The True Origin Of And The REAL Yet Not Widely Understood Truth About Money

Here's the Real, Often Hidden and Not So Obvious Truth About Money and the "Specialized Form of Knowledge" That Will Open the Floodgates Once You Become Aware of, Understand and Apply It

the puzzling truth about money
Many believe that the missing piece of the "good life" puzzle is money. It's not. Money is nothing more
or less than a medium of exchange; an expression of value traded, given and received. Giving has value.
Receiving has value. If what you’re giving and receiving makes it “seem as if” the good life puzzle is
incomplete, give more value and you’ll receive more of what “seems to be” missing. - Chuck Danes

Let's talk about money and value.

Money is, for the obvious reasons, a very popular topic of discussion. It's so popular in fact that, it often remains at the forefront of our minds.

That's understandable since we spend so much time, attention and focus working for, exchanging, giving and receiving this medium of exchange that we call money because we think and believe it has so much value.

What's interesting, and somewhat troubling though, is that, when the topic of money is thought about or discussed, the quality of the discussion is, in the vast majority of cases, centered around lack, limitation, discord and/or a WANTING for more of it.

The reason I find that interesting (and somewhat troubling) is because there are literally trillions upon trillions upon trillions of dollars circulating all around the world, ALL the time. 24/7/365 trillions upon trillions of dollars are circulating and either changing hands or being transferred at the flick of button on a computer.

According to Forbes Magazine, the trillions of dollars of individual wealth that circulates globally each and every day, totals approx. 233 TRILLION dollars. I might add, that's "individual wealth" alone.

That's A LOT of money. So much that it's difficult for the average mind to conceive or imagine just how ENORMOUS an amount of money that is.

To give you an idea, if you were to stack 233 trillion dollar bills on top of one another, the stack would be 367,739.89 MILES high. Stack that many hundred dollar bills on top of one another and it would extend 3,677.39 miles into space.

That enormous and almost inconceivable number is INDIVIDUAL WEALTH and doesn't include the trillions upon trillions of dollars that circulate among and within the world's governments.

These TRILLIONS that do circulate aren't only in the form of "paper dollars." Many of those TRILLIONS of dollars circulate electronically, have no tangible form and they're not represented by "paper dollars" at all.

The fact is, only about 4% of the TRILLIONS of dollars that DO circulate globally, are in the form of "paper money."

We'll be getting into more about HOW and WHY things are done that way soon and HOW this system impacts not only your life but your financial health. First, it's important to take a look below the radar so you might better understand where a lack of or an abundance of money stems from.

Where it TRULY stems from.

I say where it truly stems from, because there are many self professed "money experts" who charge a lot of money for misinformation pertaining to monetary and other material matters. They've been taught and think they know the "best ways" to get and grow your money and will tell you to buy this stock, that stock, or invest it in something else, yet, even though many listen to this so called "sound monetary advice", they often find that the money they "thought they had" vanishes in thin air...sometimes in the blink of an eye.

Have you ever wondered WHY, in a world where trillions upon trillions of dollars exist and circulate, you or anyone else for that matter, would find yourself in the place where you WANT money or would lack or "need" anything that money can buy?

We have a lot of varying beliefs and perspectives about why we have money, why we lose it or why we don't have the amount of money we want, right? If your beliefs have provided you with more than an ample amount of money and you're satisfied that your financial house is secure and in order, no need to read further....maybe.

I say "maybe", because "maybe" doing so will assist you in KEEPING it in order.

If you're like most, the beliefs and perspectives you hold about money are the "underlying reason" why you (and so many others) miss the mark when it comes to having and keeping an ample amount of monetary assets. They're precisely the kind of beliefs and perspectives that KEEP money from coming into our lives or have caused many to LOSE everything they had and worked a lifetime for.

In fact our widely held and accepted beliefs and perspectives regarding "money", our constant "fixation" on "getting more of it, combined with a lack of awareness as to what money "truly is", how our monetary system truly works, and what many "believe" to be necessary to get the amount of money that so many WANT, are what keep so many from HAVING and KEEPING as much money as they could have.

The fact is, many are losing what they once thought was secure and MOST are leaving a whole bunch of money on the table.

The reason why is because they're based on as well as focused on a very surface level view. We see and experience lack and limitation in our lives and the lives of others, which not only determines, but solidifies what we (and many so called "experts") think and believe to be true regarding what's necessary to make, grow and keep money.

Although we ALL could, the beliefs we hold are so deeply engrained in our minds that we never look or get beyond this surface level view due to the quality of those "learned" and accepted beliefs and perspectives.

It's ironic but true. Sadly true.

Could it be that our WANT for and fixation on "getting more money, combined with our strong emotional attachment and "perceived need" of it, is the single biggest thing, and in many cases the ONLY thing that makes it "seem as if" money is so elusive and in so many cases, makes it "seem as if" it's hard to come by or keep?

Is it possible that what we've been taught, the beliefs we've formed and what we do because of those teachings are the ONLY thing that keep us from earning, enjoying and making sure we always have the amount of money we desire?

After being asked those same questions many years ago and then spending more than 3 decades investigating, searching, unlearning, relearning and finally adopting a NEW set of "beliefs" that have provided many with a sense of security and consistent flow of money, I'm here to tell you that's precisely why.

That FACT, combined with making a conscious, intentional and "informed" way of DOING things differently than most do (much differently than how I once did things) provides MUCH more than MOST will ever receive.

If you believe anything different, some "unlearning and relearning" is going to be necessary if you ever hope to begin acquiring and keeping an abundant supply of money.

I don't care how hard or how intensely you work. If a belief exists regarding money being hard or impossible to come by, it will become and remain just that, unless and until that belief is changed.

By the same token, if you currently have an ample supply of money and a belief is held in your monetary advisor, your financial institution, some stock, or something else that isn't as true, effective and/or secure as you "believe it is", you'll lose what you have.

Want and need stem from, are created by and become real in the same way that abundance and plenty do. The fact is, want, need, abundance and plenty come from and are determined by the very same system that drives and sustains the money machine that we ALL depend on for our monetary supply.

What is that system?

Your belief system.

Although it seems as if that's a whole other topic on an entirely different level, it's not. Unbeknownst to MOST, it's nothing more than our individual and collective belief that keeps our global monetary machine running.

Case in point. How could there be TRILLIONS upon trillions of dollars that exist and circulate, but only about 4% of those TRILLIONS of dollars actually exist in printed form?

Belief plain and simple.

Without the "belief" in our monetary system, the TRILLIONS of dollars that DO exist wouldn't be worth anything and the money machine that those TRILLIONS run through wouldn't work as it "was designed" to work.

The reason WHY is because everything BEGINS at the same level. A level that most have little to no "awareness of." Because of that, it's the level that MOST pay little to NO attention to.

That's precisely why so many "needlessly" want and need money and why there are so many conversations taking place regarding lack, limitation and why so many "hard working people" around the world are consistently WANTING rather than having more of it.

That's the level we're going to address and BEGIN exploring here.

I'll be pointing you to additional articles and resources that provide you with more of a tangible understanding of what money truly is, the mechanics of money and the systems which drive it, but first, we're going to lay a rock solid and indestructible foundation to build upon.

It's a level that FEW give "conscious attention to" or ever become "keenly aware of."

The level we're going to focus on here, as it pertains to money, is the source level. When I refer to source level, I'm referring to a level that's intangible in nature. It's of VITAL importance to become "aware" and develop an understanding of the intangible source level FIRST, rather than the "tangible", because as I've stated, it's the True Source from where money, material wealth, poverty and everything else for that matter, comes from.

For simplicities sake, we'll refer to this source level as the "seed level."

Everything in life can be traced to and finds it's root in a seed. The kind and quality of ANY outcome, whether in the area of money or any other, always mirrors the kind and quality of the seeds that we choose to sow.

It's how things were designed, it's how things work and it's always going to be that way.

If you plant an apple seed, would you expect to receive oranges? Of course not. The kind and quality of what you receive is always determined by the kind and quality of the seed you plant.

money harvest

Money is no exception. The kind and quality of your financial life, is a reflection of the beliefs you hold regarding finances. That's NOT limited to finances. The lack of, or abundance of ANYTHING in your life, can always be traced back to and finds it's root in a seed.

The only difference between a lack of, or an abundance of money, can be clearly seen when you understand that EVERYTHING begins as a seed and you learn how to begin planting the kind of seed that provides you with the desired result.

What follows is the first often overlooked key to removing ANY want or need for money, unlocking the very source from where it comes and opening the floodgates to more of it in the process.

Before we do that, let's set the record straight regarding any WANT, NEED or FEAR you might have as it pertains to money...

There's no need to WANT, NEED or FEAR money. I think you'll agree, if there are TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars circulating throughout the world every day, it's safe to say that Money is in abundant supply.

If you don't have as much as you'd like or think you should, or you're not keeping as much as you'd like to, it's NOT because you can't. It's not because it's hard to come by or because there's only a limited supply of it either.

Any lack of, wanting for more or FEARING of anything, monetarily, materially or otherwise, points to some form of misunderstanding, a lack of awareness or dis-alignment of sorts between the material world of effects and the "seed level" where ALL effects come from.

You could look at the seed level as the causal or source level and all the tangible things that we see and experience in life as the level of effects.

Money is an effect. Want and need are effects. Having or not having what we want are effects. Our expressions of love and fear are effects. Money and the global monetary system itself that money flows through are ALL just effects.

They were ALL conceived in mind prior to becoming the tangible and measurable "things" (or effects) that they are.

Many believe that a lack of (or loss of) money is the cause of their inability to have and do what they desire to have and do in life. Much unhappiness, struggle, lack, limitation, fear, anxiety, pain and discord is needlessly experienced in life because of that belief.

To have the kind of effects that we "truly desire", it's necessary to get to, become aware of and fully understand the cause from where ALL effects come from. Once we're "aware of that", then and ONLY then can we begin effectively and efficiently thinking, speaking, acting and DOING what's "truly necessary" to receive, HAVE and KEEP having what so many want.

Our beliefs about money are what determine the amount of money that we'll have or not have. By the same token, if our beliefs conflict with or are out of alignment with what's truly necessary to acquire more money or KEEP what we do have, it will seem as if money is in fact, difficult to come by or elusive and hard to hold onto.

To substantiate and give some "tangible credibility" to that point, I'll quote one of the most brilliant scientific minds in history, a very wise Chinese philosopher who was the founder of Taoism and author of the Tao-te-Ching AND what's "clearly stated" in the most widely read book in the world...namely the Judeo Christian Bible.

Here's what each of those have to say about what we receive or don't receive in life...

  • Imagination is the greatest creative force in the Universe." - Albert Einstein

  • "As you believe, you receive."

  • To see things in the seed, that is genius. - Lao Tzu

Those are ALL vitally important statements and there are thousands upon thousands more that we could use. But for now, let's work with those. If you're unaware of how VITALLY IMPORTANT those statements are, spending the time to become "aware" will prove to be more than worthy of the time, attention and effort it will take to develop that understanding.

if you think you are in big trouble, you are. Because your beliefs, thoughts, and imagination are SO powerfully creative, you create your reality just as you choose.

The good news is, that's how much you can trust in the "seed level" however you define that. You could look at that level as the system that provides whatever you receive. You've been given all the tools you could possibly need to mold, shape and create your life. Doing that only requires USING the tools you have.

People who have a "dream life" are dreamers. They don't stop at dreaming though. But they DO consistently imagine a better way and then take action, go to work and make it happen. They don’t hold, harbor or buy-in to the negative and erroneous beliefs that so many do.

Any perceived lack and limitation in life, monetarily, materially or otherwise, is the result of a mind lacking the knowledge and understanding of how vitally important it is to become and remain "keenly aware" of the "seed level" and make the choice to develop an "uncommon understanding" of how things work at that level so you can begin thinking, speaking, acting and DOING things in such a way that provides the "desired harvest."

Most people in the world are so busy trying to make a living, they "believe" they don't have the time to adopt the beliefs and learn the skills which would enable and allow them to make a life.

Making a life has NOTHING to do with "making a living." Yet most won't DO anything beyond the "making a living" part so they CAN make a life...the kind that's "truly available.

Having and Keeping Sufficient Monetary and Material Resources Requires Doing the Right Things in the Right Order.

The 1st part of the process is becoming "keenly aware of" what you think and imagine most when it comes to money. Do you consistently "imagine" how awesome it would be if only you had more?

Do you "imagine" how difficult it is and how hard you must work to "receive" the meager amount that you receive through your job, your business or whatever other "tangible source" it comes from?

Perhaps you even "imagine" how awesome it will be to have the amount of money that you've defined as sufficient and necessary and you're at least "pretty certain" that you'll get it...some day.

The Imagination is VERY literal, very precise and ALWAYS on target in what it provides.

Learning how to "consciously imagine" in the "right kind" of way...a way that brings more money to you rather than pushing it away requires believing, thinking and DOING things in the way that MOST don't.

Imagining, thinking and believing that money is "hard to come by" or that "there isn't enough to go around", both of which stem from self limiting and self sabotaging "beliefs", will MOST certainly make it hard to come by or push it away from you rather than draw it to you.

A self limiting imagination is the result of a lack of "awareness"...and due to that, many are and remain unaware of HOW to conceive and imagine in such a way that provides what we truly desire in life. That includes money.

Want and need is what keeps our "heartfelt desires" from becoming real, tangible and measurable.

A choice to remain "unaware" is a choice that keeps us from seeing, understanding and doing things in such a way that enables us to have and experience what we truly desire in life. It's the very thing that keeps us from receiving our share of the TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of dollars that circulate in the world EVERY single day.

It goes beyond money. A lack of awareness keeps us from seeing and experiencing, in a "desirable kind of way", the infinite nature of life itself.

Are you open, willing, receptive to discovering and understanding more about what this source level is and how to begin planting the right kind of seeds?

Equally, and perhaps for you even more importantly...

Would you like to discover how you might begin to USE your mind and imagination to acquire more money than you may have previously "imagined or believed" possible...MUCH more of it?

If you believe, think, speak and act in such a way that mirrors how the the mass majority does things, the answer to that question is more than likely a resounding YES!!

I believe I can assist you with that IF you're truly ready, open and willing to assist yourself. In fact I'm certain that I can if you're willing to slow down and not only READ, but listen, hear and bear with me as I walk you through a process that reveals, in a step by step and very easy to follow kind of way, where the starting point is for "receiving" whatever amount of money you desire.

It's the "true source" from where money or the lack of it stems from.

Once you're "keenly aware" that the kind, quality and quantity of everything you experience in life finds it root in a seed and you clearly understand the source and origin from where all "material and non-material stuff" (including money) comes from, you'll have everything you could possibly need to begin attracting the people, ideas and resources that will enable and empower you to begin earning and acquiring more money than most "believe" is available to and/or attainable by them.

The fact of the matter is, you already have everything you need. It's simply a matter of becoming "aware" of how true that is and making a conscious choice to "consciously USE" what you do already have in such a way that provides the "desired result."

Money is no exception.

It's simply a matter of adopting the right kind of beliefs, understanding how to consciously plant the right kind of seeds which produce abundance and prosperity rather than unconsciously planting a kind and quality of seed that yields a harvest of lack, limitation and WANTING.

I hear it all the time. Money is IMPORTANT.

What MUST be understood first is this...

Money is an Essential Part of Life and NEEDED for Survival But it is NOT Important

Would you agree that there is A LOT of "triggered emotion" that ignites when it comes to the money topic?

Although most experience strong emotional responses and/or reactions when it comes to money and material matters, and nearly as many place a great deal of emphasis on the importance of getting and having enough, the fact is, it's not money in and of itself that's important at all.

The truth of the matter is, it's not "money" that you or anyone else "truly wants." What EVERYONE who "thinks, believes and claims" to want more money "truly want", is what money can do. The deeper reason behind "wanting money" is what it can provide and be exchanged for.

Money isn't important because it's nothing more than a medium of exchange. If those little pieces of green paper didn't represent or have the exchange value that they do, and they couldn't be exchanged for what you want and value, would you "want or need any?"

Without the exchange value that money represents, all the paper money that circulates globally would just be little worthless pieces of paper wouldn't they?

Point being, it's NOT money that's important. It's what money can be exchanged for and the quality of life it can provide for you and those you love that's truly important.

But there's something MORE important than that which determines how much or little money you'll have.

What's MOST important is what you believe, how you feel and what emotions are ignited when the subject of money comes up. Those factors are FAR MORE important than money itself and determine the supply (or lack of) the amount of money we receive.

Don't misunderstand. I'm not implying that sufficient monetary resources aren't important in the physical sense of the word. In today's world they definitely ARE.

Today's money, having been established as the world's "medium of exchange" is a VERY important part of "physical life." Having sufficient financial resources is a necessity in a world that utilizes money as it's medium of exchange. Because of that, having enough money to DO what provides you with a sense of comfort, ease, assurance and fulfillment, IS an equally essential and certainly an integral part of experiencing real harmony and fulfillment in life.

As true as that is, money and material wealth IS NOT important simply because it's NOT the main thing. As mentioned, money is an effect. The main thing to explore, discover and learn about is the causal level.

What's more important than the acquisition of money or the lack of, is developing the understanding as to what fulfills and "truly brings" more of our monetary and material desires into our lives.

The understanding that most have, combined with how they do things, is what makes money seem "hard to come by" or KEEPS money from flowing to them altogether.

A LOT of people "work really hard" and DO plenty, fully believing that's how money must be made.

In order to SEE and clearly understand that, it's VITALLY important to become "keenly aware" of the seed level where the seed planting and germination of "money seeds" begins.

Once you're aware of that, it becomes quite simple and easy to begin nurturing those seeds in such a way that results in exponential growth and a bountiful harvest of money.

Once you're aware of what money "truly" is, where it comes from, how it's derived and equally as important how to open the flow so you can consistently receive an amount that matches your desires, then you can take effective and efficient ACTION which is a very necessary part of getting more.

But first it's necessary to determine (and perhaps change) what YOU believe to be true about money as well as WHAT you think, HOW you feel about money and/or the "material stuff" that you give and receive.

Developing this "uncommon awareness" of where ALL monetary and material resources (or anything else that you "truly desire") comes from, will enable you to begin consciously claiming all that is your birthright, opening the flow to more and, if you choose, enable you to begin doing so in a way that you find pleasing and appealing.

What follows will enable and empower you to DO just that, if you'll make a conscious and intentional choice to internalize, grasp and consistently apply what I'll be getting to the core of and revealing to you very soon.

To develop a deeper understanding concerning the "true origin" of money, what money truly is and how you can most effectively, efficiently and consistently acquire more of it, we’ll start at the tangible and physical level where money and monetary sufficiency is important.

As we work backwards it should become ever more obvious and apparent that money itself "truly isn't" as IMPORTANT or hard to come by as MOST think and believe that it is.

Although the process we'll be going through may seem a bit simplistic and perhaps even redundant initially, I'll ask that you stay with me as we move through what follows. Doing so will not only bring crystal clarity as to the "true source" of money, it will also serve in enabling you to fully grasp and understand how to begin "attracting" whatever amount of money, material stuff, or anything else that you "truly desire", into your life.

Let’s begin by assuming that you have already amassed a substantial amount of financial wealth…that you are a multi millionaire or even a billionaire if you prefer.

So you could say that the quality of consciousness held in mind, activates what's widely known today as The Law Of Attraction which is best and most easily explained by saying that thought correlates with it’s object."

If science isn't your preference for determining and understanding how money and everything else in your life comes to be, lets look at what the most enlightened and wisest spiritual teachers have taught for thousands of years...

"Be transformed by the renewing of your mind."


"Whatsover ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive and it shall be given"


"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."


"If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believeth."


"Whatsoever things are true,... honest, ... just, ... pure, ... of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."


"Faith" is the substance of things "hoped for" the evidence of things not seen."


As you sow, so shall you reap.

There are literally tens of thousands of nuggets of timeless wisdom that support and substantiate what modern day scientists are only beginning to discover.

For the sake of simplicity, let's use the sowing and reaping analogy since we can SEE, smell, touch, taste and hear what's going on in nature when a "seed" is planted.

Nature ALWAYS produces a harvest, the same in kind and quality as the seed which is sown, doesn't it?

Lets look at what another great teacher of a different culture stated in a very simple and succinct way regarding sowing, reaping and SEEDS...

"To see things in the "seed", that is genius." - Lau Tzu

If you've followed along and have gotten to the core of where anything and everything in your life stems from. If a light bulb went on and you were able to SEE deeper than most "choose to", you're now aware that everything, including money or the "lack of" finds it root in "consciousness."

The quality of YOUR consciousness determines the kind and quality of your life. Adopt and adhere to a "Wealth Consciousness" and you'll experience wealth, however you define it. Adopt and adhere to a "Poverty Consciousness" and you'll experience events, conditions and circumstances in your life that support your choice.

The "process" never errs, fails or wavers. What makes it "seem as if" it does is only the result of the kind and quality of "consciousness" that you choose.

It is not woo woo esoteric nonsense…it is scientific as well as spiritual fact. It is based on profound timeless wisdom that can and will transform your current situation with MONEY and your entire physical existence when you make the choice to align and harmonize the quality of your consciousness (the seed) with your thoughts, words and ACTIONS in such a way that provides the tangible and measurable result.

We won't get into what The Source is that made all this possible. We all have different views and perspectives about who and/or what this Source is.

The bottom line is, source as it pertains to you and your personal experiences in life, both tangible and measurable and intangible and not measurable, stem from the quality of YOUR consciousness.

Thought (the quality of your consciousness) serves as the seed...the unseen cause for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that exists and is experienced in your physical world whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

That includes money, whether an abundance of it or a lack of it.

Your consciousness is the creative seed that is responsible for and will produce your harvest, regardless of the kind and quality of that harvest. Nature reveals the simplicity and perfection of the continually unfolding process of creation.

YOU are an inherent and integral part of nature. Nature consists of self replicating patterns macroscopically and microscopically. The systems and processes which are revealed in nature extend into infinity and as such how and what YOU create at the "seed level" is a mirrored reflection of what nature ALWAYS provides in like kind and of the same quality as the "seeds" that YOU choose to plant, nurture and harvest.

To consciously, intentionally and purposefully put this unerring and unfailing process to work to bring about “desired” outcomes, including all the money you could possibly NEED, you only need become conscious of your consciousness.

Doing so is simply a matter of becoming keenly aware of and consciously observing what you think about most often.

Become aware, examine and become conscious of the kind and quality of thoughts that are creating your reality. If you discover that those thoughts don't align and harmonize with what you "desire to SEE", whether t be money, love, health, etc., change your mind.

Take a moment right now, tune into yuorself and "think" about it...

What seeds are you planting? What “beliefs” do you hold onto that are determining the kind and quality of your life? What quality of consciousness are you projecting, which determines the kind and quality of predominant thought processes, beliefs, perceptions and the actions that follow which are, without fail and with unwavering certainty, creating your current reality?

What energy are you projecting that can, will and always does, without fail, correlate with its object?

When you become "keenly aware" of that and take an honest and objective look at what are you attracting and experiencing, you'll recognize and begin to master your power. Your Real Power to create more money or anything else that you "truly desire" in life.

So what's next?

Awaken…become aware…observe what's taking place in your mind…become conscious of the consciousness that you entertain and you’ll understand completely what and why you are experiencing the current events, conditions and circumstances in the area of money and every other area of your life.

So…what’s the next step? What is it that created these subatomic particles. What Source enabled these energy packets to be?

From a scientific perspective, that is still being explored and is yet to be determined. In the way that scientists "need" to determine and prove things, that discovery and determination is NEVER going to happen.


Proof, in the minds of scientists requires coming to a definitive conclusion. A definitive conclusion requires understanding something fully and wholly.

The Infinite, Universal Consciousness, God, Brahman, Life Force, the I AM can NEVER and WILL NEVER be fully or wholly understood by scientists simply because He/She/It...whatever the Source of your understanding might be, is Infinite in nature.

Try to "imagine that" if you dare.

From the timeless teachings of the greatest and wisest spiritual teachers to have ever walked the earth, who haven’t missed yet…the Ultimate Cause of EVERYTHING is THE Creator however you define that.

It is the Source of your understanding whatever that might be for you. Source is all pervasive. It is the I AM that I AM. It is EVERYTHING that is was or ever will be. It is the field and/or the Kingdom of God.

It is this Source that first thought and then spoke everything into existence. Until it was conceived and thought of, NOTHING existed. There was a void. Nothing was, then everything was.

It really doesn't matter if you view All That IS as being derived from a "Big Bang" or a 7 day process which enabled everything to be. Whether a Big Bang took place or not is irrelevant. It was ALL derived from and made "tangible and measurable" through consciousness...Universal Consciousness. The Ultimate Source of Consciousness from where it ALL began.

You being an individual, possess, have consistent access to and in FACT, are an integral part of this Universal Consciousness. Universal Consciousness isn't logical, rational, discerning nor judgmental. Within Universal Consciousness exists every probability that can be conceived or imagined.

The point is this...

Consciousness is Infinite in nature. It's where ALL things always have, always will and always do, stem from.

You have been freely granted an inalienable right of free will to conceive, imagine and direct your consciousness however you choose. This individual aspect of consciousness that you have power and control over is an interconnected and indivisible part of the Ultimate Source of the all pervasive consciousness which is infused within EVERY aspect of life.

It is, as YOU are, an integral part of the whole which is necessary to make the whole.

Without the part, nothing could be whole.

You ARE an inherent and integral part of the whole with the free will, the ability and the power to call forth from the Infinite Field of "Consciousness" "whatsoever ye desire."

As spiritual text clearly states...

You were created in the image and likeness of God...The Source.

The "label" that you choose to define Source is irrelevant and immaterial.

The Whole...this Source, consists of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that was, is or ever will be. What you have received, are receiving and will receive is anything and everything that has been, can be or ever will be conceived in your mind.

To SEE and EXPERIENCE it in tangible and measurable form, simply requires consciously aligning and harmonizing "whatsoever ye desire" with the consciousness, thoughts, words, deeds and ACTIONS that enable it to be drawn from the microscopic and brought into what we call the tangible and measurable world that is often referred to as reality.

Everything, including money ALREADY exists within The Everything and is too an integral part of everything that IS. Money, like everything else is energy consisting of the accumulation of energy packets constructed in such a way that ALWAYS in ALL WAYS aligns and harmonizes with the quality of consciousness that you choose.

Money or anything else for that matter, isn't "missing" from your life. All that is missing is your willingness to LEARN and UNDERSTAND how things work, consciously conceive the ideal, believe in it’s manifestation and then align and harmonize ALL you think, say and DO with it's materialization.

You have been provided the ability to call forth anything and everything that can be conceived in mind at the level of consciousness.

The field, the Kingdom of God, Universal Consciousness, Infinite Intelligence or whatever "label" you choose ALWAYS in ALL WAYS provides it...unconditionally.

The kingdom of God is within you. You have creative power to call forth and experience anything and everything in the kingdom limited only by YOUR choosing and willingness to conceive, imagine and "believe" in it's materialization.

Thoughts, words and actions that proceed from the quality of consciousness that YOU choose, determines the kind and quality of your actions or inaction which in turn, determines the kind and quality of your tangible results.

Perhaps what so many "self professed Law of Attraction teachers are missing is this...

"Faith without works is dead."

The Master of the Christian faith, Jesus Christ taught it. “I am come that ye might have life and have it in abundance.”

"Believe that ye receive and it shall be given.”

Buddha taught it. “All we are is the result of our thoughts. Through our thoughts we make our world.

Science has proven it. “All things already exist within the field as a probability of existence. The Law of Attraction is the law by which “thought” correlates with its object.

Nature clearly reveals it through simple observation of its abundant and infinite supply which continually expands and reproduces itself over and over again and sustains the entire Universe.

ALL of it, regardless of which avenue of study you may prefer to explore, understand and discover it, leads to the very same conclusion, One understanding, only conveyed and expressed in different words.

All of Creation is the result of consciousness, energy…of a seed…of belief…all of which are derived from consciousness which you are an integral part of. Everything that follows is a result; a tangible and measurable expression of your individual consciousness and the thoughts, words and ACTIONS which you have the ability as well as the inalienable right of free will to determine and utilize as you choose.

You have the free will to "perceive" yourself as separate and disconnected from "money" or anything else as well as the free will to "perceive" and understand the Unity and interconnected nature of EVERYTHING, including money, at the level of cause.

You can choose lack, limitation, discord and hardship, or you can choose abundance, harmony, ease and plenty.

You can remain in a career that you find displeasing and un-fulfilling or you can utilize your consciousness to draw to you the ways and means to work in an area that you are passionate about and begin "Doing" that which you love and are passionate about.

You have a free will and You can think, speak, act and do WHATEVER you choose.

You choose at the level of consciousness...the kind and quality of your thinking which returns without fail and with unwavering certainty the kind and quality of your experience.

The real beauty is that you get to choose. You only need to become consciously aware of what you have been choosing and begin choosing consciously and intentionally.

Internalize it…believe it…live it…breathe it…resonate it…develop a wealth consciousness and you will call forth and experience wealth, in the form of money or whatever "heartfelt desire" that you may have or hold individually.

Consciousness is the key to fulfillment and harmony or discord and chaos in your life. Everything following, regardless of it's kind and quality, are merely effects; tangible and measurable expressions of the “true” Cause. Effects of infinite proportion, which continually evolve and create additional effects into infinity.

Harmonize your doingness consciously, purposefully and intentionally with your “thoughtfulness” and "believingness" and you will experience a life limited only by what you can conceive and believe as possible for you.

It ALL begins at the level of consciousness. Consciousness is the creative force…the seed.

Everything following is merely evolution unfolding.

With regard to money, health, relationships or anything else "conceivable and imaginable", consciousness is the Cause.

Creation doesn’t and NEVER has happened at the physical level. Creation happens at the level of Cause. Everything else is nothing more and nothing less than effects of the “true” Cause which create additional effects.

So what can you do to begin "consciously, intentionally, purposefully and consistently create more "money, greater health and fulfilling relationships?

Become conscious of your consciousness.

Consciously, intentionally and purposefully focus the creative power that you have been given on that which you desire to experience and allow the unfailing, unwavering and unerring flow to take over. Simply allow nature to take its course.

Do your VERY best to DO your part, consciously, intentionally and purposefully and allow the Source to provide you with everything that has been made available to you which is EVERYTHING that you can imagine, conceive and believe.

Envision what you desire to experience…savor it…be grateful for it…Relax…Ride with the flow…stay open and alert for the physical evidence that will enable you to fulfill your desired outcome…take action…become wealthy…enjoy your life.

Change your mind..renew your mind. Discover and replace the beliefs that are keeping you from experiencing an abundant flow of money or whatever else you may desire to experience.

Quit attempting to swim against the current. Stop focusing your creative energy on what you lack, fear and/or don't have. There is nothing to fear and everything is

What you're seeing and experiencing is what you are enabling and allowing yourself to see and experience.

The Kingdom of God is within you. ALL things already exist as a probability of existence.

Now...allow me to ask you again...

What is money?

Where does money come from?

If you've grasped the purpose of this message the answer will be...

"Well Chuck...Like everything pure energy, converging into tangible and measurable events, conditions, circumstances and things that ALWAYS aligns, harmonizes and take form in it's unerring, unfailing and ALWAYS perfect way as a result of the quality of "consciousness" that enables and allows it to be."

If that's how you would have answered those've got it. You understand it. Congratulations...your miles ahead of the vast majority.


...that's not enough. Sorry to say but "getting it" and understanding it isn't enough.

Now to make your newfound knowledge and understanding work for you...

You MUST apply what you've discovered.

Harmonize with the energy of money and money will flow to you. It's not limited to money. It works that way with EVERYTHING in your life in EVERY area of your life. Physically...financially...relationally...emotionally...spiritually.

Stop chasing money...Stop chasing wealth...Stop chasing success... Stop chasing anything. It’s already yours. You’re already connected to it and an integral part of it.

Just become conscious of how to call it to you. Harmonize with it…”believe” that it’s yours…think on it…be grateful for it…plant the seed which produces it and you will attract and experience it in your life.

Stop “wanting it” and start having it…right now. You already do you know. You only need to become conscious of it...allow it to flow to you and you WILL experience it.

Above all change your mind about your life and your life will change.

The absence of money and things doesn't equate to poverty any more than an abundance of money and things equates to Prosperity. It's not about stuff. It IS ALL ABOUT your mindset.

Real Wealth in life has everything to do with the kind and quality of your consciousness and beliefs.

If you don't have the quantity of money that you'd LOVE to have, change your mind by changing your beliefs.

"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect."

It's ALL really very simple...once you make the conscious choice to set aside EVERYTHING you've ever been led to "believe" and make an undying commitment to discover if what you have been taught to be true is merely a "perception" of truth or based on "Higher Truth." Either one will produce the outcomes in your life just as you choose and "believe" they will, without fail.

The next ACTION to take if money is a desire you hold, is to educate yourself about what money is, discover how it works, what makes it tangible and measurable in a real world kind of way.

That's perhaps why so many WANT and NEED money. They simply don't understand what it truly is or how it works making it "impossible" to fill the void that a want or need for money creates.

Become educated, expand your truth, enhance your belief and you will enhance and expand your physical experiences, materially, monetarily and otherwise, just as you believe.

I hope you'll choose that for yourself.

Now…go forth, prosper and spread the good news to those who are open, willing and have a desire to hear.

Equally as important share your money and your newfound wealth with the world.

It's DEFINITELY Not A Secret…

Real Wealth "Begins" On The Inside

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