon and literally ENCOURAGES individuals and entire populations to acquire and remain in DEBT. Without debt, the global financial structure that's led to the seemingly unsolvable MULTITUDE of problems we're experiencing today wouldn't exist.

It's the acquisition of DEBT by individuals and companies that drives and sustains the entire Global Economy!!

The worlds financial system is a house of cards What MANY don't realize is that a Global Economy and a financial system built on a foundation of debt that encourages the individuals who depend on it to acquire and amass more debt, is a house of cards that’s sure to come crashing down at some point.

Based on what's happening in the Global Economy right now, it "seems as if" the downfall of that house of cards is going to happen sooner than later.

More and more, people globally, from EVERY walk of life are beginning to feel the financial pinch that a debt driven financial system has brought about. It not only HAS created, but is going to continue to create a LOT of pain, fear, doubt, worry, concern and discomfort on a global scale.

According to MANY financial experts, an imminent implosion of financial systems is inevitable.

Like "pain" always does, when the pain being experienced becomes "severe enough", people have a tendency to seek out and find a "less painful" path. We're in that place. MANY are feeling the pinch of financial pain through a href="" target="_blank">inflated prices, job losses, foreclosures, etc. etc. And because of the pain that troubled economic conditions bring with them, more and more people are venturing out and actively seeking answers and solutions to this very real and ever growing problem.

You don't have to look far to CLEARLY SEE that people (perhaps you) are working longer and harder, doing MORE and MORE only to remain "seemingly stuck" in financial conditions that FAR LESS WORK provided in the past.

Although, on the surface the financial situation "looks" bleak at best, there is something that CAN BE done both individually and collectively.

To do so requires a paradigm shift. It requires stretching beyond listening and adhering to what trusted sources of the past have advised us and told us is "best" for us. It's of vital importance to become AWARE of what's "TRULY GOING ON" so we might SEE and move beyond the self-limiting and restrictive beliefs that programming, indoctrination and the understanding derived from it, has created.

It's also of vital importance to become more discerning than ever and recognize that words spoken and promises made by those we could trust in the past, which previously comforted and assured us at varying degrees that all is well, economically and otherwise, may not contain the same credibility, sound advice and on target wisdom that they once did.

The reassurance that our country is truly free, that liberty is our birthright and our financial system is secure, sound and stable, is proving more and more with each passing year, to be nothing more than rhetoric, politically motivated manipulation and programming based on nothing more or less than empty, meaningless words.

The State of the Global Economy Along with a Sense of Trust, Assurance and Security Has Shifted DRAMATICALLY Over the Years

Being born in and growing up in the U.S., I was personally taught and believed that the U.S.A. was the the only country in the world that could honestly claim that it was the land of the free and home of the brave. It was the land where unbridled opportunity was available to all, where Real Liberty and Freedom were assured and could be enjoyed and depended on.

In many ways that was true. As I would discover later in life, in other ways, it's never been "true" since I arrived here on this planet 57 years ago.

There are dark systems, processes and MUCH manipulation taking place "under the radar" that the "unaware" have no idea of.

One of those dark systems and processes is the global financial system which is what drives the ENTIRE Global Economy.

I’ve taken an "uncommon interest" over the years in doing the work and discovering for myself if what I'd been taught, believed and based my actions on was FACT, or based on the limited and often times self sabotaging beliefs, perceptions and opinions of others with "self serving" intentions.

What I discovered, sadly, is that my sense of security as it relates to Real Liberation, Real Freedom and the ability to amass and retain Real Wealth in the U.S. or anywhere else, wasn't as factual as I was told and once "believed" it was. The fact of the matter is, MUCH of what I was taught and believed, was only based on and derived through the indoctrination and programming of those who taught me.

That provided, at best, a "false sense of hope."

To Rise Above and Thrive in a Troubled Economic System and a World Filled with Fear, Doubt, Worry and Concern, It's of VITAL IMPORTANCE to become "Consciously Curious."

Although a sense of curiousness is healthy, allowing yourself to get into and remain in a state of fear, doubt, worry and concern over money issues or anything else for that matter isn't healthy at all. There's no point nor need to be concerned or worried about the economy, your MEconomy or anything else once you understand what CAN be done, that YOU yourself can DO it and then make the choice to DO it once you understand how.

The "perceived problem" stems from the fact that MOST don't DO that.

That's why so many needlessly remain "seemingly trapped", concerned, worried, fearful, doubtful and have all but lost hope that any answer or solution exists that will "fix" the local and global economic issues being experienced.

Fingers are pointed, accusations are made, judgement follows and labels describe how everyone else but ourselves are at "fault." Essentially, we continue to make excuses as to why we are experiencing what we are. In the area of finances, our lack, limitation and inability to DO anything about it, we claim, is due to the current state of our individual country's economy or on a larger scale, the Global Economy.

That curiousness and the worries are no longer limited to or by the economy of individual countries.

The State of the Global Economy has become a Global Concern.

It’s about time. As true as that is, because of the amount of time that’s lapsed, combined with an unwillingness of individuals to become AWARE and DO something, which has led up to the near extinction of as well as the underhanded and secretive transference of wealth from the middle class to a small group of ingeniously creative savvy bankers who have profited beyond imagination and become mega wealthy at the cost of the many.

What's transpired is certainly nothing "new." It's happened over the course of many years and as the problem escalates and the transference of wealth continues, the repercussions being felt by way of the current economic woes being witnessed and experienced on a GLOBAL Scale, TIME is no longer on our side.

Entire financial systems have collapsed since the 2008 mortgage crisis that the U.S. created due to greed, deception and manipulation of entire financial markets.

Global Economy Tightening

Something MUST be done and DONE quickly prior to the State of the Global Economy turning into and becoming a financial apocalypse…literally.

As true as that is, few truly understand HOW or WHY what was once the land of free and home of the brave, where hope, promise, opportunity, liberation, freedom and the guaranteed “pursuit of happiness” could be and was depended on for MANY decades, has shifted.

I've personally experienced that side of things in my own lifetime. Over the years I’ve enjoyed and benefited from many of the past advantages of being a U.S. citizen. I've enjoyed the freedoms afforded and experienced the economic benefits that were once so prevalent and ours for the taking in the U.S.

But the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave; the land of Milk and Honey as I’ve often heard it called, has changed in what has proven to be very troubling and restrictive ways.

Much has changed dramatically over time (MANY things which are unrelated to the economy) and today we find ourselves merely existing (and many struggling) through life within and due to a Global Economic Structure that’s in BIG trouble.

More than economic concerns, with each passing day, our freedoms are being snuffed out. Our once guaranteed freedoms and the experience of liberation from oppressive, tyrannical rulers has eroded, privacy is a thing of the past, a police state is rising up and ever restrictive social and economic conditions are becoming commonplace due to overbearing governmental regulations, intrusive laws and freedom draining policies that both the people of the world as well as our "world leaders" have allowed.

Few take the “time” necessary to fully understand WHY “money problems” are becoming more common, WHY the middle class is vanishing and how or why financial problems are actually escalating more rapidly than they ever have.

It’s NOT limited to the U.S., but because of how countries globally have fashioned their financial structures based on what was once believed to be safe, sound and secure U.S. monetary policy, the entire world is experiencing the painful consequences.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist with a PhD. or Doctorate to see that inflation has soared, financial woes are increasing and individuals, as well as entire countries, are being adversely impacted and effected on a “Global Scale” due to dark, shady, underhanded and unsound financial policy.

Although I've written a number of articles that provide a “bird’s eye view” of what has led up to and caused serious and severe economic turbulence on a Global Scale over the course of many years, it’s not a comprehensive or exhaustive explanation.

What I share is not designed nor intended to slam, demean or downgrade, but rather to educate, prepare and provide a transformational solution to those who are feeling the pain, beginning to see the almost certain financial difficulties that lie ahead and who are ready to DO something about it.

What follows will provide you with an "uncommon level of AWARENESS" financially and otherwise, which COULD assist you in not only becoming prepared, but flourish financially, regardless of what happens in the global economic machine.

For the unaware and unprepared, it's almost certain that what appears to be a very long road of financial hardship for those who "choose" to remain UNPREPARED and UNINFORMED is inevitable, prior to any economic recovery taking place individually or collectively.

But what follows is enough to expose what is REALLY happening. It's not intended to instill "fear" but rather educate and point you toward the path where you can learn what’s "TRULY going on", how the very financial structures and taxing systems alike that we use and depend on, are STEALING from you individually and US collectively, and what you can do to free yourself from becoming a "financial victim" as MANY of the unaware and uninformed will "claim."

There are no victims. Rather choosers who take action or sit idly by as the state of the global economy continues to erode.

What I'll be sharing is what I've come to personally KNOW to be “TRULY necessary” to create a form of financial security and freedom and to protect and defend yourself against a potentially devastating future financial crisis which, for the unprepared, is going to make the current state of the economy look and seem like a cakewalk.

The BAD NEWS is, it's coming. The fact is, it's already here. The inevitable is only being masked and delayed through the same manipulation, deceit and under the radar tactics that got us here in the first place.

The great news is there are timely answers and solutions, although those answers aren’t found and are never going to be found nor acted upon by listening to the programming, indoctrination and propaganda that those who oversee, govern and continue to manipulate our financial system would "prefer" that you believe.

The articles following provide a Real, True and although not comprehensive, a vitally important look at what's "truly happening to our money, our freedom and our liberty and what YOU can do to ensure that you and those you love aren't adversely impacted.

First, we'll take a look at money. What it truly is as opposed to what many think and believe it is. And YES in 99% of the cases, there's a VAST difference in the "perceived truth" that we've learned, believe and "blindly" adhere to and Higher Truth as it pertains to money.

Enjoy, learn, grow, internalize, become "keenly aware", take action and Prosper.

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